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Walkthrough Empire Four Kingdoms: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

EMPIRE: FOUR KINGDOMS - Android game with release date 06/24/2013 from Goodgame Studios. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Donatim Right
  2. Saving Game Progress
  3. What are players banned for?
  4. Hacking and Purchasing Accounts
  5. What is Prime Time?
  6. What is Prime Day?
  7. Subscriptions and Personalized Deals

Empire Four Kingdoms: Donatim Right

How to buy rubies? You can buy rubies for your account in the game store. Log in to your account and find the store button.

After clicking on the store button, you will be redirected to the store, where available packages of rubies, their prices and possible bonuses to the number of rubies purchased are displayed. Select the package you want to purchase. At the same time, the application store will offer you to confirm the payment.

The store announced a bonus percentage. Why havent I received the bonus rubies? You may have noticed red labels on some packages presented in the store indicating the number of percentages. This number does not refer to the bonus that you will receive when buying, but to the amount that you will save compared to buying the same number of rubies in the form of the smallest packages available.

In the above example, on a bag with 15,000 rubies, the number is 19%. This does not mean that you will receive 19% more than indicated on the package; this means that when you buy this large package you will spend 19% less than if you bought the smallest package 6 times. The store always indicates the number of rubies that you will receive upon purchase, even during the action of the promotion with bonus rubies in prime time. This means that you will receive exactly as much as indicated in the store, and you do not need to calculate the number of bonus rubies.

What happens if I stop playing / uninstall the application? Will I still be charged for subscription?You must log in to your account at least once a month to keep your subscription updated. Keep in mind that even if you dont sign in once a month, youll still be charged for your subscription. Even if you stop playing or uninstall the application, you will still continue to pay for the subscription until you cancel its Google Play / iTunes settings.

What happens if I cancel my subscription? You will still receive bonuses for the month that has been paid, and after that you will no longer be charged for the subscription.

What will happen to the slots purchased by subscription (for recruitment, hospital, etc.), which are used after the subscription expires? The processes for recruiting and healing units with a subscription bonus that were started will continue after the end of the subscription. As soon as these units are hired, the next batch of soldiers will already be hired without a bonus.

Can I activate multiple subscriptions for different accounts? No, you can only have one subscription for your Google Play and Apple account.

Empire Four Kingdoms: Saving Game Progress

Someone else has access to my account! Although such cases are often called "account hacking," the reason for them is usually because the player did not pay enough attention to the issues of protecting his account data (unsuccessful password selection, deliberate provision of account information to unauthorized persons, etc.).Since players do not have the right to use other peoples accounts, all such cases are investigated and, as a result, appropriate measures are taken.

Please note that, as a rule, the injured player is not indemnified. This means that sanctions caused by the actions of the violator are not lifted, and missing game items and premium currency are not returned. If at the moment someone else besides you has access to your account, use the password reset procedure. After successfully logging in to your account, do not forget to change the temporary password provided to you so that only you have access to this account.

I do not remember my password and email address provided during registration. How do I access my account again? If now you do not have access to your account, send a request to the support service, if possible, specify the following information:

  1. The name of your account;
  2. The email address to which your account is linked;
  3. The device on which you play and the version of software you are using;
  4. Estimated date and time of the last successful entry into the game;
  5. The number of game and premium currencies in the account of your account;
  6. Date of first entry into the game.

If you no longer have access to the email address provided during registration, you must also provide the following information:

You can also provide any additional information that will help identify you as the owner of the account.

How do I change the email address my account is linked to? For security reasons, only the help desk staff can change the current email address specified in your account. If you still have access to the registered email address, please contact support and reply to the automatic message about the receipt of the request using the address to which your account is currently linked. To speed up the processing of your request, include the following information in your response:

  1. The name of your account;
  2. The game server you are playing on (for example, US1);
  3. New email address.

The response sent from the registered email address will confirm that you really are the owner of this account, and the provided information will allow the support service to quickly find your account and update the email address assigned to it.

How to change the password? If you have access to your account and you remember the current password, you can change this password at any time by following these steps:

  1. On the main page of the game, scroll to the bottom of the menu to the right "Settings".
  2. Click "Change Password" on the first tab.
  3. Enter your current password in the first field and a new password in the second field.

After confirmation, a new password will be immediately set for the account.

How to change the name in the game? Pay attention to the initial choice of a name in the game. Once a name is selected, it cannot be changed, and the support service cannot help with such requests. The only exception is when the players real full name is selected as the account name, which will then be displayed in the game. If this is the case, contact the support team and provide the details of your account, as well as up to 3 options for the desired new account name. They will check if these names are available and assign the first available name to your account.

