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Walkthrough Fruit Nibblers: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FRUIT NIBBLERS - Android game with release date 09/09/2015 from the company Rovio. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Guide for beginners
  2. What are boosters and how can I get them?
  3. What are Nibblers and how can I create them?
  4. Tournaments

Guide for beginners

What levels exist and how to get through them? Level goals are displayed in a pop-up notification before it starts and at the top of the level. To clear a level, you need to reach the level goals. Each level can have one or more goals.

What are boosters and how can I get them?

There are two types of boosters that can help you on levels: pre-session boosters and inside-game boosters. Pre-session boosters can be obtained by watching short commercials before attempting to re-pass the level, or by selecting it at tournament levels. Watching ads gives you the opportunity to get one free booster from which you can start the level. Available boosters are Coral, Block Destroyer and Rainbow Fruit.

The Block Destroyer will damage random blocks on the level, while the Rainbow Fruit will destroy all fruits of the same color. At tournament levels you can choose three boosters to start the level. Tournament-level boosters available: Triple Coral, Double Beatling, Octo, Rainbow Fruit and Block Destroyer.

Inside game boosters include Crab Bash and Octo Strike. These boosters can be purchased with coins. To select a booster, press the booster button in the upper right corner of the level. To deselect a booster, press the button again. Use Crab Punch to destroy any target or multiple targets on a single cell. Octo Beat grinds the target and adds Okto to the target cell.

What are Nibblers and how can I create them?

Nibblers are fish that have the power to clear rows and columns of fruits. Nibblers are also used to clean lizards that are not exposed to fruit matches. You can use Nibblers to damage blocks in their path, but beware of stone blocks as they stop Nibblers. Cactus blocks will also stop the Nibblers, but they will take damage from the blow.

Coral. You will need to collect four identical fruits to cause coral. It can delete one row or column at a time.When you hit Coral with another Nibbler on the left or right, it will run vertically in both directions. When you hit Coral with another Nibbler from above or below, Coral launches in both horizontal directions.

Bitelings. By matching five or more fruits in a corner, you get Bitelings, a bunch of little scoundrels that rush about in all four directions when they are launched.

Okto. Combine five fruits to create the One. Who cleans up three adjacent rows or columns. When you hit Octo with another Nibbler on the left or right, it will launch vertically in both directions. And if you strike from above or from below, it starts in both horizontal directions.

Bouncer. When a large fruit cascade appears or several Nibblers start at the same time, there is a possibility of a Bouncer. When the Bouncer attacks, it destroys all the fruits, blocks and dirty tiles that it touches, and the shock wave from the blow causes further damage around the Bouncer. Some of the enemies can be destroyed by this powerful fish, but the stone blocks and indestructible enemies are too strong even for Vyshibaly. For the Bouncer to appear more often, connect the game to Facebook, the more friends play the game, the more often the Bouncer appears.

How to defeat the boss? In order to defeat the boss, hit him with Nibbler ten times. Each boss has a different power and some of them are interested in destroying Nibblers, so quickly use the created Nibblers! You can get extra help for the level by inviting friends to the game. When sending an invitation, you will receive additional Nibblers, from which you can start the level.

Why can’t I see the fruits I need to pick at my level? Some of the fruits can be dried, in which case they cannot be harvested right away. Making pairs near dried fruits will also destroy them. Dried fruits must be dipped in water before you can collect them, so you need to create ways for dried fruits to slide into the water.

What is a slot machine and how to use it? You can find the slot machine in the lower right corner of the level. By rotating the slot machine, you get Nibblers that will help you complete the level. You can either use your coins to rotate the slot machine or wait until the slot machine is fully charged for a free game. Connect fruits in levels to charge the slot machine.

What are the chests on the map screen? How can I open them? The Star Chests that you can see on the map screen give you amplifiers if you unlock them by collecting enough stars for the levels on the island on which the chest is located. When you click on the chest, you will see how many stars you need to get to unlock the chest.If you have enough stars, click "Open" and you will receive a prize.

What is bingo? How to play bingo? Bingo events give you the opportunity to win Shark Attack if you complete a level on the Bingo board. You will be given a level of play to complete when you enter the Bingo event.In case you are done, you will be given a new level. In case you lose, do not worry! You can try to complete the level again within 60 minutes. After the time is up, you will get a new level to complete.

In case you want to try another level immediately instead of this one, you can use your coins to speed up the timer and get a new level right away. Durations of Bingo events vary, but if you complete the full set of levels before the end of the event, you will receive your prize immediately. Otherwise, the prize is issued after the event has ended.

I still need help with the game. Where can I get more information? Lizzypedia is your comprehensive game guide, with information on Nibblers, Blocks and Enemies. To open Lizzypedia, press the menu button on the map screen, and then press the button with Coral. In the levels you can find Lizzypedia by pressing the pause menu button.

Can I play on multiple devices? Yes, you can play Nibblers on multiple devices. Just connect the game to your Facebook account and you can transfer your progress between devices.

How to connect Nibblers to Facebook? You will be able to connect to Facebook from the initial screen when the game starts. Later you can connect through the menu in the lower left corner of the screen.


What is a big tournament? The Grand Tournament is a weekly tournament where you can compete with other players for the most points at the three levels of the tournament and win awesome prizes.

How can I access the Grand Tournament? After the tournament starts, you can participate in it by clicking on the Big Tournament button at the bottom of the map screen, or from the Coliseum tournament between levels 60 and 61. Participation in tournaments requires Facebook connection, therefore, in order to be able to play tournaments, you need to connect game to facebook first. Tournament levels work in the same way as regular levels on the map. You need lives in order to be able to start passing levels, and if the level is lost, life will be deducted from your inventory.

How do I know if a tournament is going on? When a new tournament begins, the Big Tournament button will appear at the bottom of the map screen.

How do tournaments work? You will compete with other players in a league of 200 players. The goal is to get the highest score on the three levels of the tournament. The one with the highest combined score on all three levels wins. Everyone gets prizes!

How can I see my rating? You can see your rating at each tournament level on the tournament level selection screen. By clicking on the rating button at the bottom of the screen, you can see your overall rating and prize for rating. You can also see your current rating in previous levels and on the level completion screen.

What are the main boosters, and how do they work? At three levels of the tournament, you can choose up to three boosters from which to start the level. At one level, boosters are free. You can choose one of the following boosters: Triple Coral, Double Beatling, Octo, Rainbow Fruit or Block Destroyer. Coral, Biteling and Octo cleans columns and rows of fruits. A rainbow fruit destroys all fruits of the same color, and a Block Destroyer deals damage to random blocks in a level.

What prizes are available? Prizes include coins, endless hours of life, and boosters. You can see your position in the tournament and prizes for all ranks by pressing the rating button at the bottom of the screen in the Colosseum tournament.

I received boosters as a reward, but I do not see them in the game, where are they? You can get major boosters as a reward. They are currently only available in tournament levels, so you can use rewards when the next tournament starts, selecting them at tournament levels before starting the level. The number of your boosters is displayed on the screen before the start of a level in a tournament where boosters are not free.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.