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ELVENAR is an Android game with an release date of November 1, 2017 from InnoGames. Game genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Elvenar download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Buildings
  3. Culture
  4. Merchant
  5. Research
  6. World Map
  7. Neighborhood Assistance
  8. Relics
  9. Creation
  10. Enchantment
  11. Troops
  12. Battle
  13. Unions
  14. Ancient Wonders
  15. Guest Races
  16. Elvenar Tournaments
  17. The Adventures of the Union
  18. Events
  19. Challenges
  20. Spire of Eternity

Elvenar: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Elvenar is a free browser-based game in which you need to build a prosperous city and explore a mysterious magical world. In this bewitching urban development game, you can play as an Elf, merge with nature and add even more magic and plants to your city. Or you can choose the masters of engineering - People and become the founder of an industrialized superpower in a medieval style. Take the reins of government and lead your people into a new era, laying the foundation and building the city exactly as you want!

At Elvenar, you can improve almost every building, making it more beautiful, more useful and more productive. Explore a huge World Map to gain knowledge of wise ancestors and discover new technologies. Haggle or fight for powerful Relics that increase production. You can become a skilled and illustrious merchant, improve production or lead troops to victory in three-dimensional animated battles - you decide.

Race. Immediately after registering and entering the game world, you will be offered a choice of race: People or Elves.

The gameplay for both races is identical, but your choice will affect some key features:

Worlds can be different (game servers), so you can try playing with both races.

City map. Entering the game, you will have a limited area for the arrangement of your city. A city map is an area that is divided into fragments in the form of a grid, where you can place your first buildings. At the very beginning of the game, you will have at your disposal a plot of 15x10 squares.

But, naturally, your goal is to expand your territory. The greatest challenge for you will be the beneficial use of available space in the city. To increase the built-up area, you can open Extensions in the "Research" menu, earn them by solving Conflicts in the Province, or buy Premium extensions. Each expansion of the city gives 25 cells. At the beginning, in your city you will find two buildings: the town hall and the builders hut.

Core resources. The game has two main resources that will help you in the development of the city:

  1. Coins: Generated automatically over time at Residences.
  2. Stocks: In order to produce Stocks, you need to create orders in the Workshops. Each type of order requires not only a different time, but also a different production speed. The faster the order, the correspondingly more profitable will be the production, but quick orders require close attention from the player.
Once the basic resources are ready, you can collect them at any time! You just have to hold the mouse over the building, hold it over all the rest of the buildings for quick collection of resources.

Rating. Rating is the place that you occupy among all the players on the server. Your personal rating is summed up by adding up the employed population and the required Culture. These are good prerequisites for assessing the progress of your city. You also get a significant portion of the rating by resolving Conflicts in Provinces. Each province has a different distance from your city.

You will receive +1 to the rating for each cell of the distance from your city for each conflict passed. For example, completing a conflict at a distance of 5 cells, no matter negotiating or fighting, you will add 5 points to your rating. Rating formula:

For example, the distance between your city and province is 5 cells, then the formula for calculating the rating in the provinces is:

Do not forget to research and collect Relics on the World Map if you want to rank high among the players. You can also click on any player in the list of ratings to visit his city. If you want to know how other players with the same or higher rating build their cities, use this game feature!

First steps

At the beginning of the game, you should remember the following things:

1. The population. You cannot have a city without a population. When you start to develop your city, you must first build several residences. They will give you the necessary population and will produce Coins. Most of the buildings that you will need to build require a population who can work in these buildings, and the construction costs are mainly from the Coins that your residences produce.

We recommend that you build 8 residences at the beginning of the game. They are not expensive and are built almost immediately. Just remember to connect the road from the Town Hall to them.

2. Stocks. You need to make stocks after you build residences. Stocks are a very important resource for the construction of many buildings, and later you will need them for the production of troops and goods (marble, boards, etc.). Stocks can be made in the workshop, so we recommend that you build at least 3 workshops at the beginning of the game after you build the residences. By setting up the production of Coins and Reserves, you will lay the foundation for a sustainable economy.

3. Buildings of culture. You need Buildings of Culture. This will allow you to improve other buildings and create the most efficient production for your residences and workshops. The space in your city is limited, and always will be. Therefore, improving buildings to increase their production is the key to solving the problem of space in the city. To upgrade buildings, you will need Coins and Reserves as well as population and Culture. Therefore, to improve your city, always make sure that you have enough Culture.

If you have more culture than buildings require and improvements for them, your citizens will be happier and will produce Coins and Reserves more efficiently. A great way to improve the production of Coins and Reserves is to keep the level of Culture at a high level. For this, it is necessary to erect cultural buildings, which in turn will produce additional Culture. But don’t overdo it! It makes no sense to have only cultural buildings in your city, but not to have enough Residences or Workshops.

4. Relics. So, your city has become prosperous, it’s time to take a look at a map of the world where you can explore several Provinces and start collecting Relics. Relics will be useful soon. Each time you receive a Relic, you also receive a "Knowledge Point" (OZ). Remember to spend these points regularly in the Research Menu. This will allow you to discover new buildings and other things that will help in the development of your city.

Listen to your advisors! By completing tasks regularly, you will receive rewards that will allow you to improve your city faster.

Game interface

Top Menu. The top panel shows the main functions.

Digital designations:

  1. Builders. Builders erect and improve buildings. To hire more builders, upgrade the Builders Hut.
  2. Population. Shows available population.
  3. The culture. Shows the available level of Culture.
  4. Culture Bonus. If you have a Culture Bonus, then the corresponding production bonuses will be available to you.
  5. Knowledge points. Knowledge Points (OZ) are a special type of currency and are displayed in this panel. There are many ways both to obtain them and to use them.
  6. Product Overview. Number of Products Available.
  7. Browse Guest Race Products. The number of Guest Race Products available, including the current race.
  8. Coins The current number of coins.
  9. Stocks. Current amount of Stocks.
  10. Diamonds The current amount of Diamonds. To buy more Diamonds, click on the green "+" sign.

Player Profile Shows account information.

Digital designations:

  1. Profile picture. Click on a face to edit your profile picture.
  2. Username. Your username.
  3. Ratings Shows your current rating on the server. Click on it to go to the player ratings menu.
  4. Messages Click to view or send messages to other players.
  5. Notifications. Click to view notifications of Neighborhood assistance, as well as the acceptance of your trading offers and events in the Union.
  6. Union. Click to view information about your Union or joining a new one if you are already without a Union.
  7. News window. Click here to see the latest news, events, forum links and more.

Options Various game settings.

Digital designations:

  1. Log off. By clicking, you will exit the game.
  2. Zoom The button allows you to zoom in or out on the camera in the City.
  3. Full Screen. Press to enter full screen mode.
  4. Support. Opens the menu for switching to the Forum or to the Support Service.
  5. Music. Here you can enable or disable music.
  6. Sounds. Here you can enable or disable game sounds.
  7. Additional settings. Here you can disable the "Confirmation of the purchase of diamonds", determine the quality of the graphics of the city and the battle, change the email and password.

Additional settings. Allow you to customize the game.

Digital designations:

  1. Show confirmation of actions with diamonds. Turn this option on to receive a message that you are going to spend Diamonds by clicking on the blue button.
  2. Image quality in the city. It can be set to Low, Medium or High. Low: You can reduce the graphic effects in the city if you encounter freezes. City buildings will be displayed static. Medium: The structures of your city will be animated, the territory of the city contains scenery, and you can also see copies of Ancient Wonders. High: In addition to the above, you will see citizens walking along the streets of the city.
  3. Image quality in battle. It can be set to Low, Medium or High.
  4. Allow auto move. Activate to allow automatic movement of your city to a more advantageous position on the world map.
  5. Inclusion of atmospheric phenomena. Turns blue haze and cloud shadows on and off over your city. May slow down some older computers.
  6. Email and password. Click to confirm email. mail or password change.
  7. Enable HTML5 Client. Allows the game to use HTML5 software to play audio and video on web pages. (Only browsers are supported).
  8. Data usage options. Opens a new page of advanced game parameters and data.

Data usage options. Opens a new page for the processing of your personal data related to the gaming account. Contains:

It also allows you to start deleting your account by following the link to the "Account Removal Tool".

Lower menu.

Digital designations:

  1. Sales mode. Press to enter sales mode. All buildings except the Town Hall, the Builders’ Huts, the Barracks, and the Academy of Magic can be sold with a partial refund of resources.
  2. Move mode. Press to enter the mode of moving buildings. Having chosen any building, you can move it to an empty place. The building will be highlighted in green if installation is possible. A grid on the ground will help you while moving.
  3. Construction menu. Click to open the construction menu. Buildings are sorted by categories, which are located at the top of the menu.
  4. Research menu. Click to go to the research menu, where you can discover new technologies.
  5. World map. Click to go to the world map. Explore and find relics, also do not forget to help your neighbors. After researching the appropriate technology, Tournaments will be available.
  6. Dealer. Click to start trading with neighbors, members of the Union or Wholesaler.
  7. Menu of Great Buildings. In this menu you will find all the information about the Great Buildings. Hovering over the menu, all collected runic fragments will be shown.
  8. Inventory. This menu contains all Spells, Moments and various buildings received during special Events and contests (Challenges).

Hotkeys. Starting with version 0.20, new features have been added to the game - hot keys. They allow you to switch windows or go to different menus.

Elvenar: Buildings

Destination Buildings are key to success at Elvenar. To build buildings, you need to open the construction menu by clicking on the menu button at the bottom of the screen. Buildings are sorted into different categories, you can select the desired building by going to the categories at the top of the construction menu.

Buildings can be moved but not rotated. Most buildings can be sold. Many buildings must be connected by a trail with the Town Hall, otherwise the buildings will not be able to function.

Building level. Almost any building can be initially upgraded to level 15. Many buildings can be erected at the beginning of the game. Some buildings can be improved in the Research menu to the level of "Super" and "Mega". Research is necessary for the conversion and improvement of buildings, and also when the conversion of buildings to a new stage ("Super" or "Mega") they will expand in size.

After Chapter 6, in the Research tree, you will meet the new Guest Race - Dwarves - they will bring new opportunities to improve your buildings. These will be Dwarven-style buildings. The arrival of each new race will also provide new opportunities for improvement.

