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June’s Journey WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

JUNE’S JOURNEY - Android game with release date 10/03/2017 from the company Wooga. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Orchid Island Walkthrough
  3. Orchid Archipelago Guide
  4. June Wallet Secrets
  5. Walkthrough
  6. Bugs and Fitch Games

June’s Journey: A Beginner’s Guide

How to play June’s Journey? June’s Journey has two main types of gameplay. The first type is Hidden Object Scene, where you search for hidden objects on the screen. The second type is managing the June estate on Orchid Island, where you can build, decorate and discover new territories as the story progresses.

Hidden Object Scenes. In the Hidden Object Scenes is the essence of June’s Journey. Each scene is an image in which many objects are hidden. At the bottom of the screen is a list of items that need to be found in order to pass the scene. Having noticed an item from the list, simply touch it to "find". When there are no items on the list, you will go through the scene! The faster you find items, the better your final score will be.

You lose points when you click on the wrong subject or where there are no objects at all, so try to act quickly ... but not too fast. Sometimes, when you find an item, the icon of a suitcase appears on the screen, which flies up.This means that you have found a special bonus. At the end of the scene, when your result is calculated, you will find out what lies in these suitcases. If you can’t find the item from the list in any way, tap the light bulb in the lower right corner of the screen, and the item you want will highlight. Hints are free, but it should take some time before using the hints again.

In each scene, you can earn up to five stars, and each star requires more points than the previous one. Earn stars to go through chapters and move on the plot. You will also find clues in the hidden object scenes. When you start a scene for the first time, you find the first clue. Having earned three stars in this scene, you can find the second clue. Evidence is important to the development of history, so try to find them all.

Each chapter consists of five hidden object scenes and a final adventure scene. To open a new hidden object scene, you need to collect enough flowers to decorate Orchid Island and find both clues in the previous scene.

June Manor on Orchid Island. Orchid Island is a family estate of Parkers. Improve it, expand, repair the dilapidated buildings and decorate the space with decorative elements. This way you will accumulate flowers that allow you to open new chapters. You can make the island what you want! Some of the buildings on Orchid Island produce coins at regular intervals. These coins can be spent on new jewelry and buildings.

The construction of each building requires materials and time. Most of these buildings can be improved, and then they will bring even more flowers. When an improvement becomes available, a corresponding icon appears over buildings that can be improved. Do not forget about the important sights of Orchid Island. Attractions (such as the old lighthouse) are a very special element of the game. Improving sights will help you move forward and find out more plot details. It will take a long time to repair the sights, but it’s worth it!

What is an adventure scene?

The sixth and final scene in each chapter is called the Adventure Scene.

Adventure Scene is an interactive puzzle game with no time limits. Find and use items to solve the puzzle and continue the story. After completing the adventure scene, you can move on to the next chapter if you have collected enough flowers to decorate Orchid Island.

Adventure scenes are a special kind of gameplay. We propose to consider the passage of the adventure scene of the 1st chapter. Attention! Next come the spoilers. So, you need to find the gray-colored objects that appear at the bottom of the screen. In our case, this is the key.

Do you see a potted plant on the table? A light glow next to it indicates that this object is of interest to us.

Touch a plant to move it. A key is hidden under it! Touch the key to take it.

Let’s see if this key fits into the drawer of the table. Touch the key and drag it onto the desk drawer.

The box is open. Inside is a note! Tap a note to take it. Hmm ... what could that mean? It seems that there is a safe somewhere in the room, and this is the code for the lock ...

The picture above the fireplace hangs unevenly. Maybe a safe is hiding behind her? Touch the picture to check.

Yes! Let’s try to enter a combination by touching the wheels with numbers.

It worked! Find out what’s inside by touching the safe door.

The following scenes will be harder, but the harder the more interesting, right?

Why do I need a level and how do I increase it? Your level is indicated by a number next to June’s portrait in the upper right corner of the island’s screen. Level up to unlock new scenes and chapters.

To increase the level required flowers. The number of colors needed to get a new level is indicated by the number next to the color counter in the upper right corner on the island screen. To earn flowers, place jewelry on Orchid Island, build and upgrade buildings and repair sights. The number of colors that this or that decoration or building will bring is displayed in the store next to the flower icon.

Buildings and attractions need to be improved to get more colors.

What are the stars for and how to get them? Earn stars in the hidden object scenes. You can get a total of up to 5 stars by repeating the same scene.

Getting stars, you:

In addition, as a reward for each star, you get a box with valuable items. Having earned 5 stars for the stage, you will receive a special large box, but for this you will have to sweat.

