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Walkthrough Global War Empire Rising: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GLOBAL WAR: EMPIRE RISING - a game for social networks from the company Joymeng. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Walkthrough
  3. Event Guide
  4. Building the Base Right
  5. Alliance Territory
  6. Recharge Issue
  7. Account Issue

Global War Empire Rising: A Beginner’s Guide

Is this a free game? Although Warfare Strike: Global War is a free game, it also provides an opportunity to make an in-game purchase of gold. You can use real money to buy gold in the game. To ensure the security of your personal information and accounting, all purchases must be made through the official platform. For developers, it is very important that players choose the best way to play. Regardless of whether players buy gold or not, they can use all the features when they reach a certain level.

What if I don’t get the gold I bought? Due to problems with the network or platform used, there may be a delay in the purchase of purchased gold in your account. Go back to your profile and check. If you still have not received the gold, try again in 24 hours or contact customer service.

Why can’t I enter the game or does the game crash? If you encounter these problems, try the following solutions.

  1. Close all unnecessary applications;
  2. Reboot the device and try to enter the game again;
  3. Update the device system and applications;
  4. Check if there is enough free space on your device;
  5. Check if your internet connection is stable. (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G).

If you cannot enter the system because the game is being maintained, do not worry, you will be able to enter the game after it ends.

How can I get free gold? There are the following methods:

  1. Complete some of the important missions;
  2. You will receive 200 gold as a reward when you first join the alliance;
  3. You can get gold when performing events with limited time and other events;
  4. Get certain amounts of gold for a 7-day login and 30-day login;
  5. Get certain amounts of gold if you spend a lot of time in the game;
  6. You can get gold when your commander raises the level;
  7. You have a chance to get gold when you defeat the rebels and explore the ruins;
  8. Get gold as a reward for updating the game to the latest version;
  9. When shopping during certain events, you will receive extra gold as a reward!
  10. Win gold at roulette of good luck!

How can I protect myself? Use these tips:

  1. Use the armistice shield to defend your base from attack by other commanders. Please note that troops located outside the base will not be protected;
  2. You can return units sent to collect resources if they are attacked;
  3. Send your troops outside the base to avoid an attack when your base is attacked. It is also a good idea to send your troops to ruins;
  4. Use random teleport or exact teleport;
  5. Join the alliance and move to other members of the alliance.

Can I use my original account if I switched to another device? Yes you can. Before replacing the devices, bind the original account. You can link your account to email or Facebook, and then log into the game with your account and password.

Why does the message "connection failed" arrive? This is due to the fact that your game has lost contact with the server. Click OK to try again or restart the game.

When will the new servers become available? Before deciding to launch new servers, developers evaluate the current server data. When a new server starts, they make an announcement. Remember to check for such messages.

Can I sell an account? It is forbidden to sell your account or items and resources to other players. Do not share your account and password with other people under any circumstances. If you receive such a request, immediately contact the representatives of the developers.

Why can’t I use my original account after upgrade? Different platforms have different APKs, and the account is independent of each platform. You must update the game on the platform on which you first downloaded the game.

Can I buy gold through third-party websites? If you need gold to upgrade your buildings or purchase items, purchase it in the game through your own account. Some third-party sites offer players ways to buy gold, but note that these sites are not official. A third-party website also usually asks for a password from your account.If you inform him, no one will be able to ensure the security of your account and will not be liable for any losses.Developers also have the right to prohibit any account that has acquired gold through third-party websites.Follow the rules!

Can I reset my game progress? You cannot currently reset your game progress. If you delete the game and delete all game data, you will lose all game records. To prevent the loss of game data, use your account and password to enter the game. If you linked your account, you can go directly to your database every time you log in.

Can the system return me the gold that I used by chance? The game has done everything possible to protect players from using gold by accident. Each time you want to use gold, notifications will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to use it or not. Since this game is MMO + SGL, cancellation will affect other players. Thus, developers cannot cancel or revoke any operation.

Why are some words not displayed in world chat? The game provides filtering obscene expressions, these words will be replaced by asterisks.

How to switch between accounts? Click the Commander icon in the upper right corner, then click "Settings."You will see a button to switch between accounts.

How to check purchase records? There are differences between different platforms. You can usually check the purchase records in the Personal Center on your platform.

What if there is no sound in the game? First, make sure you turn on the sound effects. If they are already on, try closing the game and starting it again.