Using this section, you can see the required size and level of the building in the table with information on the structure you need.

Sale of buildings. You can sell or refit most buildings. In order to find out how many resources you will be reimbursed in case of a building sale, click on the sale icon at the bottom of the screen, hover over the building you want to sell, and in the pop-up window you will see the necessary information.

Click on the building to open the info window on the sale of the building:

Building Improvement System. At Elvenar, you can upgrade almost all buildings! This means that in order to get a more advanced building, you do not need to sell or transfer the already installed buildings, instead you need to upgrade existing buildings to a higher level in order to improve the performance of the building. With each improvement, buildings will change their appearance and functionality. In order to see the availability of building improvements, just hover over the building and a pop-up menu will show you information about the possibility of improvement.

Some improvements will increase the size of buildings. For such improvements, you need to open the appropriate technology in the research menu.

If you researched the technology, but you don’t have enough space to install the building with improvement, then in the improvement menu, at the bottom there will be a "Move and Improve" button. In this case, you will need to re-equip your city or expand it.

At any time, you can use diamonds to finish the improvement much faster! To do this, you need to click on the building while it is improving, and select the "Finish" button. The amount of diamonds directly depends on the time of improvement. You can also cancel the improvement of the building by clicking on the "Cancel improvement" button. By clicking on this button, you will receive back the resources spent on improving.

Cost and requirements. Each improvement has a price and requirements:

If you have enough Coins and Reserves to improve the building, but no Goods, you can neglect this by paying some diamonds. However, you cannot replace Coins and Reserves with diamonds.

The size of the buildings. Buildings in the game have different shapes and sizes, and when they improve, they increase in size over time and require more area in your city.

Since in the game the buildings only increase in length and width, expanding the building you can see a red icon in the building improvement menu showing what dimensions the improved building will have (2x2, 3x3, etc.), this will mean that you need to free the necessary the amount of space near the building or move it to an empty space. Take a look at the following image:

In this example, the factory of boards of the 5th level has a size of 2x3 and will become 3x3 after upgrading to the 6th level. You can see the building size icon in the building improvement window in red if there is not enough space nearby to install it.

However, if you look closely at the board factory, you will see that there is a required 3x3 place near this factory, but the factory is right next to the path. Since the buildings are always expanding from top to bottom, in this case it is impossible to expand, therefore you need to manually click "Move and Improve" and start manually choosing a suitable place for the structure, as soon as the indicator on the building turns green - you can position the building.

Elvenar: Culture

The culture. Culture helps you ensure that your people are productive and happy. Basically, you need the Culture to improve buildings (along with the population and other resources). The higher the level of the building, the more he needs Culture points. Basically, you can get Culture points by building any building from the "Culture" category. But also from the construction of improved roads.

Culture is not required for buildings of the 1st level, but only with the improvement of buildings!

Culture Bonus. If you have more Culture than your buildings consume ("Busy" in the top menu "Culture"), then the remaining "Available" Culture will give you a Culture Bonus that will increase the production of your resources: Coins and Reserves. You can also get a temporary "Accessible" Culture, thanks to the help of neighbors and allies. This will help you achieve the greatest "Affordable" Culture bonus.

You can see how much higher the products have become thanks to the Culture Bonus and what would be the usual products without this bonus. Open the Residence or the Workshop and you will see an icon showing the product bonus, hover over the icon and in the pop-up window you will find this bonus. There are 4 types of Culture Bonus:

You can get extra temporary culture bonus levels using spells! A bewitched gift allows you to enchant your cultural buildings so that when you receive Neighborhood Assistance, your total culture bonus will increase directly by 5%.

Elvenar: Merchant

Destination Entering the Merchant’s building, you will see a trading menu where you can exchange goods with other players. The main goal here is to exchange your excessively profitable goods (the product for which you have a production bonus in the research menu) for the scarce goods you need.

Requirements. In order to build a Merchant building, you need to open the appropriate technology in the research menu, and have the right amount of resources to unlock it. Also, the merchant’s building must be connected by road to the Town Hall. Merchant’s building cannot be improved.

Acceptance of offers. By clicking on the merchant’s building (or the scales icon with the inscription "Merchant" at the bottom of the city menu) you will see 4 bookmarks. The first one is Accept Offers.

Here you will see all the offers submitted by other players that are within the radius of your trading offers. At the top you will find two drop-down menus that allow you to filter the type of product for the offer and request. You can accept the offer you need. Profitable offers are always at the top of the list.

Merchant Commission. Some offers are highlighted by the exclamation mark Trader fee.png. The merchant will take an additional 50% of the additional commission if you have not opened the player’s castle with your scouts. You can scout the player by discovering the provinces that are near the player you need. If a player’s castle is scanned on the map, then when accepting trading offers from this player, no commission will be charged.

Rating. Merchant rates offers from 1 to 3 stars. 1 star is very expensive, 3 stars is profitable.

How is the deal rated? Products are grouped into three quality categories: Basic Products, Advanced Products, and Magic Goods. The ratio between the categories is 1: 1.5. For example: 1 Improved product costs 1.5 Base. The rating compares supply and demand in order to determine whether the offer is "unfair" (no stars), "not very fair" (1 star), "fair offer" (2 stars), "favorable offer" (3 stars).

Making an offer. In this menu you can put any of your products for sale.

The merchant will allow you to put up offers that are within adequate boundaries. Trading offers that go beyond the rating (too profitable or vice versa) cannot be placed on the trading floor. If you want to add a quotation, simply select the type of Goods that you want to exchange in the drop-down menu and enter the required quantity of goods to the right.

After selecting the product that you want to purchase in exchange, after selecting the product, the system will automatically make a 1 to 1 exchange rating (therefore, your transaction rating will be visible to other players as profitable - 3 stars). You can enter any number if you want, but be aware that the system will not allow you to make an inadequate offer. If the system notices an extremely unadjusted proposal, it will automatically adjust it to the maximum available value.

For example: You want to exchange 50 Marbles for 500 Planks. The merchant will offer you as an alternative 200 Planks instead of 500. This transaction, of course, will be recognized as very disadvantageous, but it will fit into the available framework by the system, and such a transaction will be placed on the trading floor.

You can have up to 60 of your market offers.

Your suggestions. This shows the trading offers that you put up on the market, but have not yet been accepted by other players. When you submit offers to the market, goods are automatically withdrawn from the warehouse that you offer to exchange on the trading floor, however you can delete them and get the goods put up for exchange back to the warehouse.


In this menu you will find trading offers compiled by the Merchant. Offers offered by a wholesaler are disadvantageous, but you will probably use the services of a wholesaler if you cannot find suitable offers on the market, or if you want to exchange an extra amount of Coins or Stocks for goods.

You can only exchange Coins / Stocks or your reinforced goods for goods of a similar category. The number of Goods that you will need to exchange with the wholesaler has a ratio of 1 to 5. For example, you can get 30 Marbles in return for 150 Steel. But you can pay for Marble with Coins or Stocks instead of Steel. With each opening of "Strengthening Production" in the research menu, the wholesaler will add a new category of goods to his catalog.

The amount of goods you have to pay and the returned goods depend on your level in the main hall. However, when you use the Blooming Merchant Guild, you may receive a better offer. Example: suppose you have the heavy production of the following products: Marble, Crystal and Gems:

Wholesaler offers can be improved by ancient wonders.

Merchant Upgrade

Merchant Upgrade: Halflings. When you get to Chapter XI Halflings, one of the first technologies you unlock will be an improvement for the Merchant. This will add the "Improvement" tab, which will allow you to upgrade the Merchant to level 2.

Improving the Merchant will not affect its current functionality, but add a new tab called "Collect".

On the "Collect" tab, the Merchant will automatically produce a new permanent resource, "Divine Seeds." The resource works like Mana, including production and early collection, display in the top menu, decay, etc. In addition, there is a bonus for the collection. Each time a player collects Divine seeds from the Merchant, he receives an additional number of Seeds, according to his combined PM levels. Production:

Divine seeds are materials spent on building Cultural buildings and unlocking technology, starting in this chapter.

Advanced Merchant Improvement (Reasonable Goods). Only when you get to Chapter XII - The Elemental will you be able to upgrade the merchant to level 3. In this chapter, the Update Technology will be available again. With the beginning of chapter XIII - Amuni, you can upgrade the merchant to level 4. Starting from level 3, the merchant will be able to trade smart items. Reasonable goods offers:

  1. Reasonable goods are added to the list of other goods, subject to the rules for sorting ordinary goods;
  2. Gradation of offers for specific Reasonable goods only works if you have studied this Elemental Intelligence technology;
  3. You have access to a wider range of trading offers on the world map than for General Products;
  4. Offers from players who are not in your group of trading partners (for Regular Products) are marked specifically. The hint informs that you can only trade Reasonable goods with this player;
  5. Additional filters only for Regular products and only for Reasonable goods.

Trade in reasonable goods. The drop-down menu of the line "you offer" works, as before, only adding the Sensible products that you have:

Reasonable goods are destroyed every night in the amount of 10% of the total. They do not disappear without a trace, but are converted 1: 1 to Normal Basic Products:

You can have up to 60 of your market offers. Unable to exchange Common Items for Reasonable. As soon as the Enhancement technology is unlocked for Reasonable goods, you will find the corresponding offers on the Wholesaler tab:

Elvenar: Research

Heads in Elvenar. The world of Elvenar is divided into chapters that tell you a story about this wonderful new world! Through the chapters you will be able to better know the race you have chosen and in the future you will be able to call on the ancient and forgotten races of the old world. Each chapter has some footnotes regarding the past time and ancient ways of creating magic. The final transition to the new chapter is carried out after researching the technology "Experienced Scouts", located at the beginning of this chapter.

Research menu. You can open the research menu by clicking at the bottom of the open book icon from the menu of your city.

This menu is filled with various types of technologies. Technology, in turn, opens up improvements for existing buildings, gives access to the construction of completely new buildings, makes it easier to hire stronger fighters or improve existing troops, provide additional expansion for the city, increase the size of the detachment, or open up increased production for goods.

This is the main measure of your progress at Elvenar. All technologies in research are intertwined together, but you will also have the freedom of choice in many cases, which determines the style of your game. For example, at an early stage of the game, you can choose which way to move science: in the economic or military.

