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Gangstar Vegas WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

GANGSTAR VEGAS - Android game with release date 06/19/2013 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Where is the Gangstar 4 Help section? Go to the Settings section and select Help in the list. Here is detailed information about all the nuances of the game.

Can children play this game? No, this game is for players over 17 years old.

How to reload weapons or get ammunition? You cannot reload weapons manually. You can buy cartridges by clicking on the weapon icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will go to the Store, where the necessary weapons will be highlighted. In addition, non-player characters can leave ammunition.

How to increase character level? The character level increases when you reach a certain level of authority (a kind of experience points). In total, the game provides 85 levels of authority.

How to earn credibility? Authority brings you almost any action in the game. You get the most points for completing story and side quests, but you can earn them in other ways, including, for example, killing non-player characters, stealing vehicles and buying items in a store.

Where can I get boxes? Boxes can be bought at the store. Also they are carried with them by especially important persons who will come across to you by chance. Over the head of such a character, the case icon will be visible. If the character dies, he will most likely drop the box. And they can be won in promotions.

How to open a box? When buying in a store, boxes open automatically. You can also open them for free if you received them as a reward in the game or as a gift from a friend.

How to get items of the 2nd or 3rd level? The main way to get items of the 2nd and 3rd level is to create them in the workshop. Items of the 2nd and 3rd level can also be won in stocks, bought for a temporary currency or video bucks.

What is a VIP status? How to get a VIP status? Any player can become a VIP and gain access to VIP items and in-game bonuses. This status is not limited in time, and it can be obtained for in-game purchases for real money. There are 10 VIP levels, divided into 3 categories: Bronze (lvl 1-2), Gold (lvl 3) and Diamond (lvl 4-10).The higher the VIP category, the more cool items are available to you. The higher the VIP level, the more in-game bonuses. VIP levels are given once and for all.

What promotions are held in the Store? During the promotion, the player can buy rare items in the store and get a discount.

What is a Loyalty Program / Daily Rewards? With this system, you will receive an increasingly cool reward by logging into the game every day. There are 90 free rewards in 90 days, that is, one reward per day. It is advisable to enter the game every day, but in case you forget to log in, your game progress will not be reset. After the 90-day Loyalty Program ends, the next with new rewards will begin.

What is a gang? A gang is such a way to advance in the game together with other players. You can join any Gang or create your own to take part in special Gang Promotions and receive special rewards for this.

What are Gang Promotions? Gang promotions are time limited missions with leaderboards. You need to be a member of the Gang in order to complete tasks and collect points common for the Gang. All participants in the best gangs will receive unique prizes.

What are gang wars? These are battles with a limited period of time and their plot. You need to be a member of a gang to take part in such a fight and get promotional points. The best gang will be rewarded with unique items that each gang member will receive.

What is the gang level? The level of the gang is an indicator of its activity. To increase the level of the Gang, its participants must play in the Promotions and try to score as many points as possible. Each level opens a special gang reward.

What are gang rewards? You can get special Gang rewards if your Gang has already reached the desired level, and you have earned enough points for your Gang in special Gang Promotions. These rewards are unique and cannot be obtained in any other way. If players leave the Gang, their rewards are retained.

How to join the gang? Go to the "Gang" section in the in-game menu or in the main menu, and you will be asked to join existing gangs or create your own. You can join other Gangs if for one reason or another you do not like the proposals.

How to create your own gang? Go to the "Gang" section in the in-game menu or in the main menu, and you will be asked to join existing gangs or create your own. Click "Create Gang", enter the name of the Gang and pay in-game money for the creation. You will be the Gang Leader.

How to change the name of the gang, its logo or description? You can change the name of the Gang, logo or description if you are the Gang Leader (creator of the Gang) by clicking on the special "edit" icons on these elements. Description Gangs can be changed for free. Changing the name of the gang will be worth the in-game money. You will also have to pay for the new logo with in-game money, and some will require you to have a VIP status. Purchased logos can be changed free of charge at any time.

How to leave the gang? You can go to the list of gang members and click "Leave". If you are a Gang Leader, you need to appoint another Gang member in your place. If you leave the Gang, you will lose all points earned during the gang promotions, but save all your rewards.

What is Progress District and Progress City? In 5 districts you will be offered a list of tasks that will need to be completed by four stars. If you earn four stars for all the completed tasks in the district list, you will receive a unique item as a reward, which cannot be obtained in any other way. Go through all five areas and get great prizes.

Why can’t I buy VIP items, although I have the appropriate VIP level? You must have a valid VIP status in order to buy VIP items. You can check your status in the VIP menu. To increase your VIP status, buy any set or set of diamonds with the appropriate number of VIP points.

If my VIP status is inactive, can I get additional rewards for missions? Not. To receive additional rewards, you need to activate your VIP status.

How to remove the button with ads from the game? By purchasing any item for real money, you activate your VIP status and will be able to purchase VIP items, receive additional bonuses for completing tasks and turn off advertising.

I watched the video but did not receive the award. Please contact User Support and describe the situation in the most complete form.

When will all missions with the Devil open? Everything has its time.

What bonuses are available for VIP players? VIP players receive the following bonuses: more credibility, banknotes and diamonds for tasks; more credibility for game actions and more Skill Points for a new level;accelerated energy recovery and increased energy reserves for participation in stocks; free revitalization (limited) and more diamonds, grenades, first-aid kits, repair kits, body armor and parachutes every day, as well as a bonus to the capacity of inventory for storing materials.

Do free animations accumulate? No, unused animations do not accumulate. Collect daily bonuses to restore their amount.

For my VIP level, I rely on daily free things and animations, but I haven’t received them today.Free things and animations can be collected in the menu Free prizes. Free animations are available right on the screen in which you died.

I am a VIP player, but today I have not received daily VIP bonuses. Daily bonuses are awarded 24 hours after the last collection, provided that you are connected to the Internet. If the specified time has passed, and you still have not received bonuses, contact User Support.

What is a receipt code? Receipt codes are distributed during promotions and can be used one or more times to receive sets of diamonds.

Why do we need stimulants? Stimulants are new consumables that temporarily enhance your skills.Stimulants are available in the open world, and during the execution of tasks ..

How does the item creation function work? You can use unnecessary items to create powerful new items in the workshop. Every half hour in the workshop there are 9 items that can be created. Choose the one you like and enter so many of your unnecessary items to fill the creation scale (these items will be lost only after the creation of a new one), and materials from special boxes that can be bought or received as a reward.

What is a Destiny Chest? It looks like a standard box, but its contents change from time to time, so that you can find all the desired items in one place. It also opens immediately after purchase.

How does overheating work? All weapons with unlimited ammunition (exoskeletons and transport weapons) overheat during use. To avoid this, shoot in short bursts. Otherwise, your weapon will be blocked for several seconds until it cools. The current state of overheating is displayed by the Fire icon.

How to increase the time of overheating of a weapon? To do this, buy, manufacture or win higher-level equipment and exoskeletons. Their performance is much higher, including overheating time.

What kind of city action is this? What are alien invasions? The Alien Invasion City action is a new type of time-limited action that takes place in the city. All players automatically take part in it and fight for share production (alien heads). To get this prey, destroy the aliens attacking in certain parts of the city. Use the stock marker to set these parts of the city. Then go to the indicated place and destroy as many aliens as possible! Please note that during the battle you will not have full access to the Store, so before the battle, make sure that you have all the necessary weapons of all types. That is, you must have both weapons and ammunition!

Is mining in the City Stock used only to establish leadership in the ranking? The prey you get for destroying the attackers can be spent in the Store for unique offers that will appear during the campaign, and a few hours after its end (these purchases do not affect your position in the rating). After the end of the action you will have time to spend the earned production. Please note that the extraction that you do not spend will be automatically replaced by banknotes.

How often will intrusions take place? Can i skip them? The city will be attacked several times a day at intervals of at least 2 hours. To find out the exact time between invasions, go to the stock screen. Please note that you need to enter the game a little earlier than the specified time.

Can I ignore intrusions? Yes, you can freely move around the city and complete tasks. You can also escape from the battlefield at any time during the invasion.

How to win the invasion? React quickly, use the best weapons, and use ammunition and weapons of all kinds before the start of the battle. In addition, do not forget to use stimulants, as they can significantly increase your chances of destroying the alien base!

What bonuses are provided in the City promotion? Having reached a high score in the action, you will open bonuses for the character. Bonuses are combined with the action of stimulants, clothes, etc. Moreover, you can use them not only in action battles, but throughout the game. Please note that for this you need an internet connection.

How to disable Auto-use consumables? You can disable Auto-use of consumables (first aid kits, body armor, repair kits) in the Settings menu.

How to remove disassembly timeout? The only way to remove the waiting time is to watch a commercial.However, this function is disabled if you have already watched all the available clips.

How to open a workshop? To open a workshop, you must undergo training, which begins after the completion of the job Election program.

What are areas? How to open all 5 districts? Neighborhoods are part of the city. They can be opened at the very beginning of the game, but for passing it is necessary to complete their repeated tasks for 4 stars. To access these tasks, complete previous tasks of this type (if any) and upgrade your character to the required level.

How to use the vehicle to be delivered? If you want to use a recently purchased vehicle, you need to deliver it to the nearest parking lot. If you just bought a vehicle, its delivery is free.

What maximum level can I reach? You can reach level 85.

What is a zone? Zones are the territories that make up the area. When you open a new zone, you get one step closer to controlling the area.

How to open the mission Debt to the devil "King"? This quest is no longer in the game. Update the game to remove notifications about this task.

How to get planes and helicopters? You can purchase them in the Store, win promotions or make them in the Workshop.

Is it possible to find out the probability of getting items from boxes? Yes, click the Info icon next to the mailbox and you will see detailed information.

How to break away from a police chase without dying? If you are wanted, the police will search for you in a specific area, limited to a search ring centered at your current location. The size of the ring depends on your wanted level, and you can only get away from the chase when you break out of the search ring and do not meet new cops (otherwise the location of the "ring" will be updated). After some time, your wanted level will disappear, and you will be able to return to the normal game mode. The main thing: to find out where you are hiding, the cops should see you, so most often the best solution is not to appear in the wanted area.

Can I hijack planes or helicopters? You can find abandoned aircraft or kill police / military helicopter pilots from the Big Gun or the Patriot Gun and take their places. Just make sure that the helicopter does not fly too high, otherwise it will be damaged during landing.

How to close the message "What’s New?" To close this message, scroll through all its pages. The next time you see it, the Close icon will be shown from the very beginning.

Can I read the message "What’s New?" Yes, you can see the latest news every time you want. To do this, click the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the Settings menu.

I did not fulfill the conditions of the game "I saw and won." When can I try again? All new users can play it, but it may appear at any time in the future. Just sometimes go to the Casino section of the Quick Play menu.

How does the REVERSE function work? From time to time, Boxes can be reopened (this can be seen in the Store). In this case, if you do not like the contents of the Box, you can watch the commercial and open the Box again. If you reopen the box, you will receive only the second award.

What are drones? Drones are items of a special type. You can buy them once and then activate them when you need extra firepower or healing. Drones can be improved to make them even more useful, more beautiful and even get unique skills! After use, the drone must be charged (this happens automatically). You cannot activate more than one type of drones at a time, but you can activate them one at a time.

Where, besides sets, can I find promotional items? Promotional items can only be found in sets.

What is the growth of rewards in the mini-game I saw and won? A special progress bar has been added to the game to simplify the understanding of the mini-game. It shows the rank of the prizes that you can win right now, as well as the stage at which your possible prizes will improve. Watch more commercials and Vegas will fall at your feet!

Is it possible to lose the growth of rewards in the mini-game I saw and won? If everything is in order in Vegas, you won’t lose your rewards.

How does the promotional item work in the mini-game I saw and won? This is one of the most valuable items in Vegas, and you have a chance to get it at the end of the growth of awards. Try to get it before the time runs out!

What are promotions? Stocks are time-limited, rated assignments. The best players will be rewarded with unique items. To start the action you need energy. If your energy has run out, you can wait for its recovery or purchase for diamonds. You must be a member of a gang to participate in Gang Promotions.

What is Power over the city? This is a way of capturing the city building by building. So you can get stable income, VIP points, constant bonuses to the characteristics of your hero and a large selection of items in the store.

What are Street Ranking promotions? These are long-term promotions in which you have to perform various temporary tasks and earn a rating. Having received a certain rating, you can get closer to the main prize of the promotion by opening Rating Boxes or by playing Prize Roulette (depending on the type of promotion).

How to participate in street rating promotions? You do not need to compete with other players, only your skills and time will affect success. Complete each task to unlock the following. Tasks can be completed several times until you get the full rating for them. It is not necessary to complete all the tasks, you just need to collect the necessary number of Street passes, which can be found in the Rating Boxes or win in the Prize Roulette (depending on the type of promotion).

What are promotional items? With the help of promotional items, you will be able to achieve success in Street Rating promotions faster, reducing the number of times you will have to repeat each task until you get the entire rating for it. Please note that for each task you can only use a specific item, so you can not accumulate bonuses from several items. Using promotional items, you can earn an additional rating in the city (to learn more, study the map).

Can I just buy the main prize of the Street Rating? The main prize of the promotion is too good for this!As a reward, you have a chance to get the very best items, so the effort will pay off. Please note, if you are lucky, you can win the main prize before the end of the promotion, for this, play Prize Roulette! In addition, you can accelerate progress by earning a rating in the city. To do this, study the marks on the map and their description.

What will happen to my rating if I do not spend it during the promotion? You will not lose the entire rating after the end of the promotion. If you have enough rating, you will receive the main prize. Otherwise, the entire rating will be exchanged for diamonds.

Can I just buy the main prize of the Street Rating? The main prize of the promotion is too good for this!As a reward, you have a chance to get the very best items, so the effort will pay off. Please note, if you are lucky, you can win the main prize before the end of the promotion, for this, play Prize Roulette! In addition, you can accelerate progress by earning a rating in the city. To do this, study the marks on the map and their description.

What will happen to my rating if I do not spend it during the promotion? You will not lose the entire rating after the end of the promotion. If you have enough rating, you will receive the main prize. Otherwise, the entire rating will be exchanged for diamonds.

