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Walkthrough Governor of Poker 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GOVERNOR OF POKER 3 - Android game with release date 09/29/2014 from Youda Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Game Secrets
  2. Gameplay Guide
  3. Blackjack Guide
  4. Slot Machine Guide
  5. Gift Guide
  6. In-Game Store and Shopping Tips
  7. Why are friends needed?
  8. Player Profile Tips
  9. Team Competition Guide
  10. How to play after the upgrade

Governor of Poker 3: Game Secrets

How is the winner of a poker game determined? To determine the winner of a poker game, first look at each playerís type of hand and its rank. A flush hits a street, a tris hits a pair, and so on. The player with the most 5 cards wins. For example, on the table are the following cards; K-K-K-K-J. Player 1 has AQ and player 2 AA. The pot will be divided into both players. Because they both have the same KKKKA 5-card account. If two players have the same hand, look further at the rank of the cards in the hand. A street consisting of 7-8-9-10-J beats a street of 4-5-6-7-8. A pair of Dam beats a pair of 5. For flushes, the highest ranked card in the flush determines the winner.

If your hands are still hidden, look at the remaining card in your hand. This is called a kicker. Pair 9 with kicker King wins pair 9 with kicker 10. Finally, for high cards, the highest card in each hand determines the winner. A hand with a king always beats a hand with a queen. If high cards are hidden, look at the second largest card. If there is still a draw, look at the third largest card to break the draw, and so on. Thus, the hand of KJ-8-4-3 beats the hand of KJ-7-6-5. While you are on the table, next to the dealer there is a button that shows you the last played round:

Rules of the game. To maintain honesty and respect in the game, it adopted several rules that all players must follow. Violation of these rules may lead to the closure of your account. Do not do the following:

Where is the "settings" button? The settings button can be found in the upper right corner of the game (next to the Poker Friends button).

Just open and see the menu:

In the settings you can change the sound, music, notifications, etc.

Where to find my data? Click on the "experience" line to see your details.

What is "my inbox"? Your inbox contains messages in the game. It is located at the top of the screen, between your inventory and poker friends.

Check it out for the following updates:

How can I play in the new building? There are different buildings in GOP 3 that are locked depending on your level.

To unlock and play them, you need to either complete a level and unlock them forever or use gold. To level up: complete achievements, win against other players, or lose hands and increase experience. Your experience bar at the top of the screen shows how close you are to the next level. When you level up and unlock a building or area, you can play there anytime.

What are Chips and Gold used for? The chips are used to play poker, including cash games, Big Win events, heads-up games and blackjack. Some items can also be bought for chips, such as T-shirts, hairpins, and hats.Gold is used for rebuys and certain items in the store, including special t-shirts, hairpins and hats, and items such as experience doubler, VIP pass and exclusive card decks.

What are missions and how do they work? Click the bullís icon in the top row and click the Missions tab to open the missions menu.

You can get great rewards by completing missions! Some missions, such as holiday missions, you will need to complete before the time runs out!

Missions are classified by Area. Just click on the mission that you would like to complete, and you will see what you need to do to complete the mission. You will also see your reward. To start a mission, just click the orange "Start Mission" button.

How to check my started missions? You can always check the fulfillment of the mission in the "Mission" menu. Before the missions that you still have to complete, you will see the "play" icon. Click on a mission to see your progress.

How to get elite status? You cannot get elite status yourself. In order to gain elite status, you must be selected by the team of Governor of Poker. You can be selected if:

What is experience? What is it for? Experience (experience points) helps you increase your levels at Governor of Poker 3. You can win experience by playing poker or blackjack, as well as completing achievements, winning hands, defeating players, or even losing hands! Keep track of your experiences at the top of the screen and watch you approach the next level.

How can I rate the app? If you play Governor of Poker, you will see a pop-up window that will give you the opportunity to rate the application. Click on the "rate us" button and give the app a good rating! Or, rate the game in the app store, which you can access from the home screen of your device.

Why am I seeing ads? Governor of Poker 3 is a free game. An ad starts showing after you play for 10 days, and ensures that you can continue to enjoy the game for free. It also allows developers to continue to improve the game and maintain quality. After any purchase, the advertisement will be deleted. If you still see ads after your purchase, you may need to restart the game to allow the game to download the latest changes. If you still see ads, contact support and send a screenshot with a confirmation of purchase, as well as the date and time of purchase and your user ID.

Where can I find my user id? To see your user ID, simply click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select "Settings" in the menu that opens.

