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Walkthrough Fortnite Battle Royale: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FORTNITE: ROYAL BATTLE - PC game with release date 03/30/2017 from Epic Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Storm Battle
  3. Payout Guide
  4. Epic Games Store
  5. Permafrost Kit Guide
  6. Walkthrough Tips
  7. Android Version Support
  8. PC Version Support
  9. PS4 Version Support

Fortnite Battle Royale: Beginnerís Guide

What is a combat pass? Where can I learn more about him? The best way to find out what a combat pass is is to start the game. Each season, developers answer frequently asked questions and talk about innovations.You can see the answers to questions in the game like this:

  1. Launch Battle Royale Fortnite.
  2. Click on the Battle Pass tab.
  3. Click on the "About Battle Pass" link. If you are playing on the console, press and hold the appropriate button.
  4. Click Help.

Do I need to buy the Founderís pack to play Battle Royale? Fortniteís Battle Royale can also be played without recruiting a Founder.

How to choose a different region for selecting players in Fortnite? To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Click the gear icon ("Options").
  3. Click the gear icon to open the Game tab.
  4. In the "Region" section, find the "Region of the selection of players" and click on the arrow to select another region.Automatically - the game will select the region with the minimum delay of the network signal. ## ms - these numbers indicate the delay in exchanging data with the servers of the selected region. The lower this value, the better the connection.
  5. Click "Apply."

How to change the style of equipment? To change the equipment style for Battle Royale, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Locker tab. Please note: equipment for which you can choose different styles is marked with a divided circle.
  2. Click Change Style.
  3. Choose your equipment style.
  4. Click "Save and Exit."

I wanted to buy a product in an item store, but it has already been removed from sale. Will he appear again? The contents of the item store change regularly. If you want to buy a product that has been discontinued, go to the store more often - it will surely appear there again after a while. Countdown timers above the Recommended Items and Daily Items sections tell you when the assortment has changed.

Can I get rewards for Storm Fight by playing Battle Royale and vice versa? B-bucks bought or earned in Battle Royale or Stormbreak can be used in both modes. In addition, the Battle Royale has a number of rewards for the Founders. In all other cases, Storm Battle (PvE) and Battle Royale (PvP) are separate modes.Progress, awards, images and other materials are not transferred between these modes and are not common.

How to get more B-bucks in the "Royal Battle"? In the Battle Royale, you can simply buy or earn B-bucks with a free and / or combat pass. To purchase B-bucks in the game:

  1. Click the Store tab.
  2. Indicate the number of B-bucks you want to purchase.
  3. Click the "Buy" button, and you will be taken to the payment menu of your platform.
  4. Here you can make and pay for your purchase.

Earn B-Bucks with a free or combat pass. In each season, all players receive a free pass and the opportunity to buy a combat pass. Both passes allow you to earn B-bucks for battle stars, but with a battle pass you will get much more!

I get too many friend requests. How to disable them? You cannot turn off friend request notifications, but you can have them automatically rejected. To automatically reject requests, do the following:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Click the silhouette icon to open the Account tab.
  4. Under the heading "Communication", find the function "Reject friend requests", click on the arrow and select "Yes" or "No" . Yes means friend requests will be automatically rejected. "No" means that you can accept or decline friend requests.

How to start a private match or join it? One or more of your accounts must support the ability to create custom matches. Please note that no more than 100 players can participate in the match. If too many players simultaneously try to join the match by entering a password, 100 participants will be randomly selected from them, regardless of who entered the password before. To start a private match , select the desired game mode in the lobby:

Make sure that you have the same regional server specified in the parameters as the other participants in the match. If you have selected the wrong regional server or game mode, an error message will appear on the screen and you will not be able to start the match. Select a game mode . The game mode button displays its name. In the picture below, the "Alone" mode is selected.

Select "User Preferences." Create a password for selecting players that you will need to inform the participants of the match.

Note: Do not use special characters. Password must be between 4 and 16 characters. Otherwise, an error message will appear on the screen and you will not be able to start a private match. If at the time of creating the password you are broadcasting live, we advise you to hide the password from the audience so that unwanted players cannot connect to the match.

Click on the "Accept" button. Select "Play" and wait for other players who have a password. Players who have a password must be prepared to join the match. If they try to connect after the start of the match, they will receive an error message. Select "Start match" when you are ready to start the game.

How to join a private match? Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the same regional server specified in the parameters as the match organizer. If you have selected the wrong regional server, an error message will appear on the screen and you will not be able to join the game.
  2. Select a game mode.
  3. Select "Password for Matching Players" and enter the password provided by the match organizer. Before entering the password, make sure that you have the correct register turned on.
  4. Click on the "Accept" button. If you try to join a match that has already begun, an error message will appear on the screen. If you find yourself excluded from the game immediately after joining, this means that 100 players have already connected to the match.
  5. Select "Play" and wait for the match to begin.

Why canceled my purchase made through the application on the Samsung device? If you receive a message about the cancellation of a purchase from Samsung, follow these steps:

  1. Check if your device is for sale or for testing / advertising / development. If you purchased this device and checked / activated it with your service provider, go to step 2. If your device is intended for testing / advertising / development, it may not pass the IMEI (unique serial number) check due to the lack of this number.
  2. Go to the options menu and find the IMEI number and model number (for example, SM-G975F).
  3. Inform Samsung support of the model number and IMEI and verify the authenticity of the device.

