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GUILD OF HEROES: fantasy RPG - one of the first creations of the domestic company BIT Games (Penza). The game was released on April 28, 2015 and was able to recruit more than 10,000,000 installations worldwide on various platforms. The game will appeal to fans of Diablo and World of Warcraft, only with the amendment that it is made for mobile phones. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Guild of Heroes download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Description of the game (guide for beginners)
  2. Sets and pumping
  3. Sets (sets) mage
  4. Archer sets (sets)
  5. Sets (sets) war
  6. Skill guide
  7. Mage guide
  8. Archer Guide
  9. A guide to the war
  10. Runes Guide
  11. Mana Extraction
  12. Guide on city characters
  13. Guide to the altar
  14. Passage of the Guild of Heroes Tower
  15. Arena Guide
  16. Heroes: Guild Guide
  17. Pets
  18. Saving and restoring a character

Guild of Heroes: description of the game (guide for beginners)

Adventure mode

Adventure mode

  1. Elixirs of Restoration . Touch this icon if you want to use the elixir. In the autoboar mode, the elixir will be used automatically if the heros standard of living is below 20%.
  2. Reservoir of life (hp) . This is your heros standard of living. When the amount of life ends, the hero dies. Then you have a choice: to return to the city, complete the level again or rise again for diamonds and continue the game from the place of defeat.
  3. Skill panel . Here are all your skills. To use one of them, simply tap the desired icon that activates the skill. The skill must first recharge (CD) before it can be used again. In autoboar mode, active skills (already CD) will be used automatically from left to right.
  4. Scale of experience . The scale of experience grows as you kill your opponents. When it is filled completely, the character reaches a new level and the scale is reset again.
  5. Bag with loot / inventory . Touch the bag if you want to see what things are in the inventory. You start with 6 available slots for items and you can increase their number to 21 slots.
  6. AutoBoy button . When you click on this button, the character starts to go through the locations automatically in the most common manner. The character will also use the reloaded skills in order from left to right.

In the town

In the town

  1. Gold is the main resource in the Guild of Heroes and can be used to make potions, improve inventory and skills.This scale shows the amount of gold the character has.
  2. Diamonds are the main in-game currency that you can use to buy chests that contain different rewards, and you can also use them to speed up improvements. Diamonds are very useful and can be used for many things. This scale shows the amount of diamonds a character has.
  3. Mana is used to improve skills. You can increase the maximum amount of mana you can store by pumping a jeweler.You can find mana stones while passing missions. You can extract mana from them.
  4. Event Window (Special Offer) . This is a window where you can pick up a daily entry reward, and where there are special discounts and offers to buy diamonds for a limited period of time. Here you can also see the daily rewards already collected.
  5. Chat window Touch this window to chat with other players in the chat.
  6. Daily assignments and achievements window . Here you can see your achievements. For their completion you will receive diamonds. You can also look here for Daily Assignments, which are updated once a day to receive a reward.
  7. Active Potions / Boosters . When you activate a booster or a potion, it will be displayed in this window.

Basic actions

Move . To move your hero, you need to touch where you want him to go. The character will always move towards the last touch.

Attack To attack, you must touch the enemy, and the character automatically attacks him. If you play as a warrior, your character will automatically move in the direction of the enemy to attack him. If you play as an archer, the character will be at the maximum possible distance from the opponent with which he can attack. And if he is already at that distance, he will start attacking right away.

Skills . To use a skill, tap its icon. Touch activates the skill, which will then be recharged. When the skill is on recharge, you will see a shadow recovery timer on it. When the timer passes, the skill can be used again.


Change Classes

To change the class in the Guild of Heroes, all you need to do is change the weapon, this action will immediately change the skill set in accordance with the new class.

Archer: to play as an archer, you must put a bow in your right hand. The archer attacks from a far distance, and, inflicting physical damage to the enemy, he attacks with fast batches and uses dodge to avoid damage. The archer has a high level of dodge.

Mage: To play as a mage, place the staff in your right hand. The magician also attacks from a distance. It deals magical damage using attacks with active and abundant damage and attacks that cause damage over time. He attacks immediately, aiming and minimizing his losses. The mage has a high level of resistance. (protection from the mill and the frieze)

Warrior: To play for a warrior, take the sword in your right hand. A warrior deals damage in melee and exhausts the enemy using attacks that cause damage over time and cause the enemy to bleed or burn. The warrior has a critical damage bonus.

In adventure mode


1 - Rune circle . At each level you will meet rune circle. It creates enemies and enemies that you need to destroy.Each level contains a certain number of laps that you must complete.