You can see your user ID only under the settings window.

Where can I enter the coupon code? The coupon code that you received (for example, from a video broadcast on Facebook) can be entered in the settings window. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select "Settings" in the menu that opens.

Now just click on the arrow next to "Buy coupon" and enter your code.

Where can I find my inventory? You can find your inventory in the upper right corner of the screen in the drop-down menu (click on the three horizontal lines). In the inventory, you can click on the icons at the top to move between different sections. The menu contains sections:

Daily activity / challenge. Daily assignments give you the opportunity to do fun weekly and daily tasks. When you open the daily activity window, you will see the following:

Daily activities are tasks that you can perform every day. Complete your daily progress indicator by completing tasks and get great prizes! These tasks are reset daily.

The points you score will also be used for the weekly contest. During the week, you get the opportunity to claim 2 additional chests. You can get an extra chest for 300 points and another for 600 points. These points are reset weekly.

What are achievements and how do they work?

Achievements menu. Click on the trophy sign at the top to open the Achievements menu.

Progress Achievements. Here you can see the achievements that you can complete and the progress that you have already achieved.

Take the reward. When you have completed the achievement, a pop-up window will appear with a message that it has been completed.

If you open the Achievements Menu, you can collect the reward.

Governor of Poker 3: Gameplay Guide

Private games. Private games were often the subject of discussion in the game and the developers decided to disable this feature until further notice. They also excluded private game results from statistics. The developers agreed that the game should be social as much as possible, and this is the case when everyone plays in common salons. The new private chat feature is a great way to get new social contacts with friends and teammates. So do not play alone and join everyone at the tables!

What does it mean to "divide the bank"? How it works? The function "divide the pot" appears when two or more players share the same winning hand in the same pot. This does not mean that these players must have the same cards. Players can split the same cards in addition (or in contrast) to those that they actually hold in their hands. The division of the bank is determined by five cards, regardless of suit. Basically, it will be determined by those with the highest card. If you have five identical cards even after that, the bank will be divided equally between all winners.

In case one or more players go all-in, there is the possibility of creating a side bank (s). Additional Side Banks allow players to continue playing with each additional bank against a player with the best hand. Therefore, it is possible that a player with a worse hand can win a side pot, and a player with a better hand wins a smaller side pot that they all-in.

What are the rules of Holdíem Royale? Royal Holdíem is a type of Texas Holdíem in which only 5 people can take part and only 20 cards are in the deck, all the lower cards are removed from the deck, only 10 remain, jacks, queens, kings and aces. Royal Holdíem applies the same rules and rounds as Texas Holdíem, but the game is more fun due to the high stakes, less fold and a lot of winning hands. Hand ratings are as follows: (highest to lowest):

What is Spin & Play? This is a very fast sit-in-start game for 3 players, with blinds raised every 2 minutes. The game starts when all 3 players are seated at the table. When a player makes a sit-in buy-in, he does not know how much he can win, but how much he will win is always greater than his bet. The prize of the tournament is determined before the first distribution using the large wheel of spins. The buy-ins that a player can choose are:

Why are Spin & Play prizes usually only twice the buy-in? Very often, the Spin & Play prize is at least twice the buy-in of the player. The amount not used in this game will be used in the jackpot, which gives more prizes. Naturally, higher amounts are less common, as well as in the lottery, where less valuable prizes are more common than a million dollar prize.

What cash games are available? Governor of Poker 3 has the following types of cash games:

  1. Short hand - limit to 5 players;
  2. Full table - limitation up to 8 players;
  3. Full turbo table - limitation up to 8 players, fast rhythm.

Different areas have all three types of cash games, so you can play them no matter where you are. In addition, each game has a different buy-in and blind. Find what is right for you!

What is a installment? The contribution is an additional percentage of chips that you pay on top of the buy-in for events such as the Big Win or heads-up games. The contribution will never be higher than 10%, which means that if you pay 1000, the amount will be equal to 1100 along with the contribution.

What is rake? Rake is a small percentage of chips that are collected from each bank in cash games in favor of a poker room.

This applies only to cash games and does not include tournaments.

Shuffling Cards. The system shuffles the deck and deals cards to each player. To shuffle the deck, the Fisher-Yates algorithm is used and a random number is generated using the Mersenne vortex. It is proved that these are the most fair methods of shuffling cards. In poker, one deck is used, and in blackjack 6. The system shuffles the decks after each round.

How can I pause a game? If you want to pause the game, do not take any action within 2 distributions. Then you will automatically skip the turn. If you click on something, you will return to the game again.

