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Walkthrough Flirt City: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FLIRT CITY - Android game with release date 11/26/2015 from the company Candy Grill. Game genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Change of appearance
  3. TV Studio and Energy
  4. Home Guide

Flirt City: A Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Here you can fulfill your dream: love and flirtation, loyal fans and glory, stunning victories and recognition, spotlights and stylish outfits! In the city of Flirt City, you can easily become a star of a TV show, flirt and captivate you with its beauty, outstanding intelligence and sense of style! Bright clothes and stylish hairstyles, fashion accessories and stunning looks - everything is available to you to create your own unique image. Game Features:

Tickets You use tickets to improve your options at City Center. Tickets are added:

  1. When you first enter the game every day;
  2. Upon reaching a new level;
  3. While playing the Wheel of Fortune.

How to improve my qualities Keys? You can improve any of the qualities in the City Center. Also, the quality of Keys is influenced by clothes, accessories and goods from the Vip-store and dishes from the kitchen.

How to improve the quality if the tickets run out? You can use upgrades for gold coins; they do not require tickets.

Bank. At the bank you can replenish your gold and silver reserves at any time. Please note that the bank periodically holds promotions and you can buy gold or silver much more profitable!

How can I get silver coins?

Why do we need gold coins? You can spend gold coins in the game on the purchase of beautiful clothes and home decor, bonuses in shows, power engineers and improvers, completing tasks.

How can I get gold coins?

How can I help a friend? In order to help a friend, just look to visit him and choose the type of help. On a day you can once increase the friend’s beauty, his intellect and style, as well as give him a unit of energy. You can help a friend once a day.

How to ask friends to help me? Go into your home and select one of the help buttons. A button will appear on this button with the inscription "I want", indicating your request.

How to add a friend to the game? In order to add a friend, just make friends with him on Facebook and restart the game. If you want to invite a person from your friends to Facebook into the game, click on the "Friends" icon, then on the "Invite" button. A list of friends opens to whom you can send an invitation to the game.

Flirt City: Change of appearance

How to change the appearance? During the game, you can change your appearance as many times as you like. Most exterior changes are free. Some hairstyles or exclusive elements of appearance require payment. You are available such changes in appearance:

When you change the appearance of the previous image is not saved. Therefore, purchased hairstyles or other changes in appearance will have to be bought again.

How to buy clothes? Click on the button with the image of a gold or silver coin under the clothes you like.

Why can’t I go to the next store? Flirt City stores open when they reach a certain level. But they can always be unlocked with gold coins.

How to sell things? In order to sell things, you need to go into the Wardrobe (in your home) and turn on the mode of selling things. Then, under each item, a Sell button and a price will appear.

What do the icons next to some things mean? To view full information about a thing, you need to click on the button. In the window that opens, you will find out:

If you wear items of the same color, you get an additional bonus to Style. Things from one set can increase your prize in the show, your qualities and even energy! The combination of things of one style gives an additional bonus to the Style.

What styles are there? Styles in Flirt City:

Styles are available from level 18.

Where do my things get removed when buying others? Things get into the wardrobe, which you can see in your home.

What can I buy a vip store? The VIP store sells:

What are improvers for? Improvers will help you increase your Keys performance by 1 hour to 24 hours.

Enhancers that you buy for silver coins increase one skill, while reducing another. The skill cannot be lower than zero, so the use of improvers for silver is limited.

Flirt City: TV Studio and Energy

TV studio. In a television studio, you can take part in the show, while earning experience, silver and cooking ingredients. To participate in the show you need energy. Use your Beauty, Intelligence and Style indicators to surpass your rivals and the goal itself. The more your indicators are pumped, the more chances you have to win!

Types of shows. There are 3 types of shows available to you:

  1. Classic show. Available from level 1. Requires 3 energy. In it you see the parameters of the goal and the parameters of opponents.
  2. VIP show. Available from level 5. Requires 4 energy. In this show, your goal parameters change after each round.
  3. Blind date. Requires 6 energy. Available from level 15. In this show you do not see the target parameters.
Pay attention to the reaction of the target to the moves of opponents and choose the best tactics to win the show.

Bonuses. In the show, you can use bonuses to increase your chances of winning:

Why is energy needed, and how to replenish it? Energy is needed to participate in the show. Each participation in the show takes a certain amount of energy.

How to replenish energy? One unit of energy is replenished in 10 minutes. Energy can be replenished with the help of power engineers, which you can buy in the Vip-store or cook in the kitchen, asking for help from friends.

Flirt City: Home Guide

How to decorate a house? To change the style of the house, click on the "Editor" button in the room. You can buy and sell decorations and furniture.

What is Home Design? The indicator of home design changes when buying new elements of decor or furniture. The higher the design of the house, the faster household appliances work.

What can I change in the living room? In the living room you can change the wallpaper, floor, window, sofa and carpet, as well as add wall and floor decorations.

How to sell old decor items? In the Lounge store, click on the yellow price tag on the item you want to sell.

At what level is the kitchen available? The kitchen is available from level 11, but you can open it at any time for gold coins. In the kitchen you can change the wallpaper and floor. You can also install household appliances: refrigerator, oven, freezer for ice, coffee maker, ice cream maker, blender and kettle.

Why do you need home appliances? With the help of household appliances, you can prepare various bonuses: beauty, Intelligence and Style improvers, energy.

What are the ingredients for and where to get them? Some recipes require special ingredients. You can find them in friends’ houses, win shows or buy.

How to find out what ingredients are needed to complete a recipe? Click the three-dot icon above the equipment you want to use. In the window that opens, you will see the necessary ingredients and the operating time necessary for cooking.

How to speed up home appliances? You can speed up the recipe for gold coins. In addition, home design speeds up the work of technology.

Where to find cooked foods? Cooked products can be found in the Warehouse in the lowest tab. They are sorted by the principle of action - improvers of Beauty, Intelligence or Style, energy.

Article author: Nadezhda D.