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Walkthrough Dragons World: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DRAGONS WORLD is an Android game with a release date of December 16, 2013 from Social Quantum. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Newbie Guide
  2. Library Guide
  3. Armor Guide
  4. Battle System Guide
  5. Guide to the Dragon Guilds
  6. In-Game Currency, Resources, and Payments
  7. Account
  8. Problems loading the game

Dragons World: Newbie Guide

Features of the dragon. Feed the dragon to grow in levels. Every 3 levels he will receive a new feature. The choice is given 2 features that randomly fall out of the general list of features. To see what gives one or another feature, click on the feature icon at the time of receipt.

How to reset features already obtained by the dragon? To do this, go to the dragon information window and click on the "Reset" button. Then you will get the opportunity to select features again.

What are the elements of dragons influencing? Elements of dragons determine:

The rarity of dragons. There are five types of rarities:

  1. Normal (one bronze star) - basic dragons of the 1st element.
  2. Unusual (one silver star) - basic dragons of 2 elements.
  3. Rare (one gold star) - basic dragons of 3 elements, can be received as a gift for acquiring a small amount of resources, for completing the quest chain (intermediate award), in a tournament (minimum achievements).
  4. Excellent (two gold stars) - Basic 4 elements, you can get as a gift for purchasing an average amount of resources, for a quest chain (main award), for opening a chest of elements and in a tournament (for average achievement).
  5. Unique (three gold stars) - can be received as a gift for acquiring the maximum amount of resources in the tournament (top award).

How to bring out an unusual dragon? Fancy dragons can be obtained by crossing dragons of the basic elements. The resulting two-element dragons can be used for subsequent breeding.

How to bring out a three-winged dragon? To obtain such a dragon, you will need at least one rare dragon that combines two elements. You can try to cross it with the dragon of another basic element, but remember that the elements are very moody and the result is not always guaranteed. You can cross two-element dragons and increase the chances that the elements will gather in the right combination.

How to breed more dragons? You can speed up dragon breeding with crystals. You can buy dragons in the store, without the need to display them using selection. You can improve the incubator, which will allow you to simultaneously display several dragons. Use an optional breeding cave and incubator on the Sultry Island of the Desert Archipelago.

Is it possible to increase the chance of getting a rare dragon? When you raise a dragon, every three levels he can choose a new ability. Among them there is a skill that increases the chance of breeding a rare dragon. An experienced breeder always follows the skills of his dragons to achieve the best results.

You can increase the likelihood of a rare dragon by up to 30%.

You do not increase the absolute number of probability and rare dragons will not appear in 30% of cases. You increase the chance of each individual dragon appearing by 30%. When calculating the total probability, the initial probability of the appearance of a specific dragon must be taken into account. For example: Dragon X has a 5% chance of occurrence. When using dragons in breeding with the peculiarity of increasing this probability by 30%, you will get the resulting probability: 5% + (5% * 30/100) = 6.5%.

Why canít some dragons be crossed? You cannot directly cross dragons of opposing elements, for example: dragons of Fire and Water. In order to bring out unique Rare dragons combining incongruous elements, you will have to go through an exciting and interesting path to an experienced breeder. You need to cross two or three-element dragons, which already combine the elements you need and, perhaps, you are lucky to bring out in your nature reserve a dragon that your friends will envy. You will have to experiment before you can get, for example, the Steam Dragon.

The book of dragons. This is a guide to all the dragons that are in the game. With it, you can find out which dragons you have in the reserve, and which still have to be withdrawn or acquired.

The book also contains tasks (tokens) for each of the dragons, after which all dragons of a given species will receive certain bonuses (plus the selection speed and the probability of breeding a rare dragon, plus defense and attack, satiety, loss of additional essences from dragons of this type etc.).

Tasks and bonuses received for each dragon are individual. It should be remembered that bonuses work while the conditions of the job are fulfilled. That is, for example, the decor bought for this purpose should be on the islands;if the decor is sold, the bonuses received for it will disappear. Also, your rating in the token top depends on the number of completed tasks.

