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Family Farm Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FAMILY FARM - an Android game with the release date 02/25/2013 from the company Century Game. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Family Farm Seaside download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Tips for a Main Farm
  3. Neighbors & Pals
  4. Island Farm Guide
  5. Island Farm Garden Guide
  6. How to play now after the upgrade?
  7. Correct Account Settings
  8. Attention, quest bugs

Family Farm: A Beginnerís Guide


The warehouse is divided into three tabs:

In the tab "Decor" you can put only decor. When the tab is full, you will get the opportunity to place the decor in the "Warehouse" tab.

Attention: You cannot put items from the "Warehouse" tab into the "Decor" tab! You can also improve the Decor tab to get more decor in stock.

How can I put items into the warehouse? To place items in the warehouse, click the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen on the right, then click on the storage icon circled in a red circle in the picture. Click on the icon to place the item in the warehouse.

How do I move items from the warehouse back to the farm? To move an item from the warehouse back to the farm, click on your warehouse, find the desired item and click the "Use" button. After that, you can set the item back to the farm.

I can not put items in the warehouse. If you are unable to place the item in the warehouse, please check the following before writing to customer support.

  1. You are trying to put in a warehouse a machine in which products or ingredients are left. Use all ingredients and collect all products from the machine before storing. After production ceases, the machine will be ready to move to the warehouse.
  2. You are trying to put an animal in the warehouse when it still has food or unassembled products. Wait for the food to be eaten, then collect all the foods. Now you can put the animal in the warehouse.
  3. Your warehouse is full. Improve the warehouse to increase its volume.
  4. You cannot use the storage tool because you do not have a storage icon. This indicates that your warehouse is not yet completed, you need to hire workers!

Mass production. Batch production helps produce products on the farm while the farmer is not in the game. It requires OP to work. This feature is available for players at level 10 and above. To open the batch production function, click on the small triangle at the bottom of the screen. Select the desired car or animal. Indicate the number of products that need to be produced. A machine or animal will be added to mass production. After the products are ready, click on the machine or animal to collect the products in the barn.

Please note that with the increase in the number of products, the number of PRs and the time required for production will increase.

Improving mass production. In order to add an additional slot to mass production, you need to improve it.Click on the "Improve" button to the right of the batch production window. You will need to dial the required number of required parts in order to improve mass production. For mass-production, OPs are required. If you do not have enough OR, you will not be able to use this function.

How to get FA for free? In the Family Farm game, there are several ways to get free FA - Farm Assignments.

Automation and OP. Automation only works when the application is running. Automation uses OP and automatically fills machines and feeds animals. If your barn runs out of products or your OP runs out, automation will stop working.

How to enable or disable automation? Automation can be turned on or off for each object individually.Click on the yellow arrow, then click on the yellow gears.

After you click on the yellow gears, automation switches will appear above each object in the area. With their help, you can turn automation on or off.

How many OPs are used for automation? The amount of OP required for automation depends on the type of machine. Some machines require more ingredients. Usually 1 OP is required for the added ingredient and 1 OP for the product produced.

How many OPs do I have and how can I get more? The number of OPs that you currently have is displayed at the very top of the screen.

OP can be purchased for FA. Click on the market icon, select Resources on the left side of the screen, then select the desired number of OP. You can also go here by clicking on the OP-button, which is located next to the envelope icon.

What is a daily bonus? What can I get for continuous entry into the game every day? Every day for entering the Family Farm you will receive a special reward called the daily bonus! This bonus may be one of the items listed below. What you get depends on good luck.

The easiest way is to win the coins that you will receive on the first, second, third and fourth day of the game.After the coins you will have a chance to get fertilizer, gasoline or OP. The hardest part is getting a free FA, because everyone needs a FA! You will be notified of the bonus automatically as soon as you enter the game.

How to get fertilizer, gasoline, OP or FA? You will be able to receive these special bonuses for every 5 day of daily entry to the Family Farm. The exact bonus you receive depends on your luck. Keep coming in continuously!

How to use the bonus?

Will I receive the same bonuses, no matter what day I go? The type of bonus changes every 5 days and its amount may increase. For example, if on day 5 you get fertilizer 5 times, then on day 10 you can get fertilizer 25 times. However, if you log in for more than 20 days, the amount of bonus remains unchanged.

What happens if I miss 1 day? If you missed a day and did not go to the Family Farm, your bonus rewards will begin again from the first day!

Collected items (salt, vinegar, wasabi, etc.) Some products can be collected from a resource item without production. All you have to do is buy the resource item needed to get the right product and put it on the farm.These items can be found on the Market in the "Collect" section:

You can purchase more items to collect on the farm market for FA or receive as a reward for the collection task.Some special items to collect are not currently available in the game (for example, a chocolate dragon, an ice dolphin, Santa in a pipe, a chocolate fountain, a fountain, etc.). They will again be available in the game during special events.

How to change the ingredients for a car? All machines have levers. The picture below shows that the cheese factory is configured by default to produce cheddar cheese from cowís milk.

When you push the lever, a window with possible products will appear. Click on the product you need to cook. If you donít see what you need, try scrolling your finger over the other options.

Map editor

Want to make your farm even more beautiful for a beauty contest and donít want to spend a lot of time on it? Now the game has new ways to move objects. You can find them by clicking on the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen> then on the four blue arrows linked together> Map Editor (last picture).

Ways to move items

Square mode. Move the yellow arrow to select the space inside which will be all the objects that you would like to move. Items in the selected space will be moved all together.

Selection mode. This mode allows you to simultaneously select several items to move. Selected items will be moved all together.

Pick up and move. When applying this mode, all selected items will be lifted from the farm and saved in a pop-up tab. You can move items from the tab back to the farm, placing them where you need to. This mode will help you out if you donít have much space on your farm.

Lift and move: All. When applying this mode, all items will be picked up from the farm and saved in a pop-up tab. Use this mode if you want to completely remove all objects from the farm before placing them on the farm in a new way.

Trails of the landscape. Trails are a great way to make your farm cozy and elegant! Trails have been introduced to Family Farm since version 4.0. Now your pets and guests can walk along the trails on your farm. To access the trails, click on the yellow arrow:

and then to the button:

You can use this tool to see all your current paths and make new ones. Some trails will be available for free, and some will cost coins or FA. Click on the "i" icon to see the price of the trail.

The nursery and guest center will need to be placed close to the trail so that guests and pets can begin to walk around the farm. Also, trails are needed to earn landscape points.

Landscape points

Landscape points have several purposes. The more landscape points you have, the more chests your pet will be able to dig out in a day. Your guests will also be happy to stay on your farm longer. Landscape points can be acquired by setting decors next to ponds and trails. Each object and each trail has a limit of landscape points, which they can gain from their surroundings. You can check this limit by clicking on íií.

After setting the decor next to the trail, your farm will have landscape points.

The screenshots above show the number of landscape points before and after setting the decor. After installing the decor, the number of landscape points increased from 0 + 0 to 3 + 0. Now the trails cannot be sold, but you can save an unlimited number of trails! If you want to change the paths that are on the farm, click on the yellow arrow icon:

then to the trail and pond icon:

and then to the storage icon to take away the path that you donít want to use now:

How to get OB? OB is the new currency in the game. OBs can be used to purchase items on the market, pet clothes, fishing odds, and call boats to your marina. There are two main ways to get OB. The first way is to fulfill guestsí orders at the guest center. The second way is to exchange the FA for the OB by clicking the "+" sign next to the OB icon at the top of your game screen. The currency exchange panel will open, as in the screenshot below:

After that, the OB can be exchanged for coins by clicking on the "+" sign next to the number of coins at the top of your game screen.

Note: after exchanging FA for OB, as well as after exchanging OB for coins, reverse exchange is not possible.

Other ways to obtain OM:

  1. Sale of products from the laboratory in a supermarket;
  2. Getting OB from buddies. The ability to send OBs to friends is available to players at the country club level 10 and above.

Farm chat

Available starting at level 10, and you can enter it by clicking on the chat icon next to the barn icon on the game screen.

There are 4 tabs in the chat: News, My Posts, Chat, and Settings.

News. The news tab shows all the statuses and requests of your neighbors. If you would like to delete any of your statuses, just click on it and then on í-í.

  1. Requests. Now, requests for items for special tasks, materials for cars, and so on will be displayed directly in the news feed. When you help a neighbor by fulfilling his request, you will receive 1 experience point and 10 coins for each request! You can also click "Send to All" and fulfill all the requests of the neighbors at once.
  2. Status. You can write your status in the text box at the top of the panel. You can also like the status of your neighbor by clicking on the thumb up icon.
Note: The number of posts per day is limited. You can check the available number by clicking on the `` i íí button (see the screenshot below).

My posts. In this tab you can view all your statuses and requests sent by you.

Chat Here you can chat with your neighbors. Just click on the button "Start a new chat!" and choose which neighbor youíd like to chat with. You can choose an interlocutor among friends, neighbors or acquaintances.

Settings In the chat settings, you can change the chat notification settings. If you would like to turn off or on all chat notifications, you can do this in the settings tab.

To-do list. If it is difficult for you to remember all the tasks and their order at once, you can add them to the to-do list so as not to forget! You can add orders and tasks to the to-do list by clicking on the icon of the desired item in the task or order, and then - on the to-do list icon with a "+".

Note: The function is available only for certain types of orders and tasks. You can add a maximum of 20 orders and tasks to the to-do list.

To check your tasks and orders, click on the mini-quest icon ("!") Under your game photo and go to the second tab, where the to-do list is located.

Tasks and orders will be automatically removed from the to-do list when you complete them. Or you can delete them manually, returning to the task, and then clicking on the "?" and to-do list icon with a "-".

Fish market. Do you have a lot of fish that you donít need? Sell ??it at the fish market for shells. For these sinks, you can then buy the fish that you are missing.

When you have enough shells, open the second tab in the fish market to buy the fish that you need.

The first two slots in the purchase tab will contain items at a discount. Every day, these items will be updated.Each day it will be possible to purchase a maximum of 10 units of each item sold at a discount. You can enter the fish market from the fishing pier by pressing this button:

Beginner Bonus. Enjoy newbie bonuses to help you work on the farm.

Senior levels. If you have reached level 151, you will see the icon of the senior levels, and after gaining new experience you will go to level 152.

What are the benefits of senior tiers? A new progress bar icon will now be on the experience bar. He looks very stylish! Each time you reach the required amount of experience, you will receive a bonus experience.

Stocks of experience. When you reach level 151, you can click on the experience bar to open the "Experience Reserves". It will show how much experience you need to get in order to reach the next reward for bonus coupons, as well as what rewards you can get now for the available coupons. For example, you can get special pet cards (for example, a bonus box of luck and special pet cards). If you choose a bonus box of luck, you will receive an item randomly selected from a specific set of items. This set in the bonus box of luck will change regularly.

Farmís birthday. The longer you play Family Farm, the better the rewards! Come to the farm on your farmís birthday every year and receive gifts and congratulations! Farm Birthday Benefits:

How can I send farm birthday presents? When you see that your neighbor has a farm birthday, you can send him rewards!

Just visit the farm of this neighbor and click on the cake icon next to the name of his farm. A new window will open where you can send gifts to this neighbor. Each gift has its own price, and each gift can be sent a limited number of times (sending a gift is considered not only by you, but by all neighbors). If the maximum limit has already been reached, the gift button will turn gray and you can no longer send this gift. Do not worry, you can always send another gift! After you choose a gift for your neighbor, you will have the opportunity to write him a personal message. And after sending the gift you can receive a reward in the form of blue Mistrons and coins.

Family Farm: Tips for a Main Farm

How to produce red eggs? You will need to increase the level of your chicken coop improver to 3, and the mill improver level to 5.

  1. Purchase the feed flour gadget in the blue mystron section of the Mystery store and install this gadget on the mill improver.
  2. You will also need a gadget for red eggs. get it there, in the section of blue Mistrons, and install the chicken coop on the improver.
  3. Make flour in a mill, and sometimes, depending on your luck, you will receive feed flour.
  4. Feed the chicken in the chicken coop with feed flour, making sure that the chicken coop is installed on the improver along with the gadget for red eggs, and the chickens will begin to produce red eggs.

Archive of special tasks. Do you have free time? Looking for new adventures and nice rewards? Complete tasks from the archive of special tasks! The archive of special tasks is located in the lighthouse on the main farm.

