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FarmVille 3 Animals WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

FARMVILLE 3 ANIMALS is an Android game with a release date of 07/17/2019 from Zynga. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Farm Development Guide
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Worker Guide
  4. How to add and visit neighbors?
  5. Exotic animals, getting and pumping them
  6. FarmVille 3 Animals Sky Race Walkthrough
  7. Museum Activities
  8. Joining and Building Communities
  9. Account and Settings

FarmVille 3 Animals: Farm Development Guide

How to plant and harvest plants? Touch an empty bed, then drag the selected plant over the empty beds (see screenshot above). Wait for it to grow or speed up its growth for diamonds. Also, the plant can be watered (at the 8th level) and get a double harvest:

Tap the plants you want to collect, then drag the sickle over the plants:

When you open animals, you can get additional beds. When you click the "Collect" button in the animal collection, the newly acquired beds will be placed directly on the farm.

How to use a hardware store and a decor store? Tap the hammer button in the lower left corner of the screen to open the hardware store and decor store:

At the top of the screen, you can view the various sections: Animal Houses, Industrial Buildings, Trees and Bushes, Exotic Animal Houses, and Decor:

Press and hold the building or decor you want to use. Drag to an empty spot on the farm, then tap the checkmark to place:

Collect the required materials to complete the construction, then click Build.

How do I change the appearance of buildings? To change the appearance of a building, tap it and then press the brush button. Select the style you want to use by clicking on it. Additional Styles can be unlocked with Rubies or Emeralds. Other styles will become available as you level up in the game:

You can change the appearance of the following objects on the farm:

How to reach new levels? To level up the game, you need to earn experience points. They are given for obtaining animals, completing achievements, clearing obstacles and erecting buildings on the farm:

Click the level button in the upper left corner of the screen to see how much experience is required to level up. As the level rises, new items, workers and buildings for the farm are unlocked.

How do I get animals? To get new animals, complete orders from the order board and fill in the coin counter, which will earn you a box with rewards:

Tap the reward box to find out which animal you were rewarded with. To view your collection of animals, click the button in the lower right corner of the screen. The red bubble shows the number of recently opened animals in the collection:

Always go to the collection of animals and get rewards for discovering!

What is an order board? The order board displays orders that can be completed to earn coins. To view orders, touch the orders board on the farm. For each order, you will receive a different number of coins as a reward. A check mark on the order means that you have the required items to fulfill the order:

You can touch the reward box next to the coin counter to see what items might be in the next box:

Collect the required number of coins to complete the scale. After filling it, the truck will return and bring the box with the reward.

How do I expand my farm? Opening extensions gives more land for building and gathering resources. Each expansion requires a certain level to open. Touch an extension surrounded by a white dot border to view the level requirement. As soon as you reach the required level to open a specific extension, a lock icon will appear above it and it will light up:

You will see how many coins you need to spend to unlock this extension.

How to breed animals? It takes two animals of the same breed living in the same animal house to produce babies and discover new breeds. When the animal is ready for breeding, a cloud with a heart will appear above it:

Touch the cloud with the heart and the stork will bring the baby in the basket. Tap the envelope cloud to pick up the cub:

Tap the star cloud to gain experience and wait for the cub to grow up. You can speed up the growth of the cub by hiring a worker to help. Touch the cub and assign a worker to feed him so that he grows up. When the cub is fully grown, a green checkmark will appear above its head.

How to feed the animals? When an animal is hungry, a feeding icon appears above it. Click on the icon and see what the fed animal produces. Select the desired product and drag it onto the animal as shown in the tutorial:

The desired feed, production times and county fair award ribbons will be displayed. Always have a stock of the right food for all animals!

How to cook and manufacture? Go to a production building where you can cook or craft. In this example, you see a bakery that can be opened at level 6:

Tap the item you want to bake and you will see the following:

To continue, click the "Do" button:

How to use the barn and silo storage? Collected items can be stored in the barn and silo. Click the barn button if you want to check your inventory:

To change the look of the barn, click the brush button. Barn and silo storage consists of the following tabs:

If you want to free up some space, select any extra item in the barn or silo and click the "Sell" button:

How to expand the storage of the barn and silo? Tap a barn or silo on a farm, then press the up arrow button if you want to upgrade a building to increase its storage:

You will need materials to improve. If you don’t have enough materials, you can buy them with diamonds.

