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Walkthrough Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FINAL FANTASY XV: A NEW EMPIRE - Android game with release date 06/28/2017 from Epic Action LLC. In the article, we summarized the experience of TOP players, the secrets of developers and our tips.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. WiKi by Building
  2. How to Win the Battles
  3. Events
  4. Guild Guide
  5. Chat and Chat Rooms
  6. City Overview
  7. Neutral Empire
  8. Important Game Features
  9. Walkthrough
  10. Research Guide
  11. Crystal
  12. Items
  13. Proper Game Settings
  14. Newbie Questions
  15. Account
  16. In-Game Shopping
  17. Bugs in the game

Final Fantasy XV: WiKi by Building


Armory. Armory allows you to make advanced equipment for the hero. Upgrade your weapons room to speed up the process of creating items!

Weapon table for making. Use the weapons table to make equipment. Touch the material to place it on the manufacturing table. To open the list of recipes, click the "Recipes" button.

Exile Portal

Portal of exile. After expelling the hero, you activate the portal of exile and get powerful power-ups for the kingdom.

Bank - Basic Resources

Bank. The bank mints gil for the kingdom and increases the capacity of gil warehouses. Higher tier banks increase gil production and warehouse capacity. Build several banks to increase their overall effect.

Bank statistics. Shows:

  1. Hourly Income: This is the number of gil that is minted at this bank per hour.
  2. Kingdom Gil Warehouse Capacity: The maximum number of gil that a kingdom can produce. Once it is reached, the banks will no longer mint gil until the maximum capacity is increased, or you do not spend part of the gil.

The buildings

Construction in the kingdom. Build buildings in the kingdom to increase its productivity and power! Each building plays a role in the kingdom, and some special buildings give unique bonuses in battle or to the economy.Try to choose the most suitable building layout for your style of play.

Destruction of buildings. You can voluntarily destroy any building, but be careful, because when you destroy a building you will lose power points. Destroying buildings, be careful!

Advanced resources. Each building that produces resources at a certain level unlocks the ability to produce new, advanced resources. Additional parameters of advanced resources are unlocked later, at higher levels of the structure.


Citadel. The Citadel is the center of the kingdom and determines your status in the world. Touching the citadel, you will see a general overview of the economy in the kingdom. For the successful development of the city, be sure to improve the citadel.

Citadel rewards. Improving the citadel allows you to receive rewards and unlock new buildings for your kingdom!


Embassy. At the embassy you can take reinforcements from allies. By improving the embassy, ??you can increase the number of reinforcements received, but you cannot accept more than the embassy can accommodate.Reinforcements take care of their content themselves.

Statistics on the embassy. The capacity of the embassy increases with each improvement.

Energy Extractor - Basic Resource

Energy extractor. An energy extractor produces energy for the kingdom and increases the capacity of its energy stores. Higher level energy extractors increase energy production and storage capacity. Build multiple energy extractors to enhance their overall effect.

Characteristics of an energy extractor. They include:

  1. Hourly Income: This is the amount of energy produced by this extractor per hour;
  2. Kingdom Energy Storage Capacity: The maximum amount of energy the kingdom can produce. As soon as it is achieved, energy extractors will stop producing energy until the maximum capacity is increased, or you do not spend part of the energy;
  3. Total Hourly Income: This is the total amount of energy produced by Kingdom extractors per hour.

Farm is a basic resource

Farm. The farm produces food for the kingdom and increases the capacity of its food stores. High-level farms significantly increase food production and storage capacity. Build several farms to increase their overall effect.

Farm statistics. Includes:

  1. Hourly Income: This is the amount of food this farm produces per hour;
  2. Total content per hour: The amount of food consumed by the troops per hour;
  3. Kingdom Food Warehouse Capacity: The maximum amount of food that the kingdom can produce. Once it is reached, the farms will stop producing food until the maximum capacity is increased, or you do not spend part of the food;
  4. Total hourly income: This is the amount of food that is produced on the kingdomís farms per hour.

Gold Cache

Caches of gold can be found on the empire map. They contain free gold! Use it to strengthen the kingdom and conquests! A player who has taken a cache of gold has direct access to gold. But be careful: other players can strip you of the cache by defeating your army.

Collection. A cache of gold is a site of resources that is on the map of the empire. It acts in the same way as other sections of resources on the empire map. To send troops to capture a site with gold, open the empire map, tap the site and select the "Occupy" option in the pop-up window.

The troops will begin to collect gold immediately after capturing a section with a cache. 1 unit gold takes 1000 units. carrying capacity of troops. For holding the site you will receive 1 unit. gold every 5 min. When the army runs out of capacity, it will immediately go back to the kingdom with the collected resources. Please note that each type of troops has its own carrying capacity, which is indicated in the characteristics.

The status of gold mining by troops can also be found on the page of marches (to open it, click on the corresponding icon).

Strengthening the extraction of resources. Gathering buffs do not affect a cache of gold. To increase the speed of gold mining, research the "Speed ??of mining in the area" in the "Economics" section of the university.

Guild hall

Guild Hall. The guild hall allows your troops to organize military campaigns. Only a hero of a military leader can lead a military campaign (the one who declared war is considered to be a military leader). For troops sent to war, all the characteristics of a military leader will be applied. In other words, they will be affected by all bonuses from research, enhancements and skills of the hero. The troops that set off for the campaign are hidden for scouts. Build a military campaign to start a large-scale war.

Monument to the hero

Monument to the hero. The monument to the hero gives the hero a bonus to experience and saves part of the experience for the descendants of the hero. Upgrade the monument to the hero to increase the bonus to experience and the amount of experience saved.


Hospital. The hospital allows you to treat troops wounded during the defense of the kingdom! Improve the hospital and build additional hospital wards to increase the number of beds for wounded troops.

How to treat? All wounded from the troops will be sent to hospitals. Click on the army and select the amount of treatment. Troops will be queued. After that, click "Heal" to heal the troops from the resources of the city.

Combat pits

Fighting pits. Fighting pits - a new building for the kingdom, which will allow you to attract powerful mercenary troops to your side.

Unlock fighting pits. The building can be unlocked using a special item. After receiving the item "Unlock Fighting Pits", touch the building and click on the "Unblock" button! Improving the building, you will gain access to new types of hired troops.

Selection of mercenaries. Aircraft with new mercenaries regularly arrive in your kingdom. They are experts in their field and can bring you many benefits, but remember that you can hire a limited number of troops of each type. To hire troops in the fighting pits, select the type of troops and quantity (using the slider) and click "Train".

Mine is a basic resource

Mine. The mine produces metal for the kingdom and increases the capacity of its metal warehouses. Higher mines increase metal production and storage capacity. Build several mines to enhance their overall effect.

Mine statistics. Includes:

  1. Hourly Income: This is the amount of metal mined in this mine per hour;
  2. Kingdom metal storage capacity: The maximum amount of metal that the kingdom can produce. As soon as it is reached, the mines will stop mining metal until the maximum capacity is increased or you do not spend part of the metal;
  3. Total hourly income: This is the amount of metal mined in the mines of the kingdom in an hour.

Monster Farm and Monster Marches

Monster Farm A new building has appeared in the walls of your kingdom - a monster farm. Here you can grow monsters that will bring bonuses to your army. Only the bravest hero will be able to sit in the saddle of a new horse and lead the march into battle!

Unlock monster farm. To access the Monster Farm, purchase an unlock item from the Gold Store. Once you have it, touch the farm building, and then click on the "Unlock Monster Farm" button.

Hatching monsters. Only adult monsters can go on a march with the hero. The horse must first be raised. To start growing monsters, get an egg and several hatching stones. If you already have eggs in your inventory, they will appear in the monster farm menu.

When you select an egg, it will be possible to use hatching stones to hatch from it.

If you have enough hatching stones, when you click OK you will have a new pet!

If you already have a chick of this species, you will receive other rewards for using hatching stones.

The selection of monsters and sending marches. Everything is almost done! Now activate the monster to send him into battle with the hero. Select a monster, and then click on the "Select" button. During the march, the icon of his monster will be displayed over the portrait of your hero.

Click on the "March" button and enjoy the sight!

Mythical weapons and bonuses

Mythical weapons. Mythical weapons - the crown of technology of the kingdom. Here you can get very useful bonuses from sets of equipment that will always stay with you!

