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Walkthrough Dungeon Hunter 5: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DUNGEON HUNTER 5 - Android game with release date 03/11/2015 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to get OP? Performing any task in the game (Solo mode, Search tests, daily tests).

What is a skill? A skill is such a special ability that can be used in a game. You will gain access to the skill when you put on the appropriate Skill Item.

How to open a skill? The skill will open after you acquire and put on the appropriate Skill Item.

How to improve the skill? Skills are improved through Synthesis, which improves the corresponding Skill Item.

Where can I see my character’s skills? Go to the Equipment section, and then to the Wear section. There you can see all already worn Skill Items and those that are in the inventory.

How to make a skill active? As soon as you put on a Skill Item, the corresponding icon will appear in the game.

What types of skills are presented in the game? There are three types of skills in the game: Defense Skills, Movement Skills, and Offensive Skills.

What is the difference between difficulty modes? Difficulty modes determine the difficulty level of Solo missions. At higher difficulty levels, you will have to fight with enemies, which will be more difficult to overcome, but the reward for victory will be much better.

What is a world map? A single player campaign map is displayed on the world map. Performing single tasks opens up new tasks that will be available on the world map. You can return to any task already completed on the world map.

Why can’t I retake the first two missions of the single player campaign? The first two tasks are unique.They can not be replayed. They do not appear on the world map.

Are there milestones at every level of the game? No, there are no control points in any task.

Is there a lottery in the game? Yes, in the form of chests.

What’s in Equipment Chests? These chests contain equipment for the player, usually of a higher level. They open for diamonds.

What’s in the prize chests? Prize chests contain items up to 3 ranks. They open for award tickets.

How to get reward tickets? Reward tickets can be obtained for a task to which you involve an ally. If successful, both you and the other player will receive award tickets. Conversely, if someone uses your character to complete a quest, you will also receive reward tickets.

How to send gifts? When you use the character of another player when completing the task, Reward tickets will be sent to him automatically.

What gifts can I send? Gifts may contain a different number of award tickets.

How to get items and equipment in the game? You will earn new equipment for completing quests in Single player mode by participating in Daily Trials and Search Trials, unlocking diamond chests and Reward tickets.

How to put on an item? You can put on any of the equipment items by opening the Equipment section and then going to the "Put on" section. There you can see what equipment is on now and what is available in the inventory.

What is an equipment kit? When deciding what equipment to wear, you can keep what you are wearing, like an Equipment Kit. This will allow you to manually change equipment sets without spending time searching for each individual item.

What do weapon / armor / item levels mean? Each item of equipment in DH5 has its own level. The higher the level of the subject, the higher its performance. Using Synthesis, you can increase the level of an object, thereby increasing its performance and making it stronger.

What is the maximum gear level possible? The maximum level of an item is indicated on its card.

What are elements? Objects and skills by their properties are subject to five different elements: Fire, Water, Nature, Darkness and Light.

What is the difference between the elements? In addition to the external differences, the elements also give bonuses and penalties to objects, depending on how they are used. Each element can be stronger against one element and weaker against the other. If you attack a monster whose armor has the strength of an element that is weaker than yours, you will cause him additional damage. Conversely, if the monster element is stronger than yours, you will receive additional damage. Fire is stronger than Nature, Nature is stronger than Darkness, Darkness is stronger than Light, Light is stronger than Water, and Water is stronger than Fire.

What is Synthesis? The Synthesis System helps to increase the level of an object (and its indicators), synthesizing the power of other objects into it. The items you use for Synthesis will be destroyed, but the improved item will gain experience, new levels and become stronger.

Where can objects be synthesized? From the player’s base, open the Equipment section, and then the Synthesis section.

How to use Synthesis? When you open the Synthesis section, you will be asked to select an item. This item will be basic for improvement. Selecting it, you will go to the Synthesis screen, where you need to select up to four items for synthesis from your inventory. Once you select them, you can synthesize into a basic subject. Synthesis will cost gold. Once it is over, your base item will become stronger and the rest will be destroyed.

How much does Synthesis cost? The cost of Synthesis depends on the level of the synthesized item and the number of items involved in the Synthesis. The higher the level of the base item and the more items you choose for Synthesis, the higher its value.

Why are some items not displayed on the synthesis screen? Items that cannot be improved will not be displayed. In addition, objects that are now on the character, too, can not take part in the synthesis.

What items are not suitable for synthesis? All items can be used as material for synthesis.

Why can I no longer improve my weapons? Perhaps it has already been improved to the maximum level, or you do not have items for synthesis.

What is evolution? When your item reaches its maximum through Synthesis, you can increase its performance through evolution. In this case, the item will acquire magical properties.

How to make the evolution of the subject? Before making the evolution of an item, make sure that it has already reached its maximum level. Then open the Evolution tab in the Equipment section. There will be all the objects with which evolution can be made.

Why can not you make the evolution of each item? Not all objects are capable of evolving. An empty star will appear on the item’s card over which evolution can be made.

What needs to be done to make the evolution of objects? You need to possess the necessary materials (up to 4), as well as gold.

Where to get the ingredients for the evolution of equipment? Ingredients can be obtained by completing daily dungeons.

What is a stronghold? A stronghold is your base. Other players can attack her for gold, quartz and trophies, and you, in turn, can attack their Strongholds.

How can I generate gold and quartz using the Stronghold? The gold that your Stronghold generates is directly related to your position in the league. The higher the league level, the more gold your Stronghold will generate. If you send a minion to the Stronghold, it will give even more gold and / or Monster Tags.

