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GAME OF THRONES: CONQUEST - game for android with release date 10/17/2017 from Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Guide to Dragons (getting, pumping, fighting)
  2. Battle and Troop Tips
  3. Construction Guide
  4. How to Protect Your City?
  5. Creatures, strategic points, resources
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Hero Gear
  8. Crafting is the main way to create items
  9. Crafting with Recipes
  10. Armory & Collections
  11. Battle Reports
  12. Features of world shields
  13. Campaigns and Summons
  14. Where to Get Instant Bonuses?
  15. Union Guide
  16. Event Guide with Milestones
  17. Night King Guide (nuances, battle)
  18. Wall Defense
  19. Throne Conquest Guide
  20. Event Rewards
  21. All About Expeditions
  22. Secret Market
  23. How to Receive and Send Personal Gifts?
  24. All Kinds of Missions
  25. Account Issues

Game of Thrones: Guide to Dragons (getting, pumping, fighting)

Dragon Lair. Dragon Lair is the home of your fearsome dragon. You can build and improve the Dragon Lair in the same way as other buildings. It is here that you have to grow and protect the dragon’s egg. When the construction of the Dragon Lair is complete, click on the dragon icon to start. Daenerys will periodically appear and help take care of your dragon egg.

To get a dragon egg, upgrade your castle to level 4 and build a Dragon Lair. When construction is complete, your dragon egg will already be inside. Raise the level of the Dragon Lair to increase the amount of experience gained by the dragon for each feeding. If your dragon is exhausted, it will rest here until it recovers.

Hatching, feeding

You need to feed the dragon to make it grow. Until the egg hatches, toss the logs into the fire to keep it warm. After hatching, the dragon will eat livestock meat.

You will receive one free feed per day. It will not take away any resources and will give a bonus to subsequent feedings. Feed your dragon every day to accumulate this bonus! The bonus is not endless, it is updated every 10 levels. After you use the free feed, you have 6 more feeds left on that day.

It is recommended that you use the maximum amount of food or wood you can afford to effectively use any remaining feeds. While your dragon is still in the egg, click on the "Feed" button at the bottom left of the screen. Here you can choose how much wood to spend to keep the fire going. The more wood you burn, the faster the egg will hatch!

You will notice that 5000 units. trees will give a little experience to the egg, and 500,000 units. - much more. When you decide how much wood you want to burn, click on the "Feed" button again. Click on the blue plus sign next to the tree count to enter the item screen. Here you can open more tree if needed. As you feed, you will notice that the blue experience bar fills up, and the yellow marks will fill up periodically. They represent the dragon’s talent points.

When you have used up all feeds for the day, you will need to wait for the timer to reset. Only then can you feed the dragon up to 7 times again. You can feed your dragon more than 7 times by using additional feedings. They can be purchased in packs or received as a reward for participating in events. If you have additional feedings, click on the blue plus sign and use them.

Free feeds will always be consumed first, after which the normal daily feeds will be spent. Only then will bonus feedings be available. They can be earned in special events or bought in packs. Bonus feeds do not disappear and are stored until used. You can accumulate an unlimited number of bonus feeds.

When the egg’s experience scale is full, it means it’s time to improve it. Improvements require special items, resources, research, the level of the castle or other buildings. For the first upgrade, order your maesters to explore a new direction - dragon breeding.

Each dragon upgrade takes time. At this time, your dragon will be unavailable, and even if its combat abilities are researched, it will not be able to defend your castle. Boosts and gold can be used to shorten the upgrade time for the dragon. New dragon abilities must be learned in the maester’s tower. Many of these studies require your dragon to be at a certain level. Plan your research strategy as your dragon matures. Once the first dragon egg upgrade is complete, go to the Dragon Lair. Click "Collect" and meet your new cub!

Please note that the color of your dragon / egg reflects the color of your castle. If you change the color of your banner, the dragon can change too.

Now that you have a cub, you need to feed it well. The quality of the livestock that you feed your dragon directly affects the amount of experience gained for each feed. For maximum effect, choose your best livestock and use all available feeds per day. The quality of the livestock is celebrated in the same way as the rarity of the craft materials. Gray cattle are the most common and will give the least experience. Cattle with an orange background are the rarest and most XP. When the dragon is fed enough, it can be improved again.

Dragon talents, characteristics and research

Dragon talents allow you to tailor your dragon’s abilities to suit your needs. Your Dragon’s talents can be seen by going to the Dragon Lair and clicking on "Talents" at the bottom of the screen.

Take a close look at all of the talents in the different categories. Talents learned in the early stages of the dragon will continue to work after the dragon grows up.

You will have the option to nullify your dragon’s talents if you want to reallocate them, but make your decision wisely! You will not be able to research all of the available talents.

The current categories are Hatchling, Whelp, Young Dragon, and Adult Dragon. Each category specializes in the distinctive traits of your dragon at different stages. Please note that some bonuses from dragon talents apply only to the squad in which the dragon is located. Therefore, if your dragon is on a campaign, some talents will only work on certain soldiers on that campaign. Other talents will affect units or buildings regardless of whether they have a dragon on them. Read the talent descriptions carefully!

Characteristics of the dragon. Here you can see the characteristics of your dragon:

Research. To open the "Learning Dragons" section, go to the maester’s tower and scroll down, bypassing the rest of the research branches. You can also use the "Research" button in the Dragon Lair.

Dragon research is based on the stage of your dragon, but any research done early on will still work when the dragon grows up. Over time, more research will become available in each category, depending on the current stage of your dragon, its level, or the level of the Dragon Lair. Keep improving your pet to advance your research.

New items related to the dragon

1. Livestock. Livestock are the main source of food for the dragon. Cattle are of different quality. Always feed your dragon the highest quality food to speed up the growth and development process. Do not forget that the first feed of the day is free, and then you can feed the dragon 6 more times. Use this opportunity wisely!

Please note that although livestock of different values are distinguished by color in the same way as materials for equipment, nevertheless they cannot be combined.

2. Feeding. In addition to daily bonuses and free feedings, you have even more opportunities to develop your dragon. Extra Feeds can be earned during normal gameplay, received as rewards from special events, or purchased in packs. These feeds will be displayed on the item screen and can be spent to receive the bonus feed, which will be displayed in the Dragon Lair.

3. Information about dragons. Dragon Information is an item you need to level up your dragon and do research. As with the scholarly papers, you will need a wealth of information about dragons to dive into the mysteries and ancient magic of these ancient creatures.

Dragons in battle

Dragons are fierce allies in battle. Growing dragons can be sent to attack creatures throughout Westeros. However, even when the dragon grows up, it cannot be sent to fight alone. The dragon must always be accompanied by troops. Therefore, choose a squad for the dragon wisely in order to receive bonuses from dragon talents. The dragon cannot be sent on a campaign only when its improvement timer is running or when it becomes exhausted due to wounds received in battle.

The dragon is exhausted when its health drops to 0. In this case, the dragon immediately returns to the Dragon Lair to rest and heal. He cannot do anything until he has restored all health. Dragon health regenerates slowly, but the process can be accelerated with gold. As your dragon matures, you can research new fighting abilities. Over time, your Dragon will learn to help collect resources, destroy other people’s castles, and in the future will even be able to seize thrones.

When your dragon is on a march, it will not show up in the Dragon Lair. This means that he will not be able to guard the castle and give bonuses to defense, which are usually in his presence. When the dragon reaches its target, it attacks it even before the arrival of the detachment that accompanies it. This guarantees more damage to the enemy and helps to reduce the injuries inflicted on the unit of soldiers. While the dragon technically functions as a unit, it does not belong to this category. Therefore, bonuses that affect troops will not apply to the dragon. Dragons have separate bonuses that they receive through research, talents, and other aspects of the game.

Some combat stats are specific to your dragon. There are bonuses that the dragon provides to other troops (for example, strengthening units). Check your dragon’s stats for more information on its current strength and abilities. Also, information about the dragon will be displayed in the battle reports. During reconnaissance, you will be able to see the enemy dragon only when your watchtower is of sufficient level to show the exact level of the units. Then you will see the enemy dragon and its level, but only if it is ready for battle (i.e. it does not improve, is not exhausted or is not absent). Dragon Abilities:

  1. Reflecting an attack. Reflect Attack is an ability that is used when the dragon is defending. "Reflect Attack" will deal damage to an advancing enemy unit before it starts an attack. The damage from this ability depends on many factors: the level of the dragon, its talents, research, and much more. Before using Attack Reflect, this ability must be learned in the Maester’s Tower.
  2. Persistence. The dragon’s resilience works on the same principle as the stamina. Currently, Fortitude is only spent on Deflect Attack. Each time you use Reflect Attack, a certain amount of stamina is taken away from the dragon. It is replenished only with the "Restore" button. When the dragon’s resilience is restored, a timer will start until the next available recovery. The timer can be accelerated by paying in gold. The toughness bar will not be displayed until the "Attack Reflect" ability is learned.

Adult dragons

The adult dragon phase provides new opportunities for fighting, defending the castle, and interacting with the alliance. Adult dragons are strong enough to attack thrones and spew fire breath at your enemies.

1. Training. The dragon enters the adult phase at level 40. The new maximum dragon level rises to 69. As in the previous phases, research in the nurturing branch is necessary to enter the adult phase and to unlock powerful new abilities. In addition to learning about dragons, adult dragons need the secrets of dragons in order to research and level up. You can get secrets of dragons when you level up, complete daily tasks, participate in events and offers.

