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Walkthrough Invasion Modern Empire: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

INVASION: MODERN EMPIRE - Android game with release date 02/10/2015 from the company tap4fun. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Professional Guide
  3. We pass the game correctly
  4. Secrets of the Shadow System
  5. Promotions and Activities of the game
  6. Stock / Activity Issues
  7. Account and Login
  8. Purchase and Package

Invasion Modern Empire: Beginnerís Guide

Why canít I move between servers (zones)? Possible reasons:

  1. The level of your Headquarters has exceeded 5. Only players of levels 1-5 can change the playing area.
  2. You do not have a Beginner Teleport. At the very beginning of the game, the system gives players 5 Beginner Teleports. They can not be bought in the store and only with their help you can move between zones.
  3. The zone you want to move to is not yet open, or it is still in a defensive period.

Why am I blocked in the chat? The game has a system of filtering obscene expressions. If you used obscene language in the chat, the system will identify you as an unfriendly player and block you for a certain time. With each lock, the length of the period for which you are blocked increases. If you have any objections to the block, contact support.

How can I change the name of the Commander? / Why can not I change the name? By clicking on the Commanderís avatar in the upper left corner of the main interface, you will be taken to the Commanderís interface. There you can make any changes, including change the name. According to the rules of the game, the name of the Commander must consist of 3-12 characters (the first and last character cannot be an empty character), only letters, numbers and spaces are allowed. Also, some words cannot be used for the name of the Commander.

How do I join the Alliance? You can join the Alliance by clicking on the Alliance icon at the bottom of the interface on the main Base and find / join any Alliance.

What do I need to do to increase the level of the Commander? To increase the level of the Commander, you need to increase the XP of the Commander. You can get XP Commander in several ways:

At the moment, the maximum level of the Commander is 60. When you reach it and continue to receive XP of the Commander, there will be no further development.

How to find out my coordinates? Click on the Map icon in the lower left part of the Base interface to get to the map. Here you can click on the Base and see its coordinates.

How can I change the base flag? Click on the Force (in the upper part of the screen in the middle) in the main interface of the database and enter the Dossier interface. Click the "Change" icon to the right of the flag and select the flag to replace, then confirm. The flag will be shown opposite the Headquarters on the Base interface and next to the base on the Map.

How can I build a diamond mine? In the main interface of the Base, select the Diamond Mine - "Unlock" and follow the instructions of the game.

Can I build structures, conduct research, and build units in several stages at the same time? In addition to the numerous marching queues, players can also purchase the second phase of construction / research through the occupation of a group of cities or the purchase of packages.

What gives the construction of several structures of the same type? When building several structures of the same type, their effectiveness is superimposed on each other. For example: food production in 1 hour of two Level 1 Farms is higher than one Farm lvl.1. You can find details of enhancing the effectiveness of structures in the description, in the interface of the corresponding structure.

Different resource structures of the same quantity and level produce a different amount of resources, why? Different resource structures in the game produce their 5 resources in different ways. You can find additional information on the production of these 5 resources in the interface of the respective facilities. In addition, the difference in the amount of resources produced may be due to certain studies / enhancements available to the Commander, or to other similar reasons. The digital display of the resource in the construction interface is the resultant value obtained after all superimposed amplifications.

Why didnít the amplification items that I used cause any effect? According to the rules of the game, any gain items must be used before you are about to complete an action. For example: troops dispatched prior to the use of the "March Expedition" will not receive any effect from the item.

How can you occupy territories? What determines the speed of occupation? Click on the map icon at the bottom left of the main interface of the Base. Here you can select any unoccupied piece on the map that you want to occupy. But remember: the territory that the player wants to occupy must be adjacent to the Base or other occupied territory, the player cannot occupy any non-adjacent territories. Several factors affect the occupation: the number of units, the strength of the units, your VIP level, the effects of buffs or other actions related to the occupation, the characteristics of the territory, and so on.

How can I occupy resource points? Resource points cannot be occupied directly. After the player occupies a free cell, any resource point can appear on this place after updating the resources. The more territories a player occupies, the higher the chance of resource points appearing on them, which will be under the control of the alliance-owner of the territory.

How do I get resources in the Resource Bank? Log in to the Resource Bank and select "Submit Application". Choose the type of resources you need, its quantity and wait for approval from the Administrator.Approval takes no more than 8 hours. If the application is not approved within 8 hours, it is withdrawn.

Why do resource points have different collection speeds? The speed of collection at resource points depends on several factors: Talents of the Commander, Buffs (Gain) from Officers, VIP level, some studies, Accelerators of collection, type of resource point and its level, etc. It should also be remembered that only if the Commander has the necessary talents they will have an effect when collecting resources.

When are resource points updated? Are there any rules according to which this happens? The system itself updates resource points every day at different times, but resource points can also be updated once, when the player has fully collected all the resources. After updating, the level and coordinates of resource points are set again. Click on the Map - Territories - Resource Allocation Map (icon at bottom left). There you can check the approximate level of distribution of resource points on the map.

How to add / remove players in a black list? Click on the red button in the interface of the File tab - "Block" in the upper right corner of the screen. When the button is grayed out, it means that the player has already been added to your blacklist. After blacklisting, you will not be able to receive messages from this player in chat or mail. Click the group chat button (just above the More button) and on the right side of the Black List tab you can see the list of players that you have blocked. Click Cancel to remove a player from this list.

Why is the Food value displayed in red in the main interface? How will the lack / absence of food affect the troops? Troops constantly consume food. If the food indicators are displayed in red, then the hourly food consumption exceeds the value of the hourly food production at the Base. In this case, you need to build more Farms or increase the level of existing Farms. Do not worry, if the amount of food is reduced to zero, your troops will not die of hunger! If you need to build more troops, you should use items of reinforcement for food or increase supplies from the storage facilities around your Base.

When will the zones merge? No zone merger is currently planned, but if it does, players will receive appropriate notifications.

When will the new zone be opened? Does this happen periodically? When the already existing Zone reaches a certain level of development, the system will begin a preliminary assessment of all the data of the new zone, and only after testing it will be open. The opening time of the new zone is not set. You can follow the news about the opening of a new zone on the official website of the game.

Why canít I download game updates? Before downloading, make sure that your device has enough space for the game. If there is enough free space, but the update does not download, contact support and provide them with information on a download error.

