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Dragons Rise of Berk WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a simulator based on the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon (developed by Ludia Inc.). You will help the heroes defend their native village from enemies, as well as raise new fighting dragons! The game can be divided into three parts: construction and development of the territory, obtaining and pumping dragons and conducting battles (in PvE and PvP modes). Distinctive features of the gameplay - beautiful recognizable drawing, good music, comfortable gameplay and a variety of characters.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Dragons Guide, Collections
  3. Features of the combat system
  4. Skirmish Guide
  5. How To Go On An Adventure?
  6. Secrets of Obtaining Resources
  7. Structures on Berk
  8. Challenge Series, Seasonal Center
  9. Johan’s Offers
  10. Game Troubleshooter
  11. Donator Questions
  12. Game Subscription
  13. Player Account

Dragons Rise of Berk: A Beginner’s Guide

What is this game about? In this game, you help Hiccup teach dragons and Vikings to live together, as well as build and develop a village on the island of Olukh. Dragons grow, and the village will grow with them. At first Olukh is a small island, but soon that will change. Toothless is automatically unlocked at the start of the game. This is the dragon Hiccup. While traveling, he can collect fish, wood, runes, iron, collectibles, and dragon eggs.

It is the only dragon that can go in search of certain areas. You can defend your Olukh Island from Alvin’s attacks, as well as test the strength of your dragons by arranging friendly fights between them. Now you can have 30 dragons on Oluh. This number includes Toothless, but not the adventure dragons that live in their respective homes.

How can I level up my dragon? To raise and level up your dragon, you need to feed it with fish. Select a dragon and click the "Feed" button to spend a certain amount of fish. After 3 feedings (at the titan level, 4 feedings are needed), the dragon gains a new level. Skills are improving and feeding costs are increasing.

What is the Book of Dragons? In the book of dragons, you can see which dragons you already own. This book is also a shop where you can buy dragons and see information about their abilities. It only shows dragons that are currently available in the game. Dragons are sorted into the following tabs: "All", "In Stock", "Out of Stock", "Collections", "Found".

How to find dragon eggs? Hiccup and Toothless can search for dragon eggs on the islands around Olukh. Select Toothless’s roost and click on the search button, then select the dragon you want to find. You can choose from one, two or three travel bags. The more bags you have, the higher the chances that you will find what you are looking for.

Hatching a dragon. If you find an egg, place it in the incubator and wait for the dragon to hatch. The ripening of the dragon can be accelerated for the runes. The incubator only holds one egg at a time, but the runes can increase the incubator’s capacity to three eggs. A juvenile dragon roost can be placed anywhere on the island where it is marked in green.

You may need to remove some obstacles such as trees or rocks to do this. If the roost is red all the time, and everything is not suitable, click "Cancel" and send the dragon back to the incubator, or click on the hangar to send the dragon to storage. Dragons can be sent to the hangar to make room for new dragons.

Actions with the dragon. To send the dragon for storage, select a roost, click information and select "Hangar". To return a stored dragon to Olukh, go to the hangar, select "Open", select the dragon and click "Place". To release dragons or return dragon eggs that you do not need in exchange for a certain amount of fish, click "Release".

How to train dragons? After a certain number of feedings, the dragon needs to be trained. Dragons must be trained so that they receive new skills and grow in levels. This can be done at the Academy in exchange for wood. Training is limited to the current level of the Academy. You can improve and expand the academy so that you can train several dragons at the same time.

What can Vikings be used for? Vikings are needed to build and improve certain structures in the game, as well as remove stones. The Council Hall is the main gathering place in any Viking village. The size of the council chamber directly affects the number of Vikings that can live on Olukh. In addition, it houses the Booby Market, where the player can buy fish, wood, runes, or card sets.

To increase the number of Vikings, you need to build houses for the Vikings. To build more structures for the Vikings, you need to improve the Council Hall. This requires upgrading the Great Forge. Over time, you will be able to train dragons up to level 112. Instead of placing new structures for the Vikings on the island, you can improve the houses and shacks of the Vikings, as well as the weather vane. The maximum number of Vikings is 4550.

