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Frostborn WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

FROSTBORN: COOP SURVIVAL is a game for android with release date 10/17/2020 from Kefir! Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Survival Guide
  2. Base Secrets
  3. How to develop your neighborhood?
  4. A beginner’s guide
  5. Ways to get mounts
  6. An Overview of Useful Gaming Features
  7. Family Features
  8. Raiding
  9. Odin’s Shrine Walkthrough

Frostborn: Survival Guide

What do you need to do in the game? Survival in the harsh northern world of Frostborn is your main task. Try to stock up on food, get weapons and armor. The walls of the base can protect against random raids, but remember that it is always much easier to fight off an attack together than alone. Look for allies, unite with them in a family, develop and strengthen your settlement together. This world will be abandoned by the gods, and hordes of the dead roam its lands, but who knows what treasures await the brave explorers.

How to build your base? First you have to get some wood - dry branches can be picked up directly from the ground. Build mode is activated by the button under the mini-map, on the right side of the screen. Pave the floor first, then build walls and doors. Place the desired objects inside the resulting rooms.

Where to get food and water? Your character can die of hunger and thirst, so keep an eye on his condition (icons above the character will prompt critical needs). At first, you will have to be content with raw meat, berries and mushrooms. But by building a fire, a meat dryer and a vegetable garden on the base, you will be able to cook more satisfying food. Certain dishes can even temporarily increase a character’s stats!

Water can be found at various locations in chests or on the corpses of enemies. If you don’t want to depend on such finds, build a water collector at the base that collects life-giving moisture in empty bottles.

How to light a fire in a fire? A bonfire will help cook food with basic raw ingredients, but you will need fuel to keep the fire going. It is added to the bottom slot in the bonfire window. Any kind of wood, plank or coal can be used as fuel.

How to replenish the water supply? You can find water bottles in chests while exploring different locations. But to organize constant replenishment, build on the base "Water Collector" - its recipe is available from level 6. You will need empty bottles for the collector to run smoothly.

Where to get coal? Coal can be found, but it is much faster to get it by burning wood or planks on a fire. To do this, place materials (wood / planks) in both slots - the ingredient slot and the fuel slot.

Where can I find copper? Copper ore can be found while mining stone in locations with a red difficulty marker (usually the farthest from your base).

Where can I find the Rune of Strength and Magic Dust? The Rune of Strength, like other rare valuable items (for example, magic dust, forged fasteners, etc.), is easiest to find in shrines. Although, if you’re lucky, you’ll find them in other locations as well.

Where can I find resources for construction and crafting? If you have just started the game, then the first thing to do is carefully explore the territory of your base. Limestone chunks and dry twigs can be picked up directly from the ground. You will need tools to cut wood or quarry stone.

In the future, to extract resources, you will have to make sorties to other locations. To do this, switch to the world map mode by running out of the base (the border is indicated by colored fog). Wood and ore of different types are easiest to find in forest locations and in the mountains, respectively. Rarer resources are often hidden in underground vaults. And the most valuable finds you will find in ancient sanctuaries.

Don’t miss the temporary events that periodically appear on the world map! They often provide a rare opportunity to quickly get resources and good equipment.

How to determine the difficulty of locations? The relative complexity of a location will be indicated by the color of its marker and the marker with shards in the location information window. Often in the world of Frostborn, the following rule works: the further the location is from your base, the more dangerous it is to be in it.

Remember that difficulty depends on the overall quality of your current gear. For example, if you find it difficult to explore the sanctuaries, try to get / make better weapons and armor first.

Frostborn: Base Secrets

How to improve the floor and walls at the base? First, go to Build Mode (the button under the minimap on the right side of the screen). Select the subject you want to enhance. In the window that appears, the game will indicate what resources you need to improve. If there are enough resources in your inventory, the "Upgrade" button will be active - by pressing it, the object will be improved instantly.

How do I place an object on the floor? Some properties require an improved floor for installation. If you are having trouble installing an item, first check that the floor is suitable for it.

How to upgrade a door or wall? Before you can upgrade a door or wall, you will need to upgrade the adjacent floor. For example, stone walls can only be built at the boundaries of a stone floor.

How to make the melting furnace work? First of all, it is worth checking whether the amount of ingredients loaded into the oven corresponds to the recipe. Perhaps the stove is running out of fuel (wood, planks or coal - they are put in the bottom slot). In addition, the smelting furnace can be filled as much as possible with finished ingots.

I can’t build a room, I see the message "There must be a door." What to do? Make sure the room you are building has a door that leads out of the building (and not into the next room). Such a construction condition was introduced into the game specifically to prevent the so-called honeycombing - the creation of many separate cell rooms.

Frostborn: How to develop your neighborhood?

Your area in the city. After creating a character and completing several starting tasks, you will be able to establish your district in New Heim. From now on, you can contact the elder to build new buildings in the area or improve existing ones. The elder can always be found in the central square.

To develop the area, you will need resources that you need to collect in various locations. The carrier will deliver these resources to the city on his cart - be sure to check it from time to time to see exactly what materials are needed for the current stage of construction.

NPC in the city. As the city develops, more and more NPCs will appear in it, who will provide their services:

If some buildings are not yet built in your area, you can go to another popular area and contact the NPC there.

Can a second repair table be built? Yes it is possible. A second repair table can be installed in your area. But for this, you will first have to take care of the development of the area and build other buildings.

Frostborn: A beginner’s guide

Classes of playable characters. In Frostborn, your character belongs to one of the classes available to him. You start the game (optional) as a Warrior, Archer, or Healer. And then you gradually open up new classes with your own specific playing roles and spells. The initial choice of the class does not oblige you to play it all the time. You can change your class almost at any time.

What happens if my character dies? The deceased character does not ascend to Valhalla, but is reborn in the human world, at his base - with an empty inventory and without equipment available at the time of death. You can try to return to your corpse to pick up valuable items. But if the corpse is in a remote location, it can be looted faster than you get there, and the corpse will disappear.

Items have partially lost their durability after the death of the hero! This is as it should be, this is not a game fault. Despite the fact that in Frostborn the death of a hero is a common occurrence, it does not go without consequences. After the death of a character, his equipment loses a certain percentage of its durability.

How do I get Mastery Points? Find Odin’s altar in the central square of New Heim and donate any weapon or armor. You will need mastery points to unlock new playable classes.

Where can I get the Sphere of Defense? The Sphere of Protection is sold in the in-game store.

Why don’t events appear on the world map? You must spend some time in the game actively exploring the world before new events appear on the map.

What is armor specialization and how does it work? Specialization is the preferred armor for a specific playable class. She gives him a tangible bonus to the parameter of defense. Therefore, it is always beneficial to use armor that matches the specialization.

Tournaments. Tournaments are available for characters level 8 or higher. You can open the tournament window using the button located in the upper right part of the screen. To take part in the tournament, you need to complete the starting task. After that, the game will select suitable opponents and announce the start of the tournament.

You have to compete with other players in collecting resources and killing monsters. The more valuable the resource, and the stronger the monster, the more tournament points you will receive for it. The winners are the players with the most points at the end of the tournament. If you didn’t manage to pick up the rewards immediately after the end of the tournament, don’t worry. Prizes will be emailed to you.

Why is the Mark of Fortitude / Magic / Dexterity needed? These items are used to create powerful weapons. Depending on the type of weapon, you will need this or that sign. For example, the Mark of Fortitude is required for melee weapons.

How can I change my nickname in the game? Go into inventory and click the character edit button - to the left of the hero’s health bar. In the window that opens, press the button for editing the name - at the bottom of the screen. Enter a new name and click the Confirm button. The character nickname cannot contain special characters and spaces. Obscene, offensive names can lead to a ban, so choose a nickname deliberately. The game can limit the maximum number of name changes per month.

How do I change a character’s appearance? Go into inventory and click the character edit button - to the left of the hero’s health bar. Select the new desired appearance settings using the Left / Right buttons. To save the result, use the "Confirm" button.

I completed a daily quest but did not receive a reward. The reward for completing a daily task is not automatically issued. You need to return to New Heim and talk to the character who gave you the task - he will give you a reward.

I completed my daily quest but forgot to claim my reward. Will she disappear the next day? No, the reward for the completed daily quest is saved, and you can return for it later. But keep in mind that by picking up the reward later (and not on the day of completion), you may not receive a new daily task from the character.

What does premium access give? Each completed story mission gives you specific rewards. They are available to absolutely all Frostborn players. But if you open premium access, you will receive additional unique prizes for each task. You can see the general list of rewards in the tasks window.

