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Jurassic World Alive: Tips, WIKI Reviews

JURASSIC WORLD TO LIFE (ALIVE) - a game for android with a release date 23.05.2018 from the company Ludia. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to play correctly?
  2. Secrets and Tricks
  3. Map and Event Guide
  4. Animal Guide
  5. Fighting Right
  6. Alliance Guide
  7. About reserves
  8. Correct Settings
  9. Friends in the Game
  10. Issues with Subscriptions and Payments

Jurassic World Alive: How to play correctly?

What is HDM? MSD is a dinosaur protection group. Its goal is to rescue and protect all prehistoric creatures found in different parts of the world after the eruption of a volcano on Nublar Island. Now you are part of this organization and can help it in a great cause! Save these incredible creatures!

What are daily tasks? Daily tasks are the daily orders of the CPT for which you can receive rewards! To view your daily tasks, tap the LAR logo in the upper right corner of the screen. Each member of the CPM begins his career with simple instructions. Keep doing them to improve your rank and get more rewards! The task list is updated every day. In the future you can get more daily tasks! To complete these tasks is given 24 hours. If you do not have time to complete them, they will be reset. Assignments can be aimed at different actions in the game.Talented players will be able to fulfill them all!

Daily bonus reward. Each completed task brings you closer to the daily bonus reward. For all daily quests you will also receive a daily bonus reward, which is displayed on the screen of daily quests. Over time, you will notice that the daily bonus reward increases with the number and complexity of daily tasks. However, we must act quickly, because your achievements for getting a daily bonus reward are reset every 24 hours. In addition, the reward may change unexpectedly - do not miss the pleasant surprises!

How to increase the level of the player? To increase the level of the player, accumulate experience points!You can get experience points by creating, developing and conducting animal fusion.

What resources are in the game? The game has a number of useful and necessary resources!

What are incubators? Incubators are capsules with valuable resources. They can be won in battle, as well as purchased in the market.

What is a market? To visit the market, simply click on the appropriate button. Here you can buy everything you need to complete tasks and improve animals for in-game resources or money. Special offers and discounts on dinosaur incubators and other useful items often appear on the market!

Why can’t I get darts either when dumping supplies or in incubators? If you have more than 140 darts, you will not be able to get darts either when dumping supplies or from incubators. In order for you to get darts when dumping supplies or from incubators, you must have no more than 140 darts.

What are achievements? Achievements are available to all players. The list of achievements can be viewed in the achievements menu by clicking on the player level. Achievements give bucks for completing long-term tasks in the game and help you see your development as a player!

Jurassic World Alive: Secrets and Tricks

What is parameter gain?

Have you ever dreamed of a Rex tyrannosaurus becoming more agile than velociraptor? Did you want to increase the stock of health for an animal to replace? Now this is possible thanks to the gain of the parameters!


Please note that parameter gains are permanently applied and cannot be canceled unless special tournament rules allow. The support service does not deal with the random use of parameter gains.

Access to gain function options:

Receiving parameter amplifiers:

"Daily Battles" Incubator Awards. The higher the rank of the arena, the more amplifiers parameters can be obtained for the incubator "Daily battles".

Table of progress gain parameters .

Categories of health bonuses:

Bonus attack categories:

Speed Bonus Categories:

How are opponents selected in the arena of bouts? Opponents are selected by the number of trophies.The system of selection of opponents offers you rivals who have accumulated about as many trophies as you. It is the number of trophies that determines the access to certain arenas. Thus, your opponents will most likely have access to the same arena as you, although the number of their trophies may be slightly higher or slightly lower.This increases the chances of a quick selection of a worthy opponent. You can fight with any player who has a close number of trophies. So, you can meet with a player of another level or with dinosaurs of another level!Everything is determined by trophies!

Version 1.7. Now that you can change the power of your animals, the developers decided to revise the player selection system - now it takes into account the composition of each user’s team. The number of trophies (or medals, when it comes to tournaments) and the power of shock groups are now used to form a "player selection rating". With the help of this rating, developers can select equal rivals for you. The rating also affects the number of trophies you receive or lose for participating in a match.

Please note that when you use an animal that is much stronger than the rest in the group (for example, a unique creature of level 21 in a team with epic animals of level 13), you will find an opponent matching the strength of your team, even if you were not going to send this creature to the battle. Thus, already in version 1.7x it will be much more profitable (for all players) to create balanced teams and abandon groups of animals of different strengths. For this reason, the developers recommend to increase the level of each member of the shock group, and at the same time strengthen their characteristics.

