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GAME OF WAR FIRE AGE is a game for android with release date 05/07/2014 from Machine Zone, Inc. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Hero Guide
  2. Equipment and its pumping
  3. Temporary Gear
  4. Crafting Improvement
  5. Battle Guide
  6. Boosts
  7. Consequences of the capture of a hero
  8. Buildings and their functions
  9. Monster Guide
  10. Dungeon Walkthrough
  11. Dragon Features
  12. Overview of Important In-Game Items
  13. The Ultimate Alliance Guide
  14. Megaalliance
  15. Participation in competitions
  16. Teleports
  17. Treasure Map
  18. Miracles
  19. Quests
  20. Game Interface
  21. Game Chat & Mail
  22. All About Friends
  23. Correct Settings and Profile
  24. VIP status
  25. Player Questions

Game of War: Hero Guide

Your hero plays a critical role in your conquests and overall success in Game of War! The hero is the leader of your troops and the central figure in the vast majority of combat strategies. While you can attack other players and collect resources without a hero, any march will have many benefits in the presence of a hero. In addition, the hero can attack and kill monsters on the territory of the state, receiving valuable rewards for killing them.

In confrontations with other players, your hero leads your troops into battle. Earn hero experience to level up. As your hero gets stronger, he also gains skill points. You can distribute the hero’s skill points to increase the bonuses of the troops to attack, defense, and even vitality.

Bonuses can also be increased by making items of equipment for your hero and using them in battle. Further, the equipment can be inlaid with gems. Each piece of equipment or gem used by your hero provides a specialized boost. With these customization options, you can defeat any enemy. Make sure your hero joins the troops in the battle so that the troops get all the benefits of hero boosts!

Hero profile. For more information on your hero, you should first check the hero profile page. There you will find everything that relates to your hero. To go to a hero’s profile, tap the image on the city overview screen.

In the upper left corner of the hero’s profile page, the hero’s level is displayed in a circle.

At the top in the middle, under the hero’s name, is the experience bar. On the experience bar, you will see two numbers separated by a fraction sign - the number on the left indicates the current experience, and the number on the right is the total amount of experience required to reach the next level. As your hero moves to the next level, this panel will fill up. Your hero profile also displays all the equipment your hero is currently using, the hero’s current energy level, hero skill points and hero boosts.

Hero boosts. The Hero Boost button is a convenient means of accessing all the characteristics of your hero. The stats displayed here reflect the skills of the hero, the equipment used, the research of the hero, and any temporary boosts that directly affect your hero.

The hero boosts page does not display all the characteristics that are currently active for your account. You can find the most accurate representation of account characteristics on the profile boosts page. To go to it, click the power icon on the city overview screen and select the "Boosts" option.

Hero skills. Your hero has a certain number of available hero skill points and skill points per monster. The number of available skill points increases every time your hero gets a new level. You can see how many of your hero’s skill points are not allocated by clicking on the Skill Points button on the hero’s profile page.

Click the Skill Points button to see how the hero’s skill points are allocated and to allocate the points not yet invested.

Using hero skill points. There are two skill trees in which you can invest your hero’s skill points - the hero skill tree and the skill tree (monsters). The number of skill points available for distribution is displayed at the top of the skill tree.

If you have free skill points, the hero’s portrait in the city overview screen and the skill points button in the hero’s profile will be highlighted. The hero’s skill tree and the skill tree (monsters) are strategic planning tools that allow you to improve certain hero boosts. To learn more about a skill, select it on the corresponding development tree.

The more skill points are spent on developing a skill, the more powerful this skill will be. The number of skill points invested in a particular skill and the maximum number of skill points that can be invested in that skill are shown as a fraction. When investing the maximum possible number of skill points in a certain skill, this skill will be highlighted when viewing the skill tree.

Skill requirements. Skills are displayed in order of strength, from weakest (top) to most powerful (bottom). The more powerful a skill, the more skill points it will take to develop it. For some skills, you must first unlock or develop other skills to a certain level, before you can invest skill points in these skills.

Change of appearance of the hero. To change the appearance of your hero, use the item of your choice. You will start the game with one such item in your inventory; over time you will be able to purchase additional ones for loyalty. Go to the Items - My Items - Special page to use the hero selection, or if you don’t have one, purchase it in the Items - Alliance Shop tab!

After using the hero pick item, a list of all available heroes will appear. Tap any of them to select, and your new hero will appear on your hero profile page.

Power. The power level is displayed at the top of the screen in the city view. This is a reflection of your progress in the game; it is also used to measure the progress of other players. Your total power does not directly affect the results of battles or ratings, but is an indicator of your progress in the game for you and other players. Power is increased as a result of completing the tasks of the empire, conducting research, raising the level of the hero, building the city and training troops.

When traps are destroyed, the power of the troops also decreases - keep this in mind!

Game of War: Equipment and its pumping

The hero’s equipment is made in the forge, after which your hero can equip it. The equipment with which the hero is equipped provides valuable boosts to the empire. There are five categories of equipment:

To equip a hero with equipment, tap an empty equipment slot on the hero’s profile page, then tap a suitable piece of equipment.

Inlaid with gems. Up to three gems can be inserted into each piece of equipment. This opportunity is represented by three slots for gems, which provide additional opportunities for improving the hero. To insert a gem into an item of equipment, select this item.

An additional slot for gems can be unlocked by conducting research at the academy. This will allow you to use special gems. Special gems provide unique bonuses that are usually not found in other gems.

Strengthening equipment. Diffuse unused gear and power up your best gear to make it even more powerful. Enhancement of equipment and spraying are carried out in a new building - the equipment workshop.

Power level. Some pieces of equipment can gain power levels. Each next level of power adds a new bonus to the item. The maximum power level of an item is determined by the level of the equipment workshop.

Equipment workshop. Equipment Workshop is a new building in your empire. The Equipment Workshop allows you to enhance and spray items of equipment. As the level of the equipment workshop increases, the maximum attainable power level of items increases and the cost of amplification decreases.

Strengthen. Select the enhancement menu in the equipment workshop and in it select the item you want to enhance. If the equipment workshop is at a sufficient level and you have the necessary reagents, you can increase the power level of your item. Each time the item’s power level increases, it receives a new bonus and becomes even stronger.

Recovery. When spraying items, you can obtain reagents for strengthening. Spraying a previously boosted item will return more reagents. Disenchanting an item of equipment also loses the gems inserted into it. Spraying is irreversible, so be careful! Disenchanting an item will prevent you from using this opportunity again for a certain amount of time Use a spray beater to complete the spray recovery period.

Increasing the level of sets of equipment. You can unlock the levels of gear sets in the gear workshop. This feature will allow your gear sets to gain experience and provide additional benefits. Some consumables can gain power levels. Each next level of power adds a new bonus to the item. The maximum power level of an equipment is determined by the level of the equipment workshop.

Applying equipment recruitment experience and viewing benefits. You must have a crafted Legendary Gear Set in your inventory before you can start gaining Gear Set XP. To start leveling up your gear, touch the gear workshop building. When you craft a set of equipment that can be leveled, it will appear in the Upgrade Equipment section.

Select the gear you want to upgrade, then tap the "+" button to add experience to an individual set of common gear or a whole family of core gear sets. You can view your normal and core equipment sets on the corresponding tabs. There you can level up your equipment, view the maximum bonuses to equipment characteristics by leveling up, or further increase the potential of your equipment.

Talismans. When your common equipment sets reach a certain level, to further increase its potential, you will need special talismans:

  1. Talisman of protection. Talismans of Defense will further increase the killing power of your common gear sets.
  2. Citizen’s talisman. Upgrade your regular economy gear sets with Citizen Talismans and take your empire to the next level.
  3. Hunter’s talisman. Use hunter talismans to enhance your regular monster slayer gear sets to slay monsters even faster and more efficiently.

Equipment recruitment experience. There are several ways to increase the level of a set of equipment. First, in order for your gear set to gain experience, you must have at least a base set bonus for 5 items. The set of equipment used will begin to gain experience when you deal damage to an enemy city or destroy enemy troops in the presence of your hero.

All experience earned in this way will be counted towards the current set of equipment used. Also, the experience of recruiting equipment can be increased by means of special items that can be purchased at the gold store or obtained in special competitions. You will earn equipment set experience in every battle your hero participates in using this set (if this set can gain experience and level up).

As you fight monsters, you will also gain experience for your gear set. The power level of your current set will be displayed on your hero’s profile page, where other players can see it.

Game of War: Temporary Gear

Temporary Gear is incredibly powerful gear that is only available for a limited time. This equipment provides powerful effects that will give you a significant advantage over your opponents, so be sure to get them while you can. Temporary equipment can be purchased in specially marked kits at sales and won in competitions. Watch out for the mysterious chests! You can also combine collectibles up to level 6 and exchange them for gear.

Search for chests. Searching for your chests will be a breeze! Go to the items tab and then to the search and type the name of the chest you need.

Getting equipment from chests. Equipment (as well as items for enhancing and improving equipment) from chests is located on the chests tab in the "My Items" menu. Plus, it can also be found using the search facility! Just type in the search box the name of the equipment you want to find.

Obtaining items to improve and enhance equipment. You can enhance and improve the quality of your temporary equipment, but this will require certain items that can be obtained in the dungeon. You will see all the dungeons available to you. Touch the rewards to find a dungeon where you can get the items you need.

Make sure you have enough energy of the right type, then tap the energy and go down to the dungeon!

Getting special energy. Each dungeon requires its own special energy, so if you don’t have the energy for the dungeon you want to descend into, you will have to get the corresponding energy first. To find out what kind of energy you need, just enter the dungeon. The required energy will be indicated at the top of the screen. Go to the gold store and buy energy on sales or try to win it in competitions!

Gain. Select the enhancement menu in the equipment workshop, and in it select the item you want to enhance. If the equipment workshop is at a sufficient level and you have the necessary reagents, you can increase the power level of your item. Each time the item’s power level increases, it receives a new bonus and becomes even stronger.

Improvement. Select the upgrade menu in the equipment workshop and select the item you want to upgrade from there. When you have collected enough of the required items to improve equipment in specially marked dungeons, you can use them to improve the quality of your temporary equipment.

Game of War: Crafting Improvement

General purpose craft. In the forge, you can craft items for your hero. Go to the forge and tap the crafting equipment tab. You will have two options to choose from: Equipment and Ancient relics. Tap the equipment tab to view permanent equipment recipes. Tap the Ancient Relics tab to view recipes for temporary relic equipment.

Recipes. Recipes are divided into 5 categories of equipment and 1 category of special competition accessories. Each tab contains a list of equipment with an indication of materials and other necessary requirements for working on each of the recipes. It also displays an indicator of the quality of equipment and the bonuses it provides. If all requirements are met, the recipe is promoted to the top of the list.

Quality levels. Materials and gems vary in quality:

Item quality indicator. The quality indicator shows the likelihood of creating an item of one quality or another. The percentage indicates your chances of creating an item of a certain quality. To improve your chances, simply use whatever materials are appropriate to create the item you want.

Making a recipe

When all the requirements for creating the item of equipment you need are met, tap the "Craft" button. On the next page, you will see the equipment you are going to craft on the workbench.

Right below it are the highest quality materials at your disposal that can be used in this craft. Below is a list of materials of other quality grades also used in this recipe. If you select one of the materials on the workbench, the list is filtered in such a way that it will display all the materials of this type that you have. The selected material will be displayed in a green frame.

In the section under the workbench, you can exchange the selected material for another material of the same type, but with a different quality level. The example below shows that the Legendary Plate Crafting Material (Orange) has been replaced with the Epic Plate Crafting Material (Purple). Tap the material in the green box to cancel the filter.

If a recipe uses 2 or more of the same material and you select that material in list mode, a flashing yellow box will appear around each material. Tap on the material you want to change and its border will change from yellow to green.

