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Walkthrough Hungry Shark World: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

HUNGRY SHARK WORLD - Android game with release date 05/04/2016 from the company Ubisoft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Hungry Shark World download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Special Shark Guide
  3. Secrets for Experienced Players
  4. Bugs and Fitch Games

Hungry Shark World: A Beginners Guide

Where is the in-game store located? The in-game store appears when you click the "Play" button on the games initial screen. You will also be in the store after closing the results window at the end of the game. Another way is to touch the arrow with the words "Shop" on the screen of the world map. Touch the icons below your shark to open six sections of the store.

Items in the store can be purchased for gold or gems. Game currency can be obtained during the game or purchased in the corresponding section of the menu by clicking "+" in the upper left corner. Making coins is quite simple, so items that can only be bought with gems are the most powerful. The currency purchase window will open if you do not have enough funds to buy the item. Some items will not be available until you reach a certain level. You can learn more about this by touching the "Blocked" button.

Is it necessary to increase the size of sharks? By increasing your shark, you increase its level of health and lifetime, which allows you to:

What is the function of the letters H, U, N, G, R, Y? At each level, six letters are scattered across the map.They can meet anywhere on the map, and with the start of a new game, their location changes. Collect all the letters to activate super predator mode! Upgrade maps to find the location of letters. The map menu can be accessed by pressing the pause button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you have already bought a card, it will appear on the screen. Otherwise, you can buy it. The purchased card can also be updated for gems.

What is the Gold Rush? The scale at the bottom of the screen is the Gold Rush scale. The more points you earn, the faster it is filled. As soon as the scale is full, the gold rush mode will start. After completion, the scale is re-filled. For the duration of the gold rush, all mining turns into gold and brings coins. You also get infinite acceleration! In addition, your shark becomes invulnerable. And thats not all! Health is 100% restored!

What is Mega-Gold Fever? At the end of the Gold Rush, a second Megazolt Rush scale appears for a few seconds. It is replenished every time you launch the Gold Rush. As soon as this scale is full, the Mega-Gold Fever will start! The scale fill level is saved. This mode acts like a gold rush, but lasts three times longer and brings three times more gold for mining! You can safely devour the large inhabitants of the sea, which are usually beyond the strength of the chosen shark!

What is a score multiplier? Eating a certain number of victims one after another, you get a multiplier points.It can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen (for example, "2X"). The more prey is eaten, the greater the score multiplier. Points will not increase if the victim slipped away or you were injured.

Why cant I eat big enemies? Sharks can swallow prey no larger than their size. To see a list of possible production, you must:

  1. Go to the shark selection menu;
  2. Find the shark of interest;
  3. Click "?" next to her name.

Some victims do not succumb so simply - they need to be held for some time. Sometimes they can slip away and have to be caught again. Messages on the screen will tell you the size of the shark needed to eat one or another prey.

Can I play against friends? Hungry Shark World is a single player game with several social features:

What is the advantage of getting different sizes of sharks? Large sharks can eat more, and also have access to areas of the map that are hidden for smaller relatives. The more powerful the shark, the more points it earns. To learn about the possibilities of large sharks, you must:

How to photograph a shark? Select a shark in the menu, and then click on its image. A close-up shark will appear on the screen, and you can take a picture. The photo will appear on the wall of your Facebook profile.

Are you planning to add new sharks? Of course.

What are the different types of cards for? For each level, there is a main card that can be purchased at the store. She will help you navigate the ocean. Each map can be updated for more detailed information, such as the location of the letters H, U, N, G, R, Y and sunken treasures.

How to access other worlds? Before you become available to the open spaces of the Arctic Ocean and the Arabian Sea, you must unlock a certain number of sharks and complete tasks. The number of sharks and tasks required to open the worlds will be displayed in the panel on the right when you click on the world icon.

How to get a jetpack? You can buy a jetpack in the device section of the store when you receive a shark of size L. With a jetpack, your shark can fly to heaven!

How to manage a jetpack? In the same way as during feeding under water! Maneuver with your fingers and tap the screen to accelerate at the right time! With a jetpack, you can accelerate and fly out of the water like a rocket!

What is the effect of increasing the level of a jetpack? Improving your jetpack gives you more time to spend eating whole flocks of birds and even helicopters! With each new level, the supply of the accelerator is consumed more slowly. In addition, the speed at which you can fly is increasing!

How to destroy a military helicopter? Rotating blades, crushing attacks and homing missiles! Yes, a military helicopter is a really serious adversary! Avoid the blades at all costs. Their blow will cause irreparable damage to your shark. Instead, make a jerk with acceleration right to the cockpit and wait for the helicopter to start flashing red. Keep up the good work until the enemy is defeated! The larger your shark, the easier it will be for you to handle!

What can new pets do? Archie and Cool Steve can fly and can help you in the air! Choose a flying pet from the pet menu that will take off with you into the sky and help you hunt! Flying pets can immerse themselves in water, but do not know how to dive. Therefore, be sure to bring along several pets - for water and for air!

What features does the killer whale have? Orca recently escaped from captivity! She can jump out of the water by accelerating. When she is in the air, her health decreases at the same rate as in the water!

Hungry Shark World: Special Shark Guide

What abilities does Heidi have, and how to open it? Heidi (Wobbegong) is the second special shark in the Hungry Shark World! Like its real prototype, this type M shark uses natural camouflage to hide from predators.Heidi cannot be seen against rocks or sand, but when you accelerate or swim in open waters, the shark becomes visible again. Collect all type M sharks to open Heidi for gems, or reach the maximum level with all type M sharks - and your special shark!