What are assignments? In the game, various characters on Olukh will offer you tasks to complete. Select the character portrait in the scroll on the left side of the screen to start the quest. Having achieved all the objectives of the assignment, you will receive resources as a reward. Quests can be completed even before you receive them. This means that you met the conditions of the assignment before the game issued it to you. Just take the reward and the task will be completed.

Fishing places and logging. Fishing grounds and logging sites are where dragons gather resources. There can be up to three dragons at the same time in the fishing area and in the felling. To increase the number of places, you need to improve these objects.

Bridges and obstacles. The bridges were initially broken. They need to be repaired in order to gain access to new islands and expand their territory. Obstacles are trees and rocks (piles, boulders, boulders) blocking access to different areas. Remove them so you have more room for the dragons.

How does the monthly calendar work? Log in to the game every day to collect your monthly calendar rewards! All rewards will take you 30 days. If you missed a day, don’t worry! Just pick up where you left off. To collect all the rewards, you will need to log into the game for 30 days in a row. A new calendar will then appear.

How to get amber? There are two types of amber: dull and shiny. Dull Amber can be obtained by unleashing dragons, card packs, legendary dragons, and challenge streaks. In Eret’s boat, dull amber can be exchanged for shiny amber. After collecting enough shiny amber, you can exchange it for statues that empower dragons.

What are the decorations for? If you exchange shiny amber for decorative statues, dragons will receive power-ups! Seasonal statues help you mine resources, but remember that during certain seasons, mining will speed up on its own.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Dragons Guide, Collections

How to breed and train dragons? Toothless finds dragon eggs, from which you need to hatch a dragon in an incubator, and then place it. After feeding the dragon to level up, it needs to be trained at the Academy so that it continues to gain new levels. At the shrine of Valka, you can train a dragon to the level of a titan. The results of training on a titan are random, the probability of success depends on the rarity of the particular dragon being trained.

What are the categories of dragons? Dragons are categorized by class and rarity. The division into classes (stone-eaters, mysterious, sharp-cutters, stokers, smash, water, bloodhounds) currently does not serve any purpose in the game. The rarity of a dragon shows where you can get a dragon (special events, collections, travel) or how high the probability of finding this dragon’s egg is. It also determines the appearance and uniqueness of the dragon.

How do dragons of different rarity differ? Listed below are dragons of various rarities and how to obtain them:

Where to store dragons? Dragons that are not used on Olukh can be stored in the hangar. Dragons in the hangar can be fed to dragons and sent to the Academy. Hangar dragons cannot be sent to a Titan to train. The original hangar capacity is 70 seats. But you can buy more seats with runes. Any dragon that you bought, received from collections or from card sets can be placed in the hangar, even if all the spaces in the hangar are occupied. If the hangar is full or full, you will not be able to train or feed the dragons.

What are images? Different skins allow you to give different looks and different skills to riding dragons. To open the costumes section, click on the dragon and on the image icon below. Each costume enhances the dragon’s abilities. To unlock them, you must first reach a certain level.

How does titanium training work? At levels 51 and 90 dragons can be trained to titanium. To do this, you must first build the Valka shrine. The chances of successful training are calculated by the Wheel of Titanium. For the learning to be successful, the entire pointer, including its base, must be in the yellow area. If you fail, then you will receive resources, and the chances of success next time will be higher, since the yellow area will increase. If the training for a titan is successful, the dragon becomes a titan, its appearance changes, and its skills improve.

Where are the collections located? To open the collections, at the bottom of the screen, select Burke’s duties (Viking helmet icon). Collecting a collection, you will receive special dragons or resources. Most of the collectibles can be found on Johann’s ship or by sending Toothless in search. If you want a specific item, just click on it and you will see where to look. Costumes can only be obtained by protecting Burke or by sending dragons to travel.

Where do my collectibles go? The item that you do not need at the moment remains in your safe. It will appear when you have the corresponding collection. The item that is needed for the two collections will be displayed in both collections at the same time. This item will remain in the collection that you collect first and exchange for a reward. Accordingly, it will disappear from the remaining collection.

