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Walkthrough FarmVille 2 Country Escape: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FARMVILLE 2 COUNTRY ESCAPE - Android game with release date 04/16/2014 from the company Zynga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Events & Promotions Guide
  3. Granary Guide
  4. Bugs and Fitch Games

FarmVille 2 Country Escape: A Beginnerís Guide

What is the level limit? In a recent update, the maximum level limit has been exponentially increased.Farmers can now receive more rewards with each new level, including mid-level rewards. As a reward you can get keys, precocious seeds, food and much more. Levels are redistributed based on experience points accumulated at a limit of 99 levels.

How to plant a plant? Touch the button with the cash register icon in the lower left corner to enter the supermarket. When the supermarket opens, tap the topmost tab to open the list of plants. Drag the plant to your farm, water it and wait until the crop is ripe!

The pantry is full, what should I do? First of all, you can sell items on the Order Board or sell them to friends at the Farmerís Kiosk. In addition, you can improve the pantry or remove several items. To improve the farm, you will need various materials that can be obtained during the procurement or research of many attractions.

Tip: Touch the desired material to find out where it can be found.

To remove items from the Pantry, select the item, touch the "X" in the upper right corner of the item image and click on the confirmation button.

The "X" appears only when 90% of the storage space is occupied.

Note: By pressing "X" all items of the same type will be deleted from the Pantry. Choose carefully!

Where can I buy animals, plant seeds, trees and decorations? All these products can be bought at the supermarket. To enter the supermarket, tap the button with the cash register icon in the lower left corner.

What are workshops for? In workshops, you can prepare goods from farm-grown products and sell them on the order board. In a windmill, you can grind wheat into flour, and in a dairy store you can make butter from cowís milk.

How to use workers? Workers can be sent to Grandmaís glade, to Grandfatherís Pond or to other places on the farm to look for something rare and valuable!

What is a farmhouse for? Farmhouse lets you keep track of your workers!

Here they rest and sit back, unless you sent them to look for something or work on the farm.

How to remove excess from my farm? Any jewelry purchased can be removed. Select a decoration (tap and hold it).

When the editing menu opens, tap the coin icon to sell the jewelry.

It is impossible to remove what is necessary for the farm: crops, animals, workshops and trees.

Why is Babushkina Polyana needed? Use workers in Grandmaís Glade to find blackberries, chives and more!

Hint: If you want to improve your pantry, you can find the construction nails here.

What is Grandfather Pond for? Use the workers at Grandfatherís Pond to find trout, perch and mint!

Hint: If you want to improve your pantry, you can find the barn locks here.

What is Pogodok mine for? Use the workers at Pogodok Mine to find tin, quartz and copper!

Hint: Try sending different workers to the mine to find secret rewards!

Why do I need a Plenty of pier? Use the workers at the Plenty of Pier to find lobster and shellfish.

Hint: Look for special items at Pikeís Wharf to catch more coins at the Cornucopia Pier.

Why do we need a wheel of fortune and a competitive tent? Spin the wheel of fortune daily and win awesome prizes.

A competitive tent will be needed when you get thoroughbred animals. Take care of thoroughbred animals and win ribbons . Then these ribbons can be exchanged in a competitive tent for valuable prizes: coins, stamps and keys.

Who is Eyed Eddie, and how do I earn marks? Come into the airplane hangar to the Eyed Edik.

Follow all his orders, and he will pay with valuable marks for which you can buy thoroughbred animals.

FarmVille 2 Country Escape: Events & Promotions Guide

Real excavation! Paleontologist Patrick has discovered dinosaur fossils on your farm! His girlfriend, curator Cassie, came from a historical museum to help him put together prehistoric bones. It will be an amazing event with a variety of dinosaurs. Join the fun of everyone! Dig up fossils and admire the incredible dinosaurs! If you have reached level 12 and above, you will be invited to participate in the event. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Return to home-mu! Summer is drawing to a close and the rainy season will begin very soon. Herd time to return from pasture home. Beater Zeda and Careyís cook will help you get the animals back before the dark clouds get to the farm. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to the event "Return to Home".You will need to force close the game or even restart the device to see this update.