How to check the login method? Note the pop-up login interface every time you log in to the game. Different platforms require different accounts. Therefore, remember your account and password.

Can I start a new game? Only if you register a new account.

What if my purchase is declined? To change your payment method, contact Google, Apple, or the appropriate payment platform.

Why do some items disappear after purchase? Some items are limited and can no longer be purchased.You can view more detailed information in the limited gift set interface.

Can I buy a monthly card several times, and how can I claim it? A monthly card can be purchased several times, and the time will increase accordingly.

Why has my monthly card expired? Players must register within 30 days in order to receive a monthly card.Gold will not be sent to you automatically if you are not logged in that day, and also cannot be added on the second day. The monthly card expires in 30 days, after which you will not be able to claim gold, but you can still purchase new monthly cards.

How do troops get injured or die? Units will be injured or killed when they attack, occupy a garrison or defend themselves.

What are safe resources? The concept of safe resources refers to resource objects and resources protected by storage. A secure resource cannot be stolen. Find the item resource and click use. A safe resource can also be used for improvement, training, research, etc.

What are the benefits of secure resources? The resources in your backpack cannot be scouted or stolen by other commanders, nor can units be consumed by them. Storage-protected resources can be consumed by squads.

What is alliance help? You can ask the alliance for help with building improvements or research. Each time a player helps you, your construction time or improvement time is reduced. Each participant can help other participants through the embassy’s label icon. The effectiveness of the assistance you receive from the participants depends on the level of your embassy.

What if other commanders break the rules of the game? If other commanders violate the rules of the game, provide the support team with detailed information, such as the name and corresponding screenshots, so that they can carefully check everything.

How to block message notifications? For Android devices, follow these steps: on your device, go to "Settings" - "Notifications and Status" - "Notification Management", and then find the "Fire of War" application and turn off "Allow Notifications".

Not all Android devices are the same. The above steps may vary on different devices. It is recommended that you read the manuals or contact service centers for further assistance.

Can I go back to the previous version if I do not like the new version? Global War: Empire Rising is an MMO + SLG game, that is, all players will use the same version of the game, you cannot return to the old version.

Can I send gold, resources or items to a friend in the game? No, you can’t. Sending gold, resources or items in the game is prohibited.

Fashion. Mods are senior players with experience in the game. They are not official employees of Global War: Empire Rising. They make:

What can mods do? The only function that mods can use inside the game is to mute players who break the rules while chatting in the kingdom chat. Other than this feature, mods have no other power that can affect the gameplay. If you notice a mod that is abusing its power, take a screenshot and include it in your support report.Developers will not be able to take action against a mod or any other player if they do not have any evidence of violations.

Mods are not official personnel and should not ask for your personal information, such as your account password.Your kingdom number, coordinates and game name are all they need to help you solve the problem. Do not give them your account information. The main functions of the mods:

  1. Answer questions of new Global War players in public chat and mail;
  2. Guide new players to Global War to master the basic rules of the game;
  3. Warn about any violations and provide feedback to developers;
  4. Actively cooperate with the official team and promptly inform them of problems in the game and offers of players.

Global War Empire Rising: Walkthrough

What is this game? Fire War is a new multiplayer war game in which you can team up with allies and fight players from all over the world. Build formidable cities and recruit armies to defend your homeland from the invasion of other commanders. Manage your base resources and create your army to become the most powerful commander in the world!

How to change the name of my commander? To change your name, click on the image of the commander and enter the screen of the commander. Your name should consist of 4-12 characters and contain only letters and numbers. Profanity is prohibited.

How do I change the look of my commander? To change the appearance, click on the Commander icon in the upper left corner and enter the Commander’s screen, then click the exclamation mark and the image. Having done this, you will see a list of all available commanders and you can choose any. After that, your image will automatically adjust based on your choice.

How to increase the level of my commander? Increase your commander experience to upgrade your commander. Here are a few ways: basic missions, daily missions, alliance missions, killing rebels, using experience cards, etc. The maximum level of a commander is 50. Once you reach level 50, you can no longer level up.

How to check my coordinates? Enter the world map and tap your base to check your coordinates.

How can I collect resources on a world map? Find deposits of resources on the world map, send troops to occupy them, and they will automatically begin to gather. Squads automatically return to the database with the collected resources. The higher your load of units, the more resources they can take.