Tap an equipment on the workbench to view the bonuses it provides. You can also view the bonuses for equipment of all available quality levels by touching the corresponding blocks on the item quality indicator.

If you have chosen the right quality materials and you are satisfied with the likelihood of success when crafting, use silver to start the item’s crafting timer or gold and silver to complete the process instantly.

Combine. By combining materials or gems, you can improve their quality. For example, you can combine 4 of the same type of material or gem.

Assembly table. Like the workbench, the build table is at the top of the page. It has 4 slots for gems and materials. You can put gems and materials from your supply in the cells. To create a composited gem or material, you need at least four of the same gem or material of the same quality. Whether gems or materials will be stacked depends on which tab you go to.

Inventory. All manufactured equipment can be viewed in the inventory regardless of whether the hero is equipped with it or not. To view the characteristics of the equipment and information about the gems inserted into it, simply select the desired item. 12 empty slots are provided for equipment. Additional space, if necessary, can be obtained using the equipment bag.

Gems and materials. All available gems and materials are shown in the Gems and Materials section. Here you can select any gem or material you have to find out what bonuses it gives.

Negative effects. Some cores and fragments have a certain combination of bonuses, which may include some minor negative impact on the economy, troops, or hero. All of these properties will be inherited by the core gear. The negative effects can be mitigated by:

Research to improve crafting. Research to improve crafting is available on the crafting tree in the academy. There are 10 research levels for each core quality level, which reduce the negative effects of any core equipment made from a specific core.

If all research has been done to improve crafting, core equipment made from high quality core and fragments does not have any negative effect.

Game of War: Battle Guide

Categories of troops. Troops fall into four different categories: infantry, cavalry, riflemen, and siege troops. Troops are used to attack, defend and reinforce strategically important points on the map of the state, including your own empire.

Troop bonuses. Army bonuses are given not only by the hero. Troops can receive them if you carry out research in the academy and use the items of temporary boosts that are found in abundance in the game. The combat research tree allows you to conduct research aimed at improving attack, defense, and survivability. The Wall Trap Research Tree also grants attack and defense bonuses, but these mainly strengthen your wall traps when defending a city.

Boost items. You can also use the attack and defense boosts purchased from the alliance store, but their duration is limited and they cannot be used more than one at a time.

Keep in mind that temporary boosts of the same type do not stack, so applying a new boost will replace the previous one!

Fights for the city. In an attack on an enemy city, you can send combined troops led by a hero. To attack an enemy, touch his city and select the "Attack" option. Use the slider on the march page to select the type and number of troops. If you want a hero to lead your army, be sure to check the corresponding box. Having selected the composition of the squad, click the "March" button to send it to battle. Your army will go to its destination, carry out an attack, and then return to you.

Do not forget: if you do not include a hero in your squad, your troops will not receive bonuses from boosts, skills, equipment and hero boosts.

Fighting in the areas. The battles that take place outside the city walls are essentially reminiscent of the battle in the city. However, there are no defensive wall traps that could affect the outcome of the battle, and there are no hospitals to house wounded fighters. Wounded troops outside your city will die.

Defense. As a defender, you can use all the troops and traps available in the city to defend the city from invaders. If your hero was present in the city at the time of the enemy attack, all troops in the city will receive your hero’s bonuses.

Your hero’s bonuses will also apply to the reinforcements that your alliance comrades will send you to help you.

If the city’s defenders have a hospital, troops that would otherwise have died in battle are instead sent to the hospital for treatment. When all the available beds in the hospital are occupied by the wounded, the remaining troops injured in the defense will die. The troops remain in the hospital until you heal or disband them. The hospitalized troops do not need allowance, do not count towards your power, and do not participate in battles.

Wall traps. Traps can be placed on ramparts and as the city’s first line of defense. Traps are effective against infantry, cavalry, and ranged troops, but ineffective against siege troops.

Peace shield. The Peace Shield is an indestructible barrier, an ideal means of reliably protecting your city, but there are situations when peace is impossible. The most common situations where you will not be able to activate the peace shield are as follows:

To use the peace shield, select a peace shield item in your inventory and click "Use", or tap the boost page icon on the city overview screen, select a peace shield and apply it.

Intelligence service. A successful leader needs to know his opponent! Using scouts will help you determine the composition of the enemy’s troops and form an army that can successfully counter them. To send a scout, touch your target and press the "Scout" button. You will see the value in loyalty and the time it will take for the scout to reach the goal. Press the Scout button again to confirm your choice and the Scout will hit the road! He will be back shortly with important information. You will find the reconnaissance report in your mail on the reports tab.

Victory conditions. The outcome of the battle is determined by how much power was lost on each side. This usually means that the side that kills / injures / destroys the most troops and traps wins. However, different amounts of power are written off for different troops destroyed in battle. So, in any case, the player who deprived the enemy of the most power, even if he killed fewer fighters than the other side, wins the battle.

Combat marks

Combat markers allow you to visually mark enemies on the world map and select them as targets. Battle marks are unlocked after purchasing the corresponding specially marked item in the gold store. Battle marks can only be used by members of the alliance. Each alliance can have up to 15 marks, each member of the alliance - no more than two.

To mark a target, tap the empire you want to target and click the "Mark target" button at the bottom of the window that appears. If you have not yet unlocked the ability to use battle markers, a lock will be displayed on the Mark Target button. By touching the "locked" button, you will go to the gold store.

By unlocking battle markers, you will be able to mark targets. The tag is valid for 30 minutes. By tapping the empire the tagged target belongs to, you can view the tag information. Summary information is available to all members of the alliance. The player who has marked the goal will also have additional options available. If you’ve tagged a goal, you can tap the text box to add your own note associated with that goal.

After the target is marked, in the Alliance - Battle Marks section, the corresponding section will appear indicating the name and power of the target. To access the Battle Marks page from the World Map screen, tap the Alliance button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and select the Battle Marks option on the Alliance Home Page. You can view targets tagged by other members of your alliance by touching the All Targets tab.

On the "My goals" page you will see the number of marked goals and the maximum goal limit available to you and your alliance personally. If, after creating a mark, you leave the alliance, your mark will remain in your now former alliance. On this page, you can update your notes, as well as update or delete your tag expiration date. Before a tag can be updated or deleted, it must have existed for a certain amount of time from the moment it was created.

To update the tag, you must wait at least 15 minutes. since its inception. You can remove the mark after 5 minutes. after its creation. Pressing the "Go" button on the target in the list, you will go to the coordinates on the world map, where the target was at the time of creating the mark. The mark retains only the original coordinates of the marked target. If the tagged player moves to a different location, their movements will not be tracked by the tag.

Tagging an enemy will give you at least two important benefits. First, players attacking a marked target receive a 10% bonus to Troop Attack. Secondly, only your alliance will be able to see their markers on targets on the world map. There are no other notifications about creating a label on the target.

Game of War: Boosts

Boosts are a consumable resource. They increase the pace of the city’s development in many ways. In the city view mode, boosts are displayed on the right side of the screen. Boosts can be applied by tapping a category on the boosts page or by clicking the "Use" button on a boost item from the Items - My Items inventory page. While the boost is active, a timer is displayed below it indicating how long it will last.

Boost categories:

Boost effects. The boost must be activated before its effect takes effect. They don’t work retroactively. For example, if you activated the gathering boost while your troops were already mining a resource from the site, these troops will not benefit from this gathering boost. Do not forget to activate your boosts before taking actions that are affected by these boosts.

Game of War: Consequences of the capture of a hero

Your hero can be taken prisoner if you have suffered a crushing defeat in a battle in which your hero took part. This means that your hero is no longer present in the city, does not restore the hero’s energy and no longer provides you with his hero boosts.

When your hero is captured, the image of the prison bars is superimposed on the hero’s portrait and on his profile page of the hero in your city. You will also receive a detailed battle report by in-game mail. A corresponding icon will also appear above your opponent’s city, indicating that this player is holding one or more heroes in captivity!

Your hero can be taken prisoner only if your fortress level is not lower than 15. In addition, your opponent must have a suitable prison in his city where your hero will be kept.

Hero reward. If your hero is captured, you can assign a reward for him. This reward will serve as additional motivation for other players to save your hero. The reward announced by you will be paid to the player who attacked the captor and freed your hero from captivity.

If the hero escaped from captivity without the help of another player, was released by the captor himself or was executed, then no one receives the reward, and the announced reward itself is not compensated.

The imprisonment of the hero. If your fortress has already reached level 15, your hero can be captured and kept in captivity for a certain time. After this time, the hero will return to you. If your fortress has already reached level 20, your captured hero can be executed by the captor, who will receive additional boosts and benefits.

Freed hero. Heroes can be freed from captivity in several ways. You can attack the city where your hero is being held captive and win a grand victory to free him. Other players can also free your hero by defeating his captor in battle. The captive hero can be set free by his captor himself. In any of these cases, the hero returns to you. If the player who captured the hero can execute him, but does not, the hero tries to escape. The hero will succeed after some time, which depends on the level of the prison and the level of the hero. The higher the level of the hero, the faster he will escape.

Execution of the hero. If your hero was executed, he will appear in your graveyard. You can resurrect him or hire a new hero. If you have a gymnasium, the hero will retain his experience upon resurrection. For more information about the gymnasium, touch it and select the "More Information" option.

Ransom for the hero. If your hero is captured, his captor can demand a ransom for him. If you or any of your allies pays the required ransom amount, your hero will be freed and march towards your empire. To claim the ransom, touch the prison and select the hero for whom you intend to receive the ransom. Click the Buyback button. In order to claim a ransom for a hero, you need a ransom demand.

Game of War: Buildings and their functions

Construction in your city. Build buildings: your city will become richer and more powerful. Each building has its own role. Some provide unique bonuses useful in battle, while others increase the rate of economic development. Think strategically: build buildings that suit your playstyle.

Destruction of buildings. Buildings can be destroyed, but do not forget that you lose power points. Think carefully before you do this!

Building boost. Building boosts allow you to permanently enhance your buildings with certain effects. They will help you both in battle and in strengthening your defenses and strengthening your city. Click the "Boost" button at the top of the screen to go to the building boosts screen. Make sure you have enough temporary orbs to use the boost, then click the "Boost for temporary orbs" button. Done - your building has received a permanent boost!

For each boost applied to the building, the level of luck increases. If you don’t have enough time orbs to use the building boost, you can purchase them from the gold store. Also, temporary orbs can be won in special competitions.

By applying a building boost, you get a permanent boost for your empire. Each boost consists of a base characteristic and a multiplier, which determine the final boost. The final boost is the resulting stat bonus that you would receive. If you apply a boost to a building that already has a boost, the new boost will replace the old one. Each building type has its own set of possible boosts.

Boost rollback. You can go back to the previous boost if the new boost loses compared to the previous one. For this, there is the possibility of rolling back the boost. Click the "Boost Rollback" button. A pop-up window will appear with information about the last boost applied to the selected building.

If you want to return to the previous boost, click the "Boost Rollback" button, and the last applied boost will be replaced with the one that was before it. This change is permanent and irreversible. If the Roll Back Boost button is grayed out, you must either apply a different boost, or you do not have enough Return Orbs.

Luck and experience. For each boost applied to a building, the luck level for that building increases. As the level of luck increases, the likelihood of getting more powerful boosts increases. The higher the level of the building, the more experience due to its level of luck it will receive with each use of the boost.

To get as much luck experience as possible when applying boosts to a building, try to increase the level of the building to the maximum. The luck experience modifier for each building is displayed on its More Information page.


The academy conducts research for the benefit of the empire. The higher the level of the academy, the more research you can conduct and the more often you will improve the empire and its army.

Alchemy laboratory

The Alchemy Lab is a new building in your empire that allows you to make potions from vials and ingredients. Potions are consumed upon use and provide various benefits for a limited time. Only one potion can be active at a time.

To unlock an alchemy laboratory in your empire, you first need to upgrade your fortress to level 21.

After that, you can unlock the alchemy lab by purchasing the deed for the alchemy lab at the specially marked sales in the gold store.

With the help of the Alchemist’s Tome, you can improve your alchemy laboratory and get more benefits when making potions. The benefits of upgrading the lab include increased duration of potions, the number of ingredient slots available, and an increase in the upper limit of the potion’s stats range.

To make a potion in an alchemy lab, you will need a bottle and ingredients (up to six). By touching the bottle, you will select it as the container for your potion. You can get more detailed information about the vial by clicking the "Vial parameters" button. After selecting a bottle, go to the ingredients tab and similarly select the ingredients for your potion. Press the "Craft" button to pay the required amount of silver and craft your potion.

Upon completion of the process of making the potion, a pop-up window with its characteristics will appear. Remember that the final characteristics of the potion are chosen randomly from a certain range. Even when using the same vials and ingredients, the characteristics of the potions obtained may differ. Upgrading your alchemy lab is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your potions.

To use the potion, go to the main page of the alchemy laboratory and click the "Use potion" button. After that, select the desired potion from the list and click the "Use" button. The currently active potions are displayed at the top of the main page. A timer will also be displayed there, indicating the time until the end of the potion. By clicking the View Active Potion button, you can view the benefits it provides.

Check out the Gold Shop frequently to purchase new vials and ingredients, and combine them to make the potions best suited to your playstyle.


A functioning altar is a source of benefits for your empire. Execute the hero to activate the altar. In order for one player to execute the hero of another player, both players must have a fortress of at least level 15. After the execution of an enemy hero, the altar is activated, and your city receives huge bonuses. Tap here to go to the Execute Heroes menu.

Hall of archaeologists

The Hall of Archeologists is a new building in your empire that allows you to find archaeological sites in your state using archaeological maps. Archaeological Site Maps are consumed in use and indicate where the Archaeological Site is located, which will be available for a limited time. You can receive valuable rewards from the archaeological site by camping on this site until the site is completely depleted or expires.

To unlock the archaeological hall in your empire, you need to purchase an act for the archaeological hall at specially marked sales in the gold store. With the help of ancient artifacts, you can improve your archaeological hall and get more benefits when searching for archaeological sites and developing them. By improving the hall, you will increase the attack efficiency and survivability of your troops.

Main menu. In the building of the hall of archaeologists, you can view all the maps of archaeological excavations available to you in the corresponding section of your inventory, or you can view a list of all active archaeological sites you have discovered and their coordinates.

Inventory. From the Archaeological Map Inventory page, you can tap any archaeological map available to you to activate it and open the location of an archaeological site of the appropriate quality level.

Please note that there are six quality levels for archeology cards, but they cannot be combined to increase the quality level. Higher quality archaeological maps unlock archaeological sites that take longer to develop but provide more valuable rewards. Low quality map plots are developed faster, but the rewards will be more modest. On this page, you can also discard any archaeological maps you do not need by touching them and clicking the "Discard" button.

Archaeological sites. Here you can view a list of all current and previously found archaeological sites. This page shows which archaeological sites are currently active and how long it will take until they are completed. From this page, you can also go to the troops occupying any active archaeological site, or disband them.

Archaeological map. Go to your archaeological map inventory and tap the map you want to activate, then confirm the activation of the selected archaeological map. The new archaeological site will appear in the list, and you will be prompted to go directly to it at the specified coordinates.

Development of an archaeological site. When you touch an archaeological site, you will see a list of all the possible rewards that can be obtained from it, and its current owner. You will have the opportunity to take this excavation site or attack it. Once you have occupied an archaeological site, you can use the corresponding accelerators to reduce development time.

If your troops can successfully mine the site and return home, you will receive great rewards! In this case, you will receive a message confirming the receipt of all the items that your troops brought with them from the archaeological site.


Your soldiers are being trained in the barracks. The higher the level of the barracks, the more troops you can train at a time. If you want to have a large army, build barracks. The special advantage of the barracks is the boost to the defense of the troops. Every 5 levels of the barracks, the effectiveness of defense increases by 1%. To start training troops, select the type of troops, their number and click "Training".

Keep in mind that some types of troops become available only after appropriate research.

Black market building

The Black Market, a new building on your city overview screen, is a special store that sells unique, very rare items. These items are offered in limited quantities and are only available for a specific period of time.

To unlock the Black Market, you will need the Black Market Seal, which can be purchased from the specially marked sales available to Daily Bonus Club members. Black Market Tokens are a new currency required to purchase all black market items. Like the Black Market Seal, tokens can be purchased from specially marked sales, available only to Daily Bonus Club members.

When items are available for purchase on the black market, you will see a special icon above its building on the city overview screen. When you enter the black market building, you will see an announcement that the market is open, as well as the remaining time during which the current range will be available. The popular item will be at the very top, and the rest of the items will be listed below it.

The list indicates the number of items available to each specific user. This means that you won’t be able to buy more items than is available to you personally, but you don’t have to worry about buying up the entire range of the market, and your alliance mates won’t get anything.

When the current black market assortment is nearing the end of its availability, you will see an appropriate warning icon above the building in the city overview screen.

Don’t forget: prices on the black market are constantly fluctuating, assortment is limited, offers expire quickly. If you see a good offer - do not wait, but take it right away!

If the black market is closed, no icon will be displayed above its building. In any case, you can enter the building and view your purchase history by clicking the "Purchase Journal" button. On this page, you will see a history of all your purchases, including the purchase names, the time since the last purchase, and the number of Black Market Tokens paid for each item. Purchase history can be viewed at any time, regardless of whether the market is open or closed.

Check back frequently for the best deals on exclusive items.


The embassy can accommodate reinforcements sent by allies. Upgrading the embassy allows you to deploy more reinforcements in the city. You cannot accommodate more troops in the embassy than it can accommodate. The reinforcements themselves pay for their upkeep. By increasing the level of the embassy, you increase its capacity.


The farm produces food for the city and allows you to store it more. The higher the level of the farm, the more food you will produce. The storage capacity is also increased. If you want to have more food, build farms. Farm statistics:

  1. Hourly Income is the amount of food produced per hour;
  2. Total provisions per hour - the amount of food consumed by the troops per hour;
  3. Food Storage Capacity - The amount of food that can be stored in the city. Once the storage is full, the farms will stop working. To resume production, you need to increase the storage capacity or use part of this resource;
  4. Total Hourly Income is the total amount of food produced by farms per hour.

Forge and market

Forge. The Forge allows you to craft improved items of equipment for your hero. The higher the level of the forge, the faster items are made. To get started, stand behind the workbench. To put a material on a workbench, tap its image. To view the recipes, use the "Recipes" button.

Market. The marketplace allows you to send resources to alliance members. Upgrade the market, and you can send large consignments of resources to help your allies.

Golden temple

Golden Temples are sources of free gold. Use this gold to strengthen your empire and conquer new possessions. The player who occupies the territory of the golden temple will have direct access to the gold. However, keep in mind that other players can drive you out of this territory by defeating your garrison that occupies it.

Collection of resources. The Golden Temple is a resource site marked on the world map. It is similar to other sites - quarries, farms, forts, mines and sawmills. Just touch the icon of the golden temple on the world map, select "Capture" from the context menu and send your troops to the temple.

As soon as your troops occupy the golden temple, gold collection will begin immediately. To transfer 1 unit of gold, the carrying capacity of the troops must be equal to 1000. 1 unit of gold is collected from the occupied area every 15 minutes. As soon as the maximum value of the carrying capacity of the troops is reached, the troops will immediately return to their hometown to deliver the collected resources. Please note: each type of troops has its own value of carrying capacity (see parameters of troops).

You can also get information about the collection of gold by your troops. To do this, tap the runs page icon to go to it.

Resource extraction boosts. The resource extraction boosts do not work on golden temples. To speed up the collection of resources on the territory of the golden temple, you can complete the research "Gold mining" in the academy (category "Economy").

Gymnasium and hospital

Gymnasium. Gymnasium gives your hero an experience bonus and allows you to save experience for your successor heroes. Upgrading the gymnasium allows you to save more experience when hiring a new hero.

Hospital. The hospital allows you to heal soldiers during the battle. Upgrade the hospital and you can heal more soldiers. All the wounded are sent to the hospital. To create a healing queue, simply select who you want to heal and the number of injured. After that press the "Heal" button to heal the wounded. Keep in mind that this is a waste of the city’s resources.

Temple of War and Repository of Imperial Banners

Temple of War. The Temple of War allows the alliance to fight. Only the hero of the leader of the alliance can lead the war of the alliance. The initiator of the war becomes the leader. Troops sent to war acquire all the current attributes of a leader. These include research, boosts, and hero skills. The troops of the military bloc are also invisible to scouts. The creation of a military bloc is, in fact, a call for war. Tap here to go to the Alliance Wars menu.

Repository of imperial banners. The Imperial Banner Vault is a new building in your city that allows you to use and activate special banners that provide your empire with unique bonuses. Banners are permanent (non-consumable) items that can be used over and over again. To use a banner, enter the Imperial Banner Storage and tap the banner slot. A list of all available banners will appear. By tapping the unlocked knowledge, you will see a pop-up window with information about this banner and you can use it.

After you use the selected banner, the option to activate it will become available to you. To do this, click the "Activate" button on the page of the store of imperial banners. Each banner has its own effect, but, as a rule, the effect of an activated banner only lasts for a limited time, so you should use the activation of the banner in accordance with your strategic plan.

When an activated banner expires, most banners start a cooldown timer, during which a banner of the same type cannot be reactivated. The cooldown affects all banners of the same type, regardless of their quality levels. If other banners are available to you, you can use and activate them for this period.

As with gems and materials, banners can be combined to increase their quality level. This can be done on the Forge - Combination - 3 Names tab. When combining four banners of the same quality level, you will receive one banner of the next quality level.


The sawmill is a source of wood for the city, that is, it helps to increase the reserves of this resource. The higher the level of the sawmill, the higher the production rate and the more wood you can store in the city. If you want to have more wood, build sawmills. Sawmill statistics:

  1. Hourly Income - the amount of wood produced per hour;
  2. Wood storage capacity. Once the storage is full, the sawmills will stop working. To resume production, you need to increase the storage capacity or use some of this resource.
  3. Gross Hourly Income - The total amount of wood produced by sawmills per hour.


The mine is a source of ore for the city, that is, it helps to increase the reserves of this resource. The higher its level, the higher the rate of production and the more ore you can store in the city. If you want you to have more ore, build mines. Mine statistics:

  1. Hourly Income - the amount of ore mined per hour;
  2. Ore Storage Capacity - The amount of ore that can be stored in a city. After filling the storage, the mines will stop working. To resume ore mining, you need to increase the storage capacity or use part of this resource.
  3. Total Hourly Income is the total amount of ore mined in mines per hour.


The Pantheon is a new building in the empire, allowing you to appeal to the power of Zeus and other gods to strengthen marches on other empires. Each deity provides a powerful unique bonus in exchange for offerings. To unlock the pantheon in your empire, you need to purchase the foundation of the pantheon at specially marked sales in the gold store.

To upgrade your empire’s pantheon, you will need special divine materials. They can be purchased from the gold store, and can also be obtained as rewards in infernal competitions. One offering is required for each soldier in your attacking march. So, for example, if you attack another player with the forces of a march, which includes 3 million soldiers, you will need 3 million offerings in your pantheon’s inventory to activate the boost.

The main menu of the pantheon. In the pantheon building, you will see all the available deities that you can activate, and a list of boosts that you will receive if you attack an enemy, having enough offerings for your chosen deities. You will also see the Offerings panel, which will indicate the current number of offerings available for your attack.

Offerings panel. On this panel, you can confirm the number of offerings available for use in the pantheon inventory, and also increase it by tapping the blue button with the "+" sign. This will open a page where you can add offerings from your inventory or purchase them from the gold store. You can also add already purchased offerings through the section Items - My Items - Resources.

Deity activation. To activate your chosen deity, simply tap the "Activate" button next to the deity’s name. Your deity is now active! If you attack another player with the same offerings as the number of troops on your march, you will receive the indicated boost! This boost will not appear on your boosts page, but will appear in the combat report (boost can only be active if you are attacking a non-miracle target).

To deactivate a deity, tap the Deactivate button. Keep in mind that if you have already reached the limit of one-time active deities, you will need to deactivate one of them in order to replace it with a new one.


The prison allows you to capture and imprison enemy heroes - and even execute them. The higher the level of the prison, the more heroes can be captured and the less time it takes to execute them. However, this time also depends on the level of the hero. Only one prison can be built in a city. Tap here to go to the Capture Heroes menu.


The quarry is a source of stone for the city, that is, it helps to increase the reserves of this resource. The higher its level, the higher the production rate and the more stone you can store in the city. If you want you to have more stone, build quarries. Quarry statistics:

  1. Hourly Income - the amount of stone mined per hour;
  2. Stone storage capacity. This is the maximum amount of stone that can be stored in a city. Once the storage is full, the quarries will stop working. To resume mining, you need to increase the storage capacity or use some of the stored stone.
  3. Total Hourly Income is the total amount of stone mined in quarries per hour.


Silver is mined at the estate for the city. In addition, its presence allows you to store more of this resource. The higher the level of the estates, the more silver is produced and stored in the city. If you want you to have more silver, build several estates. Homesteads give a special bonus: they allow you to train troops faster. With each increase in the level of the manor, the speed of training troops in your city increases by 1%. Homestead statistics:

  1. Hourly Income is the amount of silver produced per hour;
  2. City Capacity - Silver - This is the maximum amount of silver that can be stored in a city. After filling the vault, homesteads will no longer give silver. To resume production, you need to increase the storage capacity or use some of the stored silver. This is the total resource produced by all your villas in an hour.

Watch tower

After the construction of the watchtower, you and your alliance will begin to receive notifications about reconnaissance operations or attacks aimed at your alliance city. When an enemy march approaches your alliance city in the city, world and alliance city view modes, the "Watchtower" button and an orange frame around the screen outline are displayed.

Attacks on your alliance city are colored orange. Watchtower warnings have priority: red warnings take precedence over orange warnings, orange warnings over green ones, and green warnings over blue ones. If enemies attack both your city and your alliance city at the same time, the hotkey will be accompanied by a pop-up window with a choice of watchtower or watchtower. If you are logged out and your Alliance City is attacked, you will be sent a Push Notification.

Inside the watchtower. Selecting a watchtower will open its page with a list of all upcoming marches. For more information about a march, select it. The higher the level of the watchtower, the more information you can get. For example, you can find out the time of arrival, the number of troops, the name of the player, and also get information about the alliance.

If there is a hero in the attacking march, he is mentioned in the march information.

A treasure trove of accelerators

By investing boosters in a treasure trove of boosters, you can get even more boosters. Contribute to a certain number of accelerators and wait for it to expire. Upon expiration of the deposit period, you will receive a more valuable accelerator. You can withdraw your entire deposit before its expiration, but in this case you will not receive interest that you could withdraw along with the principal amount of the deposit after this period.

Fortress and warehouse

Fortress. The fortress is the center of your city. It determines your status in the world. It also contains an overview of the city’s economy. To view it, tap the fortress. Raising the level of the fortress is the key to successful development. By upgrading the fortress, you will receive bonuses and will be able to build new buildings in your city.

Stock. The warehouse protects part of your resources from attacks by enemy troops. Upgrade the warehouse, and you can protect your resources from enemy attacks.

Training garrison

The training garrison allows you to upgrade your troops to higher levels and even change their type. In addition to the usual resources, training guides are required to improve the training garrison. By upgrading your training garrison, you will be able to gain access to the ability to upgrade troops to higher levels and convert some types of troops to others. Improvements to the training garrison can also provide you with an increased promotion queue size, a bonus to troop promotion speed, and a reduction in resource costs for troop promotion.

Raising troops. Select your training garrison to raise your troops.

Select the type of troops to be promoted. You can select conventional, strategic or wild troops by clicking on the appropriate tabs. The troops you already have will be highlighted, and their current number will be displayed above their icons. The selection of other troops may be unavailable for one or several of the following reasons: you do not have troops of this type, the level of the training garrison is insufficient to increase the troops of this type, or you have not researched this type of troops yet.

Having made the correct choice, you will see the selected type of troops in the left field above the list of troops.

Select the type of troops to be promoted. If you have unlocked the ability to upgrade normal troops to strategic or wild and vice versa, you can select the normal, strategic or wild troops tabs to view additional upgrade options. Having made the correct choice, you will see the selected type of troops in the right field above the list of troops.

Specify the number of troops to increase. The total number of troops that can be promoted is limited by the following factors: available resources, the number of base troops of a certain type you have, and the size of the promotion queue. After choosing the desired number of troops, click the "Promote" button to start raising troops. It can also be done instantly for gold.

While your troops are in the process of being promoted, they cannot take part in the defense of your empire and participate in marches. When upgrading to higher levels, upon completion of the process, you will receive a notification about the increased costs of maintaining new troops. You can speed up the promotion with boosters. If you decide to cancel the promotion, you will only be reimbursed for half of the resources already spent on it.


You can increase your gold reserves. To do this, contribute to the treasury using a certificate of deposit. Make a deposit for a certain amount of gold and wait until it expires. When this happens, you will be able to collect all the gold invested, with interest. Upgrade your treasury. This gives a bonus to the interest rates of any selected certificate. Such improvements also allow you to increase the maximum deposit amount and withdraw more gold!

Remember that the deposit can be withdrawn before its expiration, but in this case you will lose interest.


The wall provides reliable protection against enemy warriors. Reinforce city walls to increase the city’s defenses. When the player touches the wall, all recoverable traps are added to the recoverable trap menu. Select the trap to restore and specify how many such traps you want to set. As a result, traps will be queued. When the queue is formed, click the "Repair Traps" button to complete the repair. The resources that are stored in the city are spent on repairs.

The number of traps that can be placed on the wall is limited. You can find out how many traps can be installed there at a given time by the indicator. To place more traps, upgrade the wall.

Watch tower

The Watchtower is a special building that you can build within the walls of your city. The Watchtower allows you to be notified of incoming marches - attack, trade, reinforcement marches, and military blocks. Keep upgrading your watchtower to get even more detailed information on incoming marches. As a march approaches, a watchtower button will appear on the right side of the city or world view screen, as well as a colored border around the screen and colored smoke rising from the tower itself, so you notice that the march is heading towards you.

Game of War: Monster Guide

It is not known where the mythical monsters come from, and their number is growing. Defend your state by destroying intruders and receive rare and abundant rewards for this. There are six levels of monsters in total. By attacking monsters of higher levels, you will receive higher-quality rewards:

  1. By attacking level 1 monsters, you will most often receive basic rewards.
  2. When attacking level 2 monsters, you will most often receive regular rewards.
  3. By attacking level 3 monsters, you will most often receive unusual rewards.
  4. By attacking level 4 monsters, you will most often receive rare rewards.
  5. By attacking level 5 monsters, you will most often receive epic rewards.
  6. By attacking level 6 monsters, you will most often receive legendary rewards.

Tap a monster on the map to view detailed information about what types of rewards can be obtained from it.

Try to hunt exactly those monsters, the rewards from which are most useful for your empire at the moment.

Attacking a monster. Horrible monsters roam all over the state, and your hero can attack them. The hero must be in the empire and have a sufficient supply of the hero’s energy to attack the monster. By completing hero research in your academy, you will allow your hero to overcome strong monsters with greater ease. Remember that you cannot attack a monster while your hero is outside the fortress or held captive by the enemy.

Hero energy. The hero’s energy is gradually restored over time; also, its supply can be replenished manually with the help of hero energy items. In addition, the hero’s maximum energy reserve and its recovery rate can be increased by raising the hero’s level and completing the corresponding research in the academy.

Attack and maximum attack. Tap the monster and select attack or maximum attack mode to send your hero into battle. A normal attack deals only one hit to the monster and uses less energy from the hero. Maximum attack consumes the most energy of the hero - your hero will attack the monster until he runs out of energy. In this case, the hero will inflict the maximum possible damage on the monster, and you, accordingly, will receive more rewards.

Awards. Every time your hero deals damage to a monster, there is a chance to get rewards. The quality of rewards after each attack is determined by the amount of damage inflicted on the monster, the level of the monster and its type.

Plots of monsters. After the monster is destroyed, a plot may appear in its place. This is an opportunity to receive even more valuable rewards. Keep in mind that areas after killing a monster do not appear every time. When you select a march to send to a monster site, the Troop Carrying Capacity parameter will indicate how many resources your troops will bring with them upon returning from the site.

Choose troops with a high payload (for example, siege troops) - this way you can collect the maximum amount of resources!

Equipment for hunting monsters. You can enhance your hero with equipment that increases his effectiveness in battles against monsters. You can craft this equipment at the forge.

Game of War: Dungeon Walkthrough

How to enter the dungeon? In the dungeon, you can fight monsters to get valuable gems, materials and items. Use them to defeat your enemies. The dungeon building is located to the left of the fortress on the city overview screen. Once inside the dungeon, you can choose the speed dungeon.

The energy of darkness. To pass the dungeon you will need the energy of darkness. The total amount of darkness energy you have is displayed at the top of the screen.

The energy of darkness can be obtained as a reward in the game (including in the fast dungeon). It is also always available in the alliance store. Go to Items - Alliance - Shop - Resources. In it, you can spend your loyalty on the energy of darkness.

Fights in the dungeon. Tap the monster to attack it using your dark energy. With each hit on a monster, you remove a certain percentage of health from it and get a reward. The monster’s health is displayed below it as a green bar. Keep attacking the monster until its health is depleted to kill it. When you kill a monster, there is a chance that three locked chests will appear. You can choose which one to open - but only one. Tap a chest to open it and get all of its contents.

Loot panel. Under the health of the monster, you will see a bar of found loot. It displays the most recent items you received. Every time you pick up an item in the speed dungeon, it appears from the very left edge of the panel. As you collect items, the panel will scroll to display your rewards.

Maximum attack mode. The maximum attack mode greatly increases the quality of items received when hitting a monster and for killing it. However, do not forget to stock up on the energy of darkness. As the quality of rewards increases, so does the amount of dark energy required for an attack.

For killing a monster in maximum attack mode, you can play a mini-game with reward chests. Hurry to the gold shop and look for special sales to unlock the maximum attack mode.

Mini-game with award chests. In the mini-game, you can get from 25 to 50 chests by killing the monster in the maximum attack mode. Touch the chests to get valuable items out of them, but be careful: there may be bombs hidden in the chests! If you open the bomb chest, the mini-game will end. All items that you have already managed to open before will remain with you.

Escape the monster. If after the first attack on the monster you choose another attack mode, the monster will try to escape. A confirmation window will appear before the monster escapes. Click "Confirm" to complete this action.

Daily free attack. All players receive one free attack once a day. Log into the game daily to attack once for free. Keep in mind that free attacks do not stack. If you miss a day in the game, the free attack for that day will be lost.

Thematic dungeons. Themed dungeons may be available for a limited time. These caves, dedicated to specific themes, can be accessed from the dungeon entrance page. In themed dungeons, you can get unique prizes that are available only during the corresponding event.

Game of War: Dragon Features

Lair of dragons. Lair of dragons will help you take combat to the next level and provide your dragon city with tremendous benefits:

When you first enter the dragon war dimension, you will see a countdown timer above your dragon lair. When it expires, you can unlock this building. To interact with your dragon, you will first need to upgrade your dragon lair to level 2.

Skills and appearance. In the lair of dragons, you can train and heal your dragon, as well as view its characteristics. This feature is only available in the Dragon Wars dimension. On the main dragon page, there are 3 dragon skills in the upper left corner:

The appearance of the dragon lair will give you an idea of the current status of your dragon:

Dragon fight. Here’s what you should know about your dragon:

The battles in this dimension will be difficult, since there will be only 10 free cells in the military units for the dragons. Your dragon will appear on marches in which it participates, and scouting and battle reports will also include information about it. In preparation for battle, your dragon will appear on the march deployment page. You can send your dragon along with the march. At the same time, it will occupy 1 cell of the march’s capacity.

If your alliance is involved in a war, you can donate your dragon to a military block. The dragon will occupy 1 cell of the military block. You can also send your dragon to battle alone.

Game of War: Overview of Important In-Game Items

Anyone, even the most powerful adventurer, needs help from time to time. Items will help you on your journey through the Game of War world.

Where can I find items? The items tab is on the bottom navigation bar. There you can buy and use these items immediately. The items page has three tabs: "Shop", "Alliance Shop" and "My Items".

On the "My Items" tab you can view all the items that you currently have in stock - this is your inventory.

Certain items are inherently such that they cannot be used using the Inventory tab. An example is an accelerator - you need to specify the timer to which it will be applied.

Categories of items. Each of them is broken down into subcategories to help you find the items you need.

  1. Special - This category contains special items such as VIP points, hero experience, player renaming, and more!
  2. Resources - this category contains resource items, resource boosts and gold items that you will need to develop your empire.
  3. Accelerators - Here you will find items that allow you to speed up timers and thereby save significant time. They can be used in construction, troop training and research, and to increase the speed of troops on the march.
  4. War - this category brings together everything that comes in handy in battle and when attacking monsters! The more items in this category, the easier it is to win on the battlefield or get out of the water in a difficult situation.
  5. Treasure - This category includes chests with randomly selected gems or materials for crafting. You will also find special competition chests here.

Collectible items. Collectibles are exclusive items that can be exchanged for outstanding rewards. They come in six quality levels. Higher quality items can be exchanged more profitably.

You can combine collectibles at the forge to increase their quality level. To exchange, select an item of quality below level 6. If you have at least 4 of these items, you can combine them into one item of the next quality level. Combine items until the quality level reaches 6th. For the exchange of items of the highest quality level, you can get the most valuable rewards.

When exchanged, one collectible of the corresponding quality level will be removed from your inventory. In return, you will receive a valuable item, the type of which depends on the category of the collectible being exchanged.

Gift from Athena. From time to time Athena will send you gifts. If a gift is available to you, it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen along with a receipt timer. Try to pick up the gifts available to you on time, because after the timer expires, the gift will disappear.

If Athena sends you a gift while you are out of the game, you will be notified, so be sure to turn on Push Notifications in the Extras menu so you don’t miss out on these valuable items.

Gem set bonus. Gem set bonuses are additional bonuses to parameters that are applied when you enhance an equipment item with gems from the same set. Bonuses to parameters vary depending on the specific set of gems.

To open access to the bonus of a certain set of gems, you must first complete the corresponding research on the tree of bonuses for sets of gems. The first level of researching the bonus of each set of gems opens access to the bonus itself, and the second level unlocks a bonus multiplier that increases the final increase in parameters. To increase the parameters of the Gem Set Bonus, you need to research the Gem Set Bonus Modifier. With each next level of this research, the final bonus for the set of gems will increase.

Once you’ve unlocked a Gem Set in Research, you can use this Gem Set to enhance your gear. To do this, insert all the gems from one set into the gem slots on your piece of equipment. After you insert all the gems, they will be highlighted in yellow, the name of the set used will be displayed, and the bonus will be applied.

To receive the Gem Set bonus, both the selected piece of equipment and all gems that enhance it must be of legendary (6th) quality level. The description of the gem will indicate which set it belongs to. If the gem is included in a set, the name of the set will be displayed in brackets after the name of the gem.

To find out the exact increase to the parameters from the gems set bonus, go to the gems view screen. There you can also view all the parameters of your gems - they will be highlighted in green.

Secret gifts. Secret gifts are items sent to your city. They are displayed at the bottom of the screen next to Athena Gifts, if available. Secret gifts appear as you progress through the game. If the gift is currently unavailable, a timer will be displayed under the chest. After this timer expires, a new secret gift will appear! The items you receive are filtered by different inventory tabs depending on their purpose.

Gold. Gold is a valuable currency in Game of War. It is used to purchase accelerators and resources, as well as to instantly complete important tasks in order to save time. Gold can be purchased in the Gold Shop or received in competition prizes, gifts, loot from monsters and other rewards in the game. To go to the gold shop, click the "Gold" button in the upper right corner of the city overview screen. You can also go to the gold store through the "Get more" buttons in various elements of the game.

By clicking the "Get more" button, you will go directly to the gold store, just before buying q make sure that the promotional offer you are going to purchase actually contains the items you need! Click the "Advanced" button to view the entire content of the offer.

Alliance gifts. Offers often include alliance gifts. These free gifts for you and all members of the alliance may contain rare and valuable items. An alliance gift received in a purchase by you or another member of the alliance must be opened within 24 hours. If you do not have time to open the gift during this time, it will expire! Q.

If you are not a member of an alliance, you will not receive alliance gifts, even if they are included in your purchase. Be sure to join an alliance to receive the maximum rewards.

Game of War: The Ultimate Alliance Guide

The Fiery Age is fraught with many dangers in the form of formidable monsters and unyielding rivals. Team up with allies and form alliances to defeat enemies, get rewards and win! In addition to allies, alliances provide many other benefits that will help you accelerate your rise to glory.

Alliance members. On the alliance page, you can find out who is in your alliance and what rank each of its members has. Depending on the rank, the player receives certain privileges.

On this page, you can interact directly with the members of the alliance - in particular, send them gifts, send private messages or raise them up to your own rank in the alliance. If you have a 4th or 5th rank, you will have access to additional options for managing the members of your alliance.

Reinforcements. This section allows you to quickly send reinforcements to the members of the alliance and thus help them defend the city. Your reinforcement troops will receive parameters, characteristics and boosts of the player to whom they were sent to help.

Reinforcements can help an ally vulnerable to enemy attack, or become a formidable weapon in the hands of an ally who already has considerable strength.

To receive reinforcements, you need an embassy building, but you can send reinforcements without it.

What is loyalty? Loyalty is the currency that you receive for actively participating in the activities of your alliance. Loyalty can be obtained by completing alliance missions, helping alliance members, attacking monsters and winning various prizes in competitions. You can spend it on various items in the alliance store. The loyalty you earned always stays with you, wherever you are. This means that you can leave your current alliance and join a new one without losing any already earned loyalty.

Keep in mind that if you change allies, your place in the loyalty leaderboard will be reset. If you left the alliance or were excluded from it, you will not be able to use your loyalty until you join the alliance or create a new one, but you will be able to see your current loyalty amount.

Alliance store. In the alliance store, you can spend the loyalty received for participating in the alliance activities. For loyalty in the alliance store, you can purchase various useful items that will help you overcome the dangers of the Fire Age. To get to the alliance store, go to the items page and tap the "Alliance store" tab. In the alliance store, you will see the total amount of your loyalty and the value of all items for sale there.

Alliance help. Alliance help is a very useful feature. It allows alliance members to help their comrades, speeding up their construction, research and healing of troops, which is very important for successful growth and development. You can earn loyalty every day by helping your alliance members.

There is no limit on the amount of assistance provided to alliance members, but the maximum amount of loyalty received per day for helping alliance members is limited. The maximum amount of help you receive depends on the level of your fortress - the higher it is, the more help you can receive daily from your allies. Alliance help can only be obtained from the alliance in which you were at the time the timer started.

If you started the timer without being in an alliance, or joined an alliance after activating the timer, you will not be able to get help to speed up this timer. If you leave your alliance before receiving help from it, you will not be able to get alliance help to speed up that particular timer, so if you decide to change alliance, try to get all the help you can first.

Help with resources. You can quickly send resource marches to alliance members. To help resources (in other words, trade), you must first build a market.

Hero’s blessings. Hero’s blessings allow you to help other members of your alliance by granting them powerful short-term boosts. Blessings greatly facilitate the implementation of many typical activities in the game, in particular, training troops, research, etc.

Access to blessings opens when a hero reaches level 66 and invests mastery points in the corresponding blessing slots on the hero’s skill tree. Distributing extra mastery points over the first increases the standard blessing multiplier.

To bless a member of your alliance, tap his city on the world map and press the hero’s blessing button. In the window that appears, click the "Apply" button for the blessing you want to use. Blessing orbs are expended on blessings.

If you run out of these orbs, you can restock them at specially marked sales in the Gold Shop. Active blessings are valid for a limited period of time indicated on the "Apply" button. The final bonus from a blessing is the product of its base and multiplier.

If you receive a blessing, it will appear as a title on your profile page until it expires.

War between alliances. The Alliance War Section allows you to help the alliance organize military blocs and protect the empires of its members. In this section, you can view all active military blocks of your alliance, as well as all active military blocks aimed against your alliance.

A war hall is needed to create a military bloc, but anyone can defend members of their alliance from enemy military blocs. Do not forget to help the members of the alliance in the war: this will help establish the hegemony of the alliance.

Summary and statistics. The Summary & Statistics section provides game statistics for your alliances and tracks your alliance progress.

Alliance gifts

After purchasing a plot with alliance gifts in the gold store, the corresponding plot will appear at a random point on the territory of your state. Upon completion of the development of a gift plot purchased by a member of your alliance, all its members will receive an alliance gift. Upon completion of the development of a gift plot acquired by an enemy alliance, all members of your alliance will receive a stolen alliance gift.

There are five levels of alliance gift plots in total. The higher the level of the site, the more aesthetically pleasing it looks and the more high-quality awards it contains. A site with alliance gifts is always created in your home state and disappears after 60 minutes from the moment it appears, if no one has used it.

When extracting resources on the site with the gifts of the alliance, you cannot use the peace shield. You will receive a message by in-game mail, which will indicate the type of area that appears and its coordinates. This message will also be duplicated in the alliance chat in order to notify all members of the alliance about the location of the appeared area with gifts.

The belonging of the plot with the gifts of the alliance to a certain alliance is determined at the time of its appearance. If you left your alliance or joined a new one after the appearance of the site, its ownership will remain unchanged. The dissolution of an alliance also does not affect its affiliation. In addition to information about the standard resource lot, the buyer information is also displayed for the alliance gift lot, and the alliance emblem will be displayed on the resource lot on the state map.

The gift level of your alliance determines what gifts you and the rest of your alliance members receive. Each gift opened by any member of the alliance increases the level of the gift.

Alliance management

1. Sending / viewing alliance invitations. You can send invitations to players to join your alliance, view requests from players wishing to join your alliance, and view sent invitations awaiting a response.

2. Blocking users / alliances. In this section, you can find users and alliances that you want to prohibit from leaving comments on your alliance profile.

3. Block list management. In this section, you can view the list of blocked players and alliances. On this page you can unblock a player or an alliance.

4. View ranks. In this section, you can view the privileges that correspond to the different levels of the alliance. Tap a rank to view detailed information on what privileges players of that rank have in any alliance.

5. Viewing your public profile. In this section, you can view the public profile of your alliance to see how other players see your alliance.

6. Changing the name / tag of the alliance. Your alliance name and tag are visible to all players in the world! Your alliance name and tag appear in chat, emails, and next to your player name on the world map, as well as on your public profile. If you don’t like the current name or tag of your alliance, you can change it in this section.

Keep in mind that there is a limit on the number of characters in the game, so choose the name carefully. Only members of an alliance of 4-5 ranks can choose a new name or tag for their alliance.

7. Description of the alliance. In this section, you can edit the description of the alliance. This description will be displayed on your public alliance profile and will be visible to everyone.

8. Changing the emblem and colors of the alliance. The emblem of your alliance is displayed in your alliance profile and displayed in the state. Your troops’ and city flags will be in the colors of your alliance. Only members of the alliance of 4-5 ranks can change the color of the alliance.

9. Leadership transfer. As a leader, you can delegate the authority to manage the alliance to another member of the alliance. In addition to this member of the alliance, all your privileges are transferred, and he becomes the only member of your alliance with a 5th rank.

10. Dissolution of the alliance. In this section, you can disband your alliance. This will remove your chat room, all statistics and all alliance ratings, gifts and gift levels. Alliance members will withdraw from its membership. This action cannot be undone, so be responsible for your choice!

Game of War: Megaalliance

What is Megaalliance? Mega Alliances allow you to team up with other alliances to work together to attack even stronger opponents, receive more rewards and support each other on the path to victory. In these alliances, you will be able to communicate in a brand new Mega Alliance chat, help your new Mega Alliance comrades by sending them valuable gifts, and defend your friends ’fortresses from random allies’ attacks. Your megaallian tag will be displayed on the world map in front of your alliance tag.

Megaalliance creation

The creation of a mega-alliance is carried out by analogy with the creation of a regular alliance for 100 members. To do this, you must be a 4th or 5th rank officer in an alliance that is not yet a mega-alliance.

Here, under the alliance page, you will see the alliance and megaalliance pages. To create a megaalliance, tap the megaalliance tab and then click the "Create" button. In this case, your current alliance will become the main alliance, that is, you can invite other alliances to join your "main" alliance and thereby form a mega-alliance.

Follow the instructions here to set the title, tag, icon and primary language for your megaalliance, and then submit the specified details. Your new mega-alliance will soon be created. After you successfully create your mega-alliance, you will be able to invite other alliances to it, as well as approve or reject their applications to join your mega-alliance on the same page.

Joining a mega-alliance is also very easy. You will need an invitation from the main alliance, or you can go to the list of mega alliances and find an alliance to which you can apply to join. After approval of the application, your alliance will become a member of your new mega-alliance. Keep in mind that you can only be in one mega-alliance at a time.

Megaalliance chat. By joining the Mega Alliance, you will have access to many new features, including Mega Alliance Chat. This chat is accessed in the same way as other chats. To access the Mega Alliance chat, you can either scroll to the right in the main alliance chat or tap the chat panel at the bottom of the screen, then tap the tab with the Mega Alliance tag at the top of the page ... All members of the combined alliances can participate in this chat at the same time.

Sending messages. Similar to how you can send mail to all members of your alliance at once, you can send it to all members of your megaalliance. Go to the Mega Alliance page and select the Send to All option. Your message will be sent to all members of your megaalliance. Just click the "Send to all" button under your megaalliance page, then write your message. In this case, you will not be able to edit the list of recipients, since your letter will be sent to all members of your megaalliance.

Leadership transfer. The authority to manage a mega-alliance can only be delegated to a rank 5 officer who is a member of an alliance already in this mega-alliance. This can be done on the megaalliance management screen.

Exit from the mega-alliance. If your alliance is not satisfied with your membership in a mega-alliance you have joined, you can leave this mega-alliance by going to the mega-alliance management page and selecting the "Leave mega-alliance" option.

Exclusion of alliances from the megaalliance. If you are the owner of a megaalliance, then in order to exclude another alliance from your megaalliance, go to the megaalliance management screen and follow the instructions on it. All members of the excluded alliance will be notified by in-game mail.

Dissolution of the megaalliance. If you decide that the mega-alliance is not for you, you can also dissolve the mega-alliance, of which you are the leader. To do this, press the "Dissolve" button on the megaalliance management page. To complete this process, you will be required to confirm your choice.

Game of War: Participation in competitions

The duration of the competition is limited. The end time of the competition is displayed at the top of its page. During the competition, players are awarded points for specific actions listed at the bottom of the competition page.

Competition program. Action points are accumulated. For example, if 1 point is awarded for training one unit, 100 points will be awarded upon completion of training 100 units. The player who has enough points to claim the prize is sent an email and a corresponding push notification. The prize is immediately added to inventory. Only actions started during the competition are counted.

Competition of states. Competition of states is a competition during which a bridge appears between the opposing states, which can be used to teleport and seize territory in the struggle for victory and the main prize. To open the home page of the competition of states, press the competition button in the lower right corner of the screen in the city view. Follow these steps to collect points.

Bridges during the competition of states. When one state challenges another in a competition, a bridge is created between these states that will operate throughout the competition. On such a bridge, with the help of an improved teleport, the participating states of this special competition can move to the territory of opponents and fight for victory.

The seizure of the territory of other states. Having moved to the territory of an enemy state using the improved teleport, you will immediately receive a movement order, which allows you to stay on the territory of this state for a limited time. The remaining time is displayed on the boosts page in the city view mode.

When the order expires, your troops will automatically be teleported to their state. When moving through the territory of a foreign state, the order validity time is not reset. To renew the order, you need to return to your home state, and then move back to another state.

Opponent states. As soon as the competition begins, all players of the opposing states will turn red, with each gaining its own appearance. Beware of the players of the enemy states. They are unlikely to be friendly. To the left of the names of your opponents, the number of their state will appear. The number shows which state your opponent is from. Go to the map of states to find out the numbers corresponding to different states.

Special Competition Rules. When the competition among states is over, borders will begin to function again, and the bridge between states will disappear. If you take a hero prisoner, his owner will in principle be unable to save the hero. So be careful. Special grand prizes will be awarded to the player with the most points.

Leaderboard for alliances in the competition of states. The Alliance with the most points will win the main prizes. If you are in an alliance of another state, your points will be added to the sum of your alliance points.

The winning state. On the territory of the state that will receive the most points in this competition, there will be many areas with resources - treasure chests with gold. All points earned by you in the competition of states will go to your state.

Rating. To open the leaderboard, click the More button in the lower-right corner of the screen and then the leaderboard button.

Rating categories. The best empires in the states and in the alliance are entered into the leaderboard. You can view the following ratings (your own and your alliance): by the duration of possession of a miracle, by power, by the ratio of kills to deaths and victories to defeats in individual battles and wars, by the assigned reward, by the amount of assistance to the alliance, by the frequency of assistance to the alliance, by the amount of collected resources, as well as the number of defeated enemy troops, destroyed cities, won battles and wars, destroyed traps, captured and executed heroes.

Troop losses apply only to the player who leads the attack or defense.

Game of War: Teleports

Novice teleport. Each player at the beginning of the game receives 2 rookie teleports. This allows you and your alliance to be located nearby and teleport to another state. Novice teleport can only be used when the fortress level is not higher than 5. As soon as your fortress reaches the 6th level, the Novice teleport will be inactive.

Novice Teleport can be used by plotting a route on the world map. Tap the lower left corner of the screen (select view). Choose where you want to teleport. You can teleport your city to almost any place, except for the water area, the site with resources, the city of another player and the center of the miracle.

Tap where you want to teleport. A menu with two items will open: "Teleport" and "Capture". Select "Teleport" and continue the teleportation process using the beginner’s teleport. As a result of the correct use of the teleport, your city will be in the chosen place.

All other teleports are used in the same way: open the world map, select the place where you want to teleport and click on the "Teleport" button. The only teleport that determines the destination itself is "Random Teleport". This item can be used from your inventory.

Ancient teleporters

With the help of ancient teleports, you can travel to other ancient states. To do this, you yourself must be in an ancient state. Before using this opportunity, please clarify in what type of country you are located.

If in the ancient state where you are going to move, there is a competition of states, you cannot get there using the ancient teleport. If you could not move to the ancient state of your choice, wait until the end of the competition taking place in it and try again.

Ancient improved teleporter. This item will teleport your active city to the selected location in any accessible ancient state. To use this opportunity, it is necessary that your empire is located on the territory of an ancient state. To use this item, go to another ancient state and select the area you want to move to.

Remember that you can only take advantage of this opportunity if both you and your destination are in ancient states.

How do I use the Ancient Advanced Teleporter?

  1. Tap the view selection icon in the lower left corner of the screen to go to the world map and grab your Ancient Improved Teleporter.
  2. On the world map, click the state overview button at the top of the screen.
  3. In the state overview mode, touch the ancient state to which you want to move and press the button to enter the state.
  4. Once on the territory of this state, select the site to which you want to move. After choosing a destination, you will be presented with a list of options. Select the "Teleport" option in it. You cannot teleport to bodies of water and to areas where cities, resource deposits or monsters are located.
  5. If you are sure you want to teleport to this point, confirm the "Teleport" option and your city will be moved!

A random ancient teleport. If you are in an ancient state, you can use this item to teleport to a random point on the territory of another random ancient state. To do this, find this opportunity in the "Special" tab of the "My Items" section and click "Use". After that, you will move to a random site in a randomly selected ancient state.

Ancient teleport home. If you are in an ancient state and want to return back to your own, you can use this item to move to a random point in your home state (where you had a lvl 1-5 fortress). If you live on the territory of any ancient state, you can always clarify which state is your home by looking at the banner at the bottom of your profile page. This feature is located in the "Special" tab of the "My Items" section. Click "Use" to move to a random lot in your home state!

Ancient teleport to the alliance city. To use this opportunity, it is required that your alliance city is on the territory of an ancient state. The alliance leader can teleport his alliance city to a specified location on the territory of any other accessible ancient state. This ability works like an ancient advanced teleporter, but is intended to move the alliance city.

This movement requires ancient teleportation fragments. Alliance members can donate them to their alliance to facilitate the indicated movement. One teleportation requires 4,500 fragments. If your alliance has a bazaar, you can purchase fragments there. They are in your inventory under the "Special" section. Don’t forget to donate them to your alliance.

When your alliance has accumulated a sufficient number of ancient teleportation fragments, you can move your alliance city to the ancient state of your choice. The destination should be in another accessible ancient state, where there is still enough space for your alliance city.

If there is a state competition in the ancient state where you are going to move your alliance city, you cannot use the ancient teleportation fragments to get there. If you could not move the city of the alliance to the ancient state of your choice, wait until the end of the competition taking place in it and try again.

When teleporting, your alliance city will occupy the area you have chosen to move and three more adjacent cells.

These areas should not have water spaces, monsters, resource deposits and other cities.

Game of War: Treasure Map

How do I get a card? Maps can be found by attacking monsters, participating in special competitions, and buying items from sales. To make a map from fragments, you need to find them all. Currently 6 cards can be found or crafted:

  1. Simple - composed of four simple fragments;
  2. Common - composed of four common fragments;
  3. Unusual - composed of four unusual fragments;
  4. Rare - composed of four rare fragments;
  5. Epic - composed of four epic fragments;
  6. Legendary - made up of four legendary fragments.

Using the card. Enter your inventory of cards. Tap the card and select Use. As a result, an excavation site will appear above the hidden treasure. A log entry will also be added.

Magazine. The journal allows you to monitor the state of the excavation site. It also tells you if your excavation site is being developed. It works there - an ally or an enemy, and the exact time of completion of the work is also indicated. Get the most out of the magazine.

Excavation site. You can dig up a treasure at the excavation site, but for this you need to send troops there. Send a lot of high-level troops to improve your work efficiency. Their duration is determined by the number of troops sent.

The battle for the excavation site. You can take possession of the excavation site by defeating the army that occupies it. Once captured, you can continue to dig the buried treasure.

To reliably protect the excavation site, send as many troops as possible there.

Digging up the treasure. When the excavation is over, your troops will return with the treasure, and you will receive a corresponding report.

Disappearance of the excavation site. If no work is carried out on an excavation site for 5 hours, it disappears from the world map. The countdown to the moment of disappearance starts from the beginning with each occupation of the excavation site.

Game of War: Miracles

To declare the leader of your alliance as the ruler of the state, keep the miracle under your control. As a ruler, the leader of the alliance gains powerful opportunities and can bestow titles on any player in the state.

Capture the miracle. To capture a wonder, first occupy its territory. To do this, expel the current owner of the miracle by defeating him in battle, or simply take a vacant miracle.

After the first occupation of the miracle, the competition mode is activated, and the leader of the alliance that captured the miracle is declared the ruler. If you can maintain control of the territory while Competition mode is active, the state will enter a truce.

During the truce, the miracle will be under temporary protection.

Competition mode. In Competition Mode, any player can try to take control of the Wonder. The mode is activated after the current owner of the miracle is expelled from their possessions. After the occupation of the territory, the countdown begins. In this case, the timer is reset every time control is transferred to another player. When the competition time is up, the miracle will transition into a temporary state of truce.

Don’t forget that anyone can fight for a miracle, but the leader of the winning player’s alliance will be the ruler!

Miracle Conqueror Titles. As a ruler, you can bestow titles on enemies and allies. Titles give the chosen player powerful boosts or significant penalties. Welcome to the title, being a ruler:

You can also assign titles by touching a miracle, pressing the miracle button and choosing a title from the list. Titles expire after 7 days or when you lose control of the miracle.

Wonderful forest. Wonderful forest is a flat area where dense thickets grow under the influence of a miracle. It is not easy to navigate, and marches move more slowly over this rough terrain. In the wonderful forest it is also impossible to use the shield of the world, and any player defeated in the territory of the wonderful forest will automatically teleport outside of it to another point in the state.

Game of War: Quests

Tasks. The Tasks tab is at the bottom of the screen. This section lists the various activities that are generously rewarded for doing. After completing the task, a green checkmark is displayed, which indicates that there is an unsolicited reward. The number in the red box indicates the number of regular or alliance missions that you have to complete.

Empire quests. These are the tasks that affect the development of your city. Build your city by completing these tasks and get a decent reward.

Types. City development tasks are divided into categories such as "Building", "Improvement", "Research", "Training"

and many others. Review the contents of these categories to decide what to do next.

Awards. Complete tasks to get useful items, power, experience for the hero, resources and even gold! Rewards are mostly automatically transferred to the empire’s treasury, but not all items end up in inventory, and materials for crafting and gems are transferred to the forge. To find out what reward is due for a task, tap it.

Daily Quests: What Should You Do? To complete such tasks, just click the "Start" button. The time allotted for its execution is displayed below it. Regular missions can only be completed one at a time. Completing these quests also gives you a chance to get crafting materials and gems.

Quests come in different difficulty levels - basic, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each level has its own color: gray, white, green, blue, purple and orange. The higher the difficulty of the task, the more time it takes to complete it, but the better the reward for it.

Payouts. As a reward for completing regular tasks, you can get experience points, power, resources, and sometimes even materials for crafting and gems. All rewards are automatically transferred to the empire treasury, except for crafting materials and gems, which are transferred to the forge when you craft something.

Chance button. Click the Chance button to be more likely to receive better assignments. As a result, the tasks will be updated, and there will be more tasks for the completion of which a higher reward is due. You can buy regular quest upgrades from the store. You can also click the Chance button to go directly to purchasing and using items.

Push notifications. If the task is completed after you have left the game, you will receive a corresponding Push-notification. Log in again to receive your reward and proceed to the next task.

If you have unclaimed tasks left, they take up cells. This means that fewer new jobs appear when the timer is updated.

Alliance quests: what to do? Alliance missions are not much different from regular missions. The main difference is that alliance missions are only available to alliance members. The members of the alliance have many advantages, so join its ranks soon.

Alliance quests are an opportunity to replenish your treasury and the alliance treasury, as well as get loyalty points that can be spent in the alliance store. Complete all tasks of the alliance - then the leader of the alliance will be able to provide the alliance store with the goods you need. Click the Chance button to be more likely to receive better assignments.

As a result, the tasks will be updated, and there will be more tasks for the completion of which a higher reward is due. You can buy an alliance update in the store. You can also click the Chance button to go directly to purchasing and using items.

VIP Assignments: What Should You Do? VIP missions are only available to players with active VIP status. To activate your VIP status, get and use the VIP item. As a result of increasing the VIP level, the range of available VIP tasks expands. Each new VIP level has an additional VIP mission.

VIP missions are rewarded with experience points for the hero, resources, talents, and loyalty points. At the 7th VIP level, for each VIP task, you can get points for a series of daily entries. After earning enough of these points, you will receive a gift. Clicking the "Chance" button will update the Quest List to include more VIP Quests with higher rewards for completing them. All you have to do is click this button to get a VIP chance and take advantage of it. You can also get this opportunity by visiting the store.

Announcements. Announcements are notifications about some events. The tasks section contains announcements of their completion. Keep an eye on them and don’t forget to collect your reward.

Game of War: Game Interface

Hero portrait. The hero’s portrait is in the upper left corner of the screen. The image of the hero gives an idea of his appearance. Next to the image there is an indicator of the gained experience and the current level of the hero. When the image glows golden, it means that your hero has available skill points that can be distributed. If you touch the portrait, the hero page will open.

VIP. Your VIP level is displayed next to the hero’s portrait. When VIP status is active, this button glows golden. Touching the VIP tier emblem will take you to the VIP page where you can add VIP points or activate your VIP benefits.

Power. Your current power is displayed at the top of the city overview screen. Tap the might image to go to the player’s profile page.

Gold. Your current gold balance is always displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the gold button to go to the gold store.

Resources panel. The resource bar is right below the power indicator. It displays the current balance of available resources in your empire. Tapping on the resource bar will take you to the resource page, where you can use gold or resource items to replenish their supplies.

A secret gift. When a Secret Gift is available, it appears as a bouncing chest in the lower corner of the city overview screen. When it is not available, you will see a countdown timer for the next gift instead.

Timers. Timers are always displayed in the upper left corner of the screen in the Timers Panel. They indicate the progress of various activities in your city, such as building, researching and training troops. When there is 5 minutes or less before the timer expires, a free boost button appears next to the timer. You can make this feature more effective by activating your VIP status. Higher VIP levels also allow free acceleration for longer periods of time before the timers expire.

Once you join an alliance, you can ask alliance comrades to help you speed up the tasks of building, researching, and training troops. Just click the "Help" button next to the timer to send your request to the alliance. You can also help members of your alliance when they request help. Just tap the alliance help icon to go to the corresponding page. On it, you can help certain players or anyone who needs it by clicking the "Help" or "Help everyone" button.

Watchtower button. After you build a watchtower, the watchtower icon will appear on the right side of the screen whenever marches, trade marches, reinforcements, or military blocks approach your empire. Tapping this icon takes you to the watchtower page.

Competition. Whenever a competition is available, a competition button is displayed on the right side of the city overview screen. The button shows how much time is left before the start of the competition.

Boosts. The boost button is located on the right side of the screen in the city view mode. Pressing it, you will be taken to the boosts page, where you can track active boosts and activate new boosts.

Sale. During a sale, a sale button is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, which indicates the time until the end of the offer. Tapping this button will take you to the gold store.

Blog. You can find the latest information and news about the game in the in-game blog. When new information appears on the blog, a blog button will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Tap it to go to the blog page for the latest news.

Chat. The chat panel is at the bottom of the screen. It displays the most recent messages in the chat you selected. The icons in the upper left of the chat panel indicate how many of your friends are in the game and how many unread private messages you have. The tabs in the center of the panel indicate the currently displayed chat room. By swiping your finger on the chat panel, you can switch between chats of the alliance state.

Game of War: Game Chat & Mail

Chat location. To open the main chat menu, tap the chat bar. The chat panel is a small copy of the main menu. The chat panel displays the last 2 messages published in the chat of an alliance or state. Notice the 2 lightning bolt in the center of the panel. Each of them corresponds to a specific chat. Switching between them is carried out directly on the panel.

Notification center. There are 2 icons on the left side of the control panel. The first icon is a picture of a person. It matches your friend list. When one of your friends is online, the icon turns green, and the number next to it shows the number of such users. The second icon is a red dialogue cloud. The number next to it shows how many unread messages you have.

Chat problems. To display old messages in the chat, slide your finger down without lifting it from the screen until the message "Release to update" appears. Then lift your finger off the screen. As a result, old chat messages will be loaded and displayed instead of new ones.

State chat. The State Chat is the place where the players of your State gather. Here you can talk about the game, make friends, find new players for the alliance, or just while away the time.

Alliance chat. Access to the alliance chat opens after creating an alliance or joining it. Here you can communicate with members of your alliance.

Chat menu. To open the chat menu, click the button in the upper left corner of the screen when the chat window is maximized to full screen. The chat window will move to the right and the chat menu will open. From here, you can access the global chat, friends list and chat rooms.

Translation of messages. Chat messages are translated into other languages. If users who speak different languages communicate with each other in a chat, these messages are translated. Translated messages are easy to distinguish from the rest - next to them is the inscription: "Translation. Original language: (language)", as well as the button "See original". Clicking this button displays the original message.

Chat rooms. Each player can create a maximum of two rooms. You cannot create rooms with the same name. One room can accommodate up to 100 users. You can create a room through the chat menu. It is enough just to indicate its name. You cannot create rooms with the same name. Optionally, you can also set your welcome message. Finally, you can specify whether the chat room will be public or private. Users will need an invitation to enter a private chat room.

Connection to the room. There are two ways to enter the chat room. The first option is to click the "Enter Room" button and type in the name of the room you want to enter. The second option is to log in by invitation from the administrator or moderator of the corresponding room. After receiving an invitation, it will go to the "Room Invitations" section of the chat menu. To enter the room, you must accept the invitation received.

Room settings. To open the chat settings menu, select the gear image in the room panel. Room administrators are divided by ranks. Tap the dialog cloud image to open the admin menu. You can also get there through the room settings menu. The higher the rank of the chat user, the more privileges he has. There are 4 categories of users in total: owners, administrators, moderators and users.

Owner. The owner of the room is the person who created it. The owner can upgrade and demote any user in their chat room. He can also mute any users, kick them out of the room and block their access to his chat room. The owner can invite other users to his room. In addition, he has the ability to edit the greeting text.

Administrators. The administrator can promote and demote moderators and users. He can also mute any users, kick them out of the room and block their access to the chat room. He can invite other users to the room. The administrator can also edit the greeting text. Administrator functions are not available to ordinary users.

Moderators. A moderator can mute or kick out any user in the chat room. Moderators can also invite other users to the room.

Chat room invitation. If you are the owner, administrator, or moderator of a room, you can invite users to it. To do this, open the room settings menu and go to the control tab. There you will find the option to invite players to the room.

Removing a user from a room. If the user is kicked out of the room, he is automatically removed from there. However, such a user can return to the room.

Ban user. If you ban a player, he will no longer be able to enter the room. You can remove the ban from the user in the room settings menu.

Exit the room. To leave a room, open the room settings menu and go to the control tab. Then you will be able to leave the room.

Removing a room. Only the owner can delete a room. To do this, open the room settings menu and go to the control tab. Then you can delete the room.

post office

Mail is on the bottom tab. There are 4 folders: "Inbox", "Reports", "Saved" and "Notes".

Notifications are directly related to alliance updates. If a player is removed from the alliance, this news will appear in your notifications tab. Since notifications can be received in large numbers, but not all are equally important, the corresponding icon is not displayed in the notification tab.

Players can easily share coordinates using landmarks. By selecting the paperclip icon in the compose window, you can attach the desired landmarks to it that you want to communicate to other players.

Game of War: All About Friends

You can invite other players to be friends. A direct connection is established between friends, which increases the convenience and efficiency of communication. There are 3 ways to send invitations:

  1. Find and invite friends. You can use the "Invite" button (located in the chat menu), after which a search window will open. Just enter the name of the player you want to invite there.
  2. Invite friends via chat. Chat messages aren’t just text, they’re buttons. If you click on such a button, a context menu will open. In this menu there is an item "Add user". If you select this option, and then - the name of the player, the player will automatically be sent a friend invitation and the corresponding notification. If the player accepts your invitation, they will appear on your friends list.
  3. Invite friends through your profile. In the player’s profile, you can offer him to add his name to your contact list. In the profile window, press the control button, and then - the "Add user" button.

Pending invitations. The list of pending invitations is in the chat menu. These are both the invitations that came to you and those that you sent.

Game of War: Correct Settings and Profile

Player profile. Your player profile contains information about your account. You can view your stats, change your status and track your progress in your profile, as well as look at the achievements of other players. You can access the player profile from various elements of the game, but the easiest way to do this is by tapping the power indicator at the top of the city overview screen.

You can also go to the profile from the "Additional features" menu. Look for the "Profile" button.

Access to another player’s profile. As with your own profile, there are several ways to view another player’s profile. World map:


Player review. At the top of the profile, the player’s avatar, alliance tags, name, status, power, assassinations, VIP status, and loyalty are displayed.

Alliance / Gift button. Depending on whether the selected player is in your alliance, the button will look like "Alliance" (the player is not a member of your alliance) or "Gift" (the player is a member of your alliance). Alliance - by tapping this button, you will be taken to the player’s alliance profile. Gift - If you have unlocked the gift mode, you can click this button to buy gifts for a member of your alliance.

Favorite selection button. The select favorite button allows you to select a player who will be able to receive certain gifts from you. These gifts can be purchased in bundles at sales. When used, they will be automatically sent to the player you have chosen as your favorite.

Graveyard button. This menu displays the player’s graveyard statistics. Here you can view the executions carried out by this player and the heroes he lost.

Hero button. In this menu, you can view the player’s hero and his equipment.

Button "Boosts / Mail". If you are viewing your own profile, the middle button looks like Boosts. Tap it to view your current boosts. If you are viewing another player’s profile, the middle button looks like Mail. Tap the Mail button to send a message to that player.

Comment button. Tapping the comment button takes you to that player’s wall. There you will be able to view all the comments made earlier and leave your own.

Settings button. If you are viewing another player’s profile, the last button is "Settings". This menu will allow you to add the player to your contacts list or block him.

Tournaments won. Tournaments are held regularly in Game of War: Fire Age. They are similar to regular competitions, but more prestigious titles and awards can be obtained for successful performance in them. One of these special awards is the unique banner of the tournament. Win one of these tournaments and you will see the banner of that tournament displayed on your profile. Try to win as many tournaments as possible in order to collect more of these banners.

Statistics. Here are all sorts of stats, from battle stats to leaderboard ratings. Tap the Info button at the bottom of the page to learn more about what a parameter means.

Blocking players. By blocking a player, you will deprive him of the ability to leave comments on your wall, send you letters and see your messages in the chat. In addition, you will also not see his chat messages and his profile title. Block from chat:

  1. Tap the player’s avatar or his chat message;
  2. Tap the player’s name;
  3. Click the "Block" button;
  4. Click the "Block" button again to confirm.

Block from mail:

  1. Open any email from the player you want to block;
  2. Click the "Block" button under the letter;
  3. Click "Yes" to confirm.

Blocking from profile:

  1. Go to the player’s profile;
  2. Touch the "Settings" button;
  3. Click the "Block user" button;
  4. Click "Yes" to confirm.

Managing the list of blocked users. The player remains blocked even if he changes his name. The only way to restore communication with a blocked player is to unblock him. For this:

  1. Click the "More" button;
  2. Go to blocked users;
  3. Select the player you want to unblock from the list;
  4. Click the "Unblock" button next to the player’s name.

Push notifications. Push notifications are found in the Extras menu. There are 3 values for the Push Notification option: Off, Text, and Sound / Text. If "Off" is selected for a specific category of Push notifications, these notifications will not come. If you select Text, text messages are received and icons are displayed. If you select Sound / Text, you will receive text messages. Their receipt will be accompanied by displaying icons and sound signals.

Game of War: VIP status

What is VIP status? VIP status allows you to get significant boosts for your empire. Your current VIP level is displayed on the VIP icon in the upper left corner of the city view window next to your chat avatar.

VIP status activation. VIP benefits can only be used when VIP status is active. Each time you upgrade your VIP level, the player automatically gets the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the new VIP level within 24 hours. The VIP status is active when the VIP badge shines in gold. In addition, you can use VIP duration items to activate VIP status and extend its duration. How to activate your VIP status and extend its validity period:

VIP levels. Earn VIP points to increase your VIP level. VIP Points can be earned from competition rewards and other game elements. They are also always available in the store. The higher your VIP level, the more VIP status benefits you have. How to add VIP points:

VIP points can always be purchased for loyalty in the alliance store; they can also be found in the offers of the gold store. In addition, VIP points can be earned in competition rewards and other in-game rewards.

A series of game sessions. You can earn VIP points when you first log into the game every day. The number of VIP-points obtained in this way increases with each successive entry into the game. If you miss even one day, your streak will reset to zero, so be sure to log back in daily. The length of the current streak of logins is displayed in the status section of the VIP page.

Push notifications. If you have logged out, you will be sent a Push Notification when your VIP status expires. To continue enjoying the benefits, log in to the game and renew your VIP status.

Game of War: Player Questions

How to achieve a certain level of quality when crafting? When crafting items or equipment, the only way to get an item of a certain quality level is to use all materials of at least the desired quality level. When using at least one material of a lower quality level, there is always the possibility that the resulting item will also be of lower quality.

Why did my city teleport to another location? If you have been inactive for a long time, your city may have been relocated to make room for more active players. Log into the game regularly to stay active and avoid forced teleportation.

I cannot find the gold I received or earned. Often times, gold obtained from chests or alliance gifts is placed in your inventory, and not on the overall gold balance. Go to the Items - My Items - Resources - your "missing" gold may be there.

How does the treasury work? When you invest gold in the treasury, you receive interest on that investment. The interest rate depends on the level of your treasury and the selected certificate of deposit. Interest on the deposit is calculated over a certain period of time. It is important to remember that if you urgently need gold, then you can withdraw your contribution from the treasury before the expiration of the term. In this case, you will receive back only the amount of the deposit itself, but you will not receive any interest.

How is teleportation done? An improved teleporter is required to move your city to another point. Click on the state overview icon in the lower left corner of the screen. A map of the state will appear on which your city will be displayed. Select the place where you want to teleport your city and touch this point on the map. A pop-up window with coordinates will appear, in which you will be offered a choice from the options "Teleport", "Occupy" or "Create". Select the "Teleport" option. Another popup will appear asking you to confirm the use of the enhanced teleporter.

If you have this item in your inventory, you can click the Use button and your city will automatically be moved to a new location. If you do not have this item, then instead of the "Use" option, the "Buy and use" option will be offered - by selecting it, you can purchase an improved teleport for gold and use it immediately. You automatically receive one such item when you create an account; later they can be purchased in the alliance store or won in competitions.

Why was my peace shield canceled? When your world shields are activated and their validity periods expire, you will receive a report by in-game mail with detailed information about these events. If your shield expired before its expiration date, the report will indicate what caused it. Your peace shield will be canceled if you attack another player, try to spy on him, send reinforcements to a member of your alliance, create a military bloc, or join an existing military bloc.

If you have a peace shield active, keep in mind that its effect does not extend outside the city and it will not protect your troops outside the city. Accordingly, you should be careful when sending troops to collect resources or excavate for treasures, because other players in your state will still be able to attack them.

How do I change my player’s name? The player’s name is displayed below the city icon on the nation screen. Changing the name of a hero requires a special item for changing the player’s name. To use this item, go to the Items - My Items - Specials tab and click the "Use" button. You automatically receive one such item when you create an account; later they can be purchased in the alliance store or won in competitions.

How do I change the city name? The city name is displayed on your player’s profile. To change the name of the city, the subject of renaming the city is required. To use this item, go to the Items - My Items - Specials tab and click the "Use" button. You automatically receive one such item when you create an account; later they can be purchased in the alliance store or won in competitions.

How do I change the name of a hero? To change the name of a hero, a special item "Hero’s name" is required. To use this item, go to the Items - My Items - Specials tab and click the "Use" button. You automatically receive one such item when you create an account; later they can be purchased in the alliance store or won in competitions.

How are state competitions organized? The Competition of States is a special competition in which players can teleport between participating states and compete against each other for the top prize. When a State Competition is active, you can go to the State Competition page by clicking the Competition button in the lower right corner of the screen while in City View. Follow these steps to collect points. While the competition of states is active, players can teleport to the territory of enemy invading states using the unique teleport of the competition of states.

After teleporting to the territory of an enemy state, you can stay there during the time of the invasion of the state; the length of this period may vary depending on the particular competition. The remaining time is displayed on the boosts page in the city view mode. After the timer expires, you will be automatically teleported back to your state.

I have not received points for participating in the competition. When a competition appears on the list, it usually takes some time before it becomes active. Actions taken to win prizes in such a competition will not count towards the competition if they were taken before the competition became active. If you are sure that the competition is already active, but you were not awarded points for completing the assigned tasks, try closing the application and starting it again. This will refresh the connection between your device and the game servers, and the number of points you scored in the competition will be displayed correctly.

I don’t see any monsters on the map. Monsters spawn randomly and won’t always end up in the same locations. All players can see them, so try to get to them before your opponents!

How do ratings work? Each type of competition in the game has its own rating. In most cases, the ranking is given to the top 100 players based on competition results, and they receive different prizes depending on their performance. In some special competitions, the first 100 players who have completed all objectives are ranked.

In most competitions, the rating is assigned to individual players, but in the competitions of states and alliances, the ranking will also show the best alliances. Rankings and prizes for specific places change from competition to competition. Detailed information about a specific competition can be found on the competition information page. The rating history can also be viewed on the competition details page by touching the History tab - there you can see the ratings from the last competition of this type that took place.

How does getting loot from monsters work? When you attack a monster, various items can drop from it. By touching the monster, you will see some of the trophies that can be obtained from it. Sometimes, instead of these specific items, the monster may also drop a random item. Certain monsters are more likely to obtain certain items. Try to attack the appropriate monsters if you need specific items and materials.

Where has my hero gone? If your hero is not in the city, it means that he was taken prisoner. When your hero is captured, a countdown timer starts until his resurrection, although there is a chance that the hero himself will be able to escape from captivity. After this timer expires, the player who captured your hero will have some time to decide whether to execute him or not - which is why your hero may not immediately return to you even after the execution timer expires. The duration of this short waiting period is individual for each player and is determined by the level of his altar, the skills of the hero and the research completed.

Where has my march gone? Due to delays in the exchange of data between your device and the game, at some point it may seem that your troops have disappeared. It looks as if your march is stuck somewhere or has disappeared altogether. For example, you send a march to attack another player or collect resources from a site - the troops collected resources, but did not return; when you touch the march to view it, you cannot see them. In most cases, this problem can be solved simply and quickly. Close the application and launch it again. Your "stuck" march should appear correctly where it belongs.

The leader of my alliance is inactive. If you want to inform the leader of your alliance that you would like to see a more active player in his place, you will need to contact him directly. If you have not heard from the leader of your alliance for a long time, contact support.

How does the alliance store work? In the alliance store, you can spend the loyalty received for participating in the alliance activities. For loyalty in the alliance store, you can purchase various useful items. To get to the alliance store, go to the items page and tap the "Alliance store" tab. In the alliance store, you will see the total amount of your loyalty and the value of all items for sale there.

What is loyalty? Loyalty is the currency that you receive for actively participating in the activities of your alliance. Loyalty can be obtained by completing alliance missions, helping alliance members, attacking monsters and winning various prizes in competitions. You can spend it on various items in the alliance store.

Article author: Nadezhda D.