How do I report inappropriate Fortnite player behavior? To complain about the playerís inappropriate behavior in the Battle Royale or Storm Battle modes, select the menu icon in the game. If you are already participating in the match, then you can do the following:

Then do the following:

  1. Select Report Player.
  2. Select one of the proposed options in the "Cause of complaint" field.
  3. In the "Player Name" field, indicate who you want to report. Note: you can only complain about the players with whom (or against whom) you played recently.
  4. Not necessarily: in the "Additional Information" field, you can tell more about what happened.
  5. Select "Report Complaint."

How to change voice chat settings in Fortnite? To change your voice chat settings in Fortnite, follow these steps:

  1. Select the menu icon in the game.
  2. Click "Options"
  3. Select the Sound icon to open the sound options page.

Hover over any parameter to open a tooltip and find out how this parameter works before changing settings. You can enable or disable voice chat, as well as set up notifications.

How to manage a group and change the groupís voice chat settings in the Fortnite lobby? To change your groupís voice chat options in Fortnite, follow these steps:

  1. Select the social menu icon in the game. It is located in the upper left corner of the lobby screen.
  2. Select Join.
  3. Now you can select group members and view available actions.

You can manage a group in different ways:

How to change group settings in Fortnite? Select the social menu icon in the game in the upper left corner of the screen. Select the gear icon.

You can make a group open, closed, or accessible only to friends. You also decide who to grant access to the group.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Storm Battle

What are llamas with prey? In Storm Battles, prey llamas are sold in the Item Store. Inside the llamas, one can find blueprints, survivors, heroes, and other useful things. Llamas with loot can be bought on the "X-ray" tab, and events llamas - on the "Loot" tab. Event llamas are sold for a special event currency that can be earned directly in the game.

What are the "types of buildings" and how to create them?

Fortnite can build four types of structures:

Each structure has several options. Normal wall:

Wall with door:

Wall with a window:

Wall with window and door:

Wall with two windows:

Half wall:

Low wall:

Half wall with door:

Side wall:

Half side wall:

Wall with a diagonal arch:

Wall with arch:

Normal gender:

Diagonal floor with railing:

Half floor with railing:

Corner floor with railing:

Open corner floor with railing:

Normal staircase:

Turned staircase with railing:

Narrow staircase with railing:

Narrow turned staircase with railing:

Normal roof:

Concave corner roof:

Protruding corner roof:

Curved roof:

Slanting roof:

How to increase the level of characters and drawings? The level of heroes and blueprints can be increased using the gained experience. When you have enough experience points, select the card you want to improve and do the following:

  1. Select Improve / Inspect.
  2. Select "Level Up."

How does conversion work?

Conversion allows you to make certain items from things that are stored in your locker. Conversion recipes can be earned during the game. When you find the recipe, the conversion button will appear on the Arsenal tab.

To use a conversion recipe, open the Arsenal tab and select Convert. Select the conversion recipe you want to use.For example, to convert an automaton (rare), you will need resources:

Click on the "Select" button, then click on an empty cell.

Select the item to be destroyed during the conversion. The number under each card shows its value.

Fill the scale to the required level. The color of the scale indicates the rarity of the item after conversion.

When the scale is full, the word "Max" will appear on it.

Click Convert. A confirmation window will appear. This window will contain the image of the item you will receive. Click Confirm. Conversion completed successfully.

How to get more B-Bucks in Storm Fight?

You get B-bucks for entering the game and for completing various tasks. You can also just buy B-bucks.

Get B-Bucks for entering the game. Daily entry rewards are the easiest way to replenish B-bucks. Entering the game every day, you will receive a few B-bucks, but in time you will get rich!

Play and earn B-bucks! Earn B-Bucks by completing various missions, including some types of daily missions and storm shield defense missions. B-bucks also give out for the successful completion of some tests. To see what rewards are given for tasks and trials, go to the "Tasks" tab in the game.

How to get B-bucks in the game? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Shop tab.
  2. Indicate the number of B-bucks you want to purchase.
  3. Click the "Buy" button, and you will be taken to the payment menu of your platform.
  4. Here you can make and pay for your purchase.
Note: "Battle with the Storm" is now in early access. In the future, methods for producing B-bucks may change.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Payout Guide

How do I get paid?

If you have won the competition and have already confirmed your details, follow these steps to get paid as soon as possible:

1. Log in to the Epic Games account you used to compete. Only the winners whose data are verified get access to this link.

Attention: if you log in to another account, the processing of the request may be delayed. In addition, you run the risk of losing the status of a winner, because of which you wonít be able to get a prize for participating in these competitions.

2. Choose a convenient way to receive a prize and provide additional necessary information. Remember that PayPal automatically rejects transactions worth more than $ 20 thousand for personal accounts. If the payment exceeds $ 20 thousand, we recommend using the transfer of payments to a bank account. Due to the provision of false or incomplete information, the processing of the request may be delayed. In addition, you run the risk of losing the status of a winner, because of which you wonít be able to get a prize for participating in these competitions.

3. Select a tax region and provide the required data.

Note: If you are under the age of 16 and are currently living in France, the support team will need to contact you separately to send the prize in accordance with local laws.

4. If you live in the United States, provide the name of the owner of the TIN, social security number, full address: city, state, zip code. If you live outside the United States, provide the name of the owner of the TIN, full address: city, zip code, area (if any), country.

5. Before sending a request, click on the DocuSign link, which leads to the prize recipient form, forms W9 and W8BEN. The link is at the bottom of the page. Enter all the necessary information in the DocuSign form that opens.