Technology Research. The discovery of a new technology is possible only after studying previous studies that will lead you to it. To research a technology, you first need to put in it Knowledge Points (OZ) and complete the study, while paying resources and / or goods. Knowledge Points (OZ) are automatically generated every hour. But OZ can also be obtained by completing provinces or participating in tournaments.

You can get OZ for investing your Knowledge Points in Ancient Miracles of other players and as a daily bonus from treasures that sometimes appear in the city of neighbors that you help. If necessary, you can purchase additional HP using diamonds or Coins. You will automatically receive OZ every hour until the point limit exceeds 10 OZ, after which you will need to spend them to continue to receive OZ.

If the quantity of goods is not enough to buy OZ, they will be marked in red font as shown in the picture above.

Technology Activation. You can fill the technology scale with Knowledge Points gradually (at least 1 Point each) until the right amount of HP is reached. Resources for activating technology cannot be partially paid. Only when you collect the right number of resources can you research the technology.

If you do not have enough resources to activate the study at the moment, you can use diamonds instead. Thus, it will immediately open the technology. In addition, using Diamonds, you can instantly open the technology in the research menu.

If you do not have enough resources or goods at the moment to activate the technology, but you want to activate it now, you can use Diamonds for this. In this case, part of the resources and / or goods will be spent on research, and the missing resources will be replaced by Diamonds. The picture of your city on the world map will change as you study the chapters in the research menu.

Rewards for completing the chapter. At the beginning of each chapter you will be given the task: to complete the required number of provinces for further study of technology in the research menu. When you complete the required number of provinces, open the chest in the research menu and get rewards.

Any provinces that have already been unlocked before you complete the research on the technologies of experienced scouts will not suffer from the benefits that you get from this study.

Elvenar: World Map

World map. The world map is an important part of the Elvenar game, you will visit it often. During the study of the map you will meet many different provinces and cities of other players that are located around you. The world of Elvenar is mysterious and keeps many secrets, while it is peacefully inclined towards you. So feel free to chat with your neighbors and visit the provinces. You have the opportunity to visit any city right from the start of the game.

Map menu. Located at the bottom of the map and looks like this:

Digital designations:

  1. Intelligence service. When the Scout is active, redirects you to the Province, which is being scouted.
  2. Provinces Overview. Opens a window providing information on all reconnaissance and incomplete provinces. Take a look at the Provincial Overview below.
  3. Go to the city. Returns you back to your city on a world map.
  4. Review of relics. Opens a window in which all the Relics and production enhancements that you have collected are displayed. Tooltips help you quickly take a look at the relics you need to improve Boost.
  5. Come back home. Returns you to your city.
  6. Technology. Opens the Tech tree.
  7. World map. Moves you to the world map. Displayed along with a small Tournament icon during tournaments.
  8. Tournament. Available when you are part of an alliance. During the tournament, moves you to the window of the current tournament.

Intelligence provinces. When you open the world map for the first time, you will notice that almost the entire world has not been explored. In truth, the map at the beginning of the game is more a sketch than a full map. However, you can send scouts to border provinces to find out information about her. Scouts require enough Coins to research, but it’s worth it. Hover over the province to see the cost of intelligence. Click on a province to open a scout window:

Click the Scout button to begin reconnaissance:

Once their work is completed, the explored province will receive much more detail and color. But most importantly, you can look inside it and look for relics. In addition, all the border cities of this province will also become "open." As a result, trading with these neighbors becomes cheaper and you can begin to provide them with neighboring assistance.

It is advisable to scout only the number of Provinces needed for the next chapter in the research tree. The cost for battle or trade to complete the Province will increase with each new Province discovered. And in the later provinces, you will need the Orcs to be able to "negotiate" (produced in the Arsenal level 20 and above).

Provinces. When you visit the explored province, you can observe detailed information about it. When scouts explore a new province, they will mark people interested in your help on a provincial map. At first glance, all the provinces are similar to each other, but if you look carefully, you can see that each type of province has its own unique locality, which depends on the type of Relics in this province. You can collect these Relics in two ways: negotiate or accept the battle. But be on the alert, the enemy troops that you find are unique and depend on the type of province.

The distance of the provinces. The further you delve into the world map, the farther you are from your city. This means that the further you conduct reconnaissance from your city, the longer and more expensive it will take. The provincial distance also affects your ranking position after you complete the province. If the province is located at a distance of three cells from your city, you will accordingly receive 3 rating points for each completed conflict in such a province.

After entering each province, you can see how far this province is by looking at the rating points that it will give you when you finish the meeting successfully.

Collecting relics. In each province you will meet a merchant who will offer you a relic. For a good enough productivity of the city, you will need to collect many relics around the world! Naturally, relics you will not get for free. You can accept the merchant’s condition and agree with him, or you can use your troops to take the relic without spending any resources. The choice is yours!

It doesn’t matter how you get the relic, it will in any case give you knowledge points for each relic. In other words, for each province you pass, you will receive knowledge points for use in your research, thus discovering the right technology much faster. The world map is a great source of knowledge, you will see!

By collecting relics, you can also increase production growth for your Reinforced Goods.

Completion of the Provinces. Upon completion of the Provinces, you may receive additional rewards: Provincial Expansion and / or Rune Shards. You will receive the Provincial Enlargement as a reward when you decide all the meetings necessary to open the Province. The tooltip in the Construction Menu, on the Province Extension tab, will show you how many "Completed Provinces" you have and how many "Required for the next extension".

After researching the first Ancient Wonderland technology, each time you complete the Province, you also receive a random Rune Shard for one of the studied buildings. You can find it in the Menu of Ancient Wonders.

Overview of the provinces. When you open Provincial Overview, the Available for Intelligence tab will show you:

You can also go to any province.

In addition, the Incomplete tab shows you: the number of Completed Meetings in each Province.

Cities of neighbors. By exploring the world map, you explore both the provinces and the neighboring cities of the players. You can take a look at the cities of your neighbors, you can draw on the experience of building a city if you do not like your construction option. You can also help neighbors by using Neighborhood help. On the world map, as you and the players progress, you will notice that the pictures of the city are changing. This means that the player has moved to the next era, which in general can talk about the development of his city.

Tournaments. The World Map is also the venue for the Tournaments! You can participate in them only if you are in an alliance. Tournaments will take place every week in your unlocked provinces of the same type, which will change every week. This is also a great opportunity for you to get extra relics, knowledge points and rune fragments and, if you are one of the best, additional rating points!

Elvenar: Neighborhood Assistance

Visit to the neighbors. You can always visit a neighbor who lives near you, or a player from your Union to strengthen production and receive rewards. However, not all cities are available for neighborhood assistance or for trade. By exploring the World Map, you will discover the cities of neighbors and you can easily trade with players without the commission of the Merchant, otherwise you will need to pay a commission on the transaction - 50%. Thus, trading with your neighbors that you have not explored will be an expensive pleasure.

As soon as you explore the Province bordering your neighbor, the following changes will occur: The status of your relationship with such a neighbor will become - "Open", this will mean that trading with such a player will be more effective. In other words, the Merchant will not require a commission in a transaction with an open neighbor. Therefore, if you want to actively trade, open more Provinces!

The second benefit of exploring neighboring cities is neighborhood assistance, which is available once a day. Neighborhood help allows you to interact with other players and receive a reward for this. You can donate Coins to the neighboring Town Hall, improve the performance of the cultural building for 8 hours, or motivate the Builders.

How to help a neighbor? To provide neighboring assistance to an explored player, visit his city, click on the Neighborhood Assistance icon (handshake picture) in the lower menu and click on the building of your choice that you want to strengthen or motivate.

By providing neighborhood assistance, you will be rewarded with Coins for kindness. The number of Coins depends on the level of your Town Hall. You can see how many Coins you will receive for help in the Town Hall menu, opposite the sign "Neighborhood Assistance".

If your neighbor has also helped you in the last 24 hours, then with the help of such a good-natured neighbor, you will also receive Stocks. Note: if you regularly exchange help with a neighbor, you will receive Stocks each time with the next help. The amount of Stock you receive depends on the level of your Town Hall. You will always receive 10% of the amount received for the help of Coins.

After rendering neighbor assistance to the player, the 23-hour timer will start the countdown anew, and as soon as it ends, you can help the player again. The timer is shown on the World Map on the image of the neighbor’s city and inside the neighbor’s city on the lower menu near the handshake icon (if you have already helped your neighbor, the help icon will turn gray).

You can only help those players who have been investigated by you on the World Map. Keep exploring more Provinces for the opportunity to help more neighbors.

Chest rewards. By helping your neighbors, you get a chance to find rewards in the chests. A notification about the chest that appeared in the neighbor’s city will appear on the screen, and the chest itself will hide somewhere in the district. These chests hide various random prizes. Among them you will find:

In total, a maximum of 3 reward chests can be found per day.

Getting neighborhood help. When you receive Neighborhood Assistance in your city, you will be sent a notice near your portrait, where you will be informed about which building your neighbor motivated. You will also see an icon (handshake) above this building. The effect of assistance depends on the type of building and a specific bonus will be shown if you hover over the building above which the neighbor’s help icon is drawn.

Information about Neighborhood Assistance:

Elvenar: Relics

Destination Relics inherit a power that is said to contain the secrets of the Elvenar world. The purpose of the relics is still shrouded in secrets. However, it is known that they can be used as an increase in the productivity of your factories, helping you build a more efficient economy. The secrets about relics will definitely be revealed in the near future, so keep collecting them!

Collecting relics. Relics are very important, as they will enhance the production of goods and produce more goods in less time. In order to collect Relics, you need to explore the map of the world, the provinces and resolve conflicts. Each Province has a unique locality that will allow you to understand what types of relics are contained there. Having scouted the province, you will get access to it and you will be able to see the places indicated by the scouts. Usually these are 8 designated places in each province, which means 8 relics per province.

In different provinces you will meet merchants, some of them will try to sell you the Relic for resources. However, you can offer them your help, and fight the strange creatures that bring war to the peaceful Elvenar. If you win, the merchant will thank you with the Relic for free.