Unlock mythical weapons. Just unlock the building with the help of the item "Unlocking the mythical weapons" and click on the button "Bonuses of equipment sets" to start working with it. Improving the building, you will strengthen the bonuses that it gives.

After receiving the item "Unlocking Mythic Weapons", touch the building and click on the "Unblock" button!

Equipment kit bonuses. Having opened the mythical weaponry, you will see all possible bonuses of sets and lists of necessary equipment. For each set, a list of items will appear, and you will see your progress, mining and manufacturing the necessary equipment. When all the requirements for receiving the kit bonus are met, each item of equipment in the list will have a green checkmark, which means that it is included in the kit. If the bonus indicators are green, then this means that it is valid now.

Remember that in order to receive a kit bonus all items from the kit must be in your inventory and be of legendary quality (Lv. 6)! If any of the items in the kit is of inadequate quality or you remove it from your inventory, the equipment kit bonuses will become inactive until you make a new suitable item.

When viewing the detailed characteristics of the kit, you will see a list of all the necessary equipment, your progress in assembling the kit, available bonuses and a button for quickly moving to the manufacture of items.Scroll to the end of the kit description page to see all the items from it and find out what materials and resources will be needed to make them.

The kit bonus will be active if all items from it are in your inventory. Equipment does not have to be worn, and bonuses from different sets stack up without any restrictions. Gather a collection of armor and weapons to accumulate bonuses for new conquests, but do not forget to expand the inventory. This will help you with boxes with tools that you can get for progress in the game or buy for loyalty points!

How to improve equipment. In mythical weapons, you can improve the quality of existing equipment.Upgrade to a second to unlock this opportunity. Click on the "Upgrade" button inside the building to see what materials are required to level it up.

In the mythical weapons room you will see the "Improve" menu, which shows all the equipment and materials needed to improve it. Selecting one of the equipment from the list will take you to the upgrade screen. It will show all the requirements and benefits that you will receive when improving the quality level of this item.

Having fulfilled all the conditions, just click on the "Improve" button and soon an improved item will be at your disposal! In addition, equipment can be improved from the heroís menu. Go to the profile of the hero and touch one of the cells for equipment to put on an item, remove it or replace it. On the equipment selection screen, tap the desired item to go to the mythical weapons room and start working on it!


Jail. The prison allows you to capture, contain and expel enemy heroes. Upgrade your prison to capture more heroes and reduce the time before they are exiled (note that the level of the enemy hero also affects this time).There can only be one prison.


Grove. You can get to the lists from the city overview screen (on the left side of the screen, above the armory).Here you can fight monsters to get rare gems, materials, power-ups and other unique items to enhance the power of your kingdom. To enter the lists, tap the building on the city overview screen.

Skirmishes in the dungeons. In every battle on the lists you have to fight with the monster. Touch the monster to attack it with ether. Each hit brings you an item, and killing a monster, you can get three chests, one of which can be a valuable item.

Mining panel. Each trophy appears briefly upon hitting a monster, and then is added to the prize strip, moving from left to right with each new prize.

Daily free attack. Once a day, all players receive one free attack. These free attacks do not accumulate, so do not forget to use them every day!

Ether. Attacking the monster, you will spend ether. Your air supply is marked at the top of the screen.

Air can be received as a reward for various actions, bought in an item store or purchased in a gold store as part of special package offers.

Thematic lists. Themed lists may be available for a limited time. To take part in these thematic events, select them on the lists screen. On thematic lists you can get unique items that are available only during the event.

Quarry - a basic resource

Quarry. The quarry extracts stone for the kingdom and increases the capacity of its stone stores. Higher quarries increase stone production and storage capacity. Build several quarries to enhance their overall effect.

Quarry statistics. Includes:

  1. Hourly Income: The amount of stone mined per hour.
  2. Kingdom Stone Storage Capacity: The maximum amount of stone a kingdom can produce. Once it is reached, the quarries will cease to produce stone, until the maximum capacity is increased, or you do not spend part of the stone.
  3. Total hourly income: This is the amount of stone that is mined in the quarries of the kingdom in an hour.

Resource storage

Resource storage. Resource storage protects some resources from enemy attacks. Upgrade your resource storage to protect even more resources from enemy attacks.

Trading Post

Trading post. A trading post allows you to send resources to guild members. Improve your trading post to increase resource assistance.

Training ground

Training clac. Training ground allows you to train troops. Upgrade your training ground to increase the limit of training troops in each turn. You can also build barracks to increase the overall effectiveness of the training ground.

Troop training. To start training troops on the training ground, select the type of troops and quantity (using the slider) and click "Train".

Bonus to learning speed. Training ground gives additional bonuses to the speed of training! These bonuses increase with the level of the training ground. The duration of training, taking into account bonuses, is calculated as follows: (initial duration) / (100% + bonuses). For example, a bonus of 25% to the learning speed will take 2 minutes of the total timer time of 10 minutes. The calculation formula is as follows: (10 minutes) / (100% + 25%) = 10/125% = 8 minutes. On the details page of the training ground, the overall bonus to the speed of training is not displayed, but the total percentage by which the initial training time is reduced is displayed.

Study of the troops. Please note that some types of troops become available only after their research.

Treasury and University

Coffers. Treasury will help you get extra gold! Invest a certain amount of gold and wait for the deposit to expire.At this point, you will be able to receive the invested amount in full, plus the interest accrued at the rate of interest in gold. Improving the treasury, you increase interest rates on your certificate of contribution. In addition, after improvements you can invest and take more gold! Remember that the deposit can be withdrawn before the expiration of its term, but in this case you will lose interest.

University Build a university to conduct research for your kingdom.


Walls. The wall contains traps and provides powerful defense in battle with enemies. You can increase the capacity of the wall by improving it.

The capacity of the walls. The capacity of a wall determines the possible number of traps on it. By improving the wall, you can build more traps.

Watch tower

Watchtower abilities. The watchtower is a very important building. If you have a watchtower, you will receive notifications of merchants, reinforcements, attacks, and military campaigns approaching you.

Watchtower button. When someone approaches the kingdom, a button for an approaching march or scout appears on the overview screen of the city. At the same time, a frame appears around the screen, and the watchtower itself begins to glow.

Watchtower notification priority. Each type of marches tracked by a watchtower has its own color:

Warnings have a color gradation: red is the most important, followed by green, and then blue.

Watchtower push notifications. If something happens when you are offline, you will receive a push notification.

Inside the watchtower. When you select a watchtower, a watchtower screen and all approaching marches appear. When you select a march, more information about that march appears on the watchtower screen.Improving the watchtower can provide even more detailed information about the arriving march, including arrival time, troop composition, guild information and player name.

Marches. The marches screen can be opened from the "Extras. Menu" or by using the marches key on the empire map. The marches page shows all active marches.

March page. Depending on the level, the watchtower displays one or more of the characteristics of the march: owner, target, and strength. Each campaign will also have one of the following statuses: "takes part in the march", "returns", "attacks", "defends", "takes part in the military campaign", "is sent as reinforcements", "carries out reconnaissance", "camps "or" busy collecting. "

Interaction with the march page. Depending on the state of the march, you may be able to recall, view, transfer or speed it up.

To recall the march you will have to use the item "Recall the march".

Final Fantasy XV: How to Win the Battles

How to get prey from monsters? When attacking a monster, you can get various items. Touch the monster to see possible rewards. These are just examples, and they may not match the booty you get after the battle. The chance of dropping certain items from some types of monsters is higher than from others. Keep this in mind if you need a specific item or material.

OS OSs are being spent on a skill development tree. The total number of OSs available can be seen at the top of the tree. If there is an OS that can be spent, the heroís portrait on the kingdomís overview screen and the OS button on the heroís page begin to glow gold.

Skill development tree. On the tree of skills development, you can choose which skills to improve the hero. By clicking on a particular skill, you can see what it gives. Skills become more powerful when investing in additional OS. On the tree of skill development, you can see the total number of OS spent and the maximum number for each skill.

If the skill has already spent the maximum number of points, it glows in gold. Skills are presented in order from the weakest (top) to the strongest (bottom). The more powerful the skill becomes, the more skill points you will need to invest in the previous one. The branches go from top to bottom, indicating the requirements for each subsequent skill.

