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Walkthrough FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FARMVILLE 2 TROPIC ESCAPE - Android game with release date 08/24/2016 from the company Zynga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Walkthrough Secrets
  3. Champions Cup Guide
  4. Beach Club
  5. Beach Club Accelerators

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape: Beginnerís Guide

How to make goods?

Goods are made in workshops. In each workshop you can make goods of certain types. For example, you can cook rolls with fish in a sushi stall. To prepare the goods, click on the sushi stall, look through the recipes on the right and find the fish rolls. The number shows how many minutes it takes to create a recipe. On the left are the ingredients needed for this recipe. To get started, drag the necessary ingredients to the center of the workshop on the left.

In the leftmost cell displays the manufactured goods, as well as the time until the end of production. You can select various products by scrolling up and down recipes. At new levels, new recipes open. In the workshop, only one recipe can be prepared at a time, but you can purchase additional cells. This will allow to put recipes in the queue, and they will begin to cook immediately after the previous product is ready. Use gems ! Gems will help create products faster and more efficiently. There are three ways:

The sands of Time. The sands of time reduce the production time of the goods. Sands of time can be obtained:

By clicking the green arrows to the left and right of the workshop name, you can go to the windows for creating the following workshops.

Finished goods will be displayed above the workshop and shine. Click on it to pick it up.

Workshop products are stored in the barn.

How to open extensions? Territory extensions open at level 10. Click on the territory you want to open. To open this territory (highlighted by a rectangle), details for expansion are necessary:

The numbers below the expansion parts show how many items you have (the number on the left) and how many you need (the number on the right). A green checkmark indicates that you have enough details to expand. If you donít have enough details for expansion, you can open the territory instantly for the number of gems indicated on the Open now button !

Compasses, rings and first aid kits can be found by opening treasure chests in the sunken temple. In new territories, new obstacles await you, for the elimination of which you will receive useful rewards, as well as treasure chests with even more amazing rewards. In some new territories there are Earthís magical geodes that produce valuable crystals.

Where to find Louis tower? Louis Tower is located in the western part of the island. To get to it, you need to clear areas of land called "extensions". For each extension, the following is required:

Details for expansion can be found in the treasure chests in the sunken temple. The tower can be opened for manufacturing at level 23.

Where to find fish? Capri dolphin brings fish. From fish prepare orders of guests and dishes in the sushi shop, on the grill, in the beach kitchen and other workshops. To get the fish, make sure you have the pineapples picked.When you touch the dolphin, a pineapple icon will appear. Drag the pineapple to the dolphin to drop it in the basket. Level up to put more pineapples in the basket. It will take longer to catch the fish, but your catch will be greater.

The fish will appear in the basket when Capri finishes catching it. Click on the basket to collect the fish. As with trees, you can collect more fish by clicking on the Capri basket more than once. To collect two fish, double-click.

The process can be accelerated using gems or heat. Heat becomes available at level 5. It can be sent to friends and received in return. Heat can also be obtained by completing quests or by opening treasure chests in a sunken temple.

Where to find workshops? In workshops, you can craft items for assignments and order boards, as well as prepare resources for sightseeing. Tap the island store icon in the lower left corner of the screen to buy workshops.

Tap the workshops tab. Click, hold and drag the workshop to your island.

A green checkmark next to the workshop you want to place means that you can place it in that place.

Click on the green checkmark to complete the purchase and place the workshop. If you click the red "X", you cancel the purchase and do not place the item. To buy a particular workshop you need to reach a certain level.

What is a warehouse? A warehouse is one of the buildings on your island that is used to store resources. In the warehouse are stored the plants and fruits that you collected.

Click on a warehouse to see what is stored in it. This is a warehouse window. The number on the top left panel indicates how many items are in stock. The number on the right indicates available storage space.

If you have the necessary parts for the warehouse, you can improve your warehouse by increasing its capacity.How to get storage details:

You can improve your warehouse instantly by using gems instead of warehouse parts.

What is a barn? A barn is one of the buildings on your island that is used to store items. The barn stores the goods you made, parts for the store, tools, ingredients obtained from animals, and other items.

Click on the barn to see what is stored in it. This is the window of the barn. The number on the top left panel indicates how many items are in stock. The number on the right indicates available storage space.

If you have the necessary parts for the storage, you can improve your barn by increasing its capacity. How to get storage details:

Capacity can be improved instantly by using gems instead of parts.

Caution: If the warehouse or shed is full, a red X will appear next to each item in the warehouse. If you click on the red "X", all products of this type will be deleted from the storage cell. They cannot be restored after deletion, so be careful!

How to sell goods? What is a merchant boat?

You can sell goods by completing guest orders on the order board, but you can also sell goods on your merchant boat, which is located next to your barn. Goods placed on a merchant boat are offered to other players. Click on your merchant boat to open the merchandise sale window.

Click on a blank cell to start. Using gems, you can purchase additional cells.

Select the item you want to sell from the barn or warehouse.

After selecting an item, look at the settings on the right under the item. On the top panel, you can increase or decrease the amount you want to sell using the "-" (minus) or "+" (plus) buttons. On the second panel, you can increase or decrease the price you want to set using the "-" (minus) or "+" (plus) buttons.

