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JUGGERNAUT WARS - game for android with release date 02/18/2016 from My.com BV Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Heroes (getting and pumping)
  2. Arena & Clan Competitions
  3. Campaign Walkthrough
  4. Beyond the Beyond
  5. Gaining Important Resources
  6. Account Issues

Juggernaut Wars: Heroes (getting and pumping)

What are the strongest heroes? The "strongest" heroes do not exist. Each character has strengths and weaknesses - keeping them in mind, you can assemble the optimal squad for any battles.

What do the stars on the hero icon mean? The stars show how strong the hero is. The increase in the number of stars is called "Evolution" - it is available in the hero’s profile and requires a certain number of soul stones. Soul Gems can be found in shops, during Heroic Campaign levels, or in chests. Accumulate the required number of Soul Gems, and when there are enough of them, press the "Evolution" button - your hero will become stronger and his characteristics will increase.

I want more heroes, how can I get them? You will receive heroes as you play. New heroes can join your squad during the Campaign or on the Path of Death, during various actions. Do not forget to open the chests - there are many surprises in them. Heroes’ soul stones can be found:

How do I change the color of the hero icon? What does it mean? One of the ways to strengthen is ammunition - you need to dress the hero in suitable armor. As soon as you collect the full set of six items, click the "Boost" button in the hero’s profile, and the color of his icon will change along with the characteristics, which will immediately grow. All equipped things will disappear, giving their basic characteristics to the hero. If the items have been enchanted, you will receive Stardust, which can be used to upgrade new ammunition.

Why aren’t my heroes gaining experience? The hero’s level cannot be higher than the squad’s level. Raise the level of your squad and your heroes will start gaining experience again. Remember that the most effective way to level up your squad is by completing daily quests.

I got a hero, but instead I got soul stones. Why? A squad cannot have two identical characters. If you already have such a hero, you will receive a random number of soul stones that can be used to evolve him.

Do I need to enchant all the items worn on the hero before evolution? Enchanted or non-enchanted items do not affect the characteristics of the hero during evolution. Regardless of whether you enchanted items - before or after evolution - the characteristics of the evolved hero will be the same.

What will happen to all things and their enchantments after improving the hero? When the hero is improved, all equipment will disappear, transferring its characteristics to the hero. If the items were enchanted, then part of the enchantment points will return to you in the form of Stardust, which can be used to improve new ammunition.

Rise of the hero. Ascension opens up a wide field for your further progress in the game and at the same time offers the use of an excess of soul stones "five-star" heroes that were accumulated in your Backpack. To maintain an optimal balance in your game development, Ascension becomes available starting from the 60th level of the squad for those whose team has at least one hero enhanced to five stars. In the hero’s interface, you can exchange a certain amount of gold and soul gems of such a hero for an attempt to take a step in the progress bar on the path to Ascension.

The Ascension Process. In order to diversify the gameplay, unlike the usual amplification, the Ascension attempt does not necessarily succeed. But even if it fails, soul stones and gold will not be wasted. Instead, they will turn into a certain amount of special currency for the in-game store - the Shop of Souls. In the Shop, in addition to other rare goods, soul stones of new heroes will be waiting for you, which will be impossible to get in any other way.

Each successful attempt moves your hero up the Ascension track. When the progress bar is full, the hero will move to the next boost level, and his icon will be decorated with the first of five possible crowns. Each crown gives an increase to the characteristics of the hero by analogy with how it happened with the receipt of each new star.

With the help of Ascension, you can not only continue to strengthen your most valuable heroes, but also summon new unique characters to your squad.

How to improve the hero’s ammunition? Enchanting is a way of increasing the characteristics of things, and therefore strengthening the hero on whom they are worn. To enchant an item, click on it, click "Enchant" and select the resources from the inventory that you want to use for this. Any item will do, but if you have Stardust, we recommend using it first. The better the quality of the item (its color ranges from green to red), the more enchantment points it gives.

Do I need to enchant all the items equipped on the hero before strengthening? Enchanted or non-enchanted items do not affect the characteristics of the hero when amplified. Your hero will not become weaker if, before strengthening, you are not enchanted with each piece of ammunition equipped on him.

