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EPIC SUMMONERS 2 is an Android game with a release date of 07/02/2020 from FT Games. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to get and level up heroes?
  2. Game Building Guide
  3. How to Adventure and Fight?
  4. Combat properties of heroes
  5. Guild Features
  6. Why Do We Need Friends?
  7. Player Account

Epic Summoners 2: How to get and level up heroes?

Adventure Gate. For completing certain stages, you can earn fragments of heroes. In addition, fragments of heroes drop out at some stages.

The magic code. Get 10 points for each Silver Key played once. Get 30 points for each golden key played once. Get 100 points for each card played for diamonds. Play 10 times in a row to get 1100 points. For every 10,000 points accumulated, get 1 guaranteed treasure chest. Open the Guaranteed Treasure Chest for a Guaranteed Combo Hero.

Score. Fragments of heroes are sold in stores.

Improvement. Upgrading increases parameters, but consumes perfume and gold coins.

Raising the rank. When a hero reaches a certain level, you can increase his rank by steps. This will significantly improve its parameters.

Promotion. Some heroes can be increased by spending other heroes. As a result, their parameters and skills will be improved.

Advanced equipment. In the forge and at the stages, you can get advanced equipment that increases attack, HP and armor. If the set is activated, additional parameters are increased.

Artifact. Artifacts allow you to increase the parameters of the hero.

Epic Summoners 2: Game Building Guide

Adventure Gate. In this adventure, heroes can engage in automatic and manual combat. You can earn gold, adventure experience, hero experience and equipment. At any difficulty level, fragments of heroes and gifts drop out.

Dragon Tower. In the Dragon Tower, you can test your strength. After defeating the monsters, the summoner can climb the tower and increase the experience of the Dragon Tower treasure chest. After that, treasure chests can be obtained at regular intervals.

Magic cube. The theme of the challenge altar changes every day. Depending on the theme of the day, fragments of 5-star heroes of different classes drop out. Fragments of holiday heroes fall on the holidays.

Pet room. The challenge keepers in the book guard the pet egg. Defeat them and grab the egg to breed the pet and use its aura.

Forging. Equipment is an important component of improving heroes. Equipment can be forged from obsidian and coils at the forge. Unnecessary equipment can be disassembled and received in exchange for fire crystals.

The magic code. Get 10 points for each Silver Key played once. Get 30 points for each golden key played once. Get 100 points for each card played for diamonds. Play 10 times in a row to get 1100 points. For every 10,000 points accumulated, get 1 guaranteed treasure chest. Open the Guaranteed Treasure Chest for a Guaranteed Combo Hero.

Mage of souls. When dismantling heroes with 1-4 stars, you can get a random item, including a fragment of a 5-star hero. When dismantling heroes with 5-10 stars, you can get runes. The higher the star level, the more runes you can get.

Score. Bargain stores sell daily items. Each item, including discounted items, can only be purchased once. The Update feature allows you to update items and discounts, including items purchased on that day. In the arena store, purchases can only be made with arena coins obtained in the arena. There are special hero fragments and certain items that can only be purchased here.

The guild shop can only be used by guild members. Guild Shop purchases can only be made with guild coins. As the level of the guild increases, more items appear in the shop. If an item is sold out, it will take some time to restock it. By participating in limited-time in-game events, you can earn fruit. After updating the fruit shop, fragments of heroes will appear in it.

Arena. To enter the arena, you need to spend arena points. In case of victory over the opponent, part of the arena points is returned. Once summoner points reach the lowest required amount, rating rewards can be earned. In the cross-server arena, summoners from different servers can compete. Each ticket is valid for 5 battles, each victory is taken into account. Summoners who have passed the highest league are counted in the win rating and receive rating rewards.

Epic Summoners 2: How to Adventure and Fight?

Level. Complete combat missions in a stage to reach a certain level and move to the next stage.

Boss battles. After completing certain stages, a stage boss appears, for defeating which you can receive a reward.

Autoboy. Autoboy allows you to earn gold coins, experience, spirits and some types of trophies. In more difficult stages, rarer trophies can be earned. Trophies cannot be obtained 8 hours after leaving the network.

Position. Heroes on both sides attack mainly the heroes in the front row. Build heroes strategically depending on their parameters.

Class. Heroes are divided into classes: warriors, mages, arrows and priests. Warriors have more HP and armor, they fight well in the front row. Mages and archers have low armor, but high attack, they fight well in the back row. Priests have low stats, but they can restore HP of other heroes and fight well in the middle row.

Victory or defeat. Battles end in defeat if they last more than 15 rounds or if all heroes die. To win, kill all enemy heroes in no more than 15 rounds.

Epic Summoners 2: Combat properties of heroes

List of properties. Your heroes have the following properties:

Epic Summoners 2: Guild Features

Create a guild. If you have not yet joined a guild, then after reaching a certain level you can spend a certain amount of diamonds in the "Guild" menu and create your own guild.

Joining a guild. To join a guild, enter the guild ID in the Guild menu or select a guild from the list. The guild officer can accept or reject your application.

For successful development in the game, you need to join strong top guilds with active players. Do not linger in weak guilds, look for the best option for yourself.

Guild tech. In the guild technology menu, you can improve certain parameters by spending guild technology points.

Guild dungeon. An ancient test site. Each member of the guild can fight in the dungeon a certain number of times a day. In each battle, you can earn guild coins, which can be spent in the guild shop for commonly used items. Guild technology can also only be developed by fighting in the dungeon. After each battle, the difficulty increases and the rewards increase.

Epic Summoners 2: Why Do We Need Friends?

Add a friend. Click on the avatars in the Chat Channel menu to send friend invitations, or use the recommendations to add friends.

Add active players who are not inferior to you in terms of development and with good online as friends! Only such friends will send you friendship points on a regular basis.

Friendship points. Friendship points can be given to friends and received from friends. Friendship points are spent on attacking the friendship boss.

Friendship boss. Periodically, you can conduct a search in which there is a chance of a friendship boss spawning. Help your friends defeat this boss and earn points. Point rewards are mailed every two weeks.

Epic Summoners 2: Player Account

How do I recover my password? Link your account in the settings. After binding, you can change the password.

I have changed my device, can I enter the game with it? Of course. Log in to your account with your email and password, go to settings and click "Change account". If you connected your account to Facebook or Google Play, you can use them to enter the game on a new device.

Can I create multiple characters on one account? Yes, you can. To create a new character, just change the server in the settings. But each server can only have one character, and the ability to reset the game and start a new character is not yet supported.

I can’t see the hero of my account, what should I do? First, make sure you haven’t accidentally changed the server. If your hero is still not there, please report it to support.

How do I report other players? To submit a complaint, simply click on the exclamation mark next to the player’s messages. You can also write down its ID and then contact support.

What is the reward for the first deposit? A gift for the first purchase is valid for any top-up. Go to the Events menu to view the details of the reward, then click on the first purchase gift.

Why has the purchase amount changed? Purchases are calculated at the latest exchange rates and are therefore subject to fluctuations.

Article author: Nadezhda D.