Tomato battle! Our tomatoes have ripened under the wonderful summer sun and shine with scarlet sides. So itís time to set up a Tomatina festival on the farm. Tomato Thomas and Pepita Tomato will join the general battle of food. And they will also try spicy Spanish dishes that are prepared for all guests. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to the Tomato battle. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Food holiday! In the event you will find many competitions for eating delicious dishes. The beautiful Trisha Talisman will come to you, who will make sure that as many people as possible participate in eating at a speed.And the festival will be visited by Hungry Harry! He has a special talent - he is in huge quantities and does not gain weight at the same time. He has already won many victories in such competitions. Join in the fun and stuff your stomach up! If you have reached level 12 and above, you will be invited to participate in the event. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Bingo Antiquities. Workers compete in the ancient bingo game! Tomb Raider Rina has found the ruins of an ancient farming civilization on your farm. Most interesting - the ancient people loved the game! Workers invited to the farm the world-famous game connoisseur Ziyan: he will be the judge of spectacular ancient games. The event will open at level 12. An invitation to the "Bingo Antiquities" event will appear in a pop-up window. You will need to force close the game or even restart the device to see the update.

Fitness Day. Masha asked nutritionist Diana and trainer Tony to spend Fitness Day on the farm and share a secret on how to make sports fun. Diana has a mobile health food store, and Tony is a fitness trainer. Everyone is looking forward to these guests, which even routine exercises can turn into fun entertainment. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to Fitness Day. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

World Ocean Day! Captain Katrina came to visit her father, a seasoned sailor, and show the workers on the farm a wonderful collection that she had collected in her travels. Our old friend Nick is back! He has long been watching unusual underwater creatures and hopes to someday meet a giant squid. Captain Katrina and Nick will set up the ocean shore and build a coral museum on the farm to celebrate World Ocean Day!

School of the jungle. The ranger Siren saved the defenseless lonely animals and brought them to the farm. You will train them in a wonderful jungle school so that they get stronger and can return to the wild. First they will go to kindergarten, and then they will go to high school. They will learn everything necessary to survive (and have fun) in the jungle. When the animals are finished training, they will be able to compete in the jungle with animals from other farms. Megamakaka will drop in on your farm, and if you feed him with bananas received at the jungle school, he will bring any item you need.

Celebrating Motherís Day! Brother and sister Edward and Ella Secateurs want to very unusually congratulate mom on Motherís Day: they will be figurine to cut bushes. A real contest for the title of the best gardener! Help them celebrate Motherís Day. If you have reached level 12 and above, you will be invited to participate in the event. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Shakespeare Day! Celebrating Shakespeare Day! Actors Romeo and Juliet, along with a couple of workers, will show on the farm the most famous play in the world. We invite everyone to see the wonderful tragedy that will unfold on the vintage stage in the spirit of Shakespearean times. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to the Shakespeare Day event in a pop-up window! You will need to force close the game or even restart the device to see this update.

Celebrate Easter! In honor of Easter, a fascinating game will be held at the farm, where the funny rabbits of the gardener Steve will become your opponents. Make a real test for the mind and body: let the dexterous rabbits run through the maze in search of Easter eggs. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to Easter. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

The festival of colors has begun! At the farm, it was time for colorful fun. Workers will make everything around them colorful and bright, and they will also show you the most beautiful dance of colors in the world! This you have not seen before! If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to the Paint Festival.To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Hotel for animals is back! New guests and critics are waiting for you! Letís build a wonderful place for pets, where they can relax and enjoy life! If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to compete with other players to create the best hotel for animals! To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

The first woman in space! As a child, Carey dreamed of conquering space, but her dream never came true.Now everything has changed! Friends from the farm will help her fulfill her plan. They will build training grounds for astronauts and even a real rocket so that Carey can become the first woman in space! If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to the event "First Woman in Space". To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Venetian Valentineís Day! At the farm, a Venetian masquerade ball begins. Gondolier Gasparo wants to win the sympathy of the Red Queen, but he will have to compete with the wealthy mysterious prince Ponzi. If you have already reached level 12, you will receive an invitation to Valentineís Day in Venetian style. To see the message, you must force close the game or restart the device.

Take care!

A good week has begun at the county fair! Itís time to take the farm to a new level. Now you can get care points when looking after plants, trees and animals.

Craft items with care points all week and earn county fair points! To get started, simply touch the purple cart in front of your farm stall.

You will see your personal goal and current rank at the county fair.

Each rank has its own prizes.

Prizes improve your cart.

Tap the red cart to see the county fair leaderboard.