How to change the name of the dragon? To change the name, select dragon> Info> click on the pen icon next to the current dragon name and rename the dragon.

Random egg. Dragons that cannot be obtained by selection (prize, quest, promotional) have the opportunity to withdraw from the Random Egg. You can buy such an egg for crystals in the Store in the "Dragons" section, a tab with a question. From each such egg one of the dragons listed in the info egg can randomly emerge.

Essences. Why are they needed and how to get them? Essences are a valuable resource needed to summon new islands and build buildings. Essences are obtained in the special building "Magic Laboratory", which opens at the 10th level. In the laboratory, essences are exchanged for adults (at least level 10) of two or more elemental dragons, which after exchange disappear forever. One-level dragon of the 10th level cannot be exchanged for essences. This opportunity opens only after its evolution. Essences can also be obtained in the tournament as a reward.

How to get into the TOP players? Requirements for a successful hit in the TOP:

  1. You need to constantly improve experience, for which you need to have and improve as many buildings as possible, harvest from greenhouses, remove obstacles, discover new islands and decorate them with the decor you bought in the Store.
  2. You need to bring out and feed as many dragons as possible, while taking into account that dragons belonging to more than one element, and even more rare, will help you occupy a higher level in the TOP.
  3. Invite as many friends as possible using your Google Game Services and Facebook accounts.

Why can not I place the dragon in the monastery? The cloister can be filled with dragons to the maximum. To place a dragon in a cloister, you must remove one dragon from the cloister or improve the cloister.The monastery may not be suitable for the dragon by element. You can place dragons in it, only having the element of the monastery.

Dragons World: Library Guide

General information. A library is a building in which you can improve the parameters of your dragons, such as Attack and Health. In order to start improving the skills of your dragons, you need to buy the Library building in the Game Store, in the Buildings section.

The Library building is accessible from level 14. Choose a dragon whose skills you want to improve.

Only dragons who have reached level 10 and who are not busy, for example, in cleaning obstacles, are not in the vault or in the selection cave, can improve their skills. When the dragon gets the level of pumping, it will be displayed in battle, both with your dragon and the dragon of the opponent and in its description. You can see how much is left to the required level and what the result will be at each level by clicking on the icon located next to the image of the skill of the 9th level.

Upon reaching the maximum level you will receive a message about it. All selection options will become inactive.The level will not be reduced. This parameter of your pet is pumped as much as possible.

How is the improvement of skills in the library? Skills can be improved on any dragon, and Attack and Health can be improved independently of each other. Improvement of parameters occurs with the help of the Books of Wisdom, which can be purchased in the Library. Books are as follows:

  1. Ordinary (value of 600,000 coins) - give 50 wisdom points (you can purchase no more than 7 per day).
  2. Rare (value 1,000,000 coins) - give 100 wisdom points (you can purchase no more than 6 per day).
  3. Unique (cost of 10 crystals) - give 150 wisdom points (the number of purchases per day is unlimited).

After buying 7 Ordinary books and 6 Rare books per day, you will see a countdown timer that will notify you when the books will be available for purchase again.

When you purchase a book, your Dragon adds Wisdom Points. With the help of these glasses, the Wisdom scale, which is located under the image of the books, is filled.

The number of points required to fill the scale of the scale of wisdom varies between levels:

Once the Scale of Wisdom is filled, you can try to improve one of your dragonís skills.

Trying to improve may or may not work. The transition from one to the next level occurs with a certain probability. As the level grows, the probability of luck decreases.

There are 9 levels of pumping of each parameter. If the improvement does not work, the level is reset. There are several safe levels - 3, 6 and 9. If it fails, the reset goes to the nearest safe level. For example, if the failure in the transition from 2 to 3, then the reset goes to level zero, the failure goes to the 8th level, then the reset goes to the 6th. The safe level is indicated by the letter "s". You can choose one of the ways to improve:

The usual value is 1,000,000 coins. Excellent - the cost varies depending on the level:

The difference between the Normal Improvement Attempt and the Excellent one is that an excellent attempt from 1.5-2 times is more likely to give a successful result, but does not guarantee 100% luck.