Click Sell ??Now ! when you are ready to put the item up for sale. Once items are up for sale, they cannot be picked up. If all your cells are occupied, to add items for sale you have to wait until the items exhibited are bought. You can also use gems to buy an extra cell.

Do not forget to check the merchant boat to find out about purchased goods and collect coins! As a result, all items for sale in a merchant boat will be sold.

Where to buy goods? You can buy goods by clicking on the merchant boat (next to the barn) or on the life buoy (to the left of the Kat pier and the order board).

In a commercial boat, click the Buy Products button. This will open a general trading window.

Near the lifebuoy, click on the second tab from the bottom (globe icon) to open the general trading window. Scroll up and down to view all offers.

You can buy goods from friends and members of the beach club, but for this you need to connect to Facebook or join a beach club. Open the friends product window (third tab below).

How does the order board work?

The order board is located on a small marina where you can find Kat and her boat. Touch the order board located behind it to open and view guest orders.

Orders come from guests who stop at guest bungalows. Each order indicates how many coins and experience you will receive for its implementation.

A green checkmark means that you have everything you need to complete this order. Touch the order and the required products will appear on the right. The number on the left indicates the number of such items you have.The number on the right indicates the number of items that you need to complete the order.

In addition to coins and experience, sometimes you can get bonus rewards for completing guest orders, such as storage parts or tools. Touch the Deliver button ! to complete a guest order. Kat delivers orders to the guest bungalows. The timer shows when she will come back. A new order instantly appears instead of just completed.

Some guests have more problems than good! Touch the button with the red trash can to discard the order. After a while, a new order will appear instead. Upon returning, Kat brings a reward for delivery at the stern of the boat.Tap the boat to get a reward.

Complete Kat Developmentís Island Development quests to unlock more bungalows and receive more bookings from guests.

How to view tasks? Tap the tasks icon. A list of tasks opens.

The list displays the tasks available to you. Scroll from left to right to view all tasks. The name of the quest appears above the character. To set the day (leftmost) there is also a timer that shows how much time is left to complete the task.

If you touch a task, you can read the story and view the tasks.

A green checkmark means that the task is completed. If there is a price in gems next to the task, this means that by spending the indicated number of gems, you can skip the task and mark it completed.

If you miss the task of creating an item, you will not receive this item. In the tasks of manufacturing items, items already in storage, items purchased on a merchant boat, as well as items received in a sunken temple are not counted. If the price in gems is not indicated next to the task, then you cannot skip it. Do not forget to regularly check the list of tasks and collect rewards for their completion!

Why has the number of my coins stopped increasing? In Farmville 2: Tropic Escape, you can collect only 20 million coins. As soon as a player collects this amount, coins are no longer added.

Why canít I complete a guest order from a cruise ship? To give a souvenir, simply touch the visitor and drag the desired item onto it.

Why did the game download stop at 17%? To connect to the game faster, do the following:

Why are so few accelerators given as rewards? Beach club accelerators are very rare items, because they affect not only your game, but also the game of all beach club participants. They can be rewarded in a number of quests, a daily quest and a wildlife center, and they can also be bought for coins or gems.

Why canít I get warm? Please note that in the game you can not take more than 18 units of heat. It is recommended that you use the available heat and then return to the gift warmth tab to receive it from friends.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape Walkthrough Secrets

How to get lobster? You can buy lobsters in the island store on the tab with animals. In doing so, you will get a lobster trap that needs to be placed in water. Tap the floating lobster trap to see the fishing crate icon. Drag the crate into the trap and come back later to collect lobsters. As with other animals, you can use another fishing cage. The more crates you use, the longer it will take to wait, however, the number of lobsters collected will increase.

Fishing cages are made in a forge. Production requires iron ore.

Iron ore can be found in the smugglers cave. The more guides and guests you send to the cave, the higher the chances of getting iron ore. You can send up to four characters.

Why do we need a sunken temple?

Touch the sunken temple. When a chest will float over the temple, this means that treasure chests can be opened in the temple.


Immersion. Every eight hours, you can open the treasure chest for free! After choosing this option, you will see several locked chests. Choose one of them and see what you got!

Note: After using the first free dive, you will begin to withdraw coins. The cost of each subsequent dive will increase incrementally. For subsequent dives, coins will be withdrawn from you, starting from the cost at which you stayed during the day. The cost will be updated every 24 hours.

If you want to know what other prizes you can get, tap the "Prizes?" in the lower right corner of the screen.

When you spend coins, you will need to use gems to continue browsing the current selection of chests. The value in gems will also increase with each subsequent dive. Or you can wait eight hours and return when the dive becomes free again.

Chamber of Secrets. The secret room opens with a treasure key, which also allows you to open chests. To open any chest, you will need a separate treasure key.

How to get a treasure key:

Cave of crystals. Gems are very valuable, and the cave of crystals is the best place to get them in the game. You can choose from 5 sunken chests.

And besides gems you can win all these prizes:

What is the Best Hotels Competition?

Over the past three days of every week, hoteliers have been fighting for amazing prizes. Prove that your hotel is the best of the best and worthy to be above the rest.

Earn points for weekly hotel competition by creating products to fight for the championship standings. To go to the standings, touch the weekly rating board in front of your hotel.

Then tap the tab with the trophy icon to open the competition window.

The timer will be displayed at the top of the Competition of the Best Hotels window. It shows the following:

When will the next competition begin; or How long the current competition will last.

