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Walkthrough F1 Manager: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

F1 MANAGER - Android game with release date 05/08/2019 from the company Hutch Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Grand Prix Events
  3. Bugs and Fitch games

F1 Manager: A Beginners Guide

How to play? During the race you control two pilots. The higher the place of your pilots in the ranking, the more points they will receive. You can control the speed of each car and decide when they go to the pit stop. However, the faster you drive, the more fuel is consumed and the faster the tires wear out. Refueling is prohibited during a pit stop - so make sure you have enough fuel until the end of the race!

How to win? Each car that finishes the race receives points. The higher your place in the ranking, the more points you will receive at the end of the race. Your goal is to get more points than two cars of your opponent.Often this means that it is not necessary to strive to take first and second place - to win it is enough to score more points than the opponent.

What is qualification? Qualification takes place automatically after each race and determines the starting position of your cars and cars of your opponent. Qualification is always considered the fastest lap time for the specified pilot and car. After qualification you can choose which tires you want to use at the beginning of the race.

What tires are worth using in a race? You can choose between three types of tires: Soft, Hard, Wet.

If the weather gets hotter than usual, tires can wear out faster! If the race starts in the rain, the game will automatically select the Wet tires to start, but you can change them if you want.

How do pit stops work? In pit stops, you can change tires. You can choose between three types of tires: Soft, Hard, Wet. Also during pit stops, any component that failed during the race is repaired.

In the pit stop you can stop as much as you like, but it is important to remember that refueling is prohibited! It is important to correctly calculate the fuel level so that it is enough for the entire race.

Try not to start both pilots in the pit stops at once, otherwise one of them will have to wait in line and lose time because of this!

What happens if I run out of fuel during the race? If during the race you run out of fuel, your car will exit the race and get zero points.

How to speed up cars? Get and equip new components and pilots (collectively called "resources") to improve your performance in races and during training.

How to get new pilots and components? New pilots and components can be found in the drawers. Equip new pilots and components to make them work in races. They can also be improved, this will increase their productivity.

How to get boxes? There are four ways to get boxes:

  1. Crates of supplies are awarded as rewards for winning the race.
  2. Racing boxes can be obtained by collecting 100 racing points. Racing points are points that your two pilots receive at the end of the race.
  3. A free box can be opened every 4 hours.
  4. Boxes can be bought for bucks in the store.

What prizes can I get from the box? Boxes give a chance to get five types of prizes: pilots, components, power-ups, coins and bucks.

What types of pilots and components can I get from the box? There are two factors that influence the presence of certain pilots and components in each box: series and rarity level.

  1. Series: The boxes that are issued for winning the race correspond to the series of this race. For example, winning a series 3 race will bring a series 3 box. A series 3 box gives a chance for pilots and components of the series 3 and below.
  2. Rarity Level: There are three rarity levels for pilots and components (regular, epic, and rare). Each box gives a percentage chance of getting a pilot or component of a higher rarity. For example, if you open a series 3 box, you have a chance to get regular, epic, and rare pilots and / or components from series 1, 2, and 3.

What are pilot statistics? Each pilot has 6 statistics:

  1. Overtaking. Determines how many overtaking opportunities a pilot sees.
  2. Defense. Determines how effectively the pilot can prevent overtaking.
  3. Constancy. A high level of constancy means that the pilot goes through circles for about the same time and adheres well to the strip. These statistics also increase the chance of a quick start in the race.
  4. Fuel management. A high level of fuel management reduces fuel consumption during races.
  5. Tire management. A high level of tire management reduces tire wear during racing.
  6. Driving in the rain. Improves pilot performance in wet weather.

What is component statistics? Components have five statistics:

  1. Power. Determines the maximum speed and acceleration of your cars.
  2. Aero Minimizes air resistance and improves speed in fast corners.
  3. Clutch. Improves car contact with the track and speed on slow corners.
  4. Reliability. Reduces the likelihood of component breakdown during the race.
  5. The average time in the pit stop. Shows how much time on average your cars spend in the pit stop. The shorter the time, the faster the stop.

How to improve pilots and components? To improve the pilot or component, you must have the required number of duplicates and coins. When duplicate resources are received, the improvement indicator rises. Once the indicator is full, you can improve the resources with the help of coins.

What are bucks and coins? Bucks are the most valuable tool in the game. They can be purchased in the application and used to purchase boxes, components, amplifications and coins in the store. You have a chance to get a small amount of bucks from most boxes. Coins are used to improve pilots and components, as well as racing.

What will I get for winning the race? To participate in the race, you must pay the entry fee. In case of victory, you will receive this entry cost back - along with the entry cost paid by the rivals. By winning the race, you will also receive flags. They are used to unlock higher series. For each victory in the race you will also receive a box.

Will I get anything if I lose the race Regardless of whether you win or lose the race, your final race points are added to the race box scale in the main menu. As soon as you score 100 racing points, you will receive a racing box.

About series and flags. You can choose a race in one of seven series. At the beginning of the game, only series 1 will be unlocked. For each victory in the race, you will receive flags as a reward. The number of flags awarded per race depends on the series. For each series, there is also a maximum number of flags that can be obtained in this series. Winning a race in a higher series is awarded with a large number of flags. However, if you lose, you also lose flags. The number of flags required to unlock a series is indicated on the panel of each series. The cost of participating in races increases with each series - while the size of the prize also rises.

Will the series block again if I lose too many flags? An unlocked series remains unlocked forever. Even if you still have zero flags, the unlocked series will not be blocked. You cannot have a negative number of flags.

What tracks are offered in the game? In the current version of the game, 21 tracks are now offered:

How do amplifications work? Strengthenings increase the statistics of pilots during the race. You can equip the gain for each pilot during tire selection after qualification. The same gain cannot be equipped on both pilots.The same gain will be applied during each pit stop in the race. If you run out of power during the race, your team will be able to equip it during a pit stop.

Who am I competing with? Fair competition and the ability to quickly get into the race are key aspects of the game! F1 Manager always tries to find a living opponent with a similar number of flags for you as quickly as possible. The strength of your team can also be taken into account to avoid choosing unequal opponents.

Selection of an opponent in a duel. When you enter a duel, the system looks at all the rivals in the network, who are also looking for a race in the same series as you, trying to find one that has about the same number of flags as you. The system takes into account the highest number of flags ever achieved by each player. This prevents players from losing flags on purpose to find weaker opponents. If the system cannot find anyone with the same number of flags as yours, then it starts looking for an opponent from among the players directly above or below you in the ranking. As a result, players may have a slightly different number of flags, but they will still be able to compete with each other.

What happens if there are no rivals? If the system cannot find you a live opponent with a similar flag level to quickly start the race, it will quickly pick you an opponent with a similar number of flags recently played in this series.

A series of defeats. The game has a special system in which for players who have several defeats in a row, opponents can be selected differently so as not to continue their series of defeats.

What are leagues? In leagues, you can compete weekly with other players from around the world. The league currently consists of 13 divisions, from Beginner to Legends. To pass the divisions you need to win coins in races.These coins accumulate during the week and are taken into account in your rating. In this case, only coins won in races are taken into account, but not coins obtained from boxes or in a store. Only players in the promotion zone will be promoted to the next division.

Try not to fall into the lower zone, otherwise you will fall back. Do not forget that staying between these two zones, you will remain in the same division next week. At the end of the league, players with the best ratings receive a box as a reward, and boxes in higher divisions contain more resources. Leagues are held every week, from 11:00 Moscow time on Monday to 11:00 Moscow time the next Monday. After completing the weekly league, you will receive a prize depending on your ranking and division.

How can I change a car? If you click on the "Connect to Facebook" button on the main screen, a window will open. There you will see a button for changing the color of the car.

How to get free items? You can get free coins and a box by watching ads. You can watch 7 commercials every 8 hours. In the lower left corner of the screen also offers another option for receiving a free mailbox.

What happens in case of a tie? Sometimes you and your opponent get the same amount of points at the end of the race. When this happens, victory is awarded to the player whose lead pilot will finish at the highest position.

F1 Manager: Grand Prix Events

What are the events of the Grand Prix? These are five-day events in which you can compete with players from around the world for huge prizes. In most cases, Grand Prix events are synchronized with the official Formula 1 calendar. Events of this type consist of 3 rounds:

  1. Qualification (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday),
  2. First (Saturday)
  3. Final (Sunday).

In each round you will find a series of races that you need to win to get to the next!

How to enter the events of the Grand Prix? Grand Prix events are located in the game modes menu next to "Duel". You get into it by clicking the "Race" button on the main screen.

Scoring points. As in the "Duel" mode, your final score in the race will depend on the final position of your two pilots, representing the amount of points they earned. The score increases with each round. The more it will be, the higher in the leaderboard you will finish! Boxes for victories in the Grand Prix event races are not issued, but the coins earned in them will be taken into account when determining your rank in the weekly league.

Qualification round. When you first get into the Grand Prix event, you will automatically find yourself in the qualification group, after which you will need to take part in several races with non-players. Being among the 50% of the best racers of your group, you will end up in the first round. Keep in mind that prizes in the Grand Prix event are only awarded to participants in the final round! If you do not manage to quickly pass the qualification, do not be discouraged - it is held for three days, from Wednesday to Friday. To get into the first round, it is enough to qualify in any of them!

First round. Having achieved success in the qualifying round, you will move to the first round. You will again be in a group with other F1 Manager players, but this time it will be much larger - this means that you will have more opponents and more races. To break into the final round, in each race will have to act with extreme caution.

Final round. Only the best managers get into the final round, and this time you will have to compete with the real elite. Getting to this stage is not easy in itself, so each of its participants is guaranteed to receive a prize! Well, your final place in the Grand Prix event will determine how good this prize will be.

At what difficulty levels can I play in Grand Prix events? Grand Prix events are available on many different difficulty levels, the maximum of which is determined by your weekly league division:

The cost of participation in the Grand Prix event and each race depends on the chosen complexity.You can play at any level of difficulty below your current division, just do not forget that with increasing complexity, the value of prizes also increases!

What happens if you dont finish the race? If you dont finish the race you started or leave it, you will get the minimum possible number of points - 3.

Can I win or lose flags in Grand Prix event races? In the Grand Prix event races, flags are not used, however, you can win and lose coins in them, as in "Dueling".

What happens if I score the same number of points in a Grand Prix event with another player? If several players score the same number of points, additional indicators are taken into account to determine the best one:

F1 Manager: Bugs and Fitch games

How to save an account? You can backup your save by logging into Facebook (iOS and Android) or Google Play (Android only). F1 Manager has several pop-ups throughout the game to remind you of this. If you are connected to Facebook, reconnect to the FB in the game to upload your progress by clicking the profile icon on the main screen or reinstall the game and select the FB connection on the login screen. If you are using Android:

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Games app on your phone.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Make sure that the "Login" checkbox in the game is automatically checked.
  4. Run the F1 manager to download your progress.

If you intend to transfer your progress from one device to another, it is highly recommended that you save it on both Facebook and Google Play to ensure that your save is transferred and can be received. There is currently no way to transfer your save without Facebook or Google Play. You can also log in to Facebook to share progress on Android and iOS and vice versa.

How to play offline? To play F1 Manager, you need a permanent Internet connection. If the device is offline, you cannot start the game.

How to lose progress? Unfortunately, you cannot reset a saved game, but here are some tips on how to get back into battle! Watch ads every 8 hours to get free coins and boxes. Also log into the game every 4 hours to receive an additional free box. In addition, you will receive racing points even for those races in which you lose.Collect 100 racing points and get another free box!

I want to buy a resource, but it is not in the store! The daily resource store is reset and shows new cards every day. Keep peeking in there! The map you need will eventually appear there.

What languages ??is the game available in? F1 Manager is available in the following languages:

Return of purchase. Developers will reimburse the cost of a purchase made on the Android platform, subject to the following conditions:

  1. You contact the customer support within 48 hours from the date of purchase;
  2. The purchased item (s) has not been spent, consumed, changed or sold.