What happens when I exchange a collection? By exchanging a collection, you will receive a dragon or resources. By reopening the collection, you can choose between two new dragons. Here you can read more about unknown dragons by clicking on the info icon.

What is Johan’s ship for? Enter Johan’s ship to exchange resources for collectibles. If you’ve boarded the ship and seen the most generous offers, take advantage of them or skip them to browse the collectibles that Johan has to offer you. The cost of these items differs depending on the resource.

New items appear every time the countdown is restarted, or after the player pays the required runes. Some collectibles have a special background. You need to not only collect the desired item, but also make sure that it has exactly the background that you need for your collection.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Features of the combat system

How are the battles arranged? Alvin threatens Boob and dragons! To start the fight and protect the Goggle, click on the Alvin icon. Send dragons into battle by selecting the dragon on the right and then selecting "Departure Zone". Dragons will automatically attack the nearest ship. The catapult launches a fireball at the selected location. The flash attracts dragons to a specific location. All actions in combat mode consume energy.

The more you use a certain opportunity, the more energy it costs to use it later. To collect more energy, you need to destroy ships. If it seems to you that this battle cannot be won, you can order the dragons to retreat so that they do not suffer unnecessary damage. For winning a battle, you receive Battle Keys. These keys will open chests that contain rewards such as wood, fish, iron, runes, and equipment.

The equipment is sent to the collection for a special dragon. To view the collection, click on the chest icon on the main page.

A chance to win. The chance of winning is calculated based on the rarity of the dragons. If you have a special or rare dragon, but its level is low, the chances of winning will be better than that of a regular high level dragon. It is better to start a lot of different dragons with different amounts of health, strength and range of attacks.

Difficulty will vary depending on your level. To win the battle, you need to destroy Alvin’s ship. This requires a good strategy and dragons with a variety of skills appropriate to the target being attacked. For example, a sniper dragon is suitable for attacking an armored ship that can only shoot a short distance.

Dragons and their abilities:

Dragons Rise of Berk: Skirmish Guide

How do I assemble a team? Click on the dragon you want to place in the team, then click on an empty spot or the dragon you want to replace.

How to participate in the fights? In a fight, you can become a dragon trainer and control three dragons, fighting with another of the same trainer. This is a 3v3 turn-based PvP battle where you fight, get tokens and increase your rating. You can start a fight if you keep at least three dragons on Olukh.

In battle, your dragons fight with the dragons of the enemy. Select an attack and swipe your finger in the direction of the dragon you want to attack. A red bar on your opponent’s health will show damage. The white circle around the dragon’s rank indicates which move is next.

What does "draw" mean? When a scrum turns into an endless fight, a draw is awarded. Nobody gets or loses trophies. Both of you are just great!

What are Action Points? Action points are displayed at the bottom left as gold blocks. They are needed to carry out certain attacks. You gain one action point with each turn. Accumulate action points to carry out more powerful attacks. If you defeat an opponent’s dragon, it gains an action point. After a certain time, you will receive twice as many action points.

Skirmish card sets. For each successful battle, you receive an unlockable set of cards. You can have up to three sets of cards at a time. You can unlock one set of cards at a time, the minimum unlocking time is three hours. To open the Chieftain’s Pack, you need to win 5 battles. After receiving a set of the leader, the next one is unlocked after a certain time. Again, you will need to win 5 fights to get it.

How can I improve my dragon? To upgrade a dragon, you need a sufficient number of tokens (it is displayed next to the dragon’s rank). Do not forget that you can earn tokens even for dragons that you do not have yet. If it says "Get a dragon" instead of "Upgrade a dragon", it means that in order to use tokens, you first need to get this dragon on Olukh. After upgrading, the dragon will gain more health. Its defense, attack power and speed will increase. At some point before upgrading the dragon for the fight, you will first have to upgrade the dragon on Olukh.

Trophies. After each victory, you get trophies, thanks to which you will one day move to a new stage. But after each loss, you lose some of the trophies, which can lower your rating.

