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Walkthrough Frozen Flowers: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FROZEN FLOWERS - Android game with release date 04/01/2019 from the company Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Why can not I improve the location? I collected all the stars, and I have a task. You have reached the maximum level in this location. You should wait for one of the following updates to improve the location and complete the task.

How to get to the circus? A wandering circus appears on the map of Flores and disappears from it when he wants, but you will definitely receive an alert when you enter the game.

I ran out of tickets to the circus, where can I get them? Complete story missions and go through locations: with a successful passage, you are most likely to receive a ticket to the circus as a reward. Hurry up: you can get tickets only while the circus is visiting Flores! Also keep track of their number: in one hand - ten tickets maximum.

When will I receive a reward for completing circus levels? The first bonus you will receive when you first start the game during the "Vagrant Circus" event - several free tickets for completing circus levels. You can only receive the final reward after you have successfully completed all levels of the circus. You will also receive intermediate rewards as you progress through the circus levels.

I went into the game, but there is no circus! Check your level: the entrance to the circus opens only from level 7. In addition, the circus is not for nothing called a stray! Visit Flores more often, and one day the circus will come again.

Will I be able to continue playing from the level where I graduated when the circus returns next time? Each time the circus comes with a new performance: thanks to this, you have the opportunity to receive new awards from time to time. Tickets are saved and do not disappear.

I cannot rise above level 74. Why? At the moment, this is the maximum level in the game, but the developers of the game are already working on an update in which new dizzying levels and lots of interesting things are waiting for you.

What is piggy piggy bank? Piggy bank is a unique game offer, thanks to which you can buy crystals even cheaper! Go through the levels, and for each level crystals will fall into the piggy bank. Once the piggy bank is full, you can buy crystals at an incredibly favorable price!

Is Frozen Flowers a free game? Download, install and play Frozen Flowers absolutely free. In-game currency is used to accelerate progress in the game, but all gaming features are available without it. The game has special offers that are purchased in the Frozen Flowers game store. For security reasons, all purchases are made through the App Store. Game currency, as well as useful and rare game items, can be obtained during special game events.

Im out of energy! How to restore it? Energy can be replenished in three ways:

  1. Use special energy items. They can be received as a reward for the surrender of some collections, as well as exchanging characters on the map and chasing away monsters.
  2. Reach the next level. Energy is fully replenished and its maximum supply increases when your level rises.
  3. Wait. Energy will recover itself after a while.

What are crystals for? Crystals is the currency of Flores, their number is displayed in the upper right corner.Thanks to crystals, you can get what you cant get for gold coins or resources:

You can get crystals in different ways:

What does the symbol on the job icon mean? Some tasks are marked with a special symbol in the upper left corner of the task window. These are storyline quests. The symbol indicates which event or action the task belongs to. Completing tasks gives a lot of bonuses:

What are collections for? Performing tasks, you will receive as a gift or find on the levels different objects that can be combined into collections. Each collection consists of the items themselves, the charges of the collection and the final item. Charging the collection - items without which it is impossible to complete the collection and get the final item. Missing charges can be found during the exchange or purchased for crystals.

The final item is the item that is required to complete the final assignment of the entire chain. As soon as you collect one of the collections, you will receive a reward for your efforts! The reward for completing the collection is listed below the list of required items. The list of collections is opened by the "Collections" button at the bottom of the screen. You can filter them on "Ready for delivery", "4 items out of 5" and "New."

How to get around field barriers?

How do hammers, bombs and other boosters work? When passing levels you can use special boosters.Boosters can be rewarded or purchased in the appropriate section of the game store. The game has the following boosters:

What modes are in the game? Modes passing levels are constantly changing. It is impossible to predict in which mode you will pass the level next time. In order to access some game modes, you will need to score a certain number of experience points or open new locations. To complete some tasks you need to play a level in a certain mode. The game has the following modes:

How do amulets work? To facilitate the gameplay, you can use special amulets. Amulets have the following properties:

Amulets can be obtained as a reward or purchased in the game store. Their number is displayed in your inventory in the "Amulets" section.