Get into the top three in the leaderboard and get a medal! The coolest awards await you in the Diamond League!

Care points can be obtained by harvesting from plants and trees, as well as offspring from animals. For using early ripening seeds and keys, you will definitely receive care points!

Add care points when crafting items to get county fair points!

To use care points, simply click on the "More Care" button when crafting an item.

Gather the ingredients and craft the item using care points. Having made an object in this way, you will receive points from the county fair!

For the use of keys you will receive additional points of care.

What are you waiting for? Take care and win amazing rewards that can only be obtained at the county fair!

Racing yacht clubs are already in the game! League of yacht clubs are already in the game. Unions around the world will fight for top places in the league and the right to be named the best in FarmVille. If you have already reached level 33 , you will receive an invitation to the yacht club races in the pop-up window. You will need to force close the game or even restart the device to see the update.

Superior Watch and Earn! Getting bonuses in the game has become incredibly pleasant with the advent of a new and improved "Watch and Earn" feature!

Various items have been added to the game as additional rewards for greater variety. You are waiting for gold gloves, stamps, ribbons, wood and much more.

Now you can even more often watch ads and rotate the Wheel of Fortune!

Note: 8 clips per day are now available. 4 of them apply to the Wheel of Fortune, and 4 others - to the prizomet. Rewards are determined randomly, so you can get several of the same items in a row.

Priozomet. A new improved prize window now shows how much time is left before the opening of new videos!And a progress bar has been added! Fill it out and get a bonus prize from a mysterious box.

The progress bar is filled when viewing ads. Watch all the free commercials to get a bonus reward from a mysterious box! Once the timeline is full, you can get random rewards from the box.

After you take the reward, the scale will reset, and you will have to wait until tomorrow to start filling it again.

The sheep show begins! Itís time to introduce the charming sheep! Invite partners to grow your common sheep and get the opportunity to win an exclusive furry ovseps for 30 days! If you already have 21 levels or higher, then you can invite partners to grow a common sheep and get unique costumes.

The prospectorís corner. Goldie raised a real stir around! She is a prospector - she seeks gold and other values ??in local rivers. They say she can find keys, coins, parts for storage and much more in the prospectorís corner on the edge of the farm. The prospectorís corner is her rightful place, and itís pretty good there! By the way, she allowed to use the equipment and leave what she found to herself! If you have already reached level 13, you can visit Goldie on the outskirts of the farm and try your luck in search of treasures!

Pig show! Find a partner to grow the best pig together! Here are a few partner pigs you can get. Get them all! If you have reached at least level 20 , you will be invited to fatten amazing pigs along with your friends or random players to get rare costumes.

Help union and job orders!

Work and win with your union to receive rewards and improve your farm! If you have reached level 27 and you are a member of the union, you can ask other members of the union to fulfill Mashaís orders instead of you. In turn, you yourself can receive and fulfill orders of other members of the union. You can ask for help with orders from Mashaís order board!

Even more rewards will be waiting for you in the warehouse when you complete the common mission of the union!

Union orders give double progress in achieving union assignments!

Only members of the union can work with the order. If any order has already been taken, find another union order and work on its implementation! Union orders are about to expire, so grab whatever you can.

Touch the Help button to start working on your order.

Sell ??union orders before the deadline!

You will get more experience, coins and wood as a reward if you help with the order!

Rewards for alliance quests! Work with the alliance to complete the weekly alliance mission! Win every week to get the best rewards!

Earn 100. wood in the first week!

Earn 200. wood in the second week!

Earn 300. wood in the third week. Female employee Bella will help you for a week!

Earn 450. Timber and the help of a Bella worker for the fourth week!

Earn 600. Timber and the help of a Bella worker for the fifth week!

Earn even more rewards by completing your personal task!

Here is your daily bonus bonus! A new year has come to your farm, and in order for the harvest to be excellent this year, awards are even given for entering the game!

Start earning daily rewards by opening the chest of hope across from your farmhouse.

Each farm has only 24 chests of hope, they all need to be opened in 31 days. Play one after another 24 days and earn a visit from a cowboy Victor who will stay with you for a whole month!

Enter the game and get a reward today!

The game is saved on the device or in the cloud. Which option to choose?