Dragons World: Armor Guide

General information. In order to create and store armor, it is necessary to build a Forge.

In the Forge, all created armor is stored, including those already worn by dragons. Armor control is also carried out at the warehouse: there you can see the list of dragons with armor, their bonuses, change the owner of the armor from the current to another.

How to make armor? To create, you need to get special resources: "Hot Lava", "A Piece of Granite", "Oak Bark", "Spring Water", "Caught Cloud", "Magic Spark", "Light Crystal", "Dark Crystal", "Sand of Time" ", essences of elements or" Mithril Ore ".

How to get mithril ore? Follow these steps:

  1. Go through the dragon leagues.
  2. Take part in tournaments.
  3. Buy the missing ore to create armor for crystals in the forge window.

How to get resources for creating armor? Resources for crafting armor, such as Molten Lava, Magic Spark, or Dark Crystal and others, can be obtained from participating in tournaments or buying missing resources from crystals during the creation of the armor.

Amulets. Amulet - an object that can be inlaid in armor, thereby changing its combat parameters.

Each amulet has only 1 element. The amulet can be inserted into the armor regardless of whether its elements coincide or do not coincide with the elements of the armor. The amulet is inserted into the armor slot and raises its effectiveness in battle. The slot can be in armor of any rarity. Game resources (gold, essences, crystals) are used to insert an amulet. The amulet can be removed from the armor, using the game resources. Creating amulets is possible in the forge.

Inlay is made in a smelter.

How do armor affect dragon attack? The armor increases the damage from all attacks - physical and elemental, which the dragon makes. The higher the armorís attack rate, the more damage the dragonís ability increases.

The armorís attack rate must be added to the dragonís attack power to get the ultimate strike force.

How does armor affect dragon damage? The armor reduces the damage from all attacks on the dragon that the armor wears. The higher the armorís protection value, the less damage the dragon takes. If the attack indicator of the armor of the attacking dragon is higher than the defense of the armor of the defender, then the damage will be increased.

Armor Upgrade. To improve the armor and inlaid amulets in them, it is required to build a smelter.

The armor level can be pumped by sacrificing other armor.

After leveling, the sacrificial armor will disappear. In this case, it is required to pay gold, the amount of which depends on the level of pumped armor. After pumping the armor to a certain level, an improved (plus) version of the armor opens for crafting.

When enchanting any armor with each new level, attack and defense indicators increase by the same amount. For each armor, this value is different.

Why canít I wear armor on a dragon? Armor can only be worn if at least one dragon element matches the element of the armor. On some dragons, armor is not visually displayed. There are also invisible armors that are not displayed on all dragons.

Dragons World: Battle System Guide

Description of the combat system. You can participate in League fights and in the Tournament. You can test your strength in the league at any time. Undefeated players change in the League list every 48 hours. For completing each league you will receive 3 crystals and 1 Mithril ore as a reward. Tournaments are held in a certain time period, as evidenced by the icon with the time remaining until the end of the tournament.

There are several types of rewards in a tournament. For a set of a certain number of battle points (get during the tournament) and for a rating (get at the end of the tournament for a place). In the tournament, as a reward, you can receive: coins, food, crystals, elemental essences, materials for armor and amulets, exclusive tournament armor and dragons. You can see the list of awards in the Tournament on the "Rewards" tab by clicking on the "Details" button. In any League or Tournament battle, you can randomly receive essences from the rarest dragon in the opposing team.

