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Godfather Family Dynasty WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

The Godfather: Family Dynasty is a strategy game from FT Games. You are the right hand of Don Vito Corleone, and it is you who are entrusted with carrying out his orders. Your main task in the game is to hold on to power and destroy all the enemies of your mafia family. The entire gameplay can be divided into parts: the development of a map of a mafia mansion, obtaining and leveling a capo, and completing activities, incl. within a clan (family). This game was created based on the movie The Godfather, has a special gangster atmosphere, excellent art and addictive process of passing.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Guide to Getting and Leveling Capos
  3. How to improve gangsters?
  4. Mansion Building Guide
  5. Main points about districts
  6. Combat System
  7. World Map Actions
  8. Using Decorations
  9. Family Guide
  10. Family Building Features
  11. Hosting the FCL (Family Champions League)
  12. Performing joint attacks
  13. Occupation Event Guide
  14. Participation in Server Events

Godfather Family Dynasty: Beginner’s Guide

What is The Godfather about? It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for mobile devices based on the classic 1972 film The Godfather. In the game, as in the movie, the action takes place in New York, you join the ranks of the mafia and become a member of the family. In the game, Don Vito Corleone himself will lead you in the name of your well-being, power and authority.

Do I need to login to play? Yes! You receive a login reward every day when you log into the game!

What to do when you first log in? After logging in, follow the instructions in the game.

How to change avatar and username? Immediately after starting the game, you will receive a camouflage kit and family stationery. These items can be used to change your avatar and username. If you want to change your avatar and username again, you will need to purchase a new camo set and family stationery or pay in gold. The username can be changed to any name you wish, as long as it is not already taken by another player in the game.

Are there other players in the game? Yes! The Godfather game is played all over the world. Visit the world map and you will find other players. You can make a list of favorite players, track the game of your friends and enemies. Work together with allies or fight with opponents.

What if I don’t understand how to proceed? Just follow the tasks recommended to you by Don Vito Corleone. Trust your godfather... He will guide you on the right path.

How to complete daily tasks, achieve goals and get achievements? You will receive rewards for completing daily tasks, completing goals, and earning achievements. Refer to Don Vito Corleone to view the tasks, as well as the notebook and gift box next to him.

What types of resources are there in the game? There are 4 types of resources in the game: money, wood, steel and oil. By collecting these resources, you will accelerate the development of your city and will be able to perform certain actions in the game.

What is money? Money is the means that you get by criminal means. Money is needed to improve buildings, research technologies, train squads, buy items at the shipyard, donate family and other tasks of this kind.

What is a bank? The bank is the net income that you get by upgrading the buildings on the mansion map, collecting the daily martial arts studio bonus, defeating neutral gangs on the street map, as well as getting certain achievements by completing daily tasks and reaching goals. You can also convert money to a bank by laundering it at an accounting firm. The bank is used to expand the city, acquire chances to get special items in the nightclub, as well as to improve certain technologies.

What is gold? Gold is a valuable currency that can be used almost everywhere in the game. At the same time, of all the buildings, only the garage needs to be improved for gold. The standard and most efficient way to get gold is to buy it from the Gold Store as a Gold Bundle or Monthly Renewable Pack. You can also earn gold by completing certain achievements, completing daily tasks and reaching goals, defeating neutral gangs on the world or street map, and upgrading buildings on the mansion map.

How can I get resources? There are many ways to get resources. You can collect resources on the world map from designated locations by defeating neutral gangs or by attacking other cities and looting their resources. On the street map, you can open the storybook mode for a chance to get resources and items. You should also collect resources regularly from your buildings and resource trucks. Finally, you can always purchase resources from the shop or your family shop.

What should I do if my mining license reaches 0? It will be reset at 8.00 am and increased by your VIP level.

Why is VIP status needed? As your VIP level increases, you gain access to more buffs. Buffs can be used to speed up waiting times, resource production, and building upgrades. They also offer the best selection of shipyard and department store merchandise.

How to activate VIP status? VIP status must first be activated. Once you reach a new VIP level, it will be activated for a limited amount of time. At the end of this period, you can reactivate your VIP status by spending some gold. Upon activation, you will have access to all the benefits of VIP status.

How to improve the VIP level? To increase your VIP level, you will need a certain number of VIP points. VIP points can be obtained by logging into the game daily and completing tasks assigned by Don Vito Corleone. In addition, points can be purchased in shops, as well as by completing daily tasks and achieving goals.