What can I lose when attacking other players? You will lose trophies that affect your league rank.

How to attack another player? You can choose an opponent from the list of suggested players.

What will I get for attacking the Stronghold? Trophies, quartz, boosters and gold.

What will I lose in an unsuccessful attack on the Stronghold? You will lose Spirit Points.

Where to find new monsters and traps for your stronghold? They can be obtained from Prize Chests, Minion Chests, or per game in Single Player mode.

What is a daily camping trip? This is a dungeon that is only available on a specific day of the week.

How to win prizes in the Daily Campaigns? There are no special prizes for completing these dungeons, but you can pick up everything you find for yourself.

And what can be found in the Daily Hikes? Most often these are materials for evolution.

Why do I find the same items in gear and prize chests? As you already know, the use of equipment or prize chests does not give any guarantees for a particular item. Everything happens as in a lottery, and your winnings depend only on the type of chest that you open. Sometimes you will come across several identical objects in a row. But you should not be upset, they will still bring you 1 point of supersynthesis, which will improve the subject.

Why is Dungeon Hunter 5 a limited energy game? The Dungeon Hunter 5 game system is designed for the convenience of users. Thanks to the energy limiting system, gaming sessions are getting shorter, but more interesting, which meets the requirements for mobile games and ensures optimal gameplay on a mobile device.The content has not decreased, you just will enjoy it longer! This system also brings the element of competition into the game. This will awaken the competitive spirit in the players, tasks will become more interesting for them, and the choice of strategy will be more thorough. Now the gaming experience has become more realistic. If players were allowed to fail tasks hundreds of times, it would only cause disappointment and anger, and they would not receive positive emotions from the game. When energy is limited, after a series of failures you will be blocked, but this will allow you to relax, think about tactics and equipment, and return to the game with new forces to go to the next level.

What is the maximum rank of libel? A slander not from the Stronghold Chest or the Sinkashi Chest can have a maximum of 3 ranks. A libel that you got from the Stronghold Chest or the Sinkashi Chest can have a maximum of 5 ranks.

Where can I find Sinkashi libels? In the Chest of the Stronghold.

What is a room? The rooms assigned to your Stronghold are able to change the appearance of the stronghold, strengthen protection and give librets additional bonuses. The first type of room to appear in the game is Trap Halls.

How to make synthesis / evolution of a room? Room management is done in the same way as the management of libels.

Can traps be destroyed? No, traps in rooms cannot be destroyed. They will fail after the death of all libels.

Are rooms capable of generating resources? At the moment, rooms do not generate resources, but some of them can increase the resources generated by libels.

What tickets can I get for this Promotion and where can I use them? For these tickets, you can open a new Sinkashi Chest.

I managed to get tickets for the first successful raid on Lady Tsimeko’s Stronghold. Can I get more tickets? After the first promotion (regardless of difficulty level), you can get even more Sinkashi Tickets, but they will be dropped a little less often.

How can I get calendar rewards? You need to play every day for a month.

Several awards awaited me on the calendar. Why? You need to connect to the network to receive the Daily Reward. If you were unable to pick her up immediately, she will wait until you pick her up.

Several awards awaited me yesterday, but today they have disappeared. Why? By the end of the month, the calendar is being updated, so try to collect all your rewards by the end of the month, otherwise they will disappear.

During the execution of one or more tasks, their timers unexpectedly reset to zero. Why? You need to complete all your tasks before midnight, since at midnight all timers are reset.

What is included in tasks like "Synthesize objects: 12"? Synthesized objects, synthesized objects, as well as slander and amplification are involved here.

Should my raid be successful so that a mission such as "Raid: 1" is counted? No, victory is optional.

If I have a maximum of 24 units. energy, how can I complete the task "Spend energy: 40"? Over time, your energy will recover. If, for example, you play twice with a three-hour break between games, you will have enough energy to complete the task.

I can’t manage to collect 30 Reward tickets that are required to complete the quest "Unlock Prize Chests: 3". What to do in this case? Add new friends! Use them as allies (you will receive twice as many tickets for allied friends). If this does not work, try to find more active friends.

I managed to complete all the tasks. What’s next? Come into the game tomorrow! All tasks will be updated, and you will receive new rewards for their completion.

How to change the character’s equipment while protecting the Stronghold? To do this, use the keeper icon.

How to change the name and gender of a character? To do this, use the appropriate settings in the Store.You will have to spend a few diamonds.

How to get more elixirs of health? You can buy a set of 5 elixirs in the store, win a Sinkashi promotion on Fridays, or get for the first execution of tasks of the second difficulty level in each campaign.

What other types of blitz actions are there besides exclusive dungeons? Some changes have been made that will affect the game:

What are the ingredients? Ingredients - A new type of item designed for making amulets.

What are the ingredients for? The ingredients themselves are not beneficial, but amulets can be made from them. The ingredients themselves cannot be synthesized or developed, but can be sold.

Where can I get the ingredients? Ingredients can be obtained by completing story quests or in the Elemental Test. Different ingredients drop out in Tasks and Tests, so you will have to go through both of them to make the amulet.

How many types of ingredients are there? 8 for each element; total 40.

What ingredients can be obtained in the Elemental Test? Mushrooms, herbs, powders, elixirs and minerals.

What ingredients can I get in story missions? Eggs, feathers, perfumes.

What are amulets? Amulets are a new type of equipment for a new cell on a character.