In offline mode, the game is automatically saved on the device. If the option to connect to the Internet is selected, the game is saved in the cloud (on the server). If the device changes, an automatic request to select a game option is displayed. In general, it is recommended that you choose a cloud version of the game, as it contains the most recent data. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you regularly connect to the Internet and save the current game in the cloud, especially if you use several devices alternately. Before choosing a saved game on a new device, follow these steps:

1. Take the device you last played on . Go into the game and make sure that your Internet connection is established. Go into the gameís settings, log out of your Facebook account and then connect to it again to update the save.

Attention! Before proceeding, check that you are connected to Facebook!

2. Take a new device . Make sure the latest DLC is loaded in the game. Complete the training game until the gear icon appears, giving you access to the gameís settings. Then log in to the same Facebook account that you used on the device with the updated save. Wait for synchronization to complete.


New version of the selection of saved games (testing):

Key Loss

Here are a few reasons why the number of keys could decrease.

1. You use keys to speed up the production of items for the job from Eyed Edik . Remember that you can instantly finish making the item you need for the job with the keys. If there are not enough keys, you can always use early ripening seeds. Just send a request to your friends if they run out.

2. You use keys for expansion . Expanding your territory can be very beneficial, especially if you plan to purchase more plants or animals on the farm. The expansion of the territory requires a certain level and coins to make a purchase. If you are planning an extension, but have not yet reached the desired level, the keys can help a lot.

3. You use keys to complete the task . The assignment can sometimes be a little complicated, and you want to finish it as soon as possible and proceed to the next. The item manufacturing task can be completed instantly using keys.

4. You use keys to update offers at the farm stall . This is a new gaming feature that has been added so you can skip items for sale and move on to others. This is very useful when you are looking for the item you need for a quest.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, the following is recommended:

Please note: A pop-up window appears every time you purchase anything more than 30 keys. But when buying cheaper than 30 keys, a warning does not appear.

New Feature: Guest Name! The guest name allows you to introduce yourself to other players, even if you are not logged in via Facebook, Game Center or Google Play. And the guest name will give you uniqueness!

If you are playing without connecting to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account, tap the kiosk and click on the " Play as a guest " button to create a guest name.

By clicking this button, you will see a window in which you need to enter your guest name.

Just point it out and thatís it! Now you can sell goods at the farmerís kiosk, buy them at the store, join the farmerís union and chat with friends in the game even without connecting to an account on social networks!

And if I already use Facebook, Game Center or Google Play to connect to the game? Even if you connected the game to one of the social networks, you can still use the guest name. To create it, click on the button with the gear icon and go to the settings section.

Next, click on the "Change Name" button and write the desired guest name.

Then enable the Guest Name feature to use it in the game.

Please note: When the Guest Name feature is enabled, even if you log out of your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account, your unique name will still be displayed in the game. If you have logged out of your social network account because you had to create a new one, you can use the guest name and play the role of guest to save all the achievements in the game. However, it is recommended to use accounts on Facebook, Game Center or Google Play, as you can always switch to another device and continue the game without losing progress.

If your guest name does not appear after turning it on, just force close the application to fix this error.

With what probability can rare items and event items be obtained? Probability is the ability to obtain rare items at resource collection points (for example, in a pond and clearing) or when harvesting plants that are necessary for special recipes for the event. In some events, you can collect bags of supplies, gifts or treasures.Having opened them ,? You will receive special items for this event. Is the probability of receipt valid upon opening? these gifts. The probability of getting items at resource collection points is different each time and depends on the following factors:

To find rare objects among plants and animals, you will most likely have to collect crops or products several times. How to increase the chances:

Improvements for Mashaís order board and workshop! Masha has changed the design of the order board and wants to celebrate this event with you. You get the opportunity to improve your workshops so that they work even faster ... always!

If you have already reached level 25 , you will receive an invitation to "Improvements from Masha" in a pop-up window. You will need to force close the game to see the update. This means that you need to clear the memory of the mobile device. You may even need to reboot the device.

Early opening option :

Get ahead of your friends! Sell ??goods on Mashaís new order board faster than them, and get 300 units of wood as a bonus and 100,000 coins for new improvements to your workshop!

Upon completion of the early opening period, players will be able to receive only 300 units of wood, filling in the counter of Mashaís order board during the week.

The use of early seeds and gold gloves. Thanks to a recent update, it has become easier for players to keep track of the number of early seeds and gold gloves. Now the total number of early ripening seeds and gold gloves is displayed when the harvest time / order creation in the workshop is quickly completed. You will still spend only 1 precocious seed / 1 pair of gold gloves per tap.

