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Dungeon Hunter 4 WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DUNGEON HUNTER 4 - game for android from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

What are runes and cells for? Runes have different effects on your equipment, for example, add elemental damage or increase health. Runes are placed in the cells of armor or weapons. Runes and cells have 5 different shapes: circle, square, triangle, star. The shape of the rune must match the shape of the cell.

Do I need to have the exact amount of materials to create an item? You can buy the missing resources for crystals. The game will ask you to confirm the exchange.

Where can I find the runes? Runes can be found in chests, sometimes they drop from defeated enemies, in addition, they can be won on the Wheel of Fortune. Unique runes can be won in weekly challenges. You can also remove runes from items found or buy them.

What are the rune levels? There are 10 rune levels. The higher the level, the stronger the effect. The rune level is displayed on its icon in the inventory.

How to remove a rune from a weapon or armor? Select an item in the inventory, click on the Remove Runes button. The removal of the runes takes some time, payment for the removal is made in gold. The more powerful the rune, the more expensive and longer the removal process.

Why combine runes? If you have two runes of the same level and the same shape, you can combine them into one rune of the next level. This will cost you a few gold, but it will save a place in the inventory, as well as allow more efficient use of the cell. Select a rune group in the Runes tab in your inventory, then select Combine to combine runes.

Where to get materials for making items? Materials can be found among the spoils, won in the "Wheel of Fate", Mortal Kombat or received as a gift from friends. The quality of the material that can be found among the prey depends on the levels of the enemy and your character.

Is it possible to turn one material into another? Yes you can. To do this, click on the Transmute button in the Workshop. Transmutation is performed in the following proportion:

How to assemble an item? Items are created in the Workshop (in the character menu). There you can select an item from the category, and then start assembling it by clicking the appropriate button.

What to do with Black Iron, Dragolite, Ancient crystals, Void Stones and Spirit Stones, and where are they in inventory? These materials are used to assemble items. They are in the workshop.

What kind of rings? Rings are a unique piece of equipment:

Rings are sold only in the store, they increase the coefficient of gaining experience or the coefficient of finding gold. Most have additional effects, such as elemental damage or defense bonuses. It is better to buy rings at the very beginning, especially to those players who want to pump faster or less farm gold and experience.

How to sell equipment and runes? Equipment and runes are sold through the inventory menu, not through the store. Select an item that is not worn on the character, click Sell. A window will appear asking for the desired price and offering a cancellation or confirmation. You cannot sell equipped equipment.

What is the maximum attainable level in this game? Currently, the level limit in Dungeon Hunter 4 is 130.

How does the Fortune Chest work? In this lottery, a prize can be obtained simply by opening a treasure chest. There are 3 types of chests: bronze, silver and gold. The more expensive the chest, the higher the probability of getting a rarer and more powerful item. The chest can be opened by buying a key for diamonds that matches the color of the chest.

How to earn experience? Kill enemies in the game and complete certain tasks, and earn experience for each new level.

How to view character options? All parameters of the character can be viewed by clicking on the left button in the information menu in the inventory. In this menu, you can view all the parameters that affect your character. You will not see options that do not affect your character. For example, you will not see poison damage if a character does not have a weapon that deals poison damage.

What is the difference between skill types in DH4? Active: Skills that can be applied after assigning a skill to a button. To use them, you need energy. Passive: skills that give a permanent effect after assigning a passive skill to the cell. Do not require energy. Spirit spell: most powerful skill. It can be used after assignment to the corresponding button. It does not require energy to use, but it takes a very long time to recover.

Where are the character’s skills? All skills are in the Skills Menu. They are divided into 3 types: Active, Passive and Spirit Spells. Click the skill icon to enter its category menu.

What kind of skills? Skills are special abilities that allow the character to increase defense / attack. Each character has his own set of skills, as well as a set of Spirit Spells available to all classes.

What skill points? Skill Points are used to improve skills and Spirit Spells. A skill point is given after leveling up a character. Additional skill points can be won on the Wheel of Fortune (prizes Book of skills or Book of knowledge).

