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Dragon Mania Legends WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DRAGON MANIA LEGENDS - Android game with a release date 01/07/2015 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How to visit another player’s island? To do this, click the Friends icon, which is located on the right side of the screen, or use the beacon.

How to send a gift to a friend? To do this, click the Friends icon, which is located on the right side of the screen, or use the beacon.

How to see current tasks? To do this, click the Tasks icon located in the lower left of the screen.

Where to get new dragons? New dragons need to withdraw or buy in the Store.

How to increase the level? Accumulate experience points during the game.

What is the experience given for? You gain experience for completing the rear, won battles, improving the island and collecting provisions.

How to improve the dragon? Feed the dragon, then his health and attack skills will improve.

How to get an achievement? It is necessary to fulfill the conditions under which it is counted.

How to use Dragon Wrath? To complete the Dragon Wrath scale, complete perfect hits. After it is filled, click the icon with the Dragon Anger and swipe your finger across the screen. You can also fill the scale for diamonds.

How to get new spells for dragons? Rebuild the Dragon Academy to teach dragons new spells.

How to restore the Dragon Academy? Save Hogwin from the evil Viking! He will help you build the Dragon Academy. To free him, win the fifth battle on the quest map.

How to shop at the store? Click on the coin icon to buy buildings or dragons.

Will I lose my daily Login Bonus if I miss a day? You will continue to receive a daily Login Bonus, even if you miss a day.

How to discover a new island? You can open a new island for diamonds by paying in the appropriate location.

How to open locations on the quest map covered by clouds? To do this, move along the locations of the quest map. Win battles and the clouds will disappear.

How to send dragons for treasure? Discover the Ruins on your island and send the dragons to explore them.

How to conquer mines on a quest map? To conquer a mine, you need to defeat its owner. As long as the mine belongs to you, you get gold.

How to move buildings? To move a building, simply click on it once, then press and hold again until the green arrows around the building appear, then you can move the building to the desired location.

Why can’t I see the energy my friends send me? Keep in mind that the energy that you received from friends, you can see only after you run out of portal energy during the battle. After that, when you try to attack, you will have two options: buy energy recovery or use energy donated by a friend.

Failed to bring out the dragon of the month / week Keep in mind that usually dragons of the month / week are very rare, so they are difficult to obtain. It is possible that you will not be able to withdraw them on the first try. Try several times until you get the dragon you want.

Why is the timer in the Mystic Cave always set to 15 minutes? The timer in the Mystic Cave starts when you assign 3 suitable dragons to explore the cave. After 15 minutes, the dragons will return with treasures. If you do not have a dragon that meets the requirements, withdraw it or update the requirements for 5 diamonds.

Why didn’t I get the dragon as a gift for entry for 7 days? Dragon in your inventory. Take a look there.

How to open Hero Mode? To do this, you need to master the third island on the campaign map, defeating the induction boss in 68 battles.

How to get the main prize in Hero Mode? Dragon-Steampunk - the main prize in Hero Mode. Win the last battle on the fifth island to get the dragon. There are no other options.

On the mountain stands a huge dragon statue! What is it? This is a powerful Chronos, which was turned into stone. In order to gain his power, break the spell that blinded Chronos.

How to wake Chronos? To do this, you need to collect all the Seals of Chronos, which are divided into fragments and hidden in the ruins (Mystic Cave, Ghost Ship, etc.) on the islands. Collect 3 fragments to get a seal;6 seals will help you awaken Chronos!

How to get special items? You can get an item for performing certain actions (feeding and breeding dragons, collecting gold and more).

How to get scrolls? Complete 3 star quests to get scrolls.

How to get 3 stars in a battle? Stars are awarded for the following:

  1. If after victory you have dragons.
  2. If you defeat an opponent with one hit.
  3. For perfect hits.
  4. For a strong attack.
  5. For using Dragon Wrath.
  6. For a quick victory! The more you complete, the more stars you get!