2 - Boss Name / Standard of Living . When the Boss appears, you will see his standard of living and his name at the top of the screen. To defeat the Boss, you must drain all his vitality until this scale becomes empty.

3 - AOE / Scope of attack . AOE is also called attack scope. This designation will warn you when an adversary uses skill with AOE instead of direct targeting. These skills are usually stronger than standard attacks and the enemy gets a camp from them. Move to a safe distance when you see the attack area marker.

Parsing inventory, runes and skills

Parsing inventory

1 - This is an indicator of the basic and highest possible characteristics of the item, such as an attack for a weapon, defense for armor and resistance for jewelry.

2 - These are improved levels. You can improve your item with the Blacksmith in the city.

3 - If in the subject there are slots for the runes, you can use the runes according to the indicated forms of the slots.

4 - Kraft value of the item.

5 - The price at which you can sell the item from the Merchant in the city.

6 - Stars mean the evolution of the subject. The more stars, the more powerful the item can become after full pumping.

Armament can be of different background colors. The rarity of the subject depends on the color.

  1. Gray is normal.
  2. Green is unusual.
  3. Blue is rare.
  4. Purple - Epic.
  5. Orange - Legendary.
  6. Things from super sets.



1 - Current and highest possible damage level abilities.

2 - Evolutions of skill. When you have pumped an item by 5 stars, you can increase the level of evolution.

3 - These are improved levels. At full scale, the evolution increases by 1 level, and the scale is reset.

4 - Generation skills. Generation is a basic level of skill. All skills have generations from 1 to 4. Skills 4 generations deal the most damage. Generation could not be improved.

5 - Price when sold at a Merchant in the city.



1 - Characteristics of the main parameter of the runes: current and maximum possible.

2 - Generation of the runes. It affects the basic capabilities of the rune. Can not be improved.

3 - Improved levels of evolution.

4 - The scale shows the level of rune pumping.

5 - This is the value of the rune, if used as a raw material for improving other runes.

Rune rarity also affects its value. Unlike skills, rune rarity does not give them additional effects. You can insert runes into equipment or use them as raw materials to improve other runes.

These are defective runes that can only be used as raw materials to improve other runes. Defective runes also vary in generations and rarities. These parameters affect the value of the rune when used as a raw material.

How to win the players stronger than you? To defeat the enemy stronger than you get if you observe three aspects. What should you have? For a start, the ability to release three arrows at the same time or five, depending on the leveling, which freeze the enemy. Secondly, it is very important to choose an enemy that has maximum power, but you only need to select a long-range (mage or archer). The archer has a priori greater power, damage than the magician (note that he had freezing arrows). If your choice fell on the magician, then in this case it will be possible to use the magician with boosters. Opponents would be better to take the knight. Before starting the battle, always click on the opponent to the right, because he will love less than the main enemy. Constantly press on the arrows for freezing and in order not to give you closer to you. You have to run away, and when they are in the freeze - wet them. This is the tactic, I hope it will help you.

Want to learn how to change the color of your nick in the game? The first thing to do is to register in the search engine "html colors", click on any link of the site and find the colors and their designation. You, for example, want pink and copy its designation without a grid (FF69B4). Go to the toy, click "Settings", the section "Edit the floor / name" and in the beginning before the nickname in square brackets insert the code. It will look like this [FF69B4 nickname], but note that your name should not exceed six letters. And, ready, you are not like the others and original!

Guild of Heroes: sets and pumping

In the game there are many sets of equipment divided into three main classes. All sets have their own special effects, to activate which you need to equip the required number of items. If you equip several items from different sets, their activated effects are summed up.

Elements of the sets can be found in the dungeons or buy in the guild shop. The higher the guild level, the higher the chance of having more powerful sets in it.

To improve the armor, you need to go to the forge. It must be remembered that you can not use an item that is on improvement.

armor enhancement

In the forge there is such a menu. Drag the item into one of the free slots on the left.


Once you have selected a thing, this panel appears. You must add there the things that will be used as raw materials in 6 slots, so that they cover the necessary indicator, which is necessary for improvement.

choice of things

  1. After selecting the raw materials, you can start improving.
  2. This indicates the time required to improve the item.
  3. Shows the amount of raw materials needed.