How to kill the rebels? On the world map there are rebels of different levels. Their killing will not only bring a reward in the form of resources, but also valuable items. When attacking the rebels, send numerically superior and better equipped units to avoid large losses. In this case, after the battle with the rebels in your units there will be more wounded than killed.

How to block other players in the chat? You can block the chat of other players by clicking on the player in the chat channel, and then clicking the block button in the pop-up interface. Blocked players will be added to your blacklist. You can also cancel the block by clicking the appearance - Settings - blacklist.

How to get and use teleport items? You can purchase a teleport in the store and the alliance store. Basic teleport items are divided into random teleport and accurate teleport. A random teleport will transfer the base to a random location, while an accurate teleport will transfer the base to the selected location.

How can I add favorites and delete previously selected coordinates? Click the world map icon in the lower left to enter the world map. Tap anywhere, then click the + icon to add coordinates to your favorites. There are 3 types of selected coordinates: elevation, friend and enemy. You can find and delete these coordinates in the favorite coordinates interface.

What is the use of VIP status? VIP players use many amplifiers, such as speeding up construction, increasing resources, speeding up the march, increasing the number of marching units, strengthening attack / defense / OZ units, and so on. All of these enhancements can help VIP players grow faster. You can check your VIP privileges by clicking the VIP button next to your Commander profile picture.

How to get VIP privileges? Click the VIP button next to the image of the commander. After entering the VIP interface, click "Activate", and then use the appropriate VIP items. If you do not have items, you can purchase them at the grocery store. You can use VIP privileges only by activating VIP.

How to increase your VIP level? VIP is divided into 15 levels. Click the VIP button next to the Commander profile picture to enter the VIP interface. There you can view detailed information about VIP levels.

How to get VIP points? Players can earn VIP points for killing rebels, completing daily missions, arms dealers, receiving rewards for daily entry and other events. You can also get a lot of VIP points by buying VIP points.

Why does the speed of production change? Different units have different production speeds. Higher-level units gather resources faster.

How are resource zones replenished and distributed? Resource zones will be replenished at various intervals throughout the day. If resources are exhausted, this resource zone will be replenished at a certain time.But the coordinates and level may change.

What happens if the food at my base is exhausted? Units constantly consume food. When there is not enough food in the base to support the units, their attack power is reduced by 20%. You can use food items or commander skills when you are short of food.

Can I occupy the bases of other commanders? No you can not. You can attack the bases of other commanders, but do not occupy them.

How many ruins are on the world map? There are 5 levels of ruins: ordinary, complex, elite, rare and epic.There are 36 ordinary ruins, 28 complex ruins, 20 elite ruins, 12 rare ruins and 4 epic ruins.

What should I do when my base is on fire? When your base is captured, it will burn for 30 minutes. You can put out the fire for gold. When the protection of your base drops to 0, your base will be forced to move to another place randomly defined on the world map. You can restore base protection using the repair function.

What is the function of electricity? Electricity is needed to release the commander’s passive ability. The higher the skill level, the more electricity will be consumed.

How to play happy roulette? Lucky Roulette can rotate once a day. When a successful roulette hits the flop, you can get 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x or 20x rewards. If you win several times in a row, the system will calculate the reward in accordance with the second.

How to tear down buildings behind a wall? Click on any building behind the wall and you will see the demolition button when you click on the details. Click demolish to demolish this building.

Why am I still being attacked, even if I used the shield of the world? When you are in the shield of the world, your base will not be attacked, but troops outside the base will not be protected. At the same time, during the actions of the rebels, the rebel will ignore the shield of the world.

The rebels will not kill your troops at the base, they will only calculate activity points according to the troops.

Why will intelligence information change? Scout information will vary depending on your radar level. At the same time, training, repair, recall, and strengthening of enemy forces also affect intelligence results.

Why did my attack fail? The player whose troops will be killed first will lose the battle, or the attacker will lose the battle if both sides of the squad have not been killed within 8 rounds.

What is the black zone around the city? The city is surrounded by a black zone. The base in the black area cannot open the peaceful shield mode, and the base will be moved randomly if it is defeated by others.

What is a construction team? There will be a construction icon showing the remaining building upgrade time. You can use construction team items to hire an extra team to build or upgrade 2 buildings at a time.

What is a commander skill? Each time your commander rises to the level, you will be able to get skill points.You can use these skill points to improve the commander’s skill. In the skill of the commander there are two branches: Military and Developing. A skill update can increase the associated attribute. The skill has a dendritic structure, so you need to study current skills to unlock the following skills.