The number of stars received in each scene is displayed in the scene list. The total number of stars received during the game can be seen at the top of the screen on Orchid Island.

What kind of caskets?

Whenever you earn a star in the hidden object scene, you get a casket. Open the box to find out what’s inside.

The contents of the box are always a surprise, but usually you can find one of these items in it:

The fifth and final casket in each scene is big!

You get a big box when you study the scene up and down and earn the fifth star. As with ordinary boxes, you won’t know what’s inside until you open it. Inside the big box you can find:

Please note: if desired, large caskets can be bought. But remember: their contents are always a secret!

How to open the box? As soon as you receive the box, it will appear in the box storage. To open the vault, touch the button with the casket in the lower left corner of the screen when you are on Orchid Island. A small number indicates how many caskets you currently have not open.

Having opened the casket storage, touch the green button to open the casket and find out what’s inside!

Conventional caskets: Each ordinary casket contains three cards, one of which is at least "rare". If you are lucky, you can even get a "special" card.

To flip cards, touch them one at a time or use the "Open" button to flip all cards at once and find out what gifts you got. Gifts are credited automatically at the time of turning cards.

Large caskets: Special large caskets are less common than usual, and therefore they are much more valuable.Large caskets also contain three cards, one of which has at least a "special" rarity.

Cards can be opened in turn, or you can use the "Open" button to flip all cards at once.

Why sometimes the inscription "Perfect" appears at the end of the scene? When you go through the scene on Perfect, this means that you have found all the objects with the maximum bonus factor, without making unnecessary movements (misses) and without using hints.

Most likely, your account is also excellent and you received a good reward!

Why are character cards needed and how do I get them? Character cards are a special reward that can be found in caskets. Cards are stored in a special album. To open it, tap the diary button in the lower left corner of the screen when you are on Orchid Island. Collect map sets to learn more about Virginia, Sam, Jack and all your favorite June’s Journey characters. These details are gradually revealed during the game.

How does the leaderboard work? You can compete with other players on the leaderboard to find out who is the best looking for clues for June!

The leaderboard consists of your Facebook friends who are currently playing, and other June’s Journey players who have something in common with you (location and time of connection). This way you can interact with friends even if you are not connected to Facebook or if few of your friends play June’s Journey! Your data will not be shown to other players, nor their data to you. If you don’t see your Facebook friends in the game, try the following steps:

What is the heading "Need Help" in the newspaper?

The heading "Need Help" is the main source of gossip on Orchid Island. Through a newspaper, you can open cases and receive coins, energy and diamonds as a reward. Each open case brings you closer to the Challenger prize!

When can I start revealing cases from the newspaper? Upon reaching chapter four, you can begin to uncover cases for which you will receive rewards!

How do I disclose cases from the newspaper? When you are ready to open cases, go to your island and tap the newspaper icon on the island screen. You will see all the affairs available to you. You can open cases in any order and at any pace convenient for you. Having opened the case, you will see a timer counting down the time until the publication of the next case. You can speed up the case by watching ads.

How do I get a Challenger prize? At the top of the newspaper you will see the Challenger prize and the number of points you need to score in order to get it. Having earned enough points, you will receive a Challenger prize and you can immediately begin to fight for the next one.

Types of Assistance Required Jobs

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your Challenger case disclosure process.

Remember: in order for your progress in the assignment to be counted, you must first open the newspaper and look at the available cases.

Some cases may turn out to be too complicated, or you may want to know what other cases they can offer you. To do this, tap the red refresh icon in the upper right corner of each job. You can skip one task once every 24 hours.You skip only one task, not all three, so choose wisely! Below is an instruction for disclosing all types of cases.

Go through the hidden object scenes. To complete this task, just go through the specified number of scenes.It can be any scenes of your choice!

Go through the search scene with a rating of Perfect. For this task, you need to select a scene and get an ideal rating. You get an Ideal score when you find all objects one by one without using hints before the scale at the top of the screen is empty.

Give your friends bushes. To give friends bushes, simply touch the boat to the left of the island, near the lighthouse, to go to a friend’s island and make a gift.

Open the caskets. To complete this task, open the blue boxes that you get for each star in the scene. To access the caskets, tap the casket icon at the bottom of the island screen.

Open the large caskets. This task is similar to the previous one. The difference is that for each scene you get only one big box. If you want to complete the task as soon as possible, you can buy large caskets in the casket store. Remember: the big boxes are the ones that are red!

Beat Jack Hayes on the leaderboard. To complete this task, earn more points in any scene than Jack Haze.In order to track your progress, check the leaderboard when it appears on the screen.