Combat tags

Combat marks. Using combat marks, you can specify targets and mark them on an empire map. To unlock tags, buy specially marked items in the gold store. To use battle marks, you must be a member of the guild. Each guild can set up to 15 tags. Each guild member can set 2 tags. To set a tag, click on the kingdom you want, then select "Mark target" at the bottom of the pop-up menu. If you have not yet unblocked the tagging function, a lock icon will appear next to the Mark Target button. By clicking on the locked button, you will be taken to a gold store.

By unlocking battle marks, you can mark targets. The label is valid for 30 minutes and then disappears. By clicking on the marked player, you will see all the available information on this tag. Any member of the guild can view it, and the player who set the mark can edit it. Click on the text field to write an additional note about the goal.

If you mark the target, then on the screen "Guild" - "Combat tags" will appear a new entry with the name and strength of the target. To go to battle marks from the empire map, click on the "Guild" button in the lower navigation bar, and then select the "Battle marks" item on the guildís main screen. You can view the goals marked by other members of the guild by going to the tab "All goals".

On the "My Goals" screen, you can see the number of goals marked and the maximum limit for you and your guild. If you leave the guild after you mark the target, the mark will remain with the guild. On this screen, you can edit the signatures of goals, as well as update and remove labels. The target must remain marked for a while before the mark can be updated or removed.

You must wait 15 minutes to update the tag. You can delete a tag 5 minutes after setting it. By clicking on the "Go To" button on the target in the list, you will be taken to the place on the empire map where the target was marked.The tag saves only the place where the target was originally marked. If the marked player changes location, the coordinates are not updated.

The mark placed on the enemy gives you two advantages. First, your entire guild will see the name, location, and power level of your target. Secondly, only your guild can see the marked target on the world map. The fact that the player has been marked does not indicate anything else. Your target does not know that soon a whole guild will attack her!


Troops. There are four types of troops: warriors, cavalry, magicians, and siege vehicles. They can be sent to attack, to strengthen or defend various points on the map of the empire.

  1. Warriors. Cope well with cavalry, but easily destroyed by magicians.
  2. Cavalry. It copes well with magicians, but is easily destroyed by warriors.
  3. Mages It copes well with warriors, but is easily destroyed by cavalry.
  4. Siege vehicles. They cope well with wall traps, but are easily destroyed by magicians, warriors or cavalry.

Defense.Wall traps can be built on walls and become the first line of your defense against enemies. Wall traps do well with warriors, cavalry, and magicians, but are easily destroyed by siege vehicles.

Hero.In a battle with another player (in PvP), your hero guides both your troops and traps. Earn skill points for the hero to increase bonuses to attack, defense and health of troops. To increase bonuses, you can also make equipment and put it on the hero. Further manufactured equipment can be improved with gems. Make sure the hero is with the troops! Otherwise, they will not receive his bonuses! Be careful in battle: if all the troops die, your hero will be captured.

Bonuses of troops. In addition to bonuses received by troops from the hero, you can also strengthen troops by conducting research at the university or using amplifiers from the store. Explore improved attack, defense, and health in the Combat research tree. The Defense research tree provides attack and defense bonuses that work primarily on wall traps.

Base amplifications. You can also use attack and defense amplifiers from the store, but they are temporary in nature, and only one can be used at a time.

Fight in PvP mode. Fight with other kingdoms and troops on the empire map, waiting for an attack or independently attacking enemies.

Battles in the kingdoms. Attackers can send a mixed army against the defending kingdom, consisting of warriors, cavalry, magicians, siege vehicles and a hero. Use the slider to select the type and number of troops that will go into battle. If you want to send a hero into battle, then do not forget to put the appropriate mark!

Protectors. The defender defends himself with the help of the hero (if he is in place), as well as all the troops and traps in the kingdom. The player who succeeds in killing, injuring or destroying the greatest number of troops and traps wins. If the defender has a hospital, then troops get there, who otherwise would be killed. The troops in the hospital do not require maintenance. The troops in the hospital do not participate in battles, and their power is not taken into account.

Fights in the wild. The battles in the wilderness are very similar to the battles in the kingdoms. The only difference is that there are no hospitals and wall traps.

Intelligence service. Explore enemies to become a successful ruler. Explore and use scouts to find out enemy troops and pick up the appropriate army.

Where is my march? Due to interruptions in the connection between your device and the game servers, troops can sometimes disappear from the map. A march can also be stuck in one place. For example, you sent a march to attack an alien kingdom or to a certain site for resources. The attack or gathering ended, but the army never returned; when you try to select this march, you donít see it on the map. In most cases, this problem is solved very quickly and easily. Close the application through the task manager and reopen it. A "stuck" march will appear where it should be.

Victory condition. The player who succeeds in killing, injuring or destroying the greatest number of troops and traps wins.

Statistics - the sum of the troop amplifiers:


Heroes On the hero page you can find all the information about your hero. In the lower right corner of the screen displays the level of the hero. Below, under the name of the hero, is a strip of the heroís experience. On it are two numbers through a fraction: the left is the experience gained, and the right is the experience necessary to obtain the next level.

Amplification. The "Amplification" button is a convenient way to see all the characteristics, amplifications and other improvements of your hero. Please note that only amplifications that the hero himself receives from skills, equipment and research are displayed here. General statistics for your account can be found in the "Strengthenings" section of the profile page.

Strengthening the hero. The heroís enhancement button shows all the possible bonuses that the king gives.This is a great opportunity to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the hero.

Change hero. With this option you can change your character. After unlocking new heroes, the Activate button on the Hero Monument page makes this option available.

Where is my hero? If the hero is not in the kingdom, then he fell into the hands of the enemy. When the hero goes to prison, you have a countdown timer until it can be banished. In addition, the hero can escape from captivity on his own. After the timer expires, the player who captivated the hero will have some time to decide whether he will expel him. Because of this, your hero may not immediately return to the kingdom after liberation.This waiting time will vary depending on the level of the playerís exile portal, the skills of his hero and the number of studies conducted.

The hero is captured. If the battle in which your hero takes part ends in your crushing defeat, and the level of your citadel is 15 or higher, then this hero can be captured. In this case, the hero disappears from the army and ceases to restore OM, and his amplifications cease to exist. If the main character is captured, changing the characters becomes impossible, so be careful!

Reward for the hero. If your hero is captured, you can declare a reward for him. After seeing the gil you proposed, other players may decide to save your hero. If any of them succeeds in doing this, he will be paid the promised amount of gil. If the hero escapes without the help of other players or is released or expelled by the player who has captured him, the reward will be lost. However, it will not be refunded to you.

The detention of the hero. If the level of your citadel is less than 20, your hero cannot be exiled. Instead, he will be captured for a while. When the term of captivity expires, he will return to you.

The freed hero. There are several ways to free heroes. You can make a trip to the kingdom of the invader and save the hero, or delegate this task to other players. The hero who has captured him can also let go of the hero. In this case, the hero will return to your kingdom. The reward for saving the hero is paid to the player who succeeds in rescuing him from captivity (but not to the one who captured him!). If the player who captured the hero decides not to expel your hero, he will try to escape. The escape will take place after a certain time, which depends on the level of the prison and your hero. The higher the level of the hero, the faster he will be able to escape.

The expulsion of heroes. If the hero is expelled, his name will appear on the memorial, and you will be presented with a choice: either save him with the help of the salvation stone, or hire a new hero. If you built a monument to the hero, in case of salvation he will not lose all the experience gained.

Final Fantasy XV: Events

Events. Events are visible in the kingdom overview mode. They give additional rewards for committed actions.Participating in events, you have to fight with other players for trophies on the leaderboard. Do not forget to learn about active events in order to collect as many rewards as possible!

Events are valid only for a certain time. The timer at the top of the event page measures the time until the event ends. As long as the event lasts, certain actions earn you points. These actions are described on the specific event page.

Event Actions. The effect of the action accumulates. For example, if you earn 1 point for training 1 fighter, you can earn 100 points by completing the training of 100 fighters at once. As soon as you get enough points for the trophy, you will receive a letter and a push notification about this achievement. Trophies will immediately be among your items. You must start and end actions during the current event in order for them to count.

Leaderboard. Each in-game event has its own leaderboard. For most events, the top 100 players are listed on the leaderboard. They receive various prizes depending on their success. In some cases, the leaderboard will include 100 players who are the first to achieve the tasks set during the event. As a rule, the leaderboards reflect the personal successes of individual players, but the names of the best guilds will be included in the lists based on the events of the guild or empire. To open the leaderboard, click the "Extras menu" button (lower right corner) and the "Leaderboard" button.