A building resembling a fish appeared on the campaign map. What is it? In Otto’s Mechanical Dungeon, new traps appear every day. Only the bravest Dragonlords can beat them all and receive incredible rewards! Collect tokens to buy exclusive dragons and items in the Dungeon Store. If you pass all the tests of the dungeon, you can win the Dragon of the day! Every day the dungeon restarts, so hurry to collect all the prizes!

Why do dragons lose stamina in prison? While dragons are in the Mechanical Dungeon, their stamina is limited, and in each battle they lose 1 stamina. When the dragon used all his stamina, he can no longer fight in prison.

How to win the Dragon of the day in the Mechanical Dungeon? When you cope with all the trials of the dungeon, you can choose one of the three treasure chests as prizes. In one of them may be the Dragon of the day!Do not be discouraged if you did not receive it on the first try - try every day after the dungeon reboot.

How to shop at the Dungeon Store? For each battle in the Mechanical Dungeon, you get Dungeon Tokens.The further you advance, the more tokens you will receive for winning! In the Dungeon Shop you can buy exclusive dragons and items that you will not find anywhere else.

What is a league? Leagues allow dragon trainers to compete in the Arena and win prizes. After each League promotion, coaches move into the League a level higher and receive rewards. Those who failed, move to the League below to compete with opponents with the same opportunities.

How to turn adult dragons into babies? Send an adult dragon to swim in the Fountain of Youth, so that he turns into a baby!

Can I use the little dragons in the battles and the search for the ruins? Of course! They will retain all their levels and skills! Only appearance changes!

How long will small dragons stay as babies? Until you send them to swim in the Fountain of Youth to turn them back into adult dragons.

What are Friendship Points? This is part of the reward system that will bring you various prizes for interacting with other players: send gifts using assistant dragons, help your friends open the Rusty Gates and improve their totems. Go to the Friendship Totems section to see your achievements.

How to see the book of dragons? Click on the Dragon Codex icon when you are on your island. The first line is the Dragon Book, which contains a list of all your dragons.

How do I compare my dragons with the dragons of friends? Select a friend from the list, visit him and click the comparison icon.

How does the Dungeon Token Multiplier work? He doubles the dungeon tokens received in two days. VIP players double their tokens in 3 days.

What is the Awakening of the Legend? Legendary Dragons now have 2 additional hidden elements. To awaken them, select the dragon in the House of Legends.

What is needed to awaken the hidden elements of the legendary dragon? To open the first element, the Legendary dragon must reach level 20, to open the second - 30.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the elements of the shadow? A shadow is stronger than fire, water, greenery, and weaker than Legends.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the elements of light? Light is stronger than earth, wind and energy, and weaker than Legends.

How to go to the sixth skill of your dragon? You will be able to move from one skill to another at the Academy as soon as you master the first skill.

The sizes of my gifts are different from the gifts of friends. Why? Starting with this update, gift sizes will be adjusted to the levels of their recipients.

How to place buildings in inventory? In the inventory you can place decorations, dwellings and farms. But dwellings must be empty, and farms not produce food.

Can I give a different name to the baby? You can give the dragon a different name in the Dragon Care section by going to the information and clicking on the RENAME icon! The name must be no longer than 6 letters: dragons cannot remember more.

What happens when I play to the maximum level? Your adventures will not end there! Get valuable prizes and collect experience at the maximum level!

What is this clam next to my island? This is a clam that will delight you with diamonds every day! Subscribe and receive the Daily Treasure.

What is a Forgotten Castle? The forgotten castle, which appeared in the 11th update, is a new map with 5 exciting levels. Help find friends of the Dragon Castle - Stone Serpent and Dragon-Knuckle and get excellent prizes!

How to get to the Forgotten Castle? The forgotten castle is available in the stock window and is open to all players above level 12.

How many levels are there in the Forgotten Castle and what rewards are there? At the moment, the castle has 5 levels, and each has its own special final award.

What rewards can I get at the Forgotten Castle? The main prizes are Stone Serpent on level 3 and Dragon Castle, which is also the final award, on level 5. Also during the game you can find other great prizes, for example, Dragon-Knuckle.