When will the Big Win events return? The developers decided to close the Big Win tournaments because there were players who cheated by passing chips between accounts or working together to allow a friend to win. It is still unknown in what format and whether the Big Win events will return.

Where can I find the leaderboard? To receive one of the trophies, you must be in the top ten of the weekly leaderboard (or in the top five leaders for teams). To see the rating, click on the winnerís podium icon on the right side of the screen.

Now you can choose between different areas and themes on the left. If you click on an area, you will also have the opportunity to select the type of game at the bottom of the screen. On Monday, the leader board is reset weekly.The timer shows you the time until the next reset. When the leader team is reset, players (and teams) with the best rank will receive their trophy. The trophy type for each rank is shown next to the rank number. Different types of trophies:

When you received the trophy, you can see it in your profile.

Classification of hands. To see the classification of hands in the game, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select "Settings" in the menu that opens.

Scroll down in the settings menu and click on the arrow next to "Hand ratings."

A window will open in which the hand rating will be displayed. Rating (highest to lowest)

Global events . Special tournaments that are only available for a limited time. For example, the global event of the World Cup at the 2018 World Cup, as shown in the image below:

As the event continues, you can earn "World Cup points" to fill out your progress indicator. The higher your place in the tournament, the more points you will receive. Each time your progress indicator is full, you can claim a reward until the last reward has been received or the time of the event has passed.

To see which reward you can win or receive, simply click on the orange "show reward" button. If you donít see that your reward has been added to your game, restart your application Governor of Poker 3 so that it can download the latest changes.

Governor of Poker 3: Blackjack Guide

The purpose of the game. The goal of the game is to score more points than the dealer, but not to exceed 21. You can calculate your result by adding the values ??of individual cards. Cards from 2 to 10 are considered at their face value; Jack, Queen and King are rated at 10 points; Ace has 1 or 11 points (playerís choice).

Blackjack hands. At the beginning of the blackjack game, players and the dealer receive two cards each.Playersí cards are usually dealt face up, and one card is dealt face down to the dealer (the so-called closed card) and one face up. The best hand in blackjack is the first hand in which an ace and a card with 10 points are dealt.This combination is called "blackjack" or 21. The player to whom it has been won automatically wins only if the dealer also did not have blackjack. If both the player and the dealer have blackjack, then bets are increased by 1.5 times.

The lineup of players. After the cards are dealt, the game continues. First, the player can choose to split (if the player has two identical cards) or double. When splitting, the player continues to play with two hands with the same bet as for the first hand. The maximum number of divisions is 4. If a player doubles, another card is dealt.Then, the player can choose not to change this hand and leave it as it is (stop) or take more cards from the deck (hit), one at a time, until the player considers the hand strong enough to stand against the dealerís hand and stops, or until Will score more than 21, in this case, the player immediately loses (bust). In most places, a player can draw as many cards as he wants until he has a bust.

Dealer lineup. If the player has finished the game (decided to stop or went through), the dealer flips his hole cards. If the dealer has 21 (blackjack) with two cards, he will not take more cards. If the dealer does not have 21, he chooses a hit (takes more cards) or stops, depending on the value of the hand. Unlike the player, the dealerís actions are dictated by the rules of the game. The dealer must take cards if the hand value is less than 17, otherwise the dealer will stop.

Autopsy. If the dealer has too much, the player wins. If a player has more points than the dealer, he wins, while players with a lower amount than the dealer lose. Those who have the same amount get a push and their bet returns to them, they neither win nor lose. Blackjack players win a bet and a bonus that equals half their original bet. Blackjack beats any other hand, including with a total of 21, but with a lot of cards. As described above, if the dealer has blackjack, the player with blackjack can make a push, and all other players lose.

Decks of cards in blackjack. The game is played with 6 decks, according to the official rules of the casino. The decks are shuffled after each distribution.

Governor of Poker 3: Slot Machine Guide

Why is my slot machine locked? If the gaming machine indicates that it is locked and cannot interact, it means that you have not yet reached the required level to unlock the gaming machine.

Where can I see combinations of winning symbols? When the slot machine is available, clicking on the blue "i" icon will open a side window with all combinations of winning symbols. A white bar instead of a symbol means that it can be any other symbol except the previous one.

What do the colored lines mean? Colored numbered lines represent winning lines. These are the lines by which you can get winning combinations, which are explained in the information window. There are 5 lines in the slot machine, which increases your chance of winning by 5 times. Example: if you follow one of the lines, say, the middle horizontal line, the symbols on this line form a winning line. Having 2 or more of the same symbols from left to right leads to a winning combination.

Where can I see a win? If you have a winning combination, it will be displayed at the top of the slot machine as the total winning amount. Individual winnings will be cyclically displayed at the bottom of the machine with the corresponding name of the winning line.

How to get my prize from a slot machine? Your total bet and prize for each spin will be directly added to your total chip bank. This is the number of chips in the upper left corner of the upper panel.

How did the slot machine decide that I won? First of all, your total bet is divided by the number of lines on which you bet, after which this amount is multiplied by the payout multiplier for your winning combination.Example: If your total bet is 5,000 chips, each payline will have a bet of 1,000 chips. If you have a winning combination of 7-7-7 on one of the winning lines, this bet of 1,000 chips per pay line is multiplied by a factor of 7-7-7, which is 500. Thus, you will win 500,000 chips.

Why does my slot machine sometimes close by itself? If your slot machine closes by itself, this may be caused by:

  1. Your turn at the poker table and you need action.
  2. The slot machine function is at the service of all players, because developers are improving this function.

In both cases, be sure that if you were in the middle of the spin, your possible winnings will not be lost, since the spin will be completed on the server side and you will be rewarded with a prize.

Is my slot machine different from other players? No, to give each player the same chance to win the jackpot, the slot machine does not differ depending on the player.

How can I turn off the sounds of a slot machine? The sound effects of the slot machine are the same as in the rest of the game, and the same as in background music. To disable either of these two options, go to the gameís settings and turn off the sound effects or music by switching the switch.

How can I open the slot machine? You can open the slot machine in two ways:

  1. In the menu indicated by 3 striped buttons in the upper right corner.
  2. By clicking on the slot machine icon in the lower left corner while playing poker.

Does the slot machine give xp or command points? Not at present, but this may change in the future.

Does the slot machine earn chips for my piggy bank? Not at present, but this may change in the future.

The slot machine keeps spinning, will my chips be lost? This can happen only when the game cannot connect to the server, for example, due to an unstable connection. The game does not yet know the result, but the rotation was processed on the server. This means that you may not have seen the spin, but the chips you could win are added to the number of chips in the top panel. You will see that the panel will be updated after the next synchronization with game servers.

I do not see the slot machine. The slot machine was introduced in versions 3.9.0 and higher. Update the game if you are using a previous version.

How to use the auto-rotation function? You can use the auto-rotation function by pressing and holding the scroll button and select the number of rounds during which you would like to automatically rotate the gaming machine.

Governor of Poker 3: Gift Guide

Why does a gray box appear next to my name while playing poker? This is a new button that opens the gift menu. By clicking on it next to the name of another player, you can send this person a gift of your choice. You can also buy a gift for yourself by clicking on the box next to your name.

Buying gifts for yourself will not bring you hearts.

What do the hearts in the upper right corner of each gift in the gift menu mean? This is the number of hearts that a gift is worth. Upon receiving the gift, the number of hearts will be added to your total number of hearts in your profile.

How do I send a gift? Open the gift menu by clicking on any button next to the playerís name. If the player already has a gift, this gift will act as a new button to open the gift menu.

What is the difference between the Player and Table buttons? Before sending a gift to a selected player, you have two options: You can send a gift only to a selected player by clicking on the "Player" button. Or you can send a gift to everyone at your current table by clicking the "Table" button.

Pressing the "Table" button will multiply the cost by the number of players at your current table.

What is the difference between gifts Decoration, Joke, Treats? There is no technical difference in the types of gifts. However, different categories have different emotional values. Jewelry gifts demonstrate wealth, Joke gifts are designed to tease other players when they lose, and treats are gifts to congratulate others. Keep in mind that there are no rules when and how to use a gift. So feel free to send any gift anytime.

Why did my previous gift disappear? A player can only have one gift at a time. Receiving another gift will replace the previous one. Gifts are associated with the salon, leaving the salon means that your gift will disappear.

Points received for gifts will not disappear, they will remain in the playerís profile.

Do I need to use gold to send a gift? No, you do not need to use gold to send a gift. Most gifts can only be sent using chips. On the other hand, some special items may require gold coins to be sent.

I do not see gifts. Gifts were presented in versions 4.1.0 and higher. Do not forget to update the game if you have an earlier version installed. If you still do not see gifts, contact support.