Note: when the number of trophies reaches 5500, the strength of animals ceases to be an important variable in the player selection algorithm. When the number of trophies reaches 6000, the strength of the animals ceases to be taken into account by the player selection algorithm.

Selection of players: Adjustment of AI. The developers have changed the parameters of AI in the selection of rivals. Now, players who have more than 4,500 trophies, can optionally play against AI, if after 30 seconds of waiting for the match, they have not found an opponent. For winning such battles, players receive all the usual PVP battle awards, except trophies.

What determines the number of trophies? The number of trophies depends on the difference in strength between your strike group and the opponent strike group. This difference determines how many trophies you will receive or lose depending on the outcome of the battle. If you overpower an opponent whose strength is lower than yours, you will get fewer trophies than if you defeated an opponent with a strength rating equal to or greater than yours. If you lose to an opponent whose strength is lower than yours, you will lose more trophies than you would lose to an opponent with a strength equal to or greater than yours.

Jurassic World Alive: Map and Event Guide

How did the range of the drones change on the map? The dumping places, treasure chests, special event supplies and shock events can now be opened at a distance of up to 150 m (up to 200 m for VIP participants).Open them at a great distance to get a portion of the reward, or approach them at close range to collect everything.

What is the idea of special events? A specific animal will appear at the special points of relief supplies in the parks and in the surrounding area. This animal will change every day at 17:00 Moscow time. Note that the number of attempts to capture the DNA of a particular animal is limited, so do not waste them! After some time, the animals will appear again, and you can try to capture again. The number of attempts available, as well as the frequency of appearance, depend on the rarity of the dinosaur. The time it takes for animals to reappear only affects the point of relief where you found these animals. So, you can try to collect DNA at other points! Special conditions are marked in green, as well as an image of the corresponding animal.

Please note that the limit for resetting normal supplies continues to apply. Look into the game daily to find out which dinosaur can be found at the reset points today! By the way, this and other features of the game can be discussed with other members of the dinosaur protection group in the developer forums! Enjoy the game without risk!

About new special events. Update special events: special events are no longer tied to a single animal. As a result, the number of attempts is no longer tied to individual animals and is applied immediately to the whole event. Events can last for several days and involve several animals. Use your attempts as you see fit.

Note: when several animals participate in an event, they appear in a random order. Example: July 2 and 3, 48 hours, tanicolagrias and sarkozuh, only 24 attempts.

What is the supply of supplies? Supplies of supplies are points on the map where players can find useful items such as darts or coins. To pick up resources from a reset point, select it and swipe the screen. After you take the resources from the reset point, you can only repeat this action after 15 minutes.

Please note that the resources depicted on the reset point are examples of possible discoveries.

What are baits and how do they work?

Recommendations for using bait capsules:

Why did the drone’s flight suddenly stop? The flight of the drone can be interrupted if you run out of darts, or if the animal is hidden. To escape, a dinosaur is enough to run away away from your drone. This can happen even if you have plenty of darts. Try to aim well!

Why can’t I get coins when dumping supplies? When dumping supplies, you can get a limited number of coins per day. If the limit is reached, the coin icon will no longer appear, and you will not be able to receive coins until the next day. If you do not get any resources when activating the reset of supplies, then you have reached the limit on all resources contained within. With the increase in the level of the limit on the coins will increase! Below is the limit for each level:

What are day and night cycles? The appearance of the map varies depending on your time of day. You can play day and night, at dawn and dusk! The developers hope that you, as a member of the Dinosaur Protection Group, will find out what time each dinosaur prefers, and you can find them all! Have fun and don’t forget about safety while exploring the map!

Missing local park / place of dumping supplies! In-game places for dumping supplies and parks may vary depending on the location of important game points, as well as real objects, confirmed by third-party information providers. If the park or place of dumping supplies disappeared, you can contact the support service. Developers are constantly working to ensure that all points of relief supplies are comfortable and safe.

Please note that a request for the placement of important game points may be sent to suppliers only on your behalf.

I can not get close enough to the animal found. What should I do? Do not enter the danger zones while playing Jurassic World Alive! If you find an animal in an inaccessible area, you can report this animal. Developers will review your report and make the necessary changes. How to report a problematic place of appearance of the animal?