Guild of Heroes: sets (sets) mage

Vengeful glacier

Bearish roar


Battle Magician Tactics

Eidolon lightning

Enlightened union

The greatness of the thunder lord

Sensei's wisdom

Blood dragon

Guild of Heroes: archer sets (sets)

Azure wind

Scarlet tag

Zhu's ingenuity

Tamer Equipment

Wyvern blood

Devil's trick

Fireweave robe

Ninja sneak

Pharaoh dawn

Guild of Heroes: sets (sets) war

Gold plated armor

Storm armor

Hardening warlord

Blessing of the North

Warrior of light

Bond of brotherhood

Frozen regalia

Glory seguna

Tempered dark avenger

Guild of Heroes: skill guide

The game features a variety of skills divided into 3 classes determined by the type of your weapon. Skills vary in rarity, from green to ordinary, to orange to the rarest. The names and parameters of a skill differ according to its rarity and level. In total, the game has 5 generations and the maximum number of stars is 5. You cannot add stars to a skill, you can only pump those stars that the skill initially has.

We draw your attention to the fact that the skills presented here do not have stars or levels of pumping, all the parameters changing from this are replaced by "N".

Skill improvement

You can improve skills with the Wizard in the city. A menu will appear, and you can drag the skill you want to improve into a special slot for improvement.

skill improvement - 1

When the skill is already in the slot, you can click "improve" and wait for the specified amount of time. An upgrade fee is charged by manna.

skill improvement - 2

When you have improved the skill as many stars as possible, you can continue to improve the skill with the dust from the Altar. With dust improvement, the improvement progress will be reset and you will need to repeat the whole process again.

skill improvement - 3

skill improvement - 4

Guild of Heroes: mage guide

Magic projectile


Fire ball

Ice aura

Shock aura

Aura of the winds

Komentny storm

Instill fear

Guild of Heroes: Archer Guide


Explosive jerk


Breakthrough agility

Shadow shape

Aimed shot

Fan of arrows

Rain of arrows

Guild of Heroes: a guide to the war

Shield bash


Enhanced defense

Squall of blows


Desperate blow

Steel tornado

Guild of Heroes: Runes Guide

Runes can be found in the Tower of Trials. At the moment, the largest generation of runes is 23. Runes can vary in rarity, green is the most common, orange is the rarest. Orye is in the game. Please note that the higher the generation, the more powerful the rune.

Runes - 1

Runes - 2

Runes - 3

Runes - 4

To insert the runes in the objects, you must go to the Rune Master. Then you select the rune under the shape of a free slot in the subject.

Runic craft - 1

The Runest Wizard will display a menu like the one in the picture. Drag an item with free slots to the left where the green arrow points.

Runic craft - 2

After moving the item you will have a menu where you can insert the runes in the appropriate slot.

Runic craft - 3

When the runes are in place, you can click "insert". If you want to improve the rune in the subject, you can also click on the rune in this menu.

With the Rune Master, you can also improve the runes, even if they are already inserted into the item.

Runic craft - 4

To improve the rune, you need to drag it to the appropriate slot. The enhancement menu will open. If the rune is already in the subject, you will also see the corresponding enhancement menu.

Runic craft - 5

  1. As soon as the rune is ready for improvement, you need to place other runes and runes with a defect in the slots, where they will be used as raw materials to improve the runes you need.
  2. You will see this scale filled when there is enough raw material for improvement. When it is complete, you can improve the thing further to the next level.
  3. The number of stars rune pumped. Every time you fill a full scale, you can improve the rune to the next level.

Guild of Heroes: Mana Extraction

To extract mana from mana stones, you must visit a jeweler.

Mana: Mana can be obtained in 3 ways. You get mana in daily entry bonuses, daily quests and extracting it from mana stones.


To extract mana, you first need to get mana stones, which you can find by passing locations, dungeons and a tower. Once you have any of the stones, you can take it to the jeweler.

extracting mana

When you find yourself at a jeweler, you will open such a menu. Just move the stone to the center and click "Extract." The jeweler will gain experience from mana extraction, and you will be able to store more mana depending on the level of your jeweler.


As soon as the mana stone is placed in the slot, its cost will appear at the bottom, how long it takes to extract, and how much mana you will receive in the end.

Guild of Heroes: Guide on city characters

Jeweler, Witch, Wizard

Jeweler : Here you can extract mana from stones.

Witch : Here you can brew treatment potions to take with you to the location.

Wizard : Here you can improve skills.

Blacksmith, Runemaster, Trader

Blacksmith : Here you can improve your gear.

Rune Master : Here you can insert / remove runes from objects and improve them.

Merchant : Here you can buy and sell items.

Guardians of the Tower, Guild, Arena

Guardian of the Tower : Here you can fight in the tower and get the runes.

Guardian Guild : Here you can join, create or check the guild and its members.

Arena Guard : Here you can fight in the arena and get tokens for the arena shop.

Guild of Heroes: Guide to the altar


At Star Altar, you can extract Dust or Fragments to enhance your skills and equipment. When you first tap on the Star Altar, you will go inside and see that there are different colored fragments for things and different colored dust for skills. Select the resource you are looking for.

Star Altar - 1

Star Altar - 2

Star Altar - 3

You will not need to fill the craft cost bar before making an offering. Put two skills in a special area if you want dust, or two things if you want fragments. The proposed items should have the same or better color than the material of the resource you have chosen. For example, if you want blue dust, you must offer blue or purple abilities. If you want green fragments, you can suggest green, blue, purple, or orange outfits. Once you have filled two slots, you can make an offering.

Star Altar - the battle

Once you have made an offering, you enter the Star Arena to fight against the Elementals of the Altar. You have seven attempts to win. Note that if you spend all the effort, you lose the offering. If you win, resources are stored in the Star Altar. Once you have enough resources, you can go to the Wizard or the Blacksmith to improve your skills / armor.

Star Altar - Victory

Star Altar - Done

Passage of the Guild of Heroes Tower

You can find the runes in the Tower of Trials. The tower consists of tiers. 1 key is required for each floor. The floor consists of 7 stages, each next stage is more difficult than the previous one. Additional keys will appear every 20 hours with a storage limit of 2 keys at a time. The tower currently consists of more than 80 floors and about 20 tiers. You have 3 attempts to pass the floor to get the opportunity to move to the next.


  1. Shows the floor you are currently on and at what stage.
  2. Shows the recommended level of difficulty.
  3. Shows how many attempts you have left.

Guild of Heroes: Arena Guide

Arena - PVP battle of two Heroes fighting against two other opponents. When you go to fight in the arena, you can hire a stranger or friend as a partner if their power level is equal to or lower than yours. There are different leagues in the arena. The more battles you win, the higher you will rise. All players start in the Bronze League. As soon as you acquire the required number of trophies to advance to the next league, you will be automatically transferred there. You get more tokens for trophies that win a higher-ranking league. For players in the legendary league at the end of each season, you will receive 1 legendary token if you have more than 4,500 trophies. These tokens can be spent at the Legendary League Store.

My league arena

As soon as you enter the Arena and decide to enter the fight, you will see three potential opponents and their partners. We draw your attention to the fact that opponents are selected according to your current number of trophies. You have 5 attempts. They resume after a few hours.

Choosing an opponent

When using boosters in the arena, keep in mind that health potions are not available. We wish you all the best in climbing the Arena!

Arena Fight

Heroes: Guild Guide

You can join the Guild when you reach level 17. The guild guard is at the very end of Greyhaven on the left side of the map. Click on the gate and use the search function to find the Guild you want to join or create your own guild.Please note that some Guilds have certain requirements and your application may not be accepted.

When you create a guild, you are given 10 time tokens. They can be used to summon a boss without waiting for the required time. Each Guild is given only 10 tokens, and they can be shared by the Guild Leader and the officers.

Guild guard

As soon as you join the Guild, the leader or officer can call the raid boss. If you see a twisting portal, the raid is active. Click on it to participate in the raid. Know that you are going to fight alone. When the total damage from the Guild reaches 100%, it means that you have defeated the boss. To be rewarded, you must defeat the Boss Guild and inflict at least 3% of the total damage. Three guild members who deal the most damage will be rewarded with additional tokens.

guild raid

Raid boss

Guild tokens can be used in the Guild Store. The higher the guild level, the better things in the store. The picture shows where to find the store.

Guild Shop

Guild Personal Banners

Guild personal banners are bought for banner tokens that you can hardly earn in Guild Wars. You can find them in your Guild Wars store or in the event chests.

As soon as you have acquired a banner, it will be displayed in the inventory. You can activate it for the benefit and progress of the character. Here are a few highlights to help you:

List of various types of personal banners

Banners - 1

Banners - 2

Banners - 3

Banners - 4

Pets in the Guild of Heroes


The game added the long-awaited pets (pets). So lets find out a little more about them:

How and where will pets be used? Pets replace a hired friend, they can inflict quite a lot of damage to opponents, and also grant their owners special spontaneous armor, which protects the latter from the damage received. The player can use pets in the same modes where friends were previously allowed to use, that is: in normal locations and dungeons, as well as in the new modes "Spirits Hunt" and "Soaring Islands". Pet invocation is limited to a limit of 5 attempts, which are restored at a rate of one attempt at 2 hours.