Important information on completing the W8-BEN form: Clause 5: If you do not know what information to provide, contact your tax advisor. Point 6: you must specify the tax identification number assigned to you in the country of which you are a tax resident.

6. Verify that all the information provided on the DocuSign form is correct, and click on the confirmation button.Once youíve completed the DocuSign form, return to the Epic Games page and click the Submit button to complete the process.

I have questions about the provision of billing information. Who can I ask them? Contact the support service as accurately as possible describing the situation and, if necessary, providing screenshots.

What should I do if I provide incorrect payment information? Contact support with the email address associated with your account and display name. Once you provide the required data, you will be given permission to edit the data.

I have indicated a PayPal account, but it seems to me that the payment will exceed $ 20,000. What to do? Contact support with the email address associated with your account and display name. Once you provide the required data, you will be given permission to edit the data. As soon as you receive permission to edit the data, select the option of receiving payment using a bank account so that funds are transferred to you.

Please note that for PayPal corporate accounts, the maximum amount of payments received is greater than for personal ones.

When I click the submit button, it turns gray. Why? You may have clicked the Submit button before you finished filling out DocuSign documents. If the information above the "Send" button is displayed as blocked (the fields have become inaccessible for editing) and you have finished filling out DocuSign documents, you do not have to click the "Send" button again.

Why do I need to fill out a W-9 or W-8Ben form? In accordance with U.S. tax laws, game developers are required to collect and share with government agencies some information about users who are awaiting payouts.For these purposes, form W-9 and / or form W-8Ben is used (under appropriate conditions).

The payment amount was smaller than I expected (a). Why? This could be due to tax withholding. When processing a payment, developers make an auxiliary tax withholding on the prize amount for residents and non-residents of the United States and send funds to the tax office on your behalf. Epic currently holds 24% of the prize money for US residents and 30% for non-US residents. If you believe that an error occurred and the amount of the tax deduction turned out to be incorrect, send an email to the support service, indicating the email address associated with your account and the display name so that they can help you.

I have already indicated (a) payment information for one of the past tournaments. Do I need to provide her again to take part in new competitions? Not. If you previously submitted payment / tax information and received payments for winning tournaments, you do not need to provide this information again in order to participate in new competitions. However, additional information may be required - in this case, they will contact you.

Why didnít the money come to me? If you have not received a payment, make sure that you have provided complete and accurate payment information.

I canít provide billing information because the system requires you to enter some kind of code.Where to get it? If the system asks you to enter a code when you try to enter payment information, this could happen for one of the following reasons.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Games Store

How do I use the Epic Games Store?

The area highlighted in the image below is the Epic Games store menu where you can go to the main sections of the client.

There are three sections on the main page:

  1. News : The latest updates and messages from Epic Games are displayed here.
  2. Recently Played : The last thing you played is displayed here. By moving the cursor here, you can go to the game page or launch it.
  3. Online Friends : Three online friends are displayed here. By clicking on the name of a friend, you will open a chat with him.

In the "Shop" section you will see the available games. Click on one of them to go to the game page where you can find out the details and buy it.

The " Library " section displays your existing games.

  1. After installation, the game tile becomes colored.
  2. If the game is not installed, then its tile is black and white.

Click the gear icon on the game tile to expand client options, such as:

Click on "Friends" to open the friends menu.

  1. Your network status can be set in the side tile of the profile.
  2. You can add friends in this tile.
  3. In this tile, you can change the communication settings.

Click on a friendís name and you will open the parameters associated with it.

In the Unreal Engine section, you can access the game engine. The following tabs are here:

How to confirm the installation of the game? To confirm the installation of the game files, go to the game in your library and click on the gear icon.

After that, select "Confirm" in the drop-down menu.

After checking, you will be able to start. Select "Run."

Probably, they will pay me 88% of the proceeds only at first? No, this is a regular bet. With current costs and the state of the economy, 12% is a profitable share for Epic.

What platforms does the Epic Games store support? The store supports Windows and Mac. Support for other open platforms, including Android, will appear later.

When will the Epic Games store open for developers? Now the store is just starting to work, and gradually additional opportunities will appear in it.

How are games for sale in the Epic Games store selected? First of all, attention is drawn to great games that fans of Fortnite who already use the store might like. Developers are selected who have a fairly flexible schedule and have a desire to work with the store at an early stage of the platformís existence. There is no strict standard - many different factors are taken into account.

What does Epic Games mean by promising a direct connection with the players? When making a purchase, the player can share with the developers his email address if he wants to receive letters from them. In addition, players who buy games from certain developers will see their announcements in their news feed.

My game is based on Unity or another engine. Will I be able to sell it in the Epic Games store? Yes, the store does not focus on any one technology. Epic wants to delight the audience with great games, regardless of which engine they are created on.

My game is created on Unreal Engine. Why should I sell it at the Epic Games store? UE4 not only facilitates the development of games for all platforms. Selling a game based on UE4 in the Epic Games store, the authors do not pay royalties for using the engine. If you, for example, have a standard free license with deductions of 5%, you will not have to pay them from sales in the Epic Games store. The amount of deductions for the sale of the game on other platforms will remain the same - 5%.