How to get a Dragon Knuckle? A Dragon Knuckle can be obtained by collecting all the dragon fragments in each chest in the Forgotten Castle. After checking all the chests in the castle, you will get enough keys to get the Dragon-Knuckle.

Why are chests needed? In the chests at each level, either a key is stored, meaning that you have passed the room, or a fragment of the Dragon-Knuckle. In all the chests of the castle enough fragments are stored to get the Dragon-Knuckle.

How to move to a new level in the Forgotten castle? In other words, how to enter the next room?You can go to a new level after completing the current level completely or after receiving the key from the chest, which automatically means the completion of the current level - however, you can still go through the rest of the level.

How do I know how many tiles I have already collected? There are timers in the stock screen showing how many tiles can be obtained for each stock. After the "Fill through" timer expires, you can start collecting knuckles for each action again.

How to get more Witchcraft materials? Climb higher in the Witch League rankings! For victory you will receive League Chests with materials. The higher your rating, the better the materials! Also complete Daily Quests on the campaign map, or open Magic Chests for watching videos or diamonds.

How to increase your rating in the Witch League faster? Dragons of high levels, with strong skills and Witchcraft level gain an advantage in the Witchcraft arena. Also, pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the elements when choosing attackers!

What happens to dragons when they are enchanted? They gain an advantage in battle, and can also act as attackers in the Witch League. The higher their Witchcraft level, the stronger they are.

How to protect your rating in the Witch League from other players? Place your best dragons in the Combat Dwellings of the Witching Arena. To do this, select the "Defenders" option in the Witchcraft menu. Do not worry, these dragons will be able to perform other tasks, fight and produce gold. If your defense is at a high level, you can even take a higher place in the Witch League!

What currency can I upgrade Nesting for? This can be done for Witchcraft amulets, which you can find in Magic Chests and League Chests.

What will happen after the improvement of the Nest? You will gain access to the Witchcraft breeding, which requires dragons of a certain Witchcraft level to bring out unique dragons.

I have a lot of triangular Witchcraft materials. How to get materials of a different form? Try the synthesis! You will find this feature in the Witch’s Altar or in the Witchcraft main menu. For synthesis, materials and amulets will be needed.

Why did I get a free set of cards after the upgrade? Prizes for daily quests have been improved, and you have received cards for your successes.

How to strike the perfect blows? To inflict a Perfect Impact, attack when the arrow is in the green zone. For example, green - Perfect hit, red - miss, transparent - normal hit.

Why can I no longer buy Scarlet Wrath? From the third update, Scarlet Wrath is no longer available in the game.

How to dissolve a clan and create a new one? To dissolve a clan, click the corresponding icon. After that you can create a new one.

I have a clan Dragon hatched egg, but nothing happens. What to do? It is more difficult to plant an egg of a Dragon of a clan than eggs of other dragons. You and your clan members must hatch an egg until the scale is full.

We found a new Dragon clan, but have not yet had time to sit it. Can we use his power now? No, first you need to sit it.

We sat the dragon, but I still cannot use its power. What’s wrong? To use the power of the Clan Dragon, you need to spend the clan coins. If you do not have enough coins, you cannot use the power of this dragon.

How to change the Dragon clan or its strength? Only the clan leader can change the Dragon of the clan to another. If you want to use a different force, contact the clan leader.

We won the Clan Promotion, but received nothing. Why? You need to score a certain amount of points before the end of the Clan Promotion. If you are unable to score the required number of points, you will win the promotion, but will not receive the Dragon Clan fragments as a reward.

I am a member of a clan, but I do not see Clan Shares. What’s happening? To take part in the Promotion, the new clans first need to sit the Dragon of the clan.

I sat a lot of Clan Dragons. What happens when I leave the clan? All dragons belong to the clan. If you exit the clan, all your progress in the clan will be lost.

I do not get coins for completing clan assignments. What’s happening? This happens if you have already collected a daily limit of clan coins.

I collected all the ingredients and created the recipe. What to do next? Feed your Dragon clan by dragging him food.