Leaderboard categories. Leaderboards include the best players and guilds in the empire. Find out what place your guild takes in the time it takes to capture the Crystal, power, destroyed armies, ratio of killed to lost, destroyed kingdoms, victories in battles, ratio of victories in battles to defeats, victories in wars, ratio of victories in wars to defeats captured heroes, exiled heroes, received rewards, destroyed traps, the number of cases of guild assistance, the indicator of guild assistance and resources collected.

Losses of troops concern only the player who leads the attack or defense.

I did not receive points earned for the event. Pay attention to the presence of a timer for new events. If the event is currently inactive, then no action in it will bring you points. If you are sure that the event is currently active and you perform all the necessary actions, but the points still do not appear on the account, try closing the application through the task manager and reopening it. The connection to the server will be updated, and the number of points displayed on the screen will again correspond to reality.

I do not see monsters on the world map. Monsters appear on the world map randomly, so they can not always be found in the same place. In addition, all players in the empire see them, so try to get to the desired goal as quickly as possible before someone else intercepts it!

How to participate in campaign events? To participate in campaign events, you need to collect special items through a chain of campaign-related events. Ways to earn points in campaign events can be very different. For example: an attack on monsters, collecting prey from sites, passing other events. You can find out more about how to score points in a particular event by looking at the list of events. Special items received for participating in campaign events are sent directly to the campaign event points account, and not to inventory. To find out how many tokens you have already earned, go to the event list and look at the campaign event progress counter.

What are empire bosses? Empire bosses are incredibly huge monsters, which are much more difficult to defeat than ordinary monsters. To defeat them, it will be necessary to combine the efforts of the entire guild. To defeat the boss of the empire, he needs to inflict very large damage. If after a battle with such a monster you see in the report 0.00% of the damage you caused, do not lose heart! You did everything you could.

The boss has too much health so that even the strongest hero alone could inflict significant damage on him. That is why it is very important to gather all your guild to the battle with the boss and work in a team with other players in the empire! Boss trophies after defeating him quickly disappear. Therefore, do not waste time in vain, so that you also get a part of the booty!

Events "Battle of Empires"

Description. Events "Battle of Empires" is a special competition during which a connection is formed between empires. Thanks to this connection, players can teleport from one empire to another and fight with each other for the main prize! While the Battle of Empires is on, you can open the empireís events page: to do this, tap the Events button on the right side of the city overview screen. Follow these steps to get points!

Travel between empires. When during an event one empire calls another to battle, a connection is established between them for the entire time of the event of empires. To fight the enemy empire while the connection is in progress and the event is in progress, participants can move to the enemy empires using the unique teleport of the battle of empires!

Capture of other empires. By teleporting into the enemy empire using the teleport of the battle of empires, you can stay there until the end of the invasion. The remaining invasion time is displayed at the top of the gain page on the city overview screen.

When the invasion timer expires, you will be teleported to a random place in your native empire. Units not located at Crystal or in the camp will instantly return to your kingdom. Teleporting inside an enemy empire does not update the invasion timer. To update the timer, you need to return to your empire, and then teleport to another empire.

Enemy Empires. After the event begins, enemies will begin to appear in your empire: they will attack, even if you do not begin to touch their empire! All players from enemy empires will turn red and change their appearance. Beware of players from hostile empires: most likely, they conceived something unkind!

The enemy empire number is displayed to the left of his name. The empire number indicates the empire where the invader came from.

Rules for a special event. After the event "Battle of Empires" ends, the walls of empires are restored, and the connection between them disappears. Please note that the end time of the invasion of the playerís empire may not coincide with the end time of the Battle of the Empires event. In this case, enemy players will be present in your empire even after the end of the event. They will remain in it until their time of invasion expires. After that, they will be automatically moved to their own empire.

Captured heroes. Captured heroes will remain in the prison of the player who captured them, even if you are teleported home at the end of the time of the invasion of the empire. This means that liberated or rescued heroes will have to march to your city from the most hostile empire - and this is a long and dangerous journey! Try to return the hero to teleport home, otherwise you will have to wait a long time for his return to his homeland.

Leaderboard of the best players. Individual players of each of the participating empires who score the most points in the Battle of Empires event will receive special trophies on the leaderboard.

Table of the best guilds of the empireís events. The guild that will score the most points in the event will receive trophies on the leaderboard.

If you are a member of the guild of an enemy empire, then your points will be added to the total account of the current guild, and your native empire will receive a bonus for your actions!

Titan possessions

Enter the domain of the Titan! Titanium is one of the most important sites in Eos. Power over him means power over the whole world. Anyone who dares to enter the domain of Titan and pass his tests will receive amazing rewards. When the Titan is awakened and left without protection, you can use the Titan teleport to transfer to its possessions and join the battle for control over it. The time allotted for this will show the empireís permission; when it expires, you will be transported back to your native empire.

The surrounding area. The possession of the Titan is a huge swampy wasteland. The troops are moving along the swamps very slowly, so when preparing it is worth considering this circumstance. Those who will be able to defeat the monsters living here will find in their dens a very rich prey!

Capture of the Titan. Sometimes the Titan wakes up and becomes a threat to the whole of Eos. If this happens, send your troops to his possessions in order to seize control over him for the good of all empires! The player who can hold Titan for the longest time during all the trials will become the new supreme emperor and retain this title until the next awakening.

The fight for the Titan. When the Titan is not protected, any player in the possession of the Titan can capture it. Do everything in your power to overthrow the current owner of Titan and take his place until the battle is over.Entire guilds participate in the fight for the title of supreme emperor, so unite and act together!

Titan Titles. The High Emperor of Eos receives the right to grant useful titles to the kingdoms of his choice, and also receives a personal title with bonus features. These titles also work outside the domain of Titan!

Final Fantasy XV: Guild Guide

The general. The world is a dangerous place full of demons and treacherous rivals. Gather in the guild with allies to defend your empire and throne. In addition to allies, the guild provides many benefits that benefit the kingdom.

Guild help. Guild assistance is a special advantage: it is an opportunity for guild comrades to speed up the construction, research and treatment of troops from allies. All this is necessary for success and growth! You can earn loyalty every day by helping guild members.

What is loyalty? Loyalty is the currency that can be obtained for active participation in the life of the guild.Complete the tasks of the guild, help other members of the guild, attack monsters and get various trophies of events to earn loyalty. Using loyalty points, you can buy various items in the guild store.

Guild Store. The guild store allows you to spend the loyalty accumulated in the guild on various useful items. To open it, go to the item page and select the "Guild Store" section. In the guild store you can see the value of each item in loyalty, as well as the total amount of your loyalty. Details of the purchase can be found on the item page.

Gift Level. The level of gifts in your guild determines the quality of gifts that you and the rest of the guild will receive. The level of gifts increases with each set of gold purchased in a gold store!

Guild Comments. On the guild page you can see your guild comments.

Help guild resources. This section allows you to quickly send resources to your guild members.

First you need a Trading Post to send help resources.

Guild members. On the members page you can see all the members of the guild, as well as their ranks. Please note that each rank has its own special privileges.

Reinforcement. This section allows you to quickly send reinforcements to your guild members to protect their kingdoms. Please note that the "Embassy" is needed for reinforcements.

Summary and statistics. In the "Description and Statistics" section, you can find the guild progress in special offers, as well as game statistics.

Guild War. Section "Guild War" allows you to organize military campaigns, as well as defense.

War. The guild hall is needed to declare a military campaign. Any player can protect a guildmate from a military campaign. Remember to help guild members in wars to ensure that your guild excels.

The head of the guild is not active. Contact the head of the guild directly and try to convey to him that the status of a leader should be transferred to a more active player. If the chapter does not answer your requests for a sufficiently long time, contact this question with technical support.

Guild management

Guild Management. This section allows you to manage the guild.

Sending and viewing guild invitations. In this section you can find sent and received invitations.

Block users or guilds. This section allows you to find players and guilds, and then deprive them of the ability to leave comments in the guild profile.

Blacklist management. In this section, you can unlock the players and guilds.

View ranks. In this section you can find a list of privileges for each rank of the guild.

View public profile. Here you can view the guildís public profile - the information that other players will see.