What is the commander’s equipment? Equipment can increase the attribute of your troops or base. In total there are 8 types of equipment. Equipment can be classified into 5 qualities: white, green, blue, purple and orange. Forging and refitting can increase the attribute of equipment. Forging will consume equipment materials and Corium. During the conversion, a drawing of equipment, equipment materials and silver will be required.

What are urban defenses? Urban defense installations can be classified into 4 types: electric fence, mine damage, anti-tank mine and anti-aircraft missile. The Electric Fence is attacking soldiers. A land mine attacks armored forces. An anti-tank mine attacks tank units, and an anti-aircraft missile attacks air forces.

What is a red packet? Red Packet is a kind of gift to express your best wishes for the future. Players can put certain gold in the Red Pack, determine the number of the Red Pack and then send it to the alliance channel.Other players can get a red packet and get gold at random. Players can also click on the "Red Pack" to check detailed information about themselves. The remaining gold will be returned by email if the Red Pack has not been requested within 6 hours. A red bag can be obtained by purchasing special items.

What is a military accident? If the number of injured exceeds the capacity, the exceeded part will die directly.

What is the Mark Alliance? Effective teamwork plays an important role in the battle. As well as the Mark of the Alliance. Currently, only the Leader of the Alliance can use the Mark of the Alliance. When the Alliance Leader touches the target, the Mark Alliance option will appear in the pop-up interface. An Alliance leader may also cancel Mark. One alliance can mark only one Mark. Previous Mark will be canceled automatically when choosing a new target. Players can check the Mark of the Alliance on the world map, the marked target is where the Alliance flag is set.

What is an Alliance mission? The Alliance mission will be updated every 24:00. Each mission has several goals, all participants can receive one gift when one goal is completed. A player who joins the Alliance will also receive rewards for completed missions. The mission of the Alliance can be classified as fixed and random. Fixed mission includes Alliance Attendance, Alliance Assistance and Alliance Science. Random mission includes 5 tasks that will appear randomly every day.

What is Alliance Donation and Alliance Science? You can donate to other sciences of the Alliance after joining the Alliance. Alliance members will receive Alliance Honor, while the Alliance will receive Alliance Points.A donation from the Alliance will give time for a CD. When the time reaches 4 hours, you will not be able to make a donation again. You can use gold to eliminate CD time. All participants will receive a science buff when this science reaches Lv. 1 or higher. An Alliance leader can renew science when the donation is complete. The higher the level of your Alliance, the more science you discover.

How to occupy the city? A level 1 city will be open in 13 days. The city of the second level will be open after 27 days. The capital will be open in 41 days. The city can be occupied for 3 hours, and then will be updated to its original state. The leader of the Alliance can establish only one city as the Main city and build alliance buildings in it. Commanders who do not join the Alliance cannot attack cities.

How to be president and what are the benefits? The leader of the Alliance will be the president of this city after the occupation of the city. Commanders who are officers will enjoy special lovers. Commanders declared criminals will have a special debuff.

How to appoint city officials? Find the commander’s coordinate on the world map and click on the base of that commander, then click "Assign".

How to create an Alliance? When the Headquarters level is above 6, players can obtain one Alliance Agreement through the stock chest. The name of the Alliance and the Abbreviation of the Alliance are necessary when creating the Alliance.

How to disband, exit and change the Alliance? Each commander can join only one alliance; you need to leave the current alliance if you want to change the alliance. To exit the alliance: click "Alliance" - "Manage the alliance" - "Exit the alliance". Currently, the Leader of the Alliance cannot dissolve the Alliance directly; he / she must first expel all members.

If the Leader wants to leave or change the Alliance, he / she must first transfer the Leader’s authority to another commander. If the Leader does not work for 3 days, his / her position will be transferred to the Vice Leader. If the vice leader is also offline 3 days, his / her position will be transferred to the administrator who has the highest contribution.

How to change the name of the Alliance? Click "Alliance" - "Manage Alliance" - "Alliance Settings" - "Change Alliance Name".

How to change the recruitment settings of the Alliance? Click "Alliance" - "Manage Alliance" - "Alliance Settings" - "Recruitment Settings".

How to change the flag of the Alliance? Click "Alliance" - "Manage Alliance" - check the box "Alliance" and get the flag you like.