If you take first place, you will receive a special animal as a reward, which will stay at your hotel for a week. These animals can seriously help you during the next competition of the best hotels! If you won a prize animal, open the island store and go to the animal tab to find it. To start using it, drag it to your island. However, do not forget that this animal will disappear in a week, even if you have not used it. When you place a prize animal on the island, a timer will appear on the animals tab, counting the time after which the animal will leave you.

This is the competition window of the best hotels, which displays the current competition and the rating of the players, the number of points you need to score in order to rise in the ranking, as well as prizes.

At the bottom of the screen there are 3 boosters that you can use to increase production points:

The above example shows a good accelerator, during the use of which, when producing one taco with fish, you get two.

What is fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a bonus gift that you give to friends and neighbors by visiting their islands. There are two ways to visit the islands:

List of neighbors. Touch the Neighbors icon in the lower right corner of the screen. When the list of neighbors appears, tap the playerís profile picture and click on "Visit Island".

General trading window. Touch the playerís portrait and click on "Visit Island".

When you visit a foreign island, you see green indicators that indicate areas where you can apply fertilizer.

Touch the green indicator to apply fertilizer at that location. After applying the fertilizer, the green indicator disappears. You can apply 10 fertilizers per day. The counter in the upper left corner shows how much you have already spent and how much you have left. You can apply them all in one place or spread over several islands.

When your friends check their islands, they will see indicators telling who fertilized their crops, trees and fed animals. They receive additional income when collecting from these sites. For the use of fertilizers you get rewards. For applying all 10 fertilizers you can get heat.

Fortunately, your friends will thank you in return! You get extra loot when collecting from areas where your neighbors or friends used fertilizers. You will see their portraits above the areas where they applied fertilizers.

Remember to share the joy (and apply fertilizer) every day.

What does the mermaid Shelley do?

Shelley lives on a stone arch to the left of the Coral Reef. When she is ready to help you, she will wake up and sit on a stone. Shelley helps you find the right products.

Touch Shelley and she will offer her services for a certain number of days in exchange for gems.

After selecting the option you want, touch Shelley and she will open for you a list of products that she can find.Scroll up and down to view all products. Tap the item you want, and then tap the Start Search button.

Shelley will find the goods you need in a few seconds.

Touch an item when it appears above its head.

Shelley will offer you the number of items you can buy. If you change your mind, tap the No Thanks button to cancel the request.

If you have chosen to purchase an item, Shelley floats behind it in a few seconds. When she returns, touch the item to pick it up.

After such hard work, Shelley will fall asleep. When she is ready to help you again, she will wake up. The timer shows when she will come back.

How to plant cotton, passion fruit and bamboo? Cotton becomes available at level 18. Bamboo becomes available at level 21. Passion fruit becomes available at level 27. To plant these fruits, touch an empty field.Normal low-level fruits are displayed. Tap the ">" arrow (right arrow) at the bottom of the list to view higher-level fruits.

Now drag and plant the selected fruit in the usual way.

Why are my objects blocked by other obstacles? After changing the appearance of the island, some buildings, fields, or lobster baskets may be blocked by other obstacles. To reuse these objects, hold the locked object and move it to a new location.

How to add production cells in workshops? The production line in workshops is limited by the number of empty cells in the building. As you progress through the game, you will want to open as many slots as possible so that you can start production according to several recipes while you are doing other things. To add cells to the workshop, tap the workshop to open the production window. At the top of the screen you will see a green button with a gem and a plus sign "+". Touch this button to purchase an additional cell.

Note: The more cells you already have, the more gems you need to open the next one.

How to expand storage? A barn and warehouse are used to store items. Plants and fruits are stored in the warehouse. The barn stores the goods you created and other items. As the number of crops and created goods increases, the storage space may run out, and you will need to increase the amount of space. Storage buildings must be improved for this. Storage facilities are required to improve these buildings.

To get these details, you must:

Quick ways to get extra space:

Where to see the achievements?

You can find out about achievements by touching your hotel. If you have completed the achievement, a medal will appear over your hotel, which means that you can collect your reward.

Tap the hotel and select the Achievements tab (second tab from the bottom) to open the achievements window.

Here you will see three buttons:

Open: Achievements that you have not yet received. Read the description to learn how to get the achievement.The number of gems shown on the right shows how many gems you earn for earning an achievement.

Closed: This shows the achievements that you will gain access to during the game.

Received: achievements are shown here. Tap the "Pick Up!" Button to collect your reward.

What are geodes?

Domingo says geodes are gifts from Zemi, the spirit of a volcano. Geodes can be discovered by acquiring new plots of land. The new geode looks like this:

Use tools to remove crystals from the geode. Geodes randomly give three types of crystals:

Each of the tools increases the chance of getting a crystal of a certain color from the geode:

Get more tools for completing guest orders on the order board or buy them with gems.

Using the tool on the geode launches a process that takes a while before the crystals can be collected. During this process, the geode glows.

Touch the geode to see when it can be assembled. You can use heat or gems to speed up the process.

When the geode is ready for collection, it will begin to shine.

Touch it and get crystals. You will receive experience, crystals, and in some cases other random rewards, such as heat or the sands of time.