Kryakova mill

If you have already reached level 32, you can get a new home for your feathered friends! Collect ducks and swans to increase your chances of finding rare items! Together with the new mill you will receive several new tasks and see new recipes that will become permanent at higher levels.

To get started, tap the Crack Mill located in the lower left corner of the farm. You can send up to 8 workers to the mill to search for rare items: feathers, brass and cedar wood.

Ducks and swans can also find rare items during events (new event starts on 12/16).

In the tab "Animals" you will find ducks, swan and goose - all of them are available for stamps. They are not workers, but the presence of these feathered friends can increase the chance of falling rare items.

Mill whirlpool (1 of 6):

Mill Twirl (2 of 6):

Mill whirlpool (3 of 6):

Mill Twirl (4 of 6):

Mill Twirl (5 of 6):

Mill Twirl (6 of 6):

Duck Happiness (1 of 6):

Duck Happiness (2 of 6):

Duck Happiness (3 of 6):

Duck Happiness (4 of 6):

Duck Happiness (5 of 6):

Duck Happiness (6 of 6):

World class craftsmanship

A world-class marina is located next to Pike Pier on the coast.

Reaching level 34, you can access a world-class marina and become a master in the production of milk, apples and corn.

For progress, you need to collect items with the seal of skill. They randomly fall out during harvesting and items.When you collect the right amount of products with the seal of mastery, you will stop receiving them before completing both tasks. For example: You have collected 8 apples with the seal of mastery and only 4 apple pies.You will continue to receive apple pies with the seal of mastery while working with the confectionery oven, but you will not receive apples with the seal until you receive 10 apple pies.

To get the apple cakes with a stamp of craftsmanship, you just need to bake regular apple cakes and hope for good luck when you get them out of the confectionery oven. This means that you donít need to get apples with a print of craftsmanship for apple pies with a print of craftsmanship. Once you complete both missions for a world-class marina, you will receive your first world-class mastery star and unlock the next few quests for other mastery stars.

Since the next tasks for apple mastery will require more apples with a mastery seal, you will begin to get them again when harvesting from apple trees.

What is a county fair and how can I attend?

The County Fair is an improved version of Winner Trolleys.

How does a county fair work? The county fair is similar to Winner Trolley, but there is one difference. This time, you will not only craft items to complete your personal task and receive a reward, but also compete with other farmers for a higher place that gives the best prizes: super pins and exclusive employees who will help for a whole week!

How can I get started? To get started, simply touch the winnerís cart in front of your farm stall.

Then you will be asked to pick up a reward for the week. Touch " Get Rewards " and upgrade your cart.

And what medals? County fair medals match the playerís rank. All players start from Bronze I level and then must take one of the places in the first three in the corresponding leaderboard before the end of the week in order to advance in rank.

Reach the diamond level and get the best unique rewards!

Accelerator. Are you trying to score maximum points or just maintain leadership? These boosters will help you!Accelerators are active for 24 hours , so you can be sure that no one will bypass you.

The purchased accelerator can be improved so that it brings ten times more points!

Not enough coins and keys? Complete your weekly quest and get double acceleration as a reward, which can be applied even to improved accelerators!

Note: Improved boosters will remain active for 24 hours from the time of purchase. So upgrade them immediately after purchase to get the maximum effect.

Sailor on the way

The long-awaited lighthouse is finally open! The lighthouse opens at level 36, but if you cannot wait to start the treasure hunt, you have the opportunity of early access to the lighthouse, starting at level 23! To get to know an experienced sailor before other farmers, get early access in the pop-up window in the form of an envelope on your farm.

Buying early access will give you 3 gold stamps that will bring many benefits during the treasure hunt.

You will need to find 5 pages of the magazine that the experienced sailor sent. To do this, go in search of treasure at the lighthouse. You will be surprised by the myriad treasures hidden at your very farm!

How do I search for treasures? To search for treasures, you need to go into the treasure hunt mode, either by clicking on the lighthouse icon on the left, or by boat near the lighthouse. A treasure hunting mode will open, in which you can throw nets into unexplored areas of the sea.

What is the difference between the color of the networks I use to search? Gold networks are the fastest. Searches with such a network last only 8 seconds! Silver networks are also good, but it takes 1 hour to find them. Itís easiest to get bronze networks, but it takes 8 hours to find them.