  1. Touch the animal.
  2. Tap the check box in the upper right corner of the pet’s screen.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the reason why this place is unsafe.
  4. If necessary, add additional information in the comments box.
  5. Reports are processed by Google.
  6. Please note that you do not need to be in the radar zone to report an animal.
  7. Take care of yourself!

Do animals migrate? Yes! Animals will migrate until they find a place on the map with a suitable climate.

How to change the migration of creatures? Seasons change each other, and spring comes after us in the spring. The developers noticed curious changes in the behavior of migrating animals, and they pleasantly surprised them. In this update, new creatures will appear on the map, but you can only meet them on certain days. For example, smilodon appears only on Mondays. Thus, every day of the week the world around you will change and bring you new interesting meetings. This information is available on the character screen for each creature. Do not forget to share the finds with the forum community!

Jurassic World Alive: Animal Guide

Do creatures have DNA restrictions? Yes, creatures have limitations on the amount of DNA. They depend on the rarity of the animal. When you reach the maximum value, DNA is no longer added. The only exceptions are DNAs that you get from incubators.

Where can I find a pterosaur? Not all pterosaurs are available on the map, but there are individuals that can be found in parks and standard dinosaur appearance sites. Remember that some animals appear only at certain times!

How to find animals? To find animals and collect their DNA, just explore the map! To locate nearby animals, use GPS. Select the animal that appeared on the map. Next you will see the amount of DNA collected for this species, as well as the number of available darts, the distance to this animal and the charge of the drone battery.

If you are ready and you are close to the animal, select "Run" to send the drone. Using the drone, select the animal and aim at it. Each time you hit a dart, you will receive a certain amount of DNA that will automatically replenish your collection. Having collected enough DNA, you can create your own version of this animal in the genetics lab.

Why do my animals initially have different levels? The initial level of the animal depends on its rarity.

Why do I need to improve animals? Improving existing animals will allow you to create hybrids. In addition, the improvement increases the stock of health and damage to the animal, which is very useful in the arena of fights!

How to create a hybrid? Merge two already known animals as soon as each of them reaches the required level.If you find an animal that can become the progenitor of a hybrid, the initial hybrid form, highlighted in purple, will appear in your collection. Despite the fact that you can see the hybrid form, you can create it only when both source animals reach the required level.

Some animals can become the progenitors of several hybrids. After creating a hybrid, other hybrid variations of this animal may appear in the list of open animals. If the created hybrid can be used to create a super hybrid, it will also appear in the list of open animals.

How to create a super hybrid? To create a super hybrid, you need to merge a hybrid with an ordinary creature.

How to improve animals? To improve an animal, you need to accumulate the amount of DNA and coins specified in its profile. If you have enough resources, a green arrow will appear on the image of the animal in the collection.

How is my collection different from my team? The team includes animals that participate in battles in the arena. The collection lists all the creatures you have discovered. To add animals to the team or remove from it, select "Edit" in the "My Team" section.

Why are "2 generations" assigned to the names of some animals? Animals of the second generation are creatures with a modified DNA code. DNA change forms a new animal look and a new set of abilities in the arena of labor. Thus, animals of the 2nd generation are different from the same dinosaurs without this tagging.

Please note that dinosaurs 2 generations are not considered hybrids. They are just variations of the original look.

Animal arenas. What means? Animal arenas are animals whose DNA can only be found in incubators won in the arena. These creatures can not be found in the wild. To open them, you need to prove your strength in battle!

How is DNA calculated for creating a hybrid? As in the Jurassic World, each hybridization in collaboration with the HPM is an unpredictable experiment. It is impossible to say in advance exactly how the merger process will end. You get some DNA for each merge, but the exact value changes with each attempt!

What is the sorting team? Now players can use sorting to determine in which order portraits of animals will appear in their collection. The following options are available:

Jurassic World Alive: Fighting Right

What are the seasons? Seasons are scheduled PvP events lasting several months. During the season, players participate in battles, and at the end of the season they receive well-deserved rewards. At the beginning of the season, the number of trophies for the most successful players will be reset to ensure equal participation conditions for all players. At the end of the season, each player will receive a well-deserved reward depending on his position in the leaderboard (at the end of the season) or on his total number of trophies collected by the end of the season.