How to change the declaration of the Alliance? Click "Alliance" - "Manage Alliance" - "Alliance Settings" - "Change Alliance Announcement".

How to send mail to Alliance Group? Click Alliance - Alliance Management - Group Mail.

How to purchase items in the Alliance store? The Alliance Store consists of a Store and an Item List. An Alliance leader can use Alliance points to transfer items from the Item List to the Alliance Store. Alliance members can use the Alliance Honor to redeem items from the Alliance Store. The higher the level of your alliance, the more items you can unlock.

What is an assembly? Assembly is a way for members of the Alliance to form troops and attack cities or bases of other commanders. The sponsor who begins the assembly must choose the time when the team that has reached the enemy reaches this time. When using the assembly function, you must first build a "War Room", and the sponsor’s War Room level determines the maximum number of assemblers.

Why can’t I exit the assembly? If you are a sponsor of the assembly, you can cancel the assembly and withdraw the troops. But if you are a member, you cannot exit the assembly if you have not been kicked out, if you have not left or transferred the Alliance.

What are the requirements for joining an assembly? The participant must be in the same Alliance, and the base must be the Hall of War.

How are resources and kills distributed during an attack build? The resource will be prioritized according to the elements of the assembly, and then loading the elements. Killings will be counted according to actual killings.

Will troops be attacked during assembly? No, troops in an assembly attack will not be attacked when an enemy attacks your base. These troops will not defend your base or be attacked.

Global War Empire Rising: Event Guide

How do I get a reward for an event? Click on the "Event Center" on the base screen or on the "Event" icon in the upper right corner. You will be able to receive a reward for the missions you completed. Distribution of awards by rating will be sent to your mail after the event.

Why am I in the ranking but have not received the award? Basically, the rating shows the top 100 participants. For events such as the Alliance Competition and the Strongest Alliance, only first-place players are awarded.

Why is my event reward different from other players? The reward even for the same event differs depending on the rating. If two players have the same rating, the one who scored the final points first will receive a larger reward.

7 day level increase. Complete missions related to 7-day goals to receive rewards. For complete all daily tasks you can get a super reward.

The strongest commander. The strongest commander is a time-limited individual competition designed for commanders who love challenges. Throughout this event, commanders can increase their power and fight for the title "The greatest individual power." Commanders will receive various rewards when their power reaches a certain level. In addition, commanders who reach rank will also have the opportunity to win individual ranking rewards at the end of the event!

Strongest Alliance. The contest for the title of the strongest Alliance begins! Preserve and increase the power of the Alliance and all its members to receive regular rewards every time you reach a certain level. In addition, the best Alliances in the ranking will have the opportunity to win rewards for the ranking when the event ends!

Alliance competition. Alliance competition is the first step towards creating a powerful Alliance, and each Alliance must work together. Alliance members can earn points for the Alliance by performing various tasks, such as donations, completing Alliance tasks, claiming Alliance gifts, and destroying enemy units. Each member of the Alliance can receive one reward when the Alliance raises its level. In addition, Alliances are ranked by Alliance level. This is a great chance to win the Alliance Ranking Award at the end of the event!

City battle. City battle is a server event. All Alliances can send troops to occupy battlefield cities. Each member of the Alliance receives a valuable reward during the occupation! The alliance that controls the city will receive more resources from the city. The leader of the Alliance also has the right to appoint a manager of the city, who will receive special reinforcement.

Take over the world. Conquer the world is a server event. Prizes will be awarded depending on the number of cities captured by the Alliance and their location. The more cities your Alliance occupies, the more rewards all members will receive. An alliance that succeeds in capturing all cities will become the "Legendary Alliance"!

Commander Development Plan. Commander Development Plan is an event for beginners. Commanders can earn points for completing tasks such as building or upgrading buildings, and killing rebels. You will receive special rewards once you earn a certain amount of points. Commanders also have a chance to win individual ranking rewards at the end of this event!

Heroic legend. A heroic legend is a challenge event that requires commanders to destroy squads of other commanders. The more units you destroy, the more glory you will receive. Special awards await those who can score a certain amount of points. Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

The construction of the base. The construction of a base is an individual, time-limited event. Over the course of an event, building or improving buildings earns you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

The winner gets everything. The winner takes everything - this is an individual, time-limited event. Throughout the event, destroying squads of other commanders brings you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

Kill the rebels. Destruction of rebels is an individual, time-limited event. Throughout the event, destroying rebel units brings you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

Resource collection.Resource gathering is an individual, time-limited event. During the event, collecting resources brings you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

Treatment and repair. Treatment and repair is an individual, time-limited event. Throughout the event, unit treatment and repair brings you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

Powerful army. A powerful army is an individual, time-limited event. Throughout the event, unit training brings you points. You will receive a special reward when you earn a certain amount of points. Top ranked Commanders also have a chance to win rating awards at the end of this event!