Summon Pets Pet summoning requires the appropriate Elemental Stones. Stones are mined on the island of pets. Icon access to the island will be visible in the lower right corner of the window with a map of the world.Access to the island opens at level 25 power. The island has 4 locations (according to the number of elements), access to these locations is limited to a limit of 5 attempts, common to all four locations, which are restored at a rate of 1 attempt per hour. In these locations, the player gets 2 resources that are needed for working with pets: elemental stones (for calling and evoking pets) and perfume stones (for pumping pets, an analogue of experience). Players here are waiting for a new mode "Spirits Hunt" (see below).

Each location consists of three arenas, on each of them the player will meet elemental spirits. On the first arena of the location there will be 1 spirit, on the second 2, on the third 3 spirits. The players task is to catch as many spirits as possible. The spirit can be caught only if you kill the enemy, in which this spirit has moved. Spirits give opponents a strong bonus to armor, so its not so easy to kill an opponent with a spirit inside. There is another difficulty: spirits do not like to sit in opponents for a long time and in a few seconds they change the enemy.Therefore, we recommend hiring a friend before going to these locations. For each captured spirit, the player receives one stone of the spirit of the corresponding element. For the successful completion of the location of the player receives an additional chest from which you can get an additional reward, for example, a more powerful stone of the spirit or element of equipment pet.

Characteristics and pumping pet Pumping pets can be divided into 2 components: pumping the pet itself and pumping pet equipment. Pets have 2 main characteristics: health and damage. There are also additional options for the player: attack speed, chance of critical damage, critical hit multiplier, dodge chance, and resistance to control. Pet has 4 slots for equipment. This equipment is special for pets. The same rules apply to equipment as for players equipment: it has a quality parameter, a star rating, it can have runes slots and parameter bonuses, it can also be pumped. Each element of a pets equipment increases one of its basic parameters: 2 items of equipment increase a pets health, the other 2 items increase its damage.

Once equipped with a pet item, equipment will not be removed from it. You can only replace this item with another one, saving a part of the pumping from the old item (this process is called Merging).Each pet has 3 skills that can also be improved.

Pumping the pet itself In order for the pet to receive levels, spirit stones of the corresponding element are required. When a pet receives a level after "feeding" with spirits, its basic characteristics increase: its health and damage. Also, a pet for each level gains 1 skill point, which can be spent on activating or improving one of its three skills.

The evolution of pets With the accumulation of levels, the pet gains the ability to evolve. Evolution also requires elemental stones similar to those required to summon a pet. Evolution changes the pets appearance, increases its basic characteristics, and also opens up the possibility of further improving the pets skills. Each subsequent evolution will require more and more elemental stones. In the merchants shop, you can purchase a special elemental chest, from which you can get particularly powerful perfume stones for pumping a pet and a rather large number of element stones.

Getting equipment for pets The simplest equipment for pets can be found in the chest, which the player receives in the "Spirits Hunt" mode. This equipment may be enough at the initial stage of the game, but for the most part this equipment will be used to improve better equipment as a raw material. The most advanced equipment for pets is extracted in the "Soaring Islands" mode, where the player will have to "take away" valuable loot from other pets. In the "Floating Islands" mode, the player will meet 3 other pets as opponents, therefore, in order to successfully complete this mode, you must take one of your strongest pets with you. The player has 2 opportunities to get a reward in the "Soaring Islands" mode, while if the attempt is unsuccessful, thats okay - the mode only counts successful passes. Additional attempts are awarded every 8 hours.

Improving pet equipment Pet equipment can be improved and evolved, like a players outfit.

Saving and restoring a character

In order to save your character and not lose progress while playing in the Hero Guild, we recommend synchronizing your game profile with Google Play Center or Game Center.

This can be done in the game by clicking on the settings button and selecting the "Social Networks" tab. Once you have done this, you can connect to your Apple or Android account.

We also recommend to draw your attention to the identification of the Player. You can find in the settings ID the number of the character that contains the numbers. If you lose a character, he can be restored with an ID.

Account binding

If you have a new device, or you want to play two at the same time by downloading the old game, you can do this if the profile has been linked to Google Play.

To restore the profile, do the following:

If your profile was not linked to Google Play, please contact customer support at: goheroes-support-gplay@goplaytoday.com, indicating the following information in the letter, which will help us find your account:

  1. Character id.
  2. Nickname of the character.
  3. Date of creation of the character.
  4. Character level.
  5. Tied social networks (Facebook, VK).
  6. Last visit time of the game.

You will also need a new player character ID to restore the old player. To do this, you need to create a new character, finish the training tutorial and walk to the city.