Governor of Poker 3: In-Game Store and Shopping Tips

Where is my purchase (chips)? If you made a purchase, check the chest section in the inventory (upper right menu / inventory / chests). You can open it when you want to get chips. Contact support if you still cannot find the chest or open it.

How often do sales and special offers take place? Governor of Poker 3 constantly updates special offers for chips, gold and some goods in the store, including hats, hairpins and T-shirts. Check out the latest special offers in the game!

How can I buy Chips and Gold? Buying Chips and Gold in the game is very simple! Click on the Chips or Gold symbol in the upper left corner of the screen to see the available packages and choose the offer that suits you best!

How can I buy hats, t-shirts and hairpins? Choose hats, t-shirts and hairpins in the store to change your avatar. Not sure which items you already have? Check your inventory by clicking the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen and click the "Inventory" button. You can find all the hats, shirts and pins that you purchased. Want to buy new ones? Go to the store - just click the "Shop" button in the upper left corner of the screen, select the type of product you are looking for, and find your next purchase!

How can I get free Chips and Gold? There are several ways to earn free Chips and Gold in Governor of Poker 3!

What is a piggy bank? Piggy Bank is a function of savings. It will allow you to accumulate more chips in each level of the Piggy Bank! With each level, the price to crack the piggy bank will increase.

Where is my piggy bank? In the top menu you can see Piggy Bank.

If you click on it, Piggy Bank will open:

How does the piggy bank work?

Your Piggy Bank Pig starts with 50 thousand chips. With every chip you win or lose at the tables, you get free chips inside your Piggy Bank. You can beat Piggy Bank with a purchase. As a result, you get the chips that you have accumulated inside, and Piggy Bank is reset to the initial amount. From the Big Win and Heads-Up you wonít be able to fill your Piggy Bank. With Sit-and-Start and Spin-and-Play you will only earn chips for your Piggy Bank when you win. Blackjack will also fill your piggy bank.

The current limit for Piggy Bank Pig is 2.5M. Please note that this may change in the future. The percentage of saved chips varies depending on the interior and format. Please note that values ??may be recalculated in the future. Chips are saved in your piggy bank, so the value will be the same the next time you log in. It is only reset after breaking the piggy bank.

Piggy Bank Pig breaking is accompanied by a breaking animation, during which you will have to hit the piggy bank several times before you receive accumulated chips. When you buy Cracking Piggy Bank Pig, you will have to smash it immediately. If an error occurs, you can break it later using the token for the Piggy Bank. In this case, the price in the "split" button is replaced by the value of the token. If you have any other questions, please contact support!

Where can I find my transactions on Google Play? You can always find your Google payments using Google Wallet or the Google Payment Center. Just log in with the same Google account with which you made the purchase in the game. You will see a list of all your purchases made with this account. Find the necessary order and click on the link. You will see your receipt.

Where can I see my payments on Facebook? Open your Facebook account settings and click on the "Payments" button. You will find it on the right side of the window. Find the correct payment in the list and click on it. You will see a receipt. Click "Download" if you want to save it or send it to support agents.

Where can I find my Apple transactions? Open the iTunes app, scroll down and click Sign In. Click "Use Existing Apple ID", then enter your Apple ID and password that you use in the iTunes Store. Click OK. When you enter the iTunes Store, you will also automatically enter the Music, App Store, iBooks, and Podcasts apps on your device. Find your order and click on the gray arrow next to the order and you will find a receipt. Support needs this receipt so that they can help you with questions about your purchase.

How can I find my purchases in Steam? Sign in to Steam. Go into the history of your Steam account or open the Steam app and click on your username next to the message symbol. Select your account information and click "view purchase history."

I can not make a purchase - a mobile device. If you are unable to purchase chips or other items in the in-game store, check if you have associated a valid payment method with your Google Play store or Apple App store.Also check if your internet connection is stable enough. If you still cannot buy chips, connect your account to the email address. Now you can use your computer to play. Log in to the game from a PC with your email address and password. If the problem persists, contact support in the application.

I can not make a purchase Steam. If you play the game on Steam, this may mean that you cannot buy items in the store, buy backs or a token for the piggy bank. Fortunately, there is a solution to how to avoid this problem!You will need to enable Steam Overlay in the game. For this:

  1. Sign in to Steam;
  2. Go to settings;
  3. Select the In-Game function;
  4. Check the box to enable Steam Overlay;

Can I exchange chips for real money? The Governor of Poker 3 is not a casino game, and never will be.Therefore, chips are not exchanged for real money. As in farm games, you can buy resources for real money. In this game, resources are gold and chips. Using these resources, you can purchase hats, pins, unlock new areas and pay the buy-in of poker salons. The game is a casual poker game for players who simply enjoy playing poker with friends and family. For more professional players, there are many other poker applications and websites available.