It may happen that you do not find a peaceful merchant in the Province, in which case you can fight him for the Relic, instead of bargaining with the Relic. In any case, you will always have the choice to either negotiate with the merchant, or help him, defeating creatures, in order to get the Relic you need.

As soon as you start collecting Relics, the places where you have already helped the merchants will be visually displayed in the province with a green tick. Closed provinces will mean that you have not yet completed the passage of the bordering province. As soon as you complete the passage, automatically on the world map near the passed province will be able to scout neighboring areas.

Strengthening the extraction of goods. At the beginning of the game, you will be randomly assigned to strengthen three products in the research menu, one for each of the three types of products that are also displayed in the menu of your Town Hall.

You can see the required number of relics for the next increase in production at the bottom of the world map by moving the mouse cursor over the exclamation mark icon.

Strengthening production. You can collect relics from the start of the game, but to activate production enhancement you will need to open the appropriate technology in the Research Menu:

This means that you can, for example, start collecting relics to enhance Magic production (Elixir, Magic Dust or Gems), and when the time comes to make the right product, you will start producing it immediately with a production bonus from relics! The more relics you need, you collect, the more you can produce goods at the same time. The number of relics collected for each type of product is displayed in the Town Hall menu.

In order to find out how Relics affect the growth of production of goods, click on the factory and mouse over the icon Strengthening production. You will see how much higher the production is different from the standard, without the influence of relics.

Elvenar: Creation

Description. Do you have unwanted Buildings, Moments, or Enchantments in your inventory? Using the Creation in your Academy of magic, you can use the Recipes to "craft" these items into new, more used ones. Every 8 hours, 5 new recipes appear, which will offer you a wide selection of not only new Buildings, Moments, Char, but even Knowledge Points and Relics. There are 3 additional resources in this function: Combination Catalyst spell, Spell Fragments, and Blurred Vision.

Combination catalyst. The Combination Catalyst spell is required to craft most items. The amount required depends on the value of the item being created. As with all spells, this spell is cast at the Academy of Magic.

Creation tab. The main functions of crafting are performed on the tab "Creation" of the Academy of Magic.

Digital designations:

  1. Created recipe includes: produced item (s), remaining time, instant completion of creation using premium currency, and a button to accelerate crafting time.
  2. Accumulated Spell Fragments and the + button to access the function. Release from enchantment.
  3. The number of spells available. Combination catalyst.
  4. Available recipes, includes: the time remaining before creating a new set of recipes and the premium required for the early creation of a new set.
  5. Mystical Object - Win an additional reward.

  1. Each recipe shows you the item you want to create, the time required to create it, and the quantity.
  2. Required amount of Spell Fragments and Combination Catalyst.
  3. The amount of blurry vision bonus given when creating this item.
  4. Hover over a recipe to see a hint for the item being created.

Fragments of spells. Spell fragments are used in conjunction with the Combination Catalyst to create new items. They are created by Releasing Buildings, Moments, or Spells in your Inventory. The total number of Fragments you have can be viewed at the Academy of Magic on the Creation tab.

Release from enchantment. You can remove spells from any Building, Momentum or Spell stored in your Inventory. To do this, open Inventory or Press the "+" button next to Spell Fragments on the Create tab in your Magic Academy. Click the Spell button to activate the function.

Each item released from the spell shows the number of Spell Fragments received from the process. Clicking on an item converts one item at a time. Challenge Buildings, Moments with purple and orange tags require confirmation:

Spell Fragments created this way are added to your total number of Fragments in the corresponding window of the crafting interface. The back button takes you back to the normal view of the Inventory tab. The "Create" button will take you to the Academy of Magic, where on the Create tab you can use the Fragments with the desired Recipes.

Blurred vision. Blurred vision is a special resource given when creating new items. Each recipe displays how many blurred vision points you get. They are added to the chest of the Mystical object.

Mystical object. When you create new objects, you get Blurred vision, which accumulates in the chest of the Mystical object. The total accumulated amount is displayed under the chest. When you accumulate 100 Blurred Vision units, you can win one of three rewards. There are several possible rewards that change after each collection. For example:

Spell Fragment Bonus. Each increase in the level of your Academy of Magic will increase the number of Spell Fragment granted by enchantment.

Sample recipes. In Creation, you will find an abundance of various recipes. Below you will find some examples of what you can create.

In reality, there are many more recipes; they appear one after another in the Creation.

A set of buildings. The Create function also adds a new Set of buildings. Like the previous sets, these are premium buildings that complement each other when they are located directly next to each other (in the set). This means that not only will their basic production grow, but completely new production will be added!

The Magic Chess set is a special set, since each building in the set is unique. This means that you can only have one copy of each building from the set in your inventory or city. Moving to a new chapter, you can create these buildings again only if you remove them from the city or inventory.

Elvenar: Enchantment

Destination Enchantments can be cast at the Academy of Magic and have the ability to gather relics that do not bring you increased production, but which can enhance the effectiveness of some buildings. By casting spells, you will not only enhance the production of buildings to a higher magical level, but also bring a magical style to your surroundings.

Requirements. To cast spells, first create them! To be able to do this, research and build the Academy of Magic. You will find this building at the end of the First Section in the Research Menu.

Enchantments require the use of unused relics, so to create them you also need to get the corresponding relics.

The process of creating an enchantment. To make a Char, open the Academy of Magic tab in the construction menu and click "create" on the Char that you want to create. You will be shown the creation process, which shows the time to produce an enchantment. You can create an Enchantment only if you have a free slot for this, otherwise you will need to wait until the first Enchantment is created. You can always complete the creation of the Spell instantly for Diamonds, or shorten the creation process with the help of the Accelerators.

When your spell is cast, you can collect it by clicking on the Academy. Chara will be added to your inventory from where and can be used.

If you need to cancel the creation of the Enchantment, click on the X icon, thereby canceling the production, you will also be returned the relics spent on creating.

Academy of Magic. The Academy of Magic is a place where you can choose which Char you want to create. When you hover over an enchantment, you will see its effect, duration, and its availability (how many enchantments of the same type you can have in your inventory).

You can also get more information about each Charu by clicking on the information icon.

Inventory Char. Inventory is the place where the created Charms are stored until you decide to use them. Inventory opens through the bottom menu by clicking on the desired icon. Whenever you collect the created spell at the Academy of Magic, you will see a red marker indicator on the inventory icon. By clicking on it, you will see all your Spells and from there you can use them.

Digital designations:

  1. The number of Char ready to use.
  2. Information icon allowing you to view Char details.
  3. Click on the enchantment icon to use it once.
If you remove your spell, you will not receive any returns and lose all nested relics.

Casting Spells. By clicking "Cast Spell" in the Inventory, you will see a change in the cursor and icon above each building that can be enchanted. You will also see the inscription: "Click here to cast a spell on this building."

After the Enchantment, the building will begin to glow with magical energy, making the appearance of your city more unusual and beautiful!

Types of Enchantment

Strengthening production. This type of Char allows you to use the ancient power of your Relics to strengthen Workshops. Your Stocks will be produced magically fast with gain. Such Enchantments will be available at the end of Chapter I in research, and once you build the Academy of Magic, enchantments will be available for use at Workshops.

Enchanted gift. Chara for every dear Elvariyan: Enchant your Cultural Buildings and now any Neighboring help increases the total Culture Bonus by 5%. Available at the end of Chapter I immediately after the construction of the Academy of Magic and can be superimposed on cultural buildings. The spell will only benefit if your basic culture level is 125% or more.

Magical production. This type of enchantment unlocks the magic power of Relics to directly enhance the production of factories. By enchanting factories, you will increase the bonus of Relics or factories that do not have a production bonus from relics. You can use several spells for factories and this way, you multiply the duration of the effect. These spells have no effect on guest race factories. Similar spells will be available at the end of Chapter III in research.

Inspirational meditation. This Chara increases the time limit for Knowledge Points. This means that you will not lose HP if you are absent from the game for more than 10 hours. Available at the end of Chapter III, once you have completed your research on the Magic Mastermind technology and is automatically stacked on the Knowledge Points vault.

Combination catalyst. This spell is required in the Create tool, located at the Academy of Magic, to "craft" new items from Recipes. It is available at the end of Chapter I, after the construction of the Academy of Magic. Also check out the Create section.

Food for pets. This spell allows you to "feed" your Evolving buildings to give them a short-term bonus. Can be won at Major Events or created at the Academy of Magic.

Teleportation. This spell allows you to move (teleport) buildings built in your city to the Call tab in your Inventory. To teleport one building, one Chara is used. Enchantment can be used for many types of buildings, but not for buildings that are currently under construction or that cannot be sold normally (e.g. Town Hall or Merchant), Ancient Miracles, Temporary buildings (e.g. some Amuni buildings), or Evolving buildings).

The building that you teleported can be returned to your city at any time for any period of time or even recycled on the Create tab in the Academy of Magic. You can only get Teleport Char by visiting the Spire of Eternity, starting from the 4th meeting or in Secret Chests.

You must be in chapter 3 or higher to open the Spire of Eternity.

Char Effect

There are several places where you can see the effect of Enchantment and the remaining time of their enchantment. Hovering over an enchanted building.

Inside the building in a tooltip:

By clicking on the building during production, in the current pop-up window.

Char effects take into account the total amount of your current production with bonuses! This means that your factories will produce + 50% of yours (regular production + increase in relics). The same thing will happen with workshops! Enchantment will take into account your current culture growth in order to apply the + 200% bonus. For example: A 7th-level workshop of Elves issues 223 supplies per hour without a culture bonus (100%). Increasing the culture bonus to 125%, it will produce 279 stocks. If you charm this workshop, it will produce 837 stocks (+ 200% compared to 279).

You must remember that enchantment will only effect a certain amount of time! This means that if you cast a spell and then its duration expires by the time you collect your resources, they will no longer have a Chara bonus. In addition, if any of the other bonuses changes (increase / decrease) while the spell is activated, the Char effect will reflect it.

Looking at the example above, you will see that after using the "Bewitched Gift" the total culture bonus increased directly by 5%. Thus, instead of the initial 125% culture bonus, the city now has 130%. This will affect your coins and product stocks, so instead of 279 stocks produced in a level 7 workshop, 290 stocks will now be produced.