How to find out your UID? To find out your UID, tap your avatar in the top left corner, then the settings button in the bottom right corner. You will see your UID at the top of the screen.

Is it possible to change the server? If you change the server, your city will remain on the old server, and you will start all over again on the new server.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Guide to Getting and Leveling Capos

Who are the capos? Capos are the leaders of your squads. When you form a squad, you choose a capo who will command the gangsters in battle. Kapos can also be given other jobs, such as espionage, etc.

How to hire a capo? Capos can be hired at the nightclub. You need to have a capo’s favorite item to convince him to work for you.

How to improve the capo? You can increase the level, star level, quality and improve the skills of the capo. The level can be increased by gaining experience points in battle. Star level can be increased by collecting a capo’s favorite hobby item. After promotion to a new star, new capo skills become available. The quality can be increased by giving capos special items and strengthening them. A skill can be upgraded by giving a capo a tutorial on the relevant attribute and then upgrading it.

How to equip a capo with weapons? Once the capo reaches a certain level, you can give him special items. These items must be purchased in-game in advance. By giving these items to the capo, you can strengthen them, and they, in turn, will increase the power of the capo.

What is a tutorial? Tutorials can be used to level up the Capo skill. It’s best to give the kapo tutorials on his best attribute.

What are the attributes of a capo? Capo Attributes are skills that are best suited to each capo. They are divided into strength, accuracy, endurance and coordination. Tutorials are also sorted into these attributes so that they can be given to the appropriate Kapos.

How do capos act in combat? Capos have special skills that help gangsters and increase their power in battle.

How to choose the best capo to be the commander of my troops? To command the squads, it is better to choose the strongest capos. Capos with the highest level, highest star level, best skills, and highest quality are the strongest commanders. They will increase your chances of winning the battle.

Godfather Family Dynasty: How to improve gangsters?

Who is a gangster? A gangster is a mafia soldier who follows the orders of his capo commander. He is at the forefront of the battle with his squadmates and will fight, protecting his family to the last drop of blood.

How to train high level gangsters? New gangsters can be trained in a boxing club, a chemical corporation, a gun shop and a garage. Upgrading these schools will unlock more skilled gangsters.

How to organize gangsters in such a way that they are most effective in combat? Trained gangsters are stationed in Mills Terris. There you can see the parameters of each gangster and form squads based on the strength and number of gangsters available for battle.

Should gangsters be paid wages? Yes. Your trained gangsters will cost you a certain amount of money per hour. If you do not agree with the pay rate or cannot afford such a rate, you have the option to fire any gangsters at any time.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Mansion Building Guide

What is a mansion map? The mansion map is your starting point in the game. It includes the mansion itself, as well as various buildings that you unlock as you progress through the game. Each building has a special purpose, improving them, you will increase your strength.

What is a mansion? The mansion is the main building on the mansion map. This is your headquarters. By upgrading the mansion, you will open other buildings, levels and functions of buildings on the map. It will also increase your strength in the game.

Is it possible to have more than one mansion? No, each player can only have one mansion.

How to improve the mansion and other buildings on the mansion map? You can always look at the requirements for upgrading the mansion. As the mansion improves, other buildings will open. After that, you can see the requirements for their improvement.

Library. There are three training categories in the library: Combat, Development, and Resources. Once you master the program of these categories, your skills will improve. The library also contains various buffs to aid in the game.

Cotton club. The Cotton Club is needed to create and manage alliances. Here you can, if necessary, help your allies and get reinforcements from them.

Hospital. This is the family’s private hospital. Wounded gangsters can safely receive medical care here.

Storage "Iron Mountain". The storage contains your resources that other players cannot take away. Upgrade storage to accommodate more resources.

Mils Terris. Your troops are located in Mills Terris until they are called to protect the family. Operate with the help of the most powerful gangsters and increase the limits on the number of troops by upgrading the building.

Accounting firm. In an accounting firm, money is laundered, they are converted into a bank.

Garage. Train your drivers in the garage. You will need them in battle.

Boxing club. In a boxing club, gangsters are trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Chemical corporation. In a chemical corporation, gangsters are taught how to "correctly" use explosives.

Gun shop. Train your gangsters to become skilled snipers.

Guard post. The guards will be on the alert and will report any attacks on your mansion. As soon as the guard post is opened, you will have access to the world map.

Wall. The wall surrounds the mansion area and protects the family to a certain extent when inside the area.

Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel is the business center of the family. In private rooms, kapos make important decisions and coordinate security operations. The necessary items are also stored here.

How many types of equipment are there in the game? There are three types of equipment: weapons, equipment and others. Weapons increase your strength and accuracy. Equipment adds durability, while others add stats to your coordination.

What does the color of the equipment mean? The color corresponds to the quality of the equipment.

How to get equipment? Equipment can be obtained in battles in districts and in battles on the world map.

How can I upgrade my equipment? Upgrade your equipment in the laboratory.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Main points about districts

How to open districts? To open areas, you need to fight enemies.

What do the flashing symbols above the districts mean? Designations:

How to collect money and resources in the districts? To see the process of producing resources and money, click on the district. As soon as a certain amount of resources or money is produced, they can be obtained by clicking on the "Collect" button. In addition, you can wait until a resource truck appears on the street opposite the mansion, and collect resources by clicking on it.

How to occupy the areas of other players? When you attack another player’s city from the world map, you have a chance to capture one of his districts. If you successfully capture a district, you will control the territory and receive all resources for 72 hours until a player challenges you and defeats you in combat.

How to get an additional construction queue? After purchasing monthly cards for gold, an additional queue automatically opens. When your monthly card expires, the queue automatically stops.

What is a workshop? At the shipyard, you can change money for items.

What is a shipyard? At the shipyard, you can change money for items.

What is a laboratory? In the laboratory, you can enhance the capo’s equipment.

What is a nightclub? Buy whiskey or brandy at the nightclub and you will receive a special randomly selected gift. You can also hire good capos here if you have a subject that interests them.

What is a department store? For gold, you can buy items in the department store.

What is a martial arts studio? In the martial arts studio, you can defeat enemy officers. The arena is divided into classes based on skill and strength. Each class is divided into 5 levels. Earn points to move from level to level and reach the next class.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Combat System

What types of combat are there in the game? Combat is inevitable if you: open buildings and building levels, attack neutral gangs, attack other players’ cities, try to destroy an enemy that has captured your area, enter the story mode, defend against another player’s attack, or visit a martial arts studio.

What types of troops can be used in combat? Your troops are made up of capos and gangsters. To get capos, you must hire them at the nightclub on the street map. To get gangsters, they first need to be trained in educational institutions on the mansion map. All your troops will then be located in Mills Terris.

Up to 3 capos can be at the head of a gangster squad at the same time, but you need to increase your strength in order to open capo slots. If your gangsters are injured in combat, they need to be sent to the hospital for treatment. If they are killed in combat, you will need to train other gangsters in order to restore the lost power.

How to check the battle report? Click on the "Mail" tab to view battle reports. The Mail tab also contains messages, gang war reports, and other important notifications.

Godfather Family Dynasty: World Map Actions

What is a world map? On the world map, you can see where you and other players from your server are. On the world map, you can collect resources of all kinds and try to destroy neutral gangs. In addition, here you can send your troops to attack other cities, capture areas and select their resources. This will weaken them. Locate your family members on the world map and use the map to keep track of the location of your friends and enemies.

How to collect resources on the world map? The world map also has zones called "money", "wood", "steel" and "oil" with resource levels from 1 to 7. You can click on the resources you need and send your fighters to collect them.

Pay attention to how many resources they can carry. For example, if you find level 6 money, there will be 298,000 money. But if your units can only carry 200,000, they will collect exactly that amount of resources and then return to the city.

What are neutral bands? Neutral gangs are random groups of gangsters on the world map who are not family members. They can be attacked and destroyed at any time, receiving in return the corresponding resource as a reward.

How to destroy neutral gangs? Each neutral gang has a certain level of power and owns a certain type of resource. If you find a gang that you think you can defeat, click on that gang and send your troops into battle. If you win, you will remove her from the map and get all her resources.

How to attack other cities on the world map? If you want to attack another player’s city, just click on it and send your troops into battle. You can also attack the city in a joint operation with the help of allies. This will increase your power level and minimize the number of troops that can suffer in battle.

How to protect yourself from attacks? Level up, upgrade buildings, train more gangsters, improve and power up your capos. The stronger and more trained your troops, the lower the risk that you will be attacked. You can also use defensive buffs for a limited time.

Why can’t I sometimes attack other players? If a player uses a defensive buff, they cannot be attacked.

How to move to another place on the world map? To move your city to a random place, use the "Vagabond" option. If you want to move your city to a certain place, use the services of "Bartek Moving Co.".

Why did my city move when I was attacked? If your city is on fire, the strength of the wall will decrease over time. When durability reaches 0, your city will be moved. Put out the fire and repair the wall after the attack.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Using Decorations

Why is jewelry so important? Decorations are worn on the boss (your character); the effects of the worn decorations are permanent. Ornaments that you wear can be changed at any time, depending on what is more important to you for current needs.

How can I get decorations? Actively participate in the RFL and at the end of each battle, receive League coins depending on your contribution. You will be able to exchange them for blueprints and ore at the RLS shop. At the moment, participation in the HRC is the main way to obtain materials for decorations.

How to get the most out of jewelry? You cannot influence the attributes of decorations created in the workshop, they are determined randomly. Therefore, select from the created decorations those that have the best attributes. The sifted decorations can be dismantled into ore, and later used to create new decorations.

What is the effect of wearing jewelry? Each jewelry created in the workshop has an effect that works when you wear it. In the process of creating an ornament, you can view it using the "Magnifying Glass" button in the workshop list. Finished decorations are placed in a backpack - equipment - decorations. To put on a decoration and activate its effect, open the boss menu and select "Put on" on the right side of the decorations panel.

What is a collectible jewelry attribute? With a small probability, a piece of jewelry created in the workshop will receive a collectible attribute. Such attributes are very valuable and therefore are very rare. Jewelry with collectible attributes can be viewed and collected by going to the backpack - equipment - jewelry and touching the "Collected" button. Once you collect them, the hidden attributes will be permanently activated. If you come across a more useful hidden attribute, you can switch to it at any time.

I received the blueprint, why can’t I make the corresponding ornament in the workshop? After obtaining the blueprint, it will appear in your backpack and you need to use it. You can then see it light up in the workshop.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Family Guide

What are family assignments? Family tasks are achievements within your family. If you complete the tasks, you will receive family rewards.

What is the function of the family? The family is needed so that players can help each other in battles, share resources, organize events, and also send private messages to each other within the family. It is not necessary to become a member of a family, but a family will bring you many benefits. You can also create your own family. The combined forces make the family stronger.

How to become a family member? Click on the "Family" button to find a family and become a member. Some families can be joined by application, while others have an open door policy. You may also receive an invitation from a family with an offer to join it. If you select auto-join in the settings, you will automatically become a member of the family from which the invitation was received.

How to create your own family? To create a new family, click on the "Family" tab. You will become the don of your family and will have to come up with a family name and tag. In addition, you will be able to determine who is allowed to join your family, as well as increase the rank of family members.

Can I name my family whatever I want? Yes, you can name your family whatever you want, as long as the name is not already taken by other players.

How many levels within a family? Players can be assigned ranks from 1 to 6. Each rank has different powers in the family.

What is family entry? If you log into the game and your family every day, you will receive family points, which are used to pay for completing family tasks.

What items can you buy at the family store? The family shop offers an assortment of resources, buffs, and other special items.

How can I see who else is in my family? Click on the "Family" tab and then on the "Members" section. You will see the usernames of other family members and their level.

How can I communicate with another member of my family? Along with the world chat, there is a private chat for family members. In addition, you can send a private message to any player.

If I want to leave my family, what then? You can leave your family at any time, but you will only take your honor with you.

How do I reject applications to join a family? Move the "Approve" button to the left in the family application section, after that you will see a button to reject applications.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Family Building Features

What are family buildings? Family buildings are built on the world map, within the sphere of influence of the family, and provide a number of advantages to family members.

How many family buildings are there and what are they for? There are currently two types of buildings: Family Center and Family Resource Stations. The Family Center is the main building of your family and the basis of your sphere of influence. Other buildings can be built within this area, and family members will receive a number of benefits from them. There are four types of family resource stations where family members can collect vital resources without fear of being robbed.

Family centers. Once a family center is placed on the world map, its default building status is 0 with 20% durability. To start building, family members must place troops in the family center. The default priority is to increase the construction status of the building. Once it reaches 100%, start working on durability. Once the durability also reaches 100%, the troops in the garrison should stay and continue to defend the building.

If a joint operation is launched against you during construction, any active troops will stop defending the building. Only when a building’s construction status reaches 100% will members begin to benefit from its effects. If at some point the durability reaches 0%, the building will be destroyed. When the family center is updated, the benefits it offers also expand. Even if the building is destroyed or discovered, its class will be protected.

What should be done in the Family Center? Regular family members can donate family keystones, which can be earned from a range of sources, including events, and family shop family members rated R4 or higher can unlock family buildings, locate them, upgrade them, and reuse their rights. All family members are responsible for building, maintaining and protecting the Family Center.