To earn a reward, players must collect the minimum number of trophies (this minimum is determined for each season separately). If you have collected the necessary number of trophies and started to fight, it means that you have already become a participant of the season! Rewards will be sent to players only at the end of the last week of the season. In the event of a delay, the developers will necessarily notify the players as soon as possible.

What are tournaments? In the 1.5x update description, the developers mentioned that they were working on creating a new tournament system. We inform that the work is completed! Tournaments are short-term events (for example, for 2 days), which will be scheduled. Responsible for them is the online events department. While tournaments are available, you can continue the game in PvP mode (and at the same time take part in games of the open season) or join the tournament.

Seasons and tournaments take place independently of each other:

Note: After version 1.7 is released, the seasons will be temporarily canceled. You can still play and complete alliance tasks and daily tasks, receive regular incubators for battle victories, and try to get the Daily Battles Incubator for your progress. Follow the news to not miss anything.

Limitations of the tournament. In tournament mode, there are some restrictions. If your strike team meets all the requirements, you can take part in the tournament. Animals that do not meet the requirements are automatically screened out. All others are available for recruitment to the tournament team.

Other tournament rules.

What about the seasons? The developers have received your feedback on the season system. They are currently considering ways to improve this system in order to make it more balanced and fair to players of all levels - both experienced and novices. PvP battles will become a kind of compromise in which competitive players will have the opportunity to compete for prizes, and ordinary players will be able to continue to participate in interesting battles and collect the Daily Battles incubators. In addition, developers want players to fill their incubator cells as quickly as possible. Follow the news.

How is the turn sequence determined? The first move gets the creature with the highest rate of speed without modifications, including amplification and negative effects. The abilities of some creatures give the opponent the opportunity to get the first turn even at lower speed. How is it determined who is faster:

What is the Daily Battles Incubator and how to get it?

How to get access to new arenas? New arenas follow the latest available arena. Thus, you need to win battles and collect the required number of trophies in order to gain access to the "Lockwood Manor" and "Aviary Aviary."

How can I start a fight with another player? To fight with another player, enter the battle mode by clicking on the "Fight" button on the main screen. Next, indicate that you want to fight! You will be offered an opponent with a close number of trophies. Having won in the arena of battles, you can get not only trophies, but also incubators. However, being defeated, you will lose trophies earned!

What are trophies? Trophies reflect your ranking in the arena of bouts. Win battles to increase trophy levels.With the increase in the level of trophies you will open more and more dangerous arenas! The more dangerous the arena, the higher the reward! Try to put your best animals into battle, but be careful! Defeated, you lose trophies and rating.

I won the fight, but did not get an incubator. Each time you win a fight, the incubator is placed in one of the 4 available reward slots. To get the resources from the incubator, you can activate the timer and wait or just pay bucks. The cell is released immediately after opening the incubator. If all 4 cells are occupied, you will not be able to receive an award for a scrum won. To get an incubator as a reward, it is necessary that at least one cell is free.

How to withdraw from the already started fight? If the fight has already begun, you will not be able to leave the arena until it ends. You cannot withdraw from the battlefield, so before you leave the arena, make sure that you are really ready to fight!

How do I choose animals that will participate in PvP battles? When you join the fight, 4 out of 8 animals from your team will go into battle! To strengthen your team, go to the collection, then to the "My Team" section and click "Edit."

What are shock events? Shock events are PvE battles available on the map. To achieve success, you must win a certain number of victories without losing more than a certain number of games. All shock events are different.In some percussion events, you will need to navigate the map or wait 15 minutes before the next PvE battle. In all shock events need to assemble a team.

Be sure to follow the instructions to get the reward. Every time you reach the goal of the battle, you will receive a reward, and for the completion of the entire shock event relies the main prize! However, the complexity of PvE battles increases with each completed stage. In percussion events, you can decide which 4 dinosaurs from your team will fight. Assemble the team correctly and you can win the grand prize!

I ran into a problem in the arena of fights! If your connection has been interrupted in the arena of fights, please close the application, check the connection and launch "Jurassic World Alive" again. If the connection was interrupted at the height of the battle, the game will continue it for you. This is a defense against automatic defeat and surrender. Thanks to her, you have the opportunity to return to the game. If you manage to restart the application within a few minutes, you can continue the battle yourself.