On the other hand, as soon as the Enchanted Gift ends its duration, and as long as you keep your bonus of 125%, the workshop will return to 279. If you enchant the workshop, it will produce 870 supplies instead of 837, but the same The principle applies to the duration and effects of Enchantment.


The inventory also contains ready-to-use moments. Moments are spells that can be used to obtain Instant Stocks, Instant Coins (based on your storage capacity), Accelerators (to speed up production, reconnaissance, modernization / construction, etc.), Ancient Knowledge (to research Ancient Wonders) and Royal restoration (to improve your event buildings from Challenges). There are some common ones, such as rain of coins at 10% of the storage capacity, but also epic ones that fill 100% at once.

You can earn Moments throughout the game. So watch out for them. When you earn one, you can access it from here. Types of Moments:

Elvenar: Troops

The basics. There are 5 units in Elvenar for each individual race that you can unlock and train in the Barracks. Both races also own 10 common units that can be learned and trained at the Training Ground and the Mercenary Camp. Units of both races, Humans and Elves, have equal strength, but differ slightly in tactical abilities. Both races begin the development of an army of Light Melee Units.

The main difference between Elves and Humans is that Human troops are more focused on attack damage and less stable in defense, while Elven troops are more balanced. Both races eventually gain access to the Light Riflemen, Mages, Heavy Melee, and Heavy Riflemen. In addition, scouting the Provinces on the World Map, you will find new units that you have to fight. These enemy troops are largely dependent on the type of province and on the range of its location relative to your city.

With the exception of the first unit that opens with the construction of the Barracks, all other units must be unlocked, like technology in the research menu. You can also improve the technique of units by examining the corresponding "Boost".

Description of the unit. Once you have built the Barracks, you can become more familiar with each unit, even with the blocked ones. Just click on the Description icon. After clicking, a description of the corresponding unit will appear:

Digital designations:

  1. Unit Level Each unit has its own level, which can be identified by the number of stars that you can see under the unit picture in the army selection window.
  2. Unit Type Each unit has its own Type, which refers to a particular Class.
  3. Unit class. Each Class describes the main tactical groups to which the Unit Type belongs.
  4. Strong against. Here you will see which classes this unit has a bonus against. This may be a bonus in attack and / or defense. When you hover over the icon, you will get more information. The more swords, the better!
  5. Damage. The amount of damage inflicted in the attack is determined randomly from the range of damage to units.
  6. Health Points. Unit health points.
  7. Attack range. This is the maximum distance that a unit can hit a target.
  8. Range of motion. This is the number of fields that a unit can overcome in one turn.
  9. Initiative. The unit with the highest initiative score will previously engage in combat in the combat round.
  10. The size. Units have different sizes. The larger the unit, the fewer units are required to fill the squad. The larger the size, the harder it is to kill a squad of such warriors in battle.
  11. Counter attack. This skill allows the unit to automatically counterattack after a received melee strike. The number in the skill means the number of possible retaliatory strikes in the round.
  12. Special skills. These are spells or special additional skills for attacks. If you hover over this icon, you will find a description.

Unit classes. There are 5 Unit Classes in Elvenar: Melee Light, Ranged Light, Heavy Melee, Heavy Ranged and Mages. Each Class has Unit Types belonging to it. For example: despite the fact that the Sword Masters, Barbarian Axes, Cerberus and Orcs are different in Type, they all belong to the same Class: Melee lungs. Thus, although they have different combat strategies, they will all be light melee fighters, and also have similar sizes of hit points and damage. Types of classes:

  1. Easy, close combat. The main melee combat unit (good health, good damage done).
  2. Easy, long-range battle. The main rifle unit (good damage done, poor health).
  3. Heavy, close combat. Melee unit with heavy armor (very good health, low damage dealt).
  4. A heavy, long-range battle. A special ranged unit (heavy long-range shots, but extremely poor health) with some protection from melee units.
  5. Mage A unit that supports in battle its special magical abilities (poor health, weak damage inflicted, the ability to change the target’s properties before the end of the current round).

Special skills. Some units may have special skills to weaken the opponent’s defenses and increase the damage done. Others have the power to reduce the onslaught of the enemy, thereby protecting their army. These abilities can be stacked to do more damage or take less damage.

Calculation of the size of troops in the squad

At the moment, the base size of the squad is 6 units, and each study of the science "Increasing the size of the squad" gives an increase according to the corresponding formula: the current size of the squad + number of the increase in the size of the squad * 3 (for example, the size of your squad is currently 114, and you want to study 9 Increasing the size of the squad, then after studying the size of your squad will be 114 + 9 * 3 = 141).

The size of the squad is calculated for ordinary provinces, and for tournaments, the calculation of the size of the squad depends on the distance of the tournament province from your city. Note that each unit has a different power. The more powerful the unit, the more it will occupy places in the squad. Let’s say Trent for Elves has power - 6, and sword master - 1, therefore, if your squad is - 6, then when you put troops into battle, you can transfer either 6 sword masters or 1 Trent to one slot before the battle. By power, Elven units are distributed as follows:

Power of Human units:

Elvenar: Battle

The basics. Elvenar is a peaceful place! However, to maintain peace, you sometimes need to pave the way with battle. As was noted, collecting Relics is necessary to improve the production of goods, you will need to explore the Provinces, where you will meet the tribes guarding them. In this case, you will have the choice of either negotiating with a provincial merchant or helping him exterminate troops in the province.

In each Province you will find an army, the type of which will vary, depending on the type of Province. The farther you move away from your City, the more formidable armies and new types of troops you will meet on your way. As with your troops, the number of enemies in their units will correspond to the strength of the troops.

Battle pentagon. Units in Elvenar have their strengths and weaknesses in the fight against others. In total, there are 5 types of units in the game and, based on this, the Battle Pentagon was created to serve as a hint for players.

At first glance, this may look a little complicated, but it’s not so sad. Let me give you an example using the image below.

For example, take the Heavy shooters. Green outgoing arrows indicate those types of units against which the Heavy arrows are strong. In this case, it is Light Arrows and Light Melee. The red, incoming, arrows make it clear which units are a direct threat to the Heavy shooters. In this example, these are Mages and Heavy Melee. This example is easily applicable to all other types of units.

Battle preparation

The first thing you need to do is prepare the soldiers in the Barracks. As soon as you have enough army, you will be able to collect Relics with the help of battle. Before the start of the battle, you should choose the right Squads. In battle, each type of unit is grouped into Squads. The size of the Squad of your units is increased with the help of the science "Increasing the size of the squad." You will have the opportunity to place from 1 to 5 Squads on the battlefield before the start of the battle. Remember: the more the merrier!

It is very important to choose the right warriors against the enemy, to be sure that your army will win. Pointing the mouse cursor at your unit, you will see which enemy it is strong or neutral against, because the enemy warrior will "highlight" with an indication of its class. If you hold the cursor over a unit, an additional description of its capabilities will appear with marks in the form of swords, which means how much the unit is good against a particular class. The more swords - the better! If you need a more detailed description of the unit, you can open the description of the unit by clicking on the image.

You will also have the opportunity to remove the selected Unit and replace it with another before the battle. You will always set the maximum number of units in the Unit, while you will have enough of them to completely fill the Unit. As stated, the squad has a size that will increase as it develops in the game. The larger the detachment, the more troops will fit in it and the stronger it will be.

Your enemies will also have different sizes of Squad. The size of the Enemy Squad will increase for each new explored Province and with distance from your city! By clicking on the icon of your opponent, you will see the characteristics that one fighter has in an enemy camp.

Battlefield and Initiative Scale

On the battlefield, troops will already be at their starting positions. Starting positions are determined by the order in which you selected the troops before joining the battle. The same applies to enemy fighters.

Your troops on the left side and the cells below them are displayed in yellow, opposite the enemies, the cells below them are red. Each Squad occupies one cell and its path to the field will be highlighted.

Sometimes you will encounter obstacles on the battlefield (terrain), so you will need to learn new tactics of warfare to reduce losses. If any troops can inflict damage from afar, they, of course, can fight through obstacles, so take advantage of the situation on the battlefield.

Scale of initiative. The initiative scale shows the order of entry into battle for all units, allowing you to take some strategic steps, for example, whom to attack first.

Digital designations:

  1. Give up. If you press this button, the battle will end automatically and you will lose (but not lose the remaining troops). You can click it at any time to avoid additional losses.
  2. End the battle with an autoboy. This button will end the battle automatically. This action cannot be undone. If you want to know the result of the battle, click on the "Result of the battle" at the top of the screen.
  3. Animation speed in battle. Here you can adjust the speed of the battle animation from low to fast.
  4. Round. Here you will see the game round. Each time both sides complete the round, a new one will begin immediately after the end of the previous one.
  5. Skip the move. Click to skip the current unit. This will only affect the current round. In the next round, this unit will again be able to walk.
  6. Lane of life. This bar will show the visual losses in the Unit. It is usually full at the beginning and decreases as the Unit takes damage.
  7. Green background. Player squads.
  8. Troops in the squad. Here you can see the number of available warriors in the Unit. The number of troops in the Unit will decrease if soldiers from the Unit are killed.
  9. Lane of the enemy. This panel shows the losses of the enemy unit. It will be full at the beginning and decrease as the wounded or killed enemy soldiers in the Unit.
  10. Red background. Enemy units.
  11. Unit Information. If you hover over an icon, a unit’s attributes and skills will be shown in a pop-up window.

Elvenar: Unions

Purpose. Unions are associations of players where people with the same interests and similar playing styles come together to make their daily gaming experience easier and more interesting. You will see that, as part of a strong community, you can lead your city to success, and that the path to prosperity and strength will become much easier. To go to the Union function, simply click on its icon in your profile.

Requirements. There are no specific requirements for the foundation of the Union, except to be otherwise. On the other hand, in order to join an existing Union, you will need to confirm your application from a member of this Union with the relevant rights. The size of the Unions is limited and can accommodate no more than 25 participants.

Benefits. Unions provide their members with a number of benefits, such as:

Titles and rights in the Union. Four positions are available in the Union, each of which has its rights and capabilities:

Establish a Union. By establishing the Union, you become the leader of a small community of players and get the title Archmage. To establish a Union, click on the Union icon in your profile, and then select the "Establish" button in the window that opens.