What do the circles and their color mean? Different dragons are divided into classes, which are indicated by the color of the circle:

What determines the rank of a dragon? The rank of the dragon shows how rare this dragon is. Champions are the hardest to get, and rookie dragons are found at every turn.

What do the symbols mean? Legend:

Scrum market. You can enter the market from the main skirmish screen. You can buy card sets that give tokens, or purchase tokens for individual dragons. New tokens are available every 24 hours. During this time, you can buy three different tokens while they are in stock. The fewer tokens remain, the higher their price.

Sometimes my opponent has more steps than me. What’s the matter? Different dragons behave differently in combat, as indicated by the color of the circle:

Fast dragons recover more quickly than others. If your opponent has such dragons in his team, then he will have more moves.

Dragons Rise of Berk: How To Go On An Adventure?

Pack your bags and go on an adventure with your riding dragon, making your own story. You will be given the task to build a Fishleg’s house, for which you will receive a Sausage. If you already have Sausage, you will be given 200 runes instead.

Paths. The game offers you two paths. The ending will be different depending on which one you choose. There will be three forks in one adventure. To send a riding dragon on an adventure, you need runes. After completing the adventure, you can get eggs, fish, wood, runes, collectibles, and card sets.

Awards. At the end of the adventure, you will see three reward options. Which one you get depends on the tape measure. Adventure-only dragons will only be available in the adventure. You cannot buy them in the book of dragons.

Dragons. All rideable dragons can take part in the adventure:

Dragons Rise of Berk: Secrets of Obtaining Resources

Where did my resources go? When your warehouse of iron, wood or fish on Olukh is full, extra resources are sent to your mail. The letter will tell you where to pick them up. The mailbox automatically creates a new letter when the resource limit is reached in the previous one. The following resources are sent by mail:

How do I get fish? Fish can be obtained in different ways:

How do I get wood? Wood can be obtained in different ways:

How do I get iron? This resource is unlocked at Lv. 12. Iron can be obtained in different ways:

How do I get runes? Runes can be obtained:

Promotions from the community page. Every day, links to additional runes are posted on the community page. Usually they are followed by the inscription: "Pick up and train". Links are valid for 24 hours or until the limit is reached, which is indicated in the message. Follow the link from the same device on which you will play. It should redirect you to the game. If you have any problems, please try copying and pasting the link into your browser.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Structures on Berk

Viking structures. Viking structures allow you to increase the number of Vikings in your village. They can be purchased from the Council Hall or upgraded from the Great Forge. Building or upgrading any Viking structure instantly increases the number of Vikings in the village. Certain improvements, expanding the village and clearing obstacles require a certain minimum number of Vikings. The number of Vikings in your village also determines the maximum number of dragons you can have in your village.

Facilities for collecting resources. These include:

Storage facilities. The firebox and the fish tub are connected to each other. In order to improve the bowl, you need to completely fill the firebox, and vice versa. The maximum capacity of two fish bowls is two billion, and the fire boxes are also two billion. Iron storage can be used to store iron. Iron is needed to increase the level of dragons, for example, from 80 to 81, as well as to improve certain buildings on Olukh.

This resource can be used for certain actions in the game in the same way as wood and fish. However, it costs more and is considered an advanced building material. When you select any dragon that can collect iron, a resource collecting icon will appear at the bottom. Iron can also be obtained in card sets and battles.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Challenge Series, Seasonal Center

What is a test series and how does it work? A series of challenges is a combat map, for completing which you will receive valuable rewards and prizes. To advance further, you need to defeat the dragons on your way. At the start of each streak, you have 5 Endurance Charges. For each battle in the series, you lose 1 life. But don’t worry, stamina regenerates every 4 hours.

What is Boost and how does it work? Surgeon is a potion that fills the action point bar and allows your dragon to attack an enemy with its most powerful special move.

What is the fruit of wisdom and how does it work? The fruit of wisdom helps to heal the wounds of dragons. If you use it, the dragon’s health bar is fully restored.

