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Walkthrough Iron Blade: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

IRON BLADE is an Android game with a release date of May 24, 2017 from Gameloft. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to earn OP points (experience points)? An OP is added to your player profile and items for completing campaign, promotion, or network match missions.

How to see all the indicators of my character? If you click on the Hero icon in the main screen, you will go to the Display screen, where you can see the attack and defense indicators of the character.

What is a skill? A skill can be active or passive. Active skills can be used during the battle to inflict more damage to the enemy, and passive ones improve the character in a certain way.

How to get a skill? Each item of equipment has a specific skill attached. Weapons and shields have active skills, while armor has passive skills.

How to improve the skill? Skills can be improved by synthesis with the same item or skill bonus.

Where to see the skills of your character? Click the Hero icon in the main screen. The Layout screen appears, at the bottom of which the skills will be displayed. Click on the icons to show the description of skills.

How to activate a skill? To use active skills during the battle, click on the special skill icons, but to use them you need to have enough energy.

What is the difference between active and passive skill? Active skills can be applied during battle.Passive skills are applied automatically in various situations.

What can be done on the Campaign screen? To go to this screen, click the Campaign icon. From here you can go to any single task, clicking on open villains. Defeat the villains to open the following campaign tasks and add them to the defense of your Fortress.

How to get legendary keys? Legendary keys can be obtained in daily rewards, reaching a certain point in the campaign and buying the Legendary set.

What if I do not have enough keys? You can use the keys that you have and pay the difference in gold for ordinary chests and rubies for elite ones. If you do not have enough legendary keys, you cannot buy the missing;just keep playing and collect the required amount.

Is it possible to get legendary equipment or legendary troops in elite chests? Yes, there is a very small chance of getting the most powerful equipment from an elite chest.

How to get items and equipment in the game? Complete campaign tasks at different difficulty levels and open chests.

How to put on an item? On the Display screen, which can be reached by clicking on the Hero icon.

How to create a set of armor? You can create 3 different sets of armor in the Layout screen.

What do attack and defense indicators mean? The attack shows the potential damage that you can inflict, and the defense is the sum of the protection points of all armor put on.

What is the maximum level you can achieve with equipment? Each rank has its own maximum level.The maximum level of the item can be found in the Evolution section.

What are the differences between the elements? When the element of the attacker is stronger than the element of the defender, a bonus is added to the damage done. Similarly, when the attacker’s elements are weaker than the defending ones, the penalty is deducted from the damage done. Demons are stronger than Heroes, Heroes are stronger than Gods, Gods are stronger than Demons.

How to synthesize an item? Add the item to the Synthesis section and add up to 4 other items that you want to use to increase the performance and level of the main item. Instead, you can use synthesis bonuses that give a large amount of experience.

Where is the synthesis of items? In the Inventory section, click on the item that you want to strengthen by synthesis. Click the Enhance icon to go to the Synthesis section.

Why are some of my items not shown in the Synthesis section? Items used in the calculation cannot be used as materials for synthesis.

Are there any items that cannot be improved by synthesis? No, any weapons and armor can be used as basic items or materials for synthesis.

What if I don’t have enough gold to improve the item? You can buy the missing resources for rubies or continue to play and accumulate gold.

Why can I no longer improve my weapons? Your weapon has reached max. level, you do not have enough gold to improve or you do not have materials for synthesis.

How to complete the evolution of the subject? First, make sure that the item has reached the maximum level and has not yet reached rank 5.

Why isn’t evolution possible for every subject? Evolution cannot be completed for rank 5 items. These are objects with 5 filled stars on the map.

What is needed for the evolution of the subject? You must have the necessary materials and a certain amount of gold.

Where to get materials for the evolution of equipment? Evolution materials can be found in daily dungeons, as well as in campaign missions.

Why do synthesis and evolution of objects? As a result of synthesis, the main indicators of the subject are improved, and some magical properties are added. However, each item has its own maximum level, after which the item cannot be improved further. As a result of evolution, objects do not become stronger, but acquire the potential for further improvement.

What are rubies for? Rubies are the most valuable currency in the game. For them you can buy gold, items from the Consumables and energy section. Rubies are also required to open elite chests.

How to get free rubies? You get a small amount of rubies when completing company missions and for daily entry.

What is a daily dungeon? The Daily Dungeon is a special mission, available only once a week.

How to get prizes in daily dungeons? In daily dungeons, you only get mission rewards.