Acceleration of supply. The essence of the battle is the rapid development of your base. You will be offered acceleration as a gift!

VIP supply. Super VIP has finally arrived! A special gift has been prepared for you. Hurry to pick him up!

Supply of resources / combat supply. As the fire of war intensifies, resource requirements increase. To assist you in the battle, you are provided with supplies of resource chests and battle chests!

Rebellion of the rebels. On the world map, insane rebels occupied the ruins! They want to take over the world and enslave your bases! Their goal is to destroy resistance at the root! Fortify yourself, Commander, shoulder to shoulder, you will keep the defense from the rebels and kill all who dare to attack!

Collect replenished gifts. Over the course of the collection of replenished gifts, commanders whose purchases have reached a certain level will receive one replenished supergift!

Collect rewards consumables. During the event of collecting gifts-consumables, commanders who spent a certain amount of gold will receive one super-gift-consumable.

Bonus new server. The bonus event of the new server begins with the celebration of the opening of the new server. During this event, the development of the base will be accelerated.

Crazy lab. Something unusual happened in a crazy laboratory. They say this can increase the motivation of the detachments and the intelligence of scientists. Hurry up and take this chance! Throughout the event, all commanders receive an acceleration bonus for base and research.

First aid.Faster! You need to immediately evacuate units! During the First Aid event, the treatment and repair time will be significantly reduced, in addition, the mortality rate of units and the chance of units to fail will also be reduced! Commanders, use this chance!

Resource Expert. In order to assist in the collection of resources, a resource expert has been sent to you. During this period, the collection rate of units will be significantly increased. Use this rare opportunity!

Global War Empire Rising: Building the Base Right

What is headquarters? Headquarters is the heart of the base. Improving the headquarters, you will not only open new buildings and areas, but also increase the speed of extraction of resources by units.

What is a science center? A science center is a place to conduct research. With the advancement of science, the efficiency of buildings and the characteristics of detachments increase. Improve it to discover more sciences and reduce the speed of research.

What are barracks? In the barracks trained soldiers. Upgrade your barracks to train stronger soldiers.

What is an armored car factory? At the factory of armored vehicles produced units of armored vehicles. Upgrade it to unlock more powerful cars.

What is a tank factory? The tank factory produces tank combat units. Upgrade it to build more powerful tanks.

What is an aircraft factory? At an aircraft factory, you can build aerial combat units. Improve it to build more advanced aircraft.

What is a military factory? At a military plant, you can assemble defense installations. Upgrade it to open more advanced installations.

What is a power plant? The power station provides electricity to the base building. But it can satisfy the needs of the base only in the early stages of development.

What is a food factory? The food factory produces food for buildings, research and maintenance units. With a lack of food, the attack power of units will decrease.

What is a melting furnace? In a smelting furnace, various types of ore are processed into industrial metal. Improving it, you will increase the flow of metal.

What is a smelter? At the smelter, various types of metal are melted into special alloys. Improving it, you will increase the flow of alloy.

What is an oil refinery? The refinery refines the extracted oil into fuel. Improvement allows to increase oil flow.

What are walls? Walls are the main line of defense for your base. You can install defense installations on the wall to bring your defense system to perfection.

What is a radar? The radar warns you about attacks by enemy units and helps you keep track of the base, fort and units. Upgrade your radar to get more information about the enemy.

What is a military academy? Military academy helps train soldiers faster. Upgrade it to increase the number of units that can be trained at the same time.

What is a command post? From the command post, the movements of units are controlled. Upgrade it to increase the march range of your units.

What is a war hall? The war hall serves as a gathering place for you and your allies. You can team up to defeat more powerful enemies.

What is a shopping mall? In the shopping center you can exchange resources. Improve it to increase the amount of resources for trading, reduce the tax rate and the waiting time between transactions.

What is an embassy? At the embassy, ??alliance members can offer each other help. Improve it to provide and receive more help and increase its effectiveness.