Beat your own highscore in hidden object scenes. For this task, you just need to select any scene and get more points than indicated on the leaderboard opposite your name.

Go through the scenes of the search for items with a discount on energy. To complete this task, simply open the scene list and tap the camera icon in the lower right corner. You can also activate the energy discount with a star amplifier (star icon on the opposite side of the scene list). Using the amplifier, you activate the energy discount and can go through scenes for 10 energy units instead of 15. The scenes for searching for items that you go through during the discount period are counted in favor of the assignment.

Find items in the search scenes. Once you get this quest, just go through the hidden object scenes in the usual way. Each item that you find and mark will be counted as part of the assignment.

Please note: for the items found to be counted, the scene must be completed.

Find clues in the hidden object scenes. Evidence is the storyline item you are looking for in search scenes.In each scene, two clues are hidden. Unlike ordinary objects, each evidence can only be found once.

Get coins from the estate. To complete this task, go to the island screen and tap the estate. The estate is the first thing you build when you start playing June’s Journey. From time to time, a coin icon will appear above it.Touch it to get coins, and do it until you collect the indicated amount.

Earn coins in the hidden object scenes. Whenever you go through the hidden object scene, you get coins as a reward. The number of coins depends on several factors. For example, an Ideal rating always gives a cash bonus.

Spend coins on seasonal sets. Seasonal sets are seasonal jewelry collections that appear in the store every month. To complete this task you need to spend the indicated number of coins on any jewelry. Recall again: in order for your progress to be counted, you first need to take the task in the newspaper.

Gather the materials. At June’s Journey, materials are required to improve buildings. You can find them in ordinary and large boxes, as well as in scenes of search for objects. Look for materials until you collect the right amount.

Remove ribbons from decorations or buildings. To complete this task, you need to place a new decoration on the island and wait for the completion of construction. You can also complete this task by upgrading buildings or repairing sights. The return of items from the store is also counted. You will understand that the item is suitable for the task when a red ribbon appears on it.

Get a new level. To get a new level, you need to play as usual and accumulate flowers, placing jewelry on the island. Go to the island screen and check on the counter next to June’s face how many flowers you have to get to the next level.

Go to the new chapter. To jump to a new chapter, simply go through five search scenes and an adventure scene in one chapter. After completing the chapter, open the list of scenes and tap the "Go" button.

Collect character cards. Character cards can be found in regular and large boxes. Collect as many cards as you need to complete the task, and get a well-deserved reward.

Find compasses. There are several ways to complete this task. Compasses can be found in regular and large caskets, and sometimes in suitcases from Hidden Object Scenes. In addition, compasses can simply be bought.

Complete the repair of the sights. To complete this task, open the island screen and look at the lighthouse or visit the attraction that you are currently repairing. Please note that the repair is considered completed when one of the sections in the drawing panel is filled.

What is my June’s Journey profile?

Your profile is your face in the game. You can choose your name and portrait. Your personal information and how others see you is completely under your control!

Where can I see my profile? You can go to the profile wherever your name or portrait is visible. Including, for example, at the top of the screen on Orchid Island and in the leaderboard.

How can I change the name? Starting the game, you automatically get a randomly generated name. In your game profile you can change it.

Please be wise in choosing a name wisely. The name can only be changed once. After you select a name for the first time, further change will cost you diamonds. The name must be between 2 and 15 characters.

How can I change the portrait? You can change your portrait on the profile screen. The portrait currently in use will be highlighted. Having decided on the portrait, confirm your choice.

If you are connected to Facebook, you can check the box and set your Facebook photo, which will only be visible to your Facebook friends.

Who can see my profile? The portrait and your chosen name are visible to everyone. If you are connected to Facebook and set your photo, only your Facebook friends will see it. The rest will see June or the portrait you used for the last time.

How do I view another player’s profile? To view someone else’s profile, tap a portrait or a player’s name in the leaderboard or on the "Visit Friend" screen.

How can I block a player or complain about abusive behavior? If you find the other player’s profile information inappropriate or offensive, click on the red button to block his name. If you change your mind, press "Unblock" and the name will return.

I do not want to see the names chosen by other players. What should I do? In the game settings, you can turn off the display of player names, and then you will not see the names they select. You will see only randomly generated names. This change will appear in the leaderboard, on the "Visit a friend" screen, and in the donated plants.

What else can I do on the profile screen? Looking through the profile of another player, you can visit his island. Try to give him a bush! You may have a new friend.

Daily delivery

What it is? The milkman with the daily parcel has already arrived! Check back every day to find out what award he brought this time. Enter the game for 30 days and get a special decoration for your island.