Why are some amulets cells closed? Initially, some amulets are closed. They open as a set of levels.

How to increase the level of the amulet? No way. Amulets have no levels, and they cannot be changed in any way.

And can you create something other than amulets? In the future, yes; for now - only amulets.

How to create an amulet? Materials are used to create amulets. Please note that you must have enough items to create an amulet. For the manufacture of high-level amulets, you will also need amulets from the previous level.

Why should I do this? This is the only way to get amulets, which are a new type of equipment, and also give additional magical abilities.

How to get new recipes? Having made an amulet, you will automatically open new recipes of a higher level for the same element.

Why do I have so many level 4 recipes open? Having made an amulet of level 3, you will open recipes for the same element of level 4. There are 5 different recipes of 4 levels for each element, which allows each player to choose the most suitable.

How does a guild tournament work? It’s simple: you must be a member of the Guild. Then you must at least once a season make a raid on the stronghold of another player. After that, your Guild will be included in the rating, in which you can raise it with your further actions.

When are guild tournaments held? As soon as one season ends, another begins immediately.

Who gets the Guild Tournament reward? Your Guild must be in the Top 3. After that, the most distinguished Guild players will receive rewards.

At the time the tournament ended, my Guild was in one of the 3 first places. Why didn’t I get a reward? In the first three Guilds, only the most effective players receive a reward.

I got a reward for the Guild tournament, however, the number of diamonds did not match what is indicated on the medals in the list of leaders among the Guilds. The medal displays the total number of diamonds earned by the Guild. This award is shared among the most distinguished members of the Guild.

How does the overall Trophy score of a tournament work? The Trophy Score of a tournament is the sum of the personal account of each active member of the Guild.

What is a Stronghold Amplifier? Stronghold Amplifier is used to increase the level of slaves and stronghold rooms.

How to get a Stronghold Amplifier? Such an item is awarded as a reward for a successful raid on an enemy Stronghold.

How to win Synthesis Amplifier? Such an item is awarded as a reward for the successful defense of its Stronghold.

Do my Stronghold Defense rewards vary depending on my position in the League? Yes. With the increase of the League you will receive more and more powerful Amplifiers.

Why is a certain amount of OP required to reach the next level? This option appeared in Update 2 to improve balance.

The content of the stronghold does not increase. 436 points are displayed, although I have already managed to complete 100 levels. So provided for by the game? For the Content of the Stronghold there is a limit of 436 points, which did not increase with the release of updates.

What is Haste? Selecting "Haste" instead of the usual passage of the task, you will immediately go to the results screen, automatically completing the task (i.e. you will not have to go through it).

What are the conditions for using Hurry? You must successfully complete the same task AFTER the release of Update 4, in which the Haste function was introduced - on the same difficulty or higher, without the use of potions and animation. You will have to complete the task this way only once: after that you can use the Hurry any number of times, instantly completing the same mission on the same difficulty level.

What are the conditions for Haste in the case of a test in the search? The same as for the Tasks, only in relation to a specific test In the Search at the same level of difficulty.

What is spent when completing tasks / tests in a hurry? Having opened the Haste opportunity for a specific task or test, you will need to pay 1 Haste ticket and the standard amount of energy for this task.

How to get Hurry tickets? Each time you open the Haste for a task, you get a Haste ticket. They can also be purchased at the store. With each new VIP level you will receive a set of Hurry tickets. Players with a high level VIP can receive a set of Hurry tickets DAILY.

Will I get all the same rewards for the Haste that I usually get for the assignment? You will get exactly what you would get during the usual passage of the task.

What is VIP? This is a system designed to support players who have made in-game purchases with certain gaming advantages and exclusive features. In the future, VIP players will be able to get even more surprises and opportunities.

What is a rank? There are 10 VIP ranks. They can be increased by gaining VIP points. With a higher rank you will get more benefits and opportunities.

How to get VIP points? The main way to get VIP points is to make in-game purchases. Each set of diamonds adds a certain amount of points. VIP points are also available at the daily reward.

Is it possible to lose VIP points? Not.

Can I lose my VIP rank? Not. He will NEVER go down.

Can I spend VIP points on anything? Not. You only recruit them, and their total amount will NEVER decrease.

What are the VIP benefits? VIP players receive benefits depending on their VIP rank. To view a complete list of benefits, click the shopping menu and select the Benefits icon in the upper right corner.

What is the Guild Golden Contribution advantage? Each time you invest gold in the Guild, you will make a contribution greater than what you actually spent. A 20% bonus means that having invested 1000 gold, you will spend exactly 1000 gold from the wallet, but your contribution will be considered equal to 1000 + 20% = 1200 gold.

What are the benefits of the "Open Elemental Test Marks"? When you reset the Elemental Test, instead of starting at mark 1, you will immediately get several open marks to choose from.

Why does the Moss Dragon inflict damage on allied libels in the Stronghold? This is a game design decision, however this issue may be revised in future updates.

When synthesizing objects, I do not see boosters received in the attack on the Stronghold. Why?In Update 3, Stronghold boosters are introduced. They can only be used to enhance libel. You can use boosters obtained from the daily Boosters’ Dungeons / Challenges in the Search Box to upgrade items by synthesis, as well as rewards from the Guild or won when you successfully defend your Stronghold from another player.

What happened to the Infinite Dungeon? The endless dungeon has been changed and is now called the Elemental Test.

What happened to the Endless Dungeon ratings? Ratings in the game removed. Now you can see the best players in the action, but prizes for the first places are not assigned. The best player will receive only glory.