Governor of Poker 3: Why are friends needed?

What does the poker friends button mean? Click on the "Friends" button between your inbox and the settings button to find Poker Friends. When you clicked on it, you can see how many of your Facebook friends are playing GOP 3 and which one is online now. Invite your Facebook friends who donít yet play the GOP by clicking on "Invite Friends" at the top of the page. Send a request to a friend on Facebook who plays the GOP to play together at some table. Send free gifts to your friends on Facebook by clicking on the "Gift" button. You can give gifts to all your friends right away using the following button. This will save you a lot of time:

How can I see profiles of other players? If you want to see the profiles of other players and their data, just click on their avatar in the game.

What does the symbol next to the friends icon mean? There are several characters in your friends list.Here is what they mean:

Special statuses: Shark, High Roller, VIP & VIP + (Status). You can get various titles in Governor of Poker 3: Shark, High Roller, VIP and VIP +. They indicate your status after you have shown your abilities in poker. These titles are visible when your name appears, for example, in poker salons, in friends lists and in your profile. Special graphics and effects are added to show that you have this special title. Poker example:

When you get more than a certain number of chips, you will unlock the title. However, the title may be lost when the balance of your chips falls below the minimum amount required for this title. Currently, the names and their number of chips:

Links - enter the code of friends. You can reward a friend who brought you into the game using his referral code. Use of this function is possible only in the first month after the start of the game.

How to fill in the code of your friends? Open the recommendations menu by clicking the community button on the top panel and selecting the "Recommendations" tab.

You should now see a menu of links:

If you did not fill out the link code earlier and your account is not older than 1 month, you should see an orange button "Who invited you?". By clicking on it, this menu will open:

Enter your friends link code here and click on the confirmation button. If you do not know your friendís link code, you can ask it personally.

Communication with other players

Chat button. If you want to chat with another player while in the poker room, click on the chat button.

Chat selection. You will see a list of messages and emoticons that you can write to your poker friends. Choose the one that best suits the situation and submit!

Chat Click in the chat window and write your message to all the players at the table and press Enter, you canít send private messages to friends at the same table.

Chat Offers. While playing poker you will also receive chat tips at the bottom of the screen. They will easily help you give a good reaction to the situation in poker. If you donít like the chat offers, you can turn them off in the settings menu.

Team chat. When you are on a team, you can open the team window to chat only with your teammates.

Private messages. Open your friends list and click on the chat icon next to the name, this will open a private chat window. Here you can send a private message to each other.

Rules for writing private messages. The game has several rules for writing personal messages. Observe them:

  1. You cannot send private messages to friends who are at the same table. This prevents fraud.
  2. You can send private messages only to friends. This means that after removing from friends you can no longer communicate with this person.
  3. Do not send spam to your friends. Remember, they can always remove you from your friends list or complain about you.
  4. The chat has a limit of 140 characters per message.
  5. Chat history is saved, but not more than 50 messages in private chat.

Future updates. Developers plan to add an option to start a private chat with someone from your team. This will mean that you can send private messages to any member of your team. It is very convenient when someone does not score as many points as you expected, and needs a good motivating speech!

Insults. Report to the support service about any kind of insults if you encounter such in the chat.

Governor of Poker 3: Player Profile Tips

Never disclose your password! The employees of the development company and the support service do not need your password to help you! They never ask for the password for your account in the game. If you receive a message or an email asking you to enter your password for the game account, delete the message and block the sender! Itís a fake copy! Keep your account safe!

Why is my account blocked? Depending on the type of violation, the following prohibitions may come into force: ban for a week, ban for one month, permanent ban. These actions lead to the ban account:

  1. Card sharing (you are not allowed to share your cards with any other player);
  2. Transfer chips (do not transfer chips to any player, losing or skipping the distribution as intended);
  3. Manage multiple accounts (you are not allowed to own or play with multiple accounts);
  4. Refusal to pay for game items.

In the case of improper use of chat ban chat can also be initiated instead of ban account. Insults and bullying of other players lead to a ban on chat.

How do I connect my email to my GoP3 account? Go to settings and when you open the menu you will see a button: Save progress - connect email:

If you are logged in as a guest (and without a Facebook account), you can create an account in the game. After that you can play on several devices. If you have already connected a Facebook account, you can also add an email address.