Information about the crystals. Crystals are used to create valuable goods in a jewelerís shop. Products with crystals can be used to fulfill special orders on the order board, thanks to which you will receive sand dollars, as well as for other purposes. You can get a lot of crystals from each geode, but this is not an endless process. Over time, crystals will end in the geode and it will disappear. Image of half used geode:

And here is a geode that will soon disappear:

If your geode looks like this, then itís time to get another one! Keep getting new plots of land to find geodes.

What are helicopter orders?

Helicopter bookings are part of the celebrity hotel management routine! They open at level 16. Touch the helipad or helicopter to open the helicopter order window.

Helicopter orders contain requests to deliver various goods, and in order to get valuable sand dollars, all displayed orders must be completed. On one of the orders, tap "Complete Order" or "Ask for Help." For the implementation of individual orders, you get coins and experience. A green checkmark means that you have completed this order. If you touch the button "Complete the order" opposite the goods that you do not have available, a pop-up window will appear with a hint on how to get them.

Touch "Ask for help" if you have any difficulties while creating or purchasing the necessary quantity of goods to fulfill orders. A request for help will be sent to your friends who can help you with the rest of the order.

Do not forget to help in return if someone needs support! Go to a friendís island and touch its helicopter pad to complete the order. If you touch the "Skip" button, you will send a helicopter and have to wait until it returns with a new set of orders. Helicopter orders are limited in time. To receive sand dollars as a reward, you must complete all orders of the helicopter before it goes on the road.

Sand dollars can be spent on extra animals and trees at the island shop.

What is a weekly hotel rating?

Get 3 stars once a week! The weekly rating of your island depends on the quantity of goods that you can create in seven days to receive valuable rewards.

Touch the 3-star weekly hotel rating board in front of your hotel to open the rating window.

Here you can track your progress and see how much time is left before rating is calculated.

Touch the View Rewards button to see which prizes you can win. Each week, different prizes await you. More stars - better rewards! Rewards can be obtained at the end of the rating week!

Tap the star in the upper right corner of the screen to view the rating history of your island.

What are attractions? What are they needed for?

You can earn more valuable rewards for going to special places called sights. List of famous attractions:

Guides are permanent characters such as Domingo, Chloe, and Maya. You can send guides to places of interest to earn rewards. The coral reef is designated here.

Tap the Coral Reef to open the attractions window. In the central upper part of the window you will see what resources are required to explore this attraction. A green checkmark means you have enough resources.

Some guides appear only after you discover the attraction that they can visit. Here are the guides that are waiting for you in the game now, as well as the attractions that you need to open for their appearance:

Kat is too busy to go sightseeing, because she carries orders on the boat. A list of available guides is displayed on the left. You can also use guests. To receive guests, enter the beach club and ask the club members to send you guests. Touch and hold a guide or guest, and then drag it to a point of interest. You may notice that each attraction has a certain indicator of the number of visitors. The number of visitors that you can send to different attractions varies.

The more guides and guests you send, the higher your chances of receiving awards, which are shown on the right side of the attraction window. Please note that each award is marked with a colored circle . These circles show your chances of receiving a reward at the end of the inspection:

The number on the reward shows how many such items you will receive. A mysterious chest hides random rewards. Valuable parts for storage can often be found in it. When you have placed guides or guests, tap the green button at the bottom of the screen to start the tour. This button also shows how long the inspection will last.When the sightseeing is over, you will see a question icon on the left side of the screen.

Tap the question icon to go to points of interest and collect a reward. When the point of interest is ready, a green question mark will also appear above it. Touch the sights, and then touch each reward! If you won the Mysterious Chest, tap it to unlock new rewards and tap the bonus rewards to collect them.

Touch the green arrow pointing left or right of the point of interest to go to the next point of interest.

Attractions become available as you discover new levels, so grow and develop to discover them all!

Note. If the store is full, you will not be able to collect rewards from points of interest until you free up enough space in the warehouse and / or in the barn.

What is heat? Heat is a special reinforcement that can be used to accelerate the growth of crops, trees, animals and geode!

Heat opens at level 5. If you have run out of heat, touch the lifebuoy and ask your friends for help. Sometimes heat can be obtained as follows:

How to get more gems?

There are many ways to get gems. Weekly Hotel Rating: Tap the rating board in front of the hotel and collect orders to receive prizes. Sometimes this way you can get gems.

Sunken Temple: Sometimes gems can be obtained by opening treasure chests. You can open the treasure chest for free several times a day in the Sunken Temple. You can also spend coins or gems to unlock extra treasure chests!

Achievements: Tap a hotel to view achievements for which gems are awarded. Complete them to get your reward.

Buying gems: tap the plus sign "+" to the left of the current gems balance (in the upper left corner of the screen) to view offers for selling gems.

Event "Catch them!"

Kat found the lost pirate treasures, but the chests were not so easy to open. Therefore, Kat called for help her friend Captain Ginger. When Captain Ryzhik saw the chests, she remembered the legend of Captain Salty Beard, the ancient pirate king. Rumor has it that he hid all his looted treasures on our island.

Find Kat can be part of the most forgotten treasures of the ancient captain Saltbeard. To open the chests, you will need to find clues! If you have already reached level 9, a window will appear in the game with an invitation to catch monkeys. You will need to force close the game to see the update, or even reboot the device.

Earn moves by creating something with open recipes over the next 2 hours. Tap the production card to find out more.