If the problem persists after the restart, please contact the support service, describing the situation and specifying the support service number. You can contact customer support at suppot+alive@ludia.com. Please note that developers receive a lot of requests, so perhaps the response to your letter will be delayed. In the near future a specialist will contact you!

What are the positive effects? Some animals may receive certain effects. Having a positive effect, the creature will acquire additional advantages in the fight. Below are all the positive effects in the game:

What are the negative effects? Some animals may receive certain effects. Having a negative effect, any creature will be in a less advantageous position in the fight. All negative effects present in the game are listed below:

What are instant effects? Some animals may receive certain effects. Instant effects begin to act on animals immediately after application. All instant effects in the game are listed below:

Jurassic World Alive: Alliance Guide

What are alliances? Alliances are groups of members of the CPM who decide to unite to communicate, fight and share resources together! In one alliance, you can collect up to 50 members of the CPM! Alliance chat: chat with your allies on your alliance page in any of the following available languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian!

Alliance Gifts:

Alliance Management:

How to create an alliance? Tap the social icon. networks (to the right of the battles icon) and select the green item "Create Alliance". Then you can choose the alliance badge, location (or make the alliance international), as well as enter the name and description allowed by the filter. The cost of creating an alliance is 10,000 coins, and you cannot create a new alliance if you are already a member of another.

Is it possible to change the alliance settings after it is created? Yes! To do this, tap the alliance header in the "My Alliance" section and select the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then you can select the alliance badge, its name and description (only allowed by the filter), and then confirm the selection using the "Save" button. You can change alliance settings no more than 5 times.

How to dissolve the alliance? Only the leader of the alliance can dissolve his alliance. To do this, tap the alliance header in the "My Alliance" section and select the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then you can select the item "Dissolve the Alliance".

How to invite members of the CPT to your alliance? To invite HD members to your alliance, tap the header in the "My Alliance" section and select "Invite to Alliance." Then you can share the link in your favorite social network or send an invitation directly to any member of the DMS using his name or # tag. Only the leader of the alliance can confirm the request for entry.

How to join the alliance? To join the alliance, tap the SOC. networks and select the "Alliances" section. Then tap "Join Alliance" to see a drop-down list of existing alliances, or enter the name of the alliance to search for it.When the desired alliance is found, tap its heading and then select "Request to join". Only the leader of the alliance can confirm the request for entry.

How to leave the alliance? To leave the alliance, select the alliance header in the "My Alliance" section, and then tap the "Leave" button. If you are the leader of an alliance, you will first have to appoint a new leader. To nominate a new leader, tap the participant’s title and select Leadership Transfer.

How to exclude another player from the alliance? Only the leader of the alliance can exclude another member. To do this, tap the alliance header in the "My Alliance" section and select the member you want to exclude. Then tap "Exclude" to expel the selected member from the alliance.

How to make a DNA request in the alliance? You can get DNA from other members of the alliance! You can request only the DNA of ordinary and rare animals that you have already discovered. To make a request, go to the "My Alliance" section, and then tap the green "Request" icon in the left corner. Then you can choose an animal whose DNA you want to receive. Alliance members will be able to donate a certain amount of DNA to you for the selected animal. You can make several requests, but keep in mind that after creating each you have to wait a bit.

To find out who sent the DNA and how much DNA to you, tap the "i" button in the corner of your DNA request header. The amount of DNA you can request depends on the rarity of the animal and on your level. You will be able to pick up the DNA when the required quantity is sent to you or after the expiration of the request. Tap the "i" button on the top panel to see the list of participants who sent you the DNA, as well as its quantity.

How to donate DNA in the alliance? When another member sends a DNA request to the alliance chat, you can tap the "Donate" button. The size of the donation is set in advance and depends on the request. For each request, you can make 5 donations and send a maximum of one-fifth of the requested amount.

Why do you need DNA donation in the alliance? For each DNA donation you receive coins. The number of coins you receive depends on the size of the donation and on the rarity of the animal. The player who sent the DNA request will not lose the coins when you receive them. To find out the number of coins you can get, tap the "i" icon in the right corner of the query panel. Every day for donations you can get a limited number of coins, which depends on the level of the player.

Why can’t I join the chosen alliance? Only alliance leaders can confirm your membership request. You will not be able to join the alliance if the maximum of the members of the CPT is reached in this alliance.

