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Walkthrough Ice Age Adventure: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ICE AGE: ADVENTURES (ICE AGE ADVENTURES) - Android game with release date 08/08/2014 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How do I save animals? Animals can be found and saved on the islands. You have to go there by boat and find the animal there. Once you find it, you need to click the icon with a golden paw and successfully complete the mini-game ("Refrigerator" or "Sid Rescue") to save the animal.

How do I put animals in houses? First you need to save the animal. After that, it will wait in the manger while the house is being built. To do this, in the village, click the slot "house" and select the house of your animal. If you save a lot of animals of the same species, you will need to improve their house so that it can accommodate everyone. To do this, click on the house and select "Update".

How long do I have to wait to play the Scratch Avalanche mini-game? You can play it as long as you have tokens. Otherwise, wait until the timer runs out of time to get a token.

How to play the Scratch Avalanche mini-game? After the first expansion of the village, click on the corresponding building. To gain power in this game, find and save an animal that is in trouble (aardvark, rhino, glyptodont).

How many mini-games are there? Two, Scratch Avalanche and Fold 3.

How many animals can I collect? There are 37 permanent species and 17 limited in time. Each species contains two adult animals and two cubs.

How to get through the game? Complete tasks, save adult animals and place them in houses, find all the characters on the islands and defeat all the bosses.

How do I get to the archipelagos? Click on the boat in your village, click on the map icon or scroll down the horizon.

Why am I no longer receiving assignments? You get access to new tasks after completing additional archipelagos. Also new tasks and archipelagos are added with each update.

How do I defeat bosses? Bosses are on the archipelagos. Click on the boss to start the special mini game Add 3, which will allow him to cause damage.

How do I discover new lands? Get the new sites you need and discover wonders with the help of prints.

What is the maximum level of nursery? 4.

How can I improve a day nursery? Click on the manger, then select the Upgrade icon. For improvement, you will need game currency.

I saved the cub. Where is he? He will wait in the manger until you build or upgrade his house.

Can I play again on an island that has already been completed? Yes, you can play as much as you want.The caves are activated again after a while, so use them to good use!

How to get the task? Complete all tasks to unlock new ones.

I saved the animal, but it fell into a manger, not a house. Why? First you need to update the house of this animal so that it can accommodate everyone.

Sometimes, when I finish the rear, I see the Later icon. What does he mean? This icon appears when you cannot receive the whole reward (for example, if the reward for the task is berries, and you already have the maximum number of them). Click on it and you can close the task completion window and collect the reward later.

When I click on the bridge, the icon turns blue. What does it mean? A blue icon means that Sid is heading for the bridge. If he turns elsewhere, the icon will turn green again.

How do new sets of berries and shells work? Now for berries and shells there are 3 types of sets: a basket of berries and a shell cache will fill the storage of shells / berries by 25%, a buffet of berries and a shell explosion - by 50%, berry abundance and a shell wave - completely.

How to use Prizberg? There are 2 ways to do this. You must either play the mini-game Scratch Avalanche, or spend game tokens in the Prizberg building.

How to open the Prizberg building? Prizberg can be opened after 2 extensions in the game. The building will float in the ocean over the Ancient Skrathui.

What does the scale show in the Scratch Avalanche mini-game? This bar shows how close you are (the icon on the left) to your friends results (the icon on the right). When you approach the results of a friend, his badge approaches yours. When you overtake a friend, his badge will disappear. If there is another friend whose results need to be surpassed, his icon will appear on the scale.

Sometimes the Sail button is entwined with a vine. What does it mean? If the Sail button is entwined with a vine, it means that obstacles have returned to the island. Now you can get more shells.

I see a small harbor under the ship. What is it? To open this harbor, expand your snow location until it reaches the mainland. It is in this harbor that you can find the Big Sea Turtle during a seasonal action, for example, Christmas.

What is a Big Sea Turtle? A large sea turtle appears when you open a new harbor under the ship during a seasonal promotion. On the Big Sea Turtle you can sail to the island associated with such an action. After the promotion ends, the Big Sea Turtle will disappear and appear only during the next promotion.

Why do I sometimes sail on the Big Sea Turtle to another island? During the action, 4 special islands appear, and the Turtle can bring you to any of them. During sailing, a compass will appear and show which island you are sailing to.

How to open a third village? Expand the second village to reach the Miracle Scrat, that is, Mount Scratmore.Return the Miracle to open the third village.

I watched the video in order to play with Prizberg or take part in the mini-game, but it did not work. Why? You need to watch the video to the very end in order to play with Prizberg or take part in a mini-game.

How to open an artifact? Collect Scratlantic drawings to gain access to the artifact and to repair it.

Why cant I open the Tropical Artifact? To do this, you need to open the Tropics and restore the strength of the Snow artifact to level 3.

Where can I find Scratlantic drawings? Drawings can be found in blue shells, caves or under debris in whirlpools. They can also be obtained by entering the game several times a day.

How to use strength points? First you need to earn them, try to upgrade several items. Then go to the archipelago and click on the Power Points icon to activate them. After that, you can remove the obstacles by clicking on it.

I manage to use force points only to eliminate trees and bushes. Why cant I remove other obstacles? You need to open an artifact that will give strength to one of the members of the herd, then this animal will be able to eliminate a certain type of obstacle.

What is this new structure covered with ice? This is a destroyed artifact. Repair it to get special powers.

What is a whirlpool? This is a real mystery ...

What does it float around a whirlpool? These are pieces of debris. Collect and get small rewards.

There were much more debris yesterday. Why their replenishment takes so much time. Perhaps this is a malfunction in the game? Debris will periodically appear in the whirlpool. Try not to collect items for several days, believe me, the amount of debris will pleasantly surprise you.

Why cant I restore strength points until I use the entire supply? It is provided for by the game. You can restore points on the archipelagos after using everything.

What are Power Stones? Strength stones can be obtained by upgrading items with strength points. They can also be earned by collecting a sufficient number of item points that are required for power points. Excess power points will turn into power stones. They can be used in further transformations.

Why are the prices of some items higher than others? Cost depends on rarity. Also, the price of items from the Tropics and Volcanoes is higher than items from other locations.

What is a Blitz reward? Log into the game several times a day to receive this reward.

Why do I get X as a Blitz reward? This means that you missed the game entry. That is, the first time you managed to enter the registration section on time, and the next time you missed.

I entered the game on time, but I cant click the Continue icon. If you logged in on time, but the Continue icon does not appear on the screen, then you missed the previous registration. Accordingly, you will not receive a reward.

How to get to Scratlantida? To get to Scratlantida, you need to open the passage through the maelstrom. To do this, collect the wreckage and drawings on the archipelagos. Click on the Whirlpool to find out how many drawings you currently have.

When I click on the Whirlpool, I get a message saying that it is necessary to improve the Tropical Artifact to ur. 1. How to do it? To open a tropical artifact and upgrade it to ur. 1, open the Tropics, upgrade the Snow Artifact to ur. 3 and collect enough blueprints to restore the Tropical artifact.

Where to find residents? Residents can be found in two ways. Collect lanterns, explore the Vanished Oasis and take out the lost inhabitants, or buy coins for acorns and throw them into the fountain in Scratlantida.

Why do you need pearls? You will need pearls for improvements at the University - you will increase the level of residents and they can become artisans. In addition, you can use pearls on the Weekly Archipelagos to find rare animals there.

What does the countdown mean in the Vanished Oasis? The entrance to the Vanished Oasis remains open for long. When time runs out, progress will be reset to zero. When you enter for the second time, you will see a new landscape, obstacles, prizes and residents.

Where can I find Scratlantian manuscripts? Search the Vanished Oasis and open the Bronze Shells.

Why can some residents be made apprentices and others not? The fate of each resident is determined.When you look at them at the University, you will see a badge for everyone about their future. Only those scretlants whose icon shows the profession can become apprentices and craftsmen. Residents with other icons will only be able to reach level 15.

I get messages that I have the maximum number of inhabitants when I try to go to the Vanished Oasis or use the fountain. How to reduce the number of inhabitants? To do this, go to the University and increase the rank or level of scratchtants. After that, you can save more residents.

How do action points work in a Vanished Oasis? Each obstruction eliminated will cost you 1 action point.When they end, you can still move around the level, but you cant remove obstacles until you buy more action points. To leave a level, click the Return Home icon.

I found a scratlant, he followed me, but then I left the level and he disappeared. What happened?To save a resident of Scretlantis, you need to find him and withdraw through the same entrance through which you entered.

How to get special scratlants? How do I know that they opened? The time for obtaining these scratlants is limited. They can only be won in the fountain when an exclamation mark is displayed above it. There you will see what kind of a scratlant is, and how long it will be possible to obtain.

What happens if Whirlpool closes while I am in Scratlantis? You will remain there, but the next time you decide to leave Scratlantida, you will again have to spend the blueprints.

I just cant get a nikosaur or myolania from the cave. Why? It should be borne in mind that nikosaurus and myolania are considered premium animals, and the chance to get them is very small.

What scrattlants can become apprentices? For example, only a scratlant with a pot icon can become a cooks apprentice. Ordinary residents of Scratlantis (with the squirrel icon) cannot become students.

How to increase the level of a resident? To increase the level of a resident, combine it with another resident and take advantage of the improvement at the University.

How to find out that the level of a resident is high enough? The maximum level of a resident is 15, after moving to level 16 he becomes a student (and gets 4 stars). Upon transition from level 24 to 25, students become masters.

What needs to be done to make an ordinary resident a student? The level of evolution of a resident is represented by the number of stars. Once it reaches a high enough level, one can use the Scratlantian manuscripts to obtain new stars. In order for an ordinary resident to become a student, he must have 4 stars, that is, all that is needed to do this is to continue to increase his level.

I went through Ashes Springs, is this the last level of the game? If there are other levels, how to play them? Please note that the last archipelago in this version of the game is Ashes Springs. After him, there are no more archipelagos.

I want to improve the Pearl Pitcher, but I cannot until I expand Scratlantida. How to do it?Unfortunately, the game does not have such a function, but you have enough space to accommodate all the inhabitants of Scratlantis. You can build 3 dwellings.

How to use mannys powers? The necessary artifact is located in a volcanic village. Click Fill, then Restore Strength Points and place the required number of objects in the vent (Spoons, Pirate Dressings, Blue Shells, etc.).When the Volcano is filled with objects, you can complete the synthesis. Strength points will be restored. If there are not enough items, you can use acorns. Then go to any island and use Mannys strength there. We remind you that his power is aimed at the destruction of stones.

What is Mount Scratmore and how to restore it in order to move it to the Volcanic village? You need to clear the ice from Mount Scratmore to discover the Volcanic Village. Mount Scratmore is under a Tropical Village. To clean it. Collect at least 45 drawings. All drawings can be found in gold shells.

What do the images of Ice Age characters over the islands mean? These are your friends who also play this game. You can see where they are.

I cant get animals on some islands. All my many attempts have failed. The longer you play, the greater your chances of winning animals in the lottery are reduced. You may need to complete 100 or more spins to save the animal.

How to get Dront? And I also bought an Alligator for a stock, but I dont know where to find the rest of his family? These animals are unique, they can only be obtained during the campaign with the Big Sea Turtle.

Where is the volcanic village located? The volcanic village is located below the tropical. To open it, first free Mount Scratmore from the ice.

Is it possible to sell unnecessary jewelry? No, they cannot be sold, but can be used to restore Strength Points. To do this, click the "Fill" icon, open the Volcano, click "Restore Power Points" and place the necessary number of objects (decorations, Spoons, Pirate armbands, etc.) on the Volcano. When the Volcano is full, you will be able to complete the synthesis, Power Points will be restored.

How often does the turtle appear? The turtle appears in the game once every 2 weeks.

What are the tropics? Tropics is a location located to the right of a snowy village. You can also find tropical islands - they are located behind the snowy islands on the horizon.

What does the image of Sid above one of the islands mean? These images indicate the current archipelagos of your friends.

Why cant I accept all received gifts? You can accept up to 5 gifts per day.

How to expand Scratlantida? Scratlantis cannot be expanded, but you will definitely have enough space for all its inhabitants.

How do I set up sound effects and music? Go to your village, select the Settings icon, then Sound.

How can I change the language? Go to your village, select the Settings icon, then Language.

How do I get free Acorns? To get free Acorns you can: find them in the snow, go through the mini-game "Refrigerator", watch movies, perform special tasks. Sometimes they can still be found in golden shells or mysterious caves.

How do I buy Acorns? Click the "+" sign of the Acorns indicator in the upper right part of the screen, and you will be taken to the Acorns store.

How to get game tokens? They can be found in caves or snowdrifts, received as a daily reward, as a gift from a friend, as a reward or with the help of Prizberg.

Some animals require a huge amount of acorns to repair bridges. How to earn them? Acorns can be bought for real money, found in piles of snow and leaves, won in promotions and mini-games, as well as in the lottery.

How can I add friends? You can add friends through the Chat menu, using the Friend Code, Game Center, or Facebook features. Friends registered on Facebook and / or Game Center will be added by default.

Do I need an Internet connection to invite friends or send gifts to them? Yes, social features in the game require an internet connection.

How often can I send gifts to my friends? Each friend can be sent a gift once every 24 hours.

How to send gifts to friends? In your village, click on the Chat icon, select the Friends category to show all friends. To send a gift, select a friend, and then click the gift icon.

What gifts can I send to friends? You can send 1 token or 1 random item (you do not have to choose).

I received shells as a gift from my friend, although I should have received a token or item. Why did it happen? The game has a limit on tokens and items. Accordingly, collecting the maximum allowable amount, you will get shells.

Where to find new friends to play with (strangers)? You can find new friends on the game forum or the official pages of the game on social networks.

Why cant I find a friend by code? To find a friend by code, you must have the same OS with him. If your friend uses a different platform, you will not be able to interact with him in the game.

How to remove friends? Unfortunately, you cannot clean up friends in the game. You can delete a friend on the social network, and these changes will be automatically displayed in the game.