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Walkthrough Futurama Game of Drones: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FUTURAMA: GAME OF DRONES - Android game from the company Wooga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. In-Game Collections
  3. Proper Game Settings
  4. Game of Drones
  5. Walkthrough
  6. Planet Express Team
  7. Benders Nest
  8. Obstruction

Futurama Game of Drones: Beginners Guide

What do I need to do in the game? In the game Futurama you have to perform a variety of tasks:

How to get more stars? Stars on levels are awarded for a certain number of points. The higher the result, the more stars, and the maximum you can get three stars. To set a record, complete a level with a large supply of moves, while creating and using superdrones. You can always re-pass the level at which three stars have not earned.

How to get more moves? If during the passage of the level you run out of moves, then they can be bought for grandmas.

I want to see the comic again! Press this button on the map to open the plot screen. There you can re-view any of the already open comics.

What is a twitter? Twitter is a social network within the game. To get into it, click on the little owl on the map.

As the story progresses, new tweets will appear at the top of the screen. By clicking "Share" next to the tweet, you can see a screenshot of your friends from real life.

What do these castles mean? When you open the minimap on the right, you can see two types of locks on levels and worlds. A castle with a keyhole shows that you have not reached this level or the world, and it will open when you complete the previous levels.

A castle with a clock means that this level or world has not yet been released. In this case, you will have to wait until the next update.

Play without a plot. With just one button, you can turn off comics, dialogs, and Twitter notifications in the game. Open the options menu and click the button next to the "Show Story" option.

If you play without a plot, no one will distract you, but you can still watch comics in the plot review, and you can read new tweets using the owl icon on the map. You can turn the plot back on at any time.

Ships You can change the appearance of the spaceship "Interplanetary Express". Just tap the rocket drawing button on the right side of the screen to open a list of available ships. Here you can navigate between drawings and select any unlocked drawing. Touch the Select button to use the selected ship. Unlock drawings of ships for the collected collection of cards.

Will there be new levels? The plot of the game ends at the 750th level. After that, you can try to complete the game in a difficult mode, where the difficulty will increase with each passing.

What is the "Improved Robot Wheel"? Improved robotic wheel - this is a normal robot wheel, but only improved!

By rotating it, you get a chance to win amplifiers, cards, or an unlimited number of lives, and if you do this often enough, you will get unlimited access to one of the amplifiers for an hour!

To rotate you need a few grandmas.

The best prizes on the wheel of robots. For each use you receive one of the prizes:

What is the Wheel of Robots? The wheel of robots is your chance to win grandmothers or unlimited lives.You can even break the bank. Just spin the wheel and watch the ad. After each attempt, you will have to wait 10 minutes.

An exclamation mark next to the wheel on the map will show that it is already possible to spin again.

What is an icon? After you complete the game for the first time, an icon will be added to your portrait in the table of results. All your friends will be able to see it. The number on the icon will increase each time you pass the game in difficult mode.

Futurama Game of Drones: In-Game Collections

What are collections? Collections is a feature of the game that opens at level 47 and gives you the chance to earn rewards. When you collect a collection of five cards, you can exchange them for a reward. To find out which cards you already have, click the "Card Collection" button on the card. Here you can also take a closer look at each card.

How do I get cards for the collection? The bar is filled after each batch at the last open level. When the bar is filled to the card, you will receive a random card of a certain value, even if you lose the game. In total, you can get up to 5 cards per day. After 24 hours, the bar value will reset. You can buy a set of 5 cards for grandmas by clicking "Get More Cards" on the "Card Collection" screen. If youre lucky, you can also win cards in the Robot Wheel.

What is rarity? Cards are divided into 5 types according to the probability of receipt: they can be ordinary, unusual, rare, very rare or legendary. Rarity can be found by the number of stars under each card on the "Card Collection" screen.

What will I get for the collected collection? Rewards for each collection are displayed on the Map Collection screen.

The contents of the set. A typical collection of cards contains at least:

A chic collection of cards contains at least:

Futurama Game of Drones: Proper Game Settings

How to enable or disable music and sounds? To enable / disable sound or music in Futurama, tap the gear icon on the map. After that, use the buttons to change the sound settings.

How to enable or disable notifications? To enable / disable notifications in Futurama, tap the gear icon on the map. After that, use the buttons to set up life replenishment notifications and reminders.

The game lands my battery! If you notice that the game consumes the battery power of your device too quickly, then you can solve this problem with one switch.

Tap the gear on the map screen to open the options menu, and then turn on "Power Saving Mode".

Troubleshooting tips for playing games on desktops and laptops. The game works best in Chrome and Firefox. In other browsers and on older computers, it will most likely work, but with lower performance. Ideally, a 64-bit computer with a 64-bit browser is recommended. If you have problems viewing ads in the game, follow these steps:

If these methods did not solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support by providing the following information:

Describe the ways in which you tried to solve the problem, so that it would be easier for tech support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

Futurama Game of Drones: Game of Drones

Drones. You can create and use a variety of drones, each of which has its own properties.

How to rearrange drones? Just swipe from one drone to another. In order for the drones to change places, the result should be a combination of 4 drones of the same color.

Super Drones. There are 3 types of super drones. Collect 5 drones to create a linear drone. He removes a number of drones.

Collect 6 drones to create a drone bomb. It explodes twice and infects nearby cells.

Collect 7 drones to create a prismatic drone. It clears the field of all drones of a certain color.

Super duper drones. Combine two super drones to create a super duper drone. Each of them has unique properties: A triple super-duper drone made from a linear drone and a bomb bomb clears 3 rows at a time.

A super duper drone of 2 linear drones emits damaging rays in all directions.

A super-duper drone of 2 drone bombs explodes twice, hitting cells at a great distance.

A super-duper drone from a linear drone and a prism drone replaces all drones of the same color with linear drones.

A super-duper drone from a drone bomb and a prism drone replaces all drones of the same color with bomb drones.

A super-duper drone made of 2 prism drones clears the entire field with a powerful explosion.

? -drones. By collecting drones in the form of a question mark, you can get either super-drones, or obstacles.

Battle drones. These drones only appear on boss levels. Collect them to reduce the health of the enemy.

Mysterious Drones. Gather mysterious drones together to discover their true colors!

Colored bomb drones. Collect drones-bombs so that they explode, destroying everything nearby.

Futurama Game of Drones: Walkthrough

Delivery of drones. Purpose: to deliver a certain number of drones of the right colors! The top of the screen shows how many drones of each color you need to deliver.

Pizza delivery. Goal: Take pizza boxes to the bottom! Remove drones and obstacles that prevent pizza boxes from reaching the bottom of the screen.

Remove toxic waste. Purpose: remove toxic waste! Collect drones in puddles of toxic waste to remove them.The darker the color of the waste, the more times you need to collect drones there.

Remove the boxes "Mamazon". Purpose: remove all the boxes "Mamazon"! Open and remove the Mamazon boxes, collecting drones next to them.

Remove the web of spiders. Purpose: remove the entire web of spiders! Drones caught in the web cannot be moved, but combinations can be collected with them to free them.

Remove wreckers. Purpose: destroy all destroyers! Collect near the destruction of drones the colors indicated on it. Fill the disk so it explodes.

Remove drones "Momazon Primo". Target: Destroy the Momazon Primo Drones! Momazon Primo drones block cells, preventing the drones from filling the field. Destroy them by collecting nearby drones.

Remove the black cells. Purpose: remove all black cells! Collect drones next to the black-blocking field to remove them.

Please note: The further you advance in the game, the harder it will be to remove black cells.

Collect rotating lasers. Task: get all the rotating lasers! Rotating lasers, when they are collected, shoot in the indicated direction. A shot removes drones and weakens obstacles.

Collect rising drones. Task: get all the rising drones! Assemble a rotating laser with drones of the same color to fire in the indicated direction. After each stroke, the rotating lasers rotate clockwise.

Removing glasses. Purpose: remove all the glasses! Empty and clean the glasses, collecting drones next to them.

Collect mysterious drones. Task: collect mysterious drones! Gather mysterious drones together to take off paper bags and discover their true colors.

Collect drones bombs. Task: collect all the drone bombs! Collect drones-bombs so that they explode, destroying everything nearby.

Levels with the bosses. At the end of each stage you have to fight with the boss. To reduce the health of the enemy, collect gray battle drones. To inflict a critical hit, collect drones of the colors indicated next to the enemy.Colors that you have already collected are marked.

What is hard mode? When you complete all 750 levels, the difficult mode will open! It is possible to go through all levels again, but with a higher level of difficulty. You also need to complete two tasks to complete the level: complete the delivery and score a certain number of points. The game in complex mode opens up new possibilities: an epilogue gallery, additional collections of maps, ships, plot elements and icons.

Can I play at the usual difficulty level? Of course! You can always switch between complex and normal modes by tapping the button at the bottom of the screen. Bender baby will transfer you to normal mode, Robot Devil - to complex.

Will my current position be maintained? Yes, your position in normal mode will not be reset! But each passage in the difficult mode is a completely new game, so you will not be able to skip levels.

Futurama Game of Drones: Planet Express Team

What kind of satellites are they, why are they needed and how to charge them? Sputnik is a character who helps you on a level. He can be charged by collecting drones ... and he has superpowers! Satellites and their abilities change every 25 levels.

Philip Jay Fry. Fry helps you from level 7 to 25 on the moon. Having activated it, touch the drone to remove all drones of this color from the field.

Sepp Brannigan. Sepp helps you from level 26 to 50 at the chipboard headquarters. Having activated it, touch the drone, and Zapp will hit this area from the blaster. So you can remove ordinary drones. Reinforced obstacles will be weakened.

Bender. Bender helps you from level 51 to 75 in Mars Vegas. Once activated, tap the drone. Benders magnet will bring together all the drones of this color.

Turanga Lila. Leela helps you with level 76 to 100 in the sewer mutants. Having activated it, touch the drone, and all the drones of this color will turn into the drones shown below.

Calculon. Calculon helps you from 101 to 125 in Robot Hell. Having activated it, touch the drone to cause the effect of hitting three rows of a triple super-duper drone at once.

Hermes Conrad. Hermes helps you from level 126 to 150 at the Central Bureau of the Bureaucracy. Once activated, touch the drone to change the color of all the drones below it to the same.

Amy Wong Amy helps you from level 151 to 175 at Martian University. Once activated, touch the drone to hit all drones and obstacles in six directions.

Dr. Zoidberg. Zoidberg helps you from level 176 to 200 on Decapode 10. Once activated, touch the drone to immediately remove all the drones and obstacles around it.

Ruler Lrrr. Lrrr helps you from level 201 to 225 on Omicron Persez 8. After activating it, touch the drone to hit several rows around it, bypassing metal obstacles.

Professor Farnsworth. Professor Farnsworth helps you from level 226 to 250 on the Death Star. Once activated, touch the drone to remove several drones and obstacles along a random path.

Cubert Jay Farnsworth. Coubert helps you from level 251 to 275 in nightly New York. Once activated, touch the drone so that all the drones around become the same color.

Critter. Critter helps you from level 276 to 300 in New York. When you activate it, it invokes the tooth-catcher, each move of the drones and obstacles. A critter can summon several toothbrushes, and all of them will remain on the field until the end of the level.

Ginger. Ginger helps you with level 301 to 350 at Monument Beach. When you activate it, it turns the selected drones and its neighboring drones into superdrons: linear drones or bomb drones.

Futurama Game of Drones: Benders Nest

Amplifiers You can use two types of amplifiers. Preliminary ones that need to be activated before the start of the level:

Game amplifiers that can be activated during the passage of the level:

Preamplifiers. Before the start of the level, you can choose up to three amplifiers: "Fish Joy" allows you to start the level with a linear drone, a bomb-drone and a prism-drone.

"Super-Slerm" allows you to start a level with a fully charged satellite ability.

The "possessors" at the beginning of the level sort the drones by color.

Please note that preamplifiers may not be used at all levels! Unavailable amplifiers turn gray.

Game Amplifiers. During the level, you can use three types of game amplifiers: "Dumba" cleans 4 areas on the field. Reinforced obstacles will be weakened.

The "trouble with delivery" places 5 linear drones on the field.

"Spherical Boom" completely cleans one cell.

How do lives work? You can have a maximum of 5 lives. Failing to successfully complete the level, you lose one life. Life is restored in 30 minutes.

You can ask for life from friends or buy for grandmas.

Futurama Game of Drones: Obstruction

Boxes "Mamazon". Mamazon boxes block cells, preventing drones from filling the field. Open and remove them, collecting nearby drones.

Please note: the further you advance in the game, the harder it will be to clean the boxes.

Metal plates. Metal plates cannot be removed, and they block the effects of superdrons. Well have to get around them somehow.

Spider Web. The web of spiders holds the drones, and you cant move them, but you can collect combinations with them. Collecting drones, you free them from the web.

Please note: the further you advance in the game, the harder it will be to clean the web.

Brain slugs. Brain slugs block cells in the field. Clean them by collecting nearby drones.

Please note: if you do not remove at least one slug per turn, they will multiply, capturing the nearest drones.

Destroy disks. Collect drones near the destruction and remove the colors from it so that it explodes.

Drones "Momazon Primo". Momazon Primo drones block cells, preventing the drones from filling the field.Destroy them by collecting nearby drones.

Please note: The further you advance in the game, the harder it will be to remove drones.

Incubators. Brain slugs crawl out of the incubators. It is impossible to destroy them, but they do not block the action of superdrons.

Portals Drones falling into the yellow portal will appear from purple.

Extra strong packages. Particularly strong packages do not miss the effects of superdrons. Luminous stripes on the lid show how many times you need to collect nearby drones to open and remove the package.

Rotating lasers. Assemble a rotating laser with drones of the same color to fire in the indicated direction. After each stroke, the rotating lasers rotate clockwise.

Rising drones. To remove rising drones, you need to collect them with drones of the same color. Do not let them get to the top edge, otherwise you will lose.

Mage threads.Mage threads capture with their field everything that appears in it at the end of the turn. The drones they capture can be collected, but cannot be moved.

Chests. To open a chest of a certain color, collect drones-keys of the same color.

The number of keyholes indicates how many times you need to collect drones.

Teleportation fields. A pair of teleportation fields each turn swaps the objects that fall into them.

Converters Converters change objects falling into them to other objects, depending on the hologram on the converter. A converter with a question icon changes objects that fall into it randomly.

Transport rays. After each move, the transport beams shift everything by one cell along the path of the beam.

Glasses. Drones or obstacles may be hidden in glasses. Collecting drones near them, you empty the glasses step by step and as a result remove them from the field. The fuller the glass, the more difficult it is to remove.

Slippers in spacesuits. To remove the slug in a spacesuit, you need to collect a combination next to it several times. The stronger the suit, the more combinations you will need to assemble.

Transmitters of matter. Matter transmitters can deliver anything that helps you deliver.

Vending machines. Collect drones three times next to the vending machine so that it throws out three items of the type shown.

Hypodermic. Collect remotes to open the areas where the Hypodermic hides. The number next to Gipnozhaba shows how many remotes you need to remove from the field.