Invasion Modern Empire: Professional Guide

Concealment / Security Area - Secret Outpost. Secret Outpost is a security area that can protect your troops from attack. The outpost is located recently from the city. After your alliance has occupied the city, you can send troops to the outpost.

You can send only 1 march queue, and capacity is the maximum capacity of each individual march of your base.

REE. REE is a resource for improving new research. REE can be obtained: by purchasing for diamonds in a store, by participating in special activities (in some promotions REE will be used as a reward).

What is Silver? Silver is the currency from past stocks; currently silver coins are useless. In the future, there may be ways to use silver coins in the game.

Case. You can get a Case for attacks of Terrorists / Forts / Elite Terrorists. To decode a case, click "Decode Case".Only one case can be decoded at a time. Decoding time is 3 hours. The system gives out Case randomly. There is no guarantee that you will receive a Case every time. The case is not displayed in the center of the rewards and in the "Things" section.

What are the requirements for a player to participate in the Militia Attack? In order to take part in a militia attack (of any alliance or headquarters) all criteria must be met for a player above level 15 (if a militia attacked player is inactive or his base has already been removed from the map, the militia is canceled).

Why do not notifications come? Check the following settings:

  1. A notification about the Invasion app is enabled on your device;
  2. Related game notifications are included, such as War Report. You can send a warning about entering your account;
  3. On some Android devices, there is a function or program for deep cleaning the memory. She has the ability to turn off the game notification process, which will lead to failure of notifications.

If you still cannot receive the notification after checking the above settings, reload the latest version of Invasion.

Change of formations and opposition

You can change formations in the Tactical Center - Menu / Functions. At the same time, do not forget that there are defensive and attacking formations and you can switch between them. Drag and drop troop icons for changes.

As soon as you sent troops on the march, any changes in formations will not be effective during the battle.

Can I be attacked after activating the Peace Shield? An activated Peace Shield protects the base from any enemy attacks and all troops located at the base are guaranteed to be protected from attack (except for troops outside the base).

Will the System Shield replace the pre-installed World Shield for the playerís base? No, it will not replace. System shields do not replace your own Peace Shield, both of them can be used simultaneously without any mutual interference.

Why can not I leave the militia? If the militia is started by you, then you can stop it and return the troops before the timer countdown ends, but if you join someone elseís militia, then until you leave the Alliance or change it, you cannot leave the militia . In addition, in the militia, the speed of the march cannot be increased.

Can troops be attacked while they are in the militia? No, they canít. Once the troops took part in the militia, the enemy cannot attack them, but they will also not be able to take part in defending the base if the enemy attacks it.

How are resources and points allocated for damage done in the militia? All resources are distributed among those who started the militia. Points for damage inflicted are distributed among the participants depending on the number of troops that the player sent to the militia.

Why, after the attack, some troops sometimes go to the workshop, sometimes not? Only own units attacked and damaged on the playerís base can be sent to the workshop for repair. Units outside the base territory, attacked at a resource point, camps, in the occupation and reinforcement of an ally, etc., cannot be sent to the workshop for restoration. The total volume of the Playerís Workshop (Own volume + Alliance repair research volume) determines the total capacity of units. When filling out the workshop, the remaining units will not be able to be delivered for repair.

Each time I send a scout to the base of another player, he shows different information about the number of troops. Why? In accordance with different levels of intelligence research in the Research Center, the data after intelligence can be approximate and slightly different - the better intelligence is developed, the more accurate intelligence reports will be. The maximum error in the exploration report is 50%. After your reconnaissance of the enemy, he can prepare for battle, for example, produce more troops or return troops to the base from marches. An adversary can also call for reinforcements from the Alliance, so reconnaissance results may vary.

Why does the system report a loss even when the enemy has lost more troops than me? When one of the parties involved in the battle completely lost troops, it is considered a loser. If the battle lasts more than 200 rounds and none of the parties has been completely destroyed, then the attacker is declared the loser.

What is a government? How can I change or remove titles? The government has 11 unique titles for players, 7 of them give bonuses and 4 de-buffs. Once the Alliance takes over the Government, certain players enter the Government and receive the title. If you want to cancel it or change, you must contact the Governor.

How to take part in the battle for the Government? When the war for the Government is open, each player can take part in it from his Alliance, take part in the militia and join the battle (during interserver battles, each player of either side can take part in the battle for the Government). Everyone can, having defeated the enemy, occupy the Government.

In the event of a successful occupation of the Government, the call is considered completed and a period of break of 6 hours begins. During these 6 hours, the Government cannot be occupied by other players, it is in the so-called Defense Period of 3 days, during which it cannot be attacked. After 3 days, the Government may again be captured.

What is a nuclear weapon? What is it for? The government produces 1 nuclear weapon every three days.Nuclear weapons can hit entire regions. The ruler can use nuclear weapons in regions that are nearby. The action of the weapon is as follows:

  1. Territories under the influence of a nuclear explosion are cleared of attributes (territories under occupation are not affected).
  2. Food is destroyed and its production drops to 80% for 3 hours.
  3. Captured commanders are freed from bases attacked by a nuclear explosion.
The ruler can use a nuclear strike in battles between zones.

How is the Commanderís XP calculated as a result of the battle? The calculations are based on combat losses from the enemy. The more damage you cause, the more XP commander points you will receive. However, if the commander did not take part in the battle, then you will not receive XP points, whatever the losses in the enemyís army.

How can you capture a commander? The invader must fulfill the following requirements: the prison must be unlocked (Headquarters lvl 10 and above) and there must be free space in the prison. You can capture the Commander, whose Headquarters reached level 10 and above, while the Commander must take part in the battle and be defeated with a complete loss of troops.

These rules apply to both the attacking and the defending side.

What if my commander was captured? The maximum detention time for a captured commander is 72 hours, after which the Commander will automatically be released from prison. The invader, if desired, may himself release the captive commander earlier. If the base where the captured commander is located is attacked and loses this battle, the commander will be released. The commander will also be released after a nuclear strike on the invaderís base.

If there are prisoners at the Base, then it is impossible to use the Peace Shield. During this period, the party whose commander was captured will not receive any XP points from various types of awards.

Why canít I see the battle records? Some device models do not allow you to view in-game video, so you cannot view battle videos on such devices. Troops sent to gather resources, occupy territory, to the camp and attacked by the enemy can display the "???" signs in battle. Your troops are completely destroyed and there is no reason to watch such a battle. Also, the video will not be shown if in the combat report the number of troops on both sides is 0.

Invasion Modern Empire: We pass the game correctly

Cities of the Zone

In each zone there are 4 cities and 16 villages. Together, they are called Zone Cities. Each city is individual, has its own functions and enhancements, which affects the Honor and Glory of their Owner. Around the cities there will be high-level resource points and Violators, the destruction of which will give rich rewards.

City Owners. The Alliance can occupy cities and take them into their possession. Owners can receive boosts from occupied cities and a constant march speed in the military command area within a busy city, destroy Violators in order to receive rewards. An alliance leader can appoint a city manager. At the moment, the manager can promote the city. In the future, more features will open for rulers.

Battles for the occupation of Cities. At the very beginning of the city, the Zones are occupied by terrorists.For occupation, players must attack the city and destroy the terrorists. Similarly, a city may be captured if the city is under the control of an alliance. During the capture of the city, alliance members must first break the walls of the city, and then attack its garrison troops. After the destruction of the garrison of the city, the alliance will be able to occupy the city and must hold it until the onset of the Protective Period.

City Wall. The City Wall is its defense system. Before attacking the garrison troops of the city, you must first break the City Wall.

Features of the City Wall. Consider the following features of the Wall:

  1. The City Wall has a strength that is gradually restored automatically.
  2. To break the Wall of the City, the player needs to send his units to the attack, while the player spends his Team Points.
  3. There will be no loss of units when attacking the City Wall. Team Points gradually recover over time.
  4. The destructive efficiency of units will depend on their quantity, type and level. Also, the basic strength of the player is important.
  5. An attack march on the City Wall will not cancel the Peace Shield, if any.
Gather the whole Alliance at one time and try to break the City Wall as quickly as possible.

Garrison battles. Garrison battles are actually a battle between units where the strongest wins! As a representative of the defending alliance, each member who is in the city can send a squad as reinforcements. The commander who enters the city first becomes the leader of all troops. Any other commanders with troops will not be able to send reinforcements. It is recommended that you use the most powerful alliance commander as a leader. Use Recall -> Reinforce to change control over troops.

Reward for the successful occupation of the city. The reward for the occupation is different for each city.Rewards of the same type will not be cumulative. All members of the alliance who participated in the defense of the city will be rewarded as soon as the Protection Period begins in the occupied city.

The reward of the 1st occupation of the city. The first alliance that successfully occupies the city will receive a reward for the first occupation. Other alliances that successfully occupy it later will not receive such a reward.

Stability of the City and its Violators. The city can provide reinforcements only in a state of complete stability. Violators around the city will violate it, creating a mess. Eliminate violators to maintain the stability of the city and receive rewards for liquidation. Only members of the alliance that occupied the City can attack the intruders around it.

Improving Cities. Improving the City gives additional reinforcement during its defense. In addition, with an increase in the level of the city, Violators become stronger, but they are fewer, and the rewards for their destruction are greater.

Improve your city to save on recovery efforts during the Protective Period.

Secret outpost. If your alliance has a Secret Outpost, you can send your units there as reinforcements in favor of the alliance. The units of participants located here can be involved in military operations from the Secret Outpost. After the operation is over, the troops will be returned to the Secret Outpost.

All about Slaves

There are 5 types of Slaves: white, green, blue, purple and orange. Sub-attributes will be unlocked as the level of the Slave increases, but their value is fixed and will not depend on the level of your Slave. The main attributes of the followers of the Eagle / Star Light and the Bee Swarm separately have only one combat attribute of a particular type of unit. And the slave Dreadnought includes the basic attributes of all three main units: Tank / Helicopter / Jeep (SUV).

How to get a Slave? Players can get the Slaves by completing daily missions, defeating the rebels, buying the Slaveís Box in the store or from the Slaveís special interface on the base screen.

At what level will the Slave function be available? The Slave system will be available at Headquarters level 8.

What is the highest level of the Slave? Currently, the highest level of Slave is +15.

What types of qualities are Slaves? There are 5 types of Slaves: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

How to block Slave? Highlight the Slave, find the lock icon on the top right and click on it to lock or unlock the Slave.

Why do you need to block the Slave? Once the Slave is locked, it cannot be selected and used as an experience to improve another Slave, so this will prevent erroneous consumption of the Slave.

What will be spent on upgrading the Follower with the help of the Followers at high levels? A slave of +3 or lower does not receive loss of experience when used as material. Slave at +4 and above receives a part of the loss of experience.

How to raise a Slave? Select the Slave whom you want to improve, and click on the "Strengthen" button to enter the improvement interface. Then select the Followers you want to use as an experience for improvement (after improvement they will disappear), and then click the "Improve" button. The higher the level of the Slave, the more experience he will give.

What is a Risky Improvement? A risky Improvement can be made when sufficient experience is not available for the desired Slave. The chance of success corresponds to the current percentage of experience in stock.Successful Risky Improvement will raise the Slave to a level. In case of failure, all current experience will be lost.

How to choose several Slaves at once at improvement?In the Slave enhancement interface, click "Multi-select", then check the corresponding Slave color. For example, if you selected white, it means that you have selected all White Quality Slaves.

What is a sub attribute? The Sub-attribute of the Slave is a separate attribute of the main attribute that opens when the Slave reaches the required level.

How to unlock a sub attribute? Sub-attributes can only be unlocked when the Slave reaches the appropriate level. The types and values ??of sub-attributes are randomly generated.

Why is my sub-attribute font color different from other sub-attributes? In accordance with the different values ??of the sub-attributes, the text color is divided into 5 different colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, indicating the gradation of values ??from low to high.

What is Transformation? The Transformation function is a way to change the sub-attributes of a Slave using transformation objects (Transformation Core). If you are not satisfied with the current sub-attributes, you can transform them into a different type and values ??of the unlocked sub-attributes of the Slave. If you like any of the sub-attributes, you can block it. Locked sub-attributes do not change during Transformation.

How to get items for Transformation? Transformation items are currently available at the store and in some promotions.

Decomposition and Compilation of an officer

Compilation. Officers can be made up with Military Points. Festival Officers cannot be composed at this time. The remaining officers may be composed up to Lv. 1 (officers hired from materials collected from boxes of materials).

Decomposition. All officers, with the exception of three new ones (Crazy Scientist, Baratan and Blake), can be decomposed. After decomposition, Military Points will be obtained.

Interim Officer Anya cannot be composed or decomposed.

Compilation of officersí materials. There are 25 types of materials. Materials obtained from chests in the store can be compiled using Military Points.

Decomposition of materials of officers. All materials, excluding the materials of three new officers (Crazy Scientist - Test Tube, Baratan - Ski mask and Blake - Hairpin with a deer), can be laid out. After decomposition, Military Points will be obtained.

What determines the number of Military Points obtained after decomposition? The amount received after decomposition of Military Points depends on the type and amount of materials for the recruitment of this Officer. The number of points obtained from 25 basic materials after decomposition is fixed, which depends on the rarity or level of the material. The number of Military Points received from decomposing Festival Officers is not fixed.

In the Compilation / Decomposition of the Officer interface, click on the required material or Officer and you will find out the required number of Military Points.

Boost Points

How to get promotion points? Buy certain items to get promotion points as a gift, or wait for specific promotions and special Packages.

Why does each player have a different number of promotion points? When players purchase specific items before the upgrade, the system gives them a certain amount of promotion points.

My officer is only +5 after promotion, why? Increase is a prerequisite for increasing +6. After increasing the Officer to +5, you need to collect the appropriate materials and resources to increase the Officer by +6.

What is an amplifier? For high levels of elevation, you can use the Amplifier to exchange certain materials.

Where can I check all the promotion points? The upgrade function is the preface for upgrading officers from level +5 to +6. On the officerís +5 upgrade, click "Raise" below and you will see the total current promotion points.

Invasion Modern Empire: Secrets of the Shadow System

Shadow Troops. Shadow troops are led by Captains. They provide a certain strategic advantage in the overall battle. In special battles you will receive an additional advantage based on the results of the battle. All these bonuses will increase the attack of your units and allow you to inflict more damage to the enemy. Shadow Captains have 10 star levels: 1-10 stars. Captains skills are opened one after another after reaching the corresponding star level. After unlocking the skill, you can also increase the skill level at a certain captain level, thereby enhancing its effect. Captains can be hired for Regular and Advanced Contracts or earned in stocks.

Shadow Force Buildings. These include:

  1. Polygon. The daily training of the Captains of the Shadow Troops is held at the training ground. The more completed stages of the training ground you have, the more rewards you will receive for training in Auto-Fight for every second. Improving the range will allow you to get more experience with the "Auto-battle" per second.
  2. Shadow camp. In Shadow Camp, you control your Captains. You can increase their own level, increase their star level, remove. The higher the level of the camp, the greater its capacity. This means that you can hire more Shadow Captains.

Auto-fight Polygon. The training ground can work in the "Auto-battle" mode to train your captains. In this mode, you regularly receive Army Tokens and Shadow Troops Experience. Auto-fight lasts a maximum of 8 hours, after which income from it will not accumulate, take them no later than the end of this period.

Hiring Captains. The main way to get shadow Captains is by hiring on Radio Stations. There are two hiring modes on the radio station: Normal and Advanced. In regular mode, you can hire 1 ... 5 star captains for regular contracts, in advanced mode you can hire 3 ... 5 star captains for advanced contracts or Scarlet Diamonds.

Happy Hiring. Each time for advanced hiring you can get 1 point of luck. With 100 points of luck, you can get a chance at 1x Happy Hiring, which is guaranteed to give one 5-star Captain. This feature is available for VIP-3 players and above.

Captain performance. The following indicators are available:

Active and passive skills of the Captain. Each shadow Captain has one main Active skill and Passive skills (1 to 3).

Having formed the optimal construction in accordance with the active and passive skills of the Shadow Captain, you will get amazing results!

Types of Captains. Captains of the Shadow troops are divided into: Tanks, Helicopters, Jeeps, Robomobiles, Drones. Among them there is mutual containment: Tanks - Helicopters - Jeeps; Robomobile - Drones. This containment can deal an additional 30% damage in special battles.

Shadow guard. The number of Guard units is related to the Captain level. The types of guard units are determined by the types of units that you unlocked through research. After a special battle, if the Captain is not defeated, then the surviving guards under his command will join your troops for the main battle. When the battle is over, they will return to their leader.

Skill of the Legion of the Shadow Army. The skill of the legion is a constant attribute of the Captain, which can give strategic advantages to the player on the battlefield. In addition to the fixed strategic advantages, the Captain can also provide additional strategic advantages if he is not defeated in a special battle.

The role of the Shadow forces. A special battle of shadow forces provides a strategic advantage to friendly forces. During the battle, a special battle of the Shadow troops of both sides is initially activated. Depending on the results of the hostilities, a strategic advantage will be added to a regular battle.

Guard. The Shadow Force Captain has units of the Guard. They can be assigned not only for PVP battles, but also for collecting resources. This will take one turn in the field.

Strengthen Captain

Stars and Captain Levels can be upgraded at Shadow Camp. Raising the captainís level can unlock his skills or increase the skill level. Raising the captainís starry level can increase his maximum level.

Increasing stardom and its effects. Increasing stardom can generally improve the Captainís performance and increase his maximum available level, while maintaining his current Captain level. To increase stardom, it is necessary to use certain Captains and any other Captains as material. Captainsí initial stellar levels from 1 to 5 stars. S = Stars:

  1. S1-S3 captains cannot be upgraded to higher stellar levels.
  2. S4 captains can be upgraded to a maximum of 9 stars.
  3. S5 captains can be upgraded to 10 stars.

Raising the captainís level. Raising the level of the captain can improve its general characteristics, and increasing the star level of the captain increases its maximum possible level. To increase the captainís star level, you will need Army tokens and EXP items (experience). To increase to certain levels, shoulder straps are also needed. After increasing the level, you can unlock the Captainís skills or increase the level of his skill, which will increase the damage done to the enemy.

Obtaining materials to strengthen the Captain. Carrying out "Auto-fight" at the training ground, you can get the necessary materials to strengthen the Captain. As rewards you will receive army tokens and the Shadow Troops Experience. Auto-Battle rewards also depend on Polygon stages. The more difficult the stage, the more valuable rewards you can get per unit of time.

Suspension of Captains. Shadow Troop captains can be removed in the Shadow Camp interface - Remove. After removal, the corresponding Captain will be removed from the list, while some of the materials that you used to improve it will be returned to you.

This operation is irreversible, proceed with caution.

Polygon Stages

The polygon map is divided into three degrees of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Difficult. At each level of difficulty there are many areas, each area has many stages of passing. All three of these levels will be unlocked in turn.

Unlock stages. In "Auto-fight", each time after passing one stage, the next stage will be unlocked. The further the progress, the more difficult the stage and the more valuable rewards you can get per unit of time.

Unlocking the terrain. When you go through all the stages of one locality, the next locality will be unlocked. When you pass all the terrain of one degree of difficulty, the next degree of difficulty will be unlocked.

1st Sweep Award. For the first passage of each stage, you can get many awards at once.

Stage Information. By clicking on the stage icon in the "Auto-battle" training area, you will learn about opponents, production from the "Auto-battle", possible rewards, the 1st sweep award.

Liquidation operation. Shadow Captains are appointed to carry out the liquidation operation. Each day, three goals are set, for each there are two attempts to win. If these attempts are spent, you can buy additional attempts for scarlet diamonds. The rewards of this operation depend on the progress of the current stage of the landfill. The higher the progress, the more valuable the rewards.

Special fight

Formation of the Shadow Troops. Typically, the Captain in the front row is more vulnerable to attack than the Captains standing behind, so you need to intelligently choose the Captain formation according to their attributes so that they can hold out longer in battle.

Skill Triggering. To activate the Active skill, you need to use 100 units of combat energy. At the beginning of the battle, all Captains have 50 units of combat energy each. After an enemy attack and taking damage, combat energy increases. When the combat energy reaches 100 units, an active skill will trigger that will require one turn of action.

Containment of Shadow units. Different guard units have a mutual containment relationship that gives an additional 30% damage during a special battle.

Definition of victory. More than 15 rounds in one battle is considered a defeat for the attacker. Victory is assigned to the side whose Captains will defeat all the Captains of the enemy within a certain number of rounds.

Captains at the Center of Defense. Shadow Force captains can be stationed at the Defense Center to defend the base. At the same time, such Captains lose the opportunity to participate in external military operations and the collection of resources. After selecting automatic garrison mode:

Shards of the Captain

The functions of the fragments of the Captain. Shadow Force captains can be hired for the Captain shards. The higher the level of the Captain, the more fragments you need to collect for his hiring. One type of shrapnel is for hiring specific Shadow Force Captains, while others can be used for hiring various Captains of a particular star level or type.

Compilation of the Captain from their fragments. With a sufficient number of Shards of the Captain, they can be used to hire the corresponding Captain, and the shards will disappear after hiring.

Ways to get Captain shards. Shards can be obtained:

  1. At the first passage of the stages at the training ground and in the "Auto-fight";
  2. On liquidation operations daily;
  3. At the time of buying;
  4. Purchase in the Shadow Market for the corresponding currency.

Invasion Modern Empire: Promotions and Activities of the game

Supreme Territories

Introduction to the gameplay. After entering the Supreme Territories, alliances of various zones can take control of the territory by seizing the Council. The Supreme Territories are divided into 18 parts, of which:

Alliances will receive different bonuses for control over different lands.

How to take part? After the start of the action, alliance zones can declare war on any of the lands of the Supreme Territories. For the entire action, the alliance can make only one declaration of war on one land of the Supreme Territories. An alliance leader or a member with R4 privileges can declare war, while the alliance level must be 30 or higher. After the declaration of war, the alliance will not be able to withdraw the statement. In addition, 30M of money will be spent. To get to the Supreme Territories, you need a Special Teleport. The government in the Supreme Territories will be open one hour after the start of the action.

Limitations Commanders with Headquarters Level 21 and above can teleport to the Supreme Territories. Nuclear strikes in the Supreme Territories are prohibited. Commanders cannot leave \ join \ transfer \ create alliances in the Supreme Territories. If the Commanderís alliance is changed in the Supreme Territory (for example, when changing the alliance, expulsion from the alliance, dissolution of the alliance), the Commander immediately teleports from the Supreme Territory forcibly.

Special features. The following rules apply in the Supreme Territories:

  1. The Supreme Territories have their own system of shares, which differ in level between different territories.
  2. Very difficult events will take place in the Supreme Territories, after which high awards will be issued.
  3. The shares of the Supreme Territories and the source zone are separated from each other. The commander will be able to complete only those actions that take place at the location of his base.
  4. Within 5 days after the occupation of the Supreme Territory, all members of the ruling alliance can teleport to this territory at any time. Resources and forts of terrorists will be updated in the Supreme Territory.

Arms race

During the Arms Race campaign, you cannot teleport to another zone. You will participate in combat actions and compete with enemy commanders to fight for the supply of weapons before the battle in the zone!

Points Rules

The winner of the action will receive Golden Trophies. After the end of the action, he will be able to place them in the victory zone.

Zone Scramble

Based on Zone vs. Zone (ZVZ), Invasion High Command has developed a Zone Fight, which increases the number of participating zones from 2 to 4. Each 4 zones team up according to their strength. Inside this team there are battles against each other. Using the "Advanced Teleport", you can move to any of the 4 zones for a certain time.

If you move to another zone, the Military License icon will appear on the right of the map. Click the icon to find the countdown time for your stay in this area. Your base will be moved to your zone after the countdown of the Military License. The residence time is automatically reset as soon as you move to another zone. When the Zone Fight ends, your Military license will be reduced to 10% of the initial time. (For example, if your Military license has 10 minutes remaining, at the end of the Zone Fight, the counter will be reset to 1 minute.). During Zone Fight:

  1. You will receive points for the destruction of enemy troops, while the destruction of your allyís troops will not give points. Accumulate points to get stage rewards and rank rewards.
  2. Commanders can receive points for capturing the Government of enemies, while capturing the enemy Government of your ally will not give points.
  3. Many Gold Chests will be scattered in the victory zones. Collect these chests to receive rewards.
  4. The captive Commander of your prison will be automatically released after you teleport to another zone.
  5. Cross-zone teleport will automatically interrupt all the progress of your troops in the collection / reinforcement / march / occupation of the territory / militia defense or attack.

Gorge of Triumph

The promotion runs from Friday to Sunday. During the campaign, the Gorge will be open for several separate periods, one period lasts 2-3 hours.

The terms of participation. Headquarters lvl.17 or higher. You can send troops S1-S3 to the Gorge to participate in battles, the limitation of sending troops is 50K / 250K, the final limitation is based on the game settings.

Gameplay Players who qualify for participation can be selected to enter the Gorge. Before picking you can choose buffs.

70% of the dead troops in the Gorge will be returned after the battle, and other lost troops will enter the Workshop (the amount of this part of the troops depends on the capacity of the workshops).

Grade Gorges. In the Gorge of Triumph, players will receive 1x Star for victory and lose 1x Star for defeat, MVP player of each battle will earn an additional 1 star. An unfinished battle will be regarded as a defeat. When your number of stars exceeds the upper limit of your current rank, your rank will be increased. When the Gorge Activity reaches the limit, the player will receive an additional Star.

Rank protection. If you lose and you have no more Stars left, your activity will be reset to the system in order to maintain your current rank until your Gorge Activity reaches the minimum requirements to protect the Rank. If the Activity is below the minimum, your rank will be lowered.

Rules of activity of the Gorge. Reward for the battle: +20; Victory Series Award (PS):

Endurance Award. Players on the losing side receive Activity on personal points:

Rewards are calculated on Monday. Rewards are awarded according to the highest rank of the previous week. After you receive a reward, the rank criteria will be reset to zero.

Bingo game

After completing each mission in the list of missions, you will get the opportunity to flip the card in the action interface and receive the rewards indicated below. If you match three cards in one line, you will receive a reward. If you build several lines of cards at once, the rewards will multiply many times!

After you have built the cards in one or several lines, the interface of the cards will be reset and the chances of receiving prizes will be nullified. Remember to line up on time to receive rewards.

Points Rules / Note. Use Acceleration 4500 min. during the study:

Use Acceleration 4500 min. during construction:

Use Acceleration 4500 min. during production:

D2O Lab

During the promotion, players can produce D2O using Powerful Ener. and Nuclear Energy., which have different collection rates. The more participants in the zone participate in the gathering, the higher will be the team production! Encourage the commanders around you to collect together and quickly research!

At the end of the action or in the case of a teleport of the commanderís base to another zone during the collection, the D2O produced will be set at 80% of the base value, based on the amount of production time remaining.

Magnificent Territory

Invasion High Command has prepared generous rewards for winning this promotion! Each member of the alliance can receive a reward if the Alliance takes any Council and retains control over it until the end of the action of the Supreme Territory. By occupying Councils of different levels, you can receive corresponding unique rewards, unlock part of preferred shares and the right to purchase valuable packages. The reward improves depending on the level of the occupied Council!

Safe Accelerate. Research

Promotion Research Acceleration Safe is now available! During the action, 10% of all accelerations spent on research will be stored in a safe and they will be proportionally distributed among the top commanders in the rating of this action.

The acceleration time stored in the safe will be distributed between the commanders in the form of an Accelerator III item.

Underground Gun Shop

During the promotion, the consignment will be updated by the system at a random discount. Players can use the Underground Transaction Token to update the interface.

  1. Each player is given a free chance to receive discounts on goods.
  2. Players can use the discount to buy goods at the Underground Weapons Store at a discounted price.
  3. When you receive discounts again, current products are updated. Please buy on time.


Players can collect funds for each item or any number of times for different items. As soon as the Fundraiser collects the required number of fees, the item is transferred to one of the players who invested. The remaining players who made deposits do not receive their investments back. The more times a player has collected funds for an item, the more likely he / she will receive it. If the item has not collected the required amount of funds, fees are considered invalid and all investments are returned to the players. The number of items is limited, hurry up!

Collection Interface. All objects are displayed (items / officer, etc.). Click on "Collection" and you can select shares. Each share is worth a certain amount of diamonds (for example: 200 diamonds). The more times a player has discharged funds to items, the more likely they are to receive items.

After the object is received, the system will send a notification to the winner to inform that he has completed the successful collection. Also, the system will notify the losing player that he failed to collect.

Lost Treasure

You received a secret document from the High Command of Invasion, which indicates the place where the valuable treasure is hidden. To support combat power, reinforcements were deployed on the mountain to help combat terrorists.

Gameplay For each treasure hunt you need to spend 1 Treasure Card. During each search, there is a chance to find a rare chest. You can check the discovered treasure in the "My things" section.

Lucky number

Use the Coupon of Fortune to get a 7-digit code.

Rank Award. After the end of the promotion, the codes will be ranked in descending order, the highest numbers will be at the top. Top ranking commanders will receive generous rewards.

Super reward. When falling numbers ending in the numbers 8 \ 88 \ 888, players will receive Special Rewards.

If the two commanders have the highest numbers, in the rank of awards higher the place will be taken by the commander who pulled him first.

Collecting Good Luck Coupons

During the action, players will receive points for occupying the territory and collecting resources. For the appropriate amount of points, you can get Lucky Coupons. For the cycle, you can get 30 lucky coupons for 1.7M points, in total 100 chances. Points Rules:

Invasion Modern Empire: Stock / Activity Issues

I am in the ranking, but have not received any awards. Why? Only after the completion of the Activity / Shares, the awards of the rank of Activity / Shares are calculated, placed in notifications and distributed in awards. Also do not forget that Activities / Promotions have different requirements for the minimum number of points for which you can receive rewards. If your points have not reached the minimum required number, you will not be able to receive any rewards even after taking a certain place in the rating. Carefully read the rules of Activities / Stocks in order to know exactly the minimum requirements for points earned.

I inflicted combat losses to the enemy in PVP activity / stock. Why didnít I get points? In accordance with the applicable rules of the PVP Activities / Promotions, if you inflicted damage on the T1 troops (in other words, you sent them to the Garage and not completely destroyed), you cannot get points. You should carefully study the battle report for the subsequent refinement of the rules of the battle.

Why are the points in the rank the same, but the prizes are different? When in the rank of several players the same number of points, the system will put the first player who reached the rank of the very first. This player will be ranked higher.

How to get Activity / Promotions rewards? The rewards of most Activities / Shares consist of items that are sent to the Rewards Center (where they will accumulate up to a certain amount). You can enter the Rewards Center (which is located in the lower left corner of the main interface on the base screen) and there you can collect all the rewards that you deserve. When awards await you at the Rewards Center, the corresponding icon appears.

Why canít I find an officerís materials with stock / activity in my stuff? There are two ways to view an officerís stock / activity:

Why is my share / activity reward different? In ordinary zones, points of three levels in promotions / activities are given on the basis of the game data of the players by the system itself, so different game data leads to a different set of points. The higher the point level requirements, the better the rewards. Conversely, the low point requirements for rank rewards are the same for everyone as are the items in the rewards.