Will I receive additional rewards for previously completed tasks if I open premium access? Yes. When you open premium access, you can immediately receive premium rewards for all tasks that you completed earlier. Even if you have already collected the usual rewards for these tasks.

How do I start the game over? To start a new game, you need to change the server:

  1. In the game settings, find the section where your current game server is listed. Click the "Change" button;
  2. In the list of servers, select a new server and click the "Change" button at the bottom of the window;
  3. You will see a warning that when you switch to a new server, you will start the game over. Click Yes. Please note that progress will be saved on the current server - you can go back whenever you want.

How to avoid losing progress? These tips will help you avoid losing progress:

How do I change my push notification settings? Push notifications allow the game to send you messages while you are not in the game. If you want to enable / disable push notifications on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open device settings;
  2. Select "Notifications" (Apps & notifications);
  3. Select the game in the "Applications" list;
  4. Turn on notifications in the app settings. By changing the settings, you can enable or disable the game from sending you notifications.

Frostborn: Ways to get mounts

Mounted animals. Several basic types of mounts can be found in the game: horses, wolves, bears. They differ in both appearance and characteristics, and different skills. Once you have selected a mount in your collection (the collection button is located at the bottom right of the inventory screen), you can summon that mount and ride it.

In tombs, sanctuaries and some other locations, the call of the animal is not available. You cannot use weapons, use spells, or use combat devices while sitting on horseback. But some mounts have skills that can be used in combat. To upgrade your mounts, visit the Stable in New Heim.

How do I get a mountable wolf or bear? Visit the Stable in Novy Heim and try to exchange mounts from your collection. With each exchange, you have a chance to get an animal of a new rank. With each rank, the mount gains new skills. In addition, as the rank increases, there is a chance to unlock a new type of animal - for example, a wolf or a bear - with improved characteristics and unique skills.

How do I get a horse? The Horse is the first mount that is relatively easy to obtain in the game. To do this, you need to build a stable in your camp. After that, do not forget to leave a sufficient number of carrots there - and after a while you will get a horse.

How do I increase the rank of a mount? The owner of the stall in Novy Heim will help you. For his services in a popular area, you will have to pay silver. But if you invest resources in building your area, you can exchange mounts there for free.

Please note that the exchange of animals for new ones - with a higher rank - occurs with a chance. For example, you have no guarantees that when you exchange even four animals of rank 3, you will definitely get a new animal of rank 4.

Frostborn: An Overview of Useful Gaming Features

Tombs. The inhabitants of the north have long had a useful habit of making supplies of food, weapons and other useful resources in underground caches - just in case. Because in these harsh lands you never feel completely safe and you cannot be sure of anything. After the exodus of the gods and the appearance of the dead, many cellars were plundered. But you can still find valuable finds in them. Seeing the descent into the underground cache, do not run past!

Aggressive mode. By default, all players in the Frostborn world are neutral towards each other. If you want to attack another player, you will have to activate "Aggressive mode" in advance. But keep in mind that after activating "Aggressive Mode" all players will be able to freely attack you in response.

Alchemist’s table. Having made such a table and installed it on the base, you will be able to brew various useful potions. For example, "Healing Potion" will quickly heal your character’s wounds, and "Berserker Potion" will temporarily increase the damage done.

Engineer’s desk. "Engineer’s table" is installed on your base and opens up the possibility of designing various combat devices. For example, a projectile "Fire Bomb" when it hits a target inflicts damage and sets the enemy on fire, and a "Stunning Trap" is set on the ground and immobilizes an unwary enemy who approaches it.

Repair table. The repair table is installed in your home settlement. It is designed to repair weapons or armor and is able to fully restore their strength in 24 hours.

It is important to take into account that the item placed on the repair table is blocked until the end of the repair! You cannot take it back until it is fully restored. But if you want, you can speed up the repair with coins.

Shields and swords. The classic combat combination of shield and sword allows you to maintain a balance between attack and defense. The shield and the sword are good choices for players who want to be "tanks". Covering themselves with a shield, they can distract opponents to themselves and withstand their attacks longer.

Where is the Warding Totem located and why is it needed? The defensive totem is located in the center of the home location, on the border of the players’ areas. Totem magic prevents enemies from entering the territory of your village. But the Totem periodically needs to restore its strength - during this period you are vulnerable to attacks from other players. After each participation in a raid on foreign settlements, the Totem is activated for 48 hours. If you take part in a new raid before the end of this period, the Totem will extend its work again for 48 hours, overwriting the rest of the previous time.