How to fish? Upon reaching level 32, it will be possible to open the house of the fisherman and worker Fyodor Zhabrin. By building a fisherman’s house, you can unlock various fishing spots if the level requirements are met. Each fishing spot has a unique fish, and fishing requires a specific bait. Fishing lures can be made in the bait machine:

Touch a fishing spot and assign a worker who specializes in fishing there. The example below shows a tuna spot that requires tuna bait to fish. You will also see what kind of reward you receive after completing your fishing trip. The appearance of a green filling circle means that the employee is on the job. Tap the circle for more information or to speed up your fishing trip for diamonds.

How to change buildings and objects? To change a building or object, hold it down, and the available actions will appear:

These actions depend on the type of building or object:

How do I free up space on my farm? To make room on your farm, you must clear weeds, trees, and other obstacles. Tap the item you want to remove. Then use the energy to complete the task. You will also see what rewards you will receive for completing the quest:

The appearance of a green filling circle means that the employee is on the job. Tap it to see the duration of the action. After completing the task, tap the reward to collect it.

How do I use weather boosters? Upon reaching level 19, it will be possible to open the "Weather Station" extension. Collect the materials you need to build, then click Build. Click on a weather station and then the "Weather" button to find out about a set of accelerators that can be activated:

Available accelerators and activation requirements are shown on the right. If you have all the materials, you can activate the accelerator by clicking the "Activate" button. All active boosters, their duration, and the effects they have on the farm are shown on the left:

Use diamonds to unlock new types of boosters and additional slots for active boosters.

FarmVille 3 Animals: A Beginner’s Guide

What are story and daily quests? Plot and Daily Quests are sets of quests that can be completed to earn rewards. Click the Quest button on the right side of the screen to view your quests. Plot missions are grouped in three and can be completed at any time:

Daily tasks are actions that must be completed within a certain time. The timer shows how many hours are left for this.

What are achievements? Tap the farmhouse and then the prize buttons to view your progress board:

Here you can see your progress on various tasks of the master on the farm. Complete the tasks of the master to earn master stars and get rewards.

How to use a merchant? The merchant, available at level 5, sells valuable goods and offers great discounts that will be useful on the farm. For special daily discounts, tap a merchant:

There are three tabs to choose from: "Discounts", "Plants and Products" and "Exotics":

Don’t forget to pick up the daily free offer from the merchant.

Who are the guests of the market tent? Guests are playable characters who sometimes come to the farm in search of ingredients in exchange for useful rewards. Tap a guest to see what they have to offer:

It also displays a timer showing the guest’s time of stay. Once you have the required number of items, tap the green checkmark button to complete the trade and receive your reward. You can also opt out of the offer by clicking the trash can button:

The higher your level, the more guests will come to the farm. The rewards for completing item requests are also improving. Guests will continue to visit the farm even if you cancel or complete their orders.

How do I get pearls, rubies and emeralds? Pearls, Rubies, and Emeralds are virtual currency used to buy decor, change buildings, and unlock items and workers. They can be obtained from boxes with rewards, from guests, or bought from a merchant. You can also earn them at the county fair:

How to improve a recipe? You can improve the recipe and get more ribbons by leveling up the corresponding worker. After collecting the required number of worker stickers, click the "Train" button to increase the worker’s level:

Improving the worker adds value to ribbons for all recipes in the workstation.

How to use the mailbox? Tap a mailbox or press the envelope button to see if you have unread messages. All gifts, requests and messages are sent and received in the mailbox:

Tap the News tab to read articles on the latest game updates and tutorials, as well as tips and tricks.

