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GWENT THE WITCHMAC is a game for android with release date 03.24.2020 from CD PROJEKT SA Game genre: Card. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Review
  2. Combat Mechanics Guide
  3. Gameplay
  4. Game Tips
  5. Account and Technical Issues

GWENT The Witcher: Beginner’s Review

What is GWENT? GWENT is a competitive card game. In GWENT, you will fight in fast-paced duels that require strategic thinking, bluffing skills - and a well-built deck to win. A game in Gwent is played up to two victories, powerful spells, various units with special abilities, as well as all sorts of tricks and tricks are used.

Is GWENT free to play? GWENT is free to play with optional in-game purchases.

What platforms is Gwent available on? Gwent can be played on PC and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Are there any rewards in the game? How do I get them? The game rewards for winning rounds and matches, leveling up and ranking up in classic matches, and progressing through the season after it ends. Plus, you get a daily login reward and a small bonus every time an opponent thanks you for playing.

How well do you need to know the Witcher universe to enjoy the game? Gwent is completely self-contained. It is based on a series of books and games about the witcher, but even without knowing anything about this universe, you will enjoy the game.

Do you need to know about card games in general to play Gwent? Not at all! You can easily master the basics of GWENT in a few minutes, but as you play and experiment with different decks, you will discover unnoticeable combinations of cards for beginners. That is why GWENT is interesting for beginners and at the same time attractive for professionals.

What game modes are there in GWENT? In GWENT, you can play with friends and compete in classic and seasonal matches, as well as in the arena. In addition, in training mode, you can play against the computer.

How often does new content appear on GWENT? Every month, the game is updated with new content, offers and balance changes. In addition, the developers regularly release large-scale add-ons with new maps and mechanics for the meta.

Does the game support cross-platform play and purchases? Can I play with opponents on other platforms and buy items on one platform and use on another? Cross-platform play and same account purchases are available between PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.

At what age can you start playing Gwent? GWENT is intended for players over 16 years old.

What languages ??does Gwent support? Gwent is currently playable in English, Polish, French, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

What is GOG Galaxy? GOG Galaxy is a game client that enhances GWENT’s PC multiplayer and matchmaking capabilities. GOG Galaxy will take care of the updates on its own and you will always have the latest version of the game.

Do you need Internet to play? Yes, you need an internet connection.

Will I be able to post videos and screenshots I take while playing Gwent? Yes of course!

GWENT The Witcher: Combat Mechanics Guide

Battlefield. GWENT is a battle between two armies in the world of The Witcher. With the release of the Homecoming update, the battleground has acquired a unique design depending on the faction you choose.

Leaders. The leaders have fully 3D models and command your army on the battlefield. With each leader, you not only get a special ability, but you can also exchange a different number of cards at the beginning of the match and between rounds.

The course of the game is up to you. Each faction has its own unique reward tree and its own development paths. Play GWENT, earn reward points and use them to open barrels, resources and cards that suit you.

Two rows - many styles of play. In Homecoming, squad position is key. Play cards in a certain row to get a powerful bonus, and don’t forget about the range - this is the distance at which the squad’s ability operates.

Deck builder. Your army can consist of any number of cards, starting at 25. Each unit has its own recruitment cost, which determines its strength. Each army has a recruitment limit that determines the maximum value of the total strength of its units.

Artifacts. Artifacts are powerful cards that do not directly affect the game score, but can greatly interfere with the enemy’s plans, because they are not so easy to remove from the battlefield.

Orders. Unlike other abilities, orders can be activated manually, so with them you have to plan ahead. Decide for yourself whether to activate orders immediately or wait for a more opportune moment.

GWENT The Witcher: Gameplay

Coin toss - New system. The balance of the game has been improved: now the player who goes first can exchange for one more card and gets a tactical advantage - this is an artifact card that is summoned to the field at the beginning of the match.

The number of cards taken matters. At the beginning of each round, players draw 3 cards. But remember: your hand should not have more than 10 cards, and all extra cards are automatically discarded. On the one hand, this complicates the game, but on the other, it opens up new opportunities for maneuvers.

Complete the turn at will. Many new elements have been added to the game, including the Order ability, so your turn will no longer automatically end when you play a card. Instead, you decide when to pass the move to your opponent.

You won’t be able to pass whenever you want. You can now only pass if you have never activated the leader’s ability or order and played no cards during your turn. In this case, as soon as there are no cards left in your hand, you automatically fold.

GWENT The Witcher: Game Tips

Season rewards. To receive a season reward after the season ends, you must play at least one ranked match during the season. You will receive a Season Reward (Reward Points) when you log into the game after the start of the next season. The number of reward points depends on your rank at the end of the season.

Promotion in the ranking. Ranked GWENT has 31 rank. Players start at the lowest, 30th, rank and advance to the zero Pro rank. At each rank, you need to collect a mosaic of 5 fragments that you receive for winning matches. Beginning at Rank 25, you will lose Jigsaw Fragments for lost matches, but you cannot downgrade during the current season. Starting from the third victory in a row, you will receive an additional piece of the puzzle as a bonus for the winning streak (does not apply to 7th rank or higher). If the game ends in a draw, the winning streak is not reset.

RankWinning streakDefeat
30-26There isIt is impossible to lose a piece of the mosaic.
25-15There isYou lose a piece of the puzzle if you are defeated twice in a row.
14-8There isYou lose a piece of the puzzle for each defeat.
7-1NoYou lose a piece of the puzzle for each defeat.
0 (Pro)NoNo mosaic, progress depends on fMMR.

Decrease in rank at the beginning of the season. Starting at rank 25, the rank received at the end of the season is reduced at the beginning of the next season. As a result, the player can move 1-3 ranks lower. The following is how many ranks down you can move depending on your rank at the end of the season:

The top 500 players in Pro rank retain their rank.

Automatic grinding of excess cards. When you open the Deck Builder, the extra cards in your collection are automatically shredded. Superfluous copies of a card are meant that cannot be added to the deck and converted. Regular and premium cards are counted separately from each other. In such quantities, copies of the card are not considered superfluous. Bronze:


To display premium cards in the constructor, the filter "Priority with premium" is set by default. To see what common cards you have in your collection, select the "All" filter instead.

I created a map, but I cannot find it in the Collection. If you cannot find the created map in your Collection, please make sure that the appropriate filters are selected in the Collection. The filter panel is on the right side of the Deck Builder. If you are sure that the filters are configured correctly, but still cannot find the map, please contact support and provide them with the following information:

I accidentally created / ground a map. Can I get my resources / map back? Technical Support does not have the ability to return resources or maps created in GWENT. Check each transaction carefully before confirming it.

Unable to complete travel quests. The journey has two rows of tasks. The tasks in each row must be completed in order. You cannot start a travel quest without completing the previous one. If a green checkmark is displayed under the name of the task, it means that the task is completed, and you have received a reward.

The ability does not match the description. If you notice that the ability did not work as described, make sure that all the conditions for activating the ability have been met. For example, if you are playing a unit that deals damage to the enemy and also has a Range: 1, this means that you will not be able to select an enemy unit on the Long Range. If in such a situation all the enemy units are on the Long Range, your card’s ability will not work.

The contract was not opened after the conditions were met. If you have fulfilled the terms of the contract, but it has not been opened, please submit the following information:

GWENT The Witcher: Account and Technical Issues

Can I transfer my GWENT account to another platform? How about transferring items from one account to another? If you are using the same account, then you will have access to your progress and collection of maps, regardless of the platform. You cannot transfer progress, maps and items from one account to another. PS4 and Xbox One account holders can copy their account and save all progress.

Username change. To change your username, open Profile and Regional Settings. Then click on the "Change" button to the right of your username. Please note: the username can contain only Latin letters, numbers, periods, hyphens and underscores, and its length must be from 2 to 18 characters.

GWENT won’t launch. Make sure you have installed Gwent from the Play Store. If the notification "Not supported on your device" appears on the GWENT page on Google Play, you will not be able to install the game on that device. Make sure your device has the latest version of Android. Clear cache and delete GWENT data:

  1. Open the settings of your Android device;
  2. Open the section "Applications and notifications", then select "All applications";
  3. Find GWENT in the list and select it;
  4. Open the "Memory" section, then select "Clear cache";
  5. Select "Memory Management", then select "Erase Data".

Deleting your data will not affect your progress on GWENT. Clear the cache and data of Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Change the connection type: from Wi-Fi to mobile or vice versa. If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure the stability of your connection is not affected by downloads, streams, or other users. Reboot your device. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Can’t update or install Gwent. If the notification "Not supported on your device" appears on the GWENT page on Google Play, you will not be able to install the game on that device. If you are having trouble updating or installing Gwent, follow these steps:

Will my Android device be supported? Only devices with Android 7.0 (Nougat) or newer are supported. Requires at least 2GB of RAM and OpenGL ES 3.2 or later. If you receive a notification "Not supported on your device" when you try to register on Google Play, you will not be able to install the game on that device.

The match ended unexpectedly. If a match ends unexpectedly for reasons unrelated to situations such as a regular loss of internet connection, please send the following information to the support team:

I can not continue the game / "blocker". If you are faced with a situation where further progress is impossible during a match or in any other section of the game, please report this to the support service, and also be sure to clarify the following details:

Article author: Nadezhda D.