You can search up to 3 treasures at once!

Donít want to wait until the quest is over? You can always speed up searches with keys. The required number of keys depends on the time remaining on the search.

How to get more networks? By clicking on "Get more networks" in the treasure hunt mode, you will get the opportunity to buy networks.

What do you need to buy networks? There are several ways to buy new networks. You can use keys, stamps and coins! If you need stamps, be sure to check out Eyed Edik and deliver all the orders he asks for.

As soon as you find all 5 pages of the magazine of a seasoned sailor, he will return to his lighthouse and give you Sand dollars in exchange for the items he asks for.

To get the first Sand Dollar, just give him the item he asks for. All subsequent orders will require you to complete 9 requests to receive sand dollars.

I see a scale at the orders of a sailor, what can I open there? The more orders you can complete, the more super pins you open. This will help you on the farm.

Hint: The best super pin will open the possibility to use an experienced sailor on your farm for several days.

What can I buy for Sand Dollars? Sand dollars can be spent in a competitive tent. Several amazing super pins have been added to the game, which you can open in exchange for the Sand dollars received from an experienced sailor.

After completing your first order, you will just have one Sand Dollar to buy your first rain pin.

Is there a limit on how often pins are bought? No, you can buy any pins at any time as long as you have Sand dollars.

To activate a new pin, go to the pin tab and make sure that the icon turns green.

Back terrace

When you reach level 36 or higher, you can open a new object: the rear terrace. In it you can store workshops, products, animals and decorations! You can increase the capacity of the rear terrace. Touch the white farmhouse and see what items are needed to increase capacity. You will need nails, locks, shovels and a new item, light bulbs that can be found at the Crack Mill.

Letís start storing items on the back terrace. Letís start with the apple tree for an example. Touch and hold the tree until the mark and icon for the back terrace appear.

Touch the back terrace icon to store the item.

Now letís check how the apple tree is stored. The tree can be found on the back terrace, to view you need to touch the farmhouse.

The back terrace icon is the last button on the menu.

There are two ways to pick up items from the back terrace. First open the supermarket. Look at the items listed there and identify those that are in storage.

Another way is to click on the item on the back terrace of the farmhouse. As soon as you touched an item in storage, it automatically appears in the supermarket and it becomes visible there.

Note: For all items in storage, except the keys, the tag "Storage" is added. If you want to pick up an apple tree or any other item from storage on the back terrace, drag it from the supermarket to your farm.

All plots for farm expansion purchased. Itís all? Achieving a new level in the game becomes more fun if it is accompanied by the expansion of the farm. New farm expansion sites are available for purchase and are located on the far left border of the farm. They begin on the road that leads to a new territory near the Kryakovo mill.

Extensions begin on the left side of the road.

The last section is located on a new territory near the river and the Kryakovo mill.

How do I buy all four plots? Previously, you could buy plots that are adjacent to already purchased plots. New sites will be available for purchase only in a straight line. This means that you need to first buy the topmost plot, and then the next, and so on, until you get to the fourth extension.

The second site will be open only after the acquisition of the first site.

If you have not yet completed all the requirements, you will receive a notification.

What is the Good Luck feature? The Good Luck feature allows you to purchase the next extension at a lower price for a limited time. After the timer expires, the discount will disappear, and you will need to reach the desired level to buy these sites only for coins.

When will my Fortune Strip end? The Lane of Fortune sale will be available on your farm for 14 days, and 4 new sites will be available at 30 days sale prices. This time is enough for you to reach the next level.

Golden gloves. Speed ??up your workshops by 10 minutes with gold gloves. You will get 4 pieces for free when you see a popup below. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a small icon showing how many gold gloves you have.

You can get gold gloves on the Wheel of Fortune once a day, and also receive them as a reward in future events.

Super pins. Super pins will help you get items on the farm faster. In an introductory example, you will be given a peach pin. It gives a chance to get extra peaches when harvesting. You will also receive a pin of lunch soup, which will increase the chance of getting an extra farm soup when harvesting tomatoes. Each super-pin provides a unique advantage, and they have expiration timers. In the white farmhouse you can see all your super pins, as well as their expiration dates.

Activate your super pins in a white farmhouse. They will expire, but you will be able to get many more pins as a reward in events.