How does a water well work? After reaching level 8, you will be able to open the "Garden with a well" extension, where there is a small well. Before you can use the well, it needs to be repaired, so choose a worker to help you with this:

Having restored a small well, you can draw water from it every 6 hours. The well can accumulate no more than 6 units. water, after which it will be full. The water storage allows you to store the collected water. Its capacity increases after reaching certain levels. Press the water button in the upper right corner to view the water meter:

Water-watered beds produce twice as many plants at harvest time. There is also an opportunity to buy additional wells from the hardware store, which will open at higher levels.

How to deliver by boat? Upon reaching level 10, you can unlock the Boat Harbor expansion. After the completion of the construction of the harbor, it will be possible to deliver by boat:

For delivery by boat, you need to load goods of the required category in order to earn boat ribbons. Collect boat ribbons to reward exotic tickets:

To complete this delivery, you need to fill the boxes with products from your inventory. Items of a certain type are suitable for each box. Select the items to send and then click the "Download" button. For all sent items, boat ribbons are given in different quantities as a reward. Collect boat ribbons and, upon reaching certain stages, receive exotic tickets as a reward! Load higher value items and level up the worker to get more cutter ribbons and earn better rewards:

To deliver by boat, click the boat button in the lower right corner. You can send items even in empty boxes, but you will receive fewer rewards. Collect rewards and get ready for the next delivery while you wait for the boat to return.

You can drop by Boat Harbor to view pending orders, or use diamonds to speed up the boat’s return.

What are gift boxes? You can earn diamonds by opening gift boxes and watching ads. Boxes will periodically appear on your farm, but only for a limited time:

To see how many diamonds you can earn, click the info button. If you want to move the gift box to a different location or remove it from the farm, press and hold on it. You can then drag it to an empty spot on the farm, rotate it, or click the dollar button to sell.

What are Reward Chests? These chests and boxes will appear from time to time after clearing weeds, trees, and other obstacles:

You can get resources by opening reward chests. They stay on the farm for a limited time and require different currencies to open. To see what you can get, press the info button. If you want to move the reward chest to a different location or remove it from the farm, press and hold on it. You can then drag it to an empty spot on the farm, rotate it, or click the dollar to sell button:

What is a County Fair? Once you reach level 11, you can compete against other players at the weekly county fair and earn even more exciting rewards:

Earn ribbons by collecting farm goods, animal products, and recipes. For coins and diamonds, you can use a temporary accelerator that multiplies the points of the district fair. The price of the booster goes up with every upgrade of the booster. Take the top spot in your league for the best county fair rewards:

As you earn ribbons, you fill the bonus scale and unlock bonus rewards. There are six leagues in total, and your rankings are determined by the number of county fair points you earn and your current place on the leaderboard:

Tap the prize button to find out which league you are currently in:

Each league is subdivided into levels. Example: Wood I, Wood II, Wood III, etc. Your rewards depend on your current place on the leaderboard and league. Compete every week and progress to higher leagues for better rewards. You will become a Diamond League farmer in no time! Visit the County Fair in front of City Hall and Museum to collect rewards or inquire about your current league and leaderboard position.

At the end of each county fair, the top 6 players on the leaderboard will advance to a higher league. Players who finish 7th to 15th remain in the same league. The last five players at the bottom of the leaderboard will advance to the league below.

How do I get the campaign reward? To receive the campaign reward in FarmVille 3, click the Settings button (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game screen and open the settings menu. In the "Settings" menu, click the "Redeem Campaign Code" button:

Next, enter the code of the campaign you want to activate and press "Enter". The campaign reward will be sent to your inbox. Press the "OK" button to view. To receive your campaign reward, tap the message in your inbox and press the "OK" button.

Are the rewards always the same in every county fair league? The higher the league in the fair, the better the rewards. Each league has several randomly selected reward sets, so you won’t always get the same rewards. But all the reward chests are of approximately the same value. For example, if there are fewer diamonds in one chest than in another, then there will be other values ??in it to compensate for the difference.

