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Walkthrough Hungry Dragon: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

HUNGRY DRAGON - Android game with release date 08/29/2019 from the company Ubisoft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. The Basics of Game Mechanics
  3. How to get and upgrade the Legendary Dragon
  4. Technical Issues
  5. Events & Quests Guide

Hungry Dragon: Beginners Guide

What is fire fever? See the strip at the bottom of the screen during a raid? This is a fire fever scale. The more points you earn, the faster it will fill. When the scale reaches its maximum, you will enter the fire fever mode and be able to burn enemies in front of you. After completion, the scale is re-filled.

What is mega-fever fever? Every 8 fire fevers, a mega-fire fever is activated. You will be able to burn all types of mining, even those that are larger than you! Mega-fever fever lasts longer than usual.

Why do we need the letters H, U, N, G, R, Y? You can find six letters in different areas. They are found anywhere on the map, and with the start of a new game, their location changes. Collect them all, and then your dragon will become stronger, faster for 10 seconds, able to absorb absolutely everything, receive invulnerability and infinite acceleration!

What are daily chests and how to find them? Every day you can find up to 5 chests, to the brim filled with coins or gems. Use the map to find them faster!

What are eggs and how many types of eggs are there? There are 3 different types of eggs:

What are golden egg fragments? You will receive fragments of a golden egg for each opening of an egg or a repeat of pets. Once you collect enough, they will make a golden egg! Special pets can only be bred from golden eggs!

What is the advantage of large dragons? Large dragons can eat more prey, destroy or burn impressive objects, and also have access to areas of the map that are hidden for smaller relatives. The more powerful the dragon, the greater the multiplier points.

Why cant I eat big enemies? Dragons can swallow prey no larger than their size. To see a list of possible production, you must:

  1. Open the dragon selection screen.
  2. Find the right dragon.
  3. Touch the info button next to the dragon name.

Messages on the screen will tell you the size of the dragon needed to eat one or another prey.

How to take a picture of a dragon? Easy! Select the dragon you are interested in and tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then take a beautiful pose and touch the camera button again. Thats all! You can save the picture or share it with your friends!

How many worlds are in Hungry Dragon? Hungry Dragon has one big world divided into different areas.The larger your dragon, the more places you can explore!

Can I play against friends? Hungry Dragon is a single player game. But it has several social functions. For example, you can share a snapshot of your dragon on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Why do I need a point multiplier? Eating prey one by one, you get a multiplier points. It can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen (for example, "2X"). The more prey is eaten, the greater the score multiplier.Points will not increase if the boot slipped or you were damaged.

What are missions ?? A maximum of three missions is available at a time. Some of them are associated with a set of points, tracking prey and survival. Some need to be completed in one go, others in a few. If you cannot complete one of the tests, you can skip it for viewing ads or gems and replace it with another. For completing missions you will receive a lot of gold as a reward!

Hungry Dragon: The Basics of Game Mechanics

What is a Hungry Dragon? Hungry Dragon is a game where you can have fun, fly and have fun! This is a crazy game - a mixture of sparkling humor, destruction and updated gameplay!

What can I do in the game? You will be presented with a choice of several dragons. You can control them and explore the incredible world, devouring prey and destroying everything in its path!

What types of in-game currency are there in Hungry Dragon? You can find and buy gems and coins to use them to buy eggs, costumes, dragons and more.

How to get more gems and coins? Completing missions is the fastest way to earn coins. You will also receive gems and coins if you find daily chests, take part in tournaments or complete tasks. Well, or you can buy them in the store.

What are costumes? Use the costumes to give the dragon a unique look and give him special abilities during the raid. You can view all the costumes of a particular dragon by selecting it and touching the first button in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to access new costumes? Costumes open as the dragon grows.

What are pets? You can call your pets with you. They will follow your dragon everywhere and help during the raid. Some pets have amazing abilities! Pets can be obtained by opening the eggs. And some of them - in tournaments or tasks.

How to call a pet? Go to the dragon selection screen and tap the second button in the lower left corner of the screen. There you can see all the pets of different species that have already been discovered. Choose your favorite pet, after which it will automatically be added to the empty cell of your dragon.

How many pets can I use at one time? You can use up to 4 pets depending on the size of the dragon. If you want to know more, tap the info button next to each dragons name!

What types of pets are there? Pets are divided into groups depending on their abilities: life, protection, speed, food, fire, glasses and special ones. Each of them is unique thanks to an additional ability!

How to get a bigger dragon? Raise the dragon to the limit to discover more! Then buy an open dragon for coins. There are dragons of different sizes: from XS to XL.

Hungry Dragon: How to get and upgrade the Legendary Dragon

What are legendary dragons? Legendary dragons are epic hybrids endowed with magical power by the powerful crazy witches of Dragonheim! They have special abilities, and they can also use pets. They can be found in the "Witchs Cauldron" section of the dragons selection screen.

How to open and buy legendary dragons? To open the Witchs Cauldron section, you need to get a dragon of type M or more. Legendary dragons can be bought for gold fragments and gems.

Can legendary dragons be upgraded? Of course! Legendary dragons start with size S, but you can improve your stats to develop them and increase your type. For this you will need gold fragments. When you collect the necessary amount for improvement, the type will change automatically. Legendary dragons can be upgraded to the maximum size of your dragon (for example, if you have dragons of type L in the main progress, you can upgrade legendary dragons to size L).

Hungry Dragon: Technical Issues

What is AR mode and how to use it? AR is the abbreviation for Augmented Reality, which translates as "Augmented Reality." If this function is supported on your device, you can take pictures of your favorite dragon in the real world and share them on social networks. Access to the AR mode can be obtained in the dragons selection menu. The icon is located in the upper left corner of the screen. There you can decide whether to take a regular shot or put the dragon in real conditions.

Why cant I find AR mode on my device? Since the technology of augmented reality appeared recently, it is not supported on devices of many manufacturers. Unfortunately, if you cannot find the AR mode on your device, most likely this technology is not available on it. Stay tuned for official updates on your device!

Can I play without an internet connection? Yes! You can play without an internet connection, but some features will not be available. For example, the ability to share a snapshot, access to leaderboards, tasks, tournaments and save to the cloud.

Can I transfer data between multiple devices? Of course! Just use the same Facebook account on both devices, and then save to the cloud will do everything! If you have already played on two different devices before trying to transfer data between them, make sure that one of them, where you have made more progress, is connected to your Facebook account.

Why is my device incompatible with the game? At the moment, there are many different devices, and the developers are doing everything possible to make the game run on most of them. However, the devices are different from each other and it is not always possible to provide the proper level of support for everyone.

How to use save in the cloud?

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Be sure to use the latest version of the game.
  3. Touch the gear icon in the upper left corner on the games initial screen (with the "Play" button). This will open the options menu. Select the Save tab and tap the Facebook button.
  4. Link Hungry Dragon to your Facebook account.
  5. After that, saving to the cloud will be active.
  6. If everything went well, a cloud icon with a green checkmark will appear on the home screen in the upper left corner.

If you are in China, you will need to do the same, just use Weibo instead of Facebook.

How can I contact support if I have problems with the game? Just touch the options button in the upper left corner of the screen and select the tech support tab. You will be provided with various ways to contact her, depending on whether you want to leave a review or need help.

How to enable tilt control? Its simple! Touch the settings button in the upper left corner of any screen before flying. Scroll to options and select On / Off to activate tilt control. Thats all! You can also do this during a raid.Just pause, select "Options," and then turn On / Off to turn tilt control on or off.

When tilting, the dragon does not fly where I want. Your device may not be calibrated. It is needed for smooth control. This can be done during the game: just click on the pause, select "Options" and touch the calibration button. A window appears with further instructions.

How to turn off the sound? If you have not yet started a raid, tap the settings button in the upper left corner of the screen, select "Options", then On or Off to turn the sound on or off. If you are already playing, pause the game, go to options, and then turn On / Off to turn the sound on or off.

Can I turn off the display of blood? Can! Touch the settings button in the upper left corner of the screen, select "Options", and then On or Off in the "Blood" section.

All my previous progress has disappeared, what happened? Follow these steps:

Then try the same steps with the Wi-Fi network turned on. Check if load saves are different. If nothing has changed, contact support.

Hungry Dragon: Events & Quests Guide

Are there any online events in the game? Yes! There are three different types of events: missions, tournaments, and passive events.

What are tasks? Assignments are trials available at specific times. You will have to team up with other players to achieve the goal. Everyone will receive a reward for their contribution! And it will become even larger if the goal is achieved!

What are tournaments? Tournaments are a great way to test your skills by competing with other players. You will be provided with a dragon and pets. The best result will determine your place in the leaderboard. The higher you rise in the leaderboard, the better the reward!

What are passive events? During passive events, stats and rewards temporarily increase!