How to open a skill? Under each closed skill there is a lock with a number that displays the level at which the skill will open. Also, skills can be unlocked earlier for crystals (see in the center of the icon).

In the passive skills menu, two skills are locked (locks on them). How to open them? They open behind the crystals. When you decide to open them, just click on them.

I play 2 (or more) characters. Is it possible to redistribute skill points between them? No. Skill points are allocated only to the character who received them (if you received a skill point as a warrior, then you can only spend it on a warrior).

I want to redistribute a skill point. How to do it? This can be done for a certain number of crystals by clicking on RESET SKILLS in the skills menu. Then they can be redistributed between open skills.

How to activate a skill? In each skill category there is a section Assignment skills. To activate an open skill, drag the skill onto an open cell.

How to improve the skill? You can improve a skill by spending a skill point on it. The maximum level is 20.

What do the following indicators give: damage bonus, poison, fire, bleeding, light, lightning and ice damage? These bonuses are added to the damage from basic attacks and skills. Some types of damage are more effective against certain types of enemies. Poison, fire, and bleeding damage have been dealt for some time.The duration of each of the effects is different, the effects are not cumulative. The poison lasts 4 seconds, bleeding - 3, fire - 2. Lightning, light, ice, and additional damage are inflicted with each hit.

How to make gifts? If you want to make a gift to a friend, select it in the DH4 Friends section, click on the Make a gift button on the right. Every day, one friend can make one gift. The contents of the gift are randomly selected (including gold may be there).

What gifts can I send? If you want to send a mysterious gift to a friend, he will be chosen arbitrarily: part of the armor, weapon or rune.

Can I improve the collected items? Yes, collected items can be upgraded to legendary levels. Such items improve just like the rest of the items.

Why do I need to upgrade items? You can upgrade weapons and armor. Improving items, you increase damage (for weapons) or health bonus (for armor), and also add rune cells. The quality of the item can be determined by the background of the cell in the inventory and also by the number of rune cells:

  1. Medium (brown, no cells)
  2. Good (green, 1 cell)
  3. Workshop (blue, 2 cells)
  4. Legendary (orange, 3 cells) Legendary items (orange) cannot be improved, but runes can be removed or installed in them. Improvements are permanent, they cannot be lost or canceled.

Can I upgrade items from the store? Any items can be improved. You cannot upgrade only items of a legendary level.

How to improve weapons and armor? Select an item in the inventory, click on the Improve button. For the improvement of items you need to pay in gold, in addition, it takes some time.

When are new items added to the store? New items are added to the store as you progress through the game or gain levels. After about 12 levels or after the destruction of some bosses, the store is replenished. In addition, rare and very valuable items appear in the store every week, the sale time of which is limited.

What is hardcore mode? This is a new difficulty mode in which you have to go through the storyline with more dangerous enemies.

How to open hardcore mode? You can play in this mode after completing the plot in normal mode.

What is the difference between normal mode and hardcore? The differences between the modes are as follows:

  1. In Hardcore mode, enemies have more health and damage than usual;
  2. In Hardcore mode, much more valuable trophies fall from enemies;
  3. In Hardcore mode, all plot locations (for one player and a group) are closed. You will have to rediscover them.

Is it possible to return from Hardcore to normal mode? Yes, you can switch the mode at any time in the character menu on the world map. However, when you switch the mode, all unsaved data will be lost.

Will I lose my items and equipment by switching to Hardcore mode? No, you won’t lose anything, all your items will be transferred to Hardcore mode.

Will all my characters gain access to Hardcore mode if I complete the game with one character?Access to Hardcore mode will only get those characters who will pass the normal mode.

What are guilds? Guilds are organized groups of players. Entering the Guild, the player gains access to additional team opportunities.

How and when can I join the Guild? After training, you can go to the search for available Guilds in the Guilds menu on the world map. In this menu, select the desired Guild from the list provided and click the Join icon.

I want to join a specific Guild, but I do not see it on the list. How to be You can find a specific guild by entering its name in the search in the Guild menu at the top of the list.

What opportunities are offered to members of the Guild? Guild members can perform additional actions:

Can I join several Guilds at the same time? You can be a member of only one Guild. If you want to join another Guild, you will first have to leave the current one.