What is the Diamond Club? Membership in the Diamond Club gives you exclusive benefits for 30 days. While the Diamond Club membership is valid, you have the following bonuses every day:

To join the Diamond Club, you can buy a Diamond Club subscription for 30 days from the merchant on the "Discounts" tab:

You can also access the Diamond Club Pass window from the following menus: Fountain, Cooking Queue Cell.

Daily rewards are not cumulative. You need to log into the game every day to collect the rewards of the day.

FarmVille 3 Animals: Worker Guide

How do I unlock workers? Workers help expand the farm faster by completing various tasks. To unlock a farm worker, you need to collect worker stickers from the reward boxes or buy them from the merchant. To view the workers available for use, tap the sticker button on the right side of the screen:

To view an employee’s profile, tap their image. All employees are unique and have different skills. The employee profile contains the following information:

How to train employees? To train and level up workers, you need to collect worker stickers. They can be obtained from reward boxes or purchased from a merchant. Once you have collected enough stickers, you can train and level up the worker with coins:

Employee training improves his skills. Improved and trained workers work faster with less energy.

How are worker actions and supplies related? Workers need energy to complete tasks. Energy is replenished over time, so you can wait for the replenishment, watch ads or buy with diamonds. The energy scale is also replenished as the level rises. Train your worker to reduce energy use:

To ask for help from your diligent workers, touch the item you want to assign them to work with. After that, an employee who specializes in such tasks will come to the rescue. You will also see what rewards you will receive for completing the quest. The appearance of a green filling circle means that the employee has started work. Tap it to see the duration:

After the task is completed, you can pick up the rewards. Touch the cloud and the items will be transferred to your inventory.

How to change the appearance of employees? To change the look, click on the worker you want to change and then on the brush button. Select the style you want to use by clicking on it. Additional styles can be unlocked by leveling up a worker by spending rubies or emeralds:

The level of Demyan, Pavel, Druzhk or Luna was increased, but I was not given 5 more units. energy of the worker. Is this a software bug? 5 more units. the energies of the worker are given for the first discovery of Demyan, Pavel, Druzhk and the Moon. Subsequent increases in their levels will speed up their work and reduce their energy costs, but will not increase the worker’s maximum energy supply:

If, when the level increases, the worker’s energy exceeds the limit (70), will I get another 70 units of energy? Not. If the worker’s energy exceeds the limit (for example, 160/70), then when the level of the worker’s additional energy increases, you will not receive. To get the most out of the level increase, we recommend spending the employee’s surplus energy on tasks before it.

FarmVille 3 Animals: How to add and visit neighbors?

How do I add neighbors? Neighbors can send you gifts and help you on the farm. They can also visit and watch your farm. The ability to add neighbors is available from level 5. The friendship button appears on the left side of the game screen. You have the ability to connect the game to Facebook and invite your Facebook friends to become your neighbors.

Connect the game to Facebook and get diamonds! You can also explore and visit other players’ farms in FarmVille 3. Click Explore to visit. You can find a specific player by name using the Search tab.

While on another farm, you can click the star button to add a player to the neighbors. In this case, the neighbor is automatically added to your "Friends" tab.

How to visit neighbors? To visit your neighbors, tap the friendship button on the left side of the screen:

Next, select a neighbor’s profile and click the "Visit the farm" button:

You can get up to 5 rewards for visiting neighbors every day. To return to your farm, click the Home button in the lower left corner. You can also send up to 5 gifts to your neighbors every day!

How do I see the visitors to my farm? To view the visitors to your farm, tap the friendship button on the left side of the screen. Next, open the "Guests" tab.

FarmVille 3 Animals: Exotic animals, getting and pumping them

What are exotic animals? Upon reaching level 9, you will unlock a collection of exotic animals. Tap the Exotic Animals button and then Shop to view the exotic animals that you can get.

Chests. The merchant offers various exotic chests:

Each of them can contain exotic animals of various rarities and require different currencies to open:

Summon tokens can be obtained in a variety of ways (boat delivery, chest events, county fair). They can also be bought for diamonds. The "Exotic" tab at the merchant will be open after completing chapter 1 of exotic quests.

How to train exotic animals? To train exotic animals, you first need to collect elixirs. Elixirs can be obtained from deliveries in Boat Harbor, completing animal quests, or selling exotic animals:

Tap the exotic animal you want to train and then press the Info button. You can also go to your exotic animals from the "Animal Collection". Click the "Upgrade" button or tap the exotic animal you want to train:

You will see the current level, strength and skill of the exotic animal. Click the "Train" button to view all the collected elixirs. You can choose several elixirs and combine them with other types of elixirs from your collection. To pay coins and start training exotic animals, click the "Train" button again:

Training exotic animals with elixirs increases their strength and level.

Maximum training level. The maximum level of an exotic animal depends on its rarity. The rarity of each exotic animal is displayed as the maximum number of stars. There are 4 levels of rarity:

The evolution of an exotic animal. If you have trained an exotic animal to the maximum level, you can evolve it using evolutionary materials at rarity levels from Uncommon and above. Evolutionary materials can be obtained in the celestial race and on quests for exotic animals. The evolution of an exotic animal fills one star in the maximum number of its stars, increases its maximum level and strength in exotic animal tasks and unlocks new skills:

As soon as the animal has the maximum number of stars filled, further evolution is impossible.

You always have the opportunity to sell an exotic animal and get a great prize!

How to complete quests for exotic animals? Build a forestry on the farm to unlock animal quests. You can send exotic animals to hunt by clicking on the forestry or the compass button on the farm. Here is the quest card. To open the chapter, complete tasks and missions:

Choose an exotic animal from the collection, or assemble the perfect team for each mission by dragging and dropping each animal into the slot:

Start hunting for rare items using the energy of the animal. The energy of the animal allows you to send animals on tasks. It is replenished over time, so you can wait for the replenishment, watch ads or buy with diamonds. You will also get maximum energy when you level up:

When assigning an animal to a task, the power scale is filled. Each bar indicates the number of attempts to find a reward. At full scale, there are 5 attempts to find the treasure. To search for the hidden treasure, let’s try to touch one of the sections of the forest. Once the treasure is found, touch the treasure chest to collect the rewards:

By completing the tasks of the chapter, you get a chance to earn items that will help on the farm. Tap the cloud icon to see what rewards you can win!

FarmVille 3 Animals Sky Race Walkthrough

What is the Heavenly Race? Celestial Race is a competition between communities where you earn Race Points by completing missions. Points earned allow you to receive rewards in races lasting a week! Compete with other communities on the leaderboard using Race Points to move from one league to another. After reaching level 20, you can unlock this feature. To participate in the Heavenly Race, players must be in the community:

You can get to the celestial race by pressing the balloon button on the left side of the screen or visiting the giant balloon on the left side of the farm.

Tasks. Assignments require specific work to be done on the farm. Here are some examples:

Quests can be selected on the Heavenly Race Board and can be completed 8 per race. Select a task from the list of available ones and click the "Start" button.

Tasks are limited in time. Community Race Points earned for each mission will earn you intermediate rewards and a place on the leaderboard. For completed tasks, you also receive tokens that can be spent in the Heavenly Race Shop. The task you have selected will be included in the active ones. Your progress will be displayed in the quest log. You can also view the progress of the task by clicking the corresponding button on the left side of the screen.

Click the Request button to notify your community of the items you need.

Cancellation of tasks. You can cancel jobs before they start to try to find better jobs. You can cancel the job by clicking the "Cancel" button:

If you cancel the quest, you will not only receive a penalty to the general account of the community, but you will not earn either race points or celestial tokens. A canceled quest will reduce the number of quests remaining, so choose quests carefully.

Races and seasons. Tap the Season tab to see which Celestial Race is currently in progress and when the season ends. Each season has 4 races, and each race lasts one week. There is also another off-season race:

Each season has a different theme and adds new temporary or seasonal items to the game. Seasonal Items can be purchased from the Sky Race Store before the next race. To join the heavenly race, you need to start the quest:

To see the progress of your balloon, tap the Race tab. Race points, earned by completing tasks, allow you to move your balloon in the race. After completing the Heavenly Race, you will be able to see the results and receive rewards.

Race leaderboard and intermediate rewards. By moving a balloon in a race, your community unlocks intermediate rewards:

The Race tab shows the total points earned by the community in the current sky race. Continue to complete tasks to earn more points. For a community to top the leaderboard, it needs to score the most points! Click the Statistics button to view your ranking on the Race Leaderboard.

League. At the end of each race, the top three communities on the leaderboard advance to the next higher league, and the three communities below move to the league below. Communities ranked 4th through 12th remain in the current league:

The higher the place of the community in the league, the more valuable rewards it will receive.

Seasonal Leaderboard. After reaching the Gold League, your community’s top two Celestial Races count towards the Seasonal Leaderboard. Defeat every other community in the world and reach the top of the leaderboard!

Heavenly Race Shop. Here you can spend the tokens earned in the race. Tokens earned during a season can be spent until the start of the next season. When the season changes, the assortment of the Sky Race store will also be updated:

If I choose a boat delivery mission in the sky race, do I have to complete the order in full? All three requirements must be met for delivery by boat to be counted in the Sky Race:

If you just fill the boxes with the invoice less than they give for the full order, then you will receive rewards from the boat, but this will not count in the heavenly race. Plan your orders carefully and put your most valuable items in the boxes for the best chance of success!

I participate in the heavenly race and see tasks that cannot be completed (due to a much higher level than mine). Is this a software bug? What should I do? When the community participates in the sky race, the available quests are generated based on the highest level among the participants. If, for example, the community leader is level 78, and most of its members are around level 25, the tasks displayed will be suitable for level 78 players.

It is recommended that all players join a suitable community for organic progress in the game, in order to work together to develop and expand their farms.

FarmVille 3 Animals: Museum Activities

Concept. Museum Events are temporary events that open at Level 13. You can access these activities from the museum on the left side of the farm. The farm will periodically introduce new and unique event themes. Each event lasts 11 days and there is a three-day break between new events. As part of these activities, you will undertake museum assignments, completing orders before their deadline in order to earn Museum Points. Four tasks are displayed simultaneously on the screen:

Museum Points reward you with exclusive prizes, new materials and crafting items to help you earn even more points. To fulfill orders, craft unique items for the museum on a flower cart:

Each event has a unique pop-up window where you can search for materials to produce what you ordered. The conservatory is a pop-up window for the Beautiful Flowers event. In the pop-up window, you will search for materials using the museum tools:

Additional crafting materials and museum tools can be found by removing exclusive barriers before they disappear. Clearing obstacles requires a worker and energy. The better the tools, the better the collectibles. Be careful and look for bonus items on the farm. They can be obtained from plants and animals.

Awards for museum activities. Get prizes in the rewards tab. The rewards tab displays all possible individual rewards that can be unlocked during the event. Each event will have new exclusive rewards:

Community in museum activities. You can get more prizes by working with the community. The community tab displays all the possible community rewards that its members can receive as part of the event:

You can access the Community Leaderboards by clicking the community button in the upper right corner of the community tab. The leaderboard pop-up lists all community members, in descending order of the points earned for the event.

What are blue animal tickets and where can I get them? Blue tickets for exotic animals are called "epic" tickets. This is one of the rarest values ??in the game. Epic tickets are awarded for the highest spots in the heavenly race in the high leagues, as well as final museum awards. Only the most diligent players will receive this award.

FarmVille 3 Animals: Joining and Building Communities

How do I join the community? The community allows you to play, chat and exchange items with other farmers. To join the community, tap the City Hall. You will see a selection of recommended communities. Tap a community, then click the info button to learn more about that community. This way you can find the community that you consider best for yourself:

Once you have made a decision, click the "Join" button on the card of the selected community. If the community you want to join is not in the collection, you can find it by tapping the Search tab and entering the community name. Tap the envelope tab to view pending invitations and requests.