How to get a package? Once a calendar day, a milk jug with a special icon above it will appear at the gates on your island. Just tap to open the delivery screen.

If you have already received today’s award, the milkman on the island will not appear (he needs to replenish supplies for tomorrow).

What will I get? You will receive a different amount of coins, diamonds and energy for 30 days. Every fifth day the reward will be wider.

After 30 days you will receive a special decoration! After receiving the final reward, you will no longer receive daily parcels, because the milkman will remain on your island! Do not worry if you suddenly miss a day or two: your package will not go anywhere, so you do not have to enter the game 30 days in a row. Even if you go in a day or only once a week, your progress will not be reset!

Detective Wanted Events

"Detectives Wanted" are time-limited events during which you can earn additional rewards, including diamonds, coins and compasses. Events vary in duration, in types of rewards and in how tokens are received.

When can I participate in events? An event can start at any time. The duration of the events varies. Shortly before the event, an appropriate icon will appear on the island indicating the time the event began. After the start of the event and up to its end, you can collect tokens.

How to earn rewards? The number of tokens collected is displayed on the event screen. Having accumulated enough tokens, you will receive the reward indicated on the card. Just open the event screen and you will automatically receive well-deserved rewards! Some cards show two types of rewards. In such cases, you yourself choose a reward! Choose wisely: you can only get one of the two awards, and you won’t be able to change your choice.

Having received all the rewards of the event, you will be able, as before, to open the event screen to look at your prizes, but you will not earn tokens anymore. At the end of the event, the badge will be available for some more time so that you can collect the non-received rewards and see your progress. Don’t forget to take your prizes: lost rewards will be lost.

How to earn tokens? Events differ in the number of awards and their appearance, as well as how to get tokens.With the beginning of each event, you will learn how exactly tokens can be earned in it. Scenes : in some events, you are likely to receive tokens. Passing the search scene, from time to time you will receive tokens. At the end of the round you will see the total number of tokens earned. Just play to collect as many tokens as possible!

"Help is required": in some events you will receive tokens for the disclosure of cases under the heading "Help is required". Understanding that such an event has begun is very simple: each case will have the number of tokens that you will receive if successful.

The tokens that you receive during an event burn out after it ends. Do not forget to collect your rewards before the event is over, otherwise they will disappear.

Having received all the awards, you can open the event window to look at the prizes earned, but you will not receive new prizes.

June’s Journey: Orchid Island Walkthrough

What to do on Orchid Island? The Orchid Island Estate is a family estate of Parkers. As the game progresses, you help June rebuild the island by placing and improving buildings, decorating it with decorative objects and restoring sightseeing. Unleash your imagination! Catching the island, you will receive flowers that will help to open new chapters and scenes.

Buildings are special decorations, the construction and improvement of which takes time and materials. Materials can be found in caskets. Sometimes you will receive them as rewards for completing hidden object scenes. The construction of the building requires materials and time, but upon completion of the construction, the building will regularly bring coins. Spend these coins on new jewelry!

What are attractions and how do they work? Attractions are special structures on Orchid Island that can be repaired during the game. For the repair of attractions, you can get a lot of flowers, but you will have to work hard. The first attraction is the lighthouse that you are helping to repair Mr. Talbot.

Restoring the sights of the island is not an easy task. This is a fairly long process! Once a day, you can gradually help Mr. Talbot repair the lighthouse. Try not to miss a day, and your patience and perseverance will be rewarded. At work, Mr. Talbot will tell the story of this magnificent structure. The lighthouse is just the first of the attractions that you will find on Orchid Island. The rest is a surprise.

How to improve buildings? Buildings can be improved with the materials you get from the caskets. Sometimes you will receive materials as a reward for completing hidden object scenes. When you touch a building, information about the building and a few buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. It displays the name of the building, its current level and cost in colors.

Touch the green enhancement button to go to the enhancement screen. You will see a list of the required materials and the time that the improvement process will take.

You can instantly upgrade your building for diamonds. To do this, tap the "Instant Improvement" button to purchase the missing materials and immediately improve the construction.

Why do we need materials and how to get them? Materials are necessary for the construction and improvement of buildings. You can find the materials in the caskets or get them as a reward for completing the hidden object scenes. Materials come in many types. Wood, hammer and brick are the most common. You will receive them most often. Paint is a little less common, but finding it will not be difficult. Porcelain, copper, glass, ceramics and marble are valuable materials that are very rare. All materials can be obtained during the game, but some will take more time to find.