How and when can I create my own guild? After completing the training, you can create your own Guild by going to the Guilds menu on the world map, paying a gold fee. To do this, select "Create Guild" in the menu to go to the beginning of the creation process. Having completed the creation of the Guild, you automatically become its leader.

Can I create more than one Guild? You can only be one Guild at a time, therefore, in order to create a new Guild, you will first have to leave the current one.

What opportunities open up to the leader of the Guild? The following features are available to the Guild Leader:

I am the leader of the Guild, and I want to leave my Guild in order to create a new one. Will my current Guild be automatically dissolved at the same time? No, the current Guild will still exist. A randomly selected participant will be automatically assigned as the leader. A guild exists as long as at least one member is registered in it.

Is there a possibility of communication between the members of the Guild? Each Guild has its own chat. It is located at the bottom of the screen on the world map and in most menus. In this chat you can exchange messages with other members of the Guild.

Will there be guild-oriented promotions? Yes, there are Guild Promotions. At their core, they are similar to other blitz promotions, however, the entire composition of the Guild takes part in them: participants must clear the dungeons as soon as possible in order to raise the account of their Guild. At the end of the action, all participants of the Guild who took places in the lists of leaders of the action will receive awards.

What is a milestone? This is the place where your character is reborn after death or at the beginning of the game.

How do I know if a checkpoint is activated? When you enter the zone of the control point, the corresponding inscription will appear on the screen.

During one session, I activated several control points. Which one will the next game start with if the character suddenly dies or will I start the game again? If you have not moved to a new level, then your character will always be reborn at the most recently activated control point.

If I moved to a new level, will my character be reborn at the last activated control point? No, in this situation you will always start at the entrance to the level until you activate the next control point.

Are there control points in the game at every level? No, only at levels in a single player game. These are Valence Castle, Valencia, Goblin Tunnels, Skull Gorge, Mechanical Dungeons, Bayant Ridge, Kankir, Badlands, Ancient Ruins and Void.

What is Mortal Kombat? This is a weekly action during which players enter a special arena and fight with endless waves of enemy bosses.

How to take part in Mortal Kombat? This can be done by clicking on the Mortal Kombat icon in the World Maps menu. This icon appears only for players whose character has reached level 6 or higher.

Who can participate in Mortal Kombat? Any player with a character who has reached level 6 or higher.

What is the main purpose of Mortal Kombat? The main goal is to cause as much damage as possible and collect as many points for blood as possible. Blood vessels are filled, for which participants then receive prizes.

How many vessels must be filled? In every Mortal Kombat, 10 vessels can be filled.

Do all vessels need to be filled with the same amount of blood? Not. Each subsequent vessel contains more blood than the previous one.

Can I participate in Mortal Kombat as many times as I want? Yes you can, but with short breaks between fights.

Is it possible to skip the time of waiting for the Mortal Kombat and participate immediately? Yes, by paying a few diamonds or using the Blood Ticket.

What is a Blood Ticket? This item is used to skip the time of waiting for Mortal Kombat. To take part in the battle immediately, spend a Ticket.

How to get a ticket? There is only one way - to receive it as a gift from a friend. This item cannot be bought or sold.

Is there a mortal combat rating? Yes, each participant is evaluated by the amount of blood collected.

What happens at the end of Mortal Kombat? At the end, participants receive one of three prizes depending on their place in the ranking.

What is a stock? A promotion is a temporary event during which players accumulate points and receive prizes for this. You can take part in the action by spending the required number of Griffin Crystals.

Where to find stocks and how to participate in them? Promotions can be found on the World Map. But first you need to complete the training and complete the entry.

How to win prizes in promotions? There are two types of prizes: Progress Awards and Leader Awards.Rewards for progress can be won by participating in promotions, earning the required number of points and opening all the big prizes. Leader’s rewards you receive when you rise in the Rating, they are awarded at the end of the Promotion.

New Dungeons have appeared. How to play them? New promotions and Dungeons appear every week.

How many types of stocks are there? Two: stocks on time and combat stocks.