How is the new Seasonal Event going? In each new season, you get seasonal currency in time-limited events (Gobber Quests, Challenge Series, Monthly Calendar, etc.). This currency can be used to purchase seasonal decorations, skins, and dragons. Before the end of the season, you will receive a notification about the need to sell the rest of the currency. The counter will show how much is left until the end. Please note that at the end of the season, unused currency will be automatically replaced with Rare Amber.

How does the new seasonal center work? The new Seasonal Center regroups Gobber Quests, the Seasonal Shop, and a new Dragon Pass that can help you earn more rewards. Each month there will be a new seasonal event that will last 28-30 days. The upcoming season is announced by the message "New season has begun". A countdown message will appear in anticipation of the end of the season.

Please note that there may be several quiet days between seasons when only Gobber quests without pass points are available.

Gobber’s quests. Gobber’s quests are in the seasonal center. Daily tasks are updated every day and weekly tasks and event tasks that take place in the season are updated every week. For completing tasks, you receive rewards with resources and pass points.

How do pass points work? Pass points are part of the new reward system. Collect pass points by completing Gobber quests. After collecting enough Pass Points, you will unlock new rewards in the Dragon Pass. Earn extra rewards by purchasing the Alpha Pass. You can now claim both the free Dragon Pass and the Premium Alpha Pass rewards right away. You can also purchase Instant Pass Points from the Season Store, which give you immediate access to rewards. Please note that this purchase is only valid for one season and will be reset at the end of the season.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Johan’s Offers

What is Johan’s Most Generous Proposal Shop? Click on Merchant Johan’s ship to view the latest offers. Here you can find special offers and exchange runes for fish, wood, Odin’s coins or card sets.

What if I miss an offer? Each offer is available only once. If you miss the current offer, you will be shown Johan’s latest set of items, and you will not be able to return to the current offer. Don’t worry, the next offer is coming soon!

Why are prices different? The prices for special offers will be different for different players and depend on your actions in the game.

The offer has been purchased. Where can I find it? The items that you received from Johan’s most generous shop will be sent to your in-game mail. You will see a notification icon on the envelope. Click "Collect" and receive your treasures!

Dragons Rise of Berk: Game Troubleshooter

I have a task to collect fish with a dragon, but my dragon cannot collect fish. What to do? You may have an exotic dragon that cannot collect fish. Try completing the mission with a normal dragon or a combat dragon instead. With them, you should be able to complete the task.

Why is there no progress on the boulder removal quest? There are different types of stones in the game, from piles to large boulders. These types of stones look different and you only need to remove the boulders. In the lower left corner, information about which stones you have selected is displayed.

Legendary Buff activated, but nothing happened. What to do? Do not forget that if you have activated a boost, you have 24 hours to use it. After that, prices will return to normal.

I can’t quit the game! (Kindle) Unfortunately, it is not yet clear if this problem can be fixed. So far, the only way to get around this problem is to go to the game settings (mail icon) and select "Community". After that, an exit arrow should appear.

How can I complete the quest to establish a dragon of a certain level? For the task to be credited as completed, the desired dragon must be of the requested level and be on your island. Unfortunately, dragons in the hangar are not suitable for the mission.

Links to free resources on Android do not work! If you’re having trouble opening a link to free resources in the Facebook app, follow the steps below. Open the settings in the Facebook app:

Scroll down to app settings:

Make sure the "Open links in a new window" setting is enabled.

Why am I missing Vikings? If you need to improve the Council Hall or the Great Forge, and you receive a message that you do not have enough Vikings, you probably simply forgot to improve the structure on your island.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Donator Questions

What does Dragon Rider mean? As a dragon rider, you will receive many bonuses. This is a kind of VIP status. To get this status, click on the "Join!" It is found in several places in the game. Your mailbox will always contain a letter with a "Go" button, when you click on it, a pop-up subscription window will appear.

What are the benefits of a dragon rider? These include:

What does "Temporary Offer" mean? If you’re lucky enough to see this temporary offer, seize the moment and enjoy exclusive discounted Dragon Rider benefits: $ 3.99 per month for the first three months of your subscription. After this period, the subscription will cost as usual: $ 9.99.

I didn’t receive my purchase. How do I get it? Sometimes, due to connection problems, purchases are delayed or not at all. If you encounter a similar problem, send a support ticket by email. To confirm your purchase, please include your Support Key and attach your receipt in JPEG, PNG or PDF format to your email.

I accidentally made a purchase with runes. How do I get them back? The game has confirmation buttons in operations where you spend in-game resources. It is highly recommended that you verify your purchase before clicking the confirmation button. To check the exchange of resources, please inform the support service with your support key. Purchase cannot be canceled, runes refund is not guaranteed.

I accidentally made an in-app purchase. How do I get my funds back? Send a letter to the support service with a request and a support key, as well as attach the original receipt in JPEG, PNG or PDF format.

Offers with free runes. Visit the runes section and click on "Free Runes" to view current offers.

How does the new temporary offer work? You gain access to a new, limited-time offer for 24 hours each time you upgrade the Council Chamber. The countdown begins immediately after upgrading the Council Hall. It can be watched in the event area on the right side of the screen. When the time expires, the counter will disappear until the next upgrade of the Council Hall.

I have not received any runes from Tapjoy. What to do? Free in-app runes are provided by Tapjoy. For such cases, this company has a support system. If you accepted or met the offer and now need help, you can contact Tapjoy support through their in-app support menu. It is on the "Wall of Suggestions".

  1. Click Reward Status.
  2. Select the offer you are having a problem with. You may have to wait a couple of hours to contact Tapjoy.
  3. When the "Request Support" option is activated, click it.
  4. Enter your email and detail your problem. Be sure to include your User ID, which can be found right below the Request Support button. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions before filling out the contact form. Make sure you have all the information Tapjoy needs.

Please note that Tapjoy can only be contacted through the "Reward Status" and offers in the "Reward Status" are only displayed for 30 days. If you need help with any Tapjoy suggestion, please contact them as early as possible to get help before their app expires.

What is Odin’s Shop? In the Odin Shop, you can purchase exclusive content for a new currency - Odin Coins. This currency can be obtained in the following ways:

How does a set of runes for 7 days work? This rune set is a one-time offer. The set can only be purchased once. After purchase, you will immediately receive 250 runes, and then another 50 runes 7 times on any convenient day. Please note that you can only collect runes once a day. If you miss a day, it’s okay. Just pick them up the next time you enter the game.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Game Subscription

What is a subscription? Subscription is an in-game agreement that gives exclusive benefits to your account in exchange for recurring automatic payments. You can subscribe in the app. Automatic payments are made and managed by your Google Play account. The subscription benefits are valid for the period from payment to payment. Your Google Play account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off more than 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.

The subscription is renewed 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. User can manage subscriptions; auto-renewal can be turned off in the user account settings on the device you are using. You cannot cancel the current subscription while your subscription is active. Unused free trial time (if applicable) will expire after purchasing a subscription.

How does a free trial subscription work? Free trial periods allow you to experience the benefits of a subscription before purchasing it. By agreeing to a free trial period, you are agreeing to a subscription that will take effect after the end of this trial period. You can automatically renew your subscription when the trial period ends. If you do not want to subscribe, you must cancel it before the end of the free trial period. You can manage your free trial and subscriptions in the Subscriptions section of your Google Play account.

What happens if i cancel my subscription during the paid period? If you cancel your subscription during your billing period: From now on you will not be charged for the next or any other billing period. You will have access to the benefits of the subscription until the end of the paid period. Your account will no longer have access to subscription benefits after the end of the paid period. This means that you will lose:

If you have enlarged your hangar before, you will have to free up space in order to be able to train and feed your dragons again.

How do I manage my subscriptions? Open the Google Play app and click on the three horizontal bars on the left at the top of the page. Select "Account" then "Subscriptions". Here you will see a list of all the apps you have subscriptions to and you can manage your subscriptions.