A playerís team can have from 1 to 3 dragons. The right of the first move is granted to the player the first dragon in whose team has a level and rarity higher than the opponentís dragon. If these parameters are the same, then the attacking player goes. During a battle, a player can:

  1. Use the dragonís physical attack;
  2. Use any available dragon elemental attack;
  3. Change the dragon to another one from the list available in the team, passing the move to the opponent;
  4. Heal his dragon partially by applying the "Heal" ability (consumes crystals), after application the player can make a move;
  5. Apply Super Strike ability (consumes crystals). The strength of the Super Strike ability does not depend on the combination of the elements of the attacked dragon, but deals guaranteed double damage from the dragonís strongest ability. After application, the player can make a move.

Attacking dragonís strike force - indicated in the dragon info on the Battle tab. The strength of the blow does not depend on the set of elements of the attacking dragon. The strength of the blow depends on:

Dragon health (amount of life) - indicated in the dragon info in the lower right corner of the dragon icon and is indicated by a shield. Dragon health depends on:

Damage - the value is calculated in each specific battle. Damage depends on:

Calculation of the resistance of the elements . Determined by the rules:

  1. We determine the elements involved in the calculation. This set includes the elements of the dragon, the elements of armor and the elements of the amulet. Each element is involved in the calculation once. For example, if the elements of the dragon: air, magic; element of armor: air; element of the amulet: dusk, then only air, magic and dusk participate in the calculation. The element of armor is not involved, because she repeats.
  2. Using the Table of Elemental Vulnerability, we determine how each of these elements resists elemental shock (for example, the ability to fire), add these values ??and divide by their number. For the example above: fire-air - 2.0 fire-magic - 0.75 fire - dusk - 0.75 Damage coefficient: (2.0 + 0.75 + 0.75) / 3 = 1.17.

If the damage coefficient is 1, then the damage will be equal to that indicated in the dragon info. The higher the damage coefficient, the stronger the attack and the more damage will be dealt. Accordingly, the lower the damage coefficient, the weaker the attack and the less damage. Elemental Vulnerability Table:

Dragon battle rank. The combat rank is one of the stages of the development of the dragon, which he receives by defeating other dragons in battle. The higher the rank of the dragon, the stronger its impact and the higher its vitality. At the moment, the game has 9 combat ranks: I-II-III - a bronze rank, IV-V-VI - a silver rank, VII-VII-IX - a golden rank. Victory is credited to the dragon when he defeats the enemy dragon in the arena (in the Tournament or League). The number of victories to achieve a combat rank:

In total from rank I to IX you need 700 victories.

How to participate in the tournament? In order to take part in the tournament, you must bring out and feed the dragon to level 6. Before the dragon is ready to go into a real battle, he needs to go through a series of preparatory stages and tests. To do this, you need to build the Temple of Evolution and the Training Center. It is in the Training Center that the dragon will receive all the necessary skills, and the Temple of Evolution allows you to increase the level of the dragon.

Do not rush to the tournament right away! Try your hand and hone your skills in the battle league. The opponents in the tournament are strong and merciless. Try building a Smelter and Forge to forge armor for your dragon.Armor can several times increase power and magical abilities, as well as block enemy attacks! Now you are ready for battle!

Scoring in a tournament. The stronger the dragon team you defeat with respect to your team, the more points will be awarded. Please note that the three most powerful dragons in the playerís reserve are taken into account!The less moves (strokes) you use to win, the more points will be awarded. The longer the winning chain, the more points will be awarded:

After 20 consecutive wins and receiving a bonus of + 100% to battle points, this chain of bonuses ends and starts anew with a bonus of + 10% for 3 wins.

The strength of the team is affected by:

Tournament reward not fully credited. If there is not enough space at the time of receiving the tournament award, the game automatically sells resources that cannot be placed. Gold coins for the resources sold are credited to your account. Support specialists can return your sold rewards. To do this, you need to free up space in the warehouse and send a request to the technical support service. In the application, be sure to include your game ID.

Dragons World: Guide to the Dragon Guilds

General information. The Guild House building is accessible from level 7.

You can create your own guild or join an existing one. Play with friends, chat and help each other! The number in the corner on the coat of arms of the guild indicates its level. It depends on the number of guild members, their game levels and the number of tokens. A maximum of 20 people can be in one guild.