Change the name or tag of the guild. The name of your guild and tag will be seen around the world! They will be displayed in chat, letters, in the kingdom profile and public profile. In this section, you can change the name of the guild and tag if you do not like them. Responsibly approach the choice of the name of the guild and tag, since they can only be changed for loyalty. Only the head of the guild can change the name of the guild and tag.

Guild Description.In this section, you can change the description of the guild. The description of the guild is displayed in its public profile.

Change the guild symbol. The guild symbol is displayed on the guild page and in the comments. In this section, you can change the guild symbol for gold.

Transmission of leadership. You can transfer the rights of the head of the guild to any other member of the guild. After the transfer of rights, you will lose all the privileges of the guild leader.

Dissolve the guild. Dissolve a guild can only its head. If you dissolve the guild, then all its statistics, rating in the leaderboard, level of gifts and unopened gifts will be deleted. All guild members will be excluded, guild chat will be deleted, and all guild data (name, tag, emblem, etc.) will be lost. If you control the Crystal, then all troops in this Crystal will return to their kingdoms.

Final Fantasy XV: Chat and Chat Rooms

The location of the chat. You can open the chat main menu by clicking on the chat panel. The chat panel is a small preview area of ??all chats.

Chat Filters. In the chat panel, you can see the last 2 messages sent to the empire or guild chat. There is a blue panel at the top of the chat window. From it you can find out which chat you are currently reading. To change the chat, swipe the chat bar.

Notification Center. There are 2 icons on the left of the control panel. The first icon is an image of a person. It matches your friends list. When one of your friends is connected, the icon turns green, and the number next to it shows the number of such users. The second icon is the red cloud of dialogue. The number next to it shows how many unread messages you have.

Chat update. To display old chat messages, swipe down without lifting it from the screen until "Let go to update" appears. Then lift your finger off the screen. As a result, old chat messages will load and be displayed instead of new ones.

Empire chat. Empire Chat allows you to chat with all players in the empire. Here you can discuss the game, meet other people, find guild players, or just kill time.

Guild Chat. By creating a guild or joining it, you will get access to this part of the chat. Here you can chat with members of your guild.

The location of the chat menu. To open the chat menu, click the button in the upper left corner of the screen when the chat window is expanded to full screen.

Chat menu. When you click on the "Chat menu" button, the chat window will go to the right, opening the menu. Here you can go to the empire chat, contacts or select a chat room.

Chat rooms. Each player can create no more than two rooms. You cannot create rooms with the same name. One room can accommodate up to 100 users.

Creating a room. You can create a room through the chat menu. Just indicate its name. You cannot create rooms with the same name. Optionally, you can also set your welcome message. And finally, you can specify whether the chat room will be public or private. To enter the private chat room, users will need an invitation.

Connect to a chat room. There are two ways to enter the chat room. The first option is to click the "Enter the Room" button and type in the name of the room you want to enter. The second option is to enter at the invitation of the administrator or moderator of the corresponding room. After receiving the invitation, it will fall into the "Room Invitations" section of the chat menu. To enter the room, you will have to accept the invitation received.

Chat room settings. To open the chat settings menu, select the gear image in the room panel.

The administrators of the room. Chat room administrators are essentially its rank. You can open the administration menu by clicking the chat room settings button.

Chat members. The higher the rank of the participant, the more privileges he has. There are 4 types of chat participants: owners, administrators, moderators, and users.

Owner. The owner of the room is the one who created the room. The owner can raise or lower members of the chat room. The owner can drown, exclude and block chat room users. The owner can invite players to the chat room. The owner can also change the message of the room.

Administrators The administrator can raise and lower the rank of moderators and users. He can also drown out any users, drive them out of the room and block their access to the chat room. He can invite other users to the room. The administrator can also edit the welcome text.

Moderators The moderator can drown out any user in the chat room or expel him. Moderators can also invite other users to the room.

Users Administrator functions are not available to regular users.

Removing a user from a room. If the user is kicked out of the room, he is automatically removed from there. However, such a user can return to the room.

Ban user. If you ban a player, he will no longer be able to get into the room. You can remove the ban from the user in the room settings menu.

Exit the room. To leave the room, open the room settings menu and go to the control tab. Then you can leave the room.

Removing a room. Only a room owner can delete a room. To do this, open the room settings menu and go to the control tab. Then you can delete the room.

Translation of messages. Chat messages are translated into other languages. If users who speak different languages ??communicate with each other in a chat, these messages are translated. Translated messages are easy to distinguish from the rest - next to them is displayed the inscription "Translation. Original language: (language)", as well as the button "See original". If you click this button, the original message is displayed.

The developers make great efforts so that you can communicate with all players. The translation feature in the chat can even translate slang without violating grammar rules. For example, the English abbreviation LOL (Laugh Out Loud) will be translated "laugh out loud". The game tries to convey as fully as possible the meaning of the messages exchanged between the players.

Fix for rewards. The translation function works well, but not perfect. That is why developers give a special reward to those who correct the wrong translation. To help developers and get this reward, open the "Fix for rewards" subsection of the "Extras. Menu" menu.

Final Fantasy XV: City Overview

Timers. Timers showing the progress of your kingdom are located in the timer zone, in the upper left corner of the screen.

Timers - help. If you are a member of the guild, under the timers of the buildings, research and treatment of troops there will be a help button, using which you can ask the members of your guild to assist you. If you click on the button, your request will appear on the help page.

Free accelerator timer. When 5 minutes are left before the specified time has elapsed, access to free time amplifiers is opened. VIP status and high VIP level give special privileges in this regard.

Portrait of a hero. In the portrait of the hero you can see the image of the hero, his experience and current level. The golden glow of the portrait means that your character has ability points. Click on the glowing portrait to go to the hero page.

VIPYour VIP level is displayed here. If you click this button, the VIP status page opens. When VIP status is active, this button glows in gold.

Power. Your total power is displayed here. If you click on this button, the player profile screen will open.

Gold. Gold balance is always displayed in the upper right corner. If you click this button, the gold shop screen opens.

Resource panel. The resource balance is displayed on the resource bar. By selecting the resource icon, you can go to its page. There you can purchase and / or use items that provide additional resources.

Secret gift. The secret gift is displayed in the form of a chest. If it is not available, at the bottom there will be a timer that counts the time until access is granted. When the gift is available, the chest will jump, and you will receive a push notification.

Guild help. If you are a member of a guild, then when someone asks for help, a guild help button appears. If you click this button, the guild help page will open. On it, you can help all members of the guild by clicking the "Help everyone" button.

Watchtower button. After building the watchtower, you will see its button. It will appear when merchants, reinforcements, march or military campaign approach. If you click on this button, the watchtower screen will open.

Event. If an event takes place, the "Events" button appears in the middle of the right side of the city overview screen. The timer on it counts the time until the end of the event.

Amplification. All active amplifications are displayed on the right side of the city overview screen.

Sell-out. During a sale, a sale button is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, showing the time before it starts. If you click this button, the sale page opens.

ChatThe last two remarks of players are visible in the chat window. There are two icons in the upper left of the chat window. The numbers next to them show the number of contacts on the network and missed messages for you. The tabs in the center of the upper part of the chat window say which chat room (empire or guild) is currently active. By clicking on the tabs, you can select another room.

Final Fantasy XV: Neutral Empire

Description.Neutral empires are special empires that can only be accessed using special teleporters. In such empires, you can take advantage of powerful power-ups and get special rewards. Check out the blog and events list more often - there you can find out all about neutral empires!

Neutral empire. Neutral empires open only during exclusive short events. You can see how long they will be available on the events page. Having obtained a special teleport, you can get into a neutral empire and take part in the events taking place there. Much more generous and useful rewards have been laid for these events than for events in your own empire! You will have very little time to take advantage of these benefits, so donít waste your time.

Once you enter a neutral empire, you activate the timer for invading the empire. When the time of the invasion expires, you will automatically return to your native empire. If you want to return to a neutral empire after a timer, you will have to use another teleport. If you need to leave a neutral empire before the time of invasion expires, this can be done with the help of an improved teleport. You can return to your native empire by touching the compass in the upper part of the screen (via the empire map) or by clicking on the "Your Crystal" button.

Events.Some events are held only in neutral empires. Earning points during various special events will also have to be done in different ways. You can find out details about a specific event by looking at the list of events after moving to a neutral empire.

How to enter?

Final Fantasy XV: Important Game Features


Contacts.You can invite other players as friends. A direct connection is established between friends, which increases the convenience and speed of communication.

