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FORT STARS - Android game with release date 11/11/2018 from the company PlayStack. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Kingdoms
  2. My Castle
  3. Maps
  4. Fight
  5. Guilds
  6. Leagues and Weekly Tour
  7. Other

Fort Stars: Kingdoms

What is a kingdom? Play with thousands of other players on the kingdoms map. Earn resources / funds in Crystal Rush and Gold Rush. Attack the fortress of other players to steal their gold. Compete in the World Games and attack the Ice Watchman to get great rewards for you and your Guild.

How do I get to the kingdom? As soon as you reach player level 7, you will open access to the Kingdoms game mode. Click on the "Big Royal Card" button at the bottom right of the screen. Your fortress will be automatically placed in the Kingdom.

What are World Games? World Games is a weekly tournament for all Kingdom players. There are two types: Solo and Guild. For Solo, players receive victory points (points) for matches won and play the Gold Rush and Crystal Rush. Guilds are the accumulation of all Victory points received by all members of the Guild.

Players and Guilds are ranked as leaders throughout the kingdom, depending on their Victory points. Prizes are awarded every week at the end of the event. Individual rewards include a safe with cards and gold, and Guild rewards include a large prize bank of the Crown.

How can I get Victory Points? Playing matches in the Kingdom, Gold Rush or Crystal Rush will give you Victory Points.

How to transfer your fortress? You can move your fortress to any point on the first biome of the map using the Stone. Press the hexadecimal you want to move, and press the move button. If you have enough stone and the area is not blocked, you can move it immediately.

Can I be attacked in the Kingdoms? Other players can send commands to your fortress and attack you in a Kingdom way, stealing resources and compromising the security of your fortress. If your Fortress reaches zero health, then the fortress will be moved to a new location on the map.

What is Stone and how to get it? Stone is a resource found in the kingdoms. It can be mined using the Quarry Stone or stolen by attacking other Forts players. The stone is used to update the security of your fortress, move your fortress on the map, and restore your fortress after an attack. Fortresses can only be damaged after a kingdom match. If your Fortress drops to zero, your fortress will be moved to a new location on the map. Players can also recover their Guild Mates Forts from Stone.

Can I restore the safety of my Fortress? Yes, use the Stone to restore the safety of your Fortress. Just click on your view of the Fortress in the Kingdom to open recovery options. You can also restore the location of your Guild comrades if you are in the Guild by selecting their Fortress and choosing the repair option.

What is Cryctal Rush? Crystal Rush is a special way to play when your team ventures in mysterious dungeons full of crystals and strong dangers. Try and request all crystals before the elapsing time and watch out for the shadow creatures that guard these places.

How many Crystals can I get from the level of Crystal Fever? Each level of Crystal Fever has a fixed number of crystals in it. The number of crystals is displayed when you click on the dungeon on the map of the Kingdom. Each crystal object costs an equal fraction of the total number of crystals. For example, if the dungeon contains 80 crystals and there are 8 crystal objects, each object costs 10 crystals.

Do I get Victory Points for Crystal Fever? Yes! You gain 1 VP for each destroyed crystal target. If you destroy all targets, you will receive 5 VP plus 1 VP for each level between your level and the camp level. You will not receive VP if the crystal dungeon is 5 or more levels below your level.

I don’t have enough time to use Crystal Rush, are there any tips? Try to avoid opponents that slow you down. Moving spells, such as rallies, or abilities, such as a ghost walk, masking steps and a portal, will help you bypass sections of the dungeon to get to the crystals faster.

What is the Gold Rush? The goddess scattered gold targets around the map and ordered the troops to guard the gold. Send your team to try to capture the gold before the timer expires.

How much gold can I earn in the Gold Rush? Each level of the Gold Rush has a fixed amount of gold in it. The amount of gold is displayed by clicking on the map of the Kingdom (Kingdom map). Each goal of Gold costs an equal share of the total gold. For example, if a level contains 400 gold and there are 4 Gold goals, each goal costs 100 Gold.

Do I get victory points when playing the Gold Rush? Yes! You get 1 VP for each destroyed gold item. If you destroy all objects, you will receive 5 VP plus 1 VP at each level between your level and the camp level. You will not get VP if the Gold Rush level is 5 or more levels below yours.