Iím a developer, what does 88/12 income distribution mean to me? Income distribution terms imply that you will receive more money for each copy of the game sold in the Epic Games store. After paying taxes and other possible deductions for each dollar, you will receive 88 cents. Epic believes this is fairer than the traditional 70/30 distribution adopted on most digital platforms. Some payment methods involve more expenses than generally accepted. In such cases, Epic transfers the additional costs to the buyer as a fee for processing the payment. Your share of revenue will not decrease due to the fact that the buyer has chosen a more costly method of payment.

What is an author support program? How can it be useful? The author support program is designed to help great authors promote games from the Epic Games store. The authors receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the game to each buyer they attracted. The developers themselves set the percentage of remuneration to the authors, and Epic will pay the first 5% within the first 24 months.

Now the program is attended by more than 10,000 authors, behind which there are tens of millions of supporters, and their number is increasing every day. This means that developers will have instant access to thousands of authors who can promote their games without too much hassle. Epic is confident that this system will allow for a more direct and reliable connection between game creators and authors (streamers, opinion leaders, etc.).

In which countries is the Epic Games store available? The Epic platform can be used by players from all over the world, except China and countries where it is prohibited by US law, including North Korea and Iran. In certain countries, for example, in South Korea, there are additional legal requirements that you need to take into account in the game if you want to distribute it there.

Does the Epic Games store have regional prices? Yes, the store supports regional prices. Also, the store has prepared a table of recommended regional discounts taking into account the characteristics of each region, which is regularly updated.

Are there mandatory sales on the platform at the Epic Games store? Not. Large-scale sales of games are planned, but participation in them will be voluntary.

What is the system of user reviews and ratings for the Epic platform? In the future, the store will introduce a rating system of games for those wishing to join it.

Iím having problems installing the purchased game. What to do?If you have difficulty installing the game purchased from the Epic Games store, restart your computer to sync purchases. If, after restarting the computer, problems still occur, contact the support team by clicking on the "Contact Us" button.

In which currencies are prices displayed and what currencies are accepted for payment? Regional prices are displayed in US dollars, British pounds sterling, Euros, Polish zlotys, Russian rubles, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Turkish lira and Ukrainian hryvnia.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Permafrost Kit Guide

What is included in the Permafrost Kit for Fortnite? In the set "Permafrost" you will receive:

How to purchase the Permafrost kit and for which platforms is it suitable? Permafrost is available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The kit can be purchased on physical media (on disk, in a box) at a retail store or online, as well as purchased at the Nintendo E-Shop, PlayStation Store and Xbox store.

How long will the permafrost kit be available? The Permafrost kit is available in retail stores and in-game stores for a limited time only.

Will the permafrost kit be available on other platforms if I use an Epic Games account? Yes. Once you get the Permafrost Kit for Fortnite, youíll still have access to it on any platform associated with your Epic Games account. However, the included B-bucks can only be spent on the platform that you used to purchase / activate the Permafrost kit. Cosmetic items purchased for B-Bucks will be available on all platforms associated with the Epic Games account.

The Permafrost kit gives access to the mode of "Battle with the Storm"? Not. The "Permafrost" kit does not give access to the "Battle with the Storm" mode, it must be purchased separately.

Will I need a disc to play Fortnite with Permafrost? No, you donít need a disc to play Fortnite after purchasing the Permafrost kit. Fortnite Battle Royale can be downloaded from the web. The contents of the Permafrost kit will appear right after you activate the code.

What happens if I get the contents of the Permafrost kit and give me another one? If for some account you already have the Permafrost kit and you bought or received one more as a gift, it can be exchanged for 3000 V-bucks.

What should I do if I have difficulty with a physical copy of the Permafrost kit? If you have any difficulties with the Permafrost kit purchased on physical media (disk and box), contact WB Games Support. If the difficulties with the Permafrost kit are not related to the physical copy, contact the Epic Games support team by clicking on the Contact Us button.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Walkthrough Tips

Improved interface for the "Battle with the storm"

The main base. Now in the sections of the menu you will see different rooms of the main base and the characters that you meet as the plot develops.

Command Center On the new tab "Management" it is easy to follow your development and study the features of the selected hero. Here you can find all the functions that become available as you progress through the campaign: you can quickly change heroes, view characteristics and manage heroes and survivors to strengthen the base.

The power of the main base is now called simply "power." With each new level you increase the characteristics and get rewards, including drawings and resources. In the same section, you can see information about experience amplifiers and quickly activate amplifications.

Heroes A new character has appeared in the game that will help bring the heroes into shape - the major! After you meet him in the game, he will appear in the training room. With a major, you can increase the level of heroes and manage them, as well as gain access to the defenders, expeditions and properties of the hero. Using the "Hero Properties" function, you can view information about the hero and the cells of the operative and support. A back button has been added in the upper left corner to make the menu even more convenient. And you can still press the back button on the gamepads.

Survivors. On the survivors screen you will see another new member of the team - the director. You will meet him in Stonelands. The director will help to deal with the troops and survivors. In addition, a new function has been added to the game - autocomplete. With autocompletion, you will be sure that the strongest survivors are in the squad. By default, this feature is enabled, but you can disable it.

A new screen has also been added to the game with a brief explanation of how to correctly assign survivors to units. Finally, a feature has been added that allows you to quickly switch between different types of items. Use the arrows to switch between heroes, blueprints, survivors, defenders and resources!

Improvements. The room for improvements is managed by Kevin, a robot who will help you deal with gadgets and tools. Here you can buy or improve gadgets, as well as improve the performance of items, such as the size of a backpack or the sharpness of a pick. To do this, you need to spend the improvement points that you get for leveling up in missions. To decide how best to spend points, you can read the description of each level of improvement.