Each old special task consists of two or more parts. To complete each part after its activation, 3 days are given.Complete part of the task to highlight the picture! And after you complete the task, you will receive the reward shown below. Some tasks are not yet available in the game. Please select "Ready to start", as shown in the picture above, if you want to see only those tasks that can be started right now.


Grandfather will help develop a farm! Build a laboratory with him, and you can accelerate the production of products and grow unique fruits and vegetables. The lab will become available at level 11.

Basic research. Unlock and apply basic research technologies to immediately collect honey, milk or cheese.Using active technology will also give you laboratory points needed to upgrade your laboratory.

How to use technology? Close the laboratory window and click on the gray panel at the bottom of the screen to open the technology window. In the technology window, you can select the technology that you would like to use.

To use and develop technologies, you need a special substance - pharmum! Go through mini-quests and open chests of mini-quests to get a farmium.

Specialization: plant science, wood science, zoology or mechanical engineering? Having mastered the basic research and reaching the laboratory level 4, you can choose a specialization: plant medicine or wood science. By choosing plant medicine , you can buy plant seeds at a lower price in the market, as well as receive rare plant seeds and special recipes on the stove.

The first technology available with this specialization is the cultivator . Using a cultivator, you can reduce the price of seeds of those plants that you buy in the market. After you unlock the passive plant technology that is responsible for obtaining seeds of rare plants, you can receive seeds of rare plants using a cultivator. Open this technology in the laboratory panel and click on "?" To view instructions for using this technology.

Having chosen the archeology , you can shoot trees with tree amplifiers and get coins and additional fruits for this. You can also get rare fruit seeds and special recipes on the stove. The first technology available with this specialization is a tree booster . Using the tree booster, you can shoot trees and get coins and extra fruits.

After you unlock the passive tree technology that is responsible for obtaining rare fruit seeds, you can receive rare fruit seeds using a tree booster. Open this technology in the laboratory panel and click on "?" To view instructions for using this technology.

Please note that you can shoot from the tree booster only at trees that were purchased for coins and whose fruits are already ripe. After a tree is fired at with a tree amplifier, the tree will disappear from your farm!

Having chosen zoology , you can use technology that will allow your animals to produce products very quickly and without feed! You can also get rare animal materials and special recipes for the stove. The first technology of zoology is Wild Hunger. Thanks to "Wild Hunger" your animal will be able to produce products automatically and free of charge for a certain time. When you unlock the Rare Materials passive zoology technology, you will also receive rare materials using this technology. To get training, open this technology in the technology panel and click on "?".

By choosing a machine technology , you can produce several secret products immediately! You can also get materials for rare products and special recipes for the stove. The first engineering technology is Out of Nowhere.Thanks to Out of Nowhere, you can produce some amazing products with your machines right away! When you unlock the passive Rare Materials technology, you will also receive rare materials using this technology. To get training, open this technology in the technology panel and click on "?".

Change of specialization. You can change the specialization at any time: all unlocked technologies and the level of their development will remain the same if you return to this specialization again! To change the specialization, go to the laboratory and scroll to the bottom of the laboratory window, and then click the "Change specialization" button.

Important: You can change the subject of specialization for free only once.

Bank of rarities

When using the active skills of each specialization, you have a chance to get rare seeds or materials for unique plants and fruits or unique products. You can find all the seeds and materials that you received in the rarities bank. You need to accumulate a certain amount of seeds / materials before you can plant / process them. Trees and plants must go through several stages of growth. Open the rarities bank and click on the "i" icon in the image of seeds or materials to find out detailed information about them.

You will also need an essence to grow a particular plant / fruit or process rare materials. Fulfill guest orders in the guest center to get the essence. You can find all the collected special plants and fruits, as well as processed rare materials in the laboratory repository.

Plate. The time has come to apply your culinary skills to a whole new level, cooking according to new recipes on the stove! The stove will be available starting at level 10. You can purchase it on the main farm market in the íBuildingsí section.

Open the recipe book, select a dish, transfer the ingredients to the stove and press íCookí to start cooking. Each ingredient will add a certain amount of taste points to your dish. The number of taste points and (red) stars you can achieve will determine the quality and value of your dish, so be careful and finish cooking on time! If the dish is overcooked, you will lose taste points.

Note: if you cancel cooking that has already begun, the unused ingredients will be returned to the barn, and the ingredients that have already been added will be digested.

You can cook using ordinary products from your farm, or you can cook molecular gastronomy. To get these special recipes for the stove, unlock the Molecular Gastronomy and Village Food technologies in the lab. To learn more, watch the YouTube tutorial video:

Farm Beauty Contest

Get famous all over the world! Participate in a beauty contest on the farm and get a chance to win new special awards.

How to take part? A beauty contest on the farm is available after reaching level 30. The contest is held every month. You can take part in it by going to the Menu - Beauty Contest in the game and clicking on the "Participate!"

Voting. All participants of the beauty contest on the farm can send a photograph of their farm to the contest.After you send a picture of your farm, Dania, Felicia, dad and grandmother will vote for you daily. Votes sent by others for your farm during the month are cumulative even if you change the picture of your farm within a month.Want to get more votes from Dani and the rest? Try replacing a snapshot of your farm. You can do this once a day. Dani, Felicia, dad and grandmother have their own criteria by which they vote for the farm. Click on their image in the beauty page to learn more about the criteria.

Important: you can get a maximum of 6000 votes from the characters in the game, but after that you can still get votes from other players.

You will also have the opportunity to vote for other farms several times a day (the higher the level, the more opportunities you will have to vote). You can vote for another playerís farm in the Random Picks and My Neighbors tabs. To get a reward from the chest for voting for other farmers, you need to vote for at least one farm in the desired tab.

Important: by voting a second time in the same tab, you will not receive a second chest.

There is also the "Bets" category. You can bet 3 times a day. Each time you will need to visit 2 farms and place a bet on that farm, which, in your opinion, has a higher rating in the current beauty contest. If you guess, you will receive more generous rewards. You cannot use this category on the first day of the beauty contest: bets start only on the second day.

Awards. There will be only one winner in each beauty contest on the farm. The winner will receive a gold cup, which he will be able to install on his farm. At the end of each month, the gold cup goes to the winner of the next beauty contest on the farm. This means that each winner will be able to admire the gold cup on his farm for about a month before the cup goes to the winner of the next beauty contest on the farm. The same applies to the silver goblet, bronze goblet and consolation prizes - iron goblets. You can also win purple Mistrons, special badges and decors by getting a certain number of votes in a beauty contest on the farm. These rewards will remain on your farm forever.

What is a rich man? A rich man is a cow figurine that produces 1 FA per day for a limited time. A rich man does not need to be cleaned to produce an FA.

How to get rich man? The sale of the rich man is available from time to time. This sale automatically appears for those who have never bought the Rich Man. It can be purchased only 1 time.

How does the rich man work? The rich man produces 1 FA per day, regardless of whether his neighbors have cleaned it. If you missed the day and didnít take the FA, donít worry, you can pick it up the next day. Thus, all promised FAs will be received. When a neighbor cleans your Rich Man, he will receive a gift box, but you will not receive additional bonuses. You can only receive FA. After you collect all the FAs from the Rich Man, you can buy an extension by clicking on it to continue collecting FAs.

Daily Orders (Order Board)

After the order board appears on your farm, orders will be sent to it every day. For completing each task from the order you will be awarded points, coins and 1 blue Mistron. The more daily orders you complete per day, the more points you get, the faster you can win prizes. Do not worry if you miss an order, the collected points will not disappear. Just continue to fulfill orders the next day.

How to get an order board? The order board can be obtained after unlocking the allotment of the building site located to the left of your farm, next to the gallery. Complete the necessary tasks to unlock the site to open the order board!

How does the daily order system work? Click on the Order Board, which is installed on your site, to look at the order. The daily order panel will load.

The panel displays the following information:

A timer is the time it takes to complete orders.

Orders Each order has a certain time for which it needs to be completed. In the order, you will also be able to see what exactly needs to be done, as well as the award that relies on the order. If you have completed the order, it will be marked with a green tick.

Fulfillment of daily orders and subsequent orders. After you have completed all the orders of the day, the following window will appear:

You can check which products or items will be needed for subsequent orders by clicking on the "Hint" button. The timer located at the top of the window shows the time of the following orders.

Board of orders. Awards. To see what awards await you for completing orders, click on "Show Prizes" to the right of the progress bar. The number of points required to receive the next award is shown to the left of the progress bar. The following example shows that the next reward is a Watering can by 25 times, and it takes 250 points to get it.

If you have already completed orders, the rewards window will be displayed by default.

OP-sheep / Energetic sheep / Mystrono-sheep / Sheep with bait / Gasoline sheep . For the execution of orders you will receive super prizes. These are different lambs, which are a brushing decor. After you pass the first round of the order board and receive a gasoline sheep as a reward, you can continue to fulfill orders from the order board. At the same time, you will receive only 1 blue Mistron for 1 order as a reward.

Mistrons. Mistrons are a very useful currency in the game. The game has 5 types of Mystrons, which can be earned in various ways. Green Mistrons can be obtained:

Yellow Mistrons can be obtained:

Blue Mistrons can be obtained:

Purple Mistrons can be obtained:

Red Mistrons can be obtained:

For Mystrons, you can purchase various game items in the Mystery store, as shown in the picture below. You can enter the Mystery store through the market at your farm: the desired button is located in the upper left corner of the market window. The Mystery store in the upper right corner shows how many Mystrons you have now. Items change every 24 hours. At the top of the Mystery store, you can see a timer that counts the time before items in the Mystery store change.

Important: FA always remains available in the store, but please note that its cost changes every day.

Trophies and trophy house

Where can I see my trophies? Do you see a small house located on the beach?

Click on it, the trophy panel will open. The higher your level, the more trophies in the house.

How many trophies? The number of trophies depends on what level you are now. With the advent of new features in the game more trophies will be added. There are 3 different types of trophies:

1. Trophies for production or cultivation , for example: "Plant 300 clover beds." Obtaining this type of trophy is easier than the rest. To obtain them, it is necessary to produce the required quantity of products. If you sell manufactured products, this will not have any effect on the receipt of the trophy.

2. Trophies for the expansion of the site , for example: "Buy an extension of 17 x 17". These types of trophies are quite difficult to obtain. You will need to reach a certain level, have a certain number of coins and special objects in order to get an extension. Do not sell items required for the extension until you have bought the extension.

3. Trophies that can be obtained with the help of other players , for example: "There must be neighbors - 6". To find new neighbors, go to the fan pages of the game on Facebook and VK and on the Family Farm forum.You can also add neighbors by their farm ID in the game. The more neighbors you have, the more fun and easier it will be for you to play and complete tasks.

What will I get for winning all the trophies? Each trophy has 5 levels. For reaching the first levels you can get OP, XP, coins, gasoline as a reward. For the next levels you can get more expensive prizes, and for all 5 levels - free FA!

How do I know if I received all the trophies? If you received a trophy, a large yellow arrow will appear above the trophy house. When you see such an arrow, it means that a trophy awaits you there :)

Why are trophies constantly changing places? Each time you enter a farm or rise to another level, the trophies in the trophy panel are swapped. In the first place there are always trophies that you have achieved and for which you can already get a reward. After them trophies follow, to which you are close to receiving, then - all the others.

How to build and use a kitchen?

What is a kitchen? In the kitchen you can cook delicious dishes from farm products, animals, machine products. With the help of the kitchen, you can carry out daily orders and create some ingredients for machine production, for example, corn flour for making corn bread in a bread machine.

How to build a kitchen? If you are at level 9 or higher, you can purchase a kitchen in the market. To complete the construction of the kitchen, you will need to ask the neighbors for details. You can see exactly what details you need by clicking on the unfinished kitchen on your site.

How to cook in the kitchen? Select the desired recipe in the kitchen, click on the image of the dish, and you will see a cooking window.

On the cooking panel:

  1. Check out the dish information in the box on the left. Here you can see the name of the dish, cost, XP for cooking, the necessary utensils.
  2. Check what ingredients are needed to prepare your meal, how many are needed, and how many ingredients you have in the barn.
  3. Click on the Create button to prepare the dish. Cooked meals are sent to your barn and can be sold or used to prepare more complex dishes.
  4. Click on the picture of the item if you do not know what it is.

Kitchen energy. Energy is needed in order to cook in the kitchen. To prepare 1 recipe, you need 1 unit of energy.

If you have run out of energy, you can purchase it in the following ways:

How does the recipe menu work in the kitchen? If you want to cook such a complex dish in the kitchen as apples in gorgonzola cheese, you must first prepare 2 simple dishes.

For the dish apples in gorgonzola cheese, you must prepare honey syrup and apples in cheese. To cook these dishes, click on the square.

Why is there a picture of utensils on the recipe card? The picture with the utensils in the lower left corner indicates that special kitchen utensils are needed to prepare this dish. Such utensils can be purchased on the recipe card. Having bought the necessary utensils once for one dish, you can use it to prepare other dishes.

Simple and complex dishes. Simple and complex dishes can be prepared in the kitchen. Complex meals can be sold more expensive than simple ones.

How can I get more recipes? More recipes can be obtained as follows:

1. Reach new levels to unlock new recipes. In the kitchen, on the recipe panel, you can see what level is needed for a particular dish.

2. Keep playing, the developers are constantly working on creating new interesting recipes.


Caution: fishing is available at level 22.

If you are tired of worries at the farm, you can go fishing. The fishing pier is located near the sea. Stop by and check your fishing opportunities! Click on the sea, the fishing function will load.

Below is a short description of all the functions in the picture:

  1. The amount of bait. To add more bait, click on the plus. A window will appear where you can exchange products from the barn for bait. Maximum bait: 999.
  2. The new icon is the fishing net icon. It will become available when you open a fishing school after reaching level 8 of the sea resort.
  3. The icon indicates which fishing rod you are currently using. To change the fishing rod, click on the icon. You will see 3 types of fishing rods. The more expensive the fishing rod, the more successful and easier the fishing.
  4. The icon shows the type of hook you are using. There are 4 types of hooks that require different amounts of bait.Each hook can catch different types of fish. Please note that 1 use of a multi-colored hook costs 1 FA.

The book of the fisherman. Click the book icon in the corner on the right to open it. Here are all types of fish, as well as what kind of hook is necessary in order to catch a particular type of fish. Pay attention to the stars in the book next to the fish. Stars can be obtained as follows:

On the right side of the screen, small fish show the number of fishing chances. You have 7 chances. Each chance takes 10 minutes to recover. Additional chances can be purchased for OB.

Adding duck and goose ponds

Duck pond. To place a duck pond on a site, you first need to purchase 4 ponds on the market and place them on the site. Click on the market icon.

Buy a pond and place it on your farm.

Place the rest of the ponds nearby in a square shape.

After you have located the ponds, return to the market and buy a duck pond.

Try to place the pond on water (2x2).

When the duck pond turns green, it means that the place has been chosen correctly, and now you can place the pond.

Goose pond . To place a goose pond, do the same, only you need 9 ponds. Arrange the ponds in the shape of a 3x3 square. Then buy a goose pond at the Market.

How to make tall objects invisible? If tall buildings or trees interfere with you, you can make them invisible.Click on the yellow arrow at the bottom right on your screen. Select the move tool - 4 blue arrows in the shape of a cross, then click on the blue eye on the left of the screen.

This function only works on your farm; you cannot make objects invisible on a neighboring farm.

Land for buildings. Starting at level 13, you can unlock the land for buildings on the main farm (it is located to the left of the gallery). On the land for buildings you can put a warehouse, a snack bar, a kitchen, a seafood house, a beauty salon, both greenhouses, etc. Land for buildings can be expanded and get more space on the main farm.

Important: You cannot use a greenhouse for trees and a greenhouse and plant plants in them if they are on a building site!

Shop "Mystery". In the Mystery store you can exchange Mistrons, boat tickets, as well as coins for game items.You can go to the Mystery store from the Market tab -> Mystery Store or by pressing Menu -> Mystery Store.Tabs with items that can be bought for Mystrons are updated every day. The tab with items that can be bought for coins can be updated independently (the number of updates is limited!). The items that you will see in the Mystery Store after the update are the secret.

You can return to the Market by clicking on the "Market" button located in the upper left corner of the Mystery store.

Ball with Mistrons. From time to time over your farm you see a flying ball with Mistrons. After you click on it, you can watch the promotional video and get the green Mystrons as a reward.

Attention: in order to receive the award, the advertising video must be watched to the end.

The diner. In the diner, neighbors can treat each other with dishes. For each dish your neighbor ate, you get coupons. Coupons can be exchanged for medals that automatically appear on the diner field. When 4 medals stand in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), you will receive a reward.

How to eat a meal in a diner? To eat at a neighborís diner, go to the neighborís farm and find a diner. If the neighbor has ready meals, a dish icon will appear above his diner (as shown in the picture), click on the icon to eat the dish.

For a meal you eat at a neighborís diner, you will receive a bag of a diner.

Wheel of fortune. In the new version, a new wheel of fortune will appear in the game, which can be bought on the main farm market in the Buildings section after reaching level 3 of the farm!

The new wheel of fortune has 2 functions. The first function is the wheel of fortune, which you can spin once a day for free and get a gift. The second function is the wheel of fortune, which can be twisted using the chips of the wheel of fortune. The first scroll will give you a choice of 2 rewards, the second scroll will give you a choice of 3 rewards, the third and subsequent scrolls will give you a choice of 4 rewards.

You can only get one of these rewards for each spin. Additional rewards can be bought for coins or FA, and you can share them with your friend of class 2. A friend can buy them for coins or FA. The first scroll costs 5 chips of the wheel of fortune, the second - 10, each subsequent - 20. After the second scroll, you can choose the option to scroll the wheel 5 times with one click (cost: 100 chips of the wheel of luck).

Attention!Good luck wheel chips are deleted every time the timer on the good luck wheel shows 00:00. Use your chips in a timely manner!

Decor kit. Get new fun moving decors by assembling them from individual pieces! All set-decors consist of a base and four items. Together they form a kit with cute animations. You can recognize the decor kit by the icon, similar to the puzzle house next to it. You can find a decor kit on the main farm market.

How to assemble a decor kit? If you have all the parts of the decor kit, you can use the function of moving objects to place them on the base of the decor. To move items, click on the yellow arrow at the bottom of the game screen, and then on the blue arrow pointing to all four sides. Click on the item you want to move and move it to the base. To attach an item to the base, click on the house icon from the puzzles.

Each component of the set decor can also be placed on the farm separately. You can disassemble the decor kit by selecting the function for moving objects, and then clicking on the decor kit and again on the house icon from the puzzles. You can choose which part you want to separate from the decor kit.

Gift Code. Gift Code is a new feature that will allow you to exchange your existing code for a reward in the game. To do this, click on Settings (the blue gear in the game) and then click on the line Gift Code.

Enter the code you have and click OK. Gift code can be used only once, and after activation it can not be reused.

Icon. An icon is a picture by which other players will recognize your farm. You can find many icons in the game. You can get some badges for achievements on the farm, and some you can get at the Mystery store for coins or Mystrons. To change the icon of your farm, click on the picture in the upper left corner of the main screen - this is the icon of your farm. In the tab that opens, you can choose whether you want to use your Facebook photo or one of the icons that you can find in the game as the icon of your farm. You can also change the frame around the icon. Frames can be obtained by collecting club points or winning a beauty contest on a farm.

Note!If when buying an item in the Mystery store you see a frame around the item - this is an icon, not the item itself! Look at the image below to learn how to distinguish an icon from an item in the Mystery store.

Lighthouse. The lighthouse was repaired, and now it can be used! Use the lighthouse to find more information about the game and complete old special missions. The lighthouse will be available in the game upon reaching level 5. From the lighthouse, you will be able to activate and pass the old special tasks. They can be found in the second tab - "Archive of special tasks." To learn more about how to pass the old special tasks, click on Settings (blue gear) -> Help and feedback -> Tips for the game -> Archive of special tasks.

Note: The gallery no longer has a tab with a camcorder.

Assistant Monkey. The assistant monkey and the magic rabbit are united! Use this feature to speed things up on the farm! Now it will be available upon reaching level 16, and it can be purchased on the main farm market in the Buildings tab.

Plan your power-ups and get the yellow Mystrons as a reward! There are 8 types of power-ups in the game, and you can schedule one power-up of each type per day. The gain will last all day! Press on "?" in the upper left corner to see the instructions for use and find out exactly how each of the enhancements will help you. In the monkey window, you can also see which tasks will appear in the game soon. Click on the quest icon to learn more.

Guest Center

A guest center allows guests to visit your farm. You can get the guest center from the task "My first pet 4". The guest center will need to be placed close to the trail so that guests can walk around your farm. The guest center has 4 areas. The first area will already be open, and you can unlock the rest by receiving a certain amount of materials. By opening a new area, you will receive rewards and meet new guests.

How to invite guests to the farm? To invite guests, you will need a passport.

In the upper left corner of the guest center window you will see the number of trails that are needed so that guests can walk around your farm. If you have too few paths, guests will not be able to walk around the farm. When a guest enters your farm, you cannot reduce the number of trails available.

To invite a group of guests, click on the "Start" button at the bottom of the window. It will also show how many passports are needed to invite this group of guests. For example, -1 means that your current number of passports will decrease from 3 to 2.

How to fulfill guest orders? When guests arrive at your farm, they will begin to walk around it. After some time, an order icon will appear above the guest:

Click on the icon, and your pet will approach the guest to begin trade negotiations.

You can click on the guest to see the cost of negotiations (in units of liveliness), the reward for completing the order and the mood of the guest.

Please note that if the guest disappears from the farm after you receive all the orders, you can still check the order by clicking on the guest center and then on the to-do list.

There is an invoice for each order, which varies depending on how long it took you to complete the order, as well as on the guestís mood. At the end of the order, the remaining time and the general mood indicator will be taken into account to determine the final score.

How to unlock other areas? In Korovograd there are 4 areas. "Cooperation on the farm", "School building", "Bay íPeace" and "Megapolis". To open a locked area, click on it: in the window that opens, requirements for unlocking the area will be indicated. To unlock orders with stars in the guest center, you must fulfill certain requirements.

Please note that you need to get coins for fulfilling orders with a certain number of guest stars from a certain area of ??the guest center (click on "Earned coins" in the panel of the blocked area to find out more).

How to get 2- and 3-star orders? In each area you unlock, you will first receive orders with one star. To receive orders with two and three stars, you will need to first complete certain tasks. You can see the tasks needed to unlock 2- and 3-star orders. To complete a 2-star order, you will need a 2-star passport:

To complete a 3-star order, you will need a 3-star passport:

Note: the system will add passports to your game account every day, with the exception of 3-star passports. 3-star passports will be added once a week.

Guest Center-2 - Fair

Play with farmers from all over the world! At the fair, you can create teams together with other farmers so that your pets work together and earn pet cards! The fair will open when you unlock all regions of Korovograd by 1 star (in the guest center), and you can enter it by clicking on the balloon next to the gallery.

How can I play at the fair? You can participate in the fair by creating your own team or joining an existing one. When the team starts working, you will try together to achieve the goal (the right amount of coins), using pets to negotiate with guests, and after the fair you can pick up rewards.

How to create your own team?

When you create your team, you automatically become the head of the team. Before you begin, you will need to prepare: choose the difficulty level of the fair (1, 2 or 3 stars). The harder the better the rewards. You can see the possible rewards from the panel in the screenshot below.

After that, you will need to download products for the indicated amount in coins and use 1 key to start the fair. If during the loading process of the fair you decide to cancel it, the products and the key will be returned to you.

Note: Products to be uploaded to the fair will be randomly selected and may change every week.

After clicking on "Start" you will have some time to select team members.

If you click on "+", you can invite neighbors or friends to your team. Please note that if the photo of your neighbor is gray, it means that this neighbor has not yet unblocked the fair.

You can also click on "Auto Search" to add randomly selected farmers to your team. Min level shows the minimum level at which the pet must be in order for it to join your team. The higher the level of the pet, the higher its liveliness and trading skill! Do not forget to check the "Application", as some farmers could apply for participation in your team!

Once the places in the team are full, click on "Start" to start work at the fair. Since you are the head of the team, you must assign pets to the guests by clicking on the guest and selecting a pet for him. Bargaining with guests, pets fulfill orders and earn coins. When the coin goal is reached, the fair will end and everyone will be able to choose their rewards.

Notes: Since you are the head of the team, you will need to monitor the liveliness of all pets. If the pet runs out of vitality, he will no longer be able to bargain with the guest assigned to him. You will need to feed your pet food as well as the pet of other farmers to make up for their liveliness. If you run out of food, you can purchase more. Watch the time on the timer above the coin counter for the goal.When the time runs out, the guests will change and the head of the team will have to appoint pets to the guests again.

How to join the team?

When you click on "Join the team", you will see a list of all available commands. You can choose which team you want to join. You can also click "Auto Search" to automatically find available commands.

Awards fair. After the fair ends, team members can open one box and get game resources. If they are lucky, they will receive a pet card! Team leaders will receive a key for a higher level of difficulty and, if the level of the fair was successful, they will be able to open two boxes with rewards even better.

Notes: The head of the team can open 2 out of 5 boxes if the fair level was passed successfully. If the team members are lucky, they will get a chance to open more than one box at the first three fairs, which they will join during the week (the week is updated every Monday at 3:00 AM Moscow time zone).

How to get keys for the fair? The key for the 1 Star Fair will be updated every 7 days.

Cleaning decors in stock. Now the neighbors can clean your decors when they are in stock! This way you can free up space on the farm for other items. When you visit a neighborís farm, if the neighbor has decors in his warehouse that can be cleaned, you will see a brush icon above their warehouse. Just click on this icon and get the best cleaning box available.

For example, your neighbor removed 2 decors to the warehouse. One of these decors gives a golden box from cleaning, and the second - a silver one. If you are the first to visit the neighborís farm and clean the decor in the warehouse, you will receive a golden box from cleaning. The next farmer, who will visit your neighbor and clean the decor in the warehouse, will receive a silver box. If your neighbor visited you and cleaned the decors in your warehouse, you can assemble your box by clicking on the game photo icon that appears above the warehouse after cleaning.


Quests in the bistro. The principle of the bistro has been slightly changed. Now you can choose which orders of the Bistro visitor to fulfill first, and also fulfill as many orders as you like. The harder the quest, the better the reward. But donít worry, you can update tasks for free. Odds of updating orders are updated every day at 3:00 AM Moscow time zone. There are 5 types of tasks: a fishing task, a donation task, a crop planting task, food preparation tasks and a quiz.

Pet search function. During tasks in the bistro, you can ask your pet for help - the pet will help you look for the item on the farm that is needed for the task.

Click on the pet icon, you will see the following window:

Choose a pet. The pet will have 15 minutes to find an item on the farm. If you are lucky, the pet will be able to find the item in the allotted time. However, a situation may arise when the pet will not be able to find one or another item!

Attention! This function can be used only once during the execution of one task. Also, the pet will not be able to dig out chests or bargain with guests if it is already busy looking for an item!

Ask your circle members for help. If your pet is unable to find an item for the Bistro, a button will appear to ask the participants in the circle for help. You can only ask for help once a day. Members of the circle can help those who ask for help 5 times a day, and as a reward for their help, they will receive reputation medals and coins.

Bistro quest reward. For each task you will receive a reward for a treat for a pet, a point of happiness and a coin. For every 30 completed tasks (or for every 20 tasks up to level 10) you will have a chance to receive a special reward that contains a scroll of pet equipment. Rewards of each level can be seen on the right side of the progress bar.

Pet Equipment You can melt pet equipment in the factory using the pet equipment book, pet equipment scroll, and another optional item.

Different pets have different equipment. After you put on your pet equipment, he will receive special skills in addition to existing ones. For example, increasing liveliness, trading skill, or any other skill used to bid with guests. Equipment has 3 parts: ur. 1, ur. 10 and ur. 20. Equipment lvl 1 can be worn on the pet, regardless of the level of the pet; equipment ur. 10 and ur. 20 can be worn on a pet of a certain level. Each pet equipment has its own class: A, B and C, among which class A gives the greatest number of properties with equipment. The equipment class is assigned depending on luck.

Equipment will be added to the nursery. Click on the nursery and check the equipment in the "Clothing" section.

How to get a pet equipment scroll and pet equipment book? At the end of each new level for the characters in the bistro, you have a chance to get scrolls of pet equipment and books of pet equipment.


The factory becomes available at level 14 of the farm in the "Buildings" section of the market. At the factory, you can connect items during game events, melt and disassemble pet equipment.

To connect. The new item and materials needed to join are available only during certain game events for a limited time.

Smelting. In the second tab - "Smelting" - you can smelting materials to get equipment for the pet. You will need a pet equipment book, a pet equipment scroll, and another optional item.

Smelted equipment will be assigned a class A, B or C. Each class gives a different number of properties, where class A is the best equipment property.

Disassembly. If you have too many identical pet equipment, or you want to remove equipment that you are not using, you can disassemble this equipment in the "Disassemble" tab.

Attention! After disassembling, the equipment will be lost forever, and you will not receive all materials back.


Gallery has been improved! Check out the Decors tab to find out more!

Explanation of categories of the dropdown menu:

Everything: shows in the gallery all the decors available on the farm. Wishes: decors that you do not have yet, but which you would like to purchase. Click on the heart icon in the left window.

You can buy: decors that are available on the market and which can be purchased by clicking on the "Buy" button.

Market: decors can be purchased on the market in the "For site" section. Sale: decors are only available during limited sales. Special task: decors - rewards of special tasks. Assignments: Decors - rewards for special Family Farm gaming events.

Second dropdown menu:

Level: Decors will be sorted by unlock level. Landscape: decors will be ordered by the number of landscape points that you can get after setting the decor on the farm. Range: arranging decors according to the number of landscape points in the range of influence of decor. Size: arranging decors according to their size (the size of the beds is taken as the basis).

The last category is for finding a specific decor. In the "Decors" tab in the gallery you can also find information about which bag this or that decor will give after cleaning, and also on what basis the decor can be installed.

Flea market and supermarket

Get the flea market and supermarket on the main farm market in the Buildings tab and start trading! These buildings will be available upon reaching level 14.

Swap meet. Sell ??fresh products from your farm to your neighbors. If in one day you sold a product to a certain number of buyers, you will receive a reward for the day. The required number of buyers and the contents of the award depend on your level in the game.

How to trade goods? Click on the boxes with the goods to add them, and set the price. You can post an ad in the supermarket by clicking on the OP icon. Then not only your neighbors, but also farmers from all over the world will see your products and be able to buy them.

You can change the price at any time, remove the product from sale, or post an advertisement for it in the supermarket. Just click on the box with the goods and make the desired changes. Click on the photo in the lower right corner to visit the markets of neighbors and buy the products you need.

Rare foods. Now on the flea market you can sell rare products. Click on the third tab of the flea market and sell your products for OB.

Click on an empty box and a window will appear where you can add rare products for sale.

Set the number of products and price. Do not forget that you will need to pay a fee for a place: 500 coins per product. For each product there is a maximum quantity that can be sold, and the price can be set with an increase from 50% to 100%. You can also check what prices other farmers charge for the same products by looking at the top of the panel.

If you decide to sell products in the supermarket, you will be deducted from the tax. After the sale of products, the tax will be automatically deducted from your income.

Items shared on the wheel of fortune in a flea market. The flea market has a second tab with a wheel of fortune token icon. In this tab you will see objects that you shared with friends in the wheel of fortune. When you visit your buddies, you can purchase items from the wheel of fortune that they shared on their flea markets.

Note: Only friends of class 2 and above can buy these products from each other.

Supermarket. In the supermarket you can buy products for sale by players from all over the world. On the right side of the window will be shown the farmer who has left your viewed ad for the sale of products. You can visit this farmer and send him an invitation to the neighbors. Every day you can update available ads for free or for a fee.

Now you can also purchase rare products at the supermarket, such as laboratory plants and fruits, materials, stove dishes and pet equipment.

Click on items to check if they are on sale now.

Selection room

Your pet wants to have children! Find true love for your pet and get your baby pet or one or more skill books!What you need to remember before breeding: after breeding, the parents will go on a trip and will never return to the farm. In return, you will receive either a book / skill books or a toddler. Before breeding, you can choose whether you would like to receive a pet-baby or a book / books of skills.

What requirements must be met for selection? The selection room is in the third tab of the nursery. Only those pets that are not in the first tab of the nursery (that is, those that you cannot release to the farm) can be sent for selection. Pets must also be level 20 or higher.

How to make a selection? You can select a pet for selection by clicking on the pink "+" in the selection room.After that, you will see a list of all the pets that you can add to the selection room. Select the desired pet and click OK.

After that, your pet will be moved to the breeding room.

Note: in the breeding room there is a timer for 24 hours. During this time, your pet will be shown in the pet list. After 24 hours, you can update the timer or change the pet for breeding for another.

Go to the pet list to look at potential breeding partners. You can choose among the pets of all farmers in the world or among the pets of your neighbors.

You can click on the yellow circle in the upper left corner of the petís picture to see what you can get after successfully selecting your pet with this pet. That is, you will see possible skills books for this selection or the characteristics of a possible baby-toddler. When you find the best partner for your pet, send a selection invitation to the ownerís owner by clicking "Invite".

Note: When you send an invitation to the owner of the second pet, you can choose which reward for breeding you would like to receive as a result. You can choose either a new toddler or a book / skills books. If you find a pet whom you would very much like to cross with your pet, you can offer its owner OV so that the chance that he will accept your invitation increases.

Check your invitations in the last tab of the breeding room. If the owner of the pet to whom you sent the invitation did not accept it, or if the invitation has expired, your OB will be returned to you.

What happens after a successful selection? You will receive a notification that the selection has been successful. Go to the selection room and click on the gift box to find out what you got as a result of the selection.

Notes: If you selected a skill book as a reward, you will receive one or more skill books that will be stored in your laboratory repository; If there is not enough space in your laboratory storage, you will not be able to pick up skills books from the selection room until the storage space is empty; If you have chosen a baby pet as a reward, you will receive a baby pet that will be added to your nursery.

Please note that the toddler does not inherit the skills of its parents, and skills may be lost after breeding. The number of skill slots obtained as a result of selection is determined depending on luck in the interval from the minimum number of slots of one of the parents to the sum of the number of slots of both parents.

If you have selected a pet with fewer skill slots than your pet, as a partner, please bear in mind that there is a chance that the baby pet will be with fewer skills than your pet. Also, if you crossbreed a pet bought at a sale with an ordinary pet, it is likely that as a result of the selection you will get an ordinary pet.

How to remove a pet from a breeding room or replace it? To remove a pet from the breeding room, click on the pet that is in the breeding room. This window will appear:

Note: If you remove a pet from the breeding room or replace it with another, the invitations sent by you will automatically become invalid.

How to use skill books? For your pet to learn the skill using the book, go to the nursery. Open the second tab on the left and select the pet that you would like to teach the skill through the book.

Click on the skills book icon:

A new window will open:

Click on "Explore" for the pet to learn this skill.

Note: You can only train your pet in new skills when the pet has empty skill slots.

Well. The well opens when the area for buildings No. 4 is unlocked and is necessary to accelerate the maturation of plants.

Install watering on empty beds after unlocking the well. There are two ways to accelerate the ripening of plants with watering plants:

  1. Increase the limit of watering that you can set on the farm. This will help accelerate the ripening time of more plants.
  2. Increase the level of watering and reduce the ripening time of plants even more. The maximum level of watering is 9, which will give you 30% accelerated ripening of plants.
Note: When you install watering on beds in a greenhouse, a bonus by the time of ripening from a greenhouse will be added to a bonus by the time of ripening by greenhouses. For example, if a greenhouse accelerates the ripening of plants by 25%, and watering - by 15%, then the total bonus that plants will receive will be 40%. You can ask your neighbors for watering (either from the panel of the well itself, or from Menu -> Gift).


Start by setting up a nursery on your site. The nursery must be installed next to the trail. It can be purchased in the Buildings section of the farm market (requires level 10 or higher).

Different types of pets. The game has different types of pets. Among them there is a Labrador, a cat, a turtle, a bear, a poodle and many others. Pets of each type are divided into boys and girls. All pets live in the nursery.

Nursery. As soon as you get a nursery, you will receive the first pet as a gift. You can have a maximum of 15 pets, but only 4 pets can leave the nursery at a time. The first place in the first tab of the nursery is already open for you, and the rest will need to be unlocked. In the second tab, the first 4 places are also immediately open. You can also decorate the nursery by clicking on it, and then on the multi-colored roller on the left. The ears section will open when the nursery reaches level 2, and the hair and hats section when the nursery reaches level 3.

Chests and liveliness

The game has 5 types of chests: a regular chest, a silver chest, a gold chest, a diamond chest and a special chest. To dig up each type of chest, the pet will need a different amount of liveliness, and also a different amount of time. The pet recovers 15 units of liveliness per hour. Also, pets can be fed pet food - each serving gives 5 units of vitality:

and super-pet food - each serving gives 50 units of vitality and 10 experience.

Note: You can also use OR to instantly finish digging a chest.

Pet clothes. You can dress your pet as you please by clicking on the clothes button on the main panel of the nursery. Each type of pet has its own clothes. You can purchase them for 7 days, 30 days, or forever.

School of pets. At the pet school you can get a new pet. Go to the nursery and click on the second tab at the top to go to the pet school.

New pets can be obtained using pet cards, which can be collected by fulfilling guestsí orders at the guest center.

When you collect the required number of pet cards, open the pet school tab and click on the "Use" button to get a new pet.

Skill. After you use pet cards, your new pet may already have some random skills. Later, the pet will be able to learn a new skill, and in this case, if the pet no longer has free skill slots, the new skill will replace one randomly selected skill from among the current ones.

How to swap pets? To swap pets, click on the icon with blue arrows to the right of the pet as shown in the screenshot below:

How to release a pet? You can let your pet free at any time. To do this, click on the pet and hold until you see a red circle with a "-".

A confirmation window will appear, where you will need to enter "OK" to confirm that you want to release the pet.If you change your mind about releasing a pet, click on the "x" in the corner of the window. Please note that a released pet cannot be returned.

How to lend pets? You and your buddies can borrow each other pets when you reach friend class 1. A borrowed pet will be able to dig up chests and bargain with guests. He will arrive at the farm with a full supply of liveliness and leave when the liveliness is over or, if this happens earlier, when it arrives at 3:00 in the morning in the Moscow time zone. While the borrowed pet is on your farm, you cannot feed it with pet food.

Note: When a friend lends your pet, you can still use this pet on your farm.

Forest nursery

Free up space on the farm by placing trees in a forest nursery! You can use it both for storing your trees and for continuing to care for them and harvest them. Forest nursery is available at level 35 and above. It can be purchased on the main farm market in the Buildings tab.

How to add a tree to a forest nursery? Click on the forest nursery. Then click on the green plus in the window that opens.

Click on the tree that you want to place in the forest nursery. After that, you will need to click on the blue arrow to add the tree to the forest nursery.

How to care for trees? Trees in a forest nursery grow automatically. If you want, you can use watering cans or super-watering cans so that the fruits on the trees grow instantly.

Types of forest nursery. Click on the colored roller to look at the views of the forest nursery. After buying a species, it will always be available and will give bonuses to your trees.

How to increase the number of rooms? Click on the "Improve" button to add new rooms to the forest nursery.

How to move trees inside a forest nursery? Click on the tree inside the forest nursery and 2 blue icons will appear on the left. The icon with an arrow crawling out of the box will allow you to remove the tree from the forest nursery and set it back on the farm, and the icon with two arrows will allow you to move the tree to another room in the forest nursery.

Improver. There are several types of improvers in the game. You will be able to purchase them when you reach certain levels. They can be bought on the farm market in the "Animals" and "Machines" sections, in the "Improver" tab. After installing the machine / animal on the improver, they will be able to produce more products and / or produce a new type of product using the gadget installed on the improver.

Gadgets for the improver can be purchased in the improver panel by clicking on the magnifier icon. Gadgets can be stored in stock in the Gadgets tab.

How to look for help on improvers? Click on the yellow arrow icon:

select the enhancement icon to check the status of the enhancements:

Here you will see the level of each of the improvers, the requirements for increasing the level and what gadgets you can install on the improver.

What gadgets can I put on improver? Click on the big yellow arrow, then on the improver icon (blue puzzle house) and after that - on the magnifying glass icon:

After that, you will see a list of all the gadgets that can be placed on this particular improver. You can click on the gadgets in this list to place these gadgets on the improver or remove them from it. Do not forget to click on the "Save" button!

If you take the gadgets to the warehouse, they will be stored in the warehouse in the "Gadgets" tab.

House of collection. You can purchase a collection house on the farm market -> "Buildings" section.

When the collection house is installed on your site, simply click on the "+" to add collected items on the farm to the house.

Press on.

to set collectable items back to the site. Press on.

to swap collected items inside the collection house. Please note that limited time items cannot be placed in the collection house. At the moment, the collection house has 6 rooms and a total of 72 beds.

Note: You can collect products from all collected items that are already ready for collection by clicking on the basket icon in the upper right corner.

Daniís house

Have you reached level 23? Then you can open Daniís house next to the building plot! You can decorate the house of Dani, as you wish. Dania will talk with you, give advice on the game and use the furniture in the house. And he will give you a present every day!

Points house Dani. Each piece of furniture installed in the house gives you points at home. Please note that there is a limit on how many pieces of furniture of each type will be counted in the total number of points at home. After you reach this limit, the points of the house of subsequent pieces of furniture will no longer be counted. Nevertheless, if, after reaching the limit, you acquire a piece of furniture with a higher number of points at home, this item will be counted instead of the previous items that have the least points at home. You can check how many points you have at home by clicking on the blue paint bucket next to Daniís house.

Note: Wallpaper, partitions and flooring do not give points at home. Furniture items cannot be sold, but can be stored in a furniture warehouse.

The level of the interior. The level of the interior depends on the amount of your points at home. Every day you can receive a reward, the contents of which will depend on your level of interior. Your interior level will be indicated on a bucket of blue paint next to Daniís house. After you take the reward, the countdown to the next reward will begin. The higher your interior level, the better the rewards.

Can I change Danya? You can choose a new outfit for Dani in any wardrobe in the house (you can install several wardrobes in the house). New outfits will soon appear at the exhibition (a small building next to a paint bucket).

Questions in circles

What bonuses will the circle give? After you enter the circle, you will get access to the following bonuses:

  1. Unique plants, cars, and animals that can only be purchased at a store in Watertown!
  2. Conversations with other circle members in circle chat;
  3. Get a gachapon machine as a gift after you acquire the FA, and share it with all participants in the circle;
  4. Get a chance to pull the OB as a reward from the gachapon!
  5. A lot of interesting orders, achievements and tasks, on the implementation of which you can work together with other participants in the circle.

What are circle gems and reputation medals? Fulfilling orders, achievements and tasks of the circle, you will receive gems of the circle and medals of reputation:

Circle buildings. There are 5 main buildings in Watertown:

City office of the circle. When your circle reaches level 2, you unlock the city circle office. The city office provides access to circle reinforcements that will help you work on the main and island farms, as well as in the sea resort.

Current list of boosts:

The head of the circle or his deputy must open the reinforcements manually. After the gain is open, you will need to improve it with your own reputation medals in order for it to take effect. The higher the gain level, the better its effect.

How to enter or leave a circle? To enter the circle, you need to go to the main farm and click on the boat to the right of the trophy house. You can only enter the circle after reaching level 26.

You will see a list of existing circles. There will be shown the level of each circle and the number of participants.Circles come in three varieties:

To leave the circle, you need to be in the circles. There you need to click either on the circle icon next to your game photo, or on the main building -> circle information button. The "Exit circle" button will be displayed in the panel that opens. Please note that after leaving the circle you will not be able to participate in the events of the circles and complete the tasks of the circle for 24 hours.

How can a circle leader raise a circle member to an alternate? How to demote deputy? To upgrade a regular member to alternate, go to the main building in Watertown. You will see a list of circle members. Just click on the participant and a button will appear to increase. If this member of the circle is already a deputy and you want to make him a regular member of the circle again, use the same method - only instead of the promotion button you will see a button for demotion.

If I am the head of the circle, how do I get out of the circle? The head of the circle can leave the circle only if he is the only participant in this circle. Before the head can leave the circle, all other participants in the circle must leave it.

How to invite other players to your circle? Only the head or his deputies can invite other players to the circle. If you are the head of the circle or deputy, click on the settings button in the circle panel -> "Applications":

Once the player accepts your invitation, he / she will enter the circle without any additional formalities.

What is gachapon and how does it work? Gachapon is a shared circle reward that can be shared in a circle chat. From the gachapon, you can draw a reward - OB. There are three varieties of gachapon that can be earned in different ways:

After the participant in the circle shared the gachapon in the chat, it will be possible to pull the capsules out of the gachapon 24 hours and he will disappear from the chat after 48 hours.

Update time / rules for buildings.

The head of the circle and his deputies may expel the participant of the circle for 200 gems of the circle, if the participant has not entered the game for less than 7 days in a row. If the participant in the circle did not enter the game from 7 to 14 days in a row, you can expel the participant for 100 gems of the circle. If the number of days during which the player has not entered the game equals or exceeds 14 days, you can expel the participant for 0 gems of the circle.

Success circle. Depending on the reputation medals that you earn every week, working on achievements, tasks and orders, your successes will be calculated in a circle. There are 5 degrees of success:

Benefits. All members of the circle will be able to receive rewards daily, depending on their success last week. If you are a new member of the circle and did not complete any tasks of this circle last week, you will have a zero degree of success.

Who is the rosette? The rosette is a circle pet.

Rozovichok creates decors with which the circle will become even more beautiful. To achieve this, you need to perform 2 steps:

  1. Feeding. You can feed Rozovichka a maximum of 5 times to advance in the quest. For feeding, you can use any laboratory product. As a reward for feeding, you will receive reputation medals.
  2. Contribution. For the assignment, you will need specific items. Only after these items are brought in, the participants in the circle will be able to feed Rozovichka again.

How to build a decor when the little pinkie finishes it? When Rozovichok finishes working on the decor, simply click on the base for the decor in the circle.

When the decor is installed on the base, you will receive design points. The more design points your circle has, the more rewards the circle will receive.

Expertise skills in the city office. In the second tab of the city office, you can unlock the expertís skills in order to use the circle devices. Your expert knowledge depends on your specialization in the laboratory, and each recipe will need to be unlocked using circle reputation medals. Each increase in recipe level will reduce production time according to your laboratory technology. If you change your specialization in the laboratory, the skill of the expert will automatically change after her.

Devices circle. After you unlock the skill of the connoisseur and upgrade it to level 1, you can start producing new products in the devices.

How to reduce production time? There are 2 ways to reduce the production time in the apparatus. You can improve your expert knowledge in the city office or ask for help from the circle.

Shelves and goods store "Dikovina"

Alexander, the owner of the Dikovina store in Watertown, updates a range of goods every day for a certain amount of gems. The higher the level of your circle, the more shelves you can open. With the increase in the number of shelves, the number of gems grows, for which you can update the range of goods. Currently, the maximum number of shelves that can be opened in the Dikovina store is 6.

The first two shelves are open to each circle since its inception. The third shelf opens after the circle reaches level 2, the fourth after reaching level 3, the fifth after reaching level 4, the sixth after reaching level 5. The types of goods available in the Dikovina store depend on the number of shelves open around. Please know that only the head of the circle and his deputies can open new shelves.

A bag of cattail seeds (can be used on the main farm) and a bag of cherry tomato seeds (can be used on the island farm) contain cattail seeds and cherry tomato seeds that can be planted on beds. With a cattail, you can feed an elephant to get clay. Cherry tomatoes can feed the golden monkey to get young coconuts. Jigsaw puzzle pieces with a golden monkey and jigsaw puzzle pieces with an elephant can be merged at the factory and get a golden monkey or elephant (in total 5 corresponding puzzle pieces for each animal are needed).

Jigsaw puzzle pieces with a potterís wheel and jigsaw puzzle pieces with a coconut jelly machine can also be exchanged at the factory, but you will need to collect 10 pieces of each puzzle. A potterís wheel produces pots. Coconut Jelly Machine produces Coconut Jelly. Chocolate corgi cards can be exchanged for chocolate corgi (only 50 cards are needed to get one chocolate corgi). After you use chocolate corgi cards from My Gifts, these cards, like all usual pet cards, will appear in the kennel, where you can exchange them for chocolate corgi.

Family Farm: Neighbors & Pals

How to add neighbors? There are 4 ways to add neighbors using the neighbors window in the game.

  1. By farm ID. Ask your friend for his farm ID to add to the neighbors, or post your farm ID on the forum or on your Facebook fan page.
  2. Connect to Facebook to find out which of your friends is playing Family Farm.
  3. By email. Invite your friends to play with you at Family Farm by sending them an email, then add them to your neighbors.
  4. By SMS. Invite your friends to play with you at the Family Farm and invite them to become your neighbors by sending SMS.

How to remove a neighbor? Open the list of neighbors, then find the neighbor you want to remove. Press and hold his photo until a red X appears in the corner of the photo. Click on X to remove a neighbor from your game.

How can I visit my neighbors? Follow these steps to visit your neighbors.

  1. Press the Menu button in the lower right.
  2. Click on the Neighbors icon, a list of your neighbors will appear.

3. Click on a playerís photo to visit his farm. If you are connected to Facebook, you can simply click on the handshake icon displayed at the bottom right.

What to do on neighboring farms? Every day on the farm of each neighbor you can help 5 times. Hereís what you can do on neighboring farms:

It is impossible to help a neighbor . If you canít help your neighbor, donít be upset. You will receive 5 XP and 10 coins for visiting neighbors! Click on the "Collect" button below when you are on the neighborís farm.

Why am I not getting neighboring plants? Sometimes some plants harvested from a neighboring farm end up in your barn. Do not worry, the plant will not be lost at the neighbor. If you donít get neighboring plants at all, then perhaps you have already received the maximum possible number of plants for today. If you have not received any plants today, uninstall and reinstall the game. If this does not solve the problem, contact technical support.

How to show that I like a neighborís farm? When you visit a neighborís farm, you will see an emoticon located near the farmís name. Click on the emoticon to show that you liked the neighborís farm.

Who liked my farm? By clicking on your game photo in the upper left corner, you can see how many neighbors liked your farm, but you cannot see the names of their farms.

Sending gifts to neighbors

There are 2 ways to send gifts to neighbors.

Sending from Inbox. Go to Inbox (yellow envelope in the upper right corner):

Select the "Gifts" tab and see the section with the wishes of the neighbors:

Click on "Send" if you want to send a gift to a neighbor, or on X to ignore a neighborís request.

Sending from the Menu. To send a gift to a neighbor, click on the "Menu" - "Gifts" button.

Click on the "Send" button to send one of the items to a neighbor. The higher the level of your farm, the wider the choice of gifts. After that, a list of neighbors appears. Click on the green plus to move the neighbors to the list of selected ones. The item selected as a gift will be sent to neighbors from this list after you click the green "Send" button.

You can use the search box at the top to find a specific neighbor, or click on the "Select All" button to send a gift to all neighbors. Click on the green Send button to send gifts to neighbors. After that, a message will appear on the successful sending of gifts.

How to ask for gifts?

You can ask for gifts in 2 ways.

Gifts. To ask for gifts from neighbors, go to "Menu" - "Gifts".

Select the gift you need and click on the "Request" button. Click on the green plus to move the neighborís name to the list of selected ones. The neighbor displayed in the selected list will receive a gift request. You can use the search button at the top to find a specific neighbor, or click on the "Select All" button to send a request to all neighbors. Click on the green "Request" button.

As soon as you click on the green button, a message about successful sending will appear at the top.

Note: You can ask for a gift from each neighbor only 1 time within 24 hours. The twenty-four-hour limit starts from the moment you asked or sent a gift to a neighbor.

Requests to send items to complete a building or build a car. For some buildings and cars you will need to collect parts from neighbors. To ask for an item, click on an unfinished building or car. A panel appears with the desired parts.

If you do not want to use the FA to purchase the necessary parts, select the "Request" button, a panel of neighbors will be displayed. Follow the instructions above to select players and ask them for gifts.

Why canít I ask for gifts from my neighbors? You can ask for a gift from each neighbor only 1 time within 24 hours.

If after 24 hours you cannot send or ask for gifts, try the following.

How to accept a gift? Gift is accepted in incoming messages. Incoming messages are indicated by a yellow envelope in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can accept gifts by clicking on the green button "Accept and send everything".

When you accept a gift, you send 5 gift coins to the player who sent you the gift. Coins are sent automatically after clicking the "Thank you" button.

How to use gifts? After accepting the gift from the envelope, it will appear in My Gifts, which are located on the right side of the screen in the form of a gift box. When you go to "My Gifts", you will see that under each gift there is a "Use" function.

Press the "Use" button, and if you have an unfinished building or car, a message will appear with the choice of the object to be completed using this item.

If you donít have a car or building for which the item could be useful, you will receive a hint that you need to start assembling the car or building it.

Selling items. If you received as a gift what is no longer needed, then you can sell these items by clicking on the "Sell" button in "Gifts".

If you have more than 1 item for sale, you can select the quantity using the slider. Press the green button to confirm the sale or x to cancel and return to My Gifts.

If you have only 1 item for sale, clicking on the "Sell" button will automatically lead to a sale.

5 gift coins for neighbors. When you accept a gift, you can thank the player who sent the gift by sending him 5 gift coins. Coins are sent automatically after clicking the "Thank you" button.

Note: Coins are not debited from your account.

"Visit the neighbors right away." Visit all your neighbors at once with one click! You can use cleaning tickets to visit several neighbors at once. Click the brush icon to open the Visit Now feature.

A visit to one neighbor costs 1 cleaning ticket. Use them and save time!

Where can I get cleaning tickets? You can get cleaning tickets from the VIP kit (third tab in the calendar window), from the chests on the trails and from the circle awards (in the city hall in the center of Watertown).

What happens at the neighborís farm?

  1. You can collect the cleaning box and diner bag if these items are available at the neighborís farm. You can set the priority for collecting different boxes from cleaning by clicking on the "Cleaning Order" button at the top of the window with a list of neighbors.
  2. You can collect a reward for visiting (experience and coins) automatically.
  3. You can automatically help your neighbor 5 times with fertilizer, harvesting and so on.

Is visiting neighbors still taking too long? Do not worry, if you press the íXí icon to close the panel and do other things on the farm, your pet will continue to visit neighbors in the background! You will receive a notification in the game when the visit to the neighbors is completed.

Acquaintances. Now in your list of neighbors a certain number of active players will appear. They will have a light blue background, and they will be located at the very end of the list of neighbors. The number of new acquaintances will depend on how many neighbors you have now, so the number may be different for each player.

Is it possible to visit acquaintances in the same way as ordinary neighbors? Yes, acquaintances will be able to do the same things as ordinary neighbors, but acquaintances will disappear the next day. If you would like to become neighbors with them on an ongoing basis, you can click on their game photo and then on "Add" to send them an invitation to neighbors.

How to learn more about the neighboring farm? Entering a neighborís farm, you will see a question mark to the left of the farmís name:

Click on it and you will see information about the neighborís farm, as in the picture below:

How to hide farm information? To hide information about your farm, do the following:

  1. Click on the blue gear icon to find it in Settings.
  2. Go to the "Regulators" section,
  3. Turn the lever opposite the "Show information to neighbors" to the inactive position.


A buddy is your close friend in the game. Friends share special gifts and help each other to get wonderful rewards.

How to get a friend? Choose a buddy from the list of neighbors. After sending the request to your friends, you will have to wait until your neighbor accepts the application. You can only have a limited number of buddies.

Friend class and benefits. After you have a friend, you will both start with friend class 0. In order to improve the friend class, go to the friendís farm and help him clean the decors, collect crops, fertilize plants or eat dishes in the diner. The higher your friend class, the more benefits you will both get in the game. Now when you visit a friendís farm, you can get a friendís gift. The higher your friendship class with this buddy, the better the rewards in gifts!

Buddy tree

After reaching friend class 1, you will get the opportunity to open the Red Mystrons section in Secret. In this section you can purchase a friend tree. Buy a friend tree and build it. You will need friendly hearts that are given for the help of your friends to your friendly tree. When the tree grows, it will generously reward you and your buddies, but after that it will disappear from your farm.

Family Farm: Island Farm Guide

How to access the island farm? Starting at level 28, you have the opportunity to look at the island farm. To get access to the island farm, you need to assemble a puzzle. You can assemble the puzzle by clicking on a small island in the sea or on the "Island" icon at the top of the screen. (The island icon is located between the inbox icon and the resource icon.) On the island, you will find six puzzles to collect. To learn more about the assignment, you can click on the "?" You can start collecting all six puzzles right away, in any order convenient for you.

When you finish the first adventure of the island farm, you will see the following message:

Once you collect all the jigsaw puzzles, you will gain access to the island farm.

Having access to the island farm, you will see the following:

Click on the island and start exploring it!

[Island] Buildings

New buildings are available on the island: workshop, carpentry, studio and glass factory.

Workshop . You can buy a workshop on the island market in the "Buildings" section. It is needed to produce the materials necessary to complete the construction of machinery and buildings on the island.

Note: The cost of a workshop in the market rises with the acquisition of each additional workshop.The maximum number of workshops on the island is 4.

Joinerís house. You can buy a carpentry house on the islandís market in the "Buildings" section. It is needed for processing wood from trees for wood on the island.

Note: The cost of a carpentry house in the market rises with the acquisition of each additional carpentry. The maximum number of carpentry houses on the island is 4.

Studio . The studio is available after unlocking plot 6 on the island. At the studio you can create a variety of items needed for a carpentry or cars.

Attention: on the island there can be only one studio.

Glass factory. You can buy a glass factory on the island market in the "Buildings" section. With it, you can process materials from the mine.

Caution: The cost of a glass factory in the market rises with the acquisition of each additional glass factory. The maximum number of glass factories on the island is 2.

How to use buildings? Click on the building. On the left you will see items that can be produced. The right side shows the materials needed to craft items. To get more information about the building, click on the question mark.

Barbecue. A new machine has appeared on the island farm - barbecue! (available from level 28). Get a brand new skewer on the island farm market in the Machines section and complete it using the materials available in the Boat Tickets section of the Mystery store. The materials that will be available to you in the "Boat Tickets" section will appear in relation to your boat level:

A boat

Build your boat on an island farm and help other farmers complete their orders! Each completed order will give you rewards: coins and boat tickets.

How to load a boat with goods? Click on either your boat or this sign:

A boat panel will open where boat orders will be displayed. When you click on the square with the order, you will see in the right part of the panel the details of the order and its award. Click the green "Upload" button to upload this order to the boat. Download one of the orders yourself, and then send the boat to the sea by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner:

After that, your boat will sail to the sea so that other farmers can call it and complete the rest of the orders. Your boat will return automatically when all orders are completed. You can also return your boat from free swimming by opening the boat panel from the shopping center and clicking the icon:

If the boat is still at the marina of another player, you cannot return it.

How to call other boats? Call the boats of other farmers to exchange your goods for coins and boat tickets. To do this, you have two beeps on the pier. The numbers on the beeps indicate the number of boats you can call. For example, if you have 4/12 beeps, you can call 4 more boats. After you call one boat, the number of beeps will change by 3/12.

The brown beep calls another farmerís boat, which is now at sea; The choice of the boat that will arrive at your marina will be made at random. You get 4 new brown beeps every day. The maximum number of brown beeps that you can accumulate is 12. The blue beep calls your friendís boats. You get 1 new blue beep every day. The maximum number of blue beeps that you can accumulate is 3.

Please remember that first your friend must send his boat to the sea, and only then can you call her. When the boat arrives at your marina, click on it and complete the available order. The more orders you complete, the more rewards you can get! Click on the "i" in the boat panel to see the rewards.

Shopping center. Send your boat loaded with goods to the mall to earn boat tickets. To do this, open the boat panel and click the button below: "Send to the mall." Your goods will be exchanged for boat tickets, which you can use to upgrade and rebuild your boat. Unfulfilled orders will be canceled after you send the boat to the mall.

Improvement and reconstruction of the boat

Improve your boat and rebuild it to your liking! Click on the top of the boat center as shown in the picture above and you will see three icons.

The blue arrow will open the upgrade panel, where you will see the requirements for leveling the boat.

Click on the purple T-shirt icon to rebuild the boat. The higher the level of your boat, the more parts of the boat you unlock. You can change different parts of the boat and decorate it with various boat items.

You can buy these items in the "Boat Tickets" section of the Mystery store. In this section you will see only items for those parts of the boat that you have already unlocked. The last globe-shaped icon is used for special world-time events. In these events, farmers from all over the world will work together to achieve a common goal.

Note: You cannot rebuild or upgrade your boat until it is at the marina.

After 1 minute, you can send another farmerís boat back to the sea without loading goods.

Master points. All cars on the island can be upgraded with master points. Each car has blue stars - an indicator of the masterís points. The more stars you get, the more types of products can be produced by this machine. To see the number of stars, click on the car - the following window will appear:

Each time you make something on the machine, you get points of the master. These master points are counted for only one type of machine. For example, for the production of woolen fabric on a loom, the masterís points will be counted for all looms on the island. In order to find out how many points you need to unlock the next product (Master level), click on the question mark next to the blue stars:

Then you will see how many points you need to get to the next star.

How to view tasks on the island and main farms? In order to see the tasks for both the main and the island farm, simply click on the "!" Icon located in the upper left corner of the game screen.