I strengthened the hero and lost all of his equipment. What happened? During the strengthening of the hero, all equipment is spent on increasing his characteristics and disappears forever.

How do the abilities of several heroes in one squad with the same effect work? It happens that in your squad heroes fight side by side, applying similar effects to the characters of your own or enemy group. These effects can be both positive and negative, such as those that add strength to the unit or kill the enemy with poison.

All of these effects work independently of each other. They do not combine and do not cause total damage.

Juggernaut Wars: Arena & Clan Competitions

What is the Arena for? The arena is a great way to measure your strength against other players and show everyone what your heroes are capable of! In addition, gold and sapphires can be obtained for victories in the Arena. Unfortunately, you can only attack opponents 5 times a day. Additional attempts can be obtained for sapphires. The most interesting thing is the Arena store. In it, Arena tokens can be exchanged for heroes’ soul stones and other items useful for strengthening fighters.

How do I get a reward in the Arena? The daily reward in the Arena accumulates gradually and depends on your place in the rating: the higher it is, the greater the reward. You can collect it in parts: to do this, go to the Arena and click the "Reward" button at the top of the screen.

Clan Competitions. Clan competitions are divided into 4 groups:

Juggernaut Wars: Campaign Walkthrough

I’m stuck completing the Campaign, what should I do? Completing the Campaign isn’t easy! If the enemy turns out to be stronger, do not despair and try to maximize your heroes: their level, equipment, skills, ammunition enchantment. Remember that the key to victory is a well-formed squad. Study the characteristics of the enemy and decide which heroes are better to put on the first and second lines.

What do the stars mean after completing a stage in the Campaign? The stars help you gauge how good your results were in battle. If you can earn 3 stars, the "Autoboy" option will open, which will greatly facilitate the process of obtaining trophies, gold and experience at this stage of the Campaign.

How do I add friends? Friends are very useful and important, because with their help you can quickly achieve your goal. In order to invite friends, you need to connect the game to your Facebook account. Open the game settings (the icon with the image of two gears in the lower right corner of the screen), select "Authorization" and log into your Facebook account. After that, the "Invite" button will appear in the "Friends" tab in the main menu.

An inactive object in the game does not open. Some objects do not work yet, and the developers are in no hurry to talk about their purpose. But, perhaps, very soon the veil of secrecy will be slightly opened, and new opportunities will appear in the game.

What happens if I click the "Start New Game" button in the game settings? All your progress: heroes, VIP level, resources and achievements will be completely deleted and cannot be restored. Think twice before using this option.

When does a new day start in the game? The countdown for a new day in Juggernaut Wars starts at 05:00.

Juggernaut Wars: Beyond the Beyond

How to get to the portal? Adventures in the Otherworld are available to players who have defeated Overseer Kartax, the boss of the fourth chapter of the campaign (campaign point 139).

What awaits me inside the portal? In the Otherworld, 6 powerful bosses are waiting for you, already familiar from the final battles of each of the chapters of the Campaign. Each of the bosses has been reborn in the Otherworld with new abilities and characteristics.

How long does it take to complete challenges in the Portal? Adventures last 6 days - one day for each boss. On the seventh day, progress is reset and you will again face a fight with the first of the bosses.

Difficulty selection - how does it work? At the beginning of the adventure, you have to choose the difficulty level at which you want to complete the challenges in the third portal. The power of the bosses with which you have to fight will depend on this.

Can the chosen difficulty level be lowered if the bosses are too strong? Yes, to do this, press the "decrease" button and select a new, easier level of difficulty.

If I lower the difficulty level, will I have to fight all the bosses again? No, you will continue the fight with the current boss.

Can the selected difficulty level be increased? No. You can choose a new, higher difficulty level only after resetting the progress.

How many times a day can I fight? Every day you are given two attempts to fight the boss. The attempt is considered used after defeating the boss. An attempt is not written off for an unsuccessful battle, so you can try to fight as many times as you need to win.

How many bosses can I fight per day? Each day is designed to fight only one boss. After defeating him, you will see a timer showing how long it will take to open the fight with the next boss.