After choosing a card, you have two hours to earn up to 8 card moves.

When you spend your moves, you have to choose a new card.

Use the earned moves to catch the monkeys! Click on the "Use moves" icon if youíre stuck, or to move on.

Pave the way to the monkey by clicking on the squares.

The player who will catch the most monkeys by the end of the round becomes the winner.

The playerís reward depends on the number of rounds won by the end of the event.

Get Gold for Winning Five Rounds to Win Mimi! Win in all 7 rounds so that Mimi stays with you for another 10 days !!

Tropical Bingo Event

In response to the insistent requests of the guests, Kat launches bingo on the island, and the famous croupier Clark will lead him!

If you have already reached level 12, you will receive a tropical bingo invitation in a pop-up window! You will need to force close the game to see the update. You may even need to reboot the device.

Start the event by visiting the bingo kiosk floating next to the Coral Reef.

During the event, you need to complete orders to create chains of 4 ready-made orders on the board and get bonus points. Orders that can be sold are marked with green ticks on the board. How to earn more points can be seen in the "Bingo Help" section:

Sell ??4 orders in a row and you will collect the bingo line and get bingo points!

Collect triple bingo and earn maximum points!

Collect bingo and you will get a chest with rewards! Double and triple bingo will bring two and three times more rewards!

The rules of the game "Connect 4":

Bonus mysterious box for "Connect 4": double for double bingo, triple for triple.

Temporary Assistant: Clark stickman can be hired as a temporary assistant. He will help you find rare items of the event and will leave when the tropical bingo is over!

Accelerators: Appears when you open an event and touch the "Use Accelerator" button. Accelerators of 50% and 100% can be bought for coins and diamonds, respectively. Accelerators only increase points for individual items, not points for "Connect 4" or a quick finish! The first 100% accelerator (key) will be marked "Free." When a player uses it, he will again become the key. If you first use a 50% accelerator (coins), you can still use the free accelerator key later. (It will still be labeled "Free" when you log into the game again).

Why has my gem stock decreased? The gem balance may decrease for several reasons:

In order not to spend gems accidentally, you can enable the "Gem Confirmation" function:

Daily gifts of Zemi!

The spirit of Zemi Island decided to reward those who take good care of its island.

Come into the game and visit the Zemi statue every day to prove the excellent condition of your island and get rewards!

In addition, for a certain number of visits to the spirit of the island, you will receive additional rewards from it.

Please note: The number of visits for all players is different. The items in the daily reward calendar depend on the playerís level.

When are daily gifts from Zemi updated? If you have already taken a daily present, the next one will appear in 24 hours. You can see the remaining waiting time at the top of the daily gift calendar!

When will the game reappear daily rewards from Zemi? The calendar of daily rewards from Zemi will be updated on the 21st day. Thus, you will again have the opportunity to receive great prizes every day, not to mention the additional reward from Zemi!

Cruise Competition!

Island cruises are as popular as ever!

Therefore, we were invited to participate in the cruise competition !

In the cruise competition, beach clubs compete with each other: who will get more happiness by serving visitors?

If you have reached at least level 18 and enter a beach club, you will be invited to a cruise competition! How can you surprise guests?

Participate by inviting guests to the island using the "+ Invite Guest" button.

Unlike the previous ones, these guests come here for a certain purpose: to find out what our island can offer them. Get ready for the tasks that will have to be completed to make them happy!

Whatís new? Please the guest, and earn happiness, and your club will be able to achieve their goals. Compete with other clubs to earn happiness and win a cruise contest!

By the end of the week, climb the ladder of success to the very top of the cruise competition! This will increase your clubís cruise league.

5 cruise leagues available. Get to the Star League and get an incredible guide, Captain Memo . He finds twice as many items in the sights!

It is worth remembering: Captain Memo is a temporary guide, he will stay on the island for only a week. If you get into the top three, you can extend his visit!

How can I promote my beach club? If you want your beach club to be more popular than others, follow these recommendations:

Can my beach club lose points earned? Yes, your club can move to a lower league if you take one of the last three places in a luxury, elite or star league.

Please Note: The promotion starts at level 4 of the luxury league. Clubs that have entered the luxury league do not go down to first-class.

Are there any boosters so my club can get to the top faster? Yes. You can buy an accelerator of happiness, and the points of happiness received by your club for each visitor will double in an hour!

Cruises have begun!

A large cruise ship recently completed its first voyage and is looking for an island where it could moor. Take on this important role and invite the cruise ship to your tropical paradise by joining a beach club! If you have reached level 18 and are members of a beach club, you will receive an invitation to receive guests on your island.

Meet guests at the visitor center, located beyond the wilderness corner of the wild.

In the visitor center, guests can be invited using the "Invite" button. Up to 3 visitors can be invited for free, and up to 5 for a fee. To do this, you need to buy two more cells. For fulfilling daily goals you will receive additional points of happiness!

Select the visitors you want to invite: tap their images and click "Invite."

Tip: invited guests will stay on the island all day and want to buy souvenirs. Fulfill their wishes until the time runs out and get points of happiness!

To give a souvenir, simply touch the visitor and drag the desired item onto it.

Each souvenir gives a certain reward, including the happiness that is needed to fulfill the purpose of your beach club. Fill out the scale of happiness along with other members of the beach club while the cruise ship is in your area and get great prizes, including a temporary prize collector!

Note: different cruises have different themes! Keep track of which guests come to you and what souvenirs they need.

What are the stages? Stages are additional goals for beach club members, for the fulfillment of which they receive bonus rewards.

New and improved beach club!

A new cottage appeared on the island, and with it wonderful changes.

New design of the beach club cottage. If you have not yet joined the beach club, tap the cottage and you will see three tabs: Join, Recommended, and Create.

On the "Join" tab, you can learn about the benefits of joining a club and see a list of clubs that are suitable for you, including "Best Choice".

Note: in a suitable club with the status "Best Choice!" there are players who play just like you.

In the list of clubs suitable for you, you will see how many players are in the club, how many points they scored in the weekly hotel competition last time, and why this club was advised to you.

Note: in the first place, clubs are selected in which players with the same level as yours or your friends from the beach are members.

The new search function includes an advanced search that allows you to filter clubs by the number of participants, the average level of players, language and access (open or closed club).

Featured Tab. On the recommended clubs tab you can find the club that suits you. As in the list of eligible clubs, you can see here:

Note: Recommended clubs are randomly selected in this section.

Create tab. On the Create tab, you can organize your club. In the new beach cottage you can:

I am already a member of the club, should I expect something new? If you are already a member of the club, then touching the cottage, you will see the following tabs:

Will there be any changes in the powers of the club members? The powers of the heads, moderators and members of the club will remain the same. The change consists in the fact that upon lowering the players will receive a pop-up message stating that they have lost their authority.

Invite new members to the club. Now all club members can invite their friends using the "Add members" button in the club information section.

Club trade. In the new club, the general trading window and club trading are displayed on one tab. All you need to do is click on the words "General" and "Friends and Club" at the top of the screen. When switching from trading with friends and the club to the world market, information about the goods of friends and club members is updated. And the goods placed on the world market are updated only after a lapse of time.

Message of the day. Another new feature of the club is Message of the Day. You can find her in the club chat.This feature allows chapters and moderators to post to all club members. So they can welcome new members, share tips or talk about the new rules of the club.

Whatís new in Watch and Win?

In "Watch and Win" you can hit the jackpot, watch another video and improve your rewards by filling out the viewing scale! Instead of a telescope, the Watch and Win feature has a Wheel of Fortune. You can rotate the Wheel of Fortune every time after watching the video. You can do no more than 8 wheel spins per day.

The jackpot is always present on the Wheel of Fortune. You can win gems, rare items for storage, money bags and sand dollars as a jackpot.

Note: items on the Wheel of Fortune change after each rotation.

Ways to view rollers and wheel rotation. You can watch and twist along with Chloe in the boat shed.

Or watch and twist along with Kate in the quest journal.

You can watch no more than 4 clips with both Chloe and Kate.

Once this limit is reached, you will be asked to switch to another viewing method.

Rotation Scale. The rotation scale is filled when watching videos.

After watching 8 clips, a small prize of gems will open for you. Take this prize in the "Touch to receive" window.

The prize scale is available only once a day, and after receiving the prize the timer will start.

New social center

With the new improved social center, you can make friends with other players in Tropic Escape without connecting to Google + or Facebook! You can publish your game code so that other players add you as a friend. Here is what awaits you in the social center:

Friends Tab It displays all your friends in the game. Here you can visit their islands and see maps of friends.

What is a friend card? A friendís map displays his profile and the following information:

The friendís map also has a "Visit" button, with which you can go to his island at any time.

Invite friend button. The new button "Invite a friend" gives the following features:

Gift warmth bookmark. Needed to send and receive heat. Now, requests for gift baskets and helicopter assistance are not displayed here, but fall into a new Inbox.

Friends Recommended Tab The "Make Friends" tab allows you to view the players you recently interacted with. This may be a player who traded with you recently, helped you, looked at your profile or who just liked your island. The "Recommended Make Friends" tab shows this information about their basic profile:

Using the green "+" sign, you can immediately add a player to your friends.

Update mailbox. An update mailbox helps you stay updated. In it you will find updates, detailed information about new events, descriptions of various functions and tips for the game!

Where is the gift warmth tab located? The gift warmth tab is located under the icon of the new social center. Touch the social center icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then open the gift warmth tab - here you can send and receive it.

Meet the Wildlife Center!

You have opened the Wildlife Center! Your goal is to draw the attention of guests and other visitors to the island to the wild. Your wildlife guide is Tin. She runs the center and tells the guests how important it is to take care of the wildlife. She does not imagine her life without animals and strives to do everything to ensure that all animals on the island are healthy and happy. She can also visit other attractions of the island.

Lure island wildlife to safe places with delicious treats. Complete wildlife photography tasks to get souvenir photos that you can sell to guests. Get a photo album with images of animals that you will meet in every corner of the wild. The more wildlife photography tasks you complete, the more likely you are to meet the most shy and incredulous animals.

If you have already reached level 19 , you will receive an invitation to the Wildlife Center in a pop-up window. You will need to force close the game to see the update. This means that you need to clear the memory of the mobile device. You may even need to reboot the device. After the opening of the Wildlife Center, Tin will tell you about how to lure wild animals and take souvenir photos.

Tin will prepare for you a coastal corner where you can begin the first task of photographing wildlife.

Sand dollars will be required to open the corners of the wild, but Tin will give you the amount needed to open the coastal corner.

To view current wildlife photography tasks, tap the Wildlife Center. Here you will see three tasks for a certain period of time. The goal is to take a specified number of photos of certain animals. The number on the left shows how many photos of this animal you have, and the number on the right shows how many photos you need to complete the task. When you collect all the photos, tap the Sell button to receive coins and quest rewards.

Note: Touch a photograph of an animal to learn more about it, to find out in which corner of the wild nature you can meet it, and also what treats it likes most of all. Touch the hot button to go to this corner.

In the upper left corner of the Wildlife Center window is a photo album. Tap a photo album to open it and view:

How to take a photo of a wild animal? To collect photos of wild animals, use their favorite treats to lure them to a suitable corner of nature for a photo shoot.

Each photo shoot has a specific duration, but you can use gems to conduct a photo shoot instantly.

When the photo session is completed, a heart icon will appear above the job folder icon. To go to the corner of nature, tap this icon.

Moving to a corner of nature, you will see a happy beast surrounded by hearts who has finished his favorite treat. This means that the photo shoot is completed. Tap an animal to collect photos and other rewards.

Note: Some special rewards can only be obtained in the wild, such as sea salt, shrimp and acai berries. These ingredients can be used in interesting new recipes.

How do animal treats work? How to get them? There are four types of treats that attract different types of wild animals:

Itís easiest to lure friendly animals. Shy animals are harder to lure. The hardest thing to lure incredulous animals. Different types of treats can be purchased in different ways:

In addition, treats can be found in chests in the Sunken Temple , received as a reward for completing quests (especially Tin quests), found in treasure chests when expanding the territory on the island, or bought for gems. To buy treats, touch a corner of the wild that is not currently busy. You will see how many treats of each type you have. There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen: Buy and Task. Touch the Buy button to open the food purchase window.

In the window of purchase of treats you will see:

This is a window for buying food for the coastal corner. Here is an example: the use of one delicious treat (the second is not needed) allows you to lure a friendly gull or a shy flamingo.

How to open corners of the wild? To open a new corner of wildlife, you will need to reach a certain level and spend sand dollars. Sand dollars are given for fulfilling helicopter orders. After opening a new corner, you will receive new assignments for photographing wildlife and new assignments of Tin. To receive orders for photographing animals from a new corner, you must complete or skip the current tasks for photographing. Every corner of nature introduces you to certain types of wildlife. Forest area will be available at level 22.

This is a window for buying food for a forest corner.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape: Champions Cup Guide

What is a Champions Cup? Champions Cup - a long-term tournament in the competition of the best hotels in which the best islands can win unique rewards. Seasonal league players can enjoy unique weekly benefits that affect different parts of the island. Instead of a diamond league in the Champions Cup will be:

What will happen to the diamond league in the competition of the best hotels? Like all other leagues, the diamond is now divided into three levels. These new levels are Diamond 3, Diamond 2, Diamond 1. Players flying out of Diamond 3 fall into Ruby 1 next week. Players who were in Diamond last week will become part of Diamond 3.

What will happen to the Monty Guide Monkey? Monty will remain with the best player in the diamond 3. The two best in the diamond 2. The three best in the diamond 1. Thus, more players will have access to Monty weekly.

How many players can go to the next level or fly out of the diamond league? The top three move to the next level, the top three fly out.

Who can participate in the Champions Cup? Any player from the Diamond League can participate in the seasonal Champions Cup.

What will happen to diamond-level players when the Champions Cup season begins? Players will be divided into seasonal leagues as follows:

Can I fly out of the seasonal league? No, until the end of the season, players who fall into the seasonal league do not move to the ruby. But between seasons, players can go ruby.

How long does the Champions Cup last? Champions Cup will go 12 weeks.

Will there be any special reward for first place in the big leagues of the Champions Cup in the last week of the season? Of course!

What will happen at the end of the Champions Cup season? Players will return to the diamond league.

From diamond 3 players can be converted to ruby ??1.

What are the benefits? Advantages - unique rewards that a player receives for being in a seasonal league. The higher the league, the better the benefits! Benefits include:

Do not forget: the benefits last seven days from the moment the last week of the competition for the best hotels ended.

What is a photo gun? Once every 20 hours, the photo gun takes 4 pictures of any animal of your choice! The photo gun has been working for seven days since the last week of the competition for the best hotels ended. It is available to players who have won first place in the Masters League, and two of the best in Legends.

What are the rewards of players in the League of Legends (highest)?

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape: Beach Club

How to join a beach club?

The beach club opens at level 5. Find the white cottage to the right of the barn.

Click on the cottage to view a list of clubs and find out which of them occupy the top positions in the ranking, as well as view invitations to beach clubs in incoming messages.

Touch the View button to get detailed information about the beach club and its members. To join a club, select the one you like and then tap the "Join Club" button.

Some beach clubs are open to all players. To join other clubs confirmation is required.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific beach club. Touch the Search button on the top bar. Enter the name of the beach club and other information as desired. Touch "Language: All" if you want to select a specific language. Touch the green "Search!" Button to search.

How to create a beach club? Having received level 5 and unlocked a white cottage of a beach club, you can create your own club. To create a beach club, tap the white cottage and go to the Clubs Search tab, and then click the "Create" button on the top panel.