For example: you took part in a raid. Therefore, the totem will be active for the next 48 hours. After the break, you returned to the game, at that moment the remaining working time of the Totem was 20 hours. And you took part in the raid again. After the raid, the remaining working time of the Totem will be 48 hours. If the Warding Totem does not work, your settlement may be discovered and attacked by other players.

If you want to be guaranteed to defend against attacks, the Sphere of Defense will help you instantly restore the Totem’s power. Each used Orb adds 24 hours to the working time of the totem. The time added by the Orb is not reset after participating in a raid. Also, before starting a raid, you can use Diplomacy to make peace with your neighbors (and allow them to enter your home territory!) Or openly declare war on someone.

Magic wall. This wall creates a Protective Totem, which is located in the center of the home location. The totem does not allow other players to enter your territory, but it periodically needs to restore its strength - during this period you are vulnerable to attacks from other players. After each participation in the raid, the Totem is activated for 48 hours. Also, the Sphere of Protection will help you instantly add 24 hours to the current supply of the Totem’s working time.

The crow’s roost and how it works. Ravens are very observant birds. They will report on all the important events that have occurred in your settlement during your absence. But in order to get the maximum information from the crows, they will have to be fed. Hungry birds are extremely reluctant to share what they see.

A store. The point of sale allows you to exchange items with players from neighboring settlements. Please note that the exchange is based on trust and is governed exclusively by oral agreements! A dishonest neighbor can easily steal items offered for exchange.

What is the Ash Crypt and how do I get there? The Ash Crypt is a unique tomb with special opponents and dangerous obstacles. The entrance to it visually differs from the entrances to ordinary tombs and can be found in the locations of the Foothills of the Desperate and the Forest of the Damned by Odin. There you can also meet the ghosts of the dead Vikings, who carry special rings with them - you will need them to open the door to the Ash Crypt.

Daily tasks. Some residents of New Heim may ask you to complete various tasks for them. The set of these tasks is randomly updated once a day. The accepted daily quest is displayed at the very top of the quest list and is marked with a special symbol. By clicking on the text of the task, you can open an additional information window. After completing the daily quest, you will need to go back to New Heim and talk to the character who issued the quest in order to receive a reward.

Personal items. Personal items are a special type of items, actions with flogged are available only to their owner. In other words, you cannot take or remove someone else’s personal item. In addition, you cannot put your personal items in someone else’s chest. They can only be found in your chests or inventory.

Why do you need a basement in a home settlement? Only the owner can open the hatch to the basement. Accordingly, the basement is maximally protected from the encroachments of raiders. Your most valuable belongings and resources should be kept here.

Where is Odin’s altar and why is it needed? Odin’s altar is located in the central square of New Heim. With the help of the altar, you can donate weapons or armor - this will give you the skill points that are required to open new playable classes.

Please note that the higher the value of the item, the more mastery points it will bring when donating.

Mercenary insignia. Mercenary insignia allow you to automatically clear locations. With this, you instantly gain experience, influence points and loot. Mercenary insignia can be obtained as rewards for some tasks or bought in the in-game store.

Frostborn: Family Features

How to start a family? To access family management, use the Family Flag at your base. If for some reason the flag is missing on the base, it will have to be made and installed. The flag recipe is available from the 1st level. For crafting, you need wood and stone (easy to find in any location), as well as rope and cloth (search the corpses of monsters).

To set a custom flag, go to Build Mode (the button below the minimap) and then find the flag in the Furniture section. After interacting with the flag, the following actions will be available to you: "Create a family" and "Find a family". Choosing "Create a family", you get to the window for managing the family. Now you can invite other players to areas adjacent to your base to build a settlement and explore the world together.

How do I invite friends to my family? By clicking on the "Plus" button on the land, you will open the player selection menu. The game itself will select several random partners for you (the list can be updated using the button with the image of a dice). You can also find and invite a specific player by entering their unique digital ID in the field on the right (shown next to the player’s name). The "Invite" button will send an invitation to the family to the selected player. Once he accepts it, the player will join you.

With the help of the "Family Flag" you can also join an already created family. To do this, select "Find Family" and enter the exact name of the family in the search box. The "Submit Request" button will send an application to join the family leader. You may have to dissolve yours first before joining another family. To do this, use the "Dissolve family" button in the family management window.

