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Harvest Swap Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

HARVEST SWAP - Android game with release date 05/27/2015 from the company Zynga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to make a combination? To make a combination, you need to build a line of at least three fruits. Thus, you will "collect" these fruits, get points and get closer to the goal.

How to reach the level goal? At each level you need to achieve a specific goal for victory. There are four types of level goals:

  1. Get points. Make different combos and combos to get more points!
  2. Pick the fruits. At these levels, you need to plan actions. Intuition tells you to combine only those fruits that are needed to win. But do not forget: successful combos, even from unnecessary fruits, can give an excellent result, and you will collect many necessary fruits! And also remember the barrels!
  3. Lower special items to the very bottom of the playing field. What are the special items? Anything: food for your hungry pets or fuel for a frozen farm. Move the subject to the edge of the playing field, collecting fruits under it!
  4. Remove risks. Dirt or frost, or maybe some other threat to your farm. Sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and work. If at the level you need to remove any risks, then remember: combos and timely used amplifications are your best helpers!

How do lives work? You have a maximum of 5 lives (full). If you do not pass the level, you lose a life.

There are several ways to get life:

A friend sent me an extra life, but the game tells me that I have a full set of lives. Why havent life been added? If you have a full set of lives, then the life received from a friend or won on the wheel of fortune is not added. So it is better to spend your life first, and then receive gifts or play the wheel of fortune.

I can not pass the level. What to do? Some levels are harder than others. You may face a serious challenge that will make you see the game, on the other hand. Combo and powerups usually help to cope with a difficult task.

What can be done with coins and how to get them? For coins you can buy items that will help you in the game. You get coins as a reward for successfully completing a level. The higher your star rating, the more coins you will receive. You can also buy coins by clicking the [+] icon near the coins at the top of the level selection screen.

What can be done with diamonds and how to get them? Powerful amplifiers can be bought for diamonds, including additional moves if they are over! Getting diamonds is harder than coins. They are not awarded for completing a level, but if you are lucky you will receive diamonds as a reward for some actions in the game. You can also buy diamonds by clicking the [+] icon near the diamonds at the top of the level selection screen.

Combo and special features

Sunshine. If you combine four fruits in a row, then this combo will give one of the fruits a special property: a sunbeam. The sunbeam is easy to recognize, because it shines brightly. If you combine the sunbeam, you will collect a whole vertical or horizontal row of fruits! Use the rays wisely to get more points!

Barrel. A barrel will appear if you combine five fruits in a row. A barrel is very useful, because with its help you can collect all the fruits of one species at a time! For example, if you have a barrel and there is a strawberry nearby, then swap the barrel and strawberries, and you will collect all the strawberries on the playing field. This is especially useful at collection levels.

Prize fruit. The fruit becomes a prize if, as a result of permutations, you collect 5 fruits of the same type in a combination of "corner" or in the shape of the letter "T". You can recognize the prize fruit by the ribbon that it is decorated with. If you remove the row with the prize fruit, it explodes, and you collect all the fruits around in a 3x3 square, and after the appearance of new fruits on the field, the prize fruit explodes again, and you again collect the fruits in a 3x3 square.

Box. If you collect the fruits in a square 2x2, then you will get a box. Boxes, unlike fruits, do not move around the playing field. They remain in one place until you use them. To use the box, draw a line from the box through the same fruits and try to make it more authentic. A line can be pulled and pulled through identical fruits, forming a long chain. You can connect the fruits vertically, horizontally and diagonally. When you collect all the possible fruits, remove your finger from the screen, and all the marked fruits will be in the box. Combine several boxes - and get huge chains!

Can I do other combos? And how! If you have any two bonuses (sunbeam, barrel, prize fruit, box) nearby, swap them and see what happens! By combining bonuses, you always get amazing results! Use this at your earliest convenience!

What is amplification?

Shovel. Farmers loyal friend. Shovels can be purchased at most levels, before it starts (and used at any time) or during the passage.

When you buy a shovel, it will appear on the pop-up panel. If you touch the shovel, an arrow will appear on the playing field at a certain point. Move the arrow to the point on the playing field that you want to dig up, and click Yes to apply the spade. A shovel will dig an object at this point and remove it from the field. If it is a fruit, you will collect it!

Box. A box is a very useful thing for a farmer. Buy a box, passing the level, and put it in place of any fruit.

After receiving the box, use it to create a chain: draw a line through the maximum number of fruits of one type.The line can be drawn vertically, horizontally, diagonally - and even through several boxes. And every time you add a new box to the chain, you can use a new type of fruit!

