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Goal One Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GOAL ONE - Android game with release date 07/11/2016 from the company Aeria Games. Game Genre: Sports. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Lineup
  2. Workout
  3. Lineup
  4. Tactics
  5. Competitions
  6. Coin Store & Equipment Store
  7. Office
  8. Transfer
  9. Friends
  10. Stadium
  11. Youth Academy

Goal One: Lineup

How do I sell a player? To sell a player, go to the "Team" - "List of players". Select the player you want to sell, double-click the screen to the left and click "Sell."

How long does a red card last? Where can I see the status of red and yellow cards? Red cards are valid from 2 to 5 days. The status of the red or yellow card can be viewed in the player’s profile.

How do I move a player from stock to the field? To move a player to a field or bench, open the Player List and scroll down to the list of reserve players. To select a player, press and hold for a second, after which you can drag him to another section of the list.

Why are my players losing their morale? Your players lose their morale if they show poor results in the game.

How do I renew a player’s contract? To extend the contract, go to the list of players, select the player whose contract you want to extend, double-click the screen to the left and click "Renew".

Why can not I renew the contract with the player? Since players end their careers at age 34, it is not possible to renew a contract with players aged 33 years or older.

How do I change my nationality, number or name of a player? To change them, go to the list of players, select a player, scroll to the left and click "Edit."

My player has an achievement. Does this give him an edge? No, achievements are just an element of visualization, they do not affect the player’s performance in any way.

Can a player master new positions? The player can learn a new position during a personal training.However, the system itself decides whether he will receive training points or learn a new position.

Goal One: Workout

Why do I get so few points during training? The number of points you receive depends on the level of endurance: the lower it is, the less points you get. If stamina is at zero, you do not get a single one.

How fast is energy recovered? Energy is restored by 4% every 3 hours. You can speed up this process using amplifiers.

How often can I train my team? There are three types of training. All of them consume energy and last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The better your team’s physical fitness, the more skill points you will receive.

What does the strip below the player mean? It shows how soon the player will reach the next level.

How many points will I get for a personal training session? Their number depends on the level of physical fitness of the player.

How should I distribute training points? We advise you to distribute them yourself according to their distinctive skills. So you can achieve the best player performance.

How do I set a profile picture? The profile picture in the game will appear automatically if you created your account using Facebook. It will be the same as your Facebook avatar.

Goal One: Lineup

I have fewer than eleven players on the field. What should I do? Click the "Contact Support" button in the upper right menu on this page.

In the opposing team, 3 players had yellow cards, but he won the match anyway. Why? Players with yellow cards are not removed from the field. Only players with red cards are excluded from the game.

Goal One: Tactics

What is the difference between different tactics? The chosen tactics determines how your team will play during the match.

What is the difference between the "Game Style" options?

How do the Gear options differ?

What is the difference between the "Aggressiveness" options?

What is the difference between the options of "Pressing"?

What is the difference between the "Protection" options?

What gives a choice of "Counterattack"? Here you can enable or disable the active counterattack function.If you know that you have to defend a lot, you should take the opportunity to conduct counterattacks.

What gives the choice of "Artificial offside"? Here you can enable or disable the artificial offside function.Artificial offside means that your defenders are located further from the goal, forcing opponents to make deep passes and get into the "offside" position.

Goal One: Competitions

I have never lost in the course of the cup. Why did I get expelled from the cup anyway? Cup games are built on a two-match system. If you win a home match with a score of 2-1, and then lose the away match with a score of 0-1, your opponent who scores an away goal will win.

Why am I always losing? My team is better than many rivals. It is necessary to take into account not only the characteristics of the players. A large role in the victory is played by energy, morale and physical fitness.And, like in any game, there is an element of luck.

What leagues exist in the game? There are 3 leagues in the game. You start in the third league, after which you can go to the second and then to the first. Once in the four leaders of the first league, you enter the Champions Cup, where you can play against the best teams of other federations. Once in the 5th or 6th place in the first league or in the top three leaders of the second league, you pass into the victory cup. In addition, every season you play in the Goal One Cup.

Which teams move up and down in each league? Teams that rank 9th and lower in the first league move into the second league. Teams that took 1st to 4th places in the second league go to the first league. Teams that rank 9th or lower will advance to the third league. Teams that took places from the 1st to the 8th in the third and last league go into the second league.

How many points will I get in the success rating by winning a trophy? If you take first place and win the trophy, points are awarded to you as follows:

Goal One: Coin Store & Equipment Store

What are coins for? This currency is needed to purchase players or special items found. They also bring your team euro. You can get coins by signing a TV contract or buying them.

My friend has the item I need, but I can’t find it. Why? Some items are only available during promotions or special events. Participate in them to be able to get these special items!

How do different amplifiers work? In the following way:

Goal One: Office

What is the euro for? This currency is used to pay existing players and purchase new ones, as well as to build a stadium. You receive euros from sponsors and ticket sales, as well as prize money.

I won the match in the cup, but did not receive coins for this on the TV contract. Why? To get coins on a TV contract, you must first go to the next stage of the cup. Cup games consist of 2 matches - home and away, both of which must be completed in order to move on.

Goal One: Transfer

Why are there so few players in the transfer market today? Players in the transfer market are sold by other users. If none of them is interested in selling, players will not be displayed.

What happens after I spend 3 coins to participate in a player’s auction? You have to bet against other users using the euro. The transfer market has a step-by-step rate system. To win a particular round you must be the only one to bet. If you lose, they will return the euro to you, but not the coins!

I need a new player, but I can’t find a suitable one through an agent! What to do? The agent offers different players, but football players in certain positions and with the right level of strength are not always available. Check for new players often!

I gave the agent luck for the player coins, but I didn’t get the one I wanted. Why? A luck agent can offer you very good players, but there is always a chance to get weaker ones.

What is a good luck ticket? A good luck ticket replaces coins for a good luck agent. One ticket is one attempt at the agent, but it only works if all positions are selected. Fortune tickets can be won during events or found in promotional chests.

Goal One: Friends

Can I find a friend by team ID? A command can only be found by its name. Since different teams may have the same name, ask a friend what avatar they have to make it easy to recognize!

I can not find a friend through the search! To find a friend, specify his name or the name of his team.

A friend added me, but I do not see him in my friends list. The friends list is only valid in one direction.To see a friend on your list, you also need to add him.

How can I challenge another user if the call button is inactive? To challenge another user, you must first add him as a friend. After that you will be able to compete with him.

An unknown user spends many friendly matches against me. My condition level is falling! CalmWhen someone calls you to a friendly match, only his level of condition decreases - yours always remains the same.

Goal One: Stadium

My stadium has 10,000 seats, but there is not a single spectator! If you set the ticket price too high, users will not visit your stadium.

It seems that the game is working with errors - improving the stadium takes too much time! It’s not a mistake! Stadium improvements are designed in such a way that it takes time to reach the maximum level.

Goal One: Youth Academy

How does a youth academy work? Youth Academy allows you to train young players. When you have enough prepared a player, he will be able to enter the team, retaining all the earned training points. This player will be useful to you at all levels.

How many players can I train at the same time? You can train only one player, but as soon as the training is over, you can move on to the next.

What are the benefits of expanding the youth academy? By expanding the academy, you will gain access to more players. Finding the perfect player will be much easier.

I improved my academy to the maximum value, but it is only 4 stars. Was that what you intended?At the moment, the academy can only be improved to 4 stars. Perhaps in the future, additional levels will be added.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.