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GODS OF ROME - Android game with release date 12/17/2015 from the company Gameloft.Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Can I re-watch videos from the game?Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such possibility in the game.

Are there achievements in the game? Yes, you can get achievements on 320 Game Center points. For each of them a game reward is provided, which will be delivered to your inbox.

What is 3 on 3, and how are such fights? 3 on 3 - blitz promotions in which you can win soldiers. You will become a winner by winning 2 battles or more.

How to increase the factor of 3 to 3? Each series of 3 battles won raises your multiplier. The maximum multiplier varies depending on the promotion, but always the main thing is victory and not participation!

How can you get stronger warriors to participate in 3 on 3? You can get warriors in the Temple. The stronger the warrior received, the higher the level of shares in which he can fight!

How can I increase my score from 3 to 3? The stronger the opponent and the higher your multiplier, the more points you will receive for the victory.

Why do I need a Share icon? The Share icon allows you to share the details of your victories with your friends on Facebook.

Where can I win the sacred keys? Sacred keys can only be won in PvP battles. You can view your key holdings in the top panel in the Temple or in the PvP section.

Where can I get new warriors? New warriors can be obtained from the Spheres in the Temple or as a reward for participating in 3 by 3 promotions. You can get into the Temple from the left panel, and in 3 by 3 promotions by clicking PvP in the Game menu. And there, and there the main awards are constantly changing!

What do the stars on the warrior mean, and how to increase their number? Stars reflect the rarity of a warrior in the range from 1 to 4. 4 * warriors are the strongest in the game. There is currently no way to increase the number of stars of a particular warrior.

What does the strength of my warrior mean? Strength is a general summary indicator of a warrior’s abilities, taking into account their health, damage, skills, Ultra, relationships and coronary skill. This is an average indicator that allows you to compare the capabilities of two warriors and find out the complexity of the next battle.

How to attack the enemy? What are the blows? There are 3 types of attacks: light, medium and heavy.Light attacks are performed by tapping on the right side of the screen, medium ones by sliding from left to right, and to carry out heavy attacks, press and hold on the right side of the screen for a second. Heavy attacks break through an enemy block. If you are too far away for a strike, swipe in the direction of the enemy to approach him.

How can I reduce incoming damage? To reduce damage, hold on the left side of the screen - your character will put a block.

What does the VS icon mean? VS icon. displays the difficulty of the battle by comparing the health, Strength, and class bonuses of both warriors. Panacea and Ambrosia will help you tip the scales in your favor!

What is a class bonus? Some classes have an advantage against others, attacking them with increased force and taking less damage from them! For example, Heroes are strong against the Gods, and the Demigods are against Monsters.

What are warrior skills? Each warrior has his own skills that work under certain conditions. For example, Hippolyta is able to poison enemies, and Zeus increases his own crit. chance. Use the strengths of your warriors!

How to use Ultra? Your warrior will gain Fury, dealing damage or taking damage from the enemy. When filling out the Rage scale, you can activate the UltraAttack. Click its icon in the lower left corner of the screen to inflict a crushing blow to the enemy. Ultra 3 levels cannot even be blocked!

How to increase the level of a warrior? During the game, you will receive Blood, adding a different amount of experience (indicated on the item itself). Going to the Squad menu, click on one of the soldiers and select Improve, after which you will be able to pump them at the expense of the Blood you have obtained. The cost of upgrading in gold depends on the amount of experience gained by the warrior. Class Blood marked with a class icon gives experience to warriors respectively. class.

I have nowhere to upgrade the warrior, and I can not find materials to increase the rank. What to do? Nectar can be obtained in special promotions: click Game, then Special Promotion. Daily promotions are held in which you can get regular nectar and class nectar. Browse the best rewards bank to know what to strive for. Every Sunday you can win Nectar for any class, so just play!

I can not find the highest level Nectar. Where to look for him? The highest level nectar for 4 * warriors can only be obtained in 3 by 3 promotions. Feel free to participate in them!

How to open Ultra 3 levels? Depends on the rarity of the warrior. 1 * warriors don’t have Ultra 3 lvl, 2 * warriors open it at rank 3, and 3 * and 4 * warriors have Ultra 3 lvl. initially.

How to unlock the Warrior’s Crown Skill? The crown skill opens when you receive a duplicate of one of your warriors. Warriors with an open Crown skill are indicated by a different color for the stars in the portrait.Crown skill can be pumped: each subsequent duplicate warrior increases its strength.