Then you will have the opportunity to choose a name for your new Union (maximum 25 characters), as well as configure a flag for it.

In addition, you can enable and disable applications and invitations - if you disable applications, players will not be able to apply for joining your Union and new members will be accepted solely by invitation. If you turn off invitations, you can only accept new members by their request. After you complete the configuration of all the options, you founded the Union - congratulations! Now you can invite up to 24 participants to your newly created Union (People and Elves).

Union Window. When you create a union, you can open the Union window by clicking on its icon in your profile. After which you will see 3 tabs:

  1. Overview - Important information about your Union is displayed here: its name and description, how many members it consists of, rating and points, as well as a place where you can leave the Union, change it or dissolve it, depending on your title in the Union.
  2. Participants - This tab will allow you to see all the members of the Union, their rank and points, and also, if you have enough rights, this is the place where you can change the titles of participants.
  3. Applicants - This tab is available to participants with the appropriate titles and rights and allows you to manage all applications and invitations to the Union.

Union Mage sees this window like this:

Change Union settings. Archmages and Mages can at any time change any elements of the Union: name, flags, description, enable or disable applications and invitations. To do this, simply click on the "Change" button in the Union window, on the Overview tab (see below).

Member joining options:

  1. Allow participants to send invitations - Archmage, Mages, Allies;
  2. Join directly - players can join the union without having an invitation;
  3. Only applications - players can enter only if there is an invitation;
  4. Reception no - closed for new participants.

To create a flag in the standard set, there are many options for the execution of shapes, symbols and colors.

Invitation to participants. Flipping through the ratings, you can easily identify a player who is still without the Union and will be able to invite him to his. To do this, click on the player’s nickname and select "Invite" in the context menu.

In any case, invited players must accept the invitation before joining your Union and becoming its members. Only Archmages, Mages and Ambassadors can invite players. As soon as the player accepts the invitation, he becomes an ally. If someone else has already invited a player, you will see a notification: "This player is already invited to your Union."

Unions can close the invitation feature in their profile panel. This will help prevent any participant from placing an invitation, the invitation button will turn gray and a hint will be displayed on hover.

Acceptance of applications. If the Union did not block the possibility of applying for membership, then any player can apply. To check the list of applications received, open the Union window and go to the "Applicants" tab. There you will find invitations from the Union, and applications from players. You can distinguish them with the help of icons. There will also be an opportunity to either accept or reject each of them. Only Archmages, Mages and Ambassadors can see this tab, they can accept / decline the application and / or withdraw previous invitations. Once the application is accepted, the player becomes a member of the Union as an ally.

Change of titles and rights. When many people join your Union, most likely you will want to encourage and promote some of them. You will find descriptions of titles by clicking on the information icon in the "Participants" tab of your Union window.

Only Archmages and Mages can change the titles of the participants. An archmage can transfer his position to another player: if you appoint a new Archmage, then you automatically become a Mage. This action cannot be undone and only the new Archmage can return the Archmage rights in the same way to you. On the other hand, if the Mage has changed his title, then he loses the ability to cancel the action and only the Archmage or one of the remaining Mages can return the title.

In both cases, a warning window will be displayed, and therefore, you will be notified that it is not possible to cancel such actions and will need to confirm the changes.

Exclude members. Participants can only be expelled by the Archmage or Mages. To exclude a participant, go to the participants tab in the Union window and select "Exclude". A confirmation window will appear in order to avoid erroneous exclusions of participants.

Dissolve the Union. Only Archmages can dissolve the Union. In this case, all progress of the Union, as well as rating or points, will be lost, and all participants will have the opportunity to join another Union. To dissolve the Union, go to the "Overview" tab and click on the "Dissolve" button. To avoid erroneous dissolution, you will receive a confirmation window where you can approve or reject the action.

Join the Union. If you do not want to establish your Union, you can join an existing one. To see a list of all Unions, go to the ratings and select the "Unions" tab. To join an existing Union, you need to apply for membership and wait until one of the participants with rights accepts it. To do this, click on the name of the Union, select "View Union" from the context menu, and then click on the "Submit Application" button.

You can also see your membership requests and invitations in the Requests tab. As soon as you become a member of the Union, all your requests will automatically disappear and the tab will be deleted.

You will not be able to join the Union when:

Leave the Union. Members can leave the Union at any time. To do this, just click on the "Leave Union" button on the "Overview" tab of the Union window.

However, as soon as you leave the Union, you will lose access to all the advantages of the Unions, including chat! In addition, you must remember that, as an Archmage, you cannot leave the Union. If you really want this, then, first, you must upgrade the other participant to the position of Archmage.

You can create a new Union after leaving the previous one, without having to wait.

Rating of Unions. Unions, like players, have point ratings that determine leaders. You can find them in the ratings panel by selecting the "Unions" tab. Union Points - this is the sum of the points of all members of the Union plus Union points obtained in the Adventures of the Union.

Unions on the world map. Members of the Union will be scouted on the World Map. This means that you will always see allied cities tinted in green. With Unions, the World Map will become more colorful as you can see flags with multi-colored symbols. It will also help to navigate the players belonging to a particular Union.

Be a part of the Union

Participation in the Union will not only help your city grow faster, but also allow you to get closer to other players.

1. Visit allies - Even if your allies are far from in your area on the World Map, you can still visit them and provide Neighborhood assistance. They will also be able to provide all possible assistance with Coins, a Culture Bonus and builder motivation. To visit your allies, just use the "Enter" item in the player’s context menu in the "Participants" tab of the Union window.

2. Trade with allies - No commissions are applied to trade with allies, no matter where they are. This opens up new opportunities in trading rare Goods - or trading with friends who have settled far from you. In the Merchant, you can use the filter to select offers only from your allies.

3. Write group messages. You can send messages to all members of the Union at the same time, to let them know about important issues. Use this feature to send urgent requests for Products, profitable trade offers or just tips! To send a group letter, click on the "Messages" button and select the Union icon so that the message is sent to all participants simultaneously.

4. Communicate in allied chat. You can use Allied chat to chat directly with your allies. To enter the chat, click on the chat icon on the right side of the screen and this will open a chat room where you can start chatting with other players.

Clicking on the chat icon will make the chat room visible / hidden, but even if your room is hidden, you will be able to see notifications of new messages. The message history will be saved, so you can always refresh your memory and not miss important information during your absence.

If you are not a member of the Union, clicking on the chat icon will open a panel that allows you to select the Union or create your own.

Elvenar: Ancient Wonders

Destination Ancient miracles are the heritage of ancestors. They erected great architectural magical structures that served some purposes: some were a source of knowledge and strength of warriors, as well as their technology, others brought culture, some were an incentive for union between races, and others were a channel for enchanting the power of magic relics, increasing productivity growth goods.

Having such buildings in your city, you can manage different bonuses, which will help to further develop your race, and will transfer your city to the next level of development! Each base race (Humans and Elves) will have the opportunity to choose to build 2 Ancient Miracles at the end of Chapter IV of the study, and by the end of Chapter VI you can get at your disposal 2 more Ancient Miracles of the guest race - Dwarves. In short, Ancient Miracles provide:

In the end, you will also see a reflection of your Ancient Wonders at the edge of your city, making your area look chic.

Requirements. To build Ancient Wonders, you will need to research the necessary technology and stock up on resources. They need a connection dear to the Town Hall. You can build the Ancient Miracle only once, they can be improved, sold or refitted!

Investing Knowledge Points in an Ancient Miracle. There is an opportunity to help other players by investing in their HP to improve the Ancient Wonders of other players! To do this, you just need to visit the player, click on Ancient Miracle, select the help tab and invest in the amount of HP.

Players who have contributed the most HP will be rewarded for their contribution and will receive Runic Shards and / or HP! Remember that even if your Ancient Miracle is still under construction, you still need a set of 9 open Runes to upgrade it to level 6, bearing in mind that this is an alternative way to get them through completing the Provinces. It is also a contribution to the development of the city of your guilds!

You can invest in that Ancient Miracle that you yourself explored when you unlock the Ancient Miracle of your race, you can start investing in the Human / Elven ancient miracle, and you can invest in the Dwarf Ancient Miracle after opening the appropriate technology!

Ancient Miracle is a great way to cooperate players with each other despite the chosen race. People can invest in the Elven Ancient Miracle and vice versa, because they will receive Runic Shards for the Ancient Miracle of their own race, which has the same effect as the Ancient Miracle that they helped. For example, if you are a Man and want to collect the Shards for the Great Bell Spire, you can invest in the Elven Crystal Lighthouse.

Awards of Ancient Wonders. Only the most active players investing their HP in other players will be rewarded. The number and quality of awards depends on the level of the Ancient Miracle. The higher the level of the Ancient Miracle, the more places there will be for active players and the more valuable the rewards. You do not receive rewards if you invest OZ for your own Ancient Miracle. This is shown in the Help column but without a reward icon. For example, if the founder of the Ancient Miracle takes first place in the enclosed OZ, the reward for the first place will be automatically transferred to other players taking 2nd place and so on.

Sale of the Ancient Miracle. Ancient Miracle can be sold, but be careful if you decide to do so, your city will lose the bonus that Ancient Miracle brings and you will not get the resources expended.

Menu of Ancient Wonders

To build the first Ancient Miracle, you need to research the technology and activate it in the middle of the second chapter of "Evolution". This will open the menu of Ancient Wonders, which will be part of your general menu (where there are research buttons, merchant, etc.):

Hovering over the Ancient Wonderland icon will show you the number of runes you actually have for all Ancient Wonders, including the number of broken shards.

By clicking on the Ancient Miracles icon, you will get access to the Ancient Miracles window, where you can navigate through all the ancient miracles: those that you explored, built and are still locked. As a review, you can also see the progress in your activated runes and matching shards of runes in each Ancient miracle.

When you hover over each building, you will see the following information in the drop-down menu:

When you open the Ancient Miracle, you will see a menu with three tabs. Overview where you can see:

Runes panel where you can:

If you have already built Ancient Miracle, then the Runes Panel will be replaced by a new Explore panel. In the Explore panel, you will see:

Panel of buildings on which:

Runic Shards

Now the runic circles that you examined are not complete! Their runes were crushed, and now to collect the circle you need to find the missing parts - Runic Shards to successfully complete the collection of the Runic Circle!