I have no recipes left. What’s happening? Each promotion has a limited number of recipes. But you can give away the ingredients after reaching the limit.

How to ask for clan members? To do this, click on the recipe ingredient icon.

How to give your ingredients to clan members? Check chat request notifications and click on the Contribute icon to give away the ingredient.

I can’t give away my ingredients. Why? This can happen if you have already reached the daily limit. Wait a couple of hours.

What is the difference between "regular" and clan dragon card sets? Clan Dragon Sets contain only dragon fragments.

How many clan dragons can be unlocked? You can open 8 dragons. The first dragon is free, and the remaining 7 can be obtained as a reward in Clan Promotions. To get the last 2 dragons, you must be in 4 and 5 leagues.

Will the power of the Clan Dragon always act? Not. The power of some Clan Dragons lasts for several hours. Some dragons will instantly bring you rewards.

Do I need an earth dragon to use the power of the Mega-shield of the Dragon Clan? No, the power of the Clan Dragon is unique and differs from the Dragon Stone Shield skill.

What are the benefits of the Titanium Touch Force? During the first attack, you can inflict additional damage to the enemy.

How does the selection system work? The application selects opponents randomly depending on the level of the League.

How is a valuable player determined? A valuable player is determined based on points earned by the player in Clan Promotions.

Is it possible to change the inactive clan leader? Technically, the game does not support this feature.However, you can always create your own clan and become its leader. You can choose a new leader at any time if you want.

Why can I no longer buy homes? If you receive a notice saying that you have reached the maximum number of dwellings, this means that you have built all the buildings available to the current level. To continue to build new homes, you need to increase the level in the game. Please note that the available number of buildings is always one less than your level. That is, if you have level 30, then you can build 29 dwellings. Reaching level 62, you can build exactly the same number of dwellings.

I have been playing for a long time, but in the pot I can only cook a few weak potions. What would you advise me? Put the strongest dragons to defend. Thus, you can cook potions of the best quality.

After the battle, I received a magic potion. Why? From time to time you will receive special chests. Also, play as often as possible to get extra rewards in battle.

In the description of some potions it is indicated "INSTANTLY", and their edges are rounded, but not fixed. What does this mean? These are instant potions, the effect of which comes instantly. Other potions begin to act when the battle begins, and apply only to the fortress.

I did not receive the shards after the study. Why? Not all studies are successful. Sometimes your dragons may lose shards in ruins, but they never return home empty-handed.

Can I use more than one potion for a fortress? Yes, you can use some instant potions for a fortress.

I used a non instant potion for the fortress. Can I use more than one potion? No you can not. If you used a non-instant potion for a fortress, you cannot change it, or choose another potion. But you can still use some instant potions.

Can I fight in the Witch League without keys? Yes, but you cannot open chests without keys.

Can I open the chest later? No, all chests that you do not open will be lost.

What are the benefits of the new gift system? The new gift system allows you to send surprise gifts to your friends: gold, diamonds from the portal, food and fragments of the Dragon-Sorceress. Do not forget that the system has limitations - you can pick up up to 100 gifts per day (from now on you can pick up only 100 gifts in 24 hours) and get a maximum of 200 diamonds from the portal as a gift from friends. Gift storage is not limited.

How to increase the chances of a successful study? To do this, send only high-level dragons recommended by the application to explore the ruins. Thus, you can significantly increase your chances of a successful research.

Why should I collect the shards? With their help, you can use the power of Chronos several times, as well as dress up your assistants. :)

What is the Golden Portal for? Gold Portal is present in the game for visual effect.

The game offers to complete an additional task on the campaign map. Where to find him? On the campaign map, additional tasks are duplicate tasks that branch off from the main path. Do not forget that they open only after completing the main task.

I spent 600 diamonds to breed the Seer, but never received it. Why? When you go to a certain VIP level, you get the opportunity to bring out a new VIP dragon. But you should keep in mind that this is a lottery, and sometimes you have to make several attempts before you get the desired dragon.