What rewards are available in daily dungeons? In the daily dungeons, you can get materials for evolution.

What are the types of daily dungeons? There is a separate daily dungeon for each element and a daily dungeon for all common materials.

How to get all the prizes on the calendar? Enter the game for at least 24 days in a month.

The list of daily rewards was dropped on the first day. Why? The list is updated every month, and your progress in it returns to the first day.

I went into the game 24 days in a row. Can I update the list? No, the list is only updated automatically at the beginning of each month.

What is the difference between the four difficulty levels? They are distinguished by the complexity of completing missions. In more complex missions, more powerful enemies and more attractive rewards.

What can be done in the Chests screen? In the Chests section, you can purchase new items and troops by opening chests. The number and name of available chests may vary.

How to open a chest? Chests can be opened for rubies or having a certain number of corresponding keys.

What chests can be found in the game? The number and name of available chests may vary. Information about a particular chest, items contained in it, and the likelihood of receiving these items can be obtained by clicking on the chest.

What is a boss hunt? Boss hunting is a temporary action in which players need to repeatedly fight with the bosses from the Campaign in different thematic arenas. Having won, you will receive Hunter Tokens, which will be displayed on your game progress and in the Hunt Rating. Based on this progress, you will receive various rewards. The special equipment of the hunter will help you get an additional number of tokens.

What are Hunter Chests and Keys? Hunter chests are special chests where you can find first-class items. To open them, you will need hunter keys, which can be obtained in Boss Hunt or purchased in the Store.

Is a Wi-Fi connection necessary for a network game? Wi-Fi is recommended, but 3G is also supported.

Can I start the game without an Internet connection? No, a stable internet connection is required for the game.

Is there a voice chat feature in the game? No, voice chat is not currently supported, but may be added in the future.

I don’t see anything or can’t buy anything at the store. What to do? Try restarting the game and / or device. Disconnect from the Internet, reconnect and try again.

How to improve the Fortress? Click on the Improve icon in the upper right corner of the screen and pay a certain amount of gold.

Why upgrade Fortress? As a result of the Fortress improvement, you get more slots available for a single wave. You can even discover new waves and appoint new leaders who will produce gold and / or rubies.

How to produce gold and rubies in the Fortress? Appoint a leader for the wave in the Fortress, and he will generate gold or rubies over time. Rank 5 leaders produce both gold and rubies. Rank 1-4 leaders only produce gold.

How to collect gold and rubies that are produced in the Fortress? Above each leader, an icon for gold and an icon for rubies are displayed. Click on the icon to collect the desired resource.

How to add troops for the defense of the Fortress? To add / change Fortress defenses, click on the Fortress icon in the main screen and assign troops to the waves.

How to protect your fortress? Add a leader and troops to the defense of the Fortress and upgrade them to strengthen the defense.

Where to get the troops and the leader for the defense of the Fortress? In chests or campaign missions. After completing the last mission of each chapter, you get a leader card for the villain whom you defeated.

What types of troops are there? There are several types of troops in the game. Ordinary troops armed with a simple sword - Guards, mercenaries, champions and others. Fast troops - Cutthroats. Long-range troops - Archers, Hunters and Arrows. Heavy troops with a large amount of coolant - Sentinels, Berserkers and Templars.There are also special troops - Gargoyles, Dead Men and Vampires.

Is there a maximum rank of troops? The maximum rank of troops, as well as items is 5.

How to upgrade troops? Just like objects. You can perform a synthesis of troops using other troops or synthesis bonuses.

What are leagues and what are they? Leagues are the main indicator of your progress in the Fortress.Leagues are built in the format of a multi-stage scheme, uniting players in games based on trophy points for the entire time. At the end of the season, players receive rewards depending on the party.

How does match selection work in the Fortress? Match selection starts when a player clicks on the "Attack" icon on the Fortress main screen. In opponents, he gets a player with the same number of captured points. But in case it is impossible to pick up the same opponent, the application offers him a random player for the match.

How to learn more about the enemy? Before you strike, you can check the enemy’s Fortress, possible rewards and loot. You can sort through opponents until you find the right one, but in this case you have to pay in gold. If you return to this menu after scouting information about the enemy, after clicking on the "Attack" icon, you will be redirected to the Fortress of the last enemy selected.

What are League Chests? League Chests are special chests where you can find first-class items. They cannot be bought for rubies. To get the keys to the chests, make progress in the leagues.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.