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Gangstar New Orleans WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

GANGSTAR: NEW ORLEANS - Android game with release date 03/29/2017 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How, without dying, you can reset the wanted level? You can reset the wanted level by running away from the police! You need to be out of sight of the police for several seconds until the wanted level drops. If the police are looking for you, a white ring appears around yours. If the ring is shortened, it means that you are out of sight of the police. You need to hold out until the ring disappears.

How to increase the level of your character? You can increase the character level by completing various tasks and earning OP.

How to improve weapons? To improve your weapon, you first need to pump it to the maximum level, then go to the Evolution section, where all the items necessary for this will be shown. You will need to take part in the Promotions in order to receive these items. They are called Amulets.

How to change your weapon? You can take another weapon simply by swiping your finger on the weapon icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you click on this icon and hold the button for a while, a context menu with all your weapons will appear.

Can I replace the bandits sent to monitor the area I control? If you control the area, you can replace them at any time. In addition, you yourself can check the protection of your area by clicking on the "Check" icon.

How to open access to the Wars of the area? Wars for the area will open as the story progresses. The more you play, the more areas you can conquer.

How many weapons are there in Gangstar: New Orleans? The game Gangstar: New Orleans provides more than 100 weapons that will open as you progress through the story.

How many vehicles are there in Gangstar: New Orleans? The game Gangstar: New Orleans provides more than 80 units of transport.

How many garments are there in Gangstar: New Orleans? Over 70 different items of clothing have been prepared for your gangster.

How to take control of the area? First you need to gain credibility in the area. To do this, complete all tasks related to it. Once you complete enough tasks and your authority exceeds 50%, you will have the opportunity to capture the area. Grab the area, defeat his current boss, and your area!

How to cure your character? To do this, click on the treatment icon under your minimap. During the execution of tasks, you can use only one first-aid kit at a time. More first-aid kits can be obtained from free Spiritual Vessels or purchased at Cache.

How to get more pomegranates? More grenades can be obtained in free Spiritual Vessels or purchased in the Cache.

How to control the movements of your character? You can control the character’s movements by dragging and moving the virtual stick, which is located in the lower left part of the screen.

How to shoot a weapon? To do this, press or hold the corresponding icon. If you hold the icon for too long, you may lose accuracy, so let it go from time to time!

How to change the viewing angle? The camera angle changes by moving your finger across the screen. You can set the camera behind the character by double tapping the screen.

What do the stars on weapons / enemies / bandits mean? Stars mean quality. The more stars an object possesses, the higher its potential indicators and maximum level.

What is the synthesis of the subject? Synthesis raises the level of your weapons / vehicles / bandits.Increasing the level of the subject helps to increase any indicators displayed on the maps of the subject.

What is the maximum level of items? The maximum level depends on the level of improvement of the item.The level of evolution is the number of stars in the subject.

What are Amulets? Amulets are needed to upgrade your items to the next level. The game has two types of Amulets: Universal amulets, which are needed for almost all types of evolution, and Class amulets, which depend on the class of the item being upgraded. Amulets come in several levels. The higher the level of the item being upgraded, the higher should be the level of the corresponding amulet.

How to get amulets? You need to take part in the Promotions and receive rewards for this. Promotions with Universal Amulets are held daily, and Class Promotions with corresponding amulets are scheduled, usually this happens once a week.

When are promotions with class amulets held?

What are Daily Quests? Daily assignments are a set of assignments that you can complete every day and receive special rewards for this. If you complete all Daily Quests, you will receive the highest reward for the last.

How to go to the menu? You can go to the menu by clicking on the minimap in the upper left corner of the device.

What does the letter A mean on the minimap? On the minimap, story missions are represented by letters.The first letter means the name of the person giving the task; in this case, this is your friend Alain.

How to assemble a collection? In the "Collection" section, you will see a list of weapons, vehicles, and bandits that require a specific set of tokens. You can select the desired episode depending on the items you want to receive. Episodes are plot stages, usually consisting of one or more tasks. They can be found on a city map or using redirection.

Why do I need to retake difficult missions? Having received 3 stars for an easy mission, you can pass it at a high level of difficulty. If you first complete the mission at a high level of difficulty, you will still need to complete it again.

What is capital? This is an indicator of how many players collected items in Gangstar: New Orleans.

How to increase capital? To increase capital, collect items in the game.

What is the Mansion section? A game location that you can develop with the help of attachments.

How to build a mansion? For the construction of various parts of the Mansion, you will need materials that can be found in spiritual vessels.

What are special promotions? By playing special promotions, you can get a temporary reward that cannot be otherwise obtained in the game.

How to open global tasks? While in New Orleans, you will receive notifications about the activities that are now taking place near you. For example, an important goal that you need to track down.

What is the spiritual vessel system? With this system, players will be able to get even more. Each vessel has its own value. Players can level up using duplicate gear.

What are 5 star items? These are elite weapons, bandits and high-performance vehicles, thanks to which you can receive even more rewards.

How can I connect to my Facebook profile in the game? In the Blustr section, go to the sidekick section, then Friends from the social network.

How to get into Gameloft Connect? You can get to Gameloft Connect through the in-game menu.

The game does not start. I always see the message: "There is no Internet connection. Please make sure your device is connected to the Internet." To play this game, you need a constant connection to Wi-Fi or 3G.

How to change the language settings of the game? You can change the language in the Settings section of the in-game menu.

Does the game support controllers? The game does not currently support controllers.

How to turn off the gyro? You can disable the gyroscope in the Settings section.

Can I play Gangstar: New Orleans on PC? Yes, you can play Gangstar: New Orleans on a Windows PC.

The game on my device does not look like it does on a friend’s device. Game progress may vary by device.

When I open the game, it freezes. How to fix it? Try closing the application and then opening it again. If the problem persists, uninstall the application and reinstall it.

How to earn Diamonds? You can get Diamonds for achievements, completing this or that task for the first time, or buy them in the Store. In addition, carefully monitor the awards in the Promotions.

What are store promotions? During promotions, a player can purchase discounted items or rare items in the Store.

How to get more vessels? Vessels can be obtained as rewards during the game. You can also go to the game store and purchase Diamonds for the purchase of vessels.

What are promotions? Stocks are all types of content that bring a share of novelty to the game, so check back on the stocks page more often! Some stocks will be temporary, others, such as Universal Amulets, will be permanent. Some will be repeated periodically, such as stocks with daily amulets. Do not forget to check the rewards section of such promotions.

How can I add homies? Click on the player you see in Global Chat or in Ratings and send him an invitation. In addition, you can add your friends from Facebook or Game Center by connecting to these services. They will appear in the Friends section of the social network of the Koresh tab in Blustr.

Can I chat with other players during the game? You can chat with other players in the Global chat, which is located at the top of the screen.

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