If the current boss is too difficult, can I skip it and move on to the next one? No, the opportunity to fight the next boss will open only after defeating the previous one.

What rewards can I get for defeating a boss? Among the rewards you will find the soul stones of the heroes of the Otherworld "General Kurbatov" and "Sniper Matryoshka", elixirs of experience, as well as fragments of things or whole items for equipping heroes.

Does the reward depend on the difficulty level? Yes, for winning on a higher difficulty level, you have the opportunity to receive more valuable rewards.

What composition of the squad to pass a specific boss? To fight each of the bosses, you will need different heroes with certain special properties. The specific composition of the squad depends on the heroes you have and their development.

Can I watch the battles of other players? Yes, to do this, click "Player fights" to find out which units were used by other warriors who managed to defeat the boss, as well as see the statistics of their fights. This will be a great hint if you yourself cannot find the right squad for victory.

Juggernaut Wars: Gaining Important Resources

How and where to get extra stamina (food)? Food runs out quickly and takes a long time to recover, so adventurers should know where to find it. The amount of food you currently have is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. There is a "+" button next to the counter, which makes it possible to buy additional food for sapphires or ask friends for it. Thus, you can get additional food in several ways:

  1. Ask your friends (for this you need to send a request to your friends, and when they answer - click on the "Friends" button to pick up food);
  2. Enter the game at a certain time (click on the "Task" button to pick up food);
  3. Get a new player level;
  4. Purchase for sapphires;
  5. Expressing praise to one of your clanmates.

How do I get gold? Gold is one of the most valuable resources, so getting it is not so easy. Alchemy allows you to turn sapphires into gold. The higher your VIP, the more transformations per day will be available to you. Try to use at least 20 sapphires every day to complete the daily quest and receive a reward. The exchange process is very simple: click on the plus to the left of your gold meter and use alchemy. Gold can also be obtained:

What is a "black magician’s shop"? The black magician is a mysterious and extremely secretive merchant who is not ready to reveal himself to everyone. He appears randomly during the game - you can see him wandering around the base in his gloomy hoodie. From the black magician you can buy heroes’ soul stones and "purple" items for sapphires. Rumor has it that during the day, the magician puts more and more products on the counter - often very useful things appear there. In addition, a discount is promised to regular customers!

What is the gold box for? The Gold Box is a very valuable trophy that can be sold for 2000 gold. Perhaps in the future you will be lucky enough to find a gold goblet for which you can earn 5,000 gold.

What is a Bank? The in-game bank is a special section where you can replenish your sapphires by making an in-game purchase. To get to this section, click the + button next to the number of your sapphires in the game.

Entering promotional codes. To enter a promo code, enter the game, then go to settings, open the game tab, select the promo code tab and enter the required characters.

Juggernaut Wars: Account Issues

Can two players play from one device? Unfortunately no. Currently, the device can only be played with one account. But the game does not stand still, and the developers are doing everything possible to make it as comfortable and interesting as possible for you. Perhaps in the near future the situation with a limited number of accounts on the device will change.

How can I restore my account? It is not recommended to create more than one account on each device. For security, link your game account to your Facebook profile. If you have lost your account - write to the support service and enter the data:

How not to lose your account? There are a number of recommendations that must be followed in order not to lose your account:

Account transfer. Procedure for transferring an account to another device:

  1. Log in to your "old" Facebook account on the new device (we are talking about the page to which you have already linked the game);
  2. Install the game on a new device and turn it on;
  3. Log in to your account in the game settings (settings - authorization - log in), or click the "Friends" button and the game will automatically offer you a link.

After the described actions, your game progress will be downloaded to the new device, but it will also remain on the old one. You can either continue playing on 2 devices at once, or delete the game on one of them. If the account is reset or disappears, check the authorization in the game (settings - authorization). Facebook linkage may have been disabled. If nothing has changed in the game, and the binding is preserved, go to the settings of your device. Find Facebook settings, check authorization. You need to make sure that the Facebook account that you originally linked to the game is currently active.

Article author: Nadezhda D.