How do I rename a family? Open the family management window - the button to the left of the mini-map or use the "Family Flag" on the base. Click the edit family name button at the top of the screen. Only the family leader can rename a family.

How do I leave my family? Open the family management menu using the button to the left of the minimap, or use the "Family Flag" at the base. Find a base site with your in-game name. Select it, and then - select the "Leave family" option.

How to kick a player out of the family? Open the family management window - the button to the left of the mini-map or use the "Family Flag" on the base. Select the player you want to kick, then select the "kick out" option. Only the leader of the family can kick a player out of the family.

What happens if the family leader decides to leave her? In this case, the game will automatically appoint another player as the leader. All the possibilities of a family leader will pass to him.

Can players from different regions unite in a family? Unfortunately no. There is currently no technical feasibility for this. The game offers you potential partners from the same territorial region (Europe, America, Asia) in which you are currently located. You can change the region to the one in which the desired partner is located. But it is worth considering that game progress is saved for each region separately.

I recently left / disbanded families and now I cannot join another. After disbanding (or leaving) a family, you need to wait a while before the game will re-grant access to operations with the family. This is done specifically to prevent dishonest manipulation between families and / or individual players.

The player himself left my family. Now his site is blocked, and I cannot invite another player there. It’s not a mistake. The home settlement site is blocked for 24 hours in two cases: when you yourself kicked the player out of the family, and if the player left the family of his own free will.

Frostborn: Raiding

How to start a raid? Raids open at level 10. You will need a family of 4 for a raid, because doing raids alone usually means certain death against a family of 4 armed to the teeth. To start a raid, press the "Raid" button at the top of the screen, which looks like an ax and a shield. Once you click the button, you will see the raids window.

The raid begins after completing the search for opponents. You can use this time to offer peace, declare war, or trade. The total raid time is maximum 30 minutes. The raid launch button is right below the window. Use the Diplomatic Table to declare war on someone.

How to protect yourself from raiders? In the world of Frostborn, no one can guarantee you absolute safety. Develop and improve your village, change ordinary walls to more fortified ones - it’s harder to break them. Do not keep all valuable resources or items in one chest, it is better to distribute them among several, which are located in different parts of the base.

Remember that the higher the quality of the chest, the more expensive a lockpick will be required to open it. If you nevertheless become a victim of raiders, your village will be protected from repeated attacks for a certain time. This will give you a chance to calmly assess the raid’s consequences and restore / improve the base.

Can’t open chests on the enemy base! Most likely, you forgot to bring your lockpicks with you. When you enter the territory of a foreign village in raid mode, all the chests located there will be considered locked. To open them, you need lockpicks. The higher the quality of the chest, the more expensive a lockpick is required to open it.

Where can I find the bomb of the northerners? The extremely powerful bomb of the northerners is a very rare find. If you are lucky, you will find it in the most difficult locations in the game (such as, for example, sanctuaries).

Why didn’t I get retaliated? Not all players are aggressive and vindictive. Therefore, it may well happen that your attack on someone else’s village will remain unanswered.

Frostborn: Odin’s Shrine Walkthrough

What is a sanctuary, why is it in the game? Each of the sanctuaries is dedicated to one of the northern gods, with whom the people of the Frostborn world have long lived in close proximity. Now, after the mysterious disappearance of the gods, it is in the sanctuaries that the secret of the mysterious exodus of the celestials is hidden. These are unique game zones of increased difficulty, for passing which you can receive the most valuable rewards.

Where can I find an offering to Odin? To access the shrine, you will need an appropriate offering. It can be found in any location, on the corpses of enemies or in chests.

Died in the sanctuary. Have I lost all items? No, you can go back. If you are lucky, no one will touch your character’s corpse, and you can pick up equipment and other items.

How often is the sanctuary updated? Every 48 hours, new enemies and loot chests appear in the shrines. Who knows what you will find there this time?

Where are the treasures and how do I open them? Three treasuries - Common, Noble and Royal - are located in the Guest Hall in Odin’s Sanctuary. To get inside the treasury you need to get the required number of pendants: Wooden, Steel or Gold, depending on the type of treasury you want to enter. Of course, the contents of the Royal Treasury are the most attractive, but pendants are also the most difficult for it to get. You can get pendants of different types for killing opponents in the Shrine of Odin.

Article author: Nadezhda D.