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Walkthrough Dragon Mania: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DRAGON MANIA - game for android from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

If my battery runs out, will the game timer continue to work? Yes, it will continue.

What is an in-game menu? The in-game menu allows you to control various settings of the game, and also provides access to a variety of information about the game. You can enter the menu by clicking on the pause icon.

Where is the help section located? The help section is located in the settings menu, which can be accessed from the in-game menu. For ease of use, the help section is divided into chapters, each of which is devoted to a particular aspect of the game.

How does the daily reward system work? You get a daily reward for every day of the game. Each subsequent day of the game, the reward increases, if you miss at least one day of the game, the reward value is reset, so try to enter the game regularly.

What maximum level can I reach? The maximum player level in this game is 40.

How to increase the level? You level up by accumulating experience points. The amount of experience needed to level up. You get experience points for any actions aimed at improving your den. Expanding your territory, raising dragons, collecting food for dragons, buying buildings and decorations - all this brings you experience.

Why am I not getting assignments? Some tasks require the player to reach a certain level. If you complete all the tasks in the game, you will receive a message.

Will I get a reward if I take the opportunity to skip a task? Yes, when using this function, you get all the rewards for completing a task.

How to arrange a raid? Raids are available to all players who have reached level 5.

How many dragons can I take with me on a raid? You can take your three dragons and two additional ones - hired or borrowed from friends.

I can’t run the guard during the raid, what should I do? Guardian dragons do not change during the raid, so try to choose among your dragons those who are most resistant to the attacks of this guardian vidge or who attack with the elements against which the guards have the least protection. In addition, one should not neglect the increase in the level of dragons, as it adds vitality to them and enhances their attacks. In addition, in preparation for the raid, you can additionally hire two dragons or borrow them from a friend.

What if I don’t have enough food to raise the dragon? Grow more food, buy additional farms, or upgrade the ones you already have.

What level can a dragon reach? If you regularly feed the dragon, it can reach level 40.

How to hire dragons or borrow them from a friend for a raid? Before you select dragons for the raid, you will have the opportunity to take two additional places for dragons. Clicking on the slot that displays your friend’s dragons will give you the opportunity to hire his dragons as well.

How to breed dragons? First you need nesting. It can be bought at the store. If you already have this building, click on it and then on the breeding icon to bring up the corresponding menu. From this menu, select two adult dragons to begin the process.

What is the likelihood of failure in breeding or crossing dragons? There is no such probability. After breeding is complete, a dragon egg will appear. The type of dragon that hatches from it may be different, but the cub always inherits the characteristic features of its parents.

How to increase the territory of my den? You can buy additional territory by clicking on the shaded areas in the vicinity of your den.

Which elements dragons are found in the game? The game contains eleven elements, namely: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Metal, Plants, Energy, Void, Shadow, Light and Crystal. Each dragon can have from one to three elements.

How is the battle in the game? The battle in the game is turn-based: during your turn, you choose the element to attack, and then perform a quick action, the result of which will determine the effectiveness of the attack. If the dragon’s health drops to 0, he leaves the battle. The loser is the side that has lost all of its dragons.

What if I lose the battle, and there are no more diamonds to revive the dragon? You can start the battle again or buy diamonds to revive the dragon.

What is Dragon Reinforcement? The dragon’s gain bar will fill up when you win a certain number of battles.Strengthening the dragon will help you get more coins from the dragons, speed up the time of growing food and increase the chances of raising a high-level dragon.

Where to buy skill points? Skill points cannot be bought. They can be earned in battles in the Arena, in PvP and in the Castle.

How to get to the fortress of Ned? Go to the Ned section of the Messaging menu to open his profile, then click the Visit icon.

How often can I visit Ned? Ned can be visited an unlimited number of times.

How many times can I help Ned? You can interact with Ned up to 5 times a day.

What if I bought a kit but can’t get a dragon? Level up until the dragon opens in the store. After that you can pick it up.

How can you interact with Ned? Visiting Ned, you can grow food on his farms, feed his dragons, collect income from homes and raise dragons.

How to hire mercenaries for raids? Choosing dragons before the raid, you will see two additional slots. By clicking on them, you can select the mercenaries.

Why can’t I send the dragon into battle? Your dragon may have too low a level of happiness. To increase it, feed the dragon, buy a sweet candy or wait.

How to restore dragon’s happiness? After the battle, the indicator of happiness of your dragons will show its decline. To increase it, feed the dragon, buy a sweet candy or wait. A small amount of happiness is restored every 5 minutes.

How to connect to Facebook? During the first launch of the game, a window is displayed asking you to connect to Facebook. The same window is also displayed later when trying to use any of the functions of the game that require such a connection, provided that the player has not yet done so. In addition, the same feature is provided in the settings menu, which you can access directly from the in-game menu.

What is the Facebook Connect window for? A window asking you to connect to Facebook is displayed during the first launch of the game, making it easier for the player to connect. In addition, the same feature is provided in the settings menu, which you can access directly from the in-game menu.

How to change the language of the game? The game language can be changed in the settings menu right during the game.

How to change sound settings? Sound settings can be changed in the settings menu right during the game.

How to get free gems? Free gems are awarded for achievements, connecting to Facebook, as a daily reward, gifts from friends, rewards for winning the arena, and in addition, they are brought by the dragon of Cosmos.

Do I need an internet connection to add friends and visit their den? Yes, to access these features of the game you need a working network connection and a connection to your Facebook account.

How to add neighbors? Your Facebook friends are automatically added to your friends list in the game if they have already linked their Facebook accounts to this game.

How to visit the neighbor’s den? Click on the portrait of a neighbor in the chat menu to open his profile.Click on the "Visit" icon to go to his den.

How often can one visit a neighbour’s den? There are no restrictions on the number of visits.

How often can one help a neighbor? You can perform five actions per day in the neighbor’s den.

What actions can be performed in the neighbor’s den? While visiting a neighbor, you can grow food on his farm, feed dragons, collect income from their homes and breed dragons.

How to fight with other players? Click on the portrait of a neighbor in the chat menu to open his profile.Click on the Challenge icon to start an arena battle against your friend’s three best dragons.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.