How to create a community? You can create a new community by touching the City Hall:

Then click the "Create" button. Now you can add the community name, description and icon. After specifying the information for the community you created, click Next. You can choose from the following community types: Open, Request to Join, or Invite:

Next, click on the left or right arrow to select the level of play that players must reach before being able to join the community. You can also select community tags by clicking the "Edit" button (there may be 5 of them). To specify the common language that everyone in the community should chat in, tap the language next to Chat Language and select your preferred chat language. It will also help potential community members choose which community to join:

Click the "Save" button to confirm the action. Once the choice is made, you can create a community for diamonds.

How to block a player in the community, and what happens after that? To block a player in a community, open the community menu, then click Settings (gear icon), Members, select the player’s name, click the ... icon and select Block. All messages of this player, sent before the blocking, will be visible to you in the chat, as well as all his requests for items. His new posts will not be displayed.

FarmVille 3 Animals: Account and Settings

Connect your account to Facebook. To connect to Facebook, click the "Settings" button (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game screen (see screenshot). Then, under the Facebook caption, click the "Not Connected" button and go through the authorization to synchronize the progress. If the game is connected to Facebook, you will also automatically sign in to your Zynga Account using the email address associated with your Facebook account. The linking of the farm to Facebook or email address is permanent.

You can also disconnect from Facebook at any time through the Settings menu. Just click the "Sign out" button under the Facebook sign. If you choose to log out of Facebook and delete your current game, you will be redirected to the login screen, where you can either start playing anonymously or log back in using the available login methods.

If you click the Sign Out button, your Facebook friends will no longer be visible. However, your farm is still tied to Facebook. If you want to delete the accumulated progress and start the game over, you can simply click the "Delete my game" button.

How do I log into the game with Zynga ID? To log in with your Zynga ID, click the "Settings" button (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game screen. Then click the "Login" button under your Zynga ID. Enter your email address. Then click "Continue". If you do not already have a Zynga ID account, you will be prompted to create one. Click the "Create Account" button to start creating your Zynga account.

By linking to an email address, you can secure and transfer your game accounts across devices and operating systems. After linking your game accounts to your email address, you can switch between them. If a farm is already attached to the email address you entered, you will be asked if you want to download it or save the current game.

Please note that if you choose to download a farm attached to your account, your current game will be lost.

To sign out of your Zynga ID or switch to another, go to Settings and click the Sign Out button. Exiting will delete the current game on the device and start a new game. You can restore the game by logging in again. Once logged out, you can select either "Play Anonymously" or "Log In" using one of the available options. To switch to a different farm already assigned to your Zynga ID account, select the "Sign in with Zynga ID" option and enter the email address that belongs to that farm. You will then be sent a one-time security code to that address. Enter the 6-digit code to verify your account.

Sign in with Apple. If you are using an iOS device with iOS 13 or higher, you can sign in with Apple from the Settings menu. Click the "Settings" button (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game screen. Next, click the "Sign in" button under your Apple ID to sync the game with your Apple ID.

If you choose to specify your email address when you select "Sign in with Apple", authorization will go through it as well. If you decide not to provide your email address, there will be no authorization through it.

Single authorization. If you have already signed in to another Zynga game when you start FarmVille 3 for the first time, you will be automatically signed in to it.

Where can I get advertising rewards? Three reward commercials appear in the in-game store every 24 hours. Click on "Watch Ads", watch the entire video and then get your reward. Commercials that you haven’t seen in 24 hours will disappear, so if you want to get the most rewards, always watch 3 videos a day!

What are ad chests? Promotional chests will occasionally appear on the farm. You can click on them, watch ads and receive a reward. If you have already watched 3 commercials a day, you will receive a message that there are no more new ones. It should be, but you can still sell promotional chests for coins: hold the chest and click on the sell icon when it appears.

What should I do if I receive a message that there are no more ads without watching 3 videos a day? If you haven’t watched 3 commercials in 24 hours, but you get a message that there are no more ads, check your internet connection. Then try to force quit and restart the game to reconnect to the ad network. If the ad still won’t show, please contact support and describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

Make sure the time on the device matches your time zone, because the presence of ads is determined by the game server. Incorrect device time may adversely affect the game.

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