After that, you will see a new pop-up window showing the progress in the current task on the main or island farm.You can switch between tasks of the main and island farms by clicking on the desired tab in the upper left corner of the window.

This feature is available on both the main and island farm.

How to go from the island to the main farm? In order to go from the island to the main farm and vice versa, click on the icon located to the left of the Inbox. Depending on which farm you are on, the icon will be different. The icon for the main farm is shown on the left, and for the island on the right:

Two different warehouses. The Family Farm has two different warehouses: one on the main farm and one on the island farm. Both warehouses are used to store animals, cars, decors, buildings and those items that you collect, but only what you got on the main farm is stored in the Main Farm Warehouse, and only what you got on the island farm is stored in the Island Farm Warehouse the farm. These two Warehouses: the main farm warehouse (left) and the island farm warehouse (right).

The main farm warehouse can be bought at the main farm market, starting at level 12. Access to the warehouse of the island farm can be obtained by opening the 10th plot. Both warehouses can be improved to fit more items!

Farmer Points

What are farmer points? Farmer points are needed to gain access to various items on the island, such as cars or trees in the market.

How many farmer points do I have? To find out how many farmer points you have, click on the purple star at the top and see how many farmer points you have.

How to get farmer points? You can get farmer points at the island farm by delivering orders by helicopter or completing some tasks on the island farm. First click on the helicopter. Select "Orders" and create all the products necessary for delivery. As soon as you collect all the products necessary for delivery, they will become colored.Press the space between the two products necessary for completing the order and, without lifting your finger from the screen, transfer them to the helicopter. (Click on the "?" In the upper left corner of the tab to see how to do this.) All products will be transferred to the helicopter, and the helicopter will transfer them to their destination.

When your helicopter returns, you will see a small icon on top of your helicopter, this will be the farmerís points.Click on this icon to collect points and get a reward.

Why am I no longer getting farmer points by delivering orders by helicopter? Your initial island farm farmer point limit is 5,000 points. After you reach the limit of 5000 points, completing the delivery of orders by helicopter, you will receive helicopter bags instead of farmer points.To increase the farmerís points limit, it is necessary to build jewelry that can be purchased on the island farm market in the section "For the site" -> "Specials". Each decoration can be purchased an unlimited number of times, but re-purchased jewelry will not increase the farmerís points limit.

Attention!Island decorations only increase the farmerís points limit, that is, the number of farmer points that you can potentially earn. To earn the farmerís points yourself, please complete helicopter orders and island missions after the island jewelry is completed.


There are two types of trees on an island farm: fruit trees and trees for wood. There are two ways to get trees. The first way is to unlock the areas where the trees are located. The second way is to buy trees in the market. Look at the trees on the island farm market in the Trees tab.

The number of trees that you can grow on the island is limited. For example, only 5 mulberry trees can grow on a farm. The price of a tree varies depending on how many trees you already have. To unlock some types of trees, you need to earn farmer points on helicopter delivery of orders.

By collecting fruits from fruit trees, and then laying these fruits in various machines, you can create other products. Trees for wood give wood. To collect wood, you can use a hacksaw, which can be found in the "Create" item in the "Tools" (it cuts 1 tree at a time), or an electric saw, it can be bought for FA (it cuts 2 trees at a time).

If, clicking on a tree, you see under the tree name "10/10", this means that from this tree you can collect only 10 units of wood. After you receive 10 units of wood, the tree will disappear. After the tree for wood disappears, one more tree can be bought in the market. For example, you already have 7 oaks. This is the maximum available number of trees of this species, and you can no longer buy oak.

Then you collected 10 units of Wood from one tree, and it disappeared. Now you can buy another tree.

Using wood in the sawmill and in the workshop, you can create other products.


A lot of new cars have appeared on the island farm. There are two ways to get a car. The first is to unlock a new site. Cars located in this area will also be unlocked. The second option is to buy a car on the island farm market. Go to the island farm market and select "Machines", as is done in the picture below:

In order to get some cars, you will need to earn farmer points. The picture also shows that on an island farm there can be only four cars of the same kind. For example, if you bought four hat machines, you cannot buy another one. The more cars of one type you have, the more expensive it will be for you to buy the next car of the same type.

How to finish the car? By clicking on the unfinished car, you will see the materials necessary for its construction. Some materials can be asked from the neighbors, and some you need to get yourself. Click on the "Request" button to get the opportunity to get the necessary materials. After collecting the necessary materials, return to the car. You will see a barn icon next to the materials. For instance:

By clicking on the icon, you will see the following pop-up screen:

Click OK to add materials to the machine. After that, the barn icon will disappear. Having collected all the necessary materials and adding them to the machine, you can use the machine.

How to use cars on an island farm? The principle of operation of the machines on the farm is almost the same. Here is an example of how a super bread machine is used. By clicking on the car on the farm, you will see the following image:

Scrolling the list of products left or right, you can select the product you want to make. By clicking on the "?" Icon, you will learn basic information about the product. For instance:

As you can see in the picture, in order to get stars for cars on an island farm, you first need to get master points. Use the machine to create products, and get master points for this machine. When you have enough points of the master, you will receive a star. You need to collect a certain number of stars in order to open more products for your car. To open different types of products requires a different number of stars. For instance:

By clicking on the product image and holding it, you will see additional information about this product.


You can find the volcano on site 12, the newest of all sections of the island farm.

Every three hours, the volcano produces from 4 to 6 units of energy, which can then be used in the kitchen on the main farm to prepare meals, or in the workshop on the island farm.

When the energy is ready to be collected, you will see an energy icon (flame) above the volcano.

Decoration. Jewelry - items for the island that can be purchased at the Island Market. With the decoration, you can increase the farmerís points limit. Jewelry has the following icon:

Attention: Decoration increases the limit of farmer points, not their number!

Where to find baskets for the production of flower baskets? Baskets are made by a cute panda on an island farm. Buy a panda in the market in the "Animals" section. After that, feed the panda with bamboo, after some time baskets from the remains of bamboo will be ready.


The mine is located on an island farm. Unlocking it, you will get the opportunity to extract valuable raw materials, which can then be used in the production of other items (for example, copper or gold bars). The raw materials that you receive after the explosion depend on the subversive you choose.

How to use the mine? If the recovery percentage of the mine is more than 1%, click on the mine. To lay down subversive funds, transfer the subversive funds that you want to use to empty seats or invite a neighbor to help you. You can invite a neighbor by clicking on the image of a neighbor next to an empty slot. Then press the "Boom" button. Next to each subversive, it is shown what percentage of the recovery of the mine is necessary for this tool to be used.

After the explosion, you will have the opportunity to pick up materials. At the bottom of the screen, under the mine, you will see how much the mine is damaged by the explosion. If you see 0%, then you need to wait until the mine recovers, then you can lay down subversive funds again. Different types of blasting agents affect the mine in different ways: the more effective the blasting means, the more time it will take for the mine to recover.

How to register an item on an island farm? To register an item on an island farm, go to the island farm and click on the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen. After that, an image of the Gallery will appear above the arrow. Click on the Gallery image and then on the item you would like to register.

The second way to register an item on an island farm is to go to the island farm and then go to the Gallery by clicking on the "Menu" button and selecting the Gallery icon.

How to unlock and improve a seaside resort? If you have already opened an island farm and you have 1000 or more farmer points, look at the bottom of the island farm - there you will see a hydroplane. Click on it and you will see what needs to be done to build it. After you build it, you can unlock a new seaside resort!

What are resort scores? Resort points are needed to improve the resort. The higher the level of your resort, the more products and resort design options are available to you. (Click on a resort to see resort design options.).You can get resort points by fulfilling orders in the buildings of the sea resort: Cafe Ocean, a souvenir shop, Tropiki spa and Eden restaurant. These buildings will become available to you when you unblock certain sections of the sea resort.

How to fulfill orders at a beach resort? To complete the order, you need to put 1 product on display. When the timer runs out, guests at the resort will pick up groceries. You can also skip waiting times for OBs.

How to improve a showcase? After you complete a certain number of orders, a new showcase will become available to you. If you want to sell more products from the same window at the same time, click on the green arrow on the left side of the trading building:

So you can improve your existing display case and get more shelves. If you have more shelves, you can put up more items for sale at the same time!

Seaside Resort - Fishing School

The fishing school will open automatically when you open the 8th section of the sea resort. After the opening of the fishing school, you can fish on the main farm with the net!

What are fishing skills? The fishing school has 3 fishing skills: Nutritious Food, Alluring Bait and Attractive Net. The higher the level of fishing skills, the better you will be able to fish.

Net fishing. After you open a fishing school, your fishing pier will turn into a fish plot and you can fish in nets. It will be possible to enter the fish plot both from the fishing school and from the main farm.

Note: The bait limit will increase 10 times after the opening of the fishing school. With the first catch of the season, you can catch more fish than with subsequent ones.

Sea resort - Tourist objects

How to invite guests to my resort? You can invite your neighbors and farm guests to the resort by clicking on the hydroplane on the island farm.

There are 2 types of seats on the seaplane: economy class and first class. The economy class is for farm guests (game characters), and the first class is for neighbors. After you click the "Invite" button in the seaplane panel, the invitation will be sent to the chat, and your neighbor will need to accept the invitation. After that, you will need to go into the chat and click "Pick up" to add the guest to the seaplane.

Where to find tourist sites? You can buy tourist objects on the market of the sea resort -> "Buildings" for coins and FA. There are two types of tourist sites: ordinary and special. Ordinary tourist sites will give you additional resort points, and special ones, for example, a sea volcano, will give you game resources.

How to entertain guests at a beach resort? When guests arrive at your seaside resort, you can place them in tourist facilities. Please remember that each tourist object has its own bonuses.

Sea volcano: after you put the guest here and the timer expires, you will get 2 energies.

Paraglider: after you put the guest here, you will receive bonus points of the resort in the cafe "Ocean".

Family Farm: Island Farm Garden Guide

What is a garden? The garden can be unlocked on the island. After unlocking, you can plant and grow flowers in it. Cross your flowers to get rare kinds of flowers.

Where to get flowers? You can purchase flowers for the garden in a special section of the Market, which can be opened from the garden. You can also get to this section through Market> Secret> Coins. Items in this section change regularly. You can also update the assortment of this section several times a day. Another way to get a flower is by crossing.

Gardening Tools. Garden tools can be purchased for coins in a special section of the Market, which can be opened from the garden. You can also get to this section through Market> Secret> Coins. Items in this section change from time to time. You can manually update the assortment of the section 6 times a day.

Garden level and garden flower book. You can get more rare flowers, as well as unlock garden tools, raising the level of the garden. To learn more about the colors you have, open the color book. To do this, click on the bookshelf located in your garden. Collecting stars for a flower book, you can get great rewards.

Garden: flower levels and crossbreeding

Color levels. Garden flowers are of three types (1, 2 and 3). You can determine the types of flowers by the stars when you click on your flower in the garden, or by a flower pot.

Crossbreeding. When crossing flowers, you have a chance to get a flower of a higher level or a special - friendly flower, which you can put on a friendly allotment in the neighborís garden. Crossbreeding of flowers is carried out as follows: Make sure that both flowers that will participate in the crossbreeding have the same level. Then click on the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen> select the move tool (blue X). Move one flower to the cage with another flower.

After that, the flowers will be placed under the hood. Click on the cross icon if you want to cross the flowers. If you want to cancel, click on the cross.

Next you will see the following window. Click on the "Cross Now" button. If you change your mind about crossing, click on the "Cancel" button.

After crossing, you will receive a new flower in exchange for the two previous ones.

By crossing, you can get rare flowers that are impossible to buy in the market.

Garden: friendly flower and greenhouse

Friendly flowers can only grow on a friendly allotment on a neighboring farm. The flower that you put on a friendly allotment will be looked after by your neighbor. If a neighbor uses your flower to cross, you will receive a reward for this. To place a friendly flower on a friendly allot of a neighbor, click on the greenhouse. You will see flowers that can be placed on a friendly allotment.

Click on the "Neighborhood Care" button - a window with neighbors will appear. Choose a suitable neighbor and go to his island. Click on his friendly allotment in the garden (red beds), you will see the following window:

Put the flower on the neighborís friendly allotment. After that, you do not need to take care of the flower - this will be done by your neighbor. If your neighbor decides to cross the flower, then the neighbor will receive a flower as a reward, and you will receive a special flower package.

Family Farm: How to play now after the upgrade?