If you already have progress on another device, you need to select the account / progress that you want to continue:

Additionally, you must confirm that you really want to continue and enter "1234" in the input line:

How can I connect Facebook to play with friends? Connect via Facebook to play poker with your friends!Possible ways to connect Facebook:

How to play on different devices? There are two ways:

  1. Connect your account to an email address;
  2. Log in via Facebook (mobile only).

How to connect your account to an email address to play on different devices? To connect your account to an email address, open Governor of Poker 3 on the device on which you have an account and on which you want to play further from this account on the new device. Open the settings, then open the menu and find the button: "Save progress - connect email address":

Enter your details in "Create an account" to add your address. After that you can play from other devices.

Open the settings on your new / different device. Click the button to connect the email, but now instead of "Create an account", select "Sign in with email."

If you already have progress on a new / different device, then you need to select the account / progress with which you want to continue:

Additionally, you must confirm that you really want to continue playing with this account and enter "1234" in the input field:

Now everything is ready to play on both devices with the same account.

How to use a Facebook profile to connect devices? This is only possible for connecting mobile devices with each other or for connecting mobile devices with a Facebook profile.

How can I disconnect my account from Facebook? If you want to disconnect your account in the Governor of Poker 3 application from your Facebook profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open Governor of Poker 3 on your device;
  2. Go to the settings in the upper right corner;
  3. Click on the "Connect with Email Address" function and follow the instructions to connect your email. This will allow you to log in to your account after you disconnect your account from your Facebook profile. If you have already connected your email address to your game account, skip this step;
  4. Open the Facebook application on your mobile device or go to Facebook from your computerís browser;
  5. Go to your Facebook account settings;
  6. Select the "Applications" tab;
  7. On your mobile device, you can select the "Register with Facebook" tab, in the browser version you will see this list immediately;
  8. Select the Governor of Poker 3 application or click on the small cross in the browser;
  9. Select "Uninstall application" and confirm this choice.

How to change the gender of my avatar? You can change your gender in your inventory. Click on the menu in the form of three bars in the upper right part of the screen:

Choose your inventory:

Then click on the "Female or Male" button to change your gender in the upper right:

How can I personalize my avatar? Customize your avatar to your taste with hats, t-shirts and hairpins! Buy new items in the store or check your inventory to see what you already have. To buy an item, open a store, find the item you want to buy and click on the "buy" button.

Inventory: To dress your avatar in an item, go to your inventory (menu / inventory in the upper right part of the screen), find and click on the item you want to wear. Once you update your new outfit, you can press X to exit.

Profile photo. You can upload photos to your profile by connecting your account to Facebook. Open the settings and select the "Connect via Facebook" function. The game will use your profile photo as an avatar in the game. If you want to change the profile photo, you need to change it first on Facebook. If you want to delete a photo, you will have to disconnect your account from your Facebook account.

How do I verify my email address? When your account was associated with an email address, you can confirm your email by clicking the "Check Email" link before entering the system.

You will receive an email with instructions. Remember that this message may appear in your spam folder. To prevent rejection of e-mail by your mail service or email client, you can add info@governorofpoker.com to your contact list.

Governor of Poker 3: Team Competition Guide

Poker Teams. The ability to create Poker Teams is an ideal opportunity to team up with friends and other players. You can chat at any time and together overcome Team Challenges.

Chat Team. Thanks to this feature, you can always chat with any member of your team in Team Chat. You can see who is online and where they play to easily join them. Team Chat is always available, even while playing poker. The Team Challenge runs every few weeks and lasts several days.

You need to earn Team Points along with all Team Members to win the challenge or open the box.Team Points are based on the experience gained through your hand. The more Experience you earn, the more Team Points for your team. Caskets may contain: Chips, Gold, Experience, and Hats. A new challenge will be announced some time before it begins.

Team Settings At the moment, the team can consist of 40 participants. When creating a team, you can come up with a name, description and requirements for it. Available requirements: Location, Level, Pile of chips. Creating a team will cost 100 gold, you can join the team for free. The team can be Open, By invitation or Closed.

Team ranks. There are 4 ranks in a team:

  1. Leader: This is the player who created the team. The leader can exclude participants, accept / reject playersí applications, change team settings and raise / lower team members.
  2. Officer: can exclude members of a lower rank, accept / reject applications of players and raise / lower members of a team of a lower rank.
  3. Member: respected member without special rights.
  4. Novice: A new member who must prove his importance to the team.