I ceased to be a member of the alliance. Why? Alliance leaders may exclude other participants. In addition, they can dissolve their alliance, immediately excluding all members of the CPM.

How can you complain about the alliance? To complain about the name or description of the alliance, tap its title in the Join Alliance drop-down list. You can then select the checkbox icon in the upper right corner to indicate the cause of the complaint and send a report to the developers. To report a chat message that one of the alliance members sent, tap the message and select Report Abuse. Then you can specify the reason for the complaint and send a report to the developers.

Why didn’t my post appear in the chat? In all chat rooms there are filters that help fight spam, insults and trolling. Your message will not appear in the chat in the event that the filter does not miss it. The same filter is used on the developer forum to ensure good conduct and community rules. If the chat still gets a message with offensive or inappropriate content, you can complain about it.

What are alliance tasks?

Jurassic World Alive: About reserves

What is a reserve?

Note: the player can keep in the reserves no more than 4 animals at a time. You can place them in 4 different reserves or send them all to 1!

Known problem: the development team is aware that the reserve can sometimes disappear from the map if animals are placed in it. In this case, just restart the application. You can access these animals at any time by opening the collections screen and touching the portrait of the animal.

How to place animals?

  1. Open the card.
  2. Touch the reserve within the radar range (150 m or 200 m for VIP members) to enter it.
  3. Touch an empty cell in the reserve.
  4. Select an animal and touch the "Place" button. Unsuitable accommodation animals from the collection will be blacked out.
  5. After confirming in a few seconds your animal will be in the reserve. Touch the animal’s card to enter care mode and start caring for it.

Why can’t I accommodate some animals? There are restrictions that do not allow to place certain animals in the reserve. First, you can not place more than 4 animals in all reserves (you can put all 4 in one or distribute them to 4 different reserves). You can not place the following animals:

How to care (feed, play and care) for animals in reserves? Caring for animals - this is the main occupation in the reserves. Entering the reserve, you immediately find yourself in the aviary mode. Being inside the active reserve (in which there is at least one animal), you can touch the animal map in the list below. This will open the grooming mode, where you will be alone with the animal. You will see 3 care buttons, denoting three possible actions: feeding, playing and caring. To perform these actions, you will need at least 1 of these items: food for feeding, toys for the game, etc.

How can I increase the reserve capacity? First, in the reserves there are 4 cells, that is, they will fit 4 animals. As the level of the reserve grows, more cells become available. Each closed cell indicates the level required to unlock it. Usually 1 new cell is opened with each increase in the level of the reserve.

Animals appeared in my reserve that I did not put there. Where did they come from? Nature reserves are open to all. Anyone can place an animal in it and care for any being there. In nature reserves, you can take care of other players’ animals, as if your own, and collect their DNA! You can care for any animals in the reserve, but each of them has its own owner. The name of the owner is displayed in the care mode. In the aviary, touch the animal’s map to open the grooming mode. The owner’s name appears briefly on top.

When the time in the reserve expires, the animal will return to the owner. Take care of other players’ animals to get the DNA you need as a reward! Caring for animals brings not only DNA, but also reserve glasses. Collect enough points as soon as possible with the group and raise the level of the reserve to get the maximum reward until the reserve is reset and you do not need to start all over again.

Why are some animals too dangerous for me to care? All prehistoric animals behave differently and therefore have a different level of danger. Increase your player level and become the best trainer to care for the most dangerous animals. If the animal is too dangerous for you, an icon will appear on its map in the aviary, and a message will appear when placed. You will not be able to place it or waste items to care until you reach the player level set by the MPD. Most animals of the same rarity have similar levels of danger, but not all. Some animals, such as tyrannosaurs, are very aggressive in nature, and only experienced players can take care of them.

What are aviaries? Aviaries are places in the reserve where animals can be placed. Entering the reserve, you will find yourself in one of the enclosures. In each reserve 3 aviaries. In each enclosure can be up to 8 animals. To switch between aviaries, use the arrow buttons.

Where to see the level of the reserve? The level of the reserve is displayed in different places:

How to get food, toys and animal care items? Food and toys can be found in dumping supplies. You can collect up to 4 pieces per day! Items for interaction are in the free incubator on the market. You can get 2 items from incubators that appear every 6 hours. Do not miss the events that allow you to collect more items! The storage holds 12 units. food, 12 toys and 16 interaction items.