Why is the reward for a broken Rebel lvl.51 in zones sometimes give 2000 diamonds, and sometimes 1000 diamonds? The system selects rewards for achievements against the Rebels, depending on the development of this zone in which the playerís base is located. The development of each zone is different, respectively, the rewards for achievements against the rebels in the zones may be different.

I have a rank in the King of Advanced Shooting promotion, but I have not received the appropriate rewards for my rank. During a promotion / activity, reward ratings can be obtained when a player is in the reward range (Top X) and has reached the minimum reward requirements. Please note the points requirements before participating in the promotion / activity. If you are in the rating list of rewards, but the system did not give you rewards for the rating, check if the minimum requirements for receiving the reward have been reached.

Why do I see the message "function downloading" on some game functions? This happens after updating or re-downloading the game. Some game features require immediate download from the network to ensure they work correctly. Stay online while the download process is in progress (do not start other applications or turn them on in the background), wait for the download to finish, after which you can play normally. There may be problems due to logging out of the network: emojis are not displayed in the chat, the colors of the territories are not shown on the big map, etc.

Extreme Defense Key Questions

None of the authorized members of the alliance are registered to participate in the action. Why is the action nonetheless active? Contact support to find out which player has registered.

Our Alliance has members from other servers. Would this be a problem? Terrorists will attack only visible players with Headquarters no lower than ur. 6 on the current server.

If a player participates in extreme defense in Alliance A, can he (a) re-participate after joining Alliance B? No matter how many waves of attacks a player defends against terrorists in his / her former alliance, after he / she leaves the alliance or switches to another, all points are reset. If a player joins Alliance B after he has launched the first wave of attack, he will not be attacked, but he can gain points in Alliance B by strengthening other members of the alliance to protect them from terrorists. If a player joins Alliance B before registering for the promotion, the player will be attacked and may receive points after the start of the first wave of attack.

After the start of the first wave of attack, can a player who was at that moment under the shield be attacked by terrorists after the shieldís action ends? No, he can not. With the start of the first wave, terrorists march to the playerís bases. If terrorists find a base protected by a shield, this player will be marked as a failed defense. After that, regardless of whether this base will be protected by a shield or not, the player can not get a single point in this Alliance.

How are player points calculated if he went through several waves in Alliance A, then moved to Alliance B, and then joined Alliance A again? The points of players who left the Alliance will be reset to zero. If a player leaves Alliance A after passing N waves and returns to this alliance when he passes wave N + 1, his points will accumulate starting from wave N + 1. However, if a player returns to Alliance A while he is passing a wave other than wave N + 1, he / she cannot receive points.

The alliance went through several waves of terrorist attacks, why were some players not attacked? In the following circumstances, the player will not be attacked:

For each terrorist base in Extreme Defense, can only one Alliance be registered? In each terrorist base, several alliances can be registered, with each alliance having its own independent waves of attack.

Invasion Modern Empire: Account and Login

My old Facebook account has been blocked. How to attach a game to a new Facebook account? At the moment, the system does not support a player randomly changing the Facebook account to which the game is tied. If you still need to change your Facebook account, click the button in the upper right corner to contact support. After checking your account information, they can help you untie the game from your old Facebook account and temporarily bind it to your device. In the future, you can link the game to another Facebook account.Provide support with the following information:

  1. Exact nickname or player ID (can be viewed in the lower right corner of the "Settings" menu);
  2. What is your server ?;
  3. How many diamonds do you have ?;
  4. Headquarters level;
  5. Commander Level;
  6. If you have a VIP account, provide information on recent purchases in the form of a screenshot from the screen. In the screenshot, the order number, date, type and purchase price should be clearly visible.
Check again if the device has a guest account. If it exists, then after unlinking the old Facebook account, it will automatically be deleted. Make sure you do not have a guest account that you would like to keep.

How do I register a new account? If you are launching the game for the first time on your device, then you do not need to register - after entering, the system will automatically create a guest account for you. If your device already has a linked account, then enter the game and click "More" in the lower right corner of the screen. Choose Account - Add Game to start a new game, or Sign Out to create a new guest account.

How do I delete my game account? Players cannot delete their accounts on their own. You can click the "Contact Support" button in the upper right corner. An account can be deleted after verifying your identity. After that, you will not be able to enter it. Provide support with the following information:

  1. Exact nickname or player ID (can be viewed in the lower right corner of the "Settings" menu);
  2. Server name;
  3. Remaining diamonds;
  4. Headquarters Level;
  5. Commander Level;
  6. A screenshot of the most recent diamond purchase order, including the order number, date and purchase amount (important if you have a VIP account).

How can I change my account password? If you linked your game to a third-party account on Facebook or Google+, change the password of this third-party account, and then when you log in to the game, just enter the new password. If you linked the game to your Tap4fun email account, then go to the Tap4fun official page and click the button in the upper right corner "Account - reset password" to check the email address and reset the password. If you did not receive a password reset message, then contact support to do it manually. Provide support information with:

  1. Exact nickname or player ID (can be viewed in the lower right corner of the "Settings" menu);
  2. Server name;
  3. Remaining diamonds;
  4. Headquarters Level;
  5. Commander Level;
  6. Screenshot of the most recent diamond purchase order, including the order number, date and purchase amount (important if you have a VIP account);
  7. The email address to which the account is linked;
  8. New password (must be more than 6 characters, including capital letters, small letters and numbers at the same time, without special characters.

How can I restore a guest account? Click the button in the upper right corner to contact support. Your game account will be tied to your device as a guest account, and you will be able to log in.

Make sure there are no other guest accounts on your device. After binding a specific account to your device, all other guest accounts will be deleted.

How to change account? Enter the game by clicking "More" - "Account" - "Logout". The login interface will reboot. Then select another account to enter and enter a password from it, or go to a third-party application and enter the game using authorization in it. If you linked the game to several accounts within the same third-party application, you should switch to the account with which you are going to log in, and then go into the game using the authorization interface.

Account and cache password. To make it easier for players to enter the game, as well as to avoid login problems due to problems with third-party applications, your username and password from the game are stored in the cache for a certain time. Thus, you can switch between accounts more conveniently and faster on the same device (without entering a password or completing authorization on a third-party application).

If you enter the game on a device that you use infrequently, we advise you to click on the "Delete automatic registration when logging out" button when entering the game. This will protect your account from possible actions of third parties.