What else has changed? The elemental test lasts two weeks, the reward can be obtained at key points. Players who advance further can receive diamonds and amulets.

What is Auto mode? During the daily quest or in the Elemental Test, press the AUTO icon located at the bottom of the screen so that your character himself fights with monsters and completes the task.

What should I do while Auto mode is on? You can turn this mode on and off whenever you want. You can change weapons or drink the elixir of health without turning off Auto mode. Your character himself will move, attack and use skills.

What is a VIP chest and how to get it? Only players of rank 8 and above can get a VIP chest. With it, you will be more likely to get the best items. In addition, new items enter the VIP chest a week earlier than others.

Why did you remove the shields from the game? They more interfered with the players than helped.Without them, they will attack you more often, and this in turn will bring you more rewards for successfully repelling enemy raids.

Do I need to be a member of the guild to participate in the Joint game? No, but participation in the guild is necessary to complete some tasks.

Why don’t I get rewards for completing quests in the co-op? The rewards in the Joint game do not depend on the fulfillment of individual tasks; to receive them, you must complete the Weekly tasks. You can see the list of tasks for which you can get rewards in the menu of tasks.

What is the difference between the Clever of the week and the promotional slander in the Joint game? In each Weekly Collaboration quest, you can get a shard to summon Clever of the week. Thus, you will receive liberation per week. If you can complete ALL Weekly quests, you will get ONE shard of the Promotional libel. Three such fragments are needed to summon him, so you will have to complete all the tasks within a few weeks.

Can I join the Joint game after it starts? There is currently no such feature.

Is it possible to communicate with group members during the Joint game? Not.

I have left the fragments after the call of Clevrett of the week. What can I spend them on? Now for Weekly missions, you can get more debris than is necessary to create a slander, because players can choose which missions to perform. You can save extra shards. It is possible that in the future you will get even more.

Where can I see the next Clearance of the week and Promotional libels? At the moment, you need to wait for the promotion to be updated (this happens once a week). After this, new Weekly Quests and Clerics will appear.

Where can I see Weekly assignments? They are displayed in the Tasks menu, which can be accessed from the Main menu. You can also view them in the list of tasks in the Co-op menu.

How to complete the mission and not take damage from the Phantom bomb? A bomb is the ability of the last boss on the Ashken Nursery map. If none of your group falls under this bomb, the mission will be completed.

How to complete a mission with fanatics? The second boss on the map Ashken nursery - Obsessed worm.Kill him when he eats enough fanatics, and the task will be completed.

I open a thematic chest (for example, VIP or Adamantine), but I get ordinary items. Themed chests may contain ordinary items. Just increases the chance of getting thematic items. This is normal.

How does berserk damage mode work? Berserker damage is triggered when the coolant drops below 20%.It gives 10% more damage until the coolants recover above this level.

How does the Buyan damage mode work? Damage Buyan gives a bonus to damage depending on the number of enemies near the character.

How does bloody anger work? Bloody anger starts when you kill any enemy. You get a 6/8/10% bonus to damage (depending on the rank of the item) for 8 seconds. There is a chance to update the skill timer when killing another enemy during the course of the Blood Anger.

How is Elixir health damage triggered? Elixir Health Damage is triggered when you drink an elixir. You get a 10% health bonus in 6 seconds. I do not see some messages in Global Chat, although I know for sure that they were sent to me. How to fix this problem? The language in which the message was sent to you may not be configured. To fix the problem, set the language in the settings and restart the application to update the Global chat.

Can I continue to improve the item after reaching level 5? Yes, you can, with the release of 8 updates, you can upgrade Adamant armor and weapons to level 6. These items are available at low levels: With the game update, you can find in the Adamant equipment chest and in the usual one:

Within a few weeks after the release of the update, it can only be found in the Adamant equipment chest:

Can only be found in the "Wanted" test:

Level 6 evolution material can be found in Wednesday’s Dungeon. Material for evolution is stored in the Inventory. The maximum level of an item can be determined using the stars on the item map.

Can I continue to improve libel after reaching level 5? With the release of 8 game updates, you can upgrade Adamantine Slander to level 6. Clerics can be found in Stronghold Chests and Adamant Stronghold Chests at low levels.

  1. Week # 1: Spiritus, The Tormentor, Victim, Impaler.
  2. Week # 2: War Mage, Balot, Overseer, Pathfinder.
  3. Week # 3: Succubus, Torturer, Pathfinder, Sentinel.
  4. Week # 4: Killer, Destroyer, Victim, Impaler.
  5. Week # 5: Mezzogian, Guardian, Healer, Overseer, Prophet.
  6. Week # 6: Dominator, Vapidius, Plaguebringer, Guard.

Will there be any changes with the release of 8 updates on the Player’s Base? Yes. Now the base will focus more on a character that cannot be controlled.

What is the choice of the reviewer? This is such an action in which players will have to select one of the reviewers from the list and, by performing various actions, help him earn points. The armor of the winning reviewer will appear in the game.

What is a guild war? Guild War is a three-day action in which Guilds will fight each other for the best place in the rankings. The guild war consists of separate matches called "Battles". The battle between the two guilds lasts 1 hour. Guilds are automatically selected. To take part in the action, the Leader or Guild Officer must "Declare War" before each Battle. The guild will be queued. The battle will begin as soon as a suitable opponent is found.After the guild declares war, it will not be able to recruit new players or exclude old ones until the end of the guild war. Any changes that guild members make to defend the Stronghold will not be taken into account in the Guild War.