How to save my account? Your account is tied to your mobile device. While you use this device, you can automatically log in to your account. In order to avoid problems associated with switching to another device or reinstalling the game, we recommend that you save your account by registering your email address. This can be done in the game settings menu using the "Save Account" item.

Attention! If you receive an error message when trying to register an email address, make sure that no space has been added before the address. This will result in an "Invalid Email Address" error and the address will not be saved. Remember also that each email address can be used by only one account on the game server. Therefore, you cannot use an address that is already assigned to another account.

How to continue the game on the new device? It is recommended that you save the account in order to log in from another device, however, switching to another device is very simple and allows you to do without saving.To access your account, first download the game to your new device from the application store. You will start the game with a new level 1 account and you will have to complete the training. After you reach level 5, the game settings menu will become available. In the settings, you can enter your account with which you played on the old device, specifying your game name and account password.

Can I transfer my account to another server? Unfortunately, for technical reasons, transferring an account from one game server to another is not possible. This also applies to payments, as they are directly tied to the account. If you want to start the game from scratch on the current server, wait until the account expires. At the initial levels, it takes a week, with an increase in the level, this period gradually increases to 30 days.

Attention! You should not use both the old and the new accounts on the same server for the active game. This will prevent the expiration of the old entry and may be construed as the use of multiple accounts, for which penalties are provided.

How do I start a game on another server? Considering that different languages ??are supported on game servers and different community of players are gathered, some players may want to move from the current server to another, more suitable one. If you have saved your account, you have the opportunity to choose a different game world for the game. Given that all servers are physically separated from each other, you will have to start from scratch. Game progress and payments cannot be transferred to the new server, since they are directly tied to the account. However, you can save the old account on the old server and, if you wish, use both accounts for the game.

In my account, the game started anew from the very beginning. My account is gone. First, make sure that you are not trying to connect to another server. Some updates to the game or the software of your device may cause the data reset of the server on which you are playing, and the next time you enter the game, you will have to create an account again. In addition, after a period of inactivity, accounts can be automatically deleted, and locks can turn into ruins and be removed from the map. If none of the options described above applies to your case, send a request to the support service.

My account has disappeared due to my inaction. In case of prolonged inactivity of the player, his castle may turn into ruins, and the account may be completely deleted. The time it takes for this depends on the level of the account and previously made purchases. If your castle has turned into ruins, it is removed from the map and will no longer be visible to other players. In case of inactivity of a player who previously bought a package of rubies in the store, the next time he enters the game, his castle will appear in a new location on the map.

The progress in the game (including previously gained levels) and the currency (gold and rubies) available on the account of the account will also be saved. However, some components of progress in the game, in particular outposts and villages with resources, may disappear. This is done in order to ensure that active players can progress in the game, since these additions to castles are available in limited numbers. If you have not bought any ruby ??packages before, your progress and items will not be saved. This is done so as not to clutter the map with the locks of inactive players who just tried to play the game once.

Empire Four Kingdoms: What are players banned for?

I want to play in an atmosphere of fair competition! Fair play begins with your account. This means that you should not use inappropriate or abusive names and titles for your account and other game objects. The same rule applies when sending messages in the game. Nobody wants the players to insult each other in chat or mail correspondence, so any confirmed cases of such behavior entail sanctions on the account of the perpetrator.

It is also recommended to ensure the security of your login data so that only you have access to your account and you can not worry about unwanted actions of third parties. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you use only the features available in the game for the game. The use of unauthorized software (the so-called "bots") may adversely affect the security of your account and result in punishment.

Filing a complaint against another player. If you have a conflict with another player or become aware of a violation of the user agreement, of course, a trial will be held. Examples of such violations are inappropriate messages in the game, account sharing, and other types of inappropriate behavior. In order to maintain confidentiality, each complaint is considered by the support service anonymously, that is, without disclosing information about the identity of the player who filed the complaint.

Remember that all complaints are checked, so refrain from false signals in order to annoy another player. If it is established that the alleged violation has indeed occurred, measures will be taken in relation to the account of the violator. When filing a complaint with another player, be sure to provide the following information:

Do not delete all game messages related to the complaint in the inbox until the support service responds to your request. This will allow you to double-check the details of the complaint if the information provided is not clear or incomplete (for example, they will contain low-quality screenshots).

I heard about one bot ... (third-party software). The use of programs that modify the game, its functions or internal mechanics is prohibited by the user agreement. Such programs are usually called "bots" and allow you to automate certain actions in the game. If such software is used, the account of the corresponding player will be permanently blocked.

My account was temporarily locked out. Whats the matter? If your account was blocked, but when you try to log in, you dont see how much time is left before the lock is released, and you did not receive any emails about the reasons for the blocking, wait 10 minutes and try to enter the game again.

