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Frozen City WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Frozen City is a simulation developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd. You have to manage the settlements that survived the snow apocalypse. Develop cities, master new industries, get resources and fight against enemies. The gameplay can be divided into several conditional parts: building a city, taking care of survivors, recruiting and pumping heroes, as well as conducting battles on the map. The game has a fascinating plot, good drawing, addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Guide to heroes and their leveling
  3. Survivor Secrets
  4. All About Buildings
  5. Your Stats
  6. Technical Issues
  7. Frozen City Pros and Cons

Frozen City: Beginner’s Guide

How to conduct battles? You can choose up to five heroes for each battle stage. A successful battle rewards Wish Stars and enhances the offline rewards you can receive.

If you lose the battle, try to change the heroes in the squad or improve them. Sometimes all that is needed is to correct the positions of the heroes.

Map. To enter the map, click on the "Map" button in the lower right corner of the game screen, and then the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. The map shows all the cities that are currently available to you and allows you to travel between open cities. Moving to another city will not affect production in the city where you are currently located.

Main resources and how to get them. Here are the functions and ways to get the four most important game resources:

Offline awards. Survivors will continue to work even in your absence. This means that when you return to the game, you can collect offline rewards. The offline report is divided into three parts:

Adventure. You can select heroes at the beginning of the adventure and recruit additional soldiers along the way to advance as far as possible. Adventure rewards and chances reset daily.

Schedule. The daily routine shows your survivors’ regular daily activities, including work, food, and sleep.

Shop. In the store, you can purchase diamonds, sets, and privileges, as well as open chests to get heroes and other resources.

Watchtower. The watchtower will open when you reach Plains City. Upgrading the watchtower increases the movement speed of your survivors. You can also assign certain heroes to the watchtower to reduce the propensity for survivors to go on strike.

Weekend events. The two weekend events that are currently available in the game are Sea Farm and Grandfather’s Farm. Events give resources such as chests, diamonds, shining stars, and random hero cards.

Frozen City: Guide to heroes and their leveling

Who are the heroes? Heroes are survivors who were born to fight. Each hero has a unique set of skills that they can use in combat. Learn the skills of each hero and use them to the best of your ability to build the strongest team possible. Heroes not only excel in combat, but also help a lot in exploring lands and collecting rare resources.

How can I improve the heroes or add stars to them? Heroes can be upgraded using wish stars until you reach the highest hero level. The highest level can be increased by adding stars to the heroes. You can add stars to a hero using that hero’s cards. Specific requirements may vary for different heroes.

Where can I find my heroes? The heroes will unlock when you reach the Valley City. To view the heroes you have, click on the "Map" button in the lower right corner of the game screen.

Why do I need heroes? You’ll need the help of heroes to collect Wish Stars and Radiant Stars, two rare resources to improve building production and city management. Upon reaching the Plains City, you will also be able to assign heroes to different buildings to speed up the development of your city.

How can I get more heroes? You can get heroes from the shop or various quests.

Frozen City: Survivor Secrets

Who are the survivors? The survivors are those who managed to get here in search of salvation from the bitter cold. Help them out by building various buildings that provide food, natural resources and shelter from the weather.

Where can I find more survivors? You can get more survivors by adding new beds to the dorm. A new survivor will arrive shortly after you add the bed.

Why do my survivors want to eat, get sick or even die? Survivors may be hungry, sick, and even die. When this happens, click on the "i" behind the survivor icon at the top of the game screen and check if the three basic needs of the survivors are met.

Basic needs of survivors. Survivors have three basic needs. If they are not satisfied, the survivors may die.

Why aren’t my survivors working? There are several reasons:

Can survivors work at night? You can ask survivors to stay awake if you run out of resources, but be aware that this will cause a drastic change in their need for rest.

Frozen City: All About Buildings

Building. Buildings in different cities may vary. The most common buildings will be considered below.

Workshop. Survivors can produce new tools, clothes, materials, etc. in the workshop.

Coal mine. Survivors can mine coal in a coal mine.

Waste collection station. Survivors can mine pieces of iron at the garbage collection station.

Dormitory. In the hostel, survivors can relax and gain strength for a new day.

Foundry. Survivors can craft iron ingots, copper wires, nails, etc. at the foundry. The products of different foundries may vary.

Hospital. Sick survivors can be treated in the hospital.

Copper mine. Survivors can mine copper in the copper mine.

Industrial greenhouse. Survivors can pick cotton in the industrial greenhouse.

Greenhouse. Survivors can collect potatoes in the greenhouse, which are needed for the kitchen.

Kitchen. Survivors can cook and eat in the kitchen.

Industrial oven. The industrial oven is located in the city center and plays a key role in keeping residents warm in severe frosts.

Sawmill. Survivors can get wood at the sawmill, which is necessary for the operation of an industrial furnace.

Iron mine. Survivors can extract iron in the iron mine, which is necessary for the production of iron ingots.

Hunting lodge. Survivors can produce hunting accessories in the hunting lodge.

Mechanical plant. Survivors can produce steam engines or generators at the mechanical plant.

Frozen City: Your Stats

Sections of statistics. The stats will unlock when you reach the Plains City and will consist of two sections:

Review. The review is also divided into two parts:

The production speed and cost are shown behind each resource icon.

production chain. The production chain shows details about production and price at each stage. When survivors eat or sleep, simulated data will be shown.

Frozen City: Technical Issues

Where can I find my game ID? To find your game ID, click on the gear icon on the right side of the game screen. Your game ID is shown at the bottom of the screen. You can also click on the ID to copy it.

Connect to your social network to have access to progress on different devices. By connecting your game to the social network, you can:

To connect your game progress to social networks, click on the gear icon on the right side of the game screen, and then select the desired social network from the list.

I connected my game to a social network, how can I access my progress on another device? To access your progress on another device, sign in to your social app account on the new device. Your game progress will be automatically synced when you launch the game.

How can I reset my account? Resetting your account will result in the loss of all your game progress and purchased items, and you will have to start over from level 1. If you are sure you want to reset your account, please provide the following information to the support team using the account you want to reset:

To contact support, click on the gear icon on the right side of the game screen, and then on the "Support" button at the bottom of the screen.

How can I transfer my game progress after changing devices? To transfer your game progress to a new device, contact support and provide the following information:

When transferring progress, game progress on a new device will be permanently lost.

Frozen City Pros and Cons

Before you is a new interesting simulator where you have to manage snow-covered cities in the conditions of eternal cold. It all starts with the construction of basic buildings and the implementation of the simplest tasks with a few workers. Gradually, you will be able to develop your settlements, set up various industries in them, attract dozens of people to work and provide them with the necessary conditions for survival. The game is really addictive and has already fallen in love with many fans of the genre around the world. Pros of the game:


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