When you activate a fully assembled Rune Circle, consisting of 9 fragments, the Ancient Miracle will become available to you. But this process will be available only if you collect the missing Runic Shards, insert and activate them in the Circle. This means that your first step in achieving the construction of Miracles is to collect runed fragments!

Each Ancient Miracle has its own type of Runic Shards. You will be able to see what specific type of Shards a particular Miracle needs in the Overview panel of the Ancient Miracle. You can find the runic fragments as follows:

  1. Completing the provinces on the world map - each completed province will give you a random Runic Shard for the Ancient Miracle, which you opened in the research menu;
  2. By investing Knowledge Points in Ancient Miracles of other players;
  3. Participating in tournaments;
  4. Receive in the form of a reward for completing tasks;
  5. Participating in gaming events.

After collecting the Rune Shard, you need to insert it into the Rune Circle to unlock the Ancient Miracle. With a bit of luck, this will activate the missing Rune inside the Circle and open it. However, sometimes a magical process simply tries to open a rune that is already activated, in this case the Shard will break even more.

But not all is lost! Your broken fragments will be saved, and when you collect these 10 pieces, you can guaranteed to melt out of them a new undiscovered Rune.

Broken shards are used to open all types of Runes for Any Ancient Miracle! So if you have already built one Ancient Miracle, you can use them to accelerate the construction of the missing Ancient Miracles!

Improving Ancient Wonders

As mentioned earlier, the construction of Ancient Wonders is divided into 3 stages: Researching technology in the research menu, activating 9 runes and paying for the necessary goods. When the Ancient Miracle is built in your city, its bonus will be activated from that moment, and will be level 1, but you can improve it up to level 30. Upgrading from level 1 to level 5 requires two things: researching the level and using Relics to complete the improvement. If you click on Ancient Miracle you will see 3 tabs: Overview, Research and Improvement.

The Research tab will show the amount of HP in the bar, like any study. You will be able to invest the required HP and see a list of players who help you in improving the level. When the bar is filled with OZ, you will need to go to the Improvement tab to complete the upgrade using Relics.

The number of different Relics required for each upgrade varies depending on the type of boost! You can see the required number of your reinforced Relics under each building information table.

Improving the Ancient Miracle to the 6th level will set you a new task, which is to find new 9 Runes that need to be opened and activated since the architectural magic of the ancestors requires more knowledge! After that, from 6 to 10 levels, Ancient Miracle will require OZ for investment. You also need to mix magic relics.

The required Relics for the Ancient Miracle when you upgrade it disappear from your Vault of Relics. This means when you use Relics that give you gain, you will lose a small percentage of the gain in the production of goods. Therefore, save a certain amount of such relics for yourself and collect new ones, in this case you can easily compensate for the loss of product gain by improving the Ancient Miracle.

Improving Ancient Wonders you will also receive rating points! The number of ratings will depend on the number of knowledge points invested per level of PM. Rating points will be credited only after the end of the improvement of the Ancient Miracle!

Elvenar: Guest Races

Guest races. Following the quests of Elvenar and reading its history, you understand that the lands of the old world of Elvenar were inhabited by many different races. It was a place of prosperity and knowledge, where development reached unimaginable heights! However, for reasons once shrouded in mystery and mysticism, all races, except the Elves and Humans, have disappeared from the face of the world map.

Thanks to your efforts, research of new technologies and magical discoveries, your city has grown and flourished, and your townspeople become outstanding, wise and a bit masters of magical work. As a result of such a fruitful development, they found a way to visit other dimensions where the souls of extinct races dwell, and figured out a way to revive them.

Purpose. Knowledge on the resurrection of souls of ancient races is not enough! You need to help them get in shape and fully recover and settle! Being a new, brought back to life race, first of all, it needs your help in regaining their culture and former glory. In order to do this, let me build a small settlement in your city and set up the economy of this settlement in the same way as you do for your city, this in turn will create new rules and challenges.

At the end of the path there will be harmonies of different cultures where you will learn from each other: the returned race will learn from you how to put yourself on your feet in the Elvenar world, and you, in turn, will gain valuable knowledge of ancient technologies of the old world that will help you improve your current buildings, train stronger units - all this mutual development for a brighter future for both of you!

When the "Guest Race" becomes strong enough to develop autonomously and share with you all the knowledge to improve your city, there will be no need to extract resources of a new race, and their settlement can be converted into new "Settlements of Guest Races". But in the end, they will leave their mark in your settlement - with new buildings, technologies and improvements - so you will not forget about them, and you will always remember and be proud of your achievements!

Requirements. In order to open a new race, first of all you will need to complete the entire previous branch of technology (the first chapter of the new race begins with the VI chapter). Build a portal so that the settlers of the new race can come to your city from their dimension, where souls scurry about, and connect it with the road to the Town Hall. At the end, you will need to connect the portal with a new special road. All this can be found in the new branch in the research menu.

List of Guest Races. Guest races include:

Elvenar Tournaments

By pressing a button with a question mark, you will call up a menu with a description of the Tournament events. You will also notice that the World Map icon now looks like this:

Start of Tournaments. Tournament events will take place each week in your decided provinces of the same type. The type of Tournament will change weekly. Let’s consider in more detail on the example of the Marble tournament.

Tournaments appear in your already decided Provinces on the World Map, therefore the first tournament will be available in the marble province closest to your city.

By solving 4 tournament conflicts, to complete the first level in the tournament, the Province will begin preparations for the next level. It will take some time, but you will have an additional opportunity to start the next level of your wonderful tour of the tournament immediately.

Tournament Overview. On the World Map you will find the new Tournament icon. When you click on it, a window with intermediate results and an overview of the current Tournament will appear.

Tournament control points. Collect Tournament Points with your Allies to receive even more rewards!

All tournament points collected in the provinces, by you and your comrades, are combined! At each milestone reached, you open the chest and get even more rewards for you and your allies, which you will receive after the end of the tournament! As you open the chests, you will even receive Royal Restoration spells, which are used to upgrade Building Sets and event buildings, and for the last chest, the Drawing, which is used to improve your Magic Residences and Magic Workshops.

You must complete at least 1 milestone to receive Tournament rewards!

The decision of the tournament provinces. You can choose a solution to the conflict: either Entertainment, like a peaceful solution in ordinary provinces, or Battle!

The more your progress in tournaments, the more difficult the fights will become. You will also engage in confrontations with some units that you have not previously encountered on the battlefield. Have you ever wondered how it is to fight Ferocious barbarians or Enchanters? You have the opportunity to evaluate it now!

Tournament completion. Upon completion of the event, you will receive rewards for milestones in all completed event provinces. These are joint achievements, so your Allies will receive the same rewards. In addition, the hundred players with the most Tournament points will receive additional global ranking points.

New Tournament. Each week you can play in new thematic tournaments with many rewards! The new tournament will reset the previous results. So with every new tournament you have every chance to earn extra tournament points and, accordingly, get a new opportunity to become a winner! Prepare your strength for the Tournaments!

Elvenar: The Adventures of the Union

Adventure of the Union is a multiplayer tournament in Elvenar. Together with your union, you are working towards common goals. Achieving which will benefit the entire union, and ultimately, the unions that will work best, will receive additional rewards based on their ranking.

If you leave your Union during an adventure, you will not receive a reward, although your contribution to the current map will still benefit the Union. The new Adventure of the Union event will run on a regular basis for a week. You can get detailed explanations about the adventures of alliances by clicking on the banner Adventures of Unions.

If you plan to join or leave the Union, be sure to do this before the event. If you join or leave the Union during an adventure, you will not receive any rewards or save your progress in this round.

Start Adventure Unions. If you are a member of the Union and Adventure of the Union already in the active phase, you will see a banner in your city:

By clicking on this banner, the Union Adventure map will open:

Alliance Adventure Overview

The adventures of the Unions will consist of 3 stages of difficulty, each of which has its own map. Each map contains several waypoints organized in 3 multi-colored paths (blue, yellow, green). You can go to blocked waypoints to view upcoming requirements and rating points. Each path contains several waypoints (blue, yellow, green), each of which has its own requirements in order to pass it.

To unlock a waypoint, you need to provide adventure items that can be obtained as a quest. All members of the union can contribute to the fulfillment of these requirements, and once they are met, they will open the way to the next waypoint. Some strategic waypoints, as you can see above, will lead you to three different paths to choose from. Discuss with your Union and choose wisely: Will you fight? Rather buy off goods? Do you like to produce items in your city? It depends on you and your Union, which way suits your style of play!

There are 10 different repeatable quests that allow you to get 10 different adventure items (badges and specific items). Some quests require production in the workshop, while others require the production of basic goods in factories (marble, steel or boards). The path to requirements and waypoints will be different for each of the three stages of the adventure. The difficulty level increases as you move from one stage to another. At the end of each stage there is a reward visualized by a large treasure chest:

At the end of each stage, a reward awaits you. Unlocking this award will give a very pleasant bonus to all members of the Union who have contributed to this stage of the Adventures of the Union. Also, receiving this award will automatically allow you (and your Union) to proceed to the next stage. Therefore, only members with Ambassador or higher ranks will be able to unlock the next Milestone. This is a decision that should be taken carefully, because it also means that you will no longer be able to get more Union Adventure Rating Points at waypoints that have not been cleared at this stage.

Rating points for unions. It is also a new mechanic to be introduced with The Adventures of the Union. These rating points are temporary, which means that they are designed only to determine the place of your Union in the current Adventure. Upon completion of this Union Adventure, the rewards will be awarded to the top Unions, and the Adventure Rating Points will be reset to zero.

The following adventures will start from scratch. Thus, in each Adventure all Unions again have the same opportunities from the very beginning. Depending on the place occupied by the Union at the end of the Adventure, some global Union rating points will also be added.

At the end of the Union Adventure, on the Adventure tab of the Ratings menu, you can see the rating points received by the unions in the last Adventure.