Study. Lars, our favorite scientist and driver of a flying van, settled in the laboratory. He will help to distribute research points to improve your characteristics. Here are new bonus counters, filling in which you can get additional improvements. The rate of accumulation of points and the capacity of the laboratory increase with increasing levels.

Arsenal. In the arsenal, you can still do transformations, work with drawings, objects and resources, as well as a collection book. But with the update, a new assistant appeared in the arsenal - the gunsmith Clip. You will meet her during the campaign. Like all self-respecting gunsmiths, the Clip takes pride in the drawings of powerful weapons and stores them in a conspicuous place.

Tasks. The tab "Tasks" is now displayed first, on it you can see the maps of the campaign and tasks and the corresponding rewards. This is not the only change. The Play button has been moved down to the screen where everyone is used to seeing the gameís launch button. In addition, the task log can now be opened using the large button directly below the "Play" button. This will allow you to quickly open the magazine from the task map, so you can mark tasks and check the map. It is planned to gradually make using the quest map even easier.

Support for beginners. Several changes have been made to make the game more enjoyable for beginners.Previously, the game had many tasks that explained the functions of the interface, but the tasks were not very useful, in addition, players often did not notice them. Therefore, the developers refused such training. Now that a new important feature is becoming available, a short contextual prompt appears. For new players, it might seem too difficult to understand the abundance of tabs and features available in the previous interface from the very beginning of the game. Now these functions are supplemented with a brief hint and become available gradually, as the player moves along the story and gets acquainted with the new inhabitants of the base.

How does this affect my account? But what about the skill tree? Defender units? The developers removed the tree of research and skills: after the update, other elements will perform their task. It was hard to figure out the tree, it was time-consuming, and some of the options in it were not very attractive. Now you can change the main parameters that affect the game in the improvement room.

Functions necessary for game progress, such as opening survivor cells, development, etc., you will receive as a reward for completing the campaign and interacting with new characters at the main base. In addition, some restrictions related to class skills were removed that did not allow playing for certain characters. So it will be easier for beginners to get comfortable in the game.

Now, without a tree of skills, you will receive improvement points, various resources and experience, as well as the opportunity to upgrade your features in return for increasing your account level. After one of the upcoming updates, players who have reached the maximum level will receive rewards for their experience. The experience of such players will be taken into account already from update 6.30, so that in the future they will receive all well-deserved rewards.

When the changes take effect, you will not lose performance and progress, but perhaps become even stronger.You will automatically receive all the rewards that rely on the achieved level, and all open functions will remain available even if you have not reached the place of their receipt in the updated campaign. In addition, you will receive research points at the Lars Laboratory in accordance with your research progress.

Developers understand that there are a lot of changes, so those who are already playing will be able to reset the distributed points in the improvement room and laboratory several times to figure out how everything works.Finally, it is worth noting that the need to pre-select defenders has been removed from the game. The rules governing how many defenders you can call for missions and defending the storm shield remain in effect, but now you can simply call any defender with a guard post.

What is self-refund of cosmetic items, and how does it work? Using the means for self-return of cosmetic items, you can return no more than three non-expendable cosmetic items for the entire life of your account. The B-bucks you spent on these items will automatically return to you at the touch of a button! To independently return cosmetic items, follow these steps.

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Click the gear icon to open the options menu.
  3. Click the silhouette icon to open the "Account and Materials" section.
  4. Select "Submit Request."
  5. A list of all the items you bought in the game over the past 30 days will appear on the screen. Find the item you want to return and select it in this list.
  6. Then indicate the reason you want to return this item.
  7. After that, you will find yourself on the overview screen, where you can send a request by clicking on the "Send a return request" button.
  8. You will see a final confirmation screen with a warning that you can send a return request only 3 times for the entire time. If you have not changed your mind, select "Yes."
  9. The message "Refund request approved" appears on the screen, indicating the number of B-bucks returned to your account. Click "OK" to return to the "Account and Materials" page.
  10. After completing these steps, the purchased item will be removed from your inventory, and B-bucks will be returned to your account balance.
Remember that for all the time you can return no more than three items in this way. Consumable items cannot be returned.

What items can I return? You can return the following items:

What items cannot be returned? The following items cannot be returned:

Is it possible to replenish the stock of returns? In most games, purchased items cannot be returned, but each account has three return options. No additional returns will be issued.

How many days do I have for a refund? You have 30 days to return an item that can be returned.

Why canít you return the combat pass? A Battle Pass is an expendable improvement to your account, for which you gain experience and additional materials.

Why is it impossible to return the set of the Founder or its improvement? A set of the Founder and its improvements are expendable improvements to your account for which you gain experience and additional materials.

Why can not I return the starter kit? The starter kit contains B-bucks and several cosmetic items, so it cannot be returned.

Why can not I return the llama with prey? A llama with prey is a consumable item that contains random rewards, so it cannot be returned.

I have not installed the Easy Anti-Cheat app, and I canít get into the game. How to solve this problem? If you selected "No" when you were asked to install Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) after updating Fortnite, the game will not start. You will have to install this application yourself. To install Easy Anti-Cheat, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to close the EAC launcher.
  2. Launch Fortnite again from the client application.
  3. When Windows prompts you to install EAC, select Yes.

If for any reason this window does not appear, install the program manually:

  1. Open the Easy Anti-Cheat folder in the folder where you installed Fortnite. By default, this folder is located here: C: \ Program Files \ EpicGames \ Fortnite \ FortniteGame \ Binaries \ Win64 \ EasyAntiCheat.
  2. Locate the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file.
  3. Double-click on this file.
  4. Click on the "Install Easy Anti-Cheat" button.
  5. Open the Epic Games launcher and launch Fortnite.

How to send Fortnite error report? To send a message about an error found in Fortnite directly from the game, open the game menu:

Select Feedback, then Error. Leave a review by filling in the Subject and Message Text fields. Select "Submit."

Where can I find the control layout in the game and how to change the control on the PC or consoles? To find the default control layout, select the menu icon in the game. If you are already participating in the match, then you can do the following:

Click the gear icon to open the options menu. Select the tab with the type of control you want. If you use a keyboard and mouse, select the arrow icon.

If you are using a gamepad, select the appropriate icon. For PC: You can select the desired gamepad in the item "Gamepad configurations". For Switch: this platform has no keyboard options.

Can I play Fortnite without a network connection? Fortnite is an exclusively online game. It can not be played without connecting to the network.

I bought a Fortnite Founder kit. How do I get its contents? To get the booty, enter the game, open the "Battle with the Storm" and go to the tab "Booty". Some llamas will already be there, and you can open them.Other llamas can be bought for received tokens. Note: You will not spend B-bucks on the purchase of these lamas.You will also receive a portion of the contents of the kit as daily entry rewards. This content is listed below.

You need to open the llamas on the "Production" tab and collect their contents so that it becomes available in the game.

Where are the Fortnite servers located? Data centers are currently located in the following regions:

Can I trade with Fortnite? Trading with other players within the game is not supported. By exchanging things, you take full responsibility. Be careful - you can become a victim of scammers and be left without things.

I bought an improvement for the Fortnite Founder kit, but I suspect that I did not receive all of its contents. Where to look for him? When you purchase an improvement for the set of the Founder, you get only what distinguishes the new level of the set of the Founder from what you bought earlier. Example:

By purchasing an upgrade from the standard set to Deluxe, you will receive 6 exclusive emblems for the flag.Thus, their total number will become equal to the contents of the Deluxe-set.

What languages ??are currently available in Fortnite? Fortnite now supports the following languages:

My level dropped to 1st, and all progress disappeared

If your account displays Level 1, and your progress and purchases disappear, most likely your console account has been untied from your Epic Games account.

How could this happen? Your saved data is in an Epic account, not a console. If the console and Epic accounts are not connected, then the next time you start the game on this console, you wonít be able to access the saved data. You will be prompted to log into your existing Epic account or create a new one. If you refuse to log in, a new account will be created for the game that has no data. To resolve the issue, reconnect the console account to the Epic account by following these steps:

1. Log in to your console account and register an Epic account. First you need to register an account so that you can untie the console account from the newly created Epic account. On the computer: visit Epicgames.com and make sure you are logged out. Click the "Login" button (or the silhouette icon), but do not log in to your account.The "Community is waiting for you" page will appear. Click the console icon that you want to associate with your Epic account. Select the console on which you run the game from Epic.

After logging in, you will be prompted to register an account. Register your Epic account by filling out all the necessary fields and clicking on the "Save Changes" button.

2. Confirm your email address. During the registration of the account, you will be sent a confirmation letter to your email address. Open the confirmation email and select "Confirm Email Address", or copy and paste the link from the email into the browser. You will see a message stating that your email address is verified.

3. Untie the console account from the account that has no data. By confirming your email address, you can unlink the console account from your Epic account. After that, link the console account to the Epic account on which your data is stored:

4. Link the console account to your Epic account. By unlinking the console account, you can re-link it to the Epic account on which your data is stored. Select your display name from the menu. In the drop-down menu, select "Exit." Remaining on the Epic Games website, click on the "Login" button (or on the silhouette icon). Select the login option for the console account you just untied, and click on the "Login" button. You will be taken to this screen:

Select Link to Existing Account. Log in with the email address and password of the Epic account you want to associate with your console. Your registered Epic account is re-associated with the console. The next time you start the game, you will see progress and purchases.

How to delete my Epic Games account? Please note that deleting an account is irreversible. Before proceeding with the deletion, make sure that you really want it. You will lose all purchases, items, and game progress information associated with your Epic Games account. Before deleting an account, try temporarily disabling it.

To delete an account, log in and open the Personal Information page. Scroll to the "Delete Account" section and click on the "Delete Account" button. The Enter Security Code pop-up window will appear. Enter the security code received by e-mail to which your Epic Games account is linked.

Select Confirm Deletion. A pop-up window "Request to delete account sent" will appear.

Select Done. Now, on your personal data page, information about the processing of the request will be indicated.

How to team up with friends playing on different platforms? To team up with friends playing on different platforms, first make sure that the Epic Games account you use for the game is registered. Follow the steps below to team up with friends playing on different platforms:

  1. If you have not already done so, download the Epic Games Launcher to your computer.
  2. In the Epic Launcher, click on the Friends icon.
  3. A popup will appear. Click on the "Add Friend" icon.
  4. Enter your display name in Epic or your friendís email address. Note: Your friendís display name may not match the name of your friendís console account.
  5. Click on the Submit button.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add all your friends.
  7. Starting the game on the selected console / platform, enter the game lobby and start the match for couples or groups. Your friends will be able to join you by clicking on your display name and selecting "Join Group".

When playing on the console, the "Friends in Epic" button does not appear. How to fix it?If you want to play Fortnite on the console with friends playing on other platforms, but donít see the "Friends in Epic" button in the main menu, your profile may not be able to play with users of other platforms. In addition, the type of access to the game should be "Friends" or "Everyone". To allow the game with users of other platforms, click on the Fortnite menu icon on the console. Select the gear icon. When the options screen appears, select the tab with the title in the form of a gear.

Scroll to the item "Allow the game in teams from different platforms" and click on the right arrow to enable this function.

Return to the lobby and click on the menu icon. The Friends on Epic button should appear. Click on the "Add Friend" icon and start adding friends!

How to check access to the game? Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Fortnite menu icon in the running game.
  2. Make sure the access type is Friends or Everyone.

If the access type is "Closed", then click on the access button and select "Friends" or "For all." After that click on the Apply button.

What forms of payment can I use to buy? You can make purchases at Epic Games using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. Now Epic does not accept PayPal gift cards or transfers through this payment system, prepaid cards and virtual prepaid cards. Also, it is not allowed to use several forms of payment for one transaction. Please note that the availability of payment methods depends on the currency and your location.

How do I get a receipt for a purchase at Epic Games? Log in to your Epic Games account and resend the receipt for payment of purchases you made for real money. A receipt will be sent to the email address associated with your Epic Games account. If you made a purchase for real money through one of the partners (for example, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung or Sony), contact this partner for a receipt for payment.

How do I resend a purchase receipt? Log in to your Epic Games account and select the "Payment History" tab . Find the purchase whose receipt you need. Select a description for this purchase.

Click on the "Payment Details" link.

If the receipt was sent successfully, the message "Message sent" will appear on the screen.

Check if the receipt has arrived at your email address. If you havenít received the email in a few minutes, check your spam and bulk mail folders.

What is a MSInfo file, and how do I create it? The MSInfo file contains detailed information about the hardware and background processes of your computer. With it, developers can quickly and accurately analyze the sources of problems with launching Epic games and offer you solutions.

How to create a MSInfo file? To create the MSInfo file, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys.
  2. Type MSInfo32 and press Enter. The System Information window will appear.
  3. In the "System Information" window, select "File" from the top menu.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select "Export ...". After that, a window for choosing a place will appear.
  5. Choose where to save the file. Indicate the place where you can quickly find the desired file, for example, the desktop.
  6. Enter a name for the MSInfo Report in the File Name box.
  7. Click on the "Save" button. The export process may take several minutes.
  8. When the download bar is full and the process is completed, attach the file to the response to the technical support letter.

How do I disable two-factor authentication for an Epic Games account? To disable two-factor authentication (2FA), follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account page. (If you have not logged in yet, you will be prompted to do so.)
  2. Select the Password and Security tab.
  3. Select the "Disable" button next to the active two-factor authentication method:
  4. Disable Authenticator or Disable Email Authentication.

How do I change the shooting mode on a mobile device? The player is invited to select a shooting mode when first entering the game from a mobile device. After that, you can change the shooting mode using the interface layout in the main menu. Tap the menu icon.

Select Tool: Interface Layout. Touch the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to expand the side menu.

Select "Change shooting mode" and select your preferred shooting method. Touch the "Select" button to confirm your decision. You have successfully changed the shooting mode!

How do I activate my Epic Games account code? Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Code Activation page for the account.
  2. Log in to the account for which you want to activate the code. Note: You can skip this step if you are already logged in to your account.
  3. Enter the code in the appropriate field.
  4. Click on the "Activate" button.

How does the Battle Royale Gift System work? The gift system allows you to buy game materials for the "Royal Battle" for B-bucks and send them to friends. To send a gift you must enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and reach level 2 or higher.

What can not be given? Do not give the following:

What platforms can I give gifts on? List of platforms:

How to return sent gifts? You cannot return sent gifts. Be sure to correctly indicate the recipient of the gift.

I try to send a gift, but I get an error message. There are several reasons that cause an error message when sending a gift:

How to send a gift to the "Battle Royale"? Open the item store in the game. Choose what you want to give and click "Buy as a gift."

Select one or more recipients and click Continue.

Optional: you can add a gift box to your taste and message.

Click on the "Send" button, and your gift will be delivered to the recipient!

How to get a present in the Battle Royale? If you received a notification in the game: "You received a gift!", Click "Open", and your gift!

How to enable and disable the ability to receive gifts in my account? To change your gift options for your Epic Games account, follow these steps:

What control is used in the version for iPhone / Android? To find out the management layout, open the menu and select "Management Help." You can also see it in the diagram below.

How can I limit purchases or playing time for my child? You can set default parental control settings for your childís account.

How does the purchase cancel function work? The cancellation function allows you to return goods purchased in a Fortnite item store immediately after purchase. When you cancel the purchase, the item disappears from the account, and the spent B-bucks are returned to the account. You can use the cancel function once for each item purchased. To return an item immediately after purchase, click the "Cancel purchase" button, as shown in the image below.

Note: To use the cancellation function, you must remain on the page on which you purchased the product. If you leave the page or do not perform actions on it within an hour, the "Cancel purchase" button will become unavailable. If you try to purchase the same product again within 24 hours, the "Cancel purchase" button will be unavailable. However, you can cancel the purchase of any other product.