2. Research. After reaching the adult phase at level 40, your dragon will be able to learn "Fire Breath" in the research branch of cultivation. At levels 45, 50, and 60, your dragon can increase the maximum stacks of Fire Breath.

A new research tree for an adult dragon provides ample opportunities for development, including bonuses to attack and defense of specific units when your dragon is on the same campaign with them. You can also increase stamina, Fire Breath damage, army size on a march, and movement speed while your dragon is present. In addition, new research is available in the young dragon tree that will help increase the maximum damage from Attack Reflection.

3. Talents. An adult dragon continues to gain talent points as it levels up. By level 69, your dragon will receive a total of 790 talent points, from egg to adult. For older dragons, a new talent tree is unlocked, consisting of powerful and flexible attack and defense tactics and health bonuses for specific units when your dragon is on a march. New combo talents include Flame Breath damage, dragon attack and defense, deflect attack damage, wall break, and siege weapon health.

4. Fiery breath. Fire Breath is a powerful attack that, like defensive Attack Reflect, deals damage to the enemy army before they have a chance to attack. When you unlock Fire Breath, your dragon will be able to use it during any campaign against any enemy. Fire Breath is charged with Fire Stones, a new item that can be obtained in various rewards, daily quests and offers.

You can spend several fire stones at once to increase the charge of "Fire Breath". After that, you will have to wait before you can boost the next charge (this time can be shortened with gold). With each charge, your dragon’s Fire Breath will gain strength. If you have any Fire Breath charges available, you can spend it when you start your hike. The more charges you use, the more damage your dragon will deal. Using Flame Breath will use up all available charges, so keep that in mind when preparing to fight.

5. Appeals. Adult dragons can participate in summoning campaigns against other players, creatures and thrones, provided that the requirements for the level and research of the dragon are met (see above in the Research section). A dragon’s ability to join a call is determined by the level and research of each individual dragon, not by the leader of the call. Each participant who wants to add a dragon to the call must make sure that they have completed all the necessary research. However, any participant can join the call using squads.

You can also join a dragon summon even if the summon leader has not completed the corresponding research. Surely you will notice the size of your adult dragon. As it grows and develops, all other pawns on the world map will appear to be dwarfs! With the right training, research, and talent development, your adult dragon will become a powerful and fearsome ally on the path to conquering Westeros.

Dragon settings

Change the appearance of your dragon. In the dragon settings menu, you will find several different appearance options. As you train and improve your dragon, you can unlock additional skins.

You can rotate your dragon to see all the changes from different angles by moving it to the left or right. If you’re not sure what you want, try clicking the button in the upper right corner to pick up random settings! To change the appearance of your dragon, you must have a special token. Changing multiple aspects at the same time, such as body color and eye color, only consumes one token if you save them at the same time.

Tokens can be obtained by increasing a certain level, in the form of an event reward, or purchased with gold. If you do not have a token, when you click Save, you will be prompted to purchase one with gold. If you decide you don’t want to save your changes, you can click "Reset" to return to your last saved dragon skin, or click the "x" in the upper right corner to exit the menu.

A name for your dragon. You can change your dragon’s name by entering your Dragon Lair and clicking on the nameplate. You can also rename it from the dragon settings menu by clicking on the pencil and paper icon. To change the name of your dragon, you must have a special token. If you do not currently have a token to rename the dragon, you will be prompted to purchase it for gold.

Dragon names go through the same language filter as house names. In addition to blocking profanity, this language filter can also signal the use of personal information such as full names, addresses, or phone numbers. If your name was rejected, it means that one of these filters might have worked, not the profanity filter.

Dragon names can be up to 15 characters long, including spaces. Unlike house names, dragon names don’t have to be unique. After you click Rename and use the rename token, the name change process will begin. Please wait a few seconds for the changes to be processed.

View other players’ dragons. Once a player unlocks his Dragon Lair, a special tab will appear when viewing his profile. This tab will not appear on your own profile as you can view your dragon in your own Dragon Lair.

Unlike your Dragon Lair, your dragon will appear in the "Dragon" tab in your profile, regardless of whether he is in the city or on a campaign. The dragon’s settings will be visible even if you sent him on a hike. This means that you can view your own dragon or other players’ unique dragons right on the military map!

Game of Thrones: Battle and Troop Tips

How do I manually update a military map? When you fight in battles with a large number of participants or quickly move around the military map, you may encounter the fact that pictures, names or banners do not appear at all or update quite slowly. To manually update the section of the map you are on, scroll at least 30 leagues from your castle and then use the marker on the map to quickly get back. This advice will be very useful during the battles for the throne, where the owners often change.

Power. There are several places in Game of Thrones: Conquest where you can see the amount of power indicated next to the crossed swords symbol. This is a rough estimate of the power that you have, that you can muster, or that you need to defeat your opponent.

Please note that power is only estimated approximately, it does not take into account such things as the advantages and disadvantages of fighting different types of troops, current improvements or bonuses that you and your opponent have. Effective use of such additional factors will allow you to defeat an opponent with a higher power rating.

When choosing an enemy, always check his power against the strength of the campaign that you send into battle.

Maintenance cost. The content shows how much you have to spend to feed your troops. As you train more troops, the amount of unprotected food needed to maintain will also increase. You can check the estimated maintenance costs by clicking on the income board outside your city walls.

Please note that wounded, marching, or any other troops outside your castle are not included in these calculations.

You will notice that the cost of upkeep is periodically deducted from your inventory, for example, when you first open the game or send your troops on a campaign. You will never be deducted more than the specified amount, you will only notice more or less often how the required amount is deducted from your inventory.

By and large, the only thing that can change the total amount of food sent to support is the loss of units or the training of more troops. The upkeep cost will also be deducted, but only from food that is above the level protected by the warehouse. If the amount of free food in your supply (not including crates with food) is less than the volume protected by the level of your warehouse, then the content will not be deducted until you have an excess of food.

Game of Thrones: Construction Guide

Many useful buildings can be built in your castle. To allocate resources as efficiently as possible, study the purpose of each building. The more often you improve each building, the more effective it becomes, the faster your power grows and the level of your character rises. To learn more about a specific building, click on the building and then on the "Details" icon. In addition, when selecting each building, you can click on the small "i" icon.

Your castle. Your castle is the center of your empire. The level of your castle determines your ability to construct other buildings and greatly increases your power. Your castle must be upgraded to a certain level before other buildings can reach that level.

The colors of your banner adorn the roofs and decorative elements of all your buildings. If you change your banner, your city will take on a new look.

Empty lots. Immediately outside the walls of your city, there are 40 empty plots of land for the construction of certain buildings. You can delete everything built on these lots by clicking on the "i" icon next to the building and selecting "Demolish Building". Please note that destroying a building will not return the resources spent on building or raising the level of the building, but will free up the land in case you decide to build something else. Below are the types of structures that can be built on such sites:

Farms, sawmills, quarries and iron mines. These types of buildings will eventually produce food, wood, stone, and iron. In the beginning, food and wood will be extremely important for training troops and improving buildings in your city. Higher level troops and buildings will require stone and iron. Upgrading these buildings will increase the amount of resources produced and accumulated.

You can view the total amount of food the farms produce per hour by touching the income board outside your city walls. Be sure to collect all the resources received: as soon as the warehouse is full, the resources will stop playing (this is indicated by a green ring on the resource icon above the building).

Infirmary. Any troops injured in battle are sent to infirmaries, if their capacity allows. Upgrading the building will increase the number of places for the wounded. Once your infirmaries are full, the rest of the wounded units will die. Infirmaries will automatically fill up with higher tier troops before they move to lower tier troops. It is much more profitable to heal the wounded in the infirmary than to train new units, so do not forget to improve the infirmaries in time.

Military buildings. These include:

Training ground. Improving the training ground will increase the number of units on the campaign. Across the moat from this building there is a platform where your army will gather when it is not participating in the campaign. By clicking on the banner on the site, you will see the data about your units. At the top are the treks that are currently taking place. At the bottom, troops are displayed by type: infantry, arrows, cavalry, siege weapons and traps (as well as the number of traps). You will also see your total troops and estimated upkeep costs per hour.

Please note that this does not include troops currently on the march. Click on any troop type for more information. You can also disband any unit.

Maester’s tower. The Maester’s Tower is unlocked at the 4th level of your castle. This is where your maesters are trained in new technologies to improve your army and castle. There are now five disciplines: military, advanced troops, city defense, logistics, and economics. Which branch you focus on in the first place is up to you, but it’s important to make sure that your maesters are always learning something new. From the tower, you can also send maesters on expeditions to collect rewards.

Forge. Here you can craft new equipment and decorations to increase your power and improve your acceleration statistics. Equipment for your character is forged in the forge, which will allow you to receive various bonuses throughout the game. The higher the level of your forge, the faster equipment is forged and the less materials you will use.

Resource buildings. Among them:

Strengthening buildings. Having reached the 10th level of the castle, you can strengthen your buildings. There are 3 reinforcement options for each building. You can focus on amplification in one direction, or you can choose all three. To upgrade your buildings, click on the building, and then on the "Upgrade" icon (hammer with a golden arrow). Choose an upgrade option and one of your builders will get to work! Please note that if you have enough builders, you can upgrade and strengthen the same building at the same time.

Buildings require marble and slate to be reinforced. You can get these resources by participating in events. There are no enhancements for rural buildings such as farms - there is also no such option for a tavern or port - since these buildings do not develop like other city buildings. Each building has different reinforcement options, so be sure to research each one to get the best results.

Game of Thrones: How to Protect Your City?

Defending your city is an important part of Game of Thrones: Conquest. You will have many tools at your disposal to help you fight off the invaders.

Warehouse. Your warehouse is located next to the castle and is needed to protect your resources from attacking invaders. You can upgrade the warehouse building to increase the amount of resources that can be stored in it. Check the current maximum amount of resources by clicking on the warehouse, then on the "Information" button, and then go to the "Statistics" tab. If you click the "i" icon on this screen, you can also see the degree of protection for each level of the warehouse (see screenshot above).

City wall. The city wall is another important means of protecting the city. To destroy your castle, the invaders must first destroy the city wall and other defensive structures. You can estimate the city wall’s defense (maximum health) by clicking on the city wall, then on the "Info" button and going to the "Statistics" tab.

If you touch the city wall and then click "Protect the city", you can view the current state of your city wall. Players attacking your castle are destroying city walls. If your wall is completely destroyed, you will be randomly teleported to another part of the map. Upgrading the city wall also increases the number of traps you can use to defend your castle.

Maester’s research. You can conduct research to improve your castle in the maester’s tower. Click on a Maester tower, then click Upgrade (or the hammer icon in the sidebar), and then select a free Maester to see research options, including those aimed at defending the city.

If you do not have the materials required for some research, the screen will show the cost of purchasing them in gold. If you obtain the required materials elsewhere in the game, their gold cost will decrease accordingly.

Troops. The troops that are in your city will defend it in case of an attack. To increase their combat effectiveness, you can improve military buildings, complete maester research related to the army, and equip or craft equipment that will improve your units. You can view your profile by clicking on your avatar. The "Statistics" tab contains a lot of information about the attack, defense and other enhancements of your army.

The troops defending your city may be injured. The units that are currently on the march will not participate in the defense of the city and will not be affected by the invasion. If your troops are injured, you will need to heal them in the infirmary before they can fight again. Improving infirmaries will allow you to heal more units at the same time.

Traps. Traps are made in the trap workshop and are needed to protect your city. The number of traps you can equip in a city depends on the level of your city wall. Different types of traps are effective against different types of troops. By clicking on the "i" icon in the "Trap Workshop" screen for each of them, you will see the statistics of the trap and the types of troops against which it is effective.

If traps were used in a battle, you can click "Details" in the combat log to see how effective they were and how many enemy units they defeated. Your traps will be most effective if you increase their level or create traps for specific enemy units. Traps do not work if the city does not have at least one unit to place them.

Reinforcement. If you are part of an alliance and think you might be attacked, ask other members of the alliance for help. To do this, allies need to click on your city and select "Reinforcement". The troops that they will send to your city will participate in its defense. Troops can be recalled at any time, or automatically return home after 24 hours. Up to 5 players can send reinforcements to one city at a time.

Peace shields. The Peace Shield can be purchased from the in-game store or received as a reward. He prevents other players from attacking you while he is active. You can use it to prepare for a defense or to rebuild your troops after an attack. Hostile actions such as scouting or attacking another player will remove your peace shield.

Teleports. Teleports can be purchased from the in-game store or received as a reward. They will allow you to move your city to a different part of the map. There are two types of teleports: a random teleport, which will take you to any random point on the map, and an improved teleport, which allows you to teleport to a specific point. If there are many players in the area of the map where you are at the moment, teleportation will allow you to better protect your city, as this will protect you from impending campaigns.

Game of Thrones: Creatures, strategic points, resources

What are Elite Creatures? Elite creatures are powerful enemies that can be found on the battlefield. They can be distinguished by the health meter above their figure on the military map: it shows that they need to be defeated several times in order for them to disappear from the map.

Each victory over an elite creature brings rewards, but hitting the final blow may bring larger or rarer prizes. The remaining health and all received rewards can be viewed in the battle reports in the message center. Remember that an elite creature can be attacked by several players at once. If you time your campaigns correctly, you can land the final blow (and get rewards!) By beating other players.

If the creature is defeated before you arrive, your troops will reach the point of battle and then return to the castle. In this case, no battle report will be generated. Some elite enemies have higher or lower resistance to certain units or enhancements, which can be turned to your advantage. Don’t forget to check the description of the enemy and the event!

Search for ordinary creatures. To start a map search or search for creatures, click on the compass icon in the lower left corner of the world map.

Click on the icons to find creatures, farms, sawmills, quarries, iron mines or event points. You can choose a specific level or range of levels for what you are looking for. As you defeat higher level creatures, the highest level available for searching will also increase.

After you have selected the type and level of the creature you are going to hunt, press "Search" and the compass icon will indicate that the search has begun. If there is no suitable creature in the immediate vicinity, you will need to move around the map. When a creature is found, follow the arrow or tap the arrow icon to go directly to the location. Now that your goal is already in sight, choose your troops and go to victory!

Strategic points. In events dedicated to strategic points, the goal is to collect certain resources from unique resource sources that are activated through battles. You get points for collecting unique valuable resources that you cannot get from other sources. If you collect the last resource from the source and close it, you will get additional resources. When collecting resources from a strategic point, you can be attacked by players from other alliances.

The sources of strategic points cannot be supported, a summons cannot be collected against them - the battle is fought in one-on-one mode, since the maximum level of the participant’s castle is limited in the event. This is necessary in order for the battles to take place between players of equal strength. You can send reconnaissance to points, like to a castle or a throne. But scouting, going to the point or collecting resources on the point will not cancel your peace shield. Therefore, you can fight other players at strategic points, while your castle is safe. Please note that collection bonuses do not apply to strategic points.

You can research the ability to send a dragon to a strategic point to make your army even more powerful - both for attack and defense.

How do battles take place at strategic points? If you collect resources at a strategic point, you are attacked, and you emerge victorious from the battle, you remain at the point, and the remaining units continue to collect. If you collect resources at a strategic point, you are attacked and you lose, your units go home with some amount of resources that have already been collected. Some resources are destroyed, some are returned to the point, and the winner gets them. He stays at the point and collects what is left, including bonuses for closing the point. The exact number can be viewed in the strategic capture reports.

The emergence of strategic points. Looking for higher level points? They are more likely to be near high-level thrones. Can’t find strategic points at your level? Look where there are other types of sources of the required level: strategic points appear next to other points of that level. Can’t find one? Strategic points appear as they are collected. The faster they are closed, the faster new ones appear.

Collection of resources. The military map shows the sources of various resources, such as farms and quarries, which allow your squads to collect natural resources. Click on a resource source to see the type and quantity that can be mined. When you click the "Collect" button, you will be prompted to send a squad to a resource source.

Please note that the amount of resources your squad can mine is displayed under the battle order buttons on the campaign screen (marked in red below). By sending a larger unit or a unit of a different type, you can increase the amount of resources that you will take to your castle (up to the maximum amount that the resource source contains).

Inconsistency in the amount of resources. If you noticed a difference in the amount of resources when you sent the campaign, with the amount that you received when the unit returned, this may be due to changes in characteristics that occurred after the campaign began. If stats such as the speed of gathering resources or the endurance of units have somehow changed between when the soldiers went on a campaign and when they returned, your units may collect fewer resources than expected. This most often happens due to the change of equipment after sending the campaign and if the enhancements of things or events end.

Resources on some sources may be partially harvested by other players, while lower-level sources may contain fewer resources. If another player’s squad arrives at a resource source before you, your squad will not be able to collect resources and will go back when it reaches the source. You will not receive a mining report. Emptying a resource source completely can provide a bonus. If any amount of resources remains in the source, you will not receive a bonus.

How can I find such special resources? The main way to get special resources is by participating in events. You can view a list of upcoming events by clicking on the icon below your in-game avatar portrait.

The category of special resources includes:

Another way to get special resources is by collecting resources. With the complete devastation of a resource source on the map, there is always a chance that you will come across special resources. Do not forget that the higher the level of the source, the higher the chances and the amount of resources. Special resources can be obtained in packs or by clicking on the "Get More" button next to the resource name on the upgrade panel.

Game of Thrones: A Beginner’s Guide

Develop your castle. On the territory of your castle, you can spend resources to improve or strengthen buildings - to do this, select the building and select the desired button. By default, you will always have one builder, but you can buy a 2nd and 3rd builder with gold to build and upgrade multiple buildings at the same time. The different buildings in your castle will give you different benefits as you upgrade them. You can learn more about each building by clicking on it and then on the "i" icon.

If you are not sure which building to upgrade next, open tasks from Tyrion by clicking on his portrait in the lower left corner of the screen. You will also have several daily quests that you will receive a reward upon completing.

Build your city. As you gain experience, you will be able to build various buildings. You can find out more about each building and its characteristics by clicking on the icon next to its name. At first, you should start by building farms and sawmills, as these will bring food and wood. Gathering resources is vital to the city’s development and army build-up.

You can also get resources by opening boxes received as a reward. This can be done on the item screen whenever the need arises. Soldiers do not fight on an empty stomach, so food that exceeds the storage limit will periodically go to the upkeep of the army. Click on the board near the drawbridge in your city to see what your army is costing you. The more soldiers, the more food they will consume. Warehouse-protected food will not be spent.

Beware of accumulating extra resources: anything that exceeds your storage limit can be stolen by other players when attacking. Try to open only as many resources as is required at the moment.

With a good army, you can go to the world map and start hunting creatures that will supply you with resources, craft materials and other rewards.

Explore Westeros. Open the world map by clicking on the spinning gyroscope in the lower left corner of the screen. Next to each creature, its level and the required amount of power are indicated in order to roughly estimate the complexity of the upcoming battle. Might is a general measure of your strength and is always listed next to the icon of crossed swords. Throughout the game, you will have to compare your power and the power of your opponent more than once. Use the creature finder to find specific enemies on the map.

You can also search for different sources of resources, for example, farms or event caravans, from which you can get materials for improvements. Any hike you take will consume your stamina. You can replenish your stamina bar by clicking on the blue plus sign next to your stamina bar in the Hike Management section. Also, the endurance scale can be seen and replenished in your profile.

Research. When you upgrade the castle to level 4, you can build the maester’s tower. Your maester can research new technologies and unlock opportunities such as creating new campaign slots, strengthening the army, increasing resource production, and much more!

You can also send your maester on expeditions in search of rewards in uncharted lands. As with the builders, you will always have one maester at your disposal, but for gold you can hire two more when your main maester is busy.

Form alliances. If you want to truly conquer the Seven Kingdoms, you need friends! Game of Thrones: Conquest introduces an original alliance system that is different from anything that came before. Recruit up to 5 Standard Bearers who will only obey you. They may have their own standard-bearers, and those, in turn, may also have standard-bearers. In total, the alliance is divided into four levels: with the strongest lord at the top and three levels of standard bearers below. Each full union can have 156 members.

Choose your path. Now that you’ve figured out the basics, start improving your position in Westeros: craft powerful gear, compete in events across the kingdom, and conquer thrones with the support of your alliance.

Game of Thrones: Hero Gear

Equipment blanks. Equipment Blanks are new items that can be purchased as part of bundles or for gold in the item store on the "Special" tab. In the process of creating items, equipment blanks will take the place of the equipment that needs to be spent to create a new item.

During the crafting process, you can purchase blanks by tapping the consumable slot and then selecting the gold blanks icon from the pop-up menu. You will be automatically shown blanks of equipment of the required level for your recipe, and you can choose the appropriate level of rarity.

You cannot put two identical pieces of equipment in a collection, even if they differ in level and / or quality. If you add another version of an item that is already in the collection, the previous version will be sent back to the item screen. Collection bonuses work in the same way as equipment bonuses, and are active from the beginning of an action until its end. It is not recommended to change the collection, trying to change the bonuses during any action.

Statistics, equipment bonuses and power-ups. Game of Thrones: Conquest has many bonuses that you can apply in battle. Equipment, explorations, thrones, additional power-ups, and more can have bonuses that increase the chance of defeating an enemy. If you click on your character’s portrait and select the Statistics tab, you will see your active bonuses. By scrolling down the Stats tab, you can see how gear and research increases your bonuses.

If you are wondering what specific bonuses were applied in a recent battle, be sure to click the "Details" button in your battle report, and then click on the "i" next to any player who participated in this battle. The "Statistics" section will list all the bonuses that were in effect in the battle.

Change of equipment / Sets of equipment. As your level increases, you will acquire different pieces of equipment that give bonuses to different types of soldiers, research, resource collection, etc. The increase in the main characteristics can be viewed in the statistics window. Go to your profile (avatar in the upper left corner) and click on "Statistics". Please note that the characteristics of the dragon are displayed in the characteristics window in the Dragon Lair.

You can save different sets of equipment in your profile. Select the equipment you want to wear by clicking on the cells around your character in the profile. When you are wearing everything that you want to save as a kit, click on one of the shield icons at the bottom of the screen, and then on the blue "Save Kit" button.

After that, when you want to change equipment to a saved kit, just click on the shield icon with the corresponding number in your profile.

If you no longer own equipment that was saved in the set, an error will appear on the screen with the text "The set contains equipment that you no longer own:". The error message will indicate the name and level of the missing equipment.

If you want to re-save or change an already saved set, click on the shield with the corresponding number, then make the necessary changes. The "Save Kit" button will turn blue - click on it and the new version of the kit will be saved. This will overwrite the kit that generates a missing equipment error.

Additional tips. When you switch between different sets of equipment, it is recommended to check your stats in the statistics window to confirm that all bonuses have been applied correctly. If the statistics are not displayed correctly, restart the game to update the characteristics. Equipment bonuses are valid from the beginning of an action until its end. You cannot change equipment during any action in order to take advantage of the bonuses.

For example, if you send a squad to kill a creature and change equipment after the campaign has begun, then the new bonuses will not apply to this campaign. In the case of resource gathering, the game checks equipment bonuses when you send a squad, when it gets to the source of resources, and when soldiers are sent back. If you change equipment during resource gathering, your soldiers may return with a different amount of resources than originally indicated.

Problem solving. Sometimes you may notice that the bonuses haven’t changed when equipping a saved gear set. This is most often due to a lag in the game display. To fix this, close Game of Thrones: Conquest and restart the game.

Game of Thrones: Crafting is the main way to create items

Materials. The Materials tab will show all the items you own. At the very beginning of the game, most of the items you receive will be of poor quality, as indicated by the gray background around the item icon. Higher quality items will have a different colored background around their icon. Clicking on the icon will give you more information on this item. You can improve your content by clicking on the icon. If you have the required number of items to upgrade, click on the "Upgrade" button. Depending on the number of items you need, you can make several improvements to this material at once.

By improving the material, you increase its quality. Using quality materials in the manufacture of equipment and weapons, you will have a better chance of creating an item with excellent characteristics.

Equipment. The "Equipment" tab will display all the equipment and weapons that you have created.

By clicking on an item, you can see the power from the equipment that the item gives and the improved characteristics (depending on the quality of the item). By clicking on the equipment, you can equip it or improve it.

Why is the quality / rarity of the crafted item lower than expected? When crafting an item, the chances of the quality of the new item before you start crafting are displayed at the bottom. If the percentages have a color of the appropriate quality, it means that you have a chance to get equipment of that quality. Even if there is a high probability that you will receive an item of a certain quality, if the chance is below 100%, this means that you can get equipment of lower quality.

The only way to ensure a certain quality of an item is to use all items of the appropriate quality, including equipment that is spent to create a new one. If you took the risk of using low-quality materials when creating items and did not get what you hoped for, you will not be able to undo it. But you can improve the quality of equipment by clicking on the blue "Upgrade" button of the corresponding item in the equipment tab or in the forge. To upgrade, you need 3 items of the same quality and level.

Improving the item. To upgrade a weapon or piece of equipment, select that item in the Equipment tab, then click the blue Upgrade button. You will be asked to choose 3 items from your stock to be disassembled. By doing this, you can successfully improve a weapon or piece of equipment and increase the bonuses to the characteristics of this item. You can only disassemble items that are similar in quality and level to what you are improving. For example, if you are trying to upgrade a tier 5 poor quality spear, you can only take out 3 tier 5 poor quality items from your supply in order to upgrade.

You cannot upgrade or disassemble any weapon or piece of equipment that you are wearing. If you are wearing an item that you want to improve or disassemble, you must first remove it. Just click on any item that is highlighted in red "On" and then click on the "Remove" button at the bottom of the screen. Once you have removed the item you want, you can upgrade or disassemble it.

Decorations. Decorations are a unique type of equipment, they often give various bonuses, and to create them you need rare materials. Decorations, like other equipment, vary in quality and tiers. The process of creating jewelry, however, is somewhat unusual. If you want to craft a piece of equipment of a higher level, you need to spend any low-level item and the necessary materials. In the case of decorations, you need to spend a low-level decoration of the same type and the necessary materials. For example, to create a level 5 silk cape, you will need 10 silk cape threads, 10 leather straps, 10 pcs. silk and silk cape.

Process of creation

Before you start crafting things, you need to build a forge. You can do this right at the foot of your castle. The forge is displayed with an anvil icon on the city map. To create equipment, click on the forge and select "Craft".

In the creation menu, you will see 4 sections:

By clicking on the blueprints, you will be taken to forging and can create items of the following categories:

Clicking on the picture will take you to the corresponding recipe page. When you select the category in which you want to create an item, you can filter for specific stats by clicking on the "Filter" button and / or use the dropdown menu, which by default shows the word "Bad."

When you have selected the characteristics and quality you want, you can see a list of available options. If you have all the materials, the blue Forge button will be available to the right of the item, and there will be no red crosses in the small circles showing the required materials.

Pressing the "Forge" button will take you to the gear management screen for this item. You might want to check the stats of your gear before deciding which one to craft. You can view the characteristics by clicking on the "Statistics" button under the picture of this equipment.

The improvement of characteristics depends on the rarity of the item, which, in turn, is based on the quality of the materials used. Returning to the forging screen, we see that 2 different materials are needed to craft the Wooden Bucket helmet. By clicking on the chardree icon, you will see all the quality levels of the material and find out if you have these items. Click on the icon once - this will add 10 units. into forging. The background color of the selected material matches its rarity.

Then select the quality of the second material. After that, you will see the chance with which you can create equipment of a specific quality. For example, two poor quality materials will make poor quality equipment.

Pressing the "Forge" button will start a timer before crafting your new equipment. You will see the progress at the top of the recipe main page.

You have the option to speed up crafting with gold or boosters by clicking on the double arrow icon to the right. When your equipment is complete, you can pick it up from the recipe panel.

If you are outside the forge, the equipment will be displayed above the forge building. To receive bonuses from your new equipment, you need to wear it. To do this, go to your profile: click on the portrait of your character in the upper left corner of the main screen. You will see that your character is surrounded by empty equipment slots. Click on the slot that corresponds to the item you just created. There you can choose which of the available items you want to wear.

Game of Thrones: Crafting with Recipes

Recipes on the item screen. Recipes are another way to craft resources and items. Open the recipes by clicking on the "Recipes" tab on the item screen. If you click on the icon of any available recipe, a tooltip will pop up showing the cost and reward for creating an item for that recipe. Here you can also select the desired number of products, for example, x10 or x100.

Types of recipes. There are two types of recipes:

  1. Event Recipes - These recipes will only appear during events. The goal of the events is to collect trophies and Essos coins, which can then be used in recipes and earn points. Whenever event recipes are available, a timer will be displayed at the top with the name of the associated event.
  2. Basic recipes are always available, although they may change from time to time. These recipes usually require trading bonds and Essos coins.

Trophies. Trophies are items that can be earned during various events. Climb the leaderboard and collect points to get more trophies, and then combine them with Essos coins during the event. It’s best to use all your trophies before the event recipes disappear, but if you have any trophies left after the event ends, you can exchange them for trading bonds.

Bonds can be used in basic recipes. Essos coins, like trophies, are received as a reward for events. Combine coins with other trophies to create new items. Once the event ends, coins will retain their value for future event recipes.

The Iron Squares of Braavos can be earned through events or obtained from a set. Honor Volantis can be earned through events or bought with gold. Honor Meereen can be earned through events or purchased with gold.

Game of Thrones: Armory & Collections

Armory. The Armory is a new section of the forge, which displays all crafted equipment. This increases your power and gives you special combat bonuses. Gear sets in the Armory are displayed as collections. More items of high level and quality will increase the effectiveness of the corresponding bonuses, additional power and the level of the collection.

What is a collection? Collections - Sets of specific equipment that can be placed in the armory, such as the Braavosian merchant collection or the Bolton collection. The armory can be accessed from the forge menu. Tap the forge to open the crafting window, and select the new Armory menu item at the bottom of the screen, under gear and materials. The Armory window contains a list of gear sets that can be displayed as collections. Equipment sets are displayed in order of release, from newest to oldest. To display equipment as a collection and open bonuses, simply press "Manage" and select the slots you want to fill.

A window will open displaying equipment suitable for the collection. If you have this equipment on the item screen, it will be shown here. Click "Display" on the equipment you want to display and it will be added to your collection.

If you do not have the right equipment for the collection, the screen will be blank. If you want to craft or improve equipment, click on the "Go" button at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to the forge recipe menu. You can also click on the trophy icon to the left of the collection name in the armory menu to view the forge recipes for that collection.

To remove equipment that is currently shown in the armory, simply press "Control" and touch the item you want to remove. A window will open showing all the equipment of this type that can be set up. There will be a red "Remove" button under the image of the item currently on display. Press it to return the equipment to the forge.

Collection level and bonuses. Collections can increase your power and provide bonuses, but in order to unlock them, you need to display equipment of a certain quality. Requirements are listed to the right of each bonus. To unlock each bonus, you need to exhibit equipment that meets or exceeds the specified requirements.

There is an empty space below the image of each individual equipment in the collection. When exhibiting equipment, this place will take on a color corresponding to the quality of the equipment. The level of this equipment will also be displayed there. While it doesn’t matter what tier the item you put into the collection to unlock bonuses, higher tier gear will increase the bonus value and overall power.

Changes to the forge. Equipment in the forge now displays its collection value. This will help you decide which items to craft first. In the "About" tab, for each individual equipment, its value for the collection will be shown, corresponding to each type of equipment quality.

Game of Thrones: Battle Reports

Every time after a battle, you will receive a battle report, which can be found in the message center. Click on the raven icon at the bottom of the screen to access the message center from your city or military map. The first page of the battle report gives an overview of the battle, including the number of units involved and how many were injured or killed in the encounter. To learn more about what led to these results, click the Details button at the bottom of your battle report. This will open the "About Battle" menu, which has two sections: troops and statistics.

Troops. The Troops section gives an expanded view of which squads were deployed, showing casualties and casualties per player. Here you can also see the specific types of units that were used during the campaign and their levels.

Statistics. The "Statistics" section compares specific battle indicators for both players. The name of each player you compare appears at the top of this menu. If several players are involved in the battle (summons or reinforcements), you can click the arrow button to the right of the name to select another player from the drop-down list.

By clicking on the buttons below, you can view statistics for each type of unit, trap or dragon.

Some statistic indicators are included in other indicators or maintained only under certain circumstances. In this case, instead of numbers for this measure, you will see "-". This is typical for situational statistics ("on attack", "on defense", "during a campaign", "against thrones", etc.), where only one side of the battle can have an advantage. You may also notice this when related statistic measures are combined into one large measure, rather than being shown separately. For example, infantry attack against player is derived from the overall unit attack against player.

My army is gone. Where did the battle reports go? If you don’t see battle reports, try closing Game of Thrones: Conquest and restarting the game. Study each report carefully: a lot can happen in the short time that your alliance is defending against enemy attacks!

Please note that you will not receive reports on the campaign for resources or on the hunt for creatures if another player is ahead of you. Instead, your squad will return to the castle and join the rest of the army. If military reports are still lagging, try the following:

Game of Thrones: Features of world shields

Peace shields. Peace shields are designed to protect your castle from enemy attacks and scouts. Peace shields vary in duration, ranging from 2 hours to 30 days. They can be purchased in-game for gold, bought as part of sets in the store, or received as a reward for events or tasks. You can quickly install the peace shield from the center of the buffs (the button in the lower right corner on the castle view screen). There are actions that prevent the installation of peace shields and terminate their effect ahead of schedule. You cannot activate the peace shield if:

Why did my peace shield end earlier than expected? There are actions that end the effect of world shields ahead of schedule:

  1. Hostile actions against another player. Hostile action refers to any action against another player, including scouting and attacking.
  2. Participation in the call. Usually, when you try to do something like this, a dialog box appears asking you to confirm the action and a warning that this will interrupt the action of the peace shield.

Hunting creatures, gathering resources, and helping other players are not considered hostile actions and, accordingly, will not interrupt the peace shield.

Councils for using the shields of the world. The time remaining for the peace shield is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. By clicking on the icon, you can go to the center of enhancements, where all the shields of the world are displayed, as well as any active bonuses. You can activate the peace shield not only from the "My Items" tab on the items screen, but also by clicking on the peace shield icon in the center of the buffs and select the desired peace shield. Activating the peace shield will remove any other active peace shields, and the time will start over. Shields do not merge, their duration does not overlap.

If you have activated the peace shield and get a sync error, close Game of Thrones: Conquest and restart the game. This will completely load the application and fix any errors that prevent you from activating the peace shield. When the game has fully loaded, try activating it again. In addition, if you have successfully activated the Peace Shield but the animation is not showing on the military map, close and restart Game of Thrones: Conquest as described above. To make sure you’ve activated your peace shield, make sure the icon in the center of the buffs is showing the correct time remaining.

Game of Thrones: Campaigns and Summons

Hiking. Every time you press the "Attack" button and send your troops outside your castle to gather resources or engage in battle, you create a campaign. Campaigns are depicted as pawns on the military map. You can change the pawn that represents your campaign by clicking on the Select Pawn button in the upper left corner of the campaign screen.

The time remaining before the hike reaches its destination is shown in the hike bar on the right side of the screen. After the campaign leaves your castle, you have the option to recall your troops before they reach their destination using the campaign recall item. You can quickly use one of these items through the campaign panel, and if you don’t have the troop recall item, you will be prompted to use gold.

Please note that when your troops are three seconds from the destination, a battle will be inevitable and the troops will not be able to follow your order to return. In this case, you will receive an error message, and your hike will continue according to the original command.

Appeals. Summons give you and your alliance members the opportunity to work together to attack powerful targets. When you create a call, you will be asked to choose the time for its preparation: 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. The call preparation time shows how much time the members of your alliance have in order to join and send their troops to you before the call goes to its intended goal. If a player joined your call, but his troops did not manage to reach the rally point before the expiration of the call preparation time, his troops will not participate in the attack.

The call can only be canceled by its leader and only until the moment he goes to the goal. When the preparation time is over, the call will move out. After that, the leader of the summon can try to call it back with gold. Call cancellation works the same way as the hike cancellation item described above. When your troops are too close to the target, the battle is inevitable and you will not be able to recall them. In this case, you will receive an error message and your call will continue according to the original command.

In the description of the item for the recall of the campaign, 4 seconds is the amount of time it will take for your troops to return to their castle after successfully using the item.

Call creation. By choosing a target and pressing the "Summon" button, you will become the leader of the call. You will also be prompted to select a time to prepare the call. This is the period of time during which up to 5 players of your union will be able to join you.

If other players do not join your call before the set-up time expires, your call will be interrupted and the attack canceled. As a summon leader, you have special responsibilities:

Participation in the call. Union members can join the call as its members. Participants of the call will receive a place in the call as soon as they send troops to meet with the leader of the call. Summoners can call back their march using a normal callback, but only when they are heading towards the leader’s castle. As soon as the campaign reaches the castle of the leader of the call, its participants will not be able to leave the call. From this moment, only the leader of the call can cancel it (during preparation) or call it back using the "Call Cancellation" item.

Other features of the call. The power-ups and bonuses that each participant in the call have only affect a specific player. In other words, if you participate in the summon and you have an attack boost, only your troops will benefit from this. If you were attacked during the preparation of the call, the other participants waiting for you at the castle will not protect you.

Why couldn’t you withdraw my campaign or appeal? Units will start engaging within 3 seconds of the target and ignore retreat orders.

If you then try to withdraw a summon or a campaign, you will receive an error message and your campaign will continue according to your previous orders.

Think over attacks in advance and remember that the closer you are to the goal, the higher the risk of losing units if luck in battle changes you.

Game of Thrones: Where to Get Instant Bonuses?

Instant bonuses are temporary stat boosts that take effect immediately after they are received, purchased or created! These are different from the normal buffs that need to be manually activated on your item screen. Instant bonuses can be cumulative under certain circumstances. Gains from different sources are always cumulative.

Sources of bonuses. There are 4 sources:

  1. Recipes - available on your item screen or on the event panel during special events;
  2. Rewards for Phased Events - rewards of a certain level will contain instant bonuses;
  3. Kingdom Messages - These bonuses can be obtained from Kingdom Messages;
  4. Buy from the store - Boosts from the store have additional options for summing.

Summation. You can craft a 10% boost against the undead for 1 hour using the recipe, buy the same boost in the set, get it as a reward for a milestone event or milestone event, and then get the same bonus from kingdoms messages to have a 40% boost against the dead.

If you instead try to get two hourly 10% bonuses against the dead from the same source, say crafting with a recipe, one of them will override the other, and overall you still get 10%. In addition, the time counter will be taken from the last bonus, even if it has less time than the previous bonus. If you try to craft a second buff using the recipe, a pop-up message should appear to warn you about it.

Instant bonuses from the store. Instant bonuses purchased in the store may have different icons and additional indications in the name of the set, for example, "dragon glass" or "flaming swords". These differences mean that bonuses can add up even if they have the same effect. This is the only exception to the rule related to bonuses from similar sources.

Where can I see my active boosts? Instant bonuses that are currently active will be displayed in the center of the buffs. It can be opened using the arrow in the lower right corner of the castle view screen. (Note that the power-up center icon may change when you have activated the peace shield). In the buff center window, you can see your active buffs and the time they will be in effect.

Game of Thrones: Union Guide

In Game of Thrones: Conquest, you can form alliances with other conquerors and assert yourself throughout the Seven Kingdoms. To join an alliance or learn more about your current alliance, click on the alliance icon in the lower right corner of the game panel.

Union creation. When you first appear in Westeros, your Alliance Label will be randomly generated. You can change it at any time by clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click Edit Profile (pencil and paper icon). Scroll down to "Change Union Label" and enter your new union label in the input field.

Please note that the union name must be 5 characters long (you can use AZ / 0-9). The first change of the label is free, each subsequent time will cost 500 gold. The union consists of standard bearers. The more standard bearers in the alliance, the stronger your coalition. In fact, you form your union when the first standard bearer joins you. You can recruit up to 5 standard bearers, who in turn can invite 5 of their standard bearers.

In any alliance there can be only 4 levels of standard bearers, and those members that are at the 4th level cannot have their own recruits. When you are in the alliance window, these levels are displayed in Roman numerals to the right of the player’s name. Those who follow you call you their lord. Seniors, in turn, follow the leaders of the higher level in the alliance. Only the leader of the entire union does not have his own seigneur: he occupies the highest position and is listed as number one in the union.

Joining the union. To join an alliance, click on the alliance icon in the lower right corner of the game panel. A list of recommended unions will open. Select the appropriate one by clicking on the blue "Join" button. If you don’t like any of the displayed unions, click on the blue "Update List" button at the bottom of the screen. This will update the list of recommended unions.

Please note that if you receive a message stating that there are no free slots in the alliance, this may mean that the player to whom you are trying to swear loyalty has no more free slots. Also, this player may be a 4th level standard bearer and not be able to recruit their own recruits. To break your vow to the union, click on "Leave the lord" at the bottom of the union menu.

Union chat. Once you join the union, you can chat with other members in person or just write to the general chat.

Gifts of the Union. Now, when someone in your union makes a purchase, you and all other members of the union receive the corresponding gift. To send a gift, simply make a purchase on the Special Offers panel and everyone in your union (including you!) Will receive the corresponding gift. For every set available in the game, accompanying item boxes will automatically be distributed - even from temporary sets!

Each member of your union will receive the same gift box, depending on the set purchased, but the items inside may vary. If you do not want your union members to know who sent them this gift, you can hide your name in the settings ("Anonymous" will be displayed instead). Do this before making a purchase! If you change this setting after purchase, your name will still appear on the gift.

When you receive several gifts at the same time, they will all be combined in one panel to show you everything you received.

How do I get the gift of union? To receive a gift, you will first see a small gift notice above the union icon. You will also see a gift notice near the maester tower. It will appear above the woman with the cart - this is where you will find the Union gifts panel. When you open the Union gifts panel, you will see all the gifts that can be collected. You only have 24 hours to collect your gift, so check back frequently.

If you join an alliance after the gift has been sent, you will not be able to receive it. However, if you leave your union after the gift has been sent, you can still pick it up before the timer expires. After the gift has expired, it displays as expired for another 24 hours (and turns dull).

Game of Thrones: Event Guide with Milestones

World bosses use milestones instead of the usual milestones to track your progress. In-game, you can tap the blue "i" to the right of the event progress bar to get more information.

Specificity of milestones

Each victory over a World Boss of a certain level will count as a milestone. You will receive a reward for every milestone you reach. If you reach a milestone of a higher level than you previously managed, then you will receive cumulative rewards that you have not been able to receive before. These rewards will correspond to the span between your new maximum milestone and the previous maximum milestone. If there is a gap between the level of your last achieved milestone and the next milestone, then rewards for all milestones in this gap will be automatically added at the next presentation!

For example, you sent a call to the King of the Night level 1 and won. Your new maximum milestone is now at level 1 and you can get rewards for it. If you summon again to King of the Night Tier 1 and win, you will not receive any additional rewards, but you can still claim points to be displayed on the leaderboard. Let’s say your current maximum milestone level is 1, but you won a victory against the Night King of level 10. The cumulative rewards you receive will contain rewards for all milestones from 2 to 10, and your maximum milestone level rises to 10.

There is no difference in rewards, whether you complete each milestone one by one or immediately defeat a higher level boss. But defeating a higher level boss will be much more difficult. Since the milestone rewards are cumulative, the event menu has a calculator to preview possible rewards. Move the slider with the boss’s skull to indicate the level that interests you. Then click the Calculate button, indicated by the chest with a magnifying glass, to see the cumulative rewards you can earn if you successfully reach your desired milestone.

If you have available milestone rewards, a Get button will appear instead of the Calculate button. You won’t be able to preview potential rewards until you pick up the available ones.

Within the current event, your maximum milestone will be displayed in blue on the left. The target milestone will be shown in red on the right, which is automatically set to 1+, but you can move the skull to any desired level. You will not be able to see the current world boss level.

Your best personal achievement will also be shown in the event menu. Remember that world bosses such as the King of the Night will respawn with each new phase, and a milestone event spans all phases. This means that at certain times your personal best can be much higher than the current boss level. Despite the fact that you can only complete the milestone once, you can still receive points for each victory, even at the levels that you previously successfully completed.

You can see the points for the current level by touching the world boss on the military map.

Game of Thrones: Night King Guide (nuances, battle)

Key characteristics. These include:

Long night - phases. The Night King will spawn 3 times throughout the Skirmish at Dawn event, giving your team multiple attempts to defeat the low-level boss.

All of these 3 phases will appear in the event panel as additional timed events. Phases that haven’t started yet will be displayed as upcoming events so you know exactly when the Night King will reappear.

At the very beginning of each phase, the Night King will appear in the same place with level 1, regardless of what level he was able to reach in the previous phases. At the end of each phase, the Night King will disappear from the War Map, and a short cooldown will begin before the next phase.

The fight

Each victory over the Night King lowers his health level, as in battles against elite creatures. When the boss’s health drops to zero, he is revived with full health and becomes one level stronger. The higher the level of the world boss, the more points and rewards you can earn when you win!

The number of victories required to completely lose his health can increase with the level of the boss.

The Night King is a summoning creature, so you cannot fight him alone. To defeat this enemy, your alliance must fight together, and teamwork is essential for successful battles at higher levels. If you touch the Night King on the military map, you will see several icons that will give you important information about him, including his weaknesses and potential rewards.

Note that the King of the Night is vulnerable to buffs against the undead and against world bosses, which you can use to increase your advantage. In particular, you can get instant bonuses by participating in events of a certain level, or by purchasing them in the store. Instant bonuses from different sources can stack!

When fighting against world bosses, there are no restrictions on the level of the castle. This means that you can join a call against a level 15 world boss with a castle level of 10. Keep in mind that the world boss can level up even before your call reaches him if other players attack at the same time as you ... At low levels, the rise can take place quite quickly.

Tap a world boss to see his current health, which decreases in real time as other players strike. As soon as his health level drops to zero, you will need to exit and touch the world boss again to get information about his new level. Attacking a world boss does not consume your stamina. If you feel that your powers are too weak to defeat a World Boss, the Summon Leader can cancel the summon before dispatch without additional penalties.

In some cases, the leader of the summon can apply cancellation of the summon while already on the march. But keep in mind that the battle becomes inevitable as soon as you get too close to your goal. If you get close enough to the target and try to cancel the summon, you will receive a message stating that you were unable to retreat.


Trophy awards. After each summon in which you participate, the King of the Night will drop random rewards. The higher the level of the boss, the higher the potential rewards. They can be viewed by touching the Night King on the military map and clicking on the rewards icon.

Please note that trophies drop out randomly. It makes no difference whether you hit the current level boss first or last. The only factor that affects potential trophies is the level of the boss.

After each victory, you will be able to preview the received rewards at the top of the screen. The complete list will be available in the battle report in your message center.

Event awards with milestones. In addition to trophies, you can get event rewards. World bosses use a completely new system of milestones to track current events:

The milestone event is not tied to the 3 Phases of the Night King, so your progress will continue to grow even after it is revived.

Game of Thrones: Wall Defense

The Night’s Watch strongholds along the Wall tend to remain calm. However, during special events, you can look north and find that these thrones are unlocked.

Hold the Wall. During these events, four thrones will be unlocked along the wall, which are associated with the Night’s Watch:

  1. Eastern Watch by the Sea (2 stars);
  2. Twilight Tower (2 stars);
  3. Stronghold of Night (3 stars);
  4. Black castle (4 stars).

Each of these Thrones will provide region bonuses and owner bonuses, as well as several titles available to alliance members. Choose carefully which of the thrones to send your alliance to at the very beginning, as this can give you certain bonuses that will help you in conquering the next throne that you have your eyes on!

Note that buffs from other thrones outside the Wall may not have any effect on these 4 event thrones, especially attack thrones with 3-4 stars. Titles and boosts can vary by event, so be sure to check the event messages to understand which boosts are being used in each case.

Please be aware that normal rules still apply when abdicating or granting titles, including a 72-hour waiting period before receiving an alliance shield (timer refers to the throne, not alliance) and a 30-minute recovery time when granted or getting titles.

Parcels. As an advantage for holding the Eastern Watch, the Twilight Tower, the Night’s Hold, or the Black Castle, you will receive rewards called parcels. You can also receive them if a member of the union grants you a title in one of these four locations. You will be able to receive your first package immediately after seizing the throne or obtaining a title. The first package will be less than the next. You can check the contents of the package by examining the information about the throne (click on the throne or find this data on the map at the command post).

If you have an available package, this is signaled by a special icon above the Great Hall. You can get it by clicking on the icon or by going to the new package menu, which is located on the right side of the screen. Here you can also get port rewards and warehouse rewards.

Parcels will continue to arrive as long as you hold the throne or hold the title, so be careful! If you lose your throne or title, supplies will stop and any available supplies that you did not pick up will be lost. The contents of the packages can range from simple points to building resources. It all depends on the specific event.

Varieties of events. Holding the throne along the Wall is an alliance event. Thus, some Wall events may be aimed solely at identifying the leaders of the alliance, and will not contain a personal table or signs of a phased event. The highest rewards for this type of event may include gifts from the leader of the union, also called lord’s rewards, or gifts from a lord, which the leader can send to members of his union. Alliance Leader bounties should be notified to your message center after the event ends. It will contain information about the best members from your union and a button to submit awards according to their merit.

Along with Wall events, you can also find additional events that can provide rewards or power-ups for capturing the Night’s Watch strongholds. For example, even if you don’t hold a fortress, you can hunt various PvE creatures (ghouls, white walkers, ghoul bears, ghoul giants, and pale spiders) to help your alliance or earn instant bonuses. These events are theme dependent and not all Wall events will include them, so be sure to check the events panel.

And now my patrol is over. After the completion of the "Defense of the Wall" event, all 4 thrones of the Night’s Watch will be blocked again. Anyone who still holds these thrones after the end of the event will be removed and all standard bearers will lose their titles. Each time a throne is lost, a report is sent to the message center about the cause. In this case, you will receive a message that the event is over. Any available packages that you did not pick up before the end of the event will be lost.

Game of Thrones: Throne Conquest Guide

One of the ultimate goals in Game of Thrones: Conquest is to seize the Throne. Thrones are certain recognizable locations in Westeros. For example, Winterfell, Casterly Rock and of course King’s Landing. Seizing the throne is not only an indicator of the prestige and strength of your alliance, but also allows you to take strategic defensive positions. Holding the Throne also gives you the ability to issue powerful titles and regional bonuses to loyal standard-bearers who helped you achieve your goal.

How to take over the Throne? Small Thrones do not require large alliances, but you must be a lord of the alliance to capture a large Throne. Make sure you attack the Seat that matches your level. The more stars the Throne has, the stronger it is. Only King’s Landing has a difficulty of 5 stars. If you started playing in a new kingdom, then all Thrones are controlled by the houses of the NPCs. Not all Thrones will be initially available for attack, so keep an eye out when new regions become available.

To take the throne, you must attack until all of your enemy’s troops are destroyed and the health of his walls is reduced to 0%. Defeating the strongest thrones will require you to unite your best troops, and you will need special siege-type troops to destroy the walls. Before each campaign you embark, you will need to decide if you want to just attack or take the throne.

You can choose to seize the throne for each attack, but in fact you can take it if after the arrival of your campaign the enemy has no troops and no health of the walls. After capturing the Throne, 25% of the strength of the wall will be restored immediately, and the rest will be restored over time. Please note that the strength value of the Wall of the Throne is much higher than that of a simple castle. If you do not have special buffs for the rate of recovery of the strength of the wall, then a full recovery can take several days.

All Castles require a strong alliance. The number of Throne Stars indicates the difficulty and number of standard bearers required to capture. If, after you have captured the Throne, your number of standard-bearers has decreased and is lower than required, then you will still remain its owner, but you will lose all possession bonuses until you accept more followers.

Possession Bonus. Possession of any Throne grants the owner multiple bonuses. Similar to regional bonuses (which are described below), these bonuses differ depending on the location. For example, if you capture Storm’s End in the Stormlands, you will receive the title "Highlord / Lady of the Stormlands." This title grants the wearer a bonus to the attack of shooters, the speed of marching against creatures, the speed of the maester, and the number of soldiers that turn into wounded. The next time you look at the Thrones, pay attention to what bonuses are given for their possession.

The titles of the standard bearers. Immediate standard bearers in an alliance can gain powerful titles. Standard bearers receive bonuses for owning these titles. In order to award the title to their standard bearers, they must meet two conditions:

  1. Should be your "straight" standard bearer and keep you as your lord.
  2. Should not own their throne.

Titles are as different as the Thrones themselves. Here’s an example of King’s Landing titles:

Region Bonuses. Alliance members who control one of the Thrones can receive various bonuses for being on its territory within the radius of influence. It doesn’t matter who in the alliance owns the Throne, all allies will receive regional bonuses if their fortress is close enough to the Throne. Regional bonuses can be different, for example:

Renunciation. There are many reasons for abdicating the throne. Perhaps you are tired of being in charge and want to give in to someone else in your union. Or better yet, you have seized a more powerful Throne and are anxious to enter. Whatever the reason, the players have the opportunity to leave their Throne whenever they wish. When you leave the Throne, your union will have 3 minutes until no one else can take over it. Any of the alliance can now seize the Throne, but consider the number of standard bearers required to receive possession bonuses. If no one captures the Throne during this time, it will return to its original owner as an NPC.

As soon as someone from your alliance takes over the Throne, those 3 minutes of the Peace Shield will expire instantly. After that, 72 hours must pass before this Throne can again receive the Shield of Peace for 3 minutes. A warning message will appear if the throne has been abandoned within the last 72 hours. You will not receive an allied Peace Shield if you abdicate the Throne after a warning. If that member of the alliance decides to leave the Throne anyway, it will immediately return to its original owner as a non-player character.

Abdication of the Throne will take away all of its bonuses, revoke all titles, and remove the regional bonuses of your union. Renounce wisely!

Merging kingdoms. As soon as a certain era arrives in your kingdom, you will see an announcement about a future merger of kingdoms. It’s an exciting event as players from multiple kingdoms team up to form a whole new kingdom with a faster timeline for the emergence of thrones. Ahead of the amalgamation, your kingdom will have several themed sets and events dedicated to gathering resources, training troops and upgrading buildings, in order to prepare you to meet the new lords and ladies, alliances and alliances of the united kingdom. The consequences of the merger:

Game of Thrones: Event Rewards

Assessment of events. Events in Game of Thrones: Conquest are rated differently. Leaderboard versus staged events:

Because of these differences, you may have different positions on your personal, milestone, and allied leaderboards. If you want to take part in an event, it is very important to register by viewing it in the events panel. If you did not watch the event before you started participating, you may not receive points for this event.

Why wasn’t I given awards or points for the event? When the event starts, you need to view the event in the events tab to start earning points. This will fire an event on your device. If you start completing tasks before watching the event, you will not start earning points. To make sure you participate in the event before you start earning points, you can follow these steps:

This will manually update the game on your device. You are now ready to earn Event Points. Don’t forget that there are different types of event points: staged, leaderboards, union leaderboards. These are all different points, and you can have a different number of different points for the same event.

How do I get daily login rewards? To receive daily login rewards, you must first build a tavern. The building of the tavern is marked with a glass of wine icon.

Tap this spot to build your own tavern. After that, you can receive a daily reward by visiting the tavern. Once you open the tavern, you will see how much time is left until your next reward, and find out what that reward will be. You can also see what rewards you’ve already received by looking at the boxes marked with a green checkmark.

Game of Thrones: All About Expeditions

How to start an expedition? To enter the expeditions menu, select the maester tower and click on the "Expedition" icon. The expeditions screen will open in front of you. From top to bottom, you will see all available maesters, a drop-down menu of maps, your chosen map and available points, indicated by blue circles with numbers on them, as well as the number of expeditions that must be completed in order to receive a reward.

In the drop-down menu of maps (or using the arrow on the side) you can select a map, then by clicking on a point on the map, you can view information about the journey you are about to take.

If you have everything you need for the expedition, click on "On the road" to set off for the specified period of time. (Please note that your maester will be unavailable for research and other expeditions until your return.) You can also spend gold and end your journey instantly by clicking the End Now! Button.

How do I receive expedition rewards? Each map will show how many expeditions you need to complete in order to receive the reward. By clicking on the chest icon, you can see how your quest is progressing and see what your next reward will be.

When you complete the required number of expeditions, the chest icon will change and you can receive your reward. Each Expedition Map has its own permanent set of rewards, so check out all the maps to find out what rewards you can get. For example, the Pantry Stock Expedition is useful for storing food crates. Other cards have additional rewards, including special resources and the latest decorations.

Game of Thrones: Secret Market

The Secret Market is located in a secret corner of your town’s tavern. By purchasing daily supplies or reward coupons from the store, you can have a steady supply of goods from the secret market over a period of several days. When purchasing these offers from a store:

Daily supplies. Typically, daily deliveries provide the same items and resources, which must be collected from the secret market every day. You can view the contents of the shipments prior to purchase by clicking "View All Rewards" in the store. The next delivery can be picked up after the 24-hour counter reaches zero (the counter starts when you make a purchase) and until the specified number of deliveries is completed.

Unlike reward coupons, supplies must be picked up every day. If you miss a day, you won’t be able to pick up the delivery for that day. Please check the contents of your reward coupon before purchasing as rewards for each day may vary.

Award coupons. Reward coupons can give different rewards each day. Rewards for different days in the store are shown as a scrolling bar so you can check the content before purchasing. Rewards do not disappear, they can be picked up whenever you want (as opposed to supplies that need to be picked up every day). If you missed a day, just pick up the package another time when you enter the secret market. For the next reward to appear, you will still have to wait another 24 hours (depending on the time of purchase) after you collect the reward.

You can have multiple daily supplies or reward coupons at the same time. They will be shown as icons on the left in the Secret Market menu, so you can switch between them and view the time until the next delivery or reward. Press the "Get" button as soon as the package or reward is available! You can click the Get All Rewards button below and collect multiple supplies or rewards at once.

You can see what exactly each daily shipment consists of by clicking on any content icon in the secret marketplace. You will receive a list of the contents of the shipments for each day. Reward coupons can give a different reward each day, so click the Store Calendar button to see what you’ll receive each day, and the Total button to see the total rewards for the entire coupon.

Game of Thrones: How to Receive and Send Personal Gifts?

A personal gift is an item that can be sent directly to another player. They can be purchased in packs or received as rewards from daily quests and events. There are many different personal gifts and they can contain a variety of rewards. Click on the unsent gift on your item screen to see what reward the player you send it to will receive.

Send a gift. You can send a personal gift by going to your player profile and clicking on the gift icon at the bottom of the screen, to the right of the crow icon.

You can send multiple gifts at a time. Make sure you are sending the correct amount before clicking Send Gift.

Receive a gift. The player who received personal gifts will find them in the message center under the "Notifications" section. Click "Collect" in the message and the content will be directly added to the item screen.

Be sure to collect the gift before it disappears! Once the timer reaches 0, the gift can no longer be collected.

Developments. In some Game of Thrones: Conquest events, you can earn points for sending personal gifts to other players! In phased events, you will receive rewards as you achieve your goals. For leaderboard events, you will receive a reward in the message center at the end of the event. Its content will depend on your place on the leaderboard. Check event goals and how to earn gifts that you can send to friends by clicking on the event bar in the upper left corner.

Please note that different types of gifts will give different points during events!

Game of Thrones: All Kinds of Missions

Quests from Tyrion. During your journey through Westeros, Lord Tyrion will help you increase your power. Along with daily tasks, he will offer you various tasks or improvements and will generously reward you upon completion. View your current quests by clicking on Tyrion’s portrait in the lower left corner while exploring your city.

By clicking on the blue "i" next to each task, you will learn about the reward. You can also earn a bonus chest that will open after you have completed enough of the proposed quests.

Tyrion will always show you recommended quests on your city screen. Click on the "Go" button next to the text to go directly to the assignment.

If you completed the task, but were unable to use the "Collect" button, check your internet connection and restart the game. If you still cannot collect the reward, you will need to complete the rest of the tasks until a new one appears. After that, you can collect the reward for the old quest, so you don’t miss any rewards!

Daily tasks. Each daily quest earns you the Household Authority you need to level up your character (click on the blue "i" next to a quest to see how many Households you’ll earn for it). You will also earn points for reaching the milestone goal indicated at the top of the screen.

Click on any of these chests to see the reward you will receive for reaching the goal. Once you have enough points, you can get your reward by clicking the "Collect" button.

Daily quests can change from day to day, so be sure to check the dashboard and collect rewards!

Problem solving. If the "Collect" button does not work, please restart the game. Make sure you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network before trying to get them again. If you have received rewards, but the number of your items on the screen has not changed, most likely your device is out of sync with the game.

After completing the suggested actions and restarting Game of Thrones: Conquest, the display will show the correct number of items. Please note that if your game was out of sync while you were performing any actions in the game, the correct data on the number of items may differ from what was expected, since it may not match what was shown before the restart.

Game of Thrones: Account Issues

My improved teleporter didn’t work. If you try to use the teleporter, but the lock does not move from its original position, your gold will still be used up, and an improved teleporter will appear on the item screen, which can be used later.

If the improved teleporter does not appear right away, close Game of Thrones: Conquest and restart the game to get your item screen fully refreshed.

Why can’t I find a specific set in the store? The Game of Thrones: Conquest store is constantly changing and creates a unique set of offers for each player. Some sentences may contain key phrases, such as the "Hurry to Reach Castle Level 20" set, that have been matched to your current level. However, keep in mind that support cannot give players access to specific packs.

The offers will be available at a specific time, which is indicated on the timer on the corner of each set in the store. Once the offer expires, another one will replace it. This means that if you need a specific set, go to the store from time to time, flip through the pages with offers and look for the right set!

Why am I not receiving notifications? This is most often due to playing on multiple devices, or using multiple accounts on the same device. If you play on multiple devices, you will most often only receive notifications on one of them, and not necessarily on the device you are currently using. If you do not see offline notifications or notice a significant delay, please try the following before contacting support:

  1. Go to the Game of Thrones: Conquest settings and turn off all notifications in the "Notifications" section;
  2. Go to your device’s settings and turn off notifications for Game of Thrones: Conquest;
  3. Reboot your device;
  4. Go to your device’s settings and turn on notifications for Game of Thrones: Conquest;
  5. Launch the game and turn on notifications in the game settings.

Removing inactive locks. Castles of inactive players who do not enter the game for a certain time will be removed from the world map. Locks are removed on a sliding scale depending on their level. The higher the level of the castle, the longer it will remain on the map. This will give extra time for players who have invested a lot of time in the game to return. All data about the lock will be saved.

Players whose castles have been removed will find them in the same state in which they left them. Castles that return after being removed will be placed in a random location on the map of the kingdom from which they were removed. Just like the castles that disappeared from the map as a result of the battle. In addition, castles after returning will receive a peace shield for 24 hours.

How to send an invitation to friends? To invite your friends to join you, you must first complete the tutorial. After that go to "Settings" by clicking on the gear icon, then click on "Invite Friends". Copy the code and send it to anyone who wants to join your kingdom. Only one friend can be invited with each generated code.

How do I use a friend invite? To enter the code that was sent to you, you must first complete the training. After that go to "Settings" by clicking on the gear icon, then click on "Use friend code".

Please note that when you enter your friend invite code, you will create a new account in the kingdom where you were invited. Your game progress and purchases will not move with you to the new kingdom. If you want to play with your current account and in this kingdom in the future, you should link it to Facebook or Game Center before you enter a friend invite.

How do I link my account? You can link your account by clicking on your avatar, then going to "Settings"> "Account".

It is not currently possible to unlink accounts, but you can have multiple accounts. If you want to keep your current account and have another with your friend, you can link one account to Facebook and the other to Game Center on iOS. Linking to Google Play is currently unavailable.

Cloud saving. You can back up your Game of Thrones: Conquest profile by linking it to your Facebook or Game Center account. To do this, go to your profile in the game by clicking on the avatar, and then go to "Settings" - "Account".

This will indicate the status of your account’s connection with Facebook or Game Center. You can link your game profile to any of these services. You may be asked to sign in to the service to which you are trying to link your profile. Once linked, you can reinstall the game without losing your game profile. To reboot the linked account, do the following:

  1. Click on the portrait of your lord;
  2. Click on the gears icon in the middle in the lower left corner;
  3. Click on "Account" in the "Account" section;
  4. Click "Change Account" in the "Other Settings" section;
  5. Select the option that you used when linking your account;
  6. A pop-up window will display the restored account;
  7. Click OK;
  8. The game will restart.

Article author: Nadezhda D.