How to move the dragon to another home? Select the dragon, click on it on the screen that appears, click the "i" icon, click "Move" and select the dwelling where you want to move it.

What is the dragon code? The Dragon Codex contains up-to-date information about dragons. After gaining access to this feature, the Code can be opened by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen when viewing the Archipelago.

Can I sell my homes? You cannot sell homes; you can only move them to inventory.

I have acquired several VIP dragons. How much gold and bonuses will i get? The Dragon Mania Legends game has 2 types of bonuses: boss bonuses and VIP bonuses. In the game, the boss bonus is displayed directly on the dragon screen; The VIP bonus can be seen by collecting gold from the home (purple number).

If I update the recipe to get a different recipe, will I lose the ingredients that have already been collected for the current recipe? When updating the ingredients are not lost; they are used only if you start cooking with a recipe.

What special features do the Divine Dragons have? Divine Dragons are similar to the Legendary: they have no weaknesses, they can stand against Fire, Earth, Light and Shadow. These dragons can increase the health and attack ability of their allies in battle.

Why do I see a miss message when I hit Viking dolls? Please note that when shooting at Viking dolls, you must avoid hitting the girls, otherwise the slip will be counted.

How to sell an unnecessary dragon? To sell a dragon, click on it -> click on the "I" icon -> select the "Sell" function.

What is special about the Divine chest? Each time you open the Divine Chest, the cards you receive disappear from the reward range. If you want, you can empty the chest.

How to participate in a Community action? Participation in this promotion is automatic. Just start outputting hybrid dragons and your input will be counted by the total counter. Help the Community go through all the steps and reveal the secret.

How to get another Divine Dragon from the same Divine chest? When you collect all the fragments of the Divine Dragon, you can update the Chest. After that, all items, not only the Divine Dragon, will return to the assortment of rewards. If you empty the chest, it will be updated automatically.

How is the battle with the boss different from the divine action? The boss battle consists of battles during which amulets cannot be obtained. Defeat all dragons and get the final reward.

What is the difference between the House of Legends and the House of the Gods? All types of dragons, including Divine ones, can live in the House of the Gods.

How are divine chests different from divine super chests? Divine Super Chests contain all dragons from previous Divine Chests.

I can not find the Divine Temple in the Store. How to increase the level of Divine Dragons? For Divine dragons, the Temple is not needed. However, dragons of other elements still need Temples.

Does the battle harden its acceleration? No, only the animation speed changes.

How to turn off acceleration? Just click on the acceleration icon again.

After the purchase of the egg, nothing happened, but the diamonds disappeared. Where to look for an egg? Perhaps you have run out of space in Gnezdovye. In this case, you will find the egg in the inventory.

How can I get sets of cards, Witchcraft chests and Cauldrons? They can be bought for tickets. Tickets, in turn, can be bought for diamonds: 1 ticket = 25 diamonds, 10 tickets = 225 diamonds. To purchase tickets, go to the section of Card sets or the menu of Witchcraft chests and Cauldrons.

How to open divine chests? Divine chests can be opened for Divine tickets. Divine tickets can be bought, won in promotions or obtained for the Battle with the boss.

What is a boss fight? Battle with the boss - endless battles with dragon bosses, for the victory over which you will receive Divine tickets. After completing a circle a certain number of times, you will get a free dragon!

Why can’t I use my favorite dragons in the boss fight? After your victory over the boss, the game excludes two random elements, until 3 - 2 random and Divine remain.

Is it possible to change the element limit in the Battle with the boss? You can change the element limit at any time if there is no timer. After that, a timer will appear in the next battle.

The limitation of the elements has changed, although I have done nothing. Why? When you have three elements left, after each victory over the boss, the limitation of the elements changes randomly.

What will happen after I complete the circle? You are one step closer to getting a free dragon. After you receive it, for each round you will receive Divine tickets.

How to get a daily reward? The reward can be received once every 24 hours at 15:00 GMT. When you log in for the first time after this time, you will see a notification with a reward!