Enter the name of the beach club and the motto, select the parameters for joining the club, the flag of the club, as well as the level requirement (for entry, the player must be of this level or higher). When done, tap the green "Create" button at the bottom of the screen to complete your own beach club!

Note: Level 5 is the initial level requirement, as players must open access to beach clubs to join a club. However, you can raise the minimum level for joining your own beach club. The maximum level requirement for joining your club is your own level.

How to leave a beach club? If you want to leave the beach club, touch the white cottage of the beach club. Go to the "My Club" tab and tap "Leave Club".

Note: If you participate in a club event, you will lose your contribution to this club.

How to invite friends to my beach club? To invite your friends, connect to Facebook.

Then tap the white cottage to enter the beach club.

On the My Club tab, tap the Invite Friends button.

You can select all friends or those Facebook friends who already play Tropic Escape. You can also click Search Friends to find a specific person.

How to communicate with beach club members? Make sure you are connected to Facebook. Tap the Chat icon on the right side of the screen.

Click on the Chat tab (bottom tab). Write and send a message to start chatting with beach club members.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape: Beach Club Accelerators

Beach Club Accelerators!

Kat found a floating bottle with a magic note inside the bungalow! Domingo heard something about such notes and believes that this is a gift from Zemi. The magic of the notes activates powerful boosters that extend their effect to the entire beach club!

What are these bottles and what are they doing? These bottles contain boosters that act on your island and the entire beach club! Bottles can be bought or received in the game. Open the bottle and find out which magic note you received. Collect as many boosters as possible!

How can I get accelerators? If you are at level 17 or higher, you can get bottles, open them and collect boosters. Players whose level is still below the 17th will be able to take advantage of the effects of the accelerators of the beach club as members of the club.

Note: over time, beach club accelerators will be distributed to all players, so as not to give advantages to individual players and make the game enjoyable for everyone.

How can I get magic notes?

1. Victory in the competition of the best hotels.

Note: the higher the status of the hotel, the better the bottle.

2. Performing assignments for photographing wildlife.

3. Fulfillment of daily requests (task log).

4. Shopping in the game.

How many notes can be found The game has a lot of different notes. You can view your collection of notes in the final window after opening the bottle. Notes are written on different parchment, the color of which indicates the level of rarity.

What accelerators are there?

How to activate accelerators? Accelerators can be activated in the accelerator tab of the beach club in the window of the beach club. In the accelerator tab of the beach club, the active accelerators are indicated on the top, and the accelerators that you have below.

Touch one of the boosters to activate it!

Touching it, you will see a message stating that you need to confirm your action by clicking the "Use" button.

Note: Each club can activate no more than 5 notes at a time. Players must be online to activate the accelerator. Players who leave the beach club will not be able to see beach accelerators in their inventory until they join another club that supports this feature.

Can I sell accelerators? Yes.Accelerators can be sold in the accelerator tab of the beach club. Remember that sold accelerators can no longer be returned.

Why canít I get boosters and help my club? If you join the beach club, you get all the benefits from the accelerators of other participants. Reach level 17 and you will receive boosters yourself.

Why canít you use accelerators in my current beach club, but in the previous one it was possible? Now the number of beach clubs is expanding where accelerators can be used. If you decide to change the beach club, then you probably joined one that so far does not have such an opportunity.

Why is the ability to use accelerators available only to some players? Beach Club Accelerators is a very effective feature in the game that affects almost all of its aspects. That is why it is being introduced gradually, so that game developers can be convinced of its correct operation and ability to increase the gaming experience for all players (and their clubs).

Why are purchased / won boosters no longer visible in my inventory? Beach club accelerators are only visible in inventory when you are a member of a beach club. Accelerators are not lost, they are simply invisible, so as not to occupy a place in the barn. As soon as you enter another beach club, they will automatically become visible again.

I had an accelerator activated at the same time as another member of the beach club, and now it has disappeared. Why?In case of simultaneous activation of identical accelerators, a pop-up window appears to confirm this action. As soon as this happens, the timer of the initial accelerator returns to the beginning, but the effects of accelerators are not cumulative.

Why are accelerator effects not cumulative? The effects of beach club boosters are not cumulative. If you decide to activate an accelerator similar to the one already in use, you simply restore its duration to its initial maximum.

Why canít you use accelerators when Iím offline? Since the accelerator effect affects the entire beach club, your presence is required to participate.

Why are the best accelerators available only for real money? Beach Club Accelerators can be earned in the game or bought. If you do not want to spend gems on their purchase, you can use coins or get beach club accelerators for completing daily tasks or, for example, for requests from a wildlife center.

Why canít accelerators be paused? Beach club accelerators do not last long and have a very strong effect on other members of your beach club. Since they operate in real time, it is impossible to make one or more players put an effect on pause, while for other players it would continue to work.

Why can an accelerator bought for gems be sold only for coins? If you want to sell the accelerator to make room for storage, then remember: when you exit the beach club, the accelerators become invisible. Accelerators can be stored indefinitely, so there is no need to sell them for coins. Please note that the cost of each accelerator in coins is different and depends on its type and rarity.

What do the messages mean: "An error occurred during the activation of the accelerator. Please try again later" and "The accelerator is lost !?" These messages mean that the connection between your device and game servers has been lost, and to protect your accelerator, it has been returned to the barn.