What abilities does the echo shark have, and how to open it? Echo (ichthyosaurus) is the third special shark in the Hungry Shark World! A shark whose prototype was an incredibly fast prehistoric reptile with a pair of huge eyes. And its natural sonar allows you to detect mines, before they appear on the screen! Collect all type L sharks to open the Echo for gems, or reach the maximum level with all type L sharks - and your special shark!

What abilities does the shark Drago possess, and how to open it? Drago (Pliosaurus) is the fourth special shark in the Hungry Shark World! Its prototype was the prehistoric reptile. Due to its long neck, Drago is able to catch prey located at a great distance from him! Collect all the sharks of type XL to open Drago for gems, or reach the maximum level with all sharks of type XL - and your special shark!

What is a processing tool? Why is it needed? A processing tool is a new device that allows you to suck in trash and throw it in the face of little people!

Tip: when you float to the surface or rise higher, the gun fires accumulated rubbish at nearby people, drones and helicopters. Struck people are stunned, and when you eat them you get extra points.

Please note: gun capacity is limited. It can fill up, and in order to clear the ocean of rubbish again, the ammunition must be used up by shooting trash at people! The rate of fire (as well as the capacity of the gun) can be increased by improving the gun.

How to open a processing tool? Processing tool opens on type M.

What types of trash does the processing tool collect? This device has three levels. Upgrade it to level 2, and you can collect oil spills. Upgrading to level 3 allows you to additionally collect toxic waste! In addition, three cool design options are available for the processing tool.

Hungry Shark World: Secrets for Experienced Players

What does the pack look like and how to get it? A flock is a special shark of type XXL, or rather, as many as 9 interconnected small sharks that swim as one. Watch out ocean! When you are many, size does not matter.This 9-in-1 shark has a brutal appetite - it can swallow any other shark, even a giant one (!!!). The flock will be available as soon as you open all the other sharks of type XXL. Its cost is 180,000 coins or 1,500 gems.

What is the appearance and how to get it? With the help of guises you can change the appearance of your sharks. Tap the hangers icon in the store to open the accessories tab. Then tap the zipper icon to select and use the look or restore the shark to its original appearance. Each shark has its own unique looks, which not only improve its appearance, but also increase its characteristics.

What does the Oceana submarine look like and how to get it? Help save the real oceans with the Oceana Exploration Submarine! Submarine Oceana protects marine life. It does not attack prey, but it gives an amazing health bonus of 20%, which will allow you to stay afloat longer. To get it, take part in special competitions with other players.

Hungry Shark World: Bugs and Fitch Games

The Hungry Sharks sharks are back, and this time they have plans to take over the whole Earth! With this game you will discover the world of Hungry Shark with new exciting adventures, exciting gameplay and amazing graphics, as well as many interesting levels to explore and various types of opponents to eat. A huge number of sharks and even more humor than before! Hungry Shark World is a revolutionary game that you will play endlessly!

All my game progress has been lost, and I dont know why! Here are some tips that might help:

And then try the same with Wi-Fi settings turned on. Did this allow you to load save files at another stage of the game? If nothing works, contact support via the in-game menu.

Why is my device incompatible with the game? There are currently thousands of device models in the world. Game developers are working to make the game compatible with the largest number of devices, however, due to the fact that each device has its own characteristics, adaptation of the game is not always possible. Please be patient and keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be able to run the application on the device that you are currently using.

Why cant I find Super shoals in the game while my friend finds them everywhere? Unfortunately, some types of content provided in the game, such as Super shoals, will not be available on devices of the previous generation, due to the fact that the devices have memory limitations and are generally not powerful enough to support additional functions of the game.

Game developers are working to make the game compatible with devices of the previous generation, however, no one can guarantee the functionality of the application. In any case, it is recommended to regularly update the system installed on your device in order to ensure the best performance and stable operation of the game.

How to use Cloud Save?

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Make sure the game is updated to the latest version.
  3. On the games welcome screen (on which you will see the "Play" button), tap the "gear" icon located in the left corner of the screen, which will open the settings menu. Select the "Saves" tab, and then tap the "Sync Cloud Saves" radio button.
  4. Next, you will be asked to link the Hungry Shark World app to your Facebook account.
  5. Synchronization with the Cloud service will be activated as soon as the application and the Facebook account are connected.
  6. If the synchronization with the Cloud is successfully activated, you will see a cloud icon with a checkmark, which will be located on the left of the games welcome screen.

Can I move information between different devices? If your previous and new device models use the same operating system, then you can transfer information using Synchronization with the Cloud service. This function will be available for Apple-iOS, Android-Google Play, Windows, as well as Amazon-Android. Unfortunately, moving information between different types of operating systems is not possible, however, you can move information between devices with the same operating system, for example, iPhone 6 <-> iPad Air.

I deleted the game without synchronization with the Cloud service, how can I recover information? Unfortunately, deleting a game without synchronization with Cloud Storage leads to permanent data loss (including in-game purchases). To avoid such unpleasant situations, please enable synchronization with the Cloud by clicking on the gear icon on the games welcome screen.

How to enable tilt control? Very simple: from the main menu, go to settings and check the box to enable or disable tilt control. Now your shark is ready for the hunt!

Keep in mind that you can adjust the tilt or tap control only before the game or after the end of the game session, but not during the game process.

When I use the tilt function, my shark does not swim where I want. This situation may occur if your device is not calibrated. Calibration is very important if you want to play without difficulty. Please make sure that your device is calibrated before starting the game, hold your smartphone or tablet in a comfortable position and press the button to start the game. After the pop-up window appears, or in the in-game menu, go to settings. Do not worry, you can always pause the game and call the calibration function to improve the tilt controller.