Why does the game system give me error notifications (e.g. code 1)? In most cases, this is due to an Internet connection problem. Use a stable Internet connection and run the game on a safe and reliable network (WIFI or 3G / 4G).

Why do I receive in-game notifications about connection timeouts? This is mainly due to connection problems between your game client and server. If you encounter a notification of a connection error or connection timeout, click "Confirm" and try to connect again, or exit the game, close all unnecessary applications and try to enter the game again.

Why did I get the error "Failed to get account information" when entering the game? When your game account is tied to Game Center, Facebook, and so on, the game will automatically switch to the appropriate platform upon entry. If you are unable to log in to this platform, the game will display an error "Account information failed." In this case, exit the game, log in to the account on the appropriate platform, log in to it, and then try to enter the game again.

My game crashes! If your game crashes, try the following:

  1. Make sure you download the game in the Google Play Store / AppStore apps. If this is not the case, no one will guarantee the protection of your game.
  2. Close programs you do not need to free up more memory on the device for the game;
  3. Free up device memory. Delete programs, videos or screenshots you donít need.
  4. Delete cookies from your phone;
  5. Download the game in the latest version from the online store.
  6. Check if your device meets the minimum system requirements for installing the game: RAM: 0.5 GB (better than 1 GB). Version for Android (4.0 or higher 4.0), version for IOS (6.0 or higher 6.0).

If you have already done everything, but the game crashes anyway, contact support and explain the situation to them. Tell, when exactly does the game hang? After which operation does this most often occur? On which game account is this most often observed? What troubleshooting methods have you already tried. The support service is sure to help you.

Invasion Modern Empire: Purchase and Package

Why didnít my purchase appear in the game? Make sure that payment for the purchase has passed through Google / Apple services and has been accepted by them. If the payment was successful, the game service will receive information about the successful transaction, and your purchase will immediately appear in your account. Usually the purchase arrives on the account within 24 hours. If you received a notification of successful payment from Google / Apple, but did not receive your game purchase within 24 hours, click the button in the upper right corner and contact support. Attach to your request a screenshot of the receipt confirming the purchase (the purchase number, purchase time, purchase amount, etc. should be visible on it).

I get the notification "No connection to the Google Store / iTunes." What should I do? Make sure you have an Internet connection and are connected to the appropriate shopping service (for example, check your Apple ID, Google Account, etc.). Re-enter the game and try to make a purchase again. If you are unable to complete the purchase again, contact Google / Apple support and ask for help.

Why did I get a high tax charge?The developer prices for game packages are constant, and fees are changed by Apple / Google services (the game cannot change them directly). But in your case, with high tax revenues, there may be the following 3 situations:

  1. Some countries and regions charge their taxes on game purchases, and you see the total price of packages and tax fees.
  2. Some platforms (such as iTunes) send general purchase receipts, including both current and previous payments. Check iTunes receipts and purchases that are indicated on them.
  3. If you received a notification from the platform that you have been charged extra, contact the platform support team and find out the situation.

Why is the number of Diamonds that I received from the packages does not match the number of VIP points that I received? One Diamond is equivalent to one VIP point - only Diamonds obtained from game packages can be calculated this way. Diamonds received as gifts are not credited to VIP points. For example: A monthly card corresponds to 1540 VIP points, a weekly card 660 VIP points.

My payment method has been declined, what should I do? Contact Google / Apple Support and request a change in payment method.

I bought game packages, which then disappeared from the store. Why? Can I buy them again? Some game packs are sold for a limited time or in limited quantities, and as soon as you buy them, they will disappear from the store. In the shopping interface you can check notifications about time limits or limited number of purchases.

Why am I not showing some packages while other players have them? The system selects the appropriate packages for your development in the game based on your overall game data. Since the game data for each player is different, the game packages are selected individually.

I received a High Risks notice. What should I do? If you see such a message, you may have problems with the payment method or another problem from the list:

  1. A purchase has been made to your credit card from another country.
  2. You have made a purchase using someone elseís credit card.
  3. A fake gift card is used for purchase.

It is recommended that you untie your credit card from your account and bind it again, bind another card or contact your bank to get another card. Also, such a message may appear if you make several purchases during the day.

How to cancel a subscription? To unsubscribe from your iOS device: Settings -> iTunes Store & App Store -> Apple ID -> View Apple ID -> Subscription, select the one you need and click "Off."

Can I buy several cards for a month / week? How to do it?Buying a monthly card has a limit of 1 time in 30 days. On the day of purchase, you receive 1540 Diamonds, as well as +500 Diamonds. Entering the game within 29 days, you will receive 500 Diamonds every day, in total this will turn out 16 540 Diamonds per month. Buying a weekly card has a limit of 1 time in 7 days. On the day you purchase the card, you will receive 660 Diamonds, as well as +1000 Diamonds.

Over the next 6 days of entering the game, you will receive 1,000 Diamonds daily, for a week it will be 7,660 Diamonds. As soon as you enter the game, every day, Diamonds will be sent to your Rewards Center. Monthly and weekly cards can be used simultaneously, so if you successfully enter the game every day you will receive 1,500 Diamonds.

Why does the monthly / weekly card expire even if it is not fully used? The monthly / weekly card requires the player to enter the game on a daily basis for 30/7 days to receive a reward. If you have not entered the game during the day, diamonds will not be awarded. When your monthly / weekly card expires in 30/7 days, you can no longer receive diamonds, but you can buy a new monthly / weekly card and start collecting diamonds again.

What does xxxx% mean in relation to Packages? The total value of diamonds and diamonds donated in packages in xxxx% exceeds the base amount of diamonds in the package.

Why does the other player, receiving a monthly / weekly card as a present, not receive VIP points? When a monthly / weekly card is presented, the player who presented it receives VIP points. The card recipient receives the contents of the package, but not VIP points.

Why am I presented with a different number of packages to buy or a limited purchase for some packages? Why are package prices different for players? The system selects the purchase of temporary packages on the basis of your development and general game data. Prices are also selected by the system based on your game data for your optimal development. As for special packages, the system usually offers two price categories from which you can choose the best one.

Why donít I have a quick recovery package after being attacked? The system selects the appropriate packages for your development based on your shared game data. If you donít see the Quick Recovery Package at your place, then the system has not collected enough data. Perhaps in the future, you will have a package.