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EMPIRE: RISING CIVILIZATION is an Android game with a release date of 07/04/2020 from Funnestemperor Games. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.

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  1. Hero Guide
  2. Types of troops and their pumping
  3. Gameplay Features
  4. Guide to the battle in the imperial zones
  5. Complete overview of all buildings
  6. In-game communication and VIP

Empire: Hero Guide

The set and types of heroes. You can recruit heroes in campaigns, tavern, events and in VIP backpacks. There are 3 types of heroes: the infantry hero, the cavalry hero, and the archer hero. Each type of hero can lead the corresponding warriors.

Hero category. Heroes are categorized into Normal, Excellent, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Eternal. The higher the category, the better the basic properties of the hero.

Ability and properties:

Ability training. You can set an ability and level it up by training your abilities. You have 12 free workout attempts.

Promotion of heroes. Promotion will be unlocked upon reaching player level 90. Using the "Courage" item, you can increase the category of heroes. Promotion progress is reset daily at 24.00. You have a low chance of direct promotion every time. Rare and Epic Heroes can transform into a Legendary Hero. Legendary - into an eternal hero.

Hero artifacts. Artifacts affect the attack, defense and command of all heroes. Each artifact consists of 6 corresponding fragments obtained in special campaigns. After obtaining one fragment, you can spend diamonds and buy the remaining 5 fragments to quickly forge an artifact.

Hero accessories. Wearing accessories increases Attack, Defense and Command. Kinds:

  1. Attack: Wearing a battle drum to boost attack.
  2. Protection: Wearing a battle horn for increased protection.
  3. Command: Wear the banner of victory to increase command.
3 accessories of the same level can be combined to synthesize them into a higher level accessory.

A set of heroes. A set of heroes will be unlocked upon reaching player level 88. You can recruit heroes for free once every 24 hours (attempts are restored daily at 00:00). You can also get an epic hero or Courage to advance heroes.

Elite set. After completing a set of heroes to a certain number, an elite set will be unlocked, which will last 3 days. During this period, you can get a mythical hero or Valor. Recruitment probabilities:

Heroes to collect. You can send heroes to the world to collect resources. After collection, they are automatically returned back. When the city center reaches level 13, it will be possible to receive heroes to gather in the Congress Hall. When you reach level 80 and 85, you can unlock 3 and 4 heroes to collect.

Heroes of the garrison. You can send heroes to garrison in the city in the rampart. When the Congress Hall reaches Level 2, the Garrison Heroes will be unlocked. When you reach player level 100, 105, and 110, you can unlock 2, 3, and 4 garrison heroes. When your city is attacked, the heroes of the garrison will defend it behind the fighting heroes.

Hero equipment. Equipment can have the following properties:

Gear conversion. Excellent and higher equipment can be converted to change its properties. You have the ability to enhance the property during the transformation process. Every hour you have 1 free conversion, total 12 free attempts per day. Conversion happens:

Empire: Types of troops and their pumping

Infantry. You can train your infantry in the barracks. In battles, the infantry limits the archer. At the institute, infantry skills can be researched to unlock top tier infantry with more than a limiting effect on the archer. Warriors of the highest rank will bring additional defeats to warriors of lower rank. After finishing researching infantry skills, the entire infantry group will automatically improve. In the case of the presence of warriors of different degrees, priority is given to training warriors of the highest category. Warrior training consumes food and gold. The more warriors train, the more food will be spent.

You can use Haste Items or spend Diamonds to shorten your workout time. Spend gold to lengthen time and increase the number of warriors training at a time. Spend diamonds to add ranks of warriors and expand the capacity limit.

Cavalry. You can train cavalry troops in the stable. The cavalry limits the infantry in combat. At the institute, cavalry skills can be researched to unlock top tier cavalry with more than a limiting effect on infantry. Warriors of the highest rank will bring additional defeats to warriors of lower rank. After completing the research on cavalry skills, the entire cavalry group will automatically improve. In the case of the presence of warriors of different degrees, priority in training is given to warriors of the highest category. Warrior training consumes food and gold. The more warriors train, the more food will be spent.

Use special items to speed up your workouts and spend diamonds to shorten your workout time. Paying gold increases the number of trainees at a time. Paying diamonds adds ranks of warriors and expands the capacity limit.

Archers. Archers are training at the shooting range. In battles, archers limit cavalry. At the institute, it is possible to research archer skills to unlock supreme archers with more than limiting effects on cavalry. Warriors of the highest category will bring additional defeats to warriors of the lowest category. After completing the research of archer skills, the entire group of archers will automatically improve. In the case of the presence of warriors of different degrees, priority is given to the warriors of the highest degree. Training consumes food and gold. Its consumption depends on the number of trainees.

To improve your workout performance, use gold, diamonds and items to speed up your workouts.

City wall garrison. The walls protect the city. The higher your rank, the more you can recruit defense forces and increase their level, properties and qualities. To do this, train your defense forces. For diamonds, you can transform troops in the city walls. Use food to replenish your garrison. When the wall reaches level 5, the coalition garrison will be closed. Other players can send heroes to your city.

Quartermasters. Quartermasters will be unlocked at the 1st Congress Hall. Quartermasters can send heroes to collect instead of fighting heroes to collect resources in the world.

Janissaries. Janissaries will be unlocked at the 2nd level of the Congress Hall. Janissaries can send garrison troops to the city. With the help of food, the units of the garrison are automatically supplemented. You can spend diamonds to complement squads instantly.

A group of observers. The Observer Group will be unlocked in the Congress Hall Level 3. Reach the required level to unlock missions and orders. Complete missions and orders to increase the group of warriors, led by combat heroes and heroes to collect (increase by a maximum of 4 groups).

Empire: Gameplay Features

Main campaign. After receiving heroes in special chapters, you can recruit them and send them to the military academy to be sent to battle. 10 Strength is spent on each battle. In case of defeat, 8 Forces are returned. When you complete a 3-star chapter, you get a quick cleanup option.

Special campaigns. These include:

  1. Campaign for resources. You will have a temporary opportunity to go on a campaign to extract resources.
  2. Campaign for artifacts. You will have the opportunity to receive fragments of artifacts after completing the campaign for artifacts. Collect 6 fragments to forge artifacts and increase your combat power.
  3. Campaign for projects. You can take part after completing a special campaign. Spend diamonds and get crafting equipment designs at the forge.

Imperial Expedition. Conduct an expedition empire to get useful accessories. The more you progress, the more accessories you get. Every day you have 10 chances to challenge the empire’s expedition. You can use diamonds to buy even more chances. The higher the VIP level, the more chances to buy. If the expedition is unsuccessful, the chance is not used. Chances are restored daily at 00.00.

World class boss. By attacking the leader of the rebels, you can get a huge experience of the Lord and feats. Every day you have one free attack, then chances will have to buy. After each attack on a boss at the world level, you have the opportunity to get acceleration items, food or diamonds. Ranked rewards will be mailed after the defeat of the rebel leader. A new combat zone will be unlocked after defeating the boss at the world level. All Lords can join the battles of the new battle zones.

Attack on fanatical rebels. The lords of one block can attack fanatical rebels. Even if the rebels cannot be completely destroyed, they will not regain their strength. Lords can, with a team, destroy fanatical rebels that randomly appear in the world. The closer the Lords are to the central region, the stronger the power of fanatical rebels.

Lords can receive daily rewards for the 1st destruction of the rebels. Rewards for participation, provided that all Lords participate in the battles, can be issued up to 5 times. On the current day, after the destruction of a certain number of rebels, all members of the block have the opportunity to receive a buff for the march. The buff is only valid when attacking cities and rebels.

Codex. Completing daily, weekly, and monthly quests will earn you experience from the Codex. After improving the Code, you can receive rewards for pumping. After unlocking the Codex, you can gain additional daily experience from the Codex to the level of the current Codex. After reaching a certain level, you can still get a limited image of the Lord, special city themes and other awards.

You can skip the tasks of the Codex and spend diamonds to complete them. If you do not collect Codex rewards, they will be sent to your mail.

Tasks. Complete main missions to quickly upgrade and unlock more features. Complete secondary quests for additional rewards. Complete daily quests to get diamonds. The progress of daily tasks is reset once a day at 24.00.

Military classics. You can get military classics in campaigns or spend coins to buy them in military classics stores. Diamonds can also be exchanged for coins. Each military classic has a base property and some skills. Military classics can be donated and received coins and scrolls for it. The scrolls received in connection with the War Classics donation are used to enhance the War Classics. After each enhancement, the main property is enhanced, reaching a certain level. Due to this, additional military classics can be unlocked or the current classic can be improved.

The relationship of the master and the student. Apprentices are needed to receive friendly bonuses and exchange items in the store. A lord below level 55 can become a student of his friends above level 50 and receive rewards for this. Master and apprentice can only be in one block. The Master can receive rewards as his student improves. You can only become a student of one master. Each Lord can have a maximum of 30 students.

Backpack. Items and equipment will be stored in the backpack. Some item sets require an additional opening in the backpack for use.

Imperial capital. In an empire, each group can capture a maximum of one capital city. After the occupation, the capital can no longer be attacked. Attack higher level rebels to get items for building the capital. Only the Lord of the Empire can build the capital. Large resource points will appear after the set number of buildings.

Large resource points. There can be a maximum of 4 Lords in one resource point. If you have successfully occupied the same area as the major resource points and have been chosen as the ruler, you can let that resource stop production and the enemy cannot take it. Major resource centers will be replaced after their resources are fully harvested.

How to build a block? You can use resources to build a block. Your block will gain experience to level up. You can build your block at least 11 times per day. The first time is free, the more often you build your block, the more resources and rewards you get.

Block mail. The consul, magistrate and senator are entitled to send block mails free of charge. Other Lords need to reach level 55 and VIP3 in order to send block mails. It costs 10 diamonds for each letter block. As the number of sent block letters increases, the fee rises.

Block employees. The block’s employees have privileges and can manage the block. The first eleven Lords in terms of combat strength are ranked and participate in elections. Those in the top third will be consul, magistrate, and senator. The other 8 players will be assigned to the aedile position. The Consul has the power to appoint and dismiss other Lords in the block.

Peerage. To pump the rank of peerage, feats and materials are required. Feats can be obtained from city battles, block wars, and block construction.

Glory to the block. There are 3 ratings on the block glory page: city battle rating, inter-block war rating, and construction rating. Ranking rewards are posted every Thursday. You can receive votes used in employee elections. In a block, all lords can open chests of glory after daily block construction, city battles and block wars.

Block city. The block ownership page displays all bases occupied by your block in that region. After the rebuilding, NPCs guard the bases. Each Lord occupies a maximum of one base. If you have been elected as the ruler of this base, you can receive 2 blueprints for such a base. Every day you can receive 2 blueprints by mail at 21:00 PT. The bases can be rebuilt, restored or abandoned. You cannot rebuild and restore bases in different regions.

Block battles and log. On the world map page, you can click "War" and check all the ongoing city battles and block wars. The block log records the events of rebuildings and battles of the occupied bases.

Empire: Guide to the battle in the imperial zones

Imperial Competitions

The Imperial Competition begins Friday at 8:00 pm PST. During the championship, you can attack Camelot. You can use one hero at a time. When you lose all soldiers, you need to restore the hero, and then attack Camelot. During the recovery process, you can still attack other positions. After the capture of Camelot, the occupation process begins and a timer starts. The enemy can attack Camelot and fight the invaders. If the occupier does not succeed in defending, ownership will be temporarily transferred.

If your camp is occupied by Camelot, when you enter Camelot your army will join the defense. Every 60 seconds, an occupied Thrower will attack Camelot’s troops. The first Camelot holder at the next Empire Championship will be declared the winner. Camelot has an NPC defense force. Every time you lose a soldier, you can get 5 awards in the empire championship.

Every 15 seconds after the occupation, the process will increase by 1%. When Camelot is occupied by another camp, the previous owner’s schedule will decrease by 30%. When the progress reaches 100%, the occupation camp will win, the game will end early. For example: Europe has just taken over Camelot. Its current turn is 50%, increases every 15 seconds by 1%, that is, Europe will win if it continues the occupation for 25 minutes. If Asia is halfway to occupy Camelot, progress in Europe will decrease to 50% * (100% -30%) = 35%. Asia’s growth rate will increase by 1% every 15 seconds.

If no group reaches 100% by the time the activity ends, the most advanced camp wins. If progress is the same, the first to make the most progress in the intensity and timing of the occupation wins.

The number of strokes. Each lord sends heroes to kill opponents. You can score points for a kill. The total number of enemies you have killed will be sorted. You can get the integral.

The occupation integral. After the competition, the lord of the winning camp will receive points for capturing Camelot. After the game, the lord who occupied the catacombs will receive points for capturing it. The occupation plan will be converted into antiquities for the purchase of the legendary equipment of the imperial treasury.

Truce. After the battles of the imperial zones, the consul of the victorious block will be the dictator and receive additional buffs. The dictator can appoint 8 refugees and receive additional buffs and negative effects. The dictator can receive a temporary buff to hasten the march.

Barbarian aggression. If the first battle in the imperial zones is over and 3 capitals are captured, the barbarian aggression will be unlocked. It starts on Tuesday at 8 pm PST and lasts 2 hours. The event lasts every 28 days. Barbarians will carry out aggression against the capitals of the imperial regions that have not been captured. The stage of attack and defense will begin in turn with an interval of 10 minutes.

After the end of the events, all Lord participants will receive 200 bonuses. Bonuses from the event can be used to exchange items in the treasury.

Empire: Complete overview of all buildings

City center. The city center is the most important city building. Upgrade the city center to unlock a higher level of construction. Here you can view your resources, city information and downtown buffs. In urban centers, resources and diamonds can be used to hire tenants to speed up resource production. Hiring tenants is time-limited: if you fail to hire one, the tenant will disappear and you will have to hire a tenant again.

Upgrade your city center to gain access to high-end tenants.

Institute. At the institute, you can study technologies that will help you in all areas. Researching technology costs gold, wood and time. You have the opportunity to invite scientists to accelerate the progress of the research. Hiring Scientists is limited in time: if you don’t have time to hire him, the scientist will disappear and you will have to hire him again. Upgrade the institute to unlock high level scientists.

Forge. Equipment can be crafted in the forge. To create it you need resources and materials. Equipment has six qualities: common, excellent, rare, epic, legendary, and eternal. The better the quality, the better the gear. Different equipment has different properties. The weapon increases ATK. Helmet and armor increase protection. Protection and boots increase command.

All forging materials can be obtained from the pier and shop. At the forge, you can hire a blacksmith to speed up forging. Hiring is limited in time: if you do not meet it, you will have to hire a blacksmith again. To unlock high level blacksmiths, swing the city center.

Military Academy. In the military academy, you control the recruited heroes. The higher the level, power and quality of the hero, the more combat strength he has. Heroes can be obtained in campaigns, in the tavern, in events and in VIP packages.

Score. You can buy resources, materials and warriors in the store with discounts. The higher your VIP level, the more opportunities you have for purchasing discounted items. After using up all bonus chances, you can buy items at the original price. You can buy a VIP package in the store. After reaching a specific player level, you will be unlocked the corresponding packages. Each VIP package can only be purchased once. Discount items are restored daily.

The higher the level of the Lord, the more goods you can buy in the store.

Market. There are 8 chests and 1 random item on the market every day. Every hour you have a chance to open one chest. It is allowed to buy one chest per day at the point of delivery. You can buy 1 random item or buy it after looking at other chests.

Stock. The warehouse saves your resources. A warehouse can protect resources of a certain amount in case of looting due to defeat in battle. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources it can save. You can pick up more resources after a successful attack on an enemy city if your warehouse is pumped to a high level. Each time you improve the level of the warehouse, you get one advanced help, which gives you more resources, and an item of protection against attack for 8 hours.

Gold mine. The gold mine produces gold. The higher the level of the mine, the greater the productivity and its capacity. Resources can be harvested every hour. If you do not collect resources for 12 hours, then they stop being produced. You can hire a peasant tenant in the city center to increase resource production.

Sawmill and quarry. The sawmill produces wood, the quarry produces stone. The higher the level of buildings, the higher their production capacity. Resources can be collected every hour, but at least once every 12 hours (they stop accumulating). Hire workers in the city center to increase the productivity of buildings.

Mill. The mill produces food. The higher its level, the higher the production capacity. Food can be harvested after production in an hour, and if you do not collect it for 12 hours, then it will stop accumulating. Hire workers in the city center to increase resource intensity.

Doc. Use blueprints and resources to complete trades. The number of workers in the block and city affects the time of receiving orders. Expand the Dock to increase the number of orders.

Palace. Interacting with beauties can raise the level of liking. This will unlock the skills of the beauties. After giving gifts, the level of sympathy rises. Daily sympathy received is limited; give gifts to beauties as often as possible. Use jewelry to raise the level of stars and the class of beauties. A date with a beauty helps to raise the level of sympathy, and on a date you can get various precious items. The higher the star level of a beauty, the greater the chances of earning high-quality rewards.

Empire: In-game communication and VIP

Types of messages in the mail. Messages are divided into combat messages, user messages, reports and system messages. Message recipients can be blocked and deleted. All messages are stored in the mailbox for 7 days, and then deleted (including uncollected and blocked messages). Check your mail on time.

Friends. You can add friends in chat rooms, ratings or search by ID. Friends limit is 50 players.

VIP top-up. Buy diamonds to get VIP experience and increase your VIP level. VIP experience can also be gained from events and packages. Reach the desired VIP levels to purchase the corresponding VIP packages. Each VIP package can only be purchased once. The store is updated daily. The higher your VIP level, the more chances you have to buy discounted items. After using VIP chances, items can be purchased at the regular price.

Article author: Nadezhda D.