How can I attack a camp or crystal mine? Click on the Crystal mine or camp that you want to attack. Once your goal has been chosen, select a battle participant and click "Submit." As soon as your team appears, click on it to launch an attack.

What are the Elf Archers in the towers shooting me? Elf archers in the towers shoot bombs with arrows that damage the earth and stun your Stars.

How can I know who is in my Guild on a map of the Kingdom? Members of your Guild will share your Guild banner in their Fortress that have a yellow border. Your Fortress will have a blue border, and other players will have a red border.

I have scrolled the map of the Kingdoms and cannot find my Fortress. What should I do? Click on the blue Fortress icon on the left side of the screen to find your Fortress.

Why can’t I send a command? Most likely, this is due to the fact that you do not have enough stars or spells. To start the battle you need a full party of 3 stars and 3 spells. If Stars have KO’d, the command cannot be sent.

Can I send more than one team at a time? Yes. So far you have enough cards to create a complete team.

Why do my Stars lose their health and get KO’d in the Kingdoms? The stars lose their health and keep what they lost their health after the battle. Their health will automatically recover over time, or you can spend a raven to instantly heal them. The hospital building will also accelerate health recovery for the Star.

I returned to the game, and my Fortress is in a new place, why? If you are attacked and your Fortress reaches 0 health, then the Fortress will move to a random area on the map corresponding to your level.

Fort Stars: My Castle

What is my fortress? Your Fortress holds your treasures of gold and crystals. Successfully defending your fortress, you get medals. The throne room is the heart of your fortress, where the Priestess lives, watching what is happening and directing the games.

Where is my fortress located? Your Fortress is located on top of a high mountain. The fortress has an aboveground zone, as well as an underground zone that can be unlocked at higher levels of players. Your fortress is positioned among other players in the kingdoms.

What are Might Points? Power Points are the currency used to protect the Fortress with traps in build mode. Adding traps can cost power points, but removing traps from a fortress returns those points. Upgrade your cards to get XP and rise to the level of the game, which will increase the number of available points.

What are shields and what do they do? The shield automatically turns on when the attacking player earns a star in the battle. The more stars the enemy receives, the longer the shield lasts. Shields prevent an attack on your Fortress. Its duration will be reduced if you make battles on your own. You will lose defense time if you attack with an active shield.

What happens to my castle when I don’t play a game? The fortress will automatically protect itself from attacks by other players, and you can watch the repetitions of these battles in the defense log. Traps are triggered when the Stars approach them and automatically reload before the next battle.

What are fortress points? Fortress points - this is the currency for the construction of the Fortress. Adding new rooms costs serfs, but removing rooms from a fortress returns those points. Upgrade your cards to get XP (experience), as well as rise to the level, which will increase the number of available points in the fortress.

How can I strengthen my fortress? Make your rooms stronger by updating the room maps in the Collections view. Improving the room will take gold and a duplicate of the card that you get from opening the safe. Starting at player level 4, you can also add traps to the fortress that fire when attacking stars approach.

How to increase the size of my fortress (Fort)? Add rooms to the fortress (Fort) by going into assembly mode, which is the button in the lower right corner of the screen, while in fortress mode (Fort). Open Vaults to unlock room cards. You also need points from the fortress (Fort) to place the rooms that you get, increasing your level. More rooms, more traps, more security!

Fort Stars: Maps

What are cards? Cards are a way to collect stars, spells and rooms in Star Fortress. You can view all cards on the "Collections" screen. The abilities of the Stars are also presented as cards in the match (battle).

How can I earn new cards? You can earn cards in the following ways:

What are rarities of cards? There are four levels of rarity cards: Common, Rare, Elite and Legendary, and they can go out of any safe. Each safe has community cards, and most of them have rare cards, but Elite and Legendary cards are harder to find. Cards of different rarities have different relative strengths. For example, an Elite Level 1 card is about as powerful as a general Level 5 card.

What do stars mean and what abilities do cards have? Star Maps contain progression data used by your Stars, as well as their abilities. As soon as you unlock the Star Card, you will automatically receive your 2 ability cards. The Star and Ability cards can be found on the Stars tab of the Collections screen.

What are Room Cards? Room cards are what they sound like! These are rooms that you can build to increase the size of your Fortress. They all have their own goal: to create resources, to appear or open fire on the attacks of stellar units. Enlarging these rooms improves statistics as well as the type of rooms, and maps could do their job better!