I received a dragon for the Temporary collection promotion, but its image is displayed in gray.What to do? First you need to bring out and settle the dragon. Putting the dragon in inventory is not enough.

What are Daily Quests? These are short assignments for which you will receive rewards. Complete tasks every day and get exclusive pieces of the puzzle. Collect puzzles and get a special dragon as a gift!

What happens if the duration of the Extra Breeding season expires before breeding is complete?Nothing. When the breeding process is complete, you will receive an egg, and your dragons will return to their homes.

Are there any benefits to the Extra Nest? Not. Two nests are exactly the same.

How to become a mentor? Reaching level 70, you can become a mentor. To activate mentoring, please go to the mentor section and select "Get a new student slot."

I won the battle in the witchcraft, but received the minor league chest. Why?Please note that the reward depends on the opponent’s league. If you defeated an opponent from the lower league, then you will receive a reward from this league as a gift. To get the best rewards, fight with opponents from the major leagues.

Where to find Quito Market? Quito Market is valid only on weekends. When the market will work, a welcome message will appear on the screen. Access to it will open after you reach level 5.

I can’t get into the Elite League. What am I doing wrong? You must have a minimum of three level 80 dragons to enter this league. This league is created for the best players. Reaching this league, you will never be demoted.

How to win dragons in the Arena? Some dragons can be obtained for promotion in the league. Others are available in Arena Map Sets. To get these sets, take part in battles and collect points.

Each league has its own set of dragon cards. What happens if I move to the next league without getting these dragons? Will I lose them? Not. New dragons will appear in Dragon Maps, and you can win even more dragons.

Why do some dragons have a sale icon in their inventory? You can sell double dragons.

Why can’t I use the option Hire a dragon on a new island? The new island is created only for the bravest players. You have to meet face to face with your fear alone.

During breeding, I notice a number next to the dragon. What does she mean?This number shows how many points you get for collecting dragons. The player who collects the most points will be considered the best dragon player. In addition, he will receive the most valuable awards from the Leaderboard in the collection of dragons.

How to score more points for collecting dragons? Collect as many dragons as possible, cast a spell and increase their level. If you have double dragons, then only deal with the dragon that is stronger.

I won the dragon, but now I can not find it in the Inventory. Where is he? You most likely won the Breeding Token. With it, you can bring out the dragon until the token expires. Active breeding tokens can be found in the breeding tips (bottom left corner in the Main Menu).

Why can I upgrade my home to a maximum of 6th level? To upgrade dwellings to a higher level, you need witchcraft materials and amulets. In addition, note that there are homes in the game that have restrictions on improvement, that is, you can only improve them to a certain level (Holiday, Legendary, Divine and Boss Residence).

How many types of witchcraft materials will I receive after the ascension of the dragon? You will receive only one type of witchcraft materials, which will be determined at random, based on the elements of the ascended dragon. Note that some dragons will bring you all the materials after their ascension.

Why can’t I raise my dragon? This option is available only for twin dragons.

How to skip the current task? This can be done for diamonds. To do this, open the task menu and click on the "Skip" icon to the left of the task.

How to enchant a dragon? What is the difference between Witchcraft materials of different colors and shapes? Each material belongs to a certain element (fire, water, earth, etc.), which is reflected in its color, and rarity is indicated by the shape of the material. To enchant a dragon, you need materials of the same element as he. The higher the Witchcraft level of the dragon, the more valuable materials you will need.

Why doesn’t my level go above 85? At the moment, this is the maximum level in the game.

How to invite friends from Facebook? If you log in with your Facebook account, all friends playing Dragon Mania Legends will automatically appear in your friends list. Please note that you can only play with friends from your list who play on the same platform as you. Also, you can always find new friends on the game forum.

How to log in to Facebook? Go to the communication menu through the community menu, which is located in the settings menu.

How to use two profiles on one device? You can use multiple profiles on one device. First, make sure that your current game progress is tied to one of the social networks (Facebook, Google+ or Game Center). To do this, go into the game, go to Settings> Communication (make sure that you are connected to the social network). In case you are not connected, please do so. If there is a conflict between accounts on the screen, please select the one you want to use. You can switch to another account at any time, please do this very carefully. That is, in order to use the data of another account, you first need to connect to this record.

My game is already tied to a Facebook / Google + / Game Center account. How to change it? Please do the following: log out of the current account; Log in to your new account. then go into the game, go to Settings> Communication; select the desired account. If there is a conflict between accounts on the screen, please select the one you want to use.

How can I transfer my progress to another device without registering with Facebook, Game Center or Google+? Get the Friendship Code in SETTINGS - CONNECTING THE DEVICE, then enter it in the same place on the new device.

How do I know my username? The username can be found in the Messaging menu. Go to the game menu, then click "Connect to a social network."

Is it possible to nullify progress? Unfortunately, the game does not technically support resetting progress.The only way to start the game from the very beginning is to log in using another Facebook / Game Center account.

How to change username? The default application uses the name provided on Facebook / Game Center. To change the username in the game, you need to change it on the social network.

How to change avatar? Please note that your game avatar is associated with your Facebook / Game Center account. Thus, to change the avatar in the game, change the image in the profile of the social network.

How to turn off the sound and music? To do this, go to the settings menu.

How to go to the settings menu? Click the pause icon in the upper right corner during the game.

How to change the language? To do this, go to the settings menu, section Languages.

How to get local notifications? Set up notifications in the settings menu, section Functions.

How to play using the controller? You just need to make sure that the controller fits / is connected to your device! The game will do the rest. Move the cursor with the joystick and press the A button to select an item!

How to view items in the store using the controller? Use the (L1 / R1) buttons to scroll left or right.

How to use the controller in battle? Use the Y / X / A buttons to select a dragon element. Click on the selected element with the corresponding button to attack the enemy. Using the triggers on the right, you can move from one enemy target to another, and using the triggers on the left, from one friendly target to another.Joystick + button A - select Dragon anger.

Where can I see the controller settings? Go to the Settings section by clicking on the Pause button and see the CONTROLLER section.

How to open new dragons and buildings? Earn experience to unlock dragons.

How to remove rocks and trees from the island? Use gold for this.

How to skip the waiting time for construction, breeding or hatching? This can be done by paying diamonds. Having received one of the VIP statuses, you can reduce the waiting time.

How to get VIP status? To do this, buy a VIP ticket by clicking on the VIP icon located in the upper left part of the screen. Or buy diamonds.

How to get diamonds? You can buy diamonds by clicking on the Diamonds icon at the top of the menu. In addition, you can get diamonds for completing assignments, participating in promotions, or winning them in the Otto lottery.

How to get gold and food? You can buy gold and food for diamonds. In addition, you can get them for completing assignments and participating in promotions.

How to get access to VIP functions? To access the VIP functions, you need an active VIP ticket. You can buy a VIP ticket with any validity period.

What is a VIP level and how to increase it? VIP is a special player status that brings him various bonuses.Every time you buy diamonds, your VIP account increases, which leads to an increase in the VIP level.

How does the Gold Storage work? When you reach the required VIP level, you can build a Gold Vault and collect all the gold with one click. After collecting gold, the Gold Storage cannot be used for some time. To reduce this time, increase your VIP level!

How to get dragons that require a certain VIP level? When you reach the required VIP level, you can buy them in the store or withdraw.

My VIP ticket has expired. Will progress be reset to zero? Not. The progress obtained for buying diamonds is constant and does not depend on the activity of your VIP ticket. But to use bonuses you need an active VIP ticket.

What to do with the ball? Challenge fate in the Otto Lottery and get improved rewards! You will get extra rotation for watching the video.

The diamonds from the portal that they gave me turned into Gold! What’s the matter? Your inventory already has 500 diamonds from the portal. If the amount of diamonds available exceeds 500, they are automatically converted to Gold.

I managed to collect more than 500 Diamonds from the portal in my inventory. May I leave them?You can leave them for a while, but keep in mind that all Diamonds from the portal that exceed the limit will be converted to Gold with the next update. So try to spend them on time!

I get clan coins. How to use them? You can open Card Sets for clan coins.

What happens when I open the Map Set? By opening the Card Sets, you can win dragon fragments. To get a dragon, you need to collect a certain number of fragments, which can be viewed in the Dragon Fragments section in Map Sets.

Can card sets be opened only for clan coins or are there other ways? You can get Card Sets for winning Clan Promotions! You can also open Card Sets using diamonds.

How to get more keys? VIP players can get one additional key.

How to fill in your key counter? You constantly receive keys as a gift. In addition, you can buy keys or watch videos and receive them as a gift.

How does Autobot work? Having reached the required VIP level, you will see Autobot. After that, you will instantly win battles on the campaign map, at those levels in which you previously reached 3 stars.

How to take part in the action? To do this, click on the corresponding icon located on the left side of the screen, select the current promotion and click Participate.

How to fight with other players? You can do it in the Arena.

How to remove friends from the list? In this update, you can remove friends from the list by clicking on the red basket icon next to their names. Make sure you also remove them from your friends list on Facebook or Game Center / Google +.

What is a friendship code and how to use it? Each player receives a code with which you can invite friends to the game. You can send it via Facebook or email. If your friend accepts the invitation, both of you will receive prizes. Using the code, you can invite several friends, but only an existing player can invite a new player. Please note that this function works since version 1.3 and only for one server and platform.

How to join or create your own clan? After reaching level 25, you can go to the Clan Fortress and join an existing clan or create your own.

What can I do in a clan? You can communicate and complete tasks with members of your clan. You can also fight against other clans in Clan Promotions!

How to communicate with members of my clan? To go to the clan’s chat, click on the window icon with text on the left side of the screen. Please note that the application does not provide communication with friends or other users who are not members of the clan.

What is a valuable player? Can I become one? Take part in the tasks and promotions of the clan, increase your reputation, become a Valuable player of the month and get additional clan coins and a Valuable player badge next to your name for a whole month.

How is a clan account determined? The clan’s score is determined by the reputation points the clan receives each month as a result of completing the clan’s tasks.

When can I enter a Friendship Code? To use the Friendship Code, you and your friend must be at levels 4 through 15.

Under what condition can you share a friendship code with others? After you complete level 4, you can share your friendship code with everyone.

How many friends can I invite? As much as you want, but the reward you will receive only for the success of the first 15 friends.

My friend reached the milestone, but I got nothing. Why? The server needs time to process your reward.Restart the game and get a prize!

How to take part in the Clan Promotion? If your clan has already hatched the Dragon Clan, you only need to register to take part in the action.

Can I get help from my clan to complete the clan’s mission? No, you must complete the clan’s tasks yourself.

The clan leader does not enter the game, and in the last promotion I received (a) the status of a Valuable player. Am I the new clan leader now? Not. A valuable player cannot dissolve or control a clan, but you can change a clan dragon.

How to change the name of my clan? Unfortunately, you cannot change the name of a clan after it has already been created. When a clan leader creates a new clan, he assigns him a name that will be used in the future. Therefore, try to immediately choose the final name when creating a new clan.

What will I lose when changing a clan? When you join a new clan, you will lose points earned in the old clan, and you will be forced to collect them again. However, your Clan Coins will remain.

After defeating the Clan Dragon, he returned and became stronger. Why? Do not worry, everything is wonderful! After each victory over the Clan Dragon, you and your clan comrades will receive a reward. Defeat your opponent 5 times to get all the rewards.

Why were the ingredients donated to the ally not taken into account? Please note that the player to whom you donate the ingredients sometimes does not receive them. This can happen when other members of the clan also donate ingredients to this player. Thus, the latter receives all the necessary materials. In this case, all donated ingredients will be returned to your inventory. So do not worry and look into your inventory again!

Why can’t I find my friend’s clan in the search? Cross-platforming is not currently supported in the game, so you can only play with friends from your Facebook list. In addition, you must match the platform, server and version of the game.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.