What is a repository? Storage protects your resources from plunder. Improve it to protect more resources.

What is an equipment laboratory? In the equipment laboratory, equipment can be manufactured, corrected and disassembled. Equipment improves the characteristics of the units and the speed of development of the city.

What is a hospital? A hospital is a place to treat the wounded. Its improvement will reduce the mortality rate of the wounded.

What is a nuclear reactor? A nuclear reactor is a powerful power plant that generates a huge amount of electricity, but consumes a lot of resources.

What is the Prism Tower? Prism Tower is a high-tech defensive structure that strikes ground targets with powerful beams of light formed by focusing mirrors. Ideal for attacking ground infantry units.

What is a Tesla coil? The Tesla coil is an arc discharge generator that can accumulate a charge to hit a target. A good weapon against aviation.

What is the Great Cannon? The Great Cannon is a special structure that can fire at a great distance and inflict huge damage to mechanical ground combat units.

What is a smelter? A smelter is a special building that processes ore to produce rare materials for equipment.

Global War Empire Rising: Alliance Territory

How to place alliance fort? When Fort Alliance unlocks, it will go to the world map to place itself when you click Place. Rules for expanding the territory of the alliance:

  1. All members of the Alliance can expand the territory of the Alliance. Please note that only joining the Alliance can do this in the first place;
  2. Only areas adjacent to the Alliance can be expanded;
  3. There is no quantitative restriction on the expansion of the territory.

Alliance Territory Expansion

1. Hiring troops. Members of the Alliance send troops to places free of garrison or occupy other territories of the Alliance, after the completion of which the corresponding territory will be counted into your territory of the Alliance. It will cost 10 stamina every time you send troops.

2. Moving . When members of the Alliance move their bases to free areas that are close to the territory of the Alliance, these areas are directly occupied and counted into your territories of the Alliance. If members of the Alliance transfer bases to the territory of the Alliance of the enemy, then they will not be able to occupy it, and the areas will still belong to the enemy Alliance. If the members of the Alliance transfer the bases to the black earth, it will be inefficient, but the remaining areas will be credited to your territory of the Alliance.

You must kill the rebels in order to control the territory that you want to occupy. You must collect all the Resource tiles that you can make in this area. Areas that are occupied or in a garrison cannot renew Resource Tiles and Monsters. Troops will automatically return to base after the end of the occupation.

Alliance Buildings. Introduction

Permission for the placement, modernization, restoration and relocation of all buildings belongs only to the head of the Alliance.

1. Fort Alliance. Function Introduction:

An intact fort provides reinforcement. If the fort is destroyed, the gain is lost. It will be restored after the completion of the reconstruction.

2. The repository of resources. Function Introduction:

3. Super mines of the Alliance. Function Introduction:

When players who have spent daily fees for one Alliance join the new Alliance, the daily fees are reset and may continue in the new Alliance.

4. Crystal mine of the Alliance. Function Introduction:

Global War Empire Rising: Recharge Issue

Can I buy gifts, items or resources from other players? Or can I sell them to other players? Global War: Empire Rising is a worldwide game. Game packages have the same price in every country and nation. However, some players sell gifts, items, or resources to other players. This not only contradicts the rules of the game, but also jeopardizes the safety of other players and upsets the balance of the game.

Do not sell gifts, items or resources to other players and do not buy them from others! Whoever takes part in such actions, regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, a violation of the rules will have consequences. If developers receive reports from the players, they will investigate each case and will punish accordingly, either by blocking or blocking these accounts.

How to check purchase records? There are differences between different platforms. You can usually check the records of purchases in the Personal Center on this platform.

What should I do if my purchase is rejected? Contact Google, Apple, or another payment platform to change your payment method.

Can I get a monthly card several times and how to get it? A monthly card can be bought several times, and the time will be extended accordingly.

Global War Empire Rising: Account Issue

How to delete an account? Players cannot delete an account on their own, and this is not necessary. Do not worry, developers can’t get the personal information of the players, because they do not store this information. If your Apple Game Center or Google+ game center is associated with a castle that you no longer need, contact customer support with an alias (be careful with uppercase and lowercase letters, a space, etc.) of the Kingdom in which you are located, indicate the base level, commander level and other details. The support team will solve this problem for you.

Why can’t I get a linked account? You may not be able to restore the linked account due to a system problem or a malfunction in the game. If this happens, contact the in-game mail support immediately to resolve this issue.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.