How do I get new jewelry? Having bought a new jewelry, you can place it on any free area of ??the Orchid Island. Before you place the decoration, you will see a green or red frame around it. A red frame means that it is impossible to place the decoration at this point, because there is some kind of obstacle. If the frame is green, you can place an ornament or a building at this point. To move an adornment or building after you have placed it, tap it, drag it to a new location and touch the green checkmark to confirm the transfer.

How to sell jewelry? To sell a jewelry, tap it. A small pop-up window will appear at the bottom of the screen with information about the item and possible actions.

Important: If you sell the jewelry, you will lose the flowers received for it, so after the sale the number of flowers will decrease!

Touch the button with the green money bag to find out how many coins you will receive for selling this jewelry. Touch the green button again to confirm the sale!

Please note that for the sale of jewelry you will receive only part of its initial value in coins, even if it was purchased for diamonds. Buildings and sights cannot be sold.

What are seasonal sets and how do they work? Seasonal sets are exclusive themed jewelry sets that are available for a limited time.

Each seasonal set includes at least 7 items and a grand prize. Each item brings seasonal points. Collecting items from the set, you earn points. Having accumulated enough points, you will receive the main prize as a reward!

Most items from the seasonal set can be purchased for in-game currency, however, some exclusive items can only be found in large caskets. For example: the "Garden Party" set is a romantic set dedicated to a relaxing holiday and consisting of 6 objects and the main prize: a lovely arbor.

Please note: Seasonal items bring different amounts of points, and the amount of points you need to score to get the main prize varies from season to season. You can combine items from the set as you like in order to score the required number of points, so if you want to install 5 cake trolleys at your place - your will!

By placing an item and receiving points for it, you can sell it or move it to the store. Points are not going anywhere. However, the flowers that this item gave you will lose. Be careful: to get the main prize, you must place all the items and cut the ribbons from them before the time runs out. The main prize can be received only once and can not be sold. If you want to decorate Orchid Island in a truly original way, then you simply must collect these unique collectibles. They are well worth the effort.

How to get more space on Orchid Island? As you progress through the game, you will be able to discover new areas of the island. Usually, in order to open an area, a certain number of stars and compasses are required. To expand your possessions, touch a piece of land hidden behind a veil of fog.

In the window that appears, you will see how many resources are required to open a new area.

What are compasses for and how to get them? Collect compasses to disperse the fog and discover new areas of Orchid Island. When you open the area, compasses are consumed, so to open the next you will need to collect more. Touch the next available area to check how many compasses you have. Compasses can be found in caskets. Sometimes you will receive them as rewards for completing hidden object scenes. Compasses can also be purchased for diamonds or real money during special offers or sales. Compasses are quite rare, so you have to spend a certain amount of time to collect the right amount!

What to do with dry trees and stones on Orchid Island? Touch the obstacle you want to remove to get some diamonds as a reward!

A notification appears on the screen. Touch the green button with a pickaxe to see how many coins are required to demolish an obstacle. Touch the green button again to remove the obstacle.

What is a yacht for? How do I go to visit friends? To visit your friends’ islands, tap a yacht moored near the lighthouse on Orchid Island. This opportunity opens when you score 27 stars.

Touching the yacht, you will see a list of players in June’s Journey, and if you are connected to Facebook, then your friends who also play the game!

Touch the green "Visit" button to go to a friend’s island and see how your friend has decorated his island. Touch the green button with the house to return to your island.

If you liked the island of a friend, you can buy a plant for him as a gift! If one of your friends visits your island and leaves a plant for you as a present, you cannot move it, but you can choose whether to leave it in its old place or exchange it for diamonds! Return gifts are not sent automatically, so do not forget to look at a friend’s island and make him a pleasant surprise!

Jewelry store

What is a repository? If you need to remove jewelry from the island - for a short time or for the whole season - just open the store and send the jewelry there! Having sent the jewelry for storage, you can return to the store at any time. Touch the decoration or drag it to return it to the island. Use the vault to temporarily place jewelry and move them from place to place.

When and how can I get into the repository? The vault opens upon reaching Chapter 5. At the right moment, Mr. Talbot will drop by a guest and explain how the vault is arranged. Mr. Talbot has been working on the vault for many years. Getting into the vault is very simple. In addition, you can send jewelry there in various ways. To open the vault, go to the cargo ship, which stands next to the bridge leading to Orchid Island. Touch the ship, and the storage will appear in your sight in all its glory. You can move anywhere in the island - the storage will still be available to you.

But this is not the only way to send jewelry for storage. You can also touch the decoration to open the menu:

After this menu appears, simply touch the warehouse (orange icon in the middle). A window will open on the screen, and the item will be in storage. Another way to quickly send items to the store is to drag them there when it is open. After some time, you will most likely want to return the jewelry from the store to the island. In this case, just drag them from the store to your favorite site.

You can also touch the jewelry in the storage cell, and it will appear on an available free space on the island itself.Finally, there is another way to quickly open storage. Just tap anywhere on the island and hold for three seconds until the vault opens.

Why can’t I open the repository? The store opens fully upon reaching Chapter 5. Until that moment, you can only go to the store if you receive a gift and you can open it only to pick up the gift.

How many jewelry can I send to the store? The vault is created exclusively for your comfort, because the number of jewelry that you can put in the vault is unlimited. In addition, money is not needed to use the storage: it opens forever and completely free of charge.

Where do the flowers disappear when I send jewelry to the store? It is important to know that when you put items in storage, you send to the storehouse and the flowers that you received for them. If you want to return the lost flowers, you need to return the decoration itself to the island. Flowers are not lost when the decoration is in storage. They are just temporarily held. Thus, if the number of flowers next to June’s face increased, it means that you have deposited a lot of jewelry - and with them the flowers. Try to return the jewelry from the store to the island, and you will see that the number decreases.

What is the principle of jewelry placed in the store? The last item sent to storage always occupies the first storage location. Thus, you can easily find the necessary items. In addition, all copies of one item will be placed in one cell. For example, if you have ten road blocks, it will look like this:

By placing one of them on the island, you will see that there are nine more left in the vault. It is also worth keeping in mind that for your convenience, decorations are sorted into categories. Categories from left to right: All items, blocks, decorations, and seasonal items. To move between them, simply touch the icons at the bottom of the vault.

Why are some jewelry tied with a red ribbon? Saw items with a huge red bow at the top of the vault? They are gifts! You will not miss a single gift, because the following icon will appear above the ship:

When the season is over, all seasonal collection items that you did not place on the island during the season will be stored as gifts. A gift will also appear in the store in the form of the main prize of the season, if you have not placed it immediately after receipt. Thus, you can accept gifts and place them on the island at any time. Having done this, you will receive flowers that are due for them.

Where do the seasonal jewelry sets go after the season ends? At the end of the season, all jewelry from caskets and the main prizes that you did not place on the island are moved to the store. There you can easily find them at the top of the corresponding category.

Is there something that I cannot send to the repository? The following items cannot be moved to a ship:

What is a "holiday"?

From time to time, residents of Orchid Island come together to celebrate an important event. Join them and get fantastic rewards for participating!

How to join the celebration? To join one of the festive events, find the yellow gazebo! A wonderful, decorated yellow gazebo (the first sign of a great party!) Is located in the east of Orchid Island south of the Wedding Chapel.Just touch the gazebo to have a great time!

How do I get holiday rewards? To receive holiday rewards, you must go through a certain number of scenes daily. Although rewards change daily, the task remains the same: go through the scenes during the event.

When she tried to pick up the reward the next morning, she disappeared. Why did it happen?Since events are updated daily at midnight, you should be able to pick up rewards before this time! If you forget to pick up a prize during the day, the reward will disappear, and you will begin to complete the next daily task.

June’s Journey: Orchid Archipelago Guide

What is the Orchid Archipelago? The orchid archipelago is a larger cluster of islands, which includes the Orchid Island. Now you can access the rest of the picturesque archipelago. Decorate them the same way you decorated Orchid Island.

How do I discover the Archipelago of Orchids? The orchid archipelago will become available after you open all areas of the Orchid Island.

How do I discover more islands? In the course of history, new islands will open. A new island will open whenever the last region on your current island is unlocked.

How do I visit a new island? Touch the new button located above the Play button to see a map of the Orchid Archipelago. Now you can explore the map and select on it any of the available islands. Once you’ve selected an island, tap it again to visit.

What can I do on the new islands? Decorate them as you wish! The scenery in the new territories works the same as on the Orchid Island. The flowers you get for decorating new islands will still help open up new scenes.With one exception. Coin-bearing buildings cannot be placed on new lands.

Can I visit a friend’s new island? Not. When visiting friends, you see only their Orchid Island. Neither you nor your friends will be able to visit other islands of the archipelago.

How many islands in the archipelago? Find out by discovering areas of your islands and thereby gaining access to new territories!

June’s Journey: June Wallet Secrets

Why is energy needed and how to get it? Energy is needed to go through the hidden object scenes. You spend 15 units of energy to complete one scene. You can get energy in several ways:

What are coins for and how to get them? For coins, you can buy decorations and buildings in the store, as well as remove obstacles on the Orchid Island. You can get coins in several ways:

What are diamonds for and how to get them? Diamonds can be earned during the game. In addition, diamonds can always be bought at the store. Diamonds are a very valuable currency. Use them to speed up construction, purchase missing materials, and replenish energy. You can get coins in several ways:

What is an increased energy scale? The increased energy scale is a unique offer of the energy store. She forever increases the energy scale to 150 units instead of the previous 110.

The scale will fill up at the same speed, but now it will be enough for a longer period. Buying an enlarged scale, you also get a one-time opportunity to replenish energy in a triple volume (in the amount of 450 units). A serious supply of energy for a serious player June’s Journey.

The increased energy scale is a one-time offer. If you have already taken advantage of this offer, instead of it in the store will be available the opportunity to replenish energy in triple volume.

What is a Star amplifier and how to get it?

What is a Star Amplifier? Star Amplifiers give you the opportunity to accelerate the game for 30 minutes, which can help you with progress in the game. After activating the Star Amplifier, you get special rewards that are available for a limited period of time. They include:

Where can I find Star Amplifiers? You can find star amplifiers in caskets with 5 stars.

How can I activate a star amplifier? After receiving the Star Amplifier, it can be activated in the scene menu to find objects. The star amplifier icon will appear in the lower left corner (it is highlighted in gray if there are currently no Star Amplifiers in your inventory).

If there are several Star Amplifiers in your inventory, their number will be indicated at the top of the icon. After clicking on this icon, a dialog box will appear in which you can see the rewards that you will receive when the amplifier is activated. You have the opportunity to activate the amplifier or save it for future use. You can save your amplifiers if you press X instead of the "Activate" button. Your Star Amplifier will not be lost.

Important: Activation of the amplifier cannot be paused or canceled. The duration of the amplifier should be used immediately. The remaining unused time will be lost. If you close the game or lose your Internet connection, the timer will continue to count down. You can continue to use the amplifier after reconnecting to the game until the timer expires.

June’s Journey: Walkthrough

Why is the hidden object scene unavailable? The scenes in June’s Journey open as you progress through the game. If the scene is still unavailable, then you do not have enough colors or you did not collect all the evidence in the previous scene. Or both. For example, to open Stage 3, you must have Level 3 and you must find both clues in Stage 2.

To get more flowers and improve your level, upgrade Orchid Island. Build and upgrade buildings, decorate the island and repair sights to earn the flowers needed to open a new scene.

Why is the adventure scene unavailable? To open the adventure scene, you need to earn a certain number of stars and collect all the clues in this chapter.

The number of stars needed to open an adventure scene is displayed on its card in the scene list (i.e., on the rightmost card).

How to open the next chapter? To open the next chapter of June’s Journey, you need to go through the adventure scene in the previous chapter and accumulate a certain number of colors.

To get more flowers and improve your level, upgrade Orchid Island. Build and upgrade buildings, decorate the island and repair sights to earn the flowers needed to open a new scene.

Why am I lacking stars? Stars can be earned by going through the hidden object scenes repeatedly. To open an adventure scene that completes each chapter, you need to score a certain number of stars. Sometimes for this you will have to go back and replay some scenes in order to earn more stars. The better your score in the hidden object scenes, the faster you get stars.

Sometimes there is very little left to receive a star, and then it is enough to replay the scene only once. And remember: each star brings you a casket, and the last fifth star in each scene brings you a big box. When you earn all five stars, the scene will be marked with a red ribbon labeled "Learned."

June’s Journey: Bugs and Fitch Games

iOS: turn off notifications. You can enable or disable notifications as follows.

Android: turn off notifications. Android devices work differently on different devices. This manual is suitable for devices with Android 7.1.1 and higher. For most applications, notifications can be controlled through the settings menu in the application itself. You can also use the device’s settings to completely disable notifications for a specific application.

Tip: In Android 7.0 and above, when you receive a notification, you can slightly move it left or right and go to settings [gear icon].

For devices with Android 5.0 and below:

Why does I need an internet connection to play June’s Journey? June’s Journey is a fairly large game.An Internet connection is necessary in order to receive information from game servers: graphics, sound and data necessary for correct operation. Otherwise, you would have faced a lot of problems like a limited amount of storage on your device or outdated content that can ruin the impression of the game. To get the most out of the game, use a reliable network with a strong signal. It is recommended to play via Wi-Fi, although a stable 3G / 4G connection is also suitable.

What does it mean, "Choose save"? This means that the game is saved in two different states and now you need to know which one you want to leave. Choose carefully: only one of the saves can be stored on the game servers and synchronized with them. Carefully study your progress in each of the saves, namely:

How do I keep my progress in June’s Journey? To save your game progress on the current device or transfer it to a new device, you need to link your game account with your Facebook profile. Connecting to Facebook for the game is not necessary, but it offers certain advantages: for example, the ability to play on different devices (on a smartphone / tablet / computer).

Important: If you decide to cancel the synchronization of the mobile version of the game with Facebook, you will have to start the game on the device from the very beginning. If you have previously played June’s Journey on your mobile device and on your computer via Facebook, you will have to choose which of these games to continue. Another saved game will be deleted, and it will not be possible to restore it. Remember that there can only be one save on a device, so choose it wisely.

To connect to Facebook:

  1. Launch June’s Journey on your device and tap the gear icon;
  2. Tap the Facebook logo and log in to your Facebook account;
  3. You will be prompted to select a save. Most likely, you will choose to save with the highest level and the most recent date of the game - it is in it that your last game achievements will be saved. If you want to return to an earlier stage of the game, select the option with fewer open scenes and a lower level;
  4. Allow the device to fully synchronize game progress before closing the game.

Why did my game progress in June’s Journey disappear? Most often, progress is lost if June’s Journey on your device is disconnected from your Facebook account - or if the game was not connected to it at all. Connecting to Facebook for the game is optional. However, synchronization with Facebook provides certain advantages. In addition, synchronization allows you to save game progress in case of problems with a computer or mobile device or if you want to transfer the game from the old device to a new one.

If you decide to cancel the synchronization of the mobile version of the game with Facebook, you will have to start the game on the device from the very beginning. However, you can always restore saved progress by connecting to your Facebook account. If you want to disconnect, uninstall the Facebook application and the June’s Journey application. Then install both applications again, but do not connect to Facebook in the game. To log back into Facebook and connect your progress:

  1. Launch June’s Journey on your device and tap the gear icon;
  2. Tap the Facebook logo and log in to your Facebook account;
  3. Allow the device to fully synchronize progress before closing the game.

If you do not want to use Facebook, in some cases your progress may be lost forever - for example, if you change the device without knowing your previous game ID. If you do not want to use a connection to Facebook, we recommend that you keep your game ID in a safe place so that technical support can help you if necessary.

Creating backups of June’s Journey. It is recommended that you connect the game to your Facebook account: then you can play on different platforms and devices if you wish. Your game progress will be restored when you log in to your Facebook account. If you do not want to connect to Facebook, you can make a backup copy of the game on Android and iOS using standard methods for these systems. If you, for example, want to switch to a new device, you can transfer your game progress using the backup copy. This method does not support synchronization between platforms (for example, from Android to iOS and vice versa).

Availability of ads. As a rule, in third-party advertising networks, advertising is always available. For the vast majority of players, advertising works well, and more than 95% of users who want to view it can do it. However, from time to time it happens that there are no ads available. This may be, in particular, for such reasons:

If you have any problems, report them to the customer support service and provide as much information as possible:

Troubleshooting tips for playing games on desktops and laptops. The game works best in Chrome and Firefox. In other browsers and on older computers, it will most likely work, but with lower performance. Ideally, a 64-bit computer with a 64-bit browser is recommended. If you have problems viewing ads in the game, follow these steps:

If these methods did not solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support by providing the following information:

Describe the ways in which you tried to solve the problem, so that it would be easier for tech support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

Mobile game troubleshooting tips. If you have problems viewing ads in the game on mobile devices, follow these steps:

If these methods didn’t solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support via the Help menu in the game’s settings, providing the following information: Describe the ways you tried to solve the problem so that it would be easier for technical support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

How to disable ad blocking? Programs to block ads (for example, Adblock, Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin) can interfere with the functioning of commercials in games and sometimes even prevent the receipt of awards. To receive rewards and enjoy the game, it is recommended to turn them off. Turning them off completely is not necessary. To disable ad blocking tools for individual sites - in particular, June’s Journey games - follow these steps:

For uBlock and Ad Block Pro :

  1. Open the game on Facebook in a browser window.
  2. Click the ad blocker icon in the toolbar to open its settings.
  3. Click "Disable on this page only" (in uBlock Origin just click the large power button)

For AdBlock Plus :

  1. Open the game on Facebook in a browser window.
  2. Right-click on the game address in the address bar of the browser and copy it.
  3. Click the AdBlock Plus icon in the toolbar.
  4. Select the gear icon to open the settings.
  5. Open the white list of sites.
  6. Right-click on a blank line and select Paste.
  7. Click the "Add Website" button.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.