When will my animal be back? The animals will return to your collection 48 hours after being placed in the reserve. You need to take them on the collection screen before they can be sent back to the reserve or used in a shock group. When returning the animals bring some DNA as a gift! You will get the DNA along with the animal on the collection screen. Animals will return earlier if the reserve is reset (see below). In this case, the gift DNA will decrease in proportion to the time spent in the reserve.

When is the reserve dumped? What happens when this happens? Reset occurs 14 days after activation.Reserves are activated when placing the first animal after a previous reset. This means that all reserves on the map are reset at different times! When you reset the level of the reserve is reduced to 0, and all animals are returned to their owners. All unlocked cells are closed again, only the first 4 remain.

How to care for animals of another player? You can look after another player’s animals as you would your own. You will get as much DNA and preservation points as you would when you take care of your animals. Caring for the animals of other players is a great way to collect the DNA of animals that you do not have. You can ask members of your alliance to place the animals you need in the reserve available to you. This is a good way to get the right DNA.

How to share the reserve with my alliance? You can share the reserve with your alliance so that its members can take care of your animals, place their own and help you raise the level of the reserve to get the best rewards. To do this, visit the reserve "locally", i.e. using the map, within the range of your radar (large blue circle).The distance is checked at the moment of entering the reserve.

Coming close enough, place any creature in the reserve to automatically share it with the alliance. At the same time, the alliance may have only 100 common reserves. Share a large number can not. General reserves are on the list 24 hours. If your list of common reserves is full, wait until one of them expires.

How long can a nature reserve be shared with an alliance? Reserves become common for 24 hours. If during this time you or another member of the alliance place another animal, the validity period of the "general" state will again be 24 hours. Time reset occurs only if the player is near the reserve (see previous question).

The reserve with my animal disappeared from the map. What to do? This rarely happens, but the reserve may disappear from the map. This can happen when updating real-world data, or if the reserve was in a dangerous place and it had to be deleted. For a while, you can access it using character sheets or a list of common reserves of the alliance, as described below.

With the help of the collection:

  1. Open the collection.
  2. Find the animal placed in the reserve.

With the help of an alliance:

  1. Open the alliance screen.
  2. Click "General Preserves".
  3. Find a reserve in the list and open it.
Note: will work only if the reserve has become common recently.

How to quickly improve the reserve? Why do some animals give more points? The amount of reserve points obtained during animal care depends on the following factors:

You can always see the number of points gained reserve, hold the care button. Experiment with different animals to find out which one brings the most points! To quickly raise the level of the reserve, put there rare and high-level animals!

How do I get more DNA from animals in the reserve? The amount of DNA obtained in animal care depends on many factors:

Use the prompts (hold the exit button) to see how much DNA you will receive, and try different combinations!

What does an animal need? Why does an animal give less DNA if it is cared for several times?Animals have different levels of need for each of the care activities. The amount of DNA produced depends on how much the animal needs what you give it. For example, a hungry animal will give a lot of DNA when you feed it for the first time, but a second time it will give much less DNA. For the third time in a row, you will get the minimum amount of DNA. The needs of animals are reset every 3 hours from the moment of the first care. This means that if you wait 3 hours, the animal will again give the maximum amount of DNA for this care action. You can always see the amount of DNA you get by holding each of the care buttons.

What is the best use of reserves? Here are some tips from the development team.

Jurassic World Alive: Correct Settings

How can I customize application settings? You can enable or disable in-game music and sound effects in the settings. To go to the settings, tap your player level at the top of the screen.

The game is in guest mode. Jurassic World Alive can be played in guest mode by selecting the appropriate option on the login screen. Guest mode allows you to play without logging in to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play accounts.

Please note that when playing "Jurassic World Alive" in guest mode, you can lose your game progress in the event of a device failure, installing updates or uninstalling the application.

What does data privacy mean? Data privacy mode is used to enable or disable data privacy when sending requests to the support service. This mode is disabled by default. When it is turned on, developers cannot see your data in requests. A notification about this mode will appear when you first decide to send a support request through the appropriate section in the game.

To enable or disable the mode, you need to open your profile and go to the permissions section in the settings menu, and then click on the button under the caption "Data privacy mode". A blue button indicates that the mode is disabled, and a red button indicates that the mode is on. To find out which data developers are tracking, read the relevant article from Unity: open your profile and go to the Help and Help section in the settings menu, and then click on the Data Management button.

