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Hitman Sniper Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

HITMAN SNIPER - Android game with release date 06/03/2015 from SQUARE ENIX. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Game Tips
  3. Montenegro
  4. Arsenal
  5. Death Valley
  6. In-app / game store purchases
  7. My Account

Hitman Sniper: Beginner’s Guide

What is Hitman: Sniper? This game offers you:

Montenegro Montenegro is the starting map for Hitman: Sniper. Here, players start the game and complete training tasks. Montenegro is a one-level mode on which you can perform many difficult tasks with various tasks: to kill enemies with the "domino effect", an explosion, to mask the killing as an accident and more!

By default, you use the Izanami rifle, but as you advance into Hitman: Sniper you will be able to unlock new rifles and other weapons. Weapons can also be obtained by purchasing it in the application. Regardless of how you got the weapon, you can upgrade it for in-game currency and receive bonuses in the arsenal before starting the task.Some weapon models give bonuses: for example, with the Hunter rifle, you can buy all the improvements of the Death Valley at half the price!

Death Valley. Death Valley is an alternative game mode in which you must protect a survivor named Ben from hordes of zombies while he is repairing an escape car. You have to choose one of three difficulty levels and fight waves of zombies, stray zombies, as well as zombies with special skills. On the Normal and Difficult difficulty levels, you must defend Ben for a limited time, and during the game only certain types of zombies appear. At the Expert difficulty level, you will encounter the true power of the horde: all kinds of zombies appear, and the game ends only with Ben’s death.

How to turn on or turn off music and / or sound effects in the game? If you prefer to play without music and / or sound effects, you can turn off sounds in the settings menu. Click the gear icon (in the upper left corner of the screen). Find the "Music" and "Audio Effects" items and click on the arrow buttons next to them to turn sounds on or off. You can also do this during the assignment. To open the settings menu, click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen. You can return to the settings menu at any time and turn on the music and sound effects again.

How can I keep my progress? To store data in the cloud in any way, the device must be connected to the network. In Hitman: Sniper, you can save progress in two ways.

  1. Method 1 - Google Play. To save your progress in the cloud, sign in to Google Play before launching the game. You can also access the Google Play cloud in the game settings menu (click on the gear icon in the upper left of the main menu> find the item Play games services> click on the arrow button to enter the system).
  2. Method 2 - Facebook. Having completed the second training task, you will find yourself in the main menu. From there you can enter your Facebook account from the settings menu (click the gear icon in the upper left of the main menu> find the Facebook item> click on the red arrow to enter the account). If you’re not signed in to Google Play, you can also sign in to Facebook from the leaderboard.

Is there a mode for left-handed people in Hitman: Sniper? Yes! You can enable or disable the mode for lefties in the game settings. Start the task in Montenegro or Death Valley> click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen> select "Left-handed" and click on the red arrow to turn the setting on or off.

This setting can be turned on or off only in the settings menu of the game, in the settings in the main menu this cannot be done.

How to shoot in the game? Hitman: Sniper has two ways of shooting:

1. Method 1 - the shot button. The shot button in the game settings should be enabled. While in the game, click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen> find the "Shot Button"> by clicking on the red arrows, select "On". When the shot button is active, during the game, tap the screen anywhere to enter the aimed shooting mode. When you look into the optical sight, press the shot button to shoot. The shot button is located in the lower left part of the screen (or in the lower right part of the screen, if the "Left-handed" mode is enabled).

2. Method 2 - without a shot button. The shot button in the game settings should be turned off. While in the game, click on the pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen> find the "Shot Button"> by clicking on the red arrows, select "Off"). Touch the screen anywhere during the game to enter aimed shooting mode. When you look into the telescope, tap anywhere inside the scope to shoot.

How to perform different types of killings?

Hitman Sniper: Game Tips

How to open a Just Cause rifle? To open the Just Cause rifle, complete quest 4 in Montenegro. From the main menu, go to the Just Cause rifle menu at the top of the screen to view the conditions.

Will I lose my weapon and rank if I choose "Return to Chapter 2"? Not! The "Return to Chapter 2" function allows players to re-complete most of the tasks without losing their weapons and rank.

Hitman Sniper: Montenegro

Can I skip tasks? In Hitman: Sniper, you can skip a task after two attempts. If you tried to complete the task twice, but the goals turned out to be too complicated for you, the "Skip the task" button will appear over the tasks in the Montenegro menu.

Skipping a task, you will not be able to start it again.

What are interactive subjects? There are several interactive items on the Montenegro map; to use them, usually you just have to shoot them:

If you take advantage of the Chaos Bonus advantage, rubber ducks, laptops and champagne bottles will be marked in red and explode if you shoot at them.

What is an important goal? Hitman: Sniper has 11 important goals. You can find out information about them in the "Goals" menu. As you complete tasks in Montenegro, new goals will appear in this menu. For each goal, you can open 4 levels of Info, completing tasks in Montenegro. By eliminating these goals during the quests, you can get the details for the weapon to be opened. In the "Goals" menu, you can find out what details you will receive for eliminating goals, how much data you need to collect to get a specific part, and how much data you have already collected about a particular goal.

When you buy a beginner’s kit, the info of all goals will rise to level 2. When you buy a gold "Aria", the info of all goals will rise to the maximum level.

What is this button "Money for viewing"? The button "Money for viewing" is displayed in the menu of Montenegro and the Death Valley. With it, you can watch a commercial and get a little game currency for it in Hitman: Sniper. For watching videos in the Montenegro menu, you get Blood Money, for watching videos in the Death Valley menu - tokens. In each menu - up to five clips that can be viewed at any time. After you watch the video and get a reward, a timer for 2 hours will appear on the button. Having watched all 5 clips, you can watch new clips only when the countdown is over.

