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Walkthrough Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DRAGON STRIKE: PUZZLE RPG - Android game with release date 04/08/2019 from the company Ember Entertainment. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Dragon Strike Tournament and Arena Guide
  3. Dragon Strikes Event
  4. Your Game Account

Dragon Strike: Beginners Guide

What is instant pass? An instant pass allows you to instantly pass the campaign level and get all the resources, loot and experience points in one passage of this level. Instant passage also requires campaign energy and is not taken into account in missions that include puzzles / game actions / mechanics, such as killing enemies or using abilities. Instant passage can only be used at a level that has already been successfully completed. Instant passes can be earned at special events as rewards.

Using Instant Pass does not give a reward for the campaign region chest. You must go through the level of the Campaign Chest to unlock the chest.

How do I get resources? Resources are produced by elixir generators and quarries. You can click on the building, then click "Collect" to collect all the resources that they produced. You can also get resources by winning battles.

How to get materials for crafting? Materials for crafting can be found after winning the battle. Different battles will be rewarded with different materials, so it is useful to familiarize yourself with the available materials before joining the battle.

How can i use dragons? Dragons will attack you when you pick up 3 or more pieces of the same color.Dragons can be assigned to a hero to give them additional combat bonuses, but can only be assigned to a hero of the same color. To do this, click the "Heroes" button, then "Edit Party". A set of dragons will be listed below your group members. By clicking on their card, you can exchange them for other dragons available to you.

Where do the heroes come from? You can recruit heroes from the Tavern and expand the selection of types of heroes from it by exploring them at the university. You can also call them from the call portal or find them after winning the battle of the campaign.

What is the difference between "promotion" and "level increase"? Raising the level of the hero will increase his attributes, such as health and attack power. The hero can reach the maximum level that will prevent him from moving on if he cannot be promoted. Raising a heros level will reset his level to 1, increase the maximum level that he can reach, and retain all previous bonuses that he has already received from previous upgrades, allowing them to become much stronger.

How can I increase the level of the hero? To increase the level of the hero, click the "Heroes" button, then click the map of the hero you want to raise. This will show a full description of the hero. If the character can level up, you can click the "Level Up" button to continue. From there, you will be allowed to spend up to 9 other hero cards to level up your hero. But be careful, hero cards that are spent are lost forever.

How can I increase the level of dragons? To increase the level of dragons, click on the building "Dragons Lair", then click "Train". This will show you all the dragon cards you have. Clicking on the dragon card and it will show a full description. If this dragon can level up, the Level Up button will appear. By clicking on it, you can select up to 9 other dragon cards to increase the level of your dragon. Be careful, the dragon cards that are used are lost forever.

Why do my dragons do 1 damage? If your dragons deal very low damage, this is because you do not have a hero of this color in your group.

What do strong or weak dragon attacks mean? Strong means your dragons are strong against the element of this target. Weak means that your target is strong against the elements of your dragon. Strong attacks usually do extra damage, while weak attacks do less than usual.

How do I determine which elements are strong against each other? During the battle, you can click on the small gems under the portraits of your heroes to show a useful reminder. Strengths are as follows:

Why cant I use this hero card to level up? If a hero is assigned to a group, you cannot use it to increase the level of another hero card. Heroes can be assigned to 3 different groups:

  1. PvP protection groups. This is the team that other players encounter when looking for opponents in the Arena. You can change this batch by clicking on the Arena building in your city, then pressing the Enter button.
  2. PvP groups. This is the team with which you attack other players. Can be changed when searching for other opponents.
  3. Historical groups. This team, which was used to fight monsters during campaigns and battles in the dungeons. You can change this command by clicking the "Heroes" or "Edit Party" button before any campaign or battle in the dungeon.

Where is my second builder? Packages of the second builder contain a consumable item that gives you access to the second builder. To find it, click on the "Items" button and then on the "Consumables" tab.

Why cant I attend the Dragon Strike event? To participate in Dragon Strike, you must join a guild before the start of the Dragon Strike event. If you join after the event starts, you can only answer other players requests for help or fight any unlocked dragon bosses. However, you will not be able to play solo stages to earn dragon keys and unlock more dragon bosses for your guild.

Why is my Elixir constantly looking for another opponent in the Arena? The cost of Elixirs resource for finding a new opponent in the Arena is determined by your current League (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) and the level of your Castle. The higher you stand in the League Arena, the more the cost of the Elixir will increase. At the same time, if you remain in a certain league, but increase the level of your Castle, you will also see an increase in the prices of your Elixir. Your current Party Might value and its comparison with your suitable opponent does not affect your search costs.

Players are encouraged to upgrade their castle. Also try to keep your individual storages and generator buildings for stone and elixir relatively close in level. This is necessary so that players do not encounter situations when they are constantly lacking any resource. In addition, maintaining these building levels relatively close to the level of the Castle will also lead to a more consistent abundance of these resources for use in any task, which may require the constant depletion of these resources, such as finding an opponent in the Arena, creating items, recruiting heroes, or hatching dragons .

I won something from the Lucky Chest game at the casino, where are my things? Some items won in the Lucky Chest game in the casino building, such as several units of gold / elixir / stone or other resources in certain quantities, are not automatically added. They can be found on the "Consumables" tab in the "Products" menu. In addition, if the question ever arises of where a certain received item or resource can be located, it is recommended to check all the Items menu, especially the Consumables tab, before sending a request to the support service.

What determines my opponent in the battle at the Arena? Your current number of trophies, when you enter the Arena menu, determines which opponents you suit and the potential for winning / losing the trophy that you see for each selected opponent. The higher the number of trophies compared to your potential opponent, the less trophies you win and the more trophies you lose in case of defeat. If your trophy is less than that of your opponent, then you will win more or lose less trophies.

Usually, when searching for matches, they try to find opponents that are close to the number of trophies, but if you continue to search again and again, you will eventually find players with greater differences in the calculation of trophies than you have. In addition, the higher the number of trophies, the more often you will meet with players with fewer trophies simply because there will be fewer players in the top league close to your number of trophies. Keep in mind that if you are defeated by an attacking player, your group will be unavailable for attacks for some time.

The powerful value of your potential groups does not matter for the organization of matches or the ratio of winning / losing trophies, as players can change their group at any time during the game. For example, before the start of the match in the Arena, changing the party of heroes or dragons.

What is VIP? VIP is a subscription service for players who want to get a premium experience, but may not be interested in standard offers in the market. The VIP service will offer improvements, such as reduced building construction speed, increased hero power, and daily gem rewards. The service is updated every week and includes a large reward for each renewal. After 4 renewals, you will receive a legendary hero card.

Progress to your legendary hero card is saved if you decide not to renew it for a week. The legendary hero card is automatically added to your account, but requires daily and weekly rewards. Purchases that you make on the trading floor also bring you VIP points. Having earned enough VIP points, you will increase your VIP level and even more increase the passive bonuses that you receive from an active VIP service.

Dragon Strike Tournament and Arena Guide

General information. Fight and win to rise in your league! There are a total of 10 leagues - from Bronze League I to the most celebrated Diamond League. Arena tournaments last one week. At the beginning of each Arena Tournament, all players in each League will be assigned the average number of trophies in the League in which they are located. Players then fight in the arena for a week, gaining or losing trophies. Players are ranked in their league based on the total increase in trophies since the start of the tournament.

Players who occupy the first 10% of their League will be transferred to the next Major League at the end of the Arena tournament. Players with the bottom 10% in their league will be relegated to the next lower league at the end of the tournament. In the Diamond League, the bottom 20% will be demoted and no player will be promoted.In Bronze League 1, the top 20% are promoted and no player is demoted. At the end of each Arena tournament, players will receive rewards in the leaderboard depending on their rank in the League. The best rewards in the major leagues.

Mana hero. Your heroes gain mana by attacking enemy heroes (matches on the puzzle board). Once the heros mana is full, they can use their ability. If the Heros mana is full, her icon will blink, indicating that the ability is ready. Suitable pieces will give your hero mana of the same color. If the contest took place and the figures did not hit the enemy (they went "into the void"), then the hero will receive much more mana than if he hit the enemy.

If the contest took place and the pieces hit the enemy target, but the hits resulted in a miss due to the fact that the opponent has a Double Chance, your heros mana will not be received for missed hits. Each hero has a specific ability speed: from very slow to very fast. The heros mana bar will fill up faster or slower depending on their speed of skills.

Mana enemy. In the Arena, enemy Heroes receive mana whenever they receive a hit, regardless of the color of the figure. Battles in the arena are unique in that an attack on an enemy Hero using figures of the same color will not give more mana to an enemy hero. The mana an enemy hero receives from an attack does not change depending on the color. For example: if you attack a blue enemy Hero with the help of blue pieces, they will earn mana just as if they were attacked by other parts of the color.

Strengths and weaknesses associated with dealing damage to heroes are consistent with other forms of battle.Enemy heroes also passively gain mana every turn. If your group of heroes does not have the type of color you want, then parts of this missing color (parts that deal 1 damage) will not give mana to the enemy they hit. The enemy group will still receive passive mana after your turn. For example: if your group does not have a blue hero, the blue pieces that you walk will not give mana to the enemy heroes they hit. But they will also do only 1 damage to the enemy hero.

How does the Stun buff work? The Stun buff is unique in that it affects the enemy heroes differently than your heroes. This is because only the heroes of the enemy are struck by fragments, and your heroes do not have a counter of moves. Impact on your side:

Impact on your opponent:

How do I fight in Arena tournaments? When you fight with players in an Arena tournament, you are not limited to playing only with players in your particular tournament. If a player from another tournament level has a number of trophies similar to yours, then you can fight with him.

Keep in mind that you can win rewards in the leaderboard only for the tournament level in which you participate. In addition, prizes in the leaderboard are getting better at the top levels of the tournament!

How do I know if my opponent is right for me? Checking your opponent before the battle is the key to success! One way to compare the parties of the heroes is to look at the energy level of your opponent to make sure that he is close to yours. However, this is not the only way to test the enemy. To get a clearer picture of the enemy group, be sure to study the rarity (stars), rank (arrows) and the number of levels of his heroes.

Press and hold the heros icon to become more familiar with their abilities and characteristics. You can also check out his Dragons, as some strike hard! Click on the small "i" button to the right of each group to see dragons. You can also see what is at stake. Trophies and resources that can be won or lost can be seen at the bottom of the "Find an Adversary" menu.

What are the crests of the arena? You must join the Guild to earn Crests Arena. A player can earn 5 arena crests per day and up to 35 arena crests in each arena tournament. The Crests Arena unlocks rewards for everyone in the guild! Your Arena Crest guild prize progress will be reset for each new Arena tournament. You can learn more by looking at the Combs tab in the Arena menu.

Dragon Strike: Dragon Strikes Event

General information. In this event, you fight in single stages to earn Dragon Keys for your guild. When there are enough Dragon Keys in your guild, Dragon Bosses will open. Work together with your guild mates to defeat dragon bosses and get their dragon chests as a reward. If you are not already in the guild, do not forget to join one of them before the event begins, otherwise you will not be able to fully participate in it.

All the damage you do in the Dragon Strike event brings you points in the leaderboard. Set high on the leaderboard, and you can win the White Tom, which will allow you to bless any color of the hero. During a battle, an Super Strike bonus may appear on the figure in the event when it hits the playing field. With this bonus, a figure deals 10 times more than normal damage. Pick this figure as soon as possible, as another Super Strike bonus will not appear until this one is matched.

Event Schedule. Tournaments will be scheduled for an alternate weekend. Each color of Dragon Strike will have a unique twist. The first "Dragon Strike" is purple, which should begin on Thursday at 12:00 p.m. PST.Purple Dragon Hits have monsters surrounding Dragon Bosses that come to life every 6 turns.

The energy of events. Event battles use a new form of energy called Event Energy. Like your other energies, the energy of events is automatically replenished over time or can be instantly replenished with an object.

Dragon slayer heroes. A new Dragon Slayer Hero will be added every week.Dragon Slayer Heroes are always the color that opposes the color of the event. Since the dragons first strike is purple, the first hero will be yellow. Dragon Slayer heroes also receive a significant increase in the damage done by their pieces in tournament and strike battles.

In future events, the Dragon Slayer Heroes retain their damage increase, but this gain decreases once a week until it remains permanently at 5x or 2x for the Legendary or Rare version of the hero, respectively. Each Dragon Slayer Hero is presented in two versions - Rare and Legendary. A rare version is the same Hero as the Legendary, but not as powerful. Only one version of the Hero can be present in the party used in the event.

Dragon Strike: Your Game Account

How do I save my game account so as not to lose progress? It is strongly recommended that you keep your account shortly after launching Dragon Strike. For this:

  1. Open the game settings menu by touching your avatar in the upper left corner;
  2. Select "Save Account";
  3. Select the option "Save account" from the proposed options.

Will progress be reset at the end of the beta? Not.Account information must be migrated from beta to final. Developers do not discard any progress.