Room maps contain progression data used by your rooms. They represent the Rooms that make up the Fortress, whether they are used or not. You can find them on the "Rooms" tab of the "Collections" screen.

What are Spell Cards? Spell Cards are abilities that you can use as a player during a battle. They are drawn like any other card in your deck, and you can roll or place them, depending on the ability of the spells. Some spells you can use are Magic, Renaissance, Polishing (Magic, Spawner and Buffing). Spell cards contain progression data used by your spells, regardless of whether you take them in battle or use them as traps in your fortress. You can find them on the Spells tab of the Collection screen.

Why can’t I update my ability star map? Ability cards can only be upgraded to the level to which the Star belongs. You must upgrade your Star first if you want to upgrade your abilities.

How are maps updated? Upgrade your Star, Room, and Spell maps by collecting duplicates and using Gold and PEP.

What does map updating do? Updating maps makes them stronger. For example, a champion can do more damage and have more health, while the effect of the spell can last longer. You can update the map as a whole, as well as update the maps with two individual abilities.

Fort Stars: Fight

Are there any links in Fortress battles (Fort Raids)? Yes. If both sides receive the same number of battles, the result will be a draw.

How to win the battle against the fortress? The goal of defeating the Fortress (Fort) is to get more Stars than security. An attacking player earns Stars for Battlestars to destroy 40% of rooms, another for 60% of rooms, and another to destroy the Throne Room. Defender gets a Battlestar for every star they knock out. The one with the most stars at the end of the battle wins.

Can I directly control how my stars move? Use motion-based maps to direct your troops to a specific place or object. Star ability cards such as Toss, Stealth Step, Fetch, Formation, Focused Fire, Buster Buster, Wraith Walk, and Portal can move individuals or groups. Spell cards, such as rallies or teleporters, can guide groups of characters.

What does the status of the Play Flick card, left-right (left-right) and 360 mean?

Who controls how the characters of the players choose goals (targets)? Characters will be aimed at any enemy or building located in the coverage area, if there are several goals, then the character will aim at the nearest one. Some characters and buildings have special target rules. Some ability cards will allow the Star to choose a new target.

How does line-of-sight work? Most characters cannot attack or attack enemies with solid objects such as floors, roofs, doors or hatches. The ability to cope with a large area is such as Nova Bomba and the Ancient Explosion, or energy explosions, such as Power Shot, which can pass through solid objects.

What is the difference between a pet (Pet) and a normal Summoned troop? Pets such as Bear and Lil Dragon protect their owners when the owner is attacked or attacked. Drafting troops, such as Gruntlings or Shchadovlings, themselves choose a target and can fight on their own.

How do Spawner rooms work? Troops will appear in the Renaissance rooms, patrolling back and forth around the room from which they came. If a group of new soldiers is destroyed, a timer will appear above the room, which will signal the appearance of a new reserve unit. If the premises are destroyed, the troops will cease to appear from the room. The new soldiers (Spawn) from this room have only a specific field in which they can move inside.

How can I destroy rooms that are not in the way my stars move? Use spell cards that can be placed anywhere to destroy distant rooms, Summoned Trooper spells, or heavy damage, such as Lightning, work best. You can also use the abilities of the Stars, which can reach above or below the floors; like Runemaster’s Kabloom or Forest Healer’s Moonfire.

Fort Stars: Guilds

How to join a guild? You can click the Guild button in the option view Fortress on the right side of the screen. From here you can create a guild that is worth the gold. Or you can join an existing guild by clicking the Join Guild option.

I asked to join the Guild, what now? A request to join the Guild will send an invitation request to the members of the Guild. After the Officer of this Guild accepts your request, you will be accepted into the Guild.

Can I chat with members of my Guild? Yes. Use the guild negotiation wall to click the chat button. You can enter and send messages to all Guild players instantly.

How do guild safes work? Guild Vaults are a mini-event that runs every week only for Guilds. Guild members can donate their duplicate cards and gold for XP (experience). There are 10 levels of Guild Vaults that can be unlocked, but this depends on the amount of donations to the Guild. The higher the level, the better the reward. Once the donation event is over, the Guild Safes are awarded to all Guild members.