How do relations between warriors work? Each warrior has a certain relationship with other warriors, and by fighting along with them, he gains great determination in battle. This is reflected in the game this way: if there are two warriors in a squad connected by friendly or family relations, the Strength of the entire squad increases from this - for example, its crit increases. chance or strength of attack.

What is an impossible promotion? When you enter the special promotions section, you may find that a particular promotion may have incredibly high requirements. This action is called impossible and represents the most difficult test in the game, and for participating in it you can get a unique warrior.

Is it possible to sell unnecessary warriors? Yes. Go to the Squad menu, click on the portrait of a warrior, and under it you will see the Sell icon. The higher the rarity and rank of a warrior, the more gold you will receive for it. Remember - sold soldier can no longer be returned!

What is a warehouse? All your materials (Blood and Nectar) and all potions (Energies, Panacea and Ambrosia) are stored in the Warehouse. Here you can sell materials or buy potions by clicking on their icon and then "Purchase".

What is a vault? The warehouse has limited capacity. If you have placed too many materials and potions on it, the excess will be sent to the Vault. You can get to the Vault from the main menu by clicking on the Vault icon in the center, but for this it should not be empty.

How many surplus items will be in storage? After 30 days, unclaimed items will be removed.

How can I get potions of Energy, Panacea and Ambrosia? You can purchase Panacea and Ambrosia on the battle preparation screen, and an Energy potion will be offered to you if you run out of energy during the quest. Also, all potions can fall to you in the Daily and Free Spheres. They can also be purchased in advance in the Store: go to the Store from the left panel, the Potions section, and select the potion you need from the list!

What is my goal in story mode? You are an Olympian, called upon by the gods to fight with Tenebrus, who is eager to subjugate all life on Earth to his power. Do not let them down!

What is Inbox? All important game messages and stock rewards will be delivered to Inbox. Check your inbox from the top bar regularly!

Are old messages deleted automatically? Yes, messages will be deleted from Inbox after 30 days.

When do Blitz Spheres appear? There is no clear schedule for Blitz Spheres to appear. We advise you to enable game notifications in order not to miss Spheres!

I acquired the Orb in the Temple on the offer, and then it ended. Will I lose the Sphere? Do not worry. All that you bought is yours, and no one has the right to take anything away.

I bought a special Sphere, but did not receive any of the top awards announced! How can I understand?! Top rewards are not guaranteed; by definition, the best rewards are most rare, and it may take several attempts to get them.

When can I get a 3 by 3 reward? You will receive a reward for marking as soon as you score the required number of points in 3 by 3, after the victory screen.

How to get a rating award in the Leaderboard? The ranking reward in the Leaderboard will be delivered to you in your Inbox; go to this folder and collect your rewards. You need to pick them up manually! Do not forget to do it!

I participated in the action, but received nothing. How so? First of all, you might not have a sufficient rating. Secondly, you might not have scored enough points to get on the Leaderboard. Thirdly, perhaps the action ended just recently, and the game servers still did not have time to calculate and distribute all the awards due - in this case, just wait.

Is it possible to get any warrior in the game from the Temple Sphere? No, the best warriors are obtained in a special way.

Why is the hero’s name Zeus (Greek name) if the game is dedicated to Rome? In the game there are heroes of various myths. In the art of the Ancient World, there are often plots where powerful armies, brave gladiators and gods operate.

I get the same heroes. Why? Please note that there are no cloned heroes in the inventory. The resulting copies are combined with your original hero, which makes him even stronger. After such a merger, your hero will receive Golden stars, not Silver stars like others, as well as open Secret skills.

What are some ways to replenish energy? You can replenish energy like this:

  1. Wait for the timer to fill automatically;
  2. With the help of objects Small or Large lightning; or.
  3. Ask for help from the Union if you enter the Union, which will restore 3 units. energy for every help provided. Players can send energy to help once every 12 hours.

I have a hero with 2 *. Will it be displayed in my Inventory? What happens if I buy the same hero, but with 3 *? Some heroes are not saved in the inventory. They are synthesized with the original heroes, reinforcing them. You may notice that this hero, unlike others, is now displayed with gold, not silver stars. The synthesis of warriors occurs immediately upon opening the Sphere, they fall into the Collection. This only happens with ONE AND SAME WARRIORS OF THE SAME RARITY. For such warriors Secret skills are revealed.

How to change profile icon? Your profile icon matches your strongest warrior. Improve another warrior and your badge will change automatically! Click on the icon to enter your profile where you can view your game details.

Can I change my name in the game? Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such possibility, and your game name is indicated based on the information on your profile in the social network.

I have several devices running on different platforms. How to transfer game progress from one to another? You can transfer game progress by logging on to a new device under the same social network account.By connecting and starting the game, you will receive a request to restore the profile from the cloud; by clicking "yes", you upload your saved data from the cloud. This feature is present exclusively on devices running Android and iOS. On Windows, this feature is not available.

Can I reset my account? Yes, to do this, delete the game and select "no" in response to a question about downloading saved data from the cloud.

How can I connect to Facebook? Go to the Options menu at the bottom of the left pane, select Settings and click the Facebook icon. Once you accept the terms of connection, your account will be linked to Facebook.

Is there any reward for logging into Facebook? Yes, for the first connection to the social network you will receive prizes that will be sent to your inbox.

I have several devices with different operating systems; is it possible to transfer progress from one to another? You can play on different devices by connecting to the same social network account. When you connect and start the game, you will be prompted to extract the profile from the cloud; By agreeing, you upload the saved file. Keep in mind that this method only works for iOS and Android devices; Windows is considered a separate platform.

I bought a new phone and connected to my old account, but my progress was not restored. What should I do? Keep in mind that your saved progress will only be restored when connected to the Internet. This does not happen instantly; You will have to wait for the synchronization process to complete.

Where can I enable push notifications for this game? Go to the Options menu at the bottom of the left panel, select Settings and enable notifications at the bottom of the menu.

How can I change the language of the game? Go to the Options menu at the bottom of the left panel, select Language and click on the flag corresponding to the language you need.

How can I change the music and sound settings? Go to the Options menu at the bottom of the left panel, select Settings and set the music and sound sliders to the desired level.

My game is slowing down (on Android) In the Settings menu you will find an icon for switching the quality of graphics, with which you can choose the settings that are optimal for your device.

Why does my connection error pop up if I’m connected to the Internet? Make sure that you have a sufficient level of Wi-Fi network, or disconnect and re-enable Wi-Fi on the device.

How to get more gold? You will receive gold for participating in story mode, special promotions, and PvP.Gold can also be found in daily, free, and sacred spheres. Gold can no longer be obtained, with the exception of rare special offers.

I bought diamonds, but they didn’t come to me. What’s wrong? If the purchase process is interrupted by a phone call, low battery, message, or for some other reason, you will not be charged, and the purchase process will have to be repeated again. If the payment was nevertheless withdrawn, and you did not receive the diamonds, contact Customer Support and provide them with a payment receipt. Purchased items will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Do game servers store my billing information? Any payment data of users on game servers are not stored.

Where can I buy diamonds? You can purchase diamonds in the in-game purchases section. To go to it, click the "+" sign near the diamonds in the upper right corner of the screen.

What is a subscription and what does it give? A subscription can be purchased in the in-game purchases section, so that the game rewards your loyalty with diamonds! When subscribing, you will receive the initial amount of diamonds, but this is only the beginning: during the next 30 days you will receive diamonds for each entry! For missed days, diamonds are not awarded, so check back every day for the most profit!

What happens if I purchase a new subscription three days before the expiration of the old? You can purchase a new subscription no earlier than three days before the expiration of the old time. In this case, the validity of the old subscription will cease instantly (which means that you will not receive double diamonds in these three days), however, you will again receive a one-time initial amount.

My friend received an offer, but I didn’t. Why? Each player is provided with a personal gaming experience, and some offers are aimed at players depending on their playing style. It is likely that your friend received a certain offer, and you do not, because your playing style is different - but you will get another offer!

What currency is present in the game? Which one can I buy? In the game there are such types of currencies as gold, energy, Sacred keys and diamonds. From this list, only diamonds can be purchased for money, not counting individual offers.

I need more free diamonds. How to get them? Diamonds are a very valuable and rare award, received in small quantities for completing STAGES in the HISTORY mode for 100% for the FIRST time. They can also be bought in the Store and exchanged for ITEMS or SPHERES.

Is it possible to fight friends in the game? At present, you cannot challenge them directly, but it is likely that you will meet their profile in PvP battles and show that they are the strongest here!

Can I fight with other players? Yes. The PvP section allows you to take part in asynchronous battles 1 on 1 and 3 on 3. You can get into it by clicking Play in the main menu and choosing PvP.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.