You can see the top of the strong guilds on the "Guilds" tab in the Top.

Why are guilds needed? As a member of a guild, you can help each other with resources (gold, food and essences) and energy. In order to get help, you must leave a request for it. You can leave a request, as well as chat, by opening the tab of your guild on the left edge of the screen.

Next, click on the request icon and select what kind of help you would like to receive:

If your energy meter is full, you will not be able to send a request for energy recovery. Also, being a member of the guild, you have access to the Bulletin Board tab, from which you can learn about important events in the guild.

What are guilds? Guilds come in three forms:

  1. Open - anyone can join the guild;
  2. Upon request - anyone can send a request to join the guild and, if the request is confirmed, become its member.The entry request is valid for a week. At the same time, you cannot leave a request for joining several guilds at once - if you send a request to another guild during the first request, it will be deleted.
  3. Closed - you can join such a guild only by invitation.

How to join a guild or create your own? In order to create your own guild or join an existing one, go to the building of the Guild House on your islands:

After that you can create your own guild or join an existing one by finding it in the search by name. At any time, you can leave the guild and join another, or create your own.

What positions do guild members have? Guild members can have different positions and, accordingly, rights. Participant:

Mentor (up to 5 people can be assigned to this role):

Elder (up to 2 people can be assigned to this role):


Dragons World: In-Game Currency, Resources, and Payments

Gifts. You can give and receive crystals as a gift. You can give 3 crystals a day to three different friends. Each friend can be given a gift only once every 24 hours. You can see the time before sending a repeated gift by clicking on the name of a friend in the list of friends. Each player has a maximum value for unaccepted gifts. If a player does not pick up gifts for a long time, they begin to be deleted. In the presence of unaccepted gifts appear:

How to give a gift? The player can give a gift by clicking on a friendís plate in the friends list, and then clicking on the "gift" button.

How to get a gift? To do this, you need:

  1. Open your friends list.
  2. Open the "Received Gifts" tab.
  3. Click on the icon of one of the gifts.
  4. Click on the "Receive" button.

Game currency and resources. The game presents the following types of currency and resources:

You can always buy gold, crystals and food in the store in the "Treasures" section or by clicking on the button with the corresponding resource. The amount of gold and food purchased depends on your level in the game.

How to get more gold? To get more gold, follow these steps:

  1. Feed the dragons - with the growth of their level, they begin to bring more gold.
  2. Come into the game more often - in order to collect gold in time, before the monastery is completely filled with gold.
  3. Develop dragon features that increase the speed of getting gold.
  4. Build elemental amplifiers that increase the speed of getting gold from all dragons on the island.
  5. Collect gold by visiting the islands of friends.
  6. Complete quests that give gold as a reward.
  7. Buy gold at a store in the Treasures tab.
  8. Send a gold request to your guilds.

How to get more crystals? Follow these steps:

  1. Remove natural obstacles. For cleaning each natural obstacle 3 crystals are given.
  2. Complete quests that give crystals as a reward.
  3. Go through the leagues.
  4. Take part in tournaments.
  5. Get new achievements.
  6. Buy crystals in the store in the "Treasures" section.
  7. Receive as a gift from friends.

I accidentally spent game currency. What to do?All purchases of game objects or actions for game currency are made manually, which immediately gives a response in the game database, and each purchase of a game object or action is registered on the game server. Accidental spending is not refundable due to the fact that it gives unfair advantages to a single player, and the developers adhere to the principles of fair play. In order to exclude random purchases for crystals, make sure that the option "Always warn about purchases for crystals" is activated.

Daily rewards for entering the game. Come into the game every day and receive gifts. You can get to the list of your daily gifts by clicking on the achievements icon and selecting the "Daily rewards" tab.