Family resource stations. As soon as a family resource station is placed on the world map, the default reserves become maximum. It is not necessary to build this building immediately if the sent troops can perform a similar collection function. Once the family resource station has collected all available resources, it will disappear and wait until the family elder chooses a new location. When a family resource station is upgraded, its reserve limit and collection rate also increase. Once a station disappears, it retains its previous levels.

I am the head of the family. What should I pay attention to when deciding where to locate a family center? The sphere of influence of a family covers an area of ??20x20 and cannot overlap with the sphere of influence of another family. It is best to find an area with relatively few obstructions where you can place your family center and allow family members to conveniently gather around it.

The cities of family members do not have to be 100% in the sphere of influence, as even a small part located inside will see that they will receive all the corresponding benefits. The size of the family center garrison is determined by the limits set by the initiating member and should be increased as high as possible. Once built, make sure that your buildings retain their durability so that they are as resistant as possible to the attacks of your rivals.

Can I destroy other family’s buildings? Once your family has its own center, you can attack others. Elders rated R4 or higher can launch joint operations against rival families. If the combined operation is successful, troops may remain there to ensure the demolition of the building. If your enemy cancels the battle, your troops will return home after demolishing enemy buildings.

What should I pay attention to when attacking the buildings of another player? When launching a joint operation against another family, all members of the target family will receive alerts about your impending attack. If the joint operation is successful, the demolition speed will be determined by the combat capability of your troops. When a building is demolished, all players can view its information through the troop information.

If the defeated family wants to rebuild their center, they must launch a unification operation and force the forces of the destroying parties to fight. During the fight, although the Family Center side is under attack, their troops will be given priority in the hospital after being defeated, and the attacking side will die immediately.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Hosting the FCL (Family Champions League)

Why is the SLC carried out? On the one hand, although players like to fight, they always have to think about possible losses. It takes quite a long time to recover the gangsters lost in battle and the resources spent. On the other hand, there are many talented players and families in the game who fight well and work well together, but at the same time there is not a large enough platform where they could show what they are capable of.

What are the features of the SLS? Firstly, the battlefield is an independent space, and everything that happens on it does not affect the main server. Secondly, the duel between families is arranged in such a way that each family will have to show all their abilities and tactical skills. Thirdly, the HRC encourages the participation of strong players: the more you contribute, the more rewards you will receive.

What does participation in the HRC give? Players who regularly participate in the RFC will be able to gain combat experience faster. In the RFC, you can learn to assess the situation on the battlefield and the difference in strength, as well as coordinate the actions of several players or groups. In addition, for participating in the RFL, you can get League Coins, which can be exchanged for decoration blueprints or ore, which will further increase your combat power.

What do you need to know about participating in the HRC?

Make sure family leaders sign up for the event on time, and don’t forget to register your troops. Each season lasts up to 3 months, with over 30 games played during that time, so don’t worry if you can’t play every game. After registration, make sure that the main force of the family will be able to participate. When registering troops and saving them, a copy of your troops is recorded.

When the competition starts, the copied data will be used on the battlefield. Before the game starts, you can freely change your formation and save it again. Make sure you register your best troops and capos, because once the battle has started you won’t be able to change your battle formation. These troops are just a copy, so do not worry that they will somehow affect the data of the main server.

During the competition, wounded gangsters can be healed, but real resources and coins will be spent, so use this feature with caution. The winner of the competition is determined by the number of points scored, so familiarize yourself with the rules for obtaining them during the battle and the properties of different fortresses in advance. The point is not to kill as many enemies as possible.

If during the competition you urgently need to resolve some issue with your city on the main server, you can switch between maps at any time, so do not worry that your main city may be attacked. However, for the duration of the competition, it is recommended to turn on protection so that you do not have to be distracted.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Performing joint attacks

What is a joint attack? A joint attack is a group against a group. The organizer of the joint attack convenes the forces of family members for a joint attack, and the defender also sends all associates and reinforcements to the city. In a joint attack, attackers and defenders unite with all their might, fighting on the battlefield. The fight has 3 rounds in each battle. If it does not end, the attack of the remaining forces is extended until the next round. If the battle isn’t over in 9 rounds, the winner is the line with the fewest casualties.

How could I launch a joint attack? If you want to carry out joint attacks, you must first join a family and have a Cotton Club of development level 16 or higher. Click on an enemy city on the world map to start a joint attack. Your family members will have time to join the march.

What is a city in chaos? When a city is attacked during a period of chaos, the victorious attacker can plunder the city’s resources. The chaos period will last 30 minutes and will be replaced by a cooldown period. During the recovery period, after an attack on a city during a joint operation, it will not fall into a state of chaos and its resources will not be plundered.