The game does not allow me to choose the desired username. Jurassic World Alive does not permit the use of vulgar and obscene user names. In addition, developers ask you to refrain from providing any personal information, such as your real name.

Please note that "Jurassic World Alive" does not support external developer keyboards. To select a username, you must use the standard pre-installed keyboard.

Jurassic World Alive: Friends in the Game

Why do I see that my friends have 0 trophies? If several players in your list of friends have 0 trophies, this means that they have not participated in PvP battles since the last trophy drop after the end of the seasonal tournament. The same applies to members of the alliance.

What is a friend list? In this list you can see all your friends in "Jurassic World Alive"! The list of friends can be opened in the Social tab in the lower right corner of the screen. In the list of friends, you can see their profiles, find out who is online, invite new friends and call someone to a friendly battle!

What are friendly battles? You can start a friendly battle with one of the players on your friend list. These battles are made for fun! They do not affect the number of prizes and the place on the leaderboard. To invite a player from the list of friends to fight you, just click on his name. This will open a small window where you can challenge them. If a friend is online, it’s still easier! Just click on "Call" next to his name.

How do i invite friends? When you first open the list of friends, you will be invited to invite other players by entering their names and the four-digit combinations attached to them. This information can be found in the profile of your friends, as well as get from them personally. When you invite a friend, he will receive a notification that needs to be confirmed. After that you will become friends. You can also send a friend request through your favorite platform or social network, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, SMS, email, Snapchat, and many others! Simply tap the "Invite Friends" button and select "Send Invitation Link".

Finally, if you tied your Facebook account and allowed the Jurassic World Alive application to access your Facebook friends list, your Facebook friends who tied the game to your account will be added to your Jurassic World Alive friends list. Just tap the "Invite Friends" button and select "Update Friends List."

Please note that in this case the "Jurassic World Alive" application may re-ask you to log in to Facebook or open access to the list of Facebook friends.

Jurassic World Alive: Issues with Subscriptions and Payments

I accidentally made a purchase for bucks "Jurassic World Alive". How can I get a refund? Please note that in the market resources are spent on purchases without additional confirmation. We advise you to make a purchase only if you are sure of its necessity. The development team can not interfere with the course of your game, which means that they have no right to reimburse accidentally spent bucks "Jurassic World Alive". If you have any problems with purchases within the application, send an email to the developers with the request and the attached receipt in the format of JPEG, PNG or PDF.

How to manage a subscription if I use Android? You can make any changes to your subscription through your Google Play account. To do this, open the Google Play Store app and click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the screen. Next, select "Account" and then "Subscriptions." You will see a list of applications for which you have subscribed, and you can make the necessary changes.

How to manage a subscription if I use iOS? You can make any changes to your subscription in the "Subscriptions" section of the iTunes Store.

Access content by subscription. To get the most out of your subscription:

I logged in, but I did not get access to the data. Make sure you are logged in to the correct account by checking the "Subscriptions" section in your store profile.

What are the benefits of VIP status? Having received a VIP-status, you will receive the following benefits:

iOS. What happens if I cancel my subscription before it expires? If you decide to cancel the subscription before it expires, then:

To avoid possible complications, the developers recommend to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before its possible renewal.

Android What happens if I cancel my subscription before it expires? If you decide to cancel the subscription before it expires, then:

To avoid possible complications, the developers recommend to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before its possible renewal.

I signed up for the VIP-subscription, but did not receive the VIP-status! After subscribing to "Jurassic World Alive" you will see a message that will allow you to open the VIP-incubator for epic animals. If you subscribed, but did not receive a message or access to the VIP Incubator of Epic Animals, an error may have occurred on the server. In fact, this is only a display error, and you have already received all the benefits of VIP, including access to the incubator of epic animals. However, due to the above error, you will not see a message about the receipt of the incubator and VIP status.

To solve the problem, just restart "Jurassic World Alive"! After restarting, your game will reconnect to the server, and you will see the visual elements of the VIP-status that were not previously displayed. Please note that in case of this error, you will automatically receive the content of the VIP incubator for epic animals. Developers apologize for the inconvenience. The development team is already working on solving the problem. When work is completed, they will release an update to correct this error.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.