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Walkthrough GT Racing 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GT RACING 2 is an Android game with a release date of November 14, 2013 from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to change the color of the car? Click on your car in the main menu of the game to enter the garage.Then click on the car, and then on the Painting icon.You can browse all the available colors and then purchase the one that suits you the most.

How to improve the performance of the machine? Click on your car in the main menu of the game to go to the garage. In the garage, click on the car, and then on the Improve icon under it. Click on the Buy icon, selecting the desired improvement, then one of the available mechanics will install the improvement.

Does the game have a help section? You can find the help section in the Settings menu (or by calling the pause menu during the race), in the Help submenu. In it you will find a detailed description of competitions, cars, improvements, bonuses and a single career.

How to open new cars? Not available. Cars can be opened for the stars received for participating in the campaign, or instantly for banknotes.

Does the game have rearview mirrors? Press and hold at the top of the screen in the center to turn on the rear view camera.

In what case is the race considered completed and why are the stars needed? There are two types of races: the three winners (classic, king of the hill, qualification) and all or nothing (overtaking, one on one, knockout). Races of the first type are considered completed if you come to the finish line in the first three (in this case you get the number of stars corresponding to the occupied place), races of the second type are considered completed only if you win an unconditional victory.

Why cant I participate in some campaign races? Some campaigns set minimum requirements. If your car is not tuned enough to participate in a certain event, try to slip into it using the gain!

Can all cars be bought for coins? For coins, you can buy all cars except the legendary and those cars that can be obtained only by completing the GT race.

How to hire a mechanic? Go to the garage menu by clicking on the car in the main menu. If you are already undergoing an improvement process, you can go to the Acceleration menu and hire an additional mechanic.

How does the mechanics bonus coins work? Each mechanic gives you a bonus of coins in addition to the main winnings. The more mechanics you have, the more you will earn for each race!

The cost of participating in the competition has changed. Why? The entry fee depends on your level.The higher your level, the more you will have to pay to organize the competition.

The GT race suddenly disappeared. Why? Such rides are available only for a limited time. After a time, they become unavailable.

What is a GT race? GT race is a series of races that require a certain car, and in which three categories of prizes are drawn. Such races are available only for a while.

What is a competition? Competition is an asynchronous network race against five other players. Depending on your position at the finish line and the rating of your opponents, you can earn rating points and coins in such a race.

How does a GT race work? With the opening of the new GT race, an affordable race immediately appears. The next race will become available only after a while, the countdown of which is displayed at the top. In addition, to move to the next race you must complete the previous one. If you dont have time to move on to the next race, you can still access it by paying a "late fee".

What are teams for? A team is a group of players with a separate team rating (depends on the individual rating of team members). Teams are sorted by rating and depending on it they can receive prizes (in the list of the best teams).

Can I create a team myself? Can I be a member of several teams? Any player can create a team by paying a fee. After creating a team, the player becomes its owner and can manage it. Keep in mind, however, that a player can only be a member of one team, regardless of whether he is the owner or not. If you want to create a team or join another team, you will have to leave the former.

What are divisions? There are 100 people in one division, you need to go around everyone in order to move to the next division. You will receive rewards and a league bonus upon conversion.

How to move to the next division? Increase your rating by playing online! You can find your rating and bonus on the League screen.

How do league rewards work? Bonuses get the best players in the network game, according to the results of the tournament table. Participate in the Champions League to get your chance to win a banknote!

What is real time chat? This is an updated version of the team chat, allowing participants to exchange messages in real time. You can get there through Team Review or from the Communication Center in the Teams Feed.

What are the proposed teams? When a player decides to join a team, he will be offered a list: incomplete teams, open (not only by invitation) and suitable by Rating (average Rating of all team members).

What is the daily race bonus? This bonus is received by players who enter the game every day. It represents the percentage of the reward for the first race of the gaming day. For every fifth day you get an additional reward - from upgrading tokens in 5 days to cars in 30 days.

What is Team Collision? This is a new game mode in which your team participates in a global tournament.

How to participate in Team Clash? Only team members can participate in this tournament. Only team leaders can register their team to participate in Team Collisions.

Why do I need fuel to participate in Team Clash? Fuel is the energy that is required for a race. Fuel points are restored as much as the tank capacity allows. They can also be restored using Fuel kits. If you buy an additional tank, Fuel points will be restored to a new maximum value automatically.

What new cars appeared? There are 6 new cars:

How will the Team Clash reward be distributed among the players? At the end of each tournament, 3 best teams receive awards. Compensation in foreign currency is received by all team members in percentage terms depending on their participation, and team awards are distributed equally.

Why cant you take part in Team Clash at any time? At what point can I take part in Team Clash?Access to Clash of teams opens 30 minutes after the application starts. After that, you can play Team Clash for as long as you want until you exit the application. Thus. To gain access to Team Clash, you must spend more than 30 minutes in the game. Why is it sometimes impossible to access Team Clash? Are there any rules for access to team collisions? Clash of teams becomes available 30 minutes after the start of the game. After joining the Clash of Teams, you can play it as much as you like until you close the game. Thus, to take part in the Clash of Teams, you must spend at least 30 minutes in the game.

Where is my account information located? Click on your name in the upper left corner of the screen in the main menu. In the profile menu, you can view a variety of statistics on your game and achievements.

What networks can I connect to and how? Two networks are currently available - Facebook and Game Center. You can connect to them by opening the settings menu, and then selecting the Connection submenu.

How to change the generated name? You can do this only once at the beginning of the game from the profile. Also, to change the name you should not go through a social network.

How to change management settings? You can change the control by opening the setup menu (or by calling the pause menu during the race) and then selecting the control submenu. In this menu, you can change the control scheme, adjust the control sensitivity and enable or disable driving assistance.

How to adjust the sound volume in the game? You can change the sound volume by opening the setup menu (or by calling the pause menu during a race), and then selecting the sound submenu. Here you will find the volume settings for music, the engine, other effects, as well as a general volume control. In addition, you can select one of the music playlists and enable or disable the speakers voice during the race.

How to adjust units? You can change the sound volume by opening the setup menu (or by calling the pause menu during a race), and then selecting the Settings submenu. Here you can choose which measurement system should be used in the game - metric or British.

How to change the language of the game? You can change the language in the game by opening the settings menu and then selecting the language submenu. Here you can choose one of the available options: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

What is an ideal trajectory and how to disable it? The ideal trajectory tells you the optimal route and speed (green - should accelerate, red - should slow down) on each track. You can turn it on or off by opening the settings menu (or by pausing during a race) and then selecting the Configuration submenu.

How to disable game notifications? You can control the game by going to the settings menu (or by pausing during a race), and then select the Configuration submenu.

How to zoom in / out the camera when inspecting a car? Pinch the screen to zoom in or out while viewing a car in a garage or store.

Can I play this game without connecting to the network? You can play without connecting to the network, but remember that in this case some of the games functions, such as network game, GT race, game with friends for bonuses, as well as in-game purchases will not be available.

How to change camera position? You can change the position of the game camera directly in the game (available modes: next to the car, remote viewing, camera on the bumper, view from the drivers position). In addition, you can open the settings menu (or call the pause menu during the race) and go to the Configuration submenu. Here you can set the default camera position.

How to buy banknotes? You can buy banknotes by clicking on the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In turn, banknotes can be exchanged for coins at any time, if you do not have enough of them when making a purchase in the store.

Can I buy stars? No, stars can only be earned in campaign races. However, you can buy a bonus that increases the number of stars that you will receive in the current race.

How to buy a car? Cars can be bought by clicking on the store icon (in the upper part of the screen in the middle). In addition, you can buy, you can buy a car in campaign mode by clicking on the Buy icon under it.

How to get the stars? There are two types of stars: campaign stars and stars for the GT race. Each type of star can only be obtained in the corresponding mode. The number of stars you get depends on your position at the finish. Of course, only riders who win prizes or winners, depending on the race mode in each particular event, receive stars.

How to earn banknotes? You can earn banknotes in several ways: you get them when you level up, open achievements, take a prize position in the network leaderboard, for participating in events, and also when you go through a certain part of the campaign or for the collected stars in the GT race.

How to earn coins? Coins can be obtained in several ways: by completing the race (the number depends on the place in the race), in a multiplayer game or when achieving a dynamic goal during a race.

How to hide ads? Some ads appear for all players, regardless of whether they paid for the game.

How to add friends? As soon as you enter the network, all your friends playing this game will be automatically added to your friends list. You can invite friends using the Invite a Friend icon (Multiplayer -> Friends), with which you send a friend an invitation to join the game.

Is it possible to remove a friend from the list of friends in the game? No, this can be done only by deleting a friend from the list of friends in the social. network.

What is a network rating? Each player who has participated in a network race at least once has a network rating. Starting number of rating points - 1300 (minimum - 800). Depending on the success of the player and the rating of his rivals in the network races, his rating changes. The rating is taken into account when creating matches and when calculating positions in the list of the best players.