Why are changes made to the Stronghold or Gatekeeper not displayed in the Guild War? At the end of the Guild War, all players who participated in the action will receive rewards depending on the rating of their guild. The best armor and weapons are considered the highest rewards for participating in the Guild War.

What is a battle? The battle lasts 1 hour and is a match between two guilds. Guilds are automatically selected.To take part in the battle, the Leader or Guild Officer must "Declare War" before the start of the Battle. The guild will be queued. The battle will begin as soon as a suitable opponent is found. Players can attack the enemy Stronghold. A successful attack will bring Victory Points to the players of the attacking guild. At the end of the Battle, the guild that receives the most Victory Points during the Battle will receive bonus Victory Points. In addition, players can raid the arsenal and get ammunition. When the guild has accumulated enough Ammunition, it will receive Battle Rage for a limited period of time. At the end of the Battle, the guild that receives the most points for the Battle will receive a bonus as a percentage of the points earned.

What is battle rage? Battle Rage is a special short-term bonus that gives the guilds additional Victory Points for all successful attacks. Battle rage is turned on automatically when the guild receives enough Ammunition for raiding an enemy arsenal. The Guild can collect more Battle Supplies and increase the duration of the Battle Rage mode.

What are combat missions? Combat missions are updated at the beginning of each battle. These are such special tasks that bring a huge number of Victory Points. Combat missions are in the opponent’s selection menu during the Battle. The entire guild is involved to perform combat missions.

Is energy spent on guild wars? Yes, but not in the usual sense. Therefore, players can participate in Guild Wars without interruption from other activities. Guild Wars consume Morale, a new type of energy for PvP mode available in the Store.

Why can’t I recruit new players into my guild or exclude old ones? Once a war is declared, the guild cannot recruit new players or exclude old ones until the end of the guild war.

My guild won awards in the Guild War, but I got nothing. Why? To win a reward, you must complete at least one successful attack. Inactive players do not receive rewards. In addition, during the next Guild War, you need to be logged in to claim a reward.

Why is there only 28 days in the Daily Rewards calendar? In update 1.9.0, the Daily Rewards calendar ends at day 28. Bear in mind that this change was intentional. At the beginning of next month, you will again be able to receive daily bonuses.

How does the Ruby Temple work? This is the Trap Hall. Having installed it in the Stronghold, in the center of the room you will have a fiery installation that will fire and harm enemies attacking the Stronghold.

Why can other players declare war without the consent of their leader or officers? Please note that with the release of 10 updates, the leader does not have such a significant influence on the guild as it was before.

Why are some weapons better than others? Some weapons can only be obtained as rewards for participating in the Guild War. Although, with the release of the next update, everything will change. It can be obtained only in the tests Wanted.

What is the maximum Stronghold Content? Max. level - 436, achieved at player level 100. But update 12 no longer has this feature.

Why can’t I complete tasks after 51 on the world map? Use the Dream Portal to access additional quests.

What is berserker damage and how does it work? How to repel an enemy attack? If your coolant level is less than 15%, the damage you cause is equal to your total berserker damage bonus. The visual effect appears only when they attack you, or you attack with coolant less than 15%. Some weapons redirect recoil to the enemy. The higher your level compared to the level of the enemy, the higher the chances of recoil (if it is not a slander that is immune to such).

Why are Thunder Buyans stronger in the Ruby Temple? Firstly, trapped halls reinforce the libels of this type. Secondly, sometimes all libels receive passive bonuses (for example, a health bonus).

What are Stronghold Stones? Stronghold Stones are the main currency of the Stronghold. For it, players can buy and improve the Trap Halls. They can also improve their libels and increase their level, as well as buy tickets for stronghold chests!

Where can I get Stronghold Stones? You can receive them as a reward for raids on other Strongholds, and, sometimes, in special sets.

Will I get more Stronghold Stones for league success? Yes.

Where can I spend Stronghold Stones? You can spend Stronghold Stones in the Workshop.

What is a workshop? The workshop is located in your Stronghold. There you can buy and improve trap halls and libels.

Where is my Guardian? Guardians from the Strongholds removed to accelerate raids.

What happened to my old trap rooms and super-synthesis glasses? All points of super synthesis of trap rooms and weak / extra traps were converted to Stones of the Stronghold. Trap rooms of higher levels have been updated to the corresponding new version.

What is a study? Research allows you to see the Stronghold and the enemy’s libels.

Where can I find out who can be raided by revenge? In Stronghold, in raid reports, you can see available raids from revenge.

What is a Guild Store? Starting with the 14th update, you will have the opportunity to choose the rewards that you will receive in the Guild Wars. Participating in Guild Wars will bring you Guild Seals, which can be spent in the Guild Store for items that you choose.

Why can’t I enter the Guild Store? You must be a member of the Guild to access the Guild Store. Guilds open at player level 8.

What are Guild Seals? This is the currency you receive during Guild Raids. You can spend it in the Guild Store on energy, materials for evolution, synthesis bonuses, etc.

How can I get Guild Seals? Participate in Guild Wars by completing successful Guild Raids.

Can I lose the Guild Seals? Not. They can only be spent in the Store.

I bought a chest from the Guild Store, but received nothing. Why? You bought a "key" from the chest.Go to the Chests menu and find the chest that displays the "free" label on its icon. Click on it to open the chest that you just bought in the Guild Store.

Some materials for evolution have disappeared from my inventory. Why? Because they were transformed into new materials for evolution, much more convenient to use than the old ones.