Why can’t I donate cards to Guild Vault safes? There are two reasons why you cannot donate cards. First, if you do not have duplicate cards, you will not be able to donate. Secondly, every 6 hours you get the opportunity to donate Cards. You will have a limited amount of donations to spend on the level of your game. After you donate all the donations at this time, you will need to wait another 6 hours for your next donation.

How to transfer video to the Guild negotiation wall? You can share your attacks and defenses through the active window. Each play will have a button that you can click to instantly share your video with other players on the Guild wall.

Fort Stars: Leagues and Weekly Tour

How do I get different avatars? Each weekly on weekly tours special player avatars are distributed. If you enter the Top 100 with your weekly category, you will be assigned an avatar.

What is a league? There are 8 leagues in Fort Stars. New cards become available to you in each League. Leagues require certain medal points that are won or lost in matches. The higher the league you are in, the better rewards you can earn.

How do I know which League I am in? Your player profile will show a League icon for your current League. You will also see the background in your change of fortress and the reflection of your current League.

What are trophies? Trophies work like medals, but are used in tournaments of the Weekly Tour. They win / lose in the same way as medals, and they appear on each new weekly tour.

What is a weekly tour? The battle of other players for excellence to raise their title on the weekly tour! Earn awesome rewards including the exclusive Avatar, PEP, Card, and Title Gold Prizes. Players are assigned a rank of up to 200 other players. Players will automatically enter the squad based on their current League level after the first match for this weekly tour.

Weekly tour ends soon, what should I do? As the week-long tour comes to an end, it’s worth fighting more, as you can win more trophies. You will receive a reward based on your position in the Weekly Tour leaderboard. Your position is determined by the number of trophies won during the current Weekly Tour. The higher you are, the more rewards you receive.

The selection of rewards you receive is based on your Weekly Tour, which was set at the start of the tournament. The top 100 players in the categories will receive a special prize avatar. At the end of the event, the Top 30% of players will move on to the next category of title. The bottom 30% will move down the title, while the rest will remain where they are.

How are medal rewards calculated? The difference between the medals of the attacking and defending players, as well as the result of the number of stars won in battles, are taken into account.

Can I earn Medals by winning security? Yes! You can win (or lose) medals in an attack, so plan your safety carefully.

How many Medals do I need to get in each League? Here is the medal rating:

Are there limits on the number of medals I can earn in one day? No, you can play as much as you want and earn (or lose) medals.

Why is my medal rating different from my Trophy rating between my Weekly Tour and general League medals? Each new tournament (Weekly Tour) starts with 0 Trophies for categories. The Trophy score is accumulated based on all the medals you have won or lost in the entire Weekly Tour. Your league’s medals will never be restored.

If I rise to a level in the League while in the Weekly Tour category, can I fall into the new category? No, you will remain in your current Weekly Tour category until you complete it. Even if you rise or fall in the Leagues. As soon as the new Weekly Tour starts, you will fall into a new category based on your current Ranking.

Fort Stars: Other

What is a Free Vault? "Free Safe" is a way to earn new duplicate cards and cards with Crowns and Gold. It is provided automatically 4 hours after the last opening, and its opening cannot be accelerated. It can appear up to two times.

What are Daily Mission Vaults? Daily Mission Vaults is a way to earn new cards and duplicate cards along with crowns and gold (Crowns and Gold). These Safes are automatically assigned during the daily mission. You need to open the Daily Mission Vault to get a new daily mission.

What are bonus safes? Bonus safes are special safes that exist on the Daily Mission and Fort Compt screens. These safes can be unlocked by earning bonus points. When you earn enough points, safes can be opened the next time you are on this screen.

What do Weekly Tour safes mean? Weekly Tour Vaults are a way to earn new cards and duplicate cards, as well as gold and avatars. They are awarded at the end of each season to all players who have completed at least a match. Players who have earned more medals and are higher in their rankings earn more cards and gold from their season.

How can I earn bonus points for Fort Challenge Bonus Safe? The Fort Challenge Bonus Safe can be unlocked by earning points from completing Fort Challenges. Each Fort Challenge rewards 4 points.

How to earn bonus points for Daily Mission safes? Daily Mission bonus points can be unlocked by earning points on the Daily Mission screen. Each Daily Mission rewards 3 to 5 points.

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