Gaining access to content by subscription. To get the most out of your monthly or yearly subscription:

  1. Sign in to the account with which you purchased the subscription;
  2. Make sure your billing information is up to date;
  3. If using a different device, close the application on the first device.

Registered, but still no access? Make sure you are signed in to the correct account by checking the "Subscriptions" section of your store profile.

Dragons Rise of Berk: Player Account

What is a support key? The support key is your unique in-game ID. Knowing this ID, developers can open your account and see your game data. The key can be found on the loading screen and in the in-game settings.

Can i play in guest mode? You can of course play as a guest. But if you play in this mode, you may lose saved data due to device breakdowns, updates, or by accidentally deleting the application.

Can I log into the game via Facebook? You can link your Facebook account to your game. If you do this, the saved game data will be stored on the server and can be accessed using any game-compatible device. All you need to do is install the game and log into it with your Facebook account in the in-game settings menu.

How do I reset the game? If you decide to reset the game, then send an email to the support service with a corresponding request and a support key. Resetting the game means that all saved game data will be lost.

How do I change the game settings? Game settings (music, sound effects, etc.) can be changed in the in-game settings menu. To access the settings menu, select the mail icon on the home screen. In the window that opens, you will see 5 tabs: "News", "Mail", "Settings", "Achievements", "Community".

Can I transfer the game to another device? If you are playing as a guest, you cannot automatically transfer game data to the new device, since the guest data is stored on the device. If you entered the game through Facebook, then all your data is stored on the server and can be accessed from any device compatible with the game. However, if you are playing as a guest and do not want to link your Facebook account to the game, it is possible to manually transfer the data. In this case, contact support and provide them with the support key for the game you want to continue and the support key for the new game on the new device.

How do I link my game to Facebook? When the tutorial is complete, you will be asked if you want to link your account to Facebook. You can either bind it now or click the X at the top of the popup message. If you later decide to link your game in your guest account to Facebook, you can do this in the game options menu under the Settings tab (mail icon). When you click the Link to Facebook button, you will be asked if you want to link your game to Facebook.

Please note that if your Facebook page is already linked to another account, you will be prompted to log in through the main menu. If you want to link your guest account to Facebook, but you have already started a game on this social network, the developers will have to remove your game from Facebook. This will link your Facebook account to the game in your guest account.

What is Apple Sign In? The latest update has added the Sign In with Apple feature. This will open up a new way for players using iOS 13 to enter the game. To use Sign In with Apple:

How do I link my existing game account to sign in with my Apple device? If you’re over 13 and have iOS 13 installed on your Apple device, you can activate Sign In with Apple. To do this, you need to launch the game and then click on the mail icon on the left side of the screen and open the settings tab. There you will find the "Link to Apple" feature. Just click on it and your account will be linked. Note that this will only work if you haven’t linked your account yet.

What should I do if I accidentally log into a Guest account instead of the account associated with Apple? Launch the game, click on the mail icon on the left side of the screen and open the settings menu. Then click "Exit". This will take you back to the main login screen where you can select Sign in with Apple. This will log you back into the account associated with Apple.

How do I sign out of my Apple Sign-in Game? The option to sign out of an account linked to Apple can be found in the game’s settings menu. To open the settings menu, click on the mail icon on the left side of the screen.

How do I sign out of the Google Play account associated with Dragons: Rise of Berk? Find the "Sign out" option from your Google Play account in the game settings. Open the mail icon on the left side of the in-game screen, then tap the "Settings" menu.

I accidentally logged into a Guest account instead of a Google Play account, what should I do? Tap the mail icon on the left side of the in-game screen to open Settings. From the Settings menu, select Sign Out. You will be taken to the main screen where you can select "Sign in with Google Play". Tapping this option will return you to your Google Play account.

How do I link an existing game to Google Play? To link your current account to Google Play, you need to go to the in-game settings menu. Tap the mail icon on the left side of the in-game screen for Settings. There you will find the option "Sign in with Google Play". Just touch the button and your account will be linked to a Google Play account.

Please note, if your Google Play ID is already linked to another account, an error message will appear stating that the action cannot be taken.

Article author: Nadezhda D.