Why was this conversion done? Many old test items Wanted required specific materials for evolution. Now these materials are no longer available. It was decided to replace them with a more convenient option.

What about weapons and armor that required materials removed from the game to improve?Their recipes have been modified and now use new types of materials for evolution. These evolutionary materials are also available in the new Guild Store.

What is bloody anger and how to activate it? Bloody anger starts when you kill any enemy. You get a 6/8/10% bonus to damage (depending on the rank of the item) for 8 seconds. Validity increases with increasing levels and can be extended with additional killings.

What does the image of a red block on a weapon mean that I cannot use? This means that there is not enough power for this item.

Our guild leader is not active. Can i replace it? If the leader of your guild is no longer playing, you can create your own guild and become its leader automatically. You can become a leader of the old guild only if its leader gives you this position. But for this he must be an active player.

Why was the transfer of supersynthesis points not carried out while increasing the level of Mastery of objects? Prior to completing the synthesis, to increase the number of points of super synthesis, you need to increase the level of equipment skill. Items used to increase the Mastery level are not used to transfer supersynthesis points, therefore, it is better to use equipment with the least amount of supersynthesis points.Improving Mastery will only increase max. the number of supersynthesis points of the subject, but their transfer is carried out only during synthesis.

What are Arena Equipment kits? Arena equipment - additional equipment that your hunter can use after you open Arena mode. These kits can only be used in Arena mode.

Where can I find Arena Equipment kits? Arena Equipment Sets can be found in the Arena Equipment Settings menu or in the main equipment settings menu, which can be found on the player’s base.

When can I use Arena Equipment kits? These kits can only be used in Arena mode. In this mode, they will replace conventional equipment kits. They cannot be used in other modes.

Will there be special equipment kits in other modes? At the moment, special equipment sets are available only in Arena mode.

What is the Replace function for? The Replace icon is used if you find a new item of the same element that you have, but with higher rates. By clicking this icon, you will replace the current item in this element with a new one.

What if I find more than one item with higher characteristics? If you find several items with high characteristics, after clicking the Replace icon, you can choose which item to use. You can take one new item, all, or reject all at once.

Can I disable the Replace icon? Yes, it can be disabled in Settings.

How to see character settings? Go to the Inventory section and click on the Info icon and Layout to see its parameters.

How does the lottery work? By purchasing diamonds and Reward tickets, you can open various chests in which random objects are hidden.

What types of chests are there in the game? There are several types of chests in the game: Equipment chest, Skill chest, Reward chest, Stronghold chest, VIP chest and other thematic chests.

How to create an equipment kit? When you go to the Info and Layout section, the available Equipment Sets will appear to the left of the character in the form of five consecutive points. By scrolling through these points, you will be able to modify and update various Equipment Kits.

What is this menu with details about the subject? Each item in the game has a menu in which all its indicators are shown.

How to go to the menu with details about the subject? To do this, press and hold on the item in the Inventory.

How to get to the stronghold? Go to the Stronghold section from the player’s base. There you can change your Stronghold and collect the generated gold.

How to send a slander to the Stronghold? Go to the Stronghold section from the main menu. There you will see a map of your Stronghold, as well as other places where you can send slander. The latter can be selected in the Inventory.

What is the maximum level in the game? There are currently 140 levels in the game.

Where are the rooms located? In the Workshop of the Stronghold.

What is the use of amulets? They provide small magic bonuses. They resemble bonuses from other equipment - weapons and armor, but they have different meanings.

How to use amulets? Amulets are worn on a regular equipment screen. Click on the new amulets box to open a list of your amulets and select the one you need.

How to increase VIP rank? You need to earn VIP points. By collecting a certain amount, you will automatically increase your VIP rank.

What is a Blitz Tickets Per Day VIP Advantage? The VIP player will receive a daily set of Hurry tickets, provided that he does not forget to collect them daily in the Assignments menu.

Where can I use Auto mode? Auto mode is only available for Daily Dungeons, Arena, Stronghold, stocks, Guild Wars and Elemental Tests.

Can I join the co-op after leaving it? Not.

What happens if there is no companion for Quick Game in the Collaboration menu for me? This usually happens during periods of low player activity. Please try again later or use the automatic connection to the lobby function (appears as a message if a match is not found).

What does the minimum ATK / ZASCH mean in the Joint game? This is the minimum rating of weapons and armor that your character must have in order to join the group. If you are the leader of the Group, you can set any value to filter out unwanted players. To meet the requirements, the values ??of ATK and Zashch must be above the minimum. For each card, the minimum value of these indicators is proposed, according to which the group leader can set his own.

Who can take part in guild wars? Any player whose guild has more than 10 members.

How do guild members take part in the guild war? You can take part in the Guild War by clicking on the icon of the same name on the player’s main base. The badge will be available after weekly activation of the promotion. Before entering a battle, the Leader or Guild Officer must declare war.

If I do not want to raid this opponent, can I choose another? Yes, you can choose another rival for quartz.

Can I raid opponents who attacked my Stronghold? Yes, you can freely raid the last 3 opponents.

Why are some items in the Guild Store blocked? Your Store level is insufficient.

How to increase the level of the Guild Store? The level of the Store is determined by the rating of your Guild in the last Guild War.

Why are some items that were previously available blocked in the Guild Store? The level of the Store determines which items are locked and which are available, while the level of the Store may change. Your Guild must have a high enough rating to increase the level of the Store and unlock more items in the Guild Store.