Adventure items. Adventure Items is a new event resource that will be needed to complete the Adventures of the Union. They have no additional function, except for using certain Milestones for passing, and they can be obtained for performing certain actions in the game. For example: Production of X quantity of Drinks will give you the Dwarf Brewery Badge (Adventure Item), and production of X quantity of Bread will give you the Bakers Guild Badge (Adventure Item) - make sure you have the correct quest for the badges active.

You can see your current number of Adventure Items by hovering the Union Adventure icon at the top of the screen when you are on the Adventure map (and also on the right on the Union Adventure banner in your city). At the end of the Adventures of the Union, these items will be destroyed, so be sure to use them all until the end of the event!

Here is a list of Adventure Items and Requirements:

Quests. Some Union Adventures will come with their own separate quest lines. Please keep in mind that this will not be the case in all Union Adventures. Each adventure will be different: different requirements, different rewards, different settings!

Bottomless pit. And last, but not least, a bottomless pit is also introduced for truly active Unions. It will be activated when the last reward is collected at the last stage of the Adventure, and it will look like this:

Endlessly reviving bottomless pits will appear one after another, each will have its own requirements for contributions.

Active Unions can use them to get additional Adventure Rating Points in order to be higher in the ranking of this Adventure and, therefore, receive more valuable rewards.

Premium Buildings Adventure Union. These are special buildings, a reward for taking the first 10 places in Adventure. Trophies are provided for taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, as well as a building for those who took from 4th to 10th places.

Elvenar: Events

Awards. Every year, many special events take place in Elvenar. As rewards in them you can get certain buildings. Some buildings are part of the Buildings Kit. If you place them next to each other, they will give you more advantages than each of them individually.

All effect values depend on the chapter you are in when you add the building to your inventory.

Temporary buildings. Some event rewards have incredible power, but their power is limited in time. This type of reward is called Temporary Buildings. When the reinforcement time for such a building is over, the building may remain in your city with little benefit.

The main prizes. These buildings were the main prizes in past events. Some of them may appear in the future (for example, in Adventures of Unions).

A set of buildings. A set of buildings consists of a certain number of buildings. Any unique Set Building can belong to only one Building Set. Build them side by side to unlock their true potential! The more unique Set Buildings you place next to each other, the higher their bonus will be!

Elvenar: Challenges

Test Review. Challenges - a mini-event game that will be available from time to time. Usually, within 3 days, they will require you to perform certain tasks, such as the full production in the Workshops, the production of Goods or the use of Char.

Test Window. Click on the event icon to open the Test window:

Digital designations:

  1. Progress of Medals and the number of medals required to complete the Stages;
  2. Next Stage Reward;
  3. Test completion award;
  4. Time remaining until the end of the Test;
  5. Achievement of the Challenge, and the number of Medals offered for it (Hover over the Challenge icon to see a tooltip).

Earning medals. Hovering over the information icon, you can see how many medals you will earn for each completed task. Follow these instructions to collect all the medals needed to reach the next Stage.

Stages. After reaching certain Stages, you will receive rewards displayed above the test progress indicator.

Complete the progress bar, having completed all the Challenges and get the final reward!

Elvenar: Spire of Eternity

A pearl-white mysterious building appears next to your city: Spire of Eternity! Its tallest tower touches the sky and disappears into the clouds. Your fellow citizens are intrigued, some are worried. They ask you to explore this new building, solve its riddles and fight against possible enemies.

By opening the first technology of Chapter III Chapter 3, you can enter the Spire of Eternity from Sunday to Friday. You can explore it in a browser or in the Elvenar mobile app. If you are brave, at the end of each level you will find unusual rewards. Be sure to complete your adventure in the Spire of Eternity before its gates close again on Friday to receive all rewards!

Map of the Spire of Eternity. The spire consists of 3 floors between earth and sky. Each floor is divided into 4 sections, limited by magic barriers. To complete these sections, you will have to decide on meetings with the Spirits of the Spire of Eternity: peasants, guards and bosses.

Meet the Spire of Eternity. You have to go through 3 floors. Each floor has 4 stages, and each stage has 4 meetings. Your first meeting will be with the ghost of a peasant. As with any meeting in Elvenar, you can choose an aggressive approach (Battle Battle) or more diplomatic (Diplomacy). Diplomacy is unique to the Spire of Eternity, negotiations require resources to convince your opponents to let you through.

Having solved 4 meetings, you will get access to the magic barrier. Each magic barrier has a countdown timer. To open it, you have to wait until the countdown ends. Fortunately, if you want to continue earlier, you can reduce the countdown using Boosters Accelerators and / or Diamonds!

The Magic Barrier countdown will begin when you collect the reward for your last meeting on the floor.

Set building. The Moonstone Library set gives you a population or culture. Connecting buildings from a set increases their power! You will need ingenuity to connect all the buildings together, and if you succeed, Seth Spire of Eternity will offer you: Manu, Stocks, Reasonable goods, Combining catalysts.

Temporary buildings. Three new Temporary buildings are now available for your city: the Djinn, the Trading Station, and the Dwarf Armored.

Multiplayer Gather your Allies and complete the Meetings in the Spire of Eternity together to advance to additional reward chests for your Union!

Overview. For your convenience, by familiarizing yourself with the progress of the passage through the Spire, you and your Union have a review, which is available as a side panel while you are in Spire. You can expand it using the button in the upper left corner of the screen, exploring the halls of the Spire of Eternity.

Opening this panel, you will fully see the progress bar:

On the progress bar you can see:

Essence of the Spirit. Each meeting that you complete in the Spire of Eternity, as a member of the Union, will give you the Essence of the Spirit. You will receive 1 Essence of the Spirit for a regular meeting, 2 Essences for a meeting with the Guardian Spirits, and 3 Essences for completing a meeting with the Boss at each level of the Spire of Eternity. You can see the total number of Spirit Essences that your Union has collected at the moment by looking at the progress indicator at the very top of the overview panel.

Union awards. All Spirit Essences that you personally collected, along with Essences that your Union has collected, count towards an account that opens additional Rewards for your Union. These reward chests contain everything from Boosters, Combining Catalysts and Portal Profits to the Teleport and Diamonds spell ! When your personal progress equals the level of your Union, you will be eligible for any additional rewards that have become available to your Union. You will see this in the overview panel with a green check mark next to the award marker.

If you are behind the progress of your Union, you can earn the next chest by simply completing more Meetings in the Spire of Eternity. Each meeting brings you closer to another chest, and by opening another chest, you open the way to the reward that will be given at the end of the passage of the Spire of Eternity.

In the above example, you see one award that the Union has yet to unlock (indicated by a lock), one award that the Union has already unlocked, but the player has not received yet, the award that it is working on, and finally, the last award that the player has already unlocked for myself (checkmark). If you see that the progress of your Union is lagging behind yours (the purple bar has not yet reached your progress), you should definitely encourage your Allies to complete more meetings in order to receive and make more rewards available for the entire Union.

To receive the Union award, you must take part in the passage of the Spire of Eternity. Concluding meetings, you reach the corresponding milestone of the chest, getting the right to the rewards contained in it.


In Diplomacy, you have to make offerings to the Spirits in order to receive their mercy. If you succeed in your proposals, the Spirits calm down and free the passage so that you can continue your climb to the Spire of Eternity. Unfortunately, if you fail, the Spirits will get angry and you will have to try again or fight to end the meeting.

For each attempt in diplomacy, you have three free moves. If you need more moves to find the right combination, you can buy moves for Diamonds. The game will provide you with various types of resources. However, this does not mean that you should use all of them. Different Spirits may need the same resource, and it is possible that some of the Spirits does not need a certain resource.

Once you have decided on the offers that you would like to make, you can click "Offer" to deduct resources and see how the Spirits respond to your offers. If you find the right combination of Spirit and resource, the combination is found. If you could not offer the right type of goods, Spirits will help you by indicating whether a particular product is needed by another Spirit or if none of them require a certain type of goods.

The resources offered to Spirits will be deducted from your account, even if the wrong combination was chosen.

After the first attempt:

  1. You have 2 free attempts to find the right combination;
  2. The sentence is highlighted in green (a green circle appears): the correct resource has been proposed and it is no longer possible to offer this Spirit another resource;
  3. The sentence is highlighted in red: the Spirit does not need this resource. Now it is impossible to select this resource again;
  4. The sentence is highlighted in orange: the other Spirit needs this resource, but not the one you proposed!

Knowing this information, you can adjust your offers for the second and subsequent moves.

You can abandon the diplomatic approach at any time, but be careful: any resources already proposed will be lost, as well as the possibility of Diplomacy!

If you do not want to go the path of Diplomacy, you will have to confirm your choice.


You can see the enemy units and their location before joining the battle. The battles in the Spire of Eternity may consist of several "waves". Each wave must be won before the entire match is decided. You must carefully consider the choice of your troops, since you will not be able to change them before each wave. Fortunately, you can see the composition of each wave before you start a fight. This will help you choose the best strategy, and you can use Diamonds to reanimate units between each wave.

When playing in the browser, you can choose between automatic or manual combat. In the event of a loss of connection with the servers (which is unlikely), your progress is saved, and you can continue the meeting or retreat.

Be careful! If you fail during one of the waves, the result of the battle will be completely canceled, and enemy units will be restored. If you win the first wave you will have two options: you can fight the second wave or you can back off from the meeting. In the second case, the meeting will be dropped, and enemy units will be restored.

Rewards and chests

Awards. The Spire of Eternity brings a new Net Building, Temporary Buildings, and many more rewards. Any reward can be received several times. Be sure to complete the Spire of Eternity to win all of these incredible rewards!

Chests with rewards. Each resolved meeting opens a chest with a chance to win one of many rewards. The value of the rewards increases as your progress progresses on the map of each level.

Mysterious chests. Each resolved meeting gives a chance to find the Mysterious chest. They come in different types: Rare, Epic and Legendary, each with various amazing awards. Chests appear in a random place within the current Spire level.

As soon as the Mysterious chest appears, you will see a special indicator. The number reflected on it changes with each unlocked Mysterious chest. It shows how many Mysterious chests can still be collected at this Spire level.

The indicator can be clicked to go to the Chest. If the Chest is in a section that is locked by a locked Gate, you cannot open it until you pass the Gate.

After defeating the boss of each level of the Spire, you need to collect all the Mysterious Chests before you move to the next level.

Article author: Nadezhda D.