The cycle for receiving gifts is 1 month. The cycle starts on the first day of the month. You may not enter the game for several days, the progress of the chain will not be reset, however, in this case, you will not be able to pick up the last few rewards in the chain. The more days in a month you miss, the fewer gifts you will receive. A daily gift may include: Experience, Gold Coins, Crystals, Food, Random Egg, Armor, Resources for Armor and Essence of Elements, Dragons. The amount of Experience, Gold coins and Food in daily gifts depends on the level of the player.

At level 30 or more, the maximum amount of resources is given. In Random Egg, you can get any dragon from the list that is called up by clicking on the info button "i" on the gift plate. The chance to get a dragon that you do not have in the reserve is much higher. Starting from the 26th day of the visit, you will receive a random reward for the remaining days until the end of the month. A new day opens after you pick up the available gift. A random gift these days can be: Experience, Gold coins, Crystals, Food, Random Egg, Armor, Resources for armor and Essence of elements, Dragons.

Why is the game making purchases for real money? This game belongs to the type of Free2Play, therefore it is possible to play it without investing real money. The gameplay provides many options for obtaining crystals and gold coins without resorting to shopping for real money: reaching a new level, daily visits to the game, completion of game quests. The more friends you make in the game, the more crystals you can get as a gift from them. In addition, on the gaming forum and on the official page, various gaming contests are held weekly, taking part in which, you can get from 10 to 50 crystals as a reward. Shopping for real only accelerates the development process.

Dragons World: Account

I changed the device, I want to transfer the progress. What to do? If your game was synchronized with the Google Plus network, you need to install the game on a new device, go to your deviceís settings and enter the old data in the appropriate sections. Progress will automatically tighten. In the case when there were no such bindings, you need to write to the user support center and provide the following data:

You can send a request using the technical support site. To do this, click the "Apply" button. On the page that opens, fill in all the fields of the application and attach the necessary files, then click the "Submit" button. You can also write to the support center directly from the game by going to Options> Technical Support> Call. In this case, it will not be necessary to report the current ID: it will be determined automatically.

Can I start over? In order to start the game again, you need to change your Google account in the settings of your device. Unfortunately, you cannot start the game again under the same account.

Missing game progress. If you lose progress, the first thing you should do is check if your network settings with which your game was synchronized have changed. Perhaps the connection with the network was lost, in which case you need to go to the settings of your device and enter the old data in the appropriate sections.Progress will automatically recover. In the case when there were no such bindings, you need to write to the user support center and provide the following data:

  1. ID of your current game. To find your user ID, you need to go to Options> Identifier> Show ID.
  2. Game level achieved in the previous game.
  3. A step-by-step description of the loss of progress.
  4. The number of devices on which you played this game.

How to invite friends to the game? The list of friends is opened by the button from the main menu located above the "Shop" button. To invite friends, you must be connected to Google Game Services (in this case, the Google+ symbol will be displayed in the friends window to the right of the word "Friends"). You can only invite players who are in your Google+ circles to the game. To invite a friend, select his name in the list and click the "Invite" button. You can also invite your friends from Facebook. The process of adding friends is similar.

What do I get by inviting friends? Friends will give you game crystals. You can also visit the islands of friends and collect gold from their cloisters. The amount of gold collected will increase with the growth of your game level.

How to disable Facebook posting? To disable posting, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. In the list of applications, click on the gear icon next to the name of the game Dragons World.
  3. Select "Edit Settings."
  4. In the item "This application can", uncheck the box next to "Publications".
  5. Save the changes.

Dragons World: Problems loading the game

How much space does a game take on a device? For normal operation of the game requires at least 500 megabytes of free space on the deviceís memory card. With the further development of your reserve, more space may be required to save temporary files. In rare cases, the game may take up more space by increasing the volume of cache files.

When installing updates, the cache from previous versions is reset. You can independently reduce the space occupied by cache files by manually clearing the cache. This will not affect the functionality of the game, as all the necessary resources will be downloaded again, however, the space occupied by the game will be less. You can also reinstall the application to clear the game cache.