Invite friends. You can send invitations in 3 ways, described below.

Find and invite friends. You can use the "Invite" button (located in the chat menu), after which a search window will open. Just enter the name of the player you want to invite there.

Invite friends via chat. Chat messages are not just text, they are buttons. If you click on such a button, a context menu will open. In this menu there is an item "Add User". If you select this item, and then the playerís name, the player will automatically be sent an invitation to friends and a corresponding notification. If the player accepts your invitation, he will appear on your Friends list.

Invite friends through your profile. In the playerís profile there is an opportunity to offer him to add his name to your contact list. In the profile window, click the control button, and then click the "Add user" button.

Pending invitations. The list of pending invitations is in the chat menu. These are the invitations that came to you, and those that you sent.

post office

Post office. The mail button is located on the bottom panel.

Filters for mail. There are four filters for mail. Inbox, Reports, Stored, and Notifications.

Inbox The Inbox is used primarily for messages from player to player. Occasionally, important messages for the entire empire will also appear in it.

Reports. In the "Reports" section, all game messages are saved. A variety of reports can get here: from combat reports to messages about created items.

Saved. All the messages you like can be saved by simply clicking on the star.

Notes.Notifications are directly related to what is happening in the guild. If a player is expelled from the guild, news of this will be displayed in the notification section. Since not all notifications may be of interest to you, the number of messages in the notification section is not displayed on the mail button.

Landmarks in the attachment. By adding bookmarks, you can easily share the coordinates with another player. This or that bookmark can be attached to the message by clicking on the paper clip icon.

Player profile

Player profile. Here you can change the status, as well as view your statistics and achievements.

Player profile location. The player profile is at the top of the "Extras. Menu." You can also go to your profile by clicking on the power icon.

Hero button. To view the characteristics of your hero, click the "Hero" button.

Comment button. You can also view all comments left by other players on your profile by clicking the "Comments" button.

Access to profile. Other player profiles are also available for viewing. To open a playerís profile, select their avatar in chat, comment, or battle reports. As a result, the public part of the profile will be displayed. Each profile has public and private data.

Battle statistics. Includes:

Earned Power. Includes:

Hero stats. Includes:

Help resources. Includes:

Miscellaneous. Includes:

Leaderboards. Show:


Power. Power is displayed at the top of the city overview and reflects your overall "strength" in the world. A large indicator of power will make potential enemies think carefully before attacking or scouting your territories, and your ability to influence an empire will increase significantly.

Getting power. Get power for kingdom quests, explorations, new hero levels, building buildings in the kingdom, and training troops. You cannot lose the power gained from kingdom quests and explorations. Power for a hero decreases if your hero is banished. Use the salvation stone to preserve the entire experience of the hero and not lose power. Power for an army drops when your fighters end up in a hospital or die. It also drops when you destroy your traps.


Search. To start the search, open the "Additional menu" menu and click on the magnifying glass icon. Search allows you to find players and guilds in the text you specify.

Searching results. After entering the query in the search field below, a list of results or a message about their absence will be displayed.


What is a VIP status?VIP status allows you to get significant bonuses for the kingdom. Your current VIP level is displayed on the VIP icon in the upper left corner of the city overview. Benefits of VIP status:

VIP status activation. VIP benefits can only be used when the VIP status is active. Each time you upgrade your VIP level, the player automatically gets the opportunity to take advantage of the VIP status for some time. When the VIP status expires, click the "Enable VIP" button and add additional time. VIP points can be obtained for completing certain tasks and events, as loot when you defeat monsters on the empire map, on the lists, as well as buy at special sales in a gold store.

VIP levels.Get VIP points to increase your VIP level! The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will get! To get these benefits faster, tap the "Add Points" button and purchase points at an item store or gold store!

Final Fantasy XV: Walkthrough

Tasks.The Tasks tab is located on the lower navigation bar. This section contains various actions for which you can get a good reward! A green checkmark indicates that you have not collected rewards for completed tasks! A red square with a number indicates the number of outstanding tasks of the hero and the guild.

Kingdom assignments. These quests help your kingdom evolve. Build the kingdom to complete these tasks and get a reward!

Types. There are several different subcategories, for example, "Construction", "Improve", "Research", "Teach". In these categories you can find tips on what to do next.

Awards.Completing tasks, you can earn items, power, hero experience, resources and even gold! Many rewards will automatically go to your kingdom, but you will find reward items on the Items tab, and materials and gems in the weapons area. Click on an assignment to see what rewards it can bring.

Heroís tasks: action plan. To complete these tasks, you just need to click the "Start" button! The time under the Start button shows the amount of time needed to complete the task. Only one hero task can be completed at a time. As you complete the assignments, you will have a chance to get materials and gems!

The level of tasks. Tasks come in several levels: basic, ordinary, unusual, rare, epic and legendary. They are indicated by gray, white, green, blue, violet and orange colors respectively. The higher the level of the task, the more time it takes to complete it and the greater the reward!

Payouts. For completing the tasks of the hero, you can gain experience for the hero, power, resources, and sometimes even materials and gems. Your kingdom automatically receives all prizes, with the exception of materials and gems - they can be found in the armory during manufacture.

If you do not receive a reward for the task, it will remain in the "Cell". This means that you will receive fewer new tasks when you reset the timer and update the list of tasks.

Button "Chance". Use the "Chance", and you can get the task a level higher. Thanks to the Chance, you can update the list of tasks with an increased chance of receiving a high-level task. Heroís chance is available at the item store. You can also buy it and use it instantly by clicking the "Chance" button!

Push notifications. If the task is completed when you are not in the game, you will receive a push notification of completion. Enter the game to get a reward and start the next quest!

Toasts. "Toasts" are in-game notifications that let you know that something happened. During the task, the toast will let you know when it will be completed. Follow the notifications and do not forget to receive rewards!

Final Fantasy XV: Research Guide

Study. To open the research menu, select the university on the city overview screen or click the "Extras menu" button (lower right corner) and the "Research" button.

The fight. The combat research tree allows reconnaissance, accelerates troop training, gives bonuses to attack, defense and health, and also opens up new classes of troops.

Hero.The heroís research tree gives bonuses to training, attack, defense and health of troops. But much more important is that it allows the hero to fight high-level monsters and increases his attack and supply of OM.

Defense. Exploring the defense tree, you can open more powerful traps, increase the speed of their construction and increase the attack and defense bonuses for wall traps.

Economy. The tree of economic research allows you to produce more resources on farms, energy extractors, quarries and mines. With it, you can also accelerate the collection of resources from resource sites, increase the speed of the march and the carrying capacity of troops.

Increase research speed. Research timers can be accelerated using the guild. Turn on push notifications to receive notifications when studies are completed. This will allow you to immediately start the next study. You can reduce research time by increasing the level of the university, spending ability points on the "Research" ability on the development tree and putting on equipment with bonuses to research speed on the hero.

Final Fantasy XV: Crystal

Crystal. Crystals reappear in the world, fueling the desire of people to go to unknown lands in search of extraordinary power. Grab the Crystal to proclaim yourself emperor!

Capture Crystal. To capture the Crystal, you need to expel the current owner of the Crystal or take an empty Crystal. After the first capture, the struggle for the Crystal begins, and its current owner becomes the emperor! If you remain the owner of the Crystal after the end of the struggle, then peace will reign in the empire. During peace, the Crystal is safe.

Race mode. During the fight, anyone can try to capture the Crystal. Drive out the current Crystal owner to start the fight timer. The timer is reset with each new capture and is valid until the end of the countdown. After the countdown ends, peace reigns in the empire, and the Crystal is temporarily unavailable for capture.

Titles. Becoming an emperor, you can grant titles to enemies and allies. These titles give players both positive and negative effects. To welcome a title to a player, simply touch his kingdom. Titles are valid for 7 days or until the loss of the Crystal.

Crystal wasteland. Crystal Wasteland is a desert land created by the Crystal. This is an impassable terrain that slows down the movement of your troops. Crystal Wasteland disables the kingdom screen and teleports the destroyed kingdoms to a random place.