How could I join the joint attack? Players can join a joint attack with the Cotton Club above level 12. When a family member starts a joint attack, a corresponding message appears in the family chat. If the joint attack passes in the remaining time, you can send your forces to join it directly.

Is it possible to send forces to join if a joint attack has launched an offensive? When a joint attack has entered combat, the attacker can no longer be reinforced. The defender can receive reinforcements at this time, and the reinforcements will join the battle of the next round.

How to cancel a joint attack? The attacker can cancel the joint attack after the 3rd round. But in case of cancellation, the attacker will be considered the loser.

Losses during a joint attack. All lost forces of the attackers will be destroyed. Lost defender forces will be wounded if the hospital is not full.

Tips for conducting joint attacks. The more members that participate in a joint attack, the more gangsters they invest, and the more advantages they get in battles with low-level enemy gangsters used as cannon fodder. Although the gangsters of all players in the joint are displayed together, in a real battle, the gangsters of each player will look for a target to attack separately in each round, and more participants means that one attack can attack more targets.

As in a normal battle, in a joint attack, the attack of gangsters has the same priority. They always prioritize attacking the foes they hold back (for example, the assassin attacks the bombers first, then the drivers, then the assassins, and finally the masacradore). On this basis, gangsters will also prioritize opponents of the same level as themselves. If there are no mobster opponents of the same level as their own, then they will attack gangsters with a lower level than them.

It should be noted that in joint attacks, the entire "damage overflow" will be displayed in full (for example, a gangster has only 100 health, but he is attacked by 10k enemy damage, at this time he will show that he loses 10k HP, and is not shown as loss of 100 HP in a normal battle). Thus, joint attacks often show very high damage numbers, but very few actual deaths.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Occupation Event Guide

How many phases are there in an occupation event? An occupation event has a race phase and a management time. The player can capture fortresses during the contest phase. The family occupying the fortress can act during the administration.

What happened? All of our combined forces have been repatriated. Causes:

How many points should the city announce? Cities need 50 thousand points and 7 blocks. Cities need 10k points and 3 blocks.

Why was there no performance with several busy blocks? Troops inside less than 100 people.

Do troop levels affect the rate of points production? Troop levels will not affect the rate of points production.

How to add points production speed? More troops, more productivity.

Will productivity increase when the occupying forces are reinforced? The production speed will be added when the occupying troops receive reinforcements.

What to do when the competition phase has come to an end? A family occupying cities can appoint officers and award rewards. Other families may be preparing for the next event.

Godfather Family Dynasty: Participation in Server Events

How can I participate in the event? To take part in the event, use the appropriate items to move to the server event map. First time free.

Can I get event points for killing monsters? You can get event points for killing monsters and gangsters of other players as soon as you move to the event map.

Why are there so many unfamiliar players on the map? The event map is open to all players. After the start of the event, players of servers 1-8 move to it.

During the event, I managed to get some diamonds. What are they needed for? Diamonds are given for extracting resources and killing monsters on the event map. For them, you can buy special items in the store.

Will I lose diamonds if I leave the event map or after it ends? Earned diamonds will not disappear anywhere, the event store will not close. It is located in the department store, it can be accessed through the second entrance to buy high-quality cross-server goods.

During the event, players from other servers can move to mine through the center of the map? No. You can only move between your servers and maps. If you are tired of attacks, you can always return to your server.

Why can’t I use the "Moving Campaign" on the event map? The event card has its own transportation company item: New York Transportation Company. Can be purchased from the event store.

Tell us more about the daily rules in the event interface. The event lasts one week, during which restrictions are gradually opened. To protect the players in the early stages, they are prohibited from attacking each other. Details can be found by touching the upper right corner.

How to play as a neutral city on the event map? Through competition or the same as before. But after the family announces him, he will receive a number of powers and go into protection mode. After the end of the protection mode, the family can continue the robbery. Click on the top right corner to find out more.

How to play in the capital on the event map? After the end of the event, the victory will be awarded to the family that takes first place in the control rating. The winning family will be able to distribute managerial positions and booty. Managers will receive payment within 3 weeks.

What is the zone of influence of neutral cities? After capturing a neutral city, a 20x20 zone of influence will appear. All family cities that are in that area will receive a buff. You can learn more about the effect on the corresponding page of the event interface.

Can I add some special event items to make it more interesting? Among the items will soon be strategic effects and skills. And they will all be sold in the event store.

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