What items can be returned using the cancel a purchase function? The cancellation function is valid for:

What items cannot be returned using the cancellation function? The cancellation function is not valid for:

How to activate Auraís equipment and Levitation emotion? Go to the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy device and enter Fortnite in the search bar. The game will appear in the issue, if the device supports it. To get the Aura outfit and the Levitation emotion, use a Galaxy device that supports the game and follow the instructions below. Install Fortnite first. Aura equipment is issued one for each device. On suitable devices, all current Samsung software updates should be downloaded and installed (via the options menu) and Fortnite should be available on the Galaxy Store.

  1. Download and launch Fortnite using the Galaxy Store or Galaxy Game Launcher on a suitable Samsung Galaxy device. If Fortnite is not available on the Galaxy Store on your device, unfortunately the device does not support the game.
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account or create a new one.
  3. In the menu "Options"> "Account"> "Content"> "Select an Android store", make sure that Samsung is selected as the store. Note: if you downloaded Fortnite from the Galaxy Store, the desired store is selected automatically and does not appear in the settings.
  4. Go to the Fortnite store.
  5. Tap Aura equipment. Note: Aura equipment should appear in the store in the limited offers section.
  6. A pop-up window will appear asking you to register a bank card, if not already done.
  7. Click Next and register a bank card (no funds will be debited from the account).
  8. Touch Auraís gear again to receive gear and emotion or give them to a friend until December 31, 2019. Note: Two-factor authentication is required to send gifts.
  9. Auraís equipment and the Levitation emotion will appear in the locker.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Android Version Support

I cannot make a payment or purchase on a Samsung phone using the Samsung payment system. If you downloaded Fortnite to Samsung Game Launcher, all purchases for real money will be made using the Samsung payment system. Payments and their associated refunds are governed by the Terms and Conditions you have accepted for Samsung Galaxy (Samsung apps) owners of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Why is player selection unavailable and a USB debugging message appears? Epic doesnít allow Fortnite to run on Android devices that have developer mode enabled. To disable this mode on most Android devices, do the following:

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Scroll to the "For Developers" section.
  3. Turn off developer mode.

Why is the selection of players unavailable and a message appears that my device uses root rights, open bootloader, Android Debug Bridge and that it has not passed SafetyNet testing? This message appears when your device meets at least one of the above criteria. You cannot run Fortnite on such a device. As indicated in the message, any attempts to circumvent this check may cause your account to be blocked. Player Support cannot remove or disable this message.

Fortnite Battle Royale: PC Version Support

What are the minimum and recommended system configurations for running Fortnite? Fortnite is optimized for comfortable playing on a wide variety of computers so that as many as possible can join it. For the most pleasant experience of playing Fortnite on a PC, the following system configuration is recommended:

Minimum system configuration:

What are "Fortnite log files" and how can I send them to developers? Log files contain important information about the operation of the Fortnite application. They can be useful for developers to diagnose problems. To send them Fortnite log files:

  1. Close the Fortnite app.
  2. Go to C: \ Users \ "Your Username" \ AppData \ Local \ FortniteGame \ Saved \ Logs. *
  3. Put all the log files in the folder in the email you send.
Note: by default, the AppData folder is hidden.

Why doesnít the stormlord weapon pre-order code work in my region? If you purchased a physical copy of Fortnite for PC, you might have an error that reports that the code for obtaining the "Tempest Weapon Kit" is not valid in your area. The developers have identified the cause of the error and updated these codes on the server, so now you can use them without errors.

Generate Fortnite Procmon reports and Dependency Walker logs. Your support team may occasionally ask you to create Fortnite Dependency Walker and Procmon logs to help resolve technical issues. These logs can track some complex issues. They do not have to be created unless you are specifically asked about it.

Using Dependency Walker. The following describes how to create Fortnite logs using Dependency Walker.

Using Procmon. Sometimes developers are unable to determine the source of the problem using the Dependency Walker. Procmon is another tool that can be used to detect errors. To generate the Procmon log, follow these steps:

The window in Procmon should start filling up. When an error window appears in the launcher, close the message, return to Procmon, and do the following:

Fortnite Battle Royale: PS4 Version Support

Why arenít my B-bucks moving between platforms? B-bucks purchased on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are only available on the platform on which they were purchased. B-bucks purchased on other platforms are available everywhere. The number of B-bucks on your account may vary depending on the platform on which you play. Letís look at a few examples.

The limitations described above apply only to B-bucks. Any materials purchased for B-bucks will be available on all platforms.

If I play Fortnite in Battle Royale or Storm Battle on different platforms, are my purchases and game progress synchronized? All game progress and in-game purchases, with the exception of certain types of B-bucks tied to a particular console / platform, are available from any device.

Note: All consoles / platforms must be signed in with the same Epic Games account.

Troubleshooting on PS4. If you are having trouble accessing Fortnite on your PS4, try clearing the temporary files on the console.

  1. Turn off the PS4.
  2. Pull out the power cable.
  3. Wait 2 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power cable.
  5. Turn on the console.
  6. PS4 will reinstall all available updates.
  7. Launch Fortnite.

Then reinstall the Fortnite app on your console.

  1. Find the tiles of the Fortnite game.
  2. With the tile selected, click on the Options button.
  3. Select "Delete."
  4. Reinstall Fortnite from the game library.

Can I share Fortniteís "Battle with the Storm" on the PlayStation 4 with a friend? You cannot share Fortniteís "Battle with the Storm" on the PlayStation 4 with other players. To play the Storm Fight campaign, you must purchase the Fortnite Founder pack.