Final Fantasy XV: Items

Categories of items. Each tab is divided into subcategories that help you understand where you can find the desired item:

  1. Special. This category contains the materials necessary for the development of your kingdom.
  2. Resources. This category contains the materials necessary for the development of your kingdom.
  3. Accelerators This section contains accelerators with which players can save time and not wait! Accelerators can be spent on building, training, research, manufacturing items, as well as accelerating the march!
  4. War. This category combines everything that is useful in battle. The more items in this category, the easier it is to win on the battlefield or get out of the water in a difficult situation.
  5. Hidden treasures. This section contains chests, thanks to which you have a chance to get a random gem, material for making, as well as sets of items at a discount!

Location The Items tab is located on the bottom navigation bar. Here you can buy and use useful items. There are three tabs in Items: Shop, Guild Shop, and My Items.

Toasts. "Toasts" are in-game notifications that let you know that something happened. If you use an item from inventory, a toast will appear on the successful use of the item.

Item manufacturing

Manufacture: general. You can make items for the hero in the armory. To do this, in the armory, open the "Making equipment" section. In the armory you can, having collected the necessary materials, make powerful equipment for the hero. Materials can be obtained on the lists, in some tasks, on sections of resources, when attacking monsters in the world, and when purchasing certain goods in a gold store.

Recipes Equipment recipes are divided into 5 categories: helmets, armor, shoes, weapons and accessories. Each tab contains a list of equipment with materials and other necessary requirements for working with each recipe. It also displays the equipment quality indicator and the bonuses it provides. If all the requirements are met, the recipe goes to the top of the list.

Quality levels. Materials and gems are divided into several levels of quality:

Workmanship scale. The quality scale shows the probability of creating an item of one or another quality. The percentage on the colored bar indicates the probability of creating an object of this quality. To increase the chance of obtaining a quality level, collect the materials necessary for him.

Making a recipe. Having collected everything you need to create the required equipment, tap the "Manufacture" button.

On the next page, you will see the equipment that you are going to make on the manufacturing table. Immediately below it is a list of the best quality materials available to you for creating from your own. Still lower are materials of a different quality suitable for this recipe. Select one of the materials on the manufacturing table to filter the list by materials of this type. The selected material is marked with a green frame.

You can replace the selected material with the same material of a different quality in the area under the manufacturing table. In the above example, the rare hardened hide (blue) was replaced by the legendary hardened hide (orange). Touch the material in the green frame again to remove the filter.

If a recipe requires 2 or more units of the same material and you select this material in the list, a flickering yellow frame will be shown around each unit. Click on a replacement material and the current material will be replaced.

Touch the equipment on the crafting table to see bonuses. To see bonuses of any quality level, tap one of the six bars of the workmanship scale.

After choosing the optimal level of quality of materials and the likelihood of a successful production, start the production timer per gil or instantly create objects per gil and gold.

Combine. The combination allows you to get the best quality materials and gems, combining 4 identical materials or gems.

Assembly table. Like the manufacturing table, the assembly table is at the top of the page. It has 4 cells for materials or gems. In the cells you can put gems and materials from your stocks. To successfully connect gems or materials, you need at least four identical gems or materials of the same quality. What will be combined - gems or materials - depends on which tab you go to.

Inventory.All created equipment items are sent to inventory where they can be viewed (regardless of whether the hero is currently using them). To find out the characteristics of the equipment, or which gems are inserted into it, select the desired item. You will be shown equipment information.

Inventory capacity. Received 12 free equipment slots. Additional space in the inventory can be opened using the tool box.

Gems and materials. All gems and materials are displayed in the "Gems and Materials" section. Here you can choose any of your gems or materials to study its bonuses.

Gold shop

To open a gold store, click the "Gold" button in the upper right corner of the screen. In the gold store every day there are certain offers with important goods for the development of the kingdom. Do not forget to regularly check the assortment of the store: some products may disappear and no longer appear!

Getting gold. Gold can be earned for passing events and completing tasks, destroying monsters on the empire map and using the treasury, as well as buying gold in a store. For the purchase of gold, you and your guild members will receive free gifts. Gifts can only be received in the guild.

My items

My items. On the tab "My items" you can find items that are in your inventory. The tab is divided into sections, making it easy to find the desired item:

Hidden treasures. Chest items from the Treasure subcategory contain other items that, after using the chests, are sorted into their categories. Items in this subcategory can be tied to a specific citadel level. To use them, you will need to increase the level of the citadel.

Discounted items. Sometimes items can be bought at a discount. Check regularly for discounts on items you would like to buy or that you need. The "Get" button next to items that are sold at a discount is marked with a special tag.

Gift of the moon

What are the gifts of the moon? Moon gifts are located on the city overview screen directly above the lower navigation bar. They will appear when you perform certain actions in the game. The more you play, the more moon gifts you get! Each of these gifts has a special item, so do not forget to pick up the gifts immediately upon receipt!

Details of the gift of the moon. Gifts are given one at a time. If there is an unsolicited gift, the timer for the next gift will not start.

Push notifications about the gifts of the moon. If you received a gift from the moon and you are not in the game, a push notification will remind you to pick it up! Enter the game and pick up the gift to start the countdown to the next!

Where to find the gifts of the moon? Items received as gifts from the Moon are located on the Items screen in the lower navigation bar. Keep in mind that these items fall into different sections of the "Items" depending on their nature or function.


Teleportation. Each new player receives 1 improved teleport. So the allies will be able to accommodate in the neighborhood.

How to use the improved teleport? To use the improved teleport on the empire map, first switch to the empire map by clicking on the button in the lower left corner.

After that, select the destination of the move. You can move the kingdom to almost any part of the empire map at will. Places that you cannot move to include water, resources, monsters, other kingdoms, and the center of the Crystal, located in the middle of the map.

Click on the place where you want to teleport. When you click on such a place, a menu will appear. It has two options: Teleport and Occupy. Select "Teleport" and use the improved teleport. Immediately after using the teleport, your kingdom will appear in a new area.

Other teleporters work in a similar way. Just open the empire map, select a destination and teleport. Random teleportation is the only teleport for which you do not need to choose a target (it teleports the selected kingdom to a random place). It can be used directly from the inventory available on the item page.

Final Fantasy XV: Proper Game Settings

Blocked Users

List of blocked users. The "Blocked users" button is located at the bottom of the "Advanced menu" menu. It allows you to manage the list of blocked users.

Block users. You can block chat users. To do this, tap their message, then their name, and then press the lock button. Also, the user can be blocked through his profile. After blocking, the player will not be able to leave comments, send mail and see comments in the chat, and the playerís header will not be visible. The user you block will remain blocked even if you change your name, empire or create a new account.

Unlocking. The list of blocked users can be found and changed in the "Additional menu". If you unblock the player, he will again be able to send you mail, comments and chat messages.

Fix for rewards

What is it?To access this feature, click "Fix for rewards" on the "Advanced menu" tab. "Fix for rewards" allows players to improve the game translation system: correct errors, slang and chat language. It can be, for example, slang words and abbreviations (lol = laugh, mod = moderator), as well as typos (nzaad = back). Sometimes there are no errors. In this case, just enter the same word. After each successful transfer, items are credited to your account.

How it works?Each time a new word appears that developers cannot translate, it is placed in the "Fix for rewards" section so that players try to define it. It can be either a single word or a phrase with a context that will help you make a more accurate translation.

Correction. First, these words and phrases will fall into the section for correction. Enter the correct version of the requested word or phrase. Authors of the most successful corrections will receive the promised reward. Remember that the answer must be detailed and there should be no grammatical errors. If your language has diacritics, use them. Then part of the proposed options falls into the selection section.

Select. Another way to translate is to select the appropriate words from those that other players have used to determine the current word. Synonyms or similar phrases very often can differ only slightly, for example, a comma or a letter. Choose the most correct, in your opinion, option. Then the choice of the best options is made, and their authors receive a reward. Only 5 edits can be offered every 8 hours, so be sure to get your prizes!

Consideration. If your offer is rejected, you will not receive rewards for any of the sections. Most likely, in your version there was an inaccuracy or it did not fit. Remember that developers pay attention to punctuation, apostrophes ("donít" is correct, and "dont" is not) and diacritics (in French, Spanish and other languages).

Condition. The status of your applications can be checked on the "Status" tab. If the application is pending, the decision to accept or reject it may take up to 2 days. The moon will automatically notify you by mail each time this status changes.

Push notifications

Push notifications. Push notifications are located in the "Additional menu" menu.

Push notification settings. Push notifications have three states: Off, Text Only, and Text and Sound. When notifications are "Off", you will not receive push notifications in this category. The Text setting displays the icon and notification text. The Text and Sound setting displays a notification icon and text, and also plays sound.