The vet clinic can be unlocked on an island (available from level 40). Vetklinika is a building on an island farm located next to a boat.

After the veterinary clinic is unlocked, injured animals will appear near it at sea. After you feed and save the animal, you can choose what to do with it later: send it further, send it to a neighbor or take it to your vetnik. You can open more places in the veterinarian to save as many animals as possible!

Send further: The animal will be released into the wild, and you will receive rewards.

Send to neighbor: If there are no empty seats in your veterinarian, you can send the animal to a neighbor.After you send a request to a neighbor, you will receive rewards. Your neighbor will receive a message that appears in the veterinarianís mailbox:

If your neighbor decides to take the animal for himself, you will receive additional rewards.

Take yourself: Put the animal in your vet clinic and take care of it. Feed and treat the animal to increase its level of health. The maximum level of health is 8. At any time, you can let the animal go free. The higher the health level of the animal that you release, the better rewards you will receive. After the saved animal reaches level 8, its health level will no longer be increased. You can receive rewards by continuing to feed the animal.

How to let the animal go? Click on the information board near the animal to find out all the necessary information about it.

Here you can change the name of the animal and share information about the animal in the news feed and in the circle chat. Click on the "Release" button to release the animal to freedom. Please note that after this animal will not be able to return.

You will receive a certificate from the Family Farm Animal Protection Association and you will be able to choose one of the Mystron sets as a reward. Click on the certificate icon:

You will open the magazine of the saved beasts. Share your achievements with your neighbors to show how much you love your animals!

Treasure valley

Discover the new building in Watertown! Send your pet to the treasure valley and get rewards!

How to send a pet to the treasure valley? Each member of the circle can send one pet to the valley of treasures. To do this, click on the yellow arrow:

Choose one of the available pets that you want to send in search of treasure in the Valley of Treasures. When your pet runs out of vitality, he will return home. As a reward, you will receive cookies for your pet and reputation medals. You can feed your pet so that your pet searches for treasures longer and you get more rewards by clicking on this icon:

You can always return your pet to the farm by clicking on it, and then on the "Home" button. By clicking on other pets in the treasure valley, you will open the information panel where you can find out the rating, skills of the pet, who is its owner, etc.

What are the benefits of a treasure valley? You can get pet cookies and reputation medals as a reward for participating. Be aware that pet cookies have a limit of 300 units. At the top of the screen you can see the status of progress, when it reaches 100%, your circle will receive gems and, possibly, even a treasure! Your circle can start a new round 1 hour after the end of the previous one. Collect the whole set of treasures and get gachapons and a circle photo! To check the progress, click on this icon:

To check the rating of the current and last rounds, click on the icon:

Take first place in the ranking and get more rewards!

Country Club

What is a country club? Country Club - a club of regular players of the Family Farm. The more points you have in a country club, the higher your level of country club. At the moment, the maximum level is 15. The higher your level of a country club, the more advantages you have. You can get acquainted with the advantages of a country club by clicking on the game photo -> "Benefits".

How to earn country club points? There are 2 ways to earn country club points. Every day you get 1 point in the "Club" tab of the "Bonus of the day" panel. You also get points from a country club by purchasing game sets and game currency. For every $ 1 you spend, you get 100 country club points.

What are the benefits of each level of a country club? The higher your level of country club, the more advantages you have. Country Club Level 1:

Country Club Level 2:

Country Club Level 3:

Country Club Level 5: Increase the maximum number of meals that you can eat at neighborsí diners.

Country Club Level 11:

Gifts from friends. Only available for players at country club level 10 and above. With this function you can send your game currency (OB / coins / OP) to your friends. Please keep in mind that the currency you send is debited from your game account. You can send a gift only once a day to one friend, the ability to send a gift is updated every day at 2:59 a.m. Moscow time zone.

Exclusive club. Only available for players at country club level 6 and above. In the exclusive club you can purchase unique items and items that have not been in the game for a long time. Some items are only available at certain levels of the country club. Each item can only be purchased once a week.

New expansion mode. After you expand the farm to 36x36, a new expansion mode will be available to you.Now you can unlock new 4x4 sections. The rules of the new expansion mode:

  1. You can unlock any 4x4 section adjacent to the already unlocked sections.
  2. Expansion assignments become more complex with each new open site.

Version 6.0: whatís new? New features and improvements:

Magic cauldron. Daniís friend Penny, who is studying magic, has arrived at the farm! She brought a magic cauldron with her. Try to guess which ingredients are hidden in the puzzle. Find out the ingredient by its outline, and instead of a question mark, you have to guess the ingredient from the list in the left panel!

When you guess all the ingredients, you will solve the riddle and get a star! You can help other players and share the clue on Facebook or in circle chat!

You can get no more than 3 stars per day. Odds are updated every day at 3:00 in the morning (Moscow time zone). You can look at all the riddles in the riddle album.

Solve all the puzzles and get the final reward!

Order wizard

Fulfill orders and become a master of orders! As a reward for completing orders, you will receive points for orders and gallery tokens. The number of points and tokens will depend on your place in the ranking. Each participant of the "Order Master" event will compete in a group of 50 randomly selected farmers. Every Friday at 3:00 a.m. in the Moscow time zone, a new round of the Game "Order Wizard" begins.

After the counter is reset, you can immediately take part in the next round, however, the points you received in the new round will not be counted until you collect the rewards of the previous round. More information about the conditions for moving to the next level is indicated below:

There are 5 levels in the game at the moment. The higher your level, the more rewards you will receive. The maximum number of gallery tokens that can be obtained by farmers who have taken the best places:

How do I know what level I am and how many points I have? You can find out how many points you have by going to the main panel and clicking on:

How to get points for orders? To take part in the "Order Wizard" event and get points for orders, complete orders from the order board (5 points), from the corner of orders (10 points), from the bistro (1 point), in the guest center (1 point), and helicopter orders (2 points) or boat orders (3 points).

What to do with gallery tokens? For gallery tokens, decors can be purchased. To do this, go to the gallery in the "Decors" section. All decors of past special assignments are available for purchase for gallery tokens.

Family Farm: Correct Account Settings

Play on multiple devices and recover a lost farm

Now you can play Family Farm on multiple devices and not worry about losing game progress! Link the farm to your Facebook account to use its data to play on multiple devices! It is very easy! Only 2 steps: linking to connect the farm to Facebook, and synchronization to download the farm on multiple devices by linking it to your Facebook account!

Step 1. Binding. Link your farm to Facebook so you never lose it again. To do this, open the game settings (blue gear) and click on "Login". If you have never connected this farm to Facebook before, you will receive 4 FA.

After clicking on "Login" you will see what benefits the binding will give you:

To find out more, just click on the question mark in the upper left corner, after which there will appear such a panel with information:

If you had several farms connected to Facebook, then after clicking on the button to connect to Facebook and authorizing the game on Facebook, you will see a list of these farms:

If you select the first farm in the list designated as "Current farm" and click on the connect button, you will see a confirmation window where you will need to confirm that you want to link the current farm to this Facebook account. If you play on different farms on different devices, all other farms will remain on the device, unless you synchronize the current farm so that it always loads on the device using the Facebook link.

After that, you will see a confirmation panel, which means that your farm has been linked to Facebook and now you can synchronize your farm data with any device that supports Family Farm.

Step 2. Synchronization. In this case, synchronization means downloading a Facebook-linked farm to any device by using a precisely linked Facebook account. Open the game settings and click "Sign In". You will see 2 farms: the current farm located on the device and the farm linked to Facebook:

If you want to continue playing the farm that was on the device, but would like to log into Facebook to see your Facebook friends and share game news there, just click on the "Save" button.

If you want to open the farm that was linked to Facebook, then select the farm from the list. A Facebook "F" icon will be next to it.

You will see a warning message. Since the current farm was not linked to Facebook, syncing the linked farm to this device will delete the current farm. If you want to keep the current farm, close the warning message and the synchronization panel and link the current farm to another Facebook account. If you do not want to play the current farm, simply enter "delete", then click "OK". After that, you can play on your farm!

Attention: If you have an iOS device and you canít log in to your farm, then you must first exit the Game Center!

How to start the game all over again? To start the game from the very beginning, you need to delete the game from the device. To do this, press and hold the game icon until it starts to tremble and x appears in the upper left corner of the icon.

Click x to remove the game.

A message appears asking if you want to save the data in Game Center, click Delete.

Warning: all progress, coins, FAs, animals, cars, buildings, etc. will be permanently deleted.

After the game is deleted, download the game again on the App Store.

If you receive a synchronization conflict message, make sure you select the farm name with (LVL1) - in case you want to start from the very beginning.

Snap to Facebook and Google Play or Game Center. In the settings panel in the game you will see the "Login" button.

If you use an iOS device for the game, then after clicking on the "Login" button, you can choose what to attach your farm to: Facebook or Game Center. If you use an Android device, after clicking on the "Login" button, you can choose what to link your farm to: Facebook or Google Play.

Currently, one farm can only be linked to one account, so if you have several farms, you need to link them to different Facebook, Google Play or Game Center accounts depending on the operating system installed on your device (Android or iOS).

Note: You cannot link multiple farms to a single Facebook account.

Farm ID You can see your farm ID on the loading screen:

To find the farm ID in the game: click on the blue gear in the game - "Settings" - the farm ID is located at the very bottom of the "Settings" menu.

Switch language. To change the language of the game, click on the blue gear on the right of the screen.

In the displayed window, click on the last button.

Click on the flag that represents the language you would like to play in.

Information about Game Center. Game Center allows owners of Apple iOS devices to play and share games with friends, track progress against other players, and more.

You can sync the same farm between multiple iOS devices using your Game Center account. If you do not already have an account on the Game Center, go to the Game Center by clicking on the icon from the device menu and open the account.

After that, open the game and connect it to your account on the Game Center. To play the same farm on another iOS device, you will need to open the same account on Game Center on that device.

Conflict sync. If your device already has a farm and you are logged into another account on the Game Center, you will see a synchronization error message. Read the message carefully and select the farm that you want to save on your device.

Change your Game Center account. To change your account, go to the settings on your iOS device and select Game Center.

Click on Apple ID.

Select a function in the message that appears.

Please note that different achievements, points, and friends are associated with different Apple IDs.

Family Farm: Attention, quest bugs

How to ask for items for the job? To complete some tasks you will need to collect items with the help of neighbors.

If the number of items on the counter decreases, you may have sold or exchanged these items before the task was completed. Store the items you need in the barn and My Gifts until you have completed the task. After you collect enough items to complete the quest, open the quest bar. When enough items are collected, the "Use" button will appear on the taskbar. Click on the "Use" button in the task bar to complete the task. If you have several items left after use, you can sell them for coins from the My Gifts box.

Items purchased for the assignment, but not received. Before writing technical support about this problem, make sure that you did not click the "Skip" button in the task window. When you skip a task for the FA, you only skip the tasks, but do not purchase items needed for the task. Below is an example of a task with a Skip button.

No new assignments. If you no longer have tasks in the game on the left of the screen, this means that you have already completed all the available regular tasks. But there is no reason for concern! The game is constantly working on creating new tasks.

Special tasks. Special tasks differ from the usual for several reasons:

Like regular tasks, special tasks are displayed on the left of the screen. When you click on its icon, a window with tasks will appear.

Special Assignment - Assignment Assignment. There are 2 types of special tasks. One of them is the collection task. The collection task icon can be found on the right side of the screen, as shown in the image below.

To complete these tasks, you need to collect the necessary items, performing work on the farm (harvesting plants and fruits, production in cars and with the help of animals). To find out what actions you can get the necessary items for, click on the collection task icon.

A special task is a collection machine. The second type of special task is a collection machine. Usually, players should put a special collection machine on the farm. After that, players will be able to exchange or buy special items from the Collecting Machine. Exchange requires items that can be found while doing work on the farm (harvesting plants and fruits, production in cars and with the help of animals).

I do not receive items. If you do not come across items that need to be collected, make sure that you collect the plants, fruits and products that you need. Please note that items are not dropped for each collected product or plant, but for a few - it depends on luck.

Rollback of actions in the game (Rollback). The rollback of actions committed in the game to the previous state may occur due to the fact that for some reason the actions do not reach the server. All plants, products, FA, OP, coins, etc. also return to their previous state. It is difficult to identify the causes of rollbacks, but most often they occur due to an unstable Internet connection to the server. Try playing with a more stable internet connection, such as Wi-Fi. Disable all other applications that may slow down the speed of the Internet. If you constantly have kickbacks, and your Internet connection is stable, then contact support.