Look at your super pins in the white farmhouse in the bookmark with a zipper icon.

How to get a pick for picking up rubble? A pickaxe helps clear up debris on extensions, including in water areas. A pickaxe can be crafted using a tool box.

A tool box can be obtained at the supermarket located under the workshops. If the tool box is not there, then it is already on your farm.

How to earn the insignia "Lord of the cafe"? The insignia "Lord of the cafe" can be obtained for helping Magnificent Val with orders in the cafe.

Who is Gorgeous Val? The magnificent Val is the owner of a marvelous cafe on wheels. Finish production at least 5 days earlier, and Magnificent Val may call in to you.

Where can I see the insignia? The insignia "Lord of the cafe" will be constantly displayed next to your profile while trading items in the general store.

How do I know the current version of the game and the DLC? To do this, you need to start the game and click on the gear icon to open the game settings. The necessary information will be in the tab "Legal Information".

FarmVille 2 Country Escape: Granary Guide

What is a granary? A granary helps store more basic animal and vegetable products. These products from the granary can be quickly sold in bulk, so that you can always make money for your goods.

What can be stored in a granary? Only plants and animal products can be kept in the granary. Finished goods produced can only be stored in the pantry.

Can I choose how many products to sell from the granary? If you decide to sell the goods from the granary, all of the quantity available in the granary will be sold. Any surplus from the pantry will not be sold.

Am I gaining experience selling products from a granary? When you sell products from the granary, you get coins. Selling products from the granary, you will not gain experience and do not accumulate bonus points on the order board.

What happens if the granary overflows? If the granary overflows, any surplus products will fall into the pantry. You can improve the granary, then more will be placed there.

How to improve the granary? To improve the granary, you will need nails, locks and shovels.

FarmVille 2 Country Escape: Bugs and Fitch Games

How to restore saved progress? If your farm is connected to Facebook, Game Center or Google, you can restore the game by following these steps:

  1. Go into the game and make sure that you are connected to the network and the latest version of the add-on is downloaded.
  2. Launch FarmVille 2: Rural Privacy on your device if you have a network connection. This will allow the game to detect and download available updates.
  3. You will receive a request to update the materials. Select "Yes" to restart the game application and synchronize updates.
  4. Complete the training game until the gear icon appears, giving you access to the gameís settings.
  5. Log in to the Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play account you used on your device with updated progress.
  6. Wait for synchronization to complete.

Here are some tips to help you make sure the game is saved:

  1. Do not uninstall the game when performing troubleshooting steps. Reinstalling will automatically give you a new player ID or a new version of the game on the device. If you uninstall or reinstall the game, you will need to reach level 4 to access Facebook, Game Center or Google.
  2. Always check for network connectivity to correctly save your progress in the game. To do this, tap the social media icon in the upper right corner of the game screen.
  3. Remember that only one Rural Privacy Farm can be associated with a single Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play account.
  4. Take care of your credentials so that other players canít access your game.

Why has the look of my farm changed today? The game "FarmVille 2: Rural privacy" can be played on both a smartphone and a tablet computer. Please note, however, that only one Rural Privacy Farm can be associated with a single Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play account. Therefore, if you have a shared account with someone, this person can change your farm!

Why are many items on the market sold? Demand for these items is higher than for others, so they sell faster. If you are trying to buy these items from people from your union, ask them to inform you that the item is in stock so that you can immediately buy it.

How to disable notifications in the iOS system? If you are using iOS 7, tap the Settings icon on the home screen. Tap the Notification Center icon and look for FarmVille 2 in it. Touch the name of the game to open notifications and choose to turn it on or off.

How to disable notifications in the Android system? If you are using an Android device, open "Settings" and select "Applications." After that, find the name "FarmVille 2: Rural Privacy". You will see a checkbox next to the "Show notifications" feature. If it is installed, remove it by tapping to turn off notifications.

How to synchronize saves on multiple devices? Before ending a game session in FarmVille 2: Country Escape, be sure to turn on your Internet connection to save progress for synchronization with another device.When starting FarmVille 2: Country Escape on another device, be sure to turn on your Internet connection to synchronize progress and purchases with the farm on the first device. To do this, select the farm with the most recent date (stored in the cloud):

After synchronizing the farms on two devices, you can play both online and offline. Before ending a game session in FarmVille 2: Country Escape, be sure to turn on your Internet connection to save progress for synchronization with another device.