Categories of push notifications. You can configure push notifications to receive them only during events from certain categories. Below you will find a list of all categories.



Final Fantasy XV: Newbie Questions

How to teleport to another place?To move the kingdom to another place, you need an improved teleport. Click on the empire overview icon in the lower left corner of the screen to go to the empire map and see your kingdom. Find on the map the area you want to teleport to and click on it. A pop-up window will appear with the coordinates and a proposal to create a site, occupy it or teleport there. Click on Teleport. Another pop-up window will appear to confirm the use of the improved teleport.

If you have such an item in your inventory, then by clicking on the "Apply" button, you will automatically move your kingdom to a new place. If you do not have teleports, then the button will say "Buy and use." By clicking it, you will get an improved teleport for loyalty points and activate it. When you create an account, you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the guild store or received as a reward for participating in the event.

How to enable or disable push notifications? Settings for push notifications can be found in the additional section. Push notifications menu. In this menu, you can choose one of three settings for various types of notifications: "Off", "Text", "Text with sound". Thus, you will determine for yourself which notifications you need to pay attention to first. The ability to send push notifications must be enabled in the device settings for the application "Final Fantasy XV: Empire", otherwise you will not receive even the most important notifications that are included in the settings of the game itself.

Do not forget that some types of push notifications cannot be disabled from the application, but this can be done in the device settings. By disabling notifications for the entire application, you will not receive them at all. It should be noted that if you turned off all notifications and refused to receive important messages (for example, about an attack on the kingdom), then the developers are not responsible for the outcome of the battle, which you did not learn about.

How does the treasury work? Having invested gold in the treasury, you get a percentage of the total amount of gold stored in storage. The amount of profit depends on the level of treasury. Interest on the amount invested is calculated after a certain time. It is worth remembering that if you need to withdraw a contribution from the treasury before interest is accrued, then you will receive back only the amount you invested initially, and interest from this deposit will be lost.

I got gold, but I canít find it. Sometimes gold obtained from chests or guild gifts is sent to inventory, rather than added to the overall balance. Be sure to check out Items> My Items> Resources and see if your gold is there.

Why did my screening kingdom disappear? When your kingdom barrier is activated or when its action expires, you receive a corresponding message in the mail. If your kingdom screening expired prematurely, the message will explain what events led to its expiration. Your kingdom shield will be canceled if you attack another player, conduct reconnaissance, send reinforcements to another member of the guild, start a military campaign or join a military campaign.

The active screening of the kingdom does not extend beyond your kingdom and does not protect troops beyond its borders. This means that you have to be careful when you send your troops to collect resources or occupy any parts of the empire, as other players in your empire will still be able to attack you!

Why has my kingdom teleported to another place? If you have not been active in the game long enough, then your kingdom can be moved to make room for more active players. Try to log into the game more often to stay active and avoid teleportation!

Final Fantasy XV: Account

How to change email address? The email address associated with your Epic Action account can be changed by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Final Fantasy XV: Empire using your Epic Action account;
  2. Select "Advanced menu" in the lower right corner of the screen;
  3. Select "Accounts and devices";
  4. Select "Change email address";
  5. Enter your new email address and click "Submit." A confirmation email will be sent to the new address.
  6. Find the confirmation letter in the mail and follow the steps in it to confirm the change of address.

Follow these steps and your email address will be changed!

How to change player name? The playerís name is shown below your kingdomís icon on the empire map. To change a playerís name, you need a special item to rename the player. To use it, go to "Inventory" - "My items" - "Special" and click "Use". When you create an account, you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the guild store or received as a reward for participating in the event.

How to change the name of the kingdom? The name of the kingdom is the name that appears in the playerís profile. To change it, you need a special item to rename the kingdom. To use it, go to "Inventory" - "My items" - "Special" and click "Use". When you create an account, you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the guild store or received as a reward for participating in the event.

How to change the name of the hero? To change the name of the hero, you will need a special item to rename the hero. To use it, go to "Inventory" - "My items" - "Special" and click "Use". When you create an account, you will automatically receive one such item. In the future, they can be purchased at the guild store or received as a reward for participating in the event.

How to change the password? To change the password, do the following:

  1. Quit the game completely;
  2. Restart the application "Final Fantasy XV: Empire";
  3. Click "Donít Remember Password?" below the fields for entering the email address and password on the login screen. An email with a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account;
  4. To change the password, follow the instructions in the letter. If you donít see this message, check the spam folder to ensure that you donít miss it.

How to enter the game from another device? You can log in using an existing account on any device, but before that you will have to go through training if "Final Fantasy XV: Empire" is launched on this device for the first time. To use the previously created account on a new device, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app "Final Fantasy XV: Empire";
  2. Go through the training until you get the opportunity to press the "Extra menu" button at the bottom of the screen;
  3. In the "Additional menu", click on the icon "Accounts and devices";
  4. A menu will appear with two options: "Create an account" and "Login." Select the "Login" button;
  5. The game will warn you that at the same time you lose unsaved game progress. Click OK;
  6. Enter the email address and password of your Epic Action account and click "Sign In";
  7. The game will once again warn you about the loss of unsaved game progress. Click Sign In again.
  8. A pop-up window will not allow you to sign in until you confirm your email address. An email will be automatically sent to the email address of your account. Find this letter and click on the link to confirm. If you do not see this letter in your inbox, wait a couple of minutes and do not forget to check the spam folder in case you encounter any delivery problems.
  9. After confirming the email address, click the "Retry" button to complete the login. You can now use your Epic Action account on this device.
If you play and read mail on the same device, when switching between the game and the mail client, the email verification pop-up window with the "Retry" button may close. In this case, after confirming the email address, you will need to repeat steps 3-7 to log in.

Final Fantasy XV: In-Game Shopping

Score.In the "Shop" section, select the item you are interested in and click "Buy." The item will be available to you immediately after purchase. To use it, tap the "Available" button below the itemís image. If you do not have enough gold, a pop-up window will appear asking you to purchase more.

Some items are inherently such that they cannot be used with the Inventory tab. An example is the accelerator - you need to specify the object to which it will be applied.

Gold. Gold is required to purchase items. Gold can be obtained for completing tasks, special offers,

participation in events, as well as buy for real money (in-app purchases). To get more gold, open the purchase menu by tapping the gold icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Loyalty. Some items can be purchased for loyalty, and not for gold. Loyalty can be obtained for active participation in the life of the guild! Complete the tasks of the guild, help other members of the guild, attack monsters and get various trophies of events to earn loyalty.

To find out how much loyalty you have, open a guild store on the item page.

I didnít receive the goods purchased at the store. Orders are usually delivered immediately, but in very rare cases, this may take some time. If such a delay occurs, it means that your order is still being processed. No need to buy the product again: it will appear in your account soon! If you still havenít received a purchase made from the iTunes Store more than 24 hours ago, contact iTunes Support. All payments for in-game purchases are processed by Apple.

If you still havenít received a purchase made at Amazon Arp Store more than 24 hours ago, contact Amazon Support. All in-game purchase payments are processed by Amazon. If you made a purchase through Google and did not receive your order within 24 hours, contact the customer support and provide the transaction ID (it looks something like this: GPA.1234-5678-9012-3456). Support will also need the date and time of purchase.

I purchased the kit on sale. Where to look for purchases? All in-game items you have obtained can be found in the "Items" - "My Items" section and / or in the weapons room. If you used the item, but the expected changes do not occur, try closing the application through the task manager and reopening it. The connection to the server will be updated, and the image on your screen will again correspond to reality, if before that the game session was processed with a delay.

Final Fantasy XV: Bugs in the game

I did not receive notification of the attack. If the enemy is within a radius of one or two sections of your kingdom, then between the sending of the offensive march and its arrival, too little time passes for you to get a notification about it. This can be avoided if you place the kingdom next to the possessions of other members of your guild. So the enemy will not be able to teleport close to you and catch you by surprise. In addition, it will not be amiss to defend the kingdom with a screen when you exit the game.

The game works with delays. Try the following:

  1. Reboot the device;
  2. Switch to a stable Wi-Fi connection;
  3. Update the application to the latest version;
  4. Uninstall the game and reinstall it;
  5. Launch the game on another device or operating system.

Solution of problems. Try the following if the problem is not solved by other methods: