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Walkthrough Hot Wheels Race Off: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

HOT WHEELS: RACE OFF - Android game with release date 12/21/2016 from the company Hutch Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How do I get free items? There are three ways to get free items in Hot Wheels:

  1. Gifts - a way to thank players for their loyalty to the game! Developers not only give out free Gems, but also give you the chance to double their number just by watching short ads. You can turn on a reminder that will be sent to you to return and pick up the Gems as soon as they appear.
  2. Watch ads for free Gems (the icon to the right of the gift) on the transport selection screen.
  3. Fill out your Stunt counter to unlock the Stunt chest containing Truck Coins for one of your trucks, or if you are lucky you will receive Gems!

What is the difference between Local Storage and Cloud Storage? In Cloud Save, your progress is recorded from Game Center (iOS), G + (Android), or from Facebook (cross platform). Local storage is limited to the device that you are currently using.

How to drive a truck? You have two pedals: the right is the gas pedal, the left is the brake. The gas pedal accelerates your truck, the brake pedal stops and deploys it. The pedals also control the direction of tilt if you are going to catch a little air or jump. Using the patented invisible Tilt Ninjas helps you find the right balance and land. You can invert the tilt direction in the Game Settings menu.

How does fueling work? In order for the trucks to continue driving, you need to collect red fuel cans located along the highway. Out of fuel? So this is the end of the road ... if you fail to ride on the remaining fuel until the next canister.

How does modernization work? Upgrading is crucial to go through each of the levels and get the best time to defeat your friends! You can upgrade your truck in 4 different directions: Speed, Grip, Stability and Tilt.

  1. Speed - improves power and speed;
  2. Grip - Improve tires to overcome hills;
  3. Stability - Reduces the center of gravity so that your truck is less likely to roll over;
  4. Tilt - How fast you can rotate your truck in the air.

These properties can be upgraded to the maximum (these values ??depend on the vehicle). Once all of them have been upgraded to the maximum, you can still collect Truck Coins for this truck, which you can later spend on unlocking the next truck in your collection.

How do I upgrade a truck? You can upgrade the characteristics of each truck in the truck selection menu. To do this, click on the truck icon at the top. To upgrade, you need Truck Coins. You accumulate them by collecting on the track. Collected Coins upgrade their own from each truck. For example, if you want to upgrade the Rip Rod truck, you only need to use the Rip Rod Truck Coins, which will be any coins you collected while you drive the Rip Rod truck. Alternatively, you can pay for upgrades or partial upgrades with Gems. Gems can be used to upgrade any truck, not just one specifically.

How do I unlock new levels and trucks? The main way to unlock new levels is to go through previous levels.Some subsequent levels in the game have star requirements. You can find out the requirements on the level selection screen. You can unlock new trucks by purchasing upgrades for your trucks with Truck Coins or by purchasing a new truck with Gems.

What are Gems? Gems is a universal currency that can be used to buy new trucks and to upgrade any truck, unlike ordinary Tuck Coins, which are collected on the track. Gems can be bought in the in-game store, but they can also be accumulated in many other ways, for example, using gifts from developers, limited in time, by viewing ads or, if youre lucky, in the Stunt Chest!

I have lost access to my account! If you previously saved through Game Center, Google +, or Facebook, and not in your profile, a save conflict will occur and the old progress will be displayed. Switch to your old save to continue from where you left off. Each time at the end of the flight, you will see a login button using your Facebook account to go to the leaderboard. If this does not help, then write a message to the support service (Settings - Help and Support) with the following data:

How can I transfer my saves between devices (platforms)? For iOS> iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):

  1. Make sure the game is connected to an account in the Game Center;
  2. Log in to Game Center on your other iOS device;
  3. After starting the game on your other device, you will be prompted to download your Cloud Save.

Android> Android:

  1. Make sure the game is connected to Google Play;
  2. Add your Google Play account to the settings on your other device (Users> Add New);
  3. Launch the game, click on "Sign in to Google Play" and select your email address. You will be prompted to upload your cloud save.

iOS> Android or vice versa:

  1. Make sure that the game is synchronized with Facebook (you can synchronize on the screen, each time at the end of the flight);
  2. Log in to Facebook on your other device;
  3. Launch the game on your new device and select "Download Cloud Save."
It is not possible for persons under 14 years of age to access Cloud Storage due to online protective restrictions on children using Game Center / G + / Facebook platforms. In this case, the game will be saved by default in Local Save.

How do I add my friends to my leaderboard? You can add your friends to the leaderboard using the Friend Code option. As soon as they are added, you will see their points in your leaderboard and will be able to receive rewards by defeating them. You can also give your code to others to appear on their leaderboard. If you enter a friends code, you will see their points, but they wont be able to see yours until they enter your code (except if you are friends on Facebook). You can add Friend Codes and find your own Code via the Friend Code button in the setup menu.

What is a Stunt Chest? Getting Big Air, Wheelie, Endo, Flip or Backflip during the flight will help fill your Stunt-counter in the game. Once it is full, you will unlock the chest containing Truck Coins for one of your trucks, or if you are lucky, then Gems! Just click on the Stunt chest icon as soon as the counter is complete to collect your prize!

How do I contact support? You can contact support through the link in the game: "Help and Support." Do not forget to specify your UserID. This is a long alphanumeric code from the Settings screen, which can be reached by clicking on the gear in the upper left corner of the car selection screen.

What is a gallery? Here you can see all your cars, as well as cars and collections that you have not unlocked yet!Click on the machine to view it from different angles.

How many times can I repeat the race? If you lost the race or did not win your friends points and want to repeat it again, you can click the Repeat button. The first replay is free, the second costs 1000 Gems, the third 2000 Gems, the fourth 3000 Gems and so on.

How can I get stars? At each level you need to overtake the three ghosts of AI. You will receive a star for every ghost you overtake. Defeat all three and get 3 stars per level. Collected stars will help to open new level sets, so improve your races and defeat ghosts!

How do I play in multiplayer mode? Multiplayer is available after passing stage 6 of the company with one player.

How does multiplayer work? In the multiplayer option, you can compete with your friends, or chase with a random opponent. The competitor can set the time to win for another player, and then the move of the other player. Then you can compete with the "ghost" of your opponent to try to defeat him. Points are saved in the multiplayer table. You can drive with opponents unlimited time for maximum steepness! In order to add a friend who is not in your leaderboard, you must add their friends code. Do not forget to share the code so that they can also see you!

How to win in multiplayer mode? Points against all your opponents are saved in the multiplayer table. There are no restrictions on the number of races that you can make with your opponent. Keep playing to get the best slope!

Charged cars: details. When you collect enough charged tokens in the Race of the day, one random set of cars will be charged. If you dont have a car yet, the car that you have first will be charged. When the car is charging, its full potential is revealed. For such a machine, you can improve speed, friction, stability and tilt up to 20. You can even change the color of exhaust torches!

Charged cars are significantly faster than conventional models, but they do not differ much from other charged models. This means that you do not need to constantly maintain the level of your car on a par with the machines of the highest level, and you can drive on your favorite car much longer. A charged car can always be distinguished in a race by a sparkling antenna ... and also by how quickly it overtakes you.