Hitman Sniper: Arsenal

What gives weapon enhancement and skill bonus? Initially, each rifle’s weapon reinforcement is 100%.Improving the rifle, you increase the gain of weapons. This is also visible in the results window at the end of the assignment: at the very end of the list, the additional bonus that you received is displayed. Having completely improved the rifle, you can develop mastery of weapons.

Each skill level further enhances weapon reinforcement. Once you achieve perfect mastery, weapon enhancement will affect all rifles. The maximum weapon gain is displayed next to your current weapon gain. When you achieve perfect mastery for every rifle in the game, all rifles will receive maximum amplification.

What are the benefits? Benefits are passive weapon bonuses that help you during the game. Unlike skills, benefits do not need to be activated: they constantly affect the game when you use the appropriate weapons.

Descriptions of the benefits and skills can be viewed with a long press on the weapon icon in the arsenal.

What are skills? Weapon skills are special features that you can activate during the game and which will help you perform certain tasks. Each skill has its own icon, which appears during the game at the bottom of the screen.To use some skills, you must click on the icon and shoot a weapon, while others begin to act immediately after clicking on the icon. After using any skill goes into recovery mode, and you have to wait before applying it again.

How to get parts of weapons? All parts of the weapon can be obtained by eliminating important goals. In the "Goals" menu, you can find out what parts can be obtained for killing certain goals, as well as get information about important goals.

Hitman Sniper: Death Valley

How to open Death Valley mode? To open Death Valley mode, complete quest 6 in Montenegro. To unlock new difficulty levels in Death Valley, complete the mode on previous difficulty levels.

Can I use weapons from the arsenal in Death Valley? Not. In Death Valley, a special rifle is used, which is present only in this game mode.

A similar rifle ("Judge") can be opened and used in Montenegro.

Hitman Sniper: In-app / game store purchases

How to get more game currency? In Hitman: Sniper there are two types of game currency: Blood Money and tokens. Blood Money can be earned for completing missions in Montenegro. Tokens can be obtained by playing in Death Valley (using weapons with the "Kill Reward" advantage, you will also earn tokens during missions in Montenegro). Both types of game currency can be purchased for real money. To do this, simply click the "+" button next to the currency in the upper right corner of the screen, being in the menu, a store with various sets of currency will open. In addition, a little currency of each kind is included in the beginner’s set.

How to get a refund? You can send a refund request for a purchase of Hitman: Sniper or for in-game purchases in two ways:

  1. Contact customer service.
  2. Contact your Google Play representative and request a refund.

How do I get my purchases again? To get your purchases again, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, go to the settings menu in the upper left corner.
  2. Find the "Shopping" item.
  3. Click on the button with a red arrow to get a purchase.
Network connection required! When you successfully receive your purchases, a notification pop-up will appear. If you have any problems, click the "Contact us" button and attach a screenshot of the confirmation of purchase and order number.

Hitman Sniper: My Account

How does the leaderboard work? To add your score to the leaderboard, you must be logged in to your Google Play Services or Facebook account. The leaderboard displays the best personal results of the players for any one task. Only the account of active players is visible in the list. The account of inactive players who have not completed the task within 72 hours is temporarily hidden. The score does not disappear forever: if such players pass any task, their best score will again appear in the leaderboard and take the appropriate place.

Only the best player score is displayed in the list. Passing the following tasks does not mean that you will definitely score more points.

How to invite a friend? To invite a friend, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, click on the "Friends" tab in the leaderboard.
  2. Click the Add Friends button.
  3. Click "Ok" in the popup that appears.
  4. Select the method or application with which you want to send an invitation. If Hitman: Sniper is not installed on your friend’s device, the invitation will open the game’s page in the Play Store. When your friend installs and runs the application, the invitation will continue.
If you want to send an invitation, but don’t see your friend in the Friends section of the leaderboard, close and restart Hitman: Sniper.

What are achievements? In Hitman: Sniper achievements are received by those players who occupy the top lines in the world leaderboard. You can view the list of achievements and find out how to get them in the main menu: click on the Google Play Games icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Where can I see / upgrade my weapons? In Hitman: Sniper, you can view weapons in the arsenal before starting a mission. The arsenal will open after you complete the training. New weapons models in Hitman: Sniper can be opened in different ways: you will open some weapons at a higher rank, and some models will open when you advance in the world leaderboard. As soon as you open this or that weapon, you will be able to receive their parts, eliminating important goals during tasks in Montenegro. When you collect all the parts of a certain weapon, you can choose it in the arsenal.

Also in the arsenal menu, you can improve any weapon you have for in-game currency. You can get a special Just Cause rifle by going to a separate menu at the top of the main menu. To open this rifle, follow the instructions in this menu. To open the rifle, a network connection is required. By opening it, you can use the rifle without connecting to the network. In addition, you can open certain models of weapons by shopping in the app.Weapons obtained in this way can be selected and used immediately.

Some weapon models can only be purchased during special and seasonal events.

How to improve rifles and what does it give? All weapon models can be improved in the arsenal, spending game currency. You can find out the cost of improving a particular rifle and the type of currency you need in the arsenal when viewing weapons. Improvements give weapons a variety of benefits and skills. Descriptions of the benefits and skills can be revealed by a long press on the desired icon in the arsenal menu.

What do the levels on the leaderboard mean?

There are five levels that you can get by adding your score to the world leaderboard.

Bronze Level:

Silver level:

Gold level:

Platinum Level:

Assassin Level: Enter the top 1000 on the world leaderboard.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.