The so-called "short-term blocking" was introduced by developers to prevent the use of unauthorized and potentially dangerous programs in the background. If your device has such a program, disconnecting from the game server will force it to stop. This ensures that your account is protected. If you encounter short-term blocking, make sure that you do not use bots and other automation programs.

Empire Four Kingdoms: Hacking and Purchasing Accounts

In order for the game to be fair, players are only allowed to use their own account. Using multiple accounts on the same server gives the player an unfair advantage, therefore sanctions are imposed on such accounts regardless of how the violator obtained access to these records - whether all of them were created by the violator or if the violator gained access to them after the account was sold or providing him with the details of the record for sharing.

Sharing an account means sharing the data with other players, which gives these players the opportunity to log into someone elses account to organize defense, avoid attacks or buy game currency. The ability to respond to all actions and events in the game gives an unfair advantage over other players - not to mention the fact that such transactions can be fraud and pose a threat to the security of your account.

The inability to be online all the time in order to prepare for the expected attack sometimes makes life difficult for the players, but here your alliance can help you. However, not a single castle owner has managed to win all the battles, and defeat in a battle with a stronger or better prepared opponent is also part of the game.

Since the accounts are the property of the developer company, and the user agreement simply gives you the right to use them for the game, the sale or transfer of accounts is not valid and is not recognized by the support service.Thus, the support service will not be able to help you in situations where the seller does not fulfill his part of the transaction, and therefore it is strongly recommended to refrain from transactions of this kind. If the support service becomes aware of the transfer of the account to another player, they have the right to close such an account forever.

At the same time, however, you can play along with other family members at home, having previously reported this to the support service. In this case, you must provide the names of the respective accounts, the email addresses assigned to them, and what kind of relationship you are with each other. If something seems unclear to the support team, they may require additional information. If your account is already locked, they will require additional information to prevent abuse in the game.

Empire Four Kingdoms: What is Prime Time?

Prime time is an action in which, when buying rubies, you get an additional percentage of purchased rubies as a bonus. When making a purchase during the validity period of one of these shares,

You will receive not only the initially selected package, but also the specified percentage bonus. For example, if the promotion provides a 100% bonus and you were going to buy 15,000 rubies, you will receive only 30,000 rubies (15000 + 100%).

Such promotional offers from time to time appear on the screen, but if at the time the offer appeared you were not ready to use them, they remain in the form of icons along the edge of the screen. Each offer contains a timer bar that allows you to see when the promotion ends; this timer is displayed on the stock pop-up screen and at the top of the screen when you go to the store to make a purchase.

Please note that the packages presented in the store indicate the total number of rubies that you will receive, taking into account the bonus. In the above example, the first packet contains 6,500 rubies; this is the total amount of rubies that you will receive when buying after taking into account the bonus percentage. Thus, you will receive exactly as much as indicated in the store.

Personal prime time. From time to time you will receive personalized promotional offers that give a bonus to purchased rubies. These promotions are called personal prime time and apply exclusively to your account. Such offers come across less often, therefore, we advise you to use them if the situation turns up. They act exactly like regular prime time offers, but exclusively for your account. Other players cannot use them. The window and the icon of this promotional offer look a little different, but the promotion works the same way and gives an additional percentage bonus to the package you purchased.

Pay attention to the word "exclusively" in the sentence. This means that this offer is personal. As in the case described above, the store will indicate the total number of rubies taking into account the percentage bonus, and the timer bar is displayed both in the offer window and in the store.

Alliance Prime Time. This promotional offer is slightly different from the ones described above. Bonus rubies are not credited to your account, but to the treasury of the alliance. For example, if you were planning to buy 6500 rubies during the period of this promotion, you will receive 6500 rubies and your alliance will also receive 6500 rubies, but no additional rubies will be credited to your personal account. The window of this promotional offer is also slightly different from the others, so that players can see that the bonus is intended for the alliance:

If the game has simultaneously prime time alliance shares and other shares, they can be used simultaneously. If you tried to take advantage of such promotions, but were able to take advantage of only one of them, contact support.

Empire Four Kingdoms: What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is an action that allows you to get game items for a purchase made in a store (as opposed to the bonus for the number of rubies provided for in prime time). Initially, the game had only ordinary prime day promotions.These are time-limited promotional offers that occasionally appear on the screen and are displayed with a special icon on the edge of the screen (in case you missed a pop-up window). These offers allow you to get the specified items, weapons, equipment and other objects for the declared amount.

For example, if the offer indicates the minimum purchase amount of 6,500 rubies, you can use the promotion after purchasing the appropriate amount of rubies in the store. You do not have to buy rubies at a time: while the promotion is in effect, the game calculates the number of rubies you bought. After reaching the specified minimum amount, you will receive a bonus. A small bar is displayed at the bottom of the offer window - this is an indicator of the number of rubies purchased. As you buy rubies, the strip fills. After reaching a maximum, the indicator resets to zero.

Many of these promotions can be used several times. The corresponding opportunity is indicated in small print at the bottom of the promotion window. From the same note you can find out how many times you can use this promotion. In the above example, the stock can be used 30 more times. For example, if you bought 100,000 rubies, the bar will fill up, a note in the bottom of the window will say: "For the remaining time, you can use this offer {0} times (a).", And the line above the purchase button will say "15000 / 85000 ". Some stocks can be used only once - its better to find out this moment before buying in order to surely get the desired result.

Multilevel Prime Day. Multilevel Prime Day is very similar to the usual. The difference is that this promotion has three different levels, depending on how much you bought. For each of the levels of the promotion, the minimum purchase volume necessary to get this level is agreed. As in the case of a regular prime day, in order to receive a reward and open a new level of promotion, it is not necessary to buy the right amount at a time.

With each purchase, the bar at the bottom of the promotion window is filled. When the bar reaches its maximum, all three levels of rewards will be open. If the stock can be used several times, the strip will be reset to zero, and you will be able to make purchases on the stock again. For example, if you need to buy 15,000 rubies to achieve all three levels of the promotion, and you bought 30,000 rubies, you will receive all three levels of rewards twice for re-filling the promotion. On the other hand, you will not be able to receive first-level rewards twice until you fill the bar to the maximum (however, the higher the level of the promotion, the greater the reward).

Prime Day Basket. These promotions allow you to choose a reward and differ in even more flexible terms than multi-level promotions. As part of this promotion, you are invited to 3 groups, each of which contains 6 items.After you select 3 items from each group, save your selection and press the buy button, you will receive the selected items.

Note. Before making a purchase, you must click the "Save Selection" button. Otherwise, you will not receive promotional items. Do not forget to fill in all the cells of the choice: unlike the multilevel stocks described above, this stock provides only one price. After paying it you will receive all the selected items.

As with other promotions, the lower part of the window indicates in small print how many times this promotion can be used. The bonus indicated at the top of the screen does not apply to rubies, but to the promotional price, so you will not receive bonus rubies for this promotion.

The combination of prime time and prime action. In the event that prime-action and other promotions are simultaneously active in the game, they can be used simultaneously. If you tried to take advantage of such promotions, but were able to take advantage of only one of them, contact support.

Items, decor, equipment and much more!In addition to promotions related to the purchase of rubies, the game also contains promotions related to various game items, equipment, building improvements, etc. To take advantage of such a promotion, you need not to buy, but spend rubies already on your account. The conditions of these promotions are extremely simple: it directly indicates what exactly you will receive, and the cost of the corresponding item in rubies.

Just click the buy button. Rubies will be deducted from your account, and the corresponding items will be added to the appropriate storage. The support service is not able to influence discounted promotions and ensure the availability of these items in the store on order. Continue to play, build and build up your strengths, and sooner or later you will wait for the desired action!

There is no space in my vault / inventory. Will I be able to get resources or items on the stock?Even if your resource storage is full, you can get additional resources for the action. Any purchases of resources (food, wood and stone) made as part of the promotion ignore storage capacity limits and add the appropriate resources to your account. You cannot exceed the storage capacity limit in other ways (with the exception of improvements and research), however, stock purchases will always ignore this limit.

If there is no space in your inventory, you will not be able to exceed the capacity limit, even if you used the offer. There are two limits for equipment inventory: soft, when exceeded, a large red exclamation mark appears on the image of the store, and hard. The soft limit is intended to warn you in time that the storage is almost full, and to enable you to remove some of the items from there if you expect to receive a reward. It is impossible to exceed the hard limit - neither at the expense of purchases, nor at the expense of the rewards received in battles and events. Make sure that you have enough space for equipment, gems or heroes that you expect to receive.

Empire Four Kingdoms: Subscriptions and Personalized Deals

Exclusive bonus offers for buying rubies are controlled by a game system that activates them randomly, but may also depend on additional factors of your account. For example, recently registered players notice that at the early stage of passing the game, they received more bonus offers, continuing the game and increasing the time of participation in it, the number of special offers appears decreases.

When you purchase a subscription, the game system registers this action, which can affect the game in various ways. One example is the establishment of a still random, but increased in time, timer for waiting for a special offer. Since the system takes into account many different factors, such as the level of the game and the number of rubies on the account / number of purchases, offers appear, but the time between appearances is different for each individual player each time, depending on the game account and the personal situation in the game.

In the game there are various types and categories of exclusive offers that can only be received by certain players with strictly defined parameters and characteristics of the account. At the same time, there are proposals that are independent of these criteria. Using various categories of offers and taking into account individual game statistics, the game system determines the maximum possible, in each individual case, duration of a temporary random timer.