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Walkthrough Farm Heroes Saga: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FARM HEROES SAGA - Android game with release date 12/10/2013 from King. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How can I collect a spider? You must light the Fuses next to the Spider to make it move. You will have to first break part of the Spiders web, igniting Fuses in it. When you finally can make a combination next to the Spider, it will try to move to a new nesting place (it will look like a dense white network). If there are no other nesting spots on the board, the Spider will be assembled. You can use the Magic Shovel or Tractor Accelerators to clean the web.

What does a chicken do? If you make a combination next to him, the chicken will lay the egg and jump to a new place. If you are lucky, the Chicken can sit a cracked egg, giving you the opportunity to create a Chicken. You can also use the Magic Shovel Accelerator to make Chicken.

How do I collect Chicken? You need to connect three eggs to produce one egg with a crack, then connect three eggs with a crack to collect one Chicken. The Magic Shovel and Egg Cracker accelerators can also be used to produce cracked eggs.

How to assemble an Alligator? An alligator gathers like a Chicken. You need a combination of three nested Alligator eggs to produce one Alligator egg. The combination of three Alligator eggs is needed to create a cracked Alligator egg. The combination of three cracked Alligator eggs is needed to create the Alligator. Accelerators "Magic Shovel" and "Egg Cracker" can also be used to crack eggs.

What can I do with Seeds? Seeds can be replaced with water to create grass.

How to play here?

Become a Farm Hero today by picking up Rabbits in order to fulfill the level requirements before you run out of moves. Harvests are vegetables, fruits, sun and water that you will meet in the game. You will see targets at the top of the screen and will always have a limited number of moves at each level.

After you have collected all the Harvests, you will enter the "Hero Mode", during which you can use the remaining moves to improve your growth rate. Depending on your growth rate, you can receive up to 3 stars per level. When you complete the level for the first time or when you upgrade the star counter for the level, you will receive several Magic Beans that can be used to help you progress through the game.

How to stop Rabbit from stealing my carrot? Light the Fuse next to the Rabbit to temporarily stun him. So he will keep his thieves paws away from your carrots.

How can I break the ice? If you apply the combination with the Rabbit inside the ice, the ice will disappear.Accelerator Magic Shovel can also be used to destroy ice.

How do I pick a flower? Pick up a combination of Rabbits next to the flower so that it blooms. When the flower has fully grown, it will be plucked. In order to grow a flower, you can also use the Magic shovel.

What makes a coup for snow? Any Rabbit that lands on Snow Patch will turn into a Snowman. The combination should stand next to the Snowman in order to break it and free the Rabbit inside.

What are Companions?

Companions are recruited by Amelia and the gang to help you defeat the evil schemes of Ranside. In each episode there are 3 Companions available, and the last Companions will reward you at 1110. The Companion that you will receive as a reward depends on how many stars you reach when you complete the Farm Club level.

Always strive to get 3 stars to win the most powerful Companion. You must also be connected to the Internet in order for the Companion to be successfully awarded to your Farm Club account. Each Companion has special abilities that will help you complete the level, and using the Companion is very simple. At the beginning of the level, simply select the one you want to activate from the 3 available Companions and pay the Magic Beans.

Once activated, the Companion acts as a continuous booster and gives you a big advantage on difficult levels.Think twice before choosing which one to use to make the perfect choice! If you do not want to use Companions during the passage of the level, then simply uncheck the "Related field" before starting, and the Companions will not be activated.

What does grass do? Any collectible Bunny that lands on Grass will earn bonus points. Any Angry Bunny that lands on Grass will cheer up and return to normal.

What does the rabbit do? Just the Rabbit will annoy you! He is a small pest and he will steal your carrots, so be careful! Make a combination next to him to stun him and stop the theft of your carrots during the next turn.

What are Angry Rabbits? Angry Bunnies are dirty and evil. If you make a combination that includes Angry Rabbits, the whole combination will become angry and you will lose the Rabbits. So be careful! Depending on the level, you can return the Angry Rabbits to normal using Grass or Seed. Also, the Cleanup Accelerator can help.

What does the frog do? If you make a combination next to the Frog, it will jump to the place where it can eat nearby Rabbits in color. The frog will always absorb as many Rabbits as possible, so stay tuned!

What are buckets for? At some levels you will need combinations with water Harvests, but they will not appear on the board. In these cases, you can use buckets to add them to the board. When you make a combination next to the bucket, the water level inside it rises. With enough matches, water will reach the top and hit the board.You can then combine the water Harvests, as usual, to collect them.

What does purple goo do? Any Rabbit that lands on the purple slime will become angry. Angry Rabbits infect ordinary Rabbits with which they are associated, and will not count as your target.

How do I set fireworks? To set the Fireworks, use the matchstick to light the Fuse. Fireworks can be used to reach areas that are difficult to reach. Run one to see for yourself!

Level 99 - Only 4 Apples! Level 99 tests all your farming skills! You get only 4 Apples, and in order to pass this level, you need to create great combinations around them in order to increase their value before collecting them.Each time you create a combination next to Apples, their value will increase and, therefore, will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Once you find the right strategy, you can pass this level.

What are the different game modes? There are several game modes, each of which has its own purpose:

Why am I not getting life from my friends, but only Magic Beans? Lives in Farm Heroes Saga get a little different than in other games. To receive lives from friends, you must play simultaneously with your friends. In this regard, the game works like a messenger, so you can send lives to each other when you play.

If a friend sends you life when you already have 5 lives, or if you are not online, then you will receive Magic Beans.They can be used to buy Accelerators, activate your Companions at the beginning of each level, or to multiply the account when playing at Rancid Levels. This is the best way to benefit from gifts when your standard of living is already full.

What do bombs do and how can I get rid of them? Each time you make a move, the counter on the bomb will be counted. When the counter reaches zero, the bomb explodes and you lose a few of your collected Harvesters. Combine bombs with Rabbits of the same color to get rid of them.

What are Accelerators?

Accelerators will help you complete levels faster and win! Some boosters recharge for some time and can be reused after a full recovery. You can apply new Accelerators in exchange for Gold Bars or Magic Beans, if you need them earlier. The following boosters are available:

Magic shovel. Allows you to delete or otherwise interact with one object on the playing field. If this is required by Cropsie, she adds it to the appropriate collection. If it is a flower, it will grow in one step. And if you use the Magic Shovel on ice, the ice will break. There are many more examples! New objects are added as the game progresses, so just try and see what happens.

Bonus reward. Each needed Cropsie on the board gets a +1 bonus.

Tractor. The tractor removes all objects in a horizontal line from the playing field, and all the Cropsies you have requested will be collected and added to your balance.

Color gatherer. All Cropsies of the same type are collected.

Egg Breaker. Interacts with all eggs without cracks. Ordinary eggs will turn into cracked eggs, and nested Alligator eggs will become ordinary Alligator eggs.

Cleaning up. Turns all Grumpy Cropsies into regular Cropsies.

Super fruits. Combine with any Cropsie to clear the 3x3 area from the board. Any adjacent Cropsies required will receive a +2 bonus.

Turbo Tractor. Flip horizontally or vertically with any Cropsie. This accelerator works like a regular Tractor, but deletes three rows or columns instead of one.

Amelias Airdrop. Call for reinforcements! Swap with any Cropsie and Amelia will throw six more Cropsies of this type onto the board.

Although the game is completely free and can be completed without the use of Accelerators, their use will give you real pleasure!