Change team settings. The team leader can change the settings of his team. First, click on the settings icon in the upper left corner of the team profile. There you can change all the settings of the team, except for the Team Name.

Promotion and demotion. If your rank is high enough, you will see the "Promote" and / or "Decrease" button in the context menu when you click on the participants in your teamís profile. Click on the name of the player you want to promote or demoted. You will see a popup window with options:

If you are a leader and upgrade someone else to a leader, you will be demoted to officer. You will see a pop-up window to confirm your decision. You can take advantage of this process if you select this option randomly.

When a leader is no longer active and a member of this team would like to support the team, the support team can appoint a second leader. Contact them. This second leader will not be able to demoralize the original leader or drive out the original leader.

Team Rewards - Chests. Depending on your personal panel and the panel of your team, you may receive the following items:

Where are Ultra / Pig Tokens - Piggy Banks / Experience Doublers? For players who did not notice this - Ultra, Pig - Piggy tokens and experience doubler tokens were removed. It was too easy for the players to get the Ultra / Pig - Piggy Bank tokens, which too upset the balance of the gameís economy. There were too many ways to get experience doublers, so they were removed from team competitions and saved in Daily Activity.

Special Hats. There are special ruby ??hats in the ruby ??chest to show your devotion. Only the best players can get these hats!

Not all prizes are guaranteed. Some of the prizes are randomized.

Team Challenge

What is Team Challenge? Team Challenge is a gaming event that starts every Wednesday at 9 p.m. (CEST) and ends every Wednesday. This 7 Day Team Challenge will replace the familiar 5 Day Challenge (available in version 5.0.3 and below) and will be available in version 5.1.0 and above. To take part in it you need to create a team or join an existing team.

How does Team Challenge work? Play poker, earn Team Points and open chests with 39 members of your team! Team Points depend on how you play and what bets you make. The higher your bets, the more Team Points you can earn for your team. Use the Experience Doubler to double team points! You can get Experience Doublers by completing daily quests or spinning the back bonus. When you receive Team Points, you fill out the Team Score. This indicator determines how many chests you will receive. The more points you earn, the better your rewards! In version 5.1.0. There are 8 chests:

By receiving Team Points, you also fill out your personal score. The Personal Score determines the look of your chest! After switching to the Personal Indicator, your chest increases its level! In version 5.1.0, there are 5 levels of chests:

I have not received my chests. Once your team has reached the 8th chest, you can still earn team points to upgrade your personal chest to the 8th ruby ??chest. You can receive your rewards immediately after filling out your Team and Personal Score. You can get your chests within a week after the end of the team challenge!

If a new challenge ends and you have not opened your chests from the previous one, they will disappear. So do not wait more than 7 days, otherwise you will lose your chests! You will need to open them to see the new passing team challenge. This 7-day Challenge with Ruby Chest is only available in version 5.1.0 and higher.

Changing teams during the execution of a task will block you from participating in the current team task until the next. Losses will not be compensated.

Governor of Poker 3: How to play after the upgrade

Balloon in the Valley. The game has a new incredible location: Valley! Try your luck at Pharaohís casino! Come and play with real professionals.

Where can I see my hat collection? To find your collection of hats, click on your profile at the top of the screen:

The following window will appear. Click on the hat button below:

Here is your collection of hats. The percentage shows how many hats you have already collected.

What is a Ticket? You can scroll through the ticket and get a random prize, such as chips, Experience Doubler or Spin. There are 5 types of tickets: Bronze, Silver and Gold Tickets were added to the game with version 4.5.6. Diamond and Ruby Tickets were added in version 5.1.0.

Where to get a ticket? You can win tickets in team challenges, daily events and in the gift calendar (if active). You will find Tickets in inventory on the same tab as your Tokens. Tickets can be used by selecting a Ticket and clicking on "Use Item". You can also get free tickets by rotating other tickets!

What prizes can I win with Tickets? Depending on your ticket, you can win the following prizes:

These prizes are random and not everyone can win the jackpot every time! Therefore, the chance to win the jackpot is lower than winning the lowest prize.

Where are my spin tokens? When you bought spin tokens but cannot find them, open your inventory. Click on the token icon to check how many tokens you have and use them.

If you bought a package of tokens, they will be delivered in a chest. Go into the inventory and click on the chest icon to open your chests. Click on the chest with backs to open it. Your backs will be shown in your bonus rotation menu and in your inventory - the "Tokens" tab.