What is a stock on time? In this type of stock you need to clear the dungeon as quickly as possible. The less time it takes, the more points you get. Also, in each such action there are difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level, the more points you get.

What are combat actions? During such an action, it is necessary to defeat as many players as possible in Mortal Kombat. The more you kill, the more points you get.

What are griffin crystals? To participate in each action you need to pay a certain amount of Griffin Crystals.Their number is restored every time. They can also be won in some promotions as a reward for progress or rewards of leaders.

Why do stocks suddenly disappear from the list? All promotions are valid for a limited amount of time.They automatically disappear when time runs out. When this happens, it is replaced by another stock, and you get a leader’s reward (if you have advanced in the ranking.).

What are vices? Vices - a restriction established by a player before the start of a promotion. The stronger the level of vice, the more difficult the level of the dungeon. If a player successfully passes the dungeon, he gains bonus points.

How many types of defects are there? You can assign yourself up to 5 vices. Each selected defect has an effect on a specific characterization:

How many levels of vice restriction are there? Each vice has 5 levels of restriction; 1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest.

Is it possible to cancel the effect of defects? Hexagonal runes are designed to neutralize vices. Each of the runes neutralizes one of the vices:

Where can I find hexagonal runes? Hexagonal runes can be won in a golden chest.

How to add a friend to GL LIVE? If you want to add a friend to Dungeon Hunter 4 by adding his / her GL LIVE ID, you need to do the following: Go to the "Communication" section by clicking on the button below / in the middle of the screen -> Invite friends -> Log in to GL LIVE - -> Login. In GL LIVE, click on the "Friends" icon. You will see a "+" sign in the upper right of the screen. Click on it. Enter your friend’s ID in the search bar.After you find a friend, click on his / her icon to view his / her GL LIVE page. Click on the button at the top right and select "Add as friend."

Is network play possible between Android devices and iOS devices? Unfortunately, the game between different platforms is not supported, since each type of device has a separate server.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to play in network mode? To participate in promotions, online matches and Mortal Kombat, we strongly recommend using Wi-Fi, since this type of connection is usually more stable.

Do I need an internet connection to add new friends? Yes. If you want to add someone as a friend, you need an Internet connection.

Do I need an internet connection to participate in Mortal Kombat? Yes, this promotion is only available online. You can connect through Gameloft LIVE! or through your Facebook account.

Is there voice chat in DH4? Yes, voice chat has appeared in the game. By default it is disabled. Turn it on to chat in the lobby and while playing with other players who have voice chat enabled.

How to enable voice chat? You can do this in Settings by clicking on "Voice chat". Here you can enable / disable voice chat, change the volume.

Can I buy in the store for crystals items whose value is indicated in gold? Yes, you can buy the missing gold for stones. The game will ask you to confirm the exchange.

How to get free crystals? Free crystals can be obtained:

How to add a friend? To access social functions you must go through Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! Your Facebook and Gameloft LIVE friends! appear in your friends list. You can add friends to your friends list in DH4 in this way:

  1. Go to the online room with the player you want to add to your friends list.
  2. Click on its icon.
  3. Select "Add Friend."

The player will receive a friend request. If you joined the Guild, you can send a request through the Guild menu by following the steps above.

How to accept the offer of friendship? When someone sends you a friendship invitation, a menu appears in which you need to "Accept" or "Reject" the invitation. Select Accept and the person will be added to your friends list.

How to invite another player to the game? There are two ways to start an online game: using the "Communication" icon and through the network game menu. Communication Icon:

  1. Log in to the card to play together (on some cards the game can only be played in single player mode, while others also support the network).
  2. Click the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select Friends in DH4. If any of your friends are already playing the game, they will appear in this list.
  4. Click on the name of one of the friends in this list.
  5. Select "Invite."
  6. Done! You will receive a notification if your friend accepts the invitation.

Using the network game menu:

  1. Launch the new online lobby.
  2. Click on the empty "Invite a friend" slot.
  3. Choose a friend from the list of those who play DH4.
  4. Click the Invite icon on the right.
  5. Done! You will receive a notification if your friend accepts the invitation.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.