How to add friends? You can invite friends from Facebook. It is recommended to connect to the social network for the best gaming experience.

Is there a way to reset the game progress? No, progress cannot be reset, however you can go through any mission again in the "Quick Game" menu in the Main Menu.

How to change the avatar in the game? Your only avatar in the game is Jason, the main character. Your friends can see your avatar from a social network only in the friends menu, and Jason - in other menus.

How to change sound settings? Sound settings can be changed in the Sound section in Settings.

Can I turn off gyro control? Yes, you can disable gyro control in the Control section in Settings. You will see the gyroscope switch.

How to change the language of the game? The language of the game can be changed in the Game section in Settings. There is a section Language.

How to change the control scheme or sensitivity? The control scheme can be changed in the Management section in Settings. You can get to Settings either from the Main menu or by clicking on the pause during the game.

Can I turn off the subtitles displayed in the game? Yes, you can disable subtitles in the Game section in Settings. There is an icon called "On Subtitle".

How to enable geolocation? To enable geolocation, change the device settings. Go to Personal> My Location.You will also be taken to this menu by clicking the huge Geolocation icon on the ratings page.

What is ReplayKit? ReplayKit is a new feature on iOS10 with which you can record your game and share videos with your friends.

How to share your videos using ReplayKit? If you are playing on a device with iOS 10 or higher, then the ReplayKit function is available by default. To start recording, click on the icon in the upper right corner in the Main menu or next to the minimap when the pointer turns red and the "REC" icon appears. To stop recording, click this icon again to view the recording and choose how to publish the video (YouTube, social networks, email, etc.).

If I don’t want to share my video immediately after recording it, can I use it later with ReplayKit?ReplayKit allows you to share a video immediately after recording it. If you do not do it right away, then it will be impossible.

What are the restrictions on the duration of the video? There are no restrictions on the duration of ReplayKit videos. You can record until the memory runs out on the device.

Can I turn off ReplayKit? ReplayKit can be disabled in Settings.

What is a set of augmented reality? Does the game support DR? A set of augmented reality allows owners of iPhone and iPad to experiment with DR, mixing digital objects with objects in the real world. Just find the item you own in the store and click on the "DR" icon, and then find the flat surface on which this item can be placed. Experiment with different types of objects to create a unique image!

How to get diamonds? Diamonds can be bought in the game or received for leveling up, as a reward in temporary promotions, or for watching commercials.

How to earn banknotes? Banknotes can be earned in various ways, for example, by completing storyline tasks, challenges, collecting income from real estate, they can also be left by non-player characters.

Can I win diamonds at a casino? Yes. With the 15th update, you can win diamonds if you play on the Diamond machine.

How to convert diamonds into banknotes? You can buy sets of banknotes for diamonds in the appropriate store. Also in this section you can convert diamonds into banknotes automatically if you do not have enough banknotes when buying an item.

What is an S-CLUB? S-CLUB is a monthly subscription that gives you some benefits. Thus, having paid a small amount, you can reload weapons and deliver vehicles for free. You will also be different from other players in the ranking, etc. The list of benefits may expand, reflecting more aspects of life in Sin City!

Can I get VIP points for free? VIP points can only be obtained for buying diamonds, or, if the Power over the city function is enabled, for capturing valuable buildings.

What is a VIP status? How to get a VIP status? Any player can become a VIP and gain access to VIP items and in-game bonuses. This status is not limited in time, and it can be obtained for in-game purchases for real money, or, if the Power over the city function is active, for the capture of valuable buildings. There are 10 VIP levels divided into 3 categories: Silver (level 1-3), Gold (level 4-7) and Diamond (level 8-10). The higher the VIP category, the better the items. The higher the VIP level, the more in-game bonuses. VIP levels are given once and for all.

How do I communicate with gang members? You can write and read gang chat messages.

Can I give several gifts to the same user during the day? Yes you can. But you can only send gifts if you have commercials that you can watch.

Can I send a VIP item as a gift? You can send as a gift VIP items received as a reward for the share Take control of the city or as a gang reward.

How to send gifts to friends? Please note that the ability to send gifts is now limited by the availability of advertising. Each time you want to send a gift, you must start the video; if there is no advertisement at the moment, the opportunity will be unavailable. Therefore, the gift icon is grayed out.

How to search for a gang by name? Scroll to the top of the Recommended Gangs list and click OTHER Gangs. Enter the name of the gang in the FIND field and click the SEARCH BY NAME icon.

I am a member of a gang. How can I get the stars? You can only get stars for participating in gang promotions (special promotions in the promotions menu).

Where can I find an invitation from a friend? Invitations from new friends are displayed in your profile in the "Friends" section. You can accept or decline the invitation. Please note that friends from social networks are added without confirmation.

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