Why are some items labeled "Out of stock" in the Guild Store? Each item has its own stock limit (determined by the level of the Store). After you have bought the entire stock of goods, you will have to wait for the replenishment of the stock (every 24 hours).

What equipment can take damage in the Arena? All equipment used can take damage, except for amulets: armor, weapons (both) and skill items. Amulets are immune to any damage.

How to repair equipment damaged in the Arena? All equipment is fully restored at the beginning of a new day. In addition, it can be repaired using the Repair All icon in the Arena equipment selection menu.

How is the damage of equipment reflected in the gameplay in the Arena? The Attack and Armor properties of damaged equipment change in accordance with the percentage of damage received. Attack and Armor are the only properties affected by damage. The remaining magical properties remain unchanged.

How to use the daily arena chest? The daily chest contains rewards that can be received every day. To get it, you need to defeat several opponents in Arena mode.

My victories in the Arena will not be reset the next day? Your victories will accumulate until you can pick up the daily chest. Do not worry, if you manage to accumulate enough per day, your progress will not be lost!

How to earn seasonal rewards in the Arena? You will receive seasonal rewards at the end of the season.The size of the reward will depend on your league and position in the ratings at the end of the season.

Why can’t I complete the item Mastery even though I have two identical items? Make sure that the items for which you are going to complete the Mastery are not worn on the character and are not blocked. If an item is worn, remove it from the kit. If an item is locked, open the item information screen and click on the red lock icon to unlock it.

Why can’t I take revenge on a player who constantly raids me? The revenge function in the game works as follows:

I still have many West Travel Chests, but they are not currently available in the game. Can I open them? Unfortunately, Chests of Travel to the West are not available, because now the game is devoted to a new Medieval theme. For this reason, you will have to wait for the return of these old Chests, but, unfortunately, it is now impossible to say exactly when this will happen.

Why can’t I find weaker / stronger opponents in Arena mode? When selecting opponents, several factors are taken into account so that your forces are approximately equal. Select one of the opponents from the list to earn more points, or refresh the list to display other opponents.

How to improve the Gribble Hall to rank 7? You must have a Level 6 Trap Hall, then you need to collect Stronghold Stones to improve it.

Which trap rooms can be upgraded to rank 7? All the halls! The number of Stronghold Stones needed for improvement will depend on the value of the hall.

Will Rank 7 Trap Halls Affect Guild Wars? Yes, Guild Wars and Strongholds will display Trap Halls of a new rank.

How to take part in the siege of the guild? The promotion is available to all players in the guild! Reach level 15, join the guild, and a stock icon will appear on the screen with the base, in which you can participate.

How long does the action last? Each Siege of the Guild consists of 3 stages:

  1. Preparation - players are preparing for the upcoming siege, strengthening the defense of their castle.
  2. Selection - during this stage, the application selects opponents based on certain criteria.
  3. Battle - all players fight and get points for their guild, trying to get the championship and show the superiority of their guild.

Do changes in the defensive strength of the castle persist after the end of the action? No, Trap halls and slander donations are reset during the preparation phase for the next Guild Siege.

I missed training on the Siege of the Guild campaign and now I’m not sure what to do ... You can go to the Siege of the Guild menu at any time and click on the Help section (question mark in the upper left corner of the screen) . In this section you will find all the necessary information about the action.

How to improve the Gribble Hall to rank 7? You must have a Level 6 Trap Hall, then you need to collect Stronghold Stones to improve it.

Which trap rooms can be upgraded to rank 7? All the halls! The number of Stronghold Stones needed for improvement will depend on the value of the hall.

Will Rank 7 Trap Halls Affect Guild Wars? Yes, Guild Wars and Strongholds will display Trap Halls of a new rank.

How to develop an amulet? No way.Amulets do not change and remain as they are. However, in the Craft section, you can create a better amulet.

How to view my amulets? Amulets are stored in the inventory of the Craft section along with the ingredients. By holding your finger on them, you can view their properties (like any other item).

How to get new amulets? You can create them in the Recipes section of the Craft menu.

What is a craft? This is a new system in DH5 that allows you to create new items such as amulets.

How to make an item? Open Inventory, then Craft. Here you will see a list of available recipes for making amulets. The ingredients are stored on the second tab of this menu.

What is the panel on the left of the Crafts screen? On the Crafts screen, you will see a list of items needed to make amulets. Moreover, among them you will see a lower level amulet. If you need a few more copies of the lower level amulet to make, you can click on it and instantly proceed to its creation. The high-level amulet that you are working on will be placed in the panel on the left. By clicking on its icon, you will return to its creation.

How to transfer your game progress to another device with a different operating system? Unfortunately, game progress cannot be transferred to another platform.

Can I change the name of a profile or character? Not.

How to reset my account? Please note that the only way to start the game from the very beginning is to create a new account on another device. Make sure that you linked the game to a different social network account, and not to the one with which you played before.

Does Dungeon Hunter 5 have voice chat? No, but maybe this feature will be added in the future.

I do not see / can not buy anything in the store. What to do in this case? Restart your device and check your Internet connection.

Can I play online only through Wi-Fi? Not necessarily, a 3G connection is also suitable. But Wi-Fi is preferable.

What should I do if the game crashes, freezes or is running late? The application crashes, freezes or works late for the following reasons: too many applications are open on the device at the same time; insufficient space in the device’s memory; poor internet connection. To avoid these problems, please close all unnecessary applications, clear some memory on your device and check your Internet connection.

Can I play without an internet connection? No, an Internet connection is required to avoid any problems, and also not to backup your game progress.

What happens if I don’t have enough gold to synthesize? If you do not have enough gold, you can pay for Synthesis with diamonds. In this case, you will be asked to choose whether you want to cover the cost of synthesis with diamonds.

Why can’t I use the free diamonds button? Please note that videos for viewing which you can get diamonds are not always available.

What are diamonds? Diamonds are the main currency in Dungeon Hunter 5. They can be used to increase inventory capacity, purchase Shields to protect the Stronghold, and also to cover the lack of gold.

Is Dungeon Hunter 5 a paid game? Dungeon Hunter 5 is a free download and game. To make the game more interesting, the player can purchase additional items and opportunities directly in the game for money. For example, an experienced player will be able to complete tasks faster, and a beginner will be able to speed up their result in the game with in-game purchases. That is, you are not required to spend money and can play for free.

I took advantage of the special offer and now I can’t get into this section. Why? Each special offer (one or more sets) is unique and is valid until the following appears.

Where to get daily diamond delivery? You can get them in the Tasks menu, Daily tab.

How to add a friend? You can add friends to your list by sending them a friend request or by accepting a friend request sent to you by other players. Please note that the game does not support cross-platform, so before adding a friend, make sure that you play on the same platforms.

How to accept a friend request? Friend requests can be viewed and accepted in the "Requests" tab in the Friends section.

Can I invite my friends from Game Center / Google +? Yes, you can send invitations to your friends from Game Center / Google + and Facebook in the "Add Friend" tab in the Friends section.

How to send a request to friends? Having completed the task together with an ally who does not belong to a player from your friends list, you can send him a request as a friend. In addition, you can send a request to friends using the code in the Friends section.

Do I need to connect to the Internet to be able to add friends? Yes, you need an Internet connection in order to receive and send requests.

I want to attack the Stronghold of a certain player. How to find him? A specific opponent can be found in the selection section of opponents.

How to create a guild? Click the corresponding icon in the Messaging menu. You cannot create a guild if you are already a member.

How to invite a friend to the guild? If you are a guild leader, find friends in the Allies tab of the Communication menu. Click on a friend’s nickname and select "Invite to Guild." If you are not a guild leader, your friend should find the name of your guild in the "Join Guild" tab of the Communication menu. He can apply for membership in the guild by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Where can I find an invitation to join a guild from a friend? Go to the Communication menu, then "Join Guild". In the Invitations tab, you will see invitations from guild leaders.

Where can I find requests to join my guild? If you are a guild leader, go to the Communication menu, then My Guild, the Members tab.

How to leave a guild? Go to the Communication menu, then My Guild, select "Leave Guild".

Will my installment rewards continue when I upgrade to a new guild? Yes, if you leave the guild, your rewards for contributions will continue. But the weekly and lifetime contributions in the Participants and Guild Bank tabs will be reset.

Will I lose the guild bonuses if I leave it or they expel me? Yes. But joining another guild, you will receive its bonuses.

Can I disable requests to join my guild? Not. But if you are a guild leader, you can set high requirements for the participants, and then only advanced players will be able to submit applications.

How to exclude someone from my guild? On the Members tab of the My Guild menu, select a player. Select "Exile from Guild" in the message that appears.

How to donate gold to your guild? Click the Make a Contribute icon in the Bank Guild tab of the My Guild menu, which can be found in the Communication menu.

How to communicate with members of my guild? Select the Guild tab in the game chat.

How to change the guild’s settings, its coat of arms or description? If you are a guild leader, select "Edit Guild" on the My Guild tab of the Communication menu.

How to improve guild bonuses? If you are the leader of the guild, and its members have made enough contributions to the guild bank, you can buy an improvement in the Bonuses tab of the My Guild menu.

Why am I supposedly on the list of members of the Guild in the reserve? You are transferred to the reserve each time after the end of the tournament, as well as leaving the Guild. In order to go to the main team, you need to make a raid on another player.

What happens to my account when I leave the Guild and enter another? When you leave the Guild, your account is deducted from its account (if you were active at that time). In order to transfer your account to the new Guild, you need to make a raid, being in its composition.

Why can’t I invite a friend using a friendship code? What does the message "Invalid code" mean? You can invite only those friends who play on the same platform with you and through the same server. Users are distributed on different servers depending on their location.

How to invite a friend to the co-op? There is currently no such function. But if you gather a group of players, all your allies will see it in the Join group menu.

How to invite a guild friend to the co-op? There is currently no such function. But if you gather a group of players, all your allies will see it in the Join group menu.

How to play in arena mode? Use the arena icon. It is in the list of game modes at the bottom of the screen. Then click Battle to select an opponent.

What are Arena Points? For winning the battle in the Arena, you get Arena points. Having earned more points, you will move to a higher league and will be able to fight with stronger opponents. Earn as many points as possible in the Arena Season to get into the highest league and get the best rewards!

Can I lose Arena points? No during the season. At the end of the season, your points are reset and you begin the next season in the minor league.

What is an arena league? Arena League is determined by the number of Arena points earned by the player. When you reach a certain number of points, you move to the next league. The higher the league, the better the rewards you will receive at the end of the Arena Season and in daily chests, however you will have to fight against stronger opponents!

Where to get the friendship code? Friendship code can only be obtained from other players. Ask your friends to give you their codes, or ask in the chat.

What is an arena? This is a network mode in which players can battle against other players. Now you can prove that you are the strongest hunter in Valentine!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.