Wheelbarrow. With a wheelbarrow, you can collect a whole bunch of identical fruits at a time. Buy a car, passing the level, and place it on top of any fruit. After placing the car will collect from the field all the fruits of this type. Works great on collection levels!

Additional moves. Sometimes a couple of extra moves are crucial. In this case, you can buy additional moves.This gain is available before the start of the level or when the moves have ended. You can buy it for diamonds.

Sun rays. A little sun will always be welcome, right? Buy this gain, and the suns rays will be added to the playing field before the start of the game. With their help, you can quickly remove a number of fruits! This is especially useful at levels with different risks.

What are the risks?

At some levels, risks can make it harder for you to succeed. Find out more about them to plan your moves!

Rabbits (carrots)

Although the little rabbits themselves are not harmful, but they take up space, and on the farm of the roads every piece of land! Remove the rabbits from the field with carrots, let them go. For carrots, they will crawl out of the mink, eat all the grass and hasten a nap somewhere under the tree, and you can finish the level!


It is not easy to cope with frost, but after practicing properly, you can remove them! To get to the fruit hidden under the frosts, combine the fruits so that it is in a row. The frost will disappear, and you can combine the open fruit as usual!


Stones can be removed if you make alignments next to them. But be careful: you may encounter very strong stones. You will have to make several alignments next to completely remove them. If possible, do combos, they really help to remove stones!


It is easier to remove dirt than other risks, but the trouble is: usually there is a lot of it. Dirt lies in one or two layers. The double layer becomes single if you combine the fruit on top of the dirt. Single layers disappear if you combine the fruits on them.

Hay bales

What a farm without picturesque bales of hay? You just have to spend time to remove them. To remove the bale of hay, just combine the fruits next to it. You will collect the fruits and remove the hay.

How to play on levels with ravens? Crows have invaded your farm and steal your food! Drive away these harmful birds! Successfully complete the level with ravens and get additional coins. On the map, levels with ravens are colored in orange and next to them is a tree with ravens. They are in different parts of the map.

Before the start of the level with ravens you will be offered to get a scarecrow. There are three types of scarecrows, they can be purchased for coins. Scarecrow will help you cope with crows faster!

At levels with ravens, your goal is to collect certain fruits that reduce the scale of the tree with ravens. When the tree scale with crows drops to zero and all the crows fly away, the level will be completed!

After completing the level you will receive additional coins. Look on the map for other levels with ravens. Pass new tests and get even more coins. Levels with ravens can be repeated to get three stars at all!

How does a piggy bank work? Get stars by completing levels. Stars will fill the piggy bank scale . The piggy bank shows your progress while you collect stars, and restarts when you exchange stars for diamonds. The piggy bank scale appears when you get the stars. As the scale fills, diamonds are added to your piggy bank. Fill the scale and add more and more diamonds!

Check your progress: click on the piggy bank icon to the right of the name of the card.

When the scale is full, get the diamonds: click on the number and a pop-up window will appear. A piggy bank can be opened at any time and collect accumulated diamonds.

Attention: When the piggy bank is full, diamonds cannot be saved until you open the piggy bank and restart it.

After purchase, diamonds will be added to the total number of your diamonds in the game. When the piggy bank restarts after opening, you can again save diamonds.

Attention! If you have an active star bonus, it will multiply your stars for the passed level before adding them to the piggy bank.

What is a bonus harvest? When you complete the level, all remaining moves turn into a bonus harvest! The bonus crop turns every remaining movement into a prize fruit, and all these fruits explode in turn, bringing you a bunch of points!

How does the Wheel of Fortune work? You can win various prizes on the Wheel of Fortune - it all depends on your luck! Spin the wheel at least once a day for special prizes. A green checkmark indicates that you already rotated the wheel that day.

Remember when you first turned the wheel for the first time in a day, as re-rotation may be available.

Note: Repeated rotation of the wheel does not count for the next day. A minimum of 24 hours should elapse between the first daily spins.

How to connect to Facebook? You can enter Facebook in several ways: through the games main menu, through the games settings screen, or through the start / end level screen. By clicking the "Connect" button, you will briefly switch from the FarmVille: Harvest Swap application to the Facebook application. As soon as you log into your Facebook account, you will immediately return to the game and will be able to share your achievements with your friends on Facebook, send / receive gifts and requests, monitor the progress of friends on the farm.

How to save my level achievements on a new device? To play on multiple devices, you need to link your account with Facebook. This will allow the game to remember your achievements, and you will get access to them from any device. And dont forget to check that you use the same email address for accounts in Game Center and on Google Play.

How to disable notifications in the iOS system? To manage notifications on your iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad), follow these steps:

How to disable notifications in the Android system? To manage notifications on an Android device (tablet or phone), follow these steps: