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Walkthrough Dungeon Hunter Champions: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DUNGEON HUNTER CHAMPIONS - Android game with release date 05/02/2018 from the company Gameloft.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What is a Dungeon Hunter Champions game?This is a RPG game from the Dungeon Hunter series, which takes place in the same universe. DHC will break all boundaries and give you incredible opportunities by combining PvE campaigns and 5 by 5 battles in the network arena. In this game you are waiting for more than 275 champions with unique fighting styles and amazing skills. You can also choose whether to be the leader of the team in single player modes or as part of it during PvP battles.

Will Dungeon Hunter Champions be free? The game Dungeon Hunter Champions will be completely free with full access to all game modes.

How to get OP? Complete tasks and get achievements!

What is a skill? This is a special ability that a champion can use.

How to increase champion skill level? To increase the skill level of a champion, synthesize champions from the same family (identical champions with different elements).

What is the difference between the elements? Elements affect the appearance, and also give advantages and disadvantages depending on the method of use (one element may be stronger or weaker than another).

Why isnt Dungeon Hunter Champions called Dungeon Hunter 6? Dungeon Hunter Champions is not a sequel to Dungeon Hunter 5. It is rather a spin-off that takes place in the DH universe. You will find an exciting RPG with single-player PvE campaigns and a real-time network battle mode (5 by 5). Players will immediately pay attention to the more colorful design of the menu, champions and locations, not typical for previous franchise games. Some characters may seem familiar, but they have been completely rethought. In addition, new characters from different eras and worlds will become part of the DH universe. In the game Dungeon Hunter Champions you have to assemble a team of champions and lead it to victory.

Does the game require an internet connection? Yes! You can communicate with friends and allies, fight enemies on the network, view calendars and ratings.

Is Wi-Fi required for the game? A 3G connection will be sufficient, but it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi connection.

How to get diamonds? To do this, complete tasks and get achievements, or buy them in the store.

How to recover energy? Energy is automatically restored over time. In addition, you can purchase it in a store.

How to get Soul Discs? To do this, complete tasks and get achievements, or buy them in the store.

What are combat emblems and how to get them? This is a PvP currency. They can be obtained for defeating an opponent in one of the currently available network modes. Then in the PvP section of the store you can buy Soul and Aries Disks for them.

What is Aries? Aries are used to strengthen champions. When used as a material, Training Aries increases the champions skill level, Training Aries gives more OP as they level up, and Star Aries is used to advance the champion.

Is Dungeon Hunter Champion a Massively Multiplayer Game? 100 percent! You can compete for a place